Paulina Porizkova & Aaron Sorkin are over, after about four months of dating

93rd Oscars, Academy Awards

Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova started dating in what was probably February/March of this year. They were pretty showy about their relationship early on, with Paulina basically briefing Page Six about it and oversharing a bit on social media. Paulina and Aaron went to the Oscars together – he was nominated and she was his date. She made a big deal about pulling out an old gold dress so she could be “his Oscar” and they happily posed on the red carpet together. Things had been quiet around them for a few months and now we know why: they’re over.

It’s over for Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin. The Czech-born model, 56, announced on Instagram Tuesday that she and the famed director, 60, have broken up. Porizkova placed a broken-heart emoji over a paparazzi photo of her and Sorkin going for a stroll.

“I’m so grateful for his presence in my life. He helped heal me and reclaim myself. There truly may be no better man, no man who’s more genuinely ‘good.’ He’s brilliant and witty and funny and sexy,” she captioned the post.

“But it doesn’t matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather – we’re still a duck and a goose.”

Porizkova added that she wouldn’t say anything else on the matter, as it involves “someone else’s privacy.”

Page Six broke the news in April that the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue stunner and the screenwriter were dating. Two days later, the pair made their debut at the 2021 Oscars, where they walked the red carpet together.

[From Page Six]

It “involves someone else’s privacy”? Hm. Is she talking about Aaron or a mystery third party? Who would dare hurt Paulina?? Anyway, she seems okay. Sorkin was her first “boyfriend” since her (estranged) husband Ric Ocasek’s death in 2019. She wanted to go out, have some fun and get laid. I think she got all of that and probably wanted more, but Sorkin was like “I’m pretty busy, actually.” Sad that he didn’t try harder.

93rd Oscars, Academy Awards

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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19 Responses to “Paulina Porizkova & Aaron Sorkin are over, after about four months of dating”

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  1. Astrid says:

    She seems so thursty

    • Soupie says:

      I don’t think she’s thirsty. I think there’s a possibility she ended it. She’s far too genuine and easygoing for a man like him. It’s only the beginning Paulina, and you already know that. In her orbit there are too many men like Ocasek and Sorkin.

      • Anna says:

        Exactly @Soupie I disagree with the assertion in the article that *he* was the one who was like “oh I’m busy”. Why? Why cast her as the one who is clamoring for him? No, she could just as easily have ended it. We don’t know her desires.

  2. BayTampaBay says:

    I always liked Paulina Porizkova. She seemed very normal for a super model.

  3. Susan says:

    To quote Lainey of Lainey Gossip, Fast flames flame out fast. As a former love adrenaline junkie (yes I relate to Ben Affleck LOL), those things that are hot and dramatic in the beginning….RARELY pan out long term. And its sad, really, because (yes I am biased) the hot is so much hotter!! Le sigh.

  4. Roo says:

    She seems to have a sense of humor and has shown grace in difficult circumstances.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      She is really is a lovely person, it seems. She has always carried herself well and gave Ocasek her best years and he still treated her horribly! Paulina needs an decent man with values and is stable. She has handled her marriage and separation brilliantly even though she could have blasted that POS husband.

  5. It’sJustBlanche says:

    She was always my favorite model and I love following her on Instagram. She seems pretty real.

    • Truthiness says:

      I think Paulina, Christy Turlington, and Lauren Hutton should still be on advertising campaigns, no matter what age they are. I would pay attention. Paulina could pull off so many different looks it was incredible.

  6. detritus says:

    I don’t think she’ll be hurting for partners.
    Godspeed Paulina

  7. smee says:

    You summed it up perfectly
    “She wanted to go out, have some fun and get laid. I think she got all of that and probably wanted more, but Sorkin was like “I’m pretty busy, actually.”

    Did you see her IG bikini pix from Costa Rica? She has a crazy great body.

  8. iconoclast59 says:

    Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant screenwriter, but he’s not long-term relationship material. He seems to have no desire to settle down with anyone. At least he picks age-appropriate women. Best wishes to both of them.

  9. tealily says:

    That to me sounds like she’s talking about him, not a third party. Eh, they seemed fun together but it never seemed like it would last. I wish her the best. Sounds like she was really in to him.

    • Normades says:

      Yea, I don’t think she’d be as gracious if another party was involved. Maybe like someone mentioned above he’s a commitment phobe. It sounds like they had fun and just decided to go their separate ways.

  10. Adorable says:

    She gives me Audrey Hepburn vibes.

  11. TeamMeg says:

    I love Paulina and enjoy following her on IG. Seems like she had fun dating Sorkin and I hope their decision to part ways was mutual. No question she’s still got it and will be a great catch for some incredibly lucky guy!

  12. Miss Melissa says:

    Sorkin has had long term struggles with substance abuse in the past.

    Perhaps he is struggling again, and that is what she was referring to?