Jennifer Lopez has a long history of hating Ben Affleck’s phoenix back tattoo

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Back in 2016, Jennifer Lopez was with… someone, maybe Casper Smart? Probably. And she was promoting something, maybe her Vegas residency. And she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Of course Cohen made her play “Plead the Fifth,” and of course his second question was about Ben Affleck’s dumb phoenix back tattoo. Jennifer didn’t hold back, telling Cohen: “It’s awful. I mean, I would tell him that, like what are you doing? It has too many colors. His tattoos always have too many colors! They shouldn’t be so colorful, you know what I mean? They should be, like, cooler.” Here’s the segment:

This was just a funny little thing and one of the few times J.Lo ever said anything critical about Ben in seventeen years. And to be fair, the phoenix back tattoo IS hideous and “too colorful” and not cool in the least. J.Lo said what everyone was thinking. But now, five years later, Jennifer has to look at that back tattoo whenever she’s showering on the yacht with Ben. She has convinced him to keep his shirt on for all of their “Jenny From the Block” recreation set-ups, so people are now 100% positive that Jennifer is probably trying to convince him to laser that sh-t off. If that’s what is happening, she’s doing the lord’s work.

Meanwhile, you know all of those photos Jennifer took on the yacht, with the big reveal of the Bennifer kiss? Well, there was a story we were missing: Ben gave her the jewelry she wore in those photos. From The Adventurine:

The chunky link chain, the multiple charms, the key—all the elements added up to Foundrae, a stunning collection of charms and chains that has been beloved by countless celebrities for years.

I reached out to Foundrae’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Beth Bugdaycay, to confirm what I knew to be true. She said the jewels were in fact from the Foundrae collection. “Ben wanted to get something really special for her birthday,” explains Beth. “He wanted to put together a meaningful story.”

A symbolic jewelry narrative is what the Foundrae collection is all about. The symbols range from hearts to charms for your internal compass, karma, passion and many more.

[From The Adventurine]

Aw, that’s kind of nice? That’s one thing I’ve liked about Ben, he’s demonstrative in love, at least with J.Lo. He always loved buying her jewelry and gifts. It’s part of their love language.

Did Ben also give Jennifer this diamond “B-E-N” necklace? HOT.

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Photos courtesy of Jennifer’s IG.

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  1. milliemollie says:

    Remember when Ben said the tattoo is fake and for a role?!

    • Darla says:

      Well, I’d deny that thing too! I’d be like, yeah watch me deny it three times and not even blush!

    • Jayna says:

      When Ben is called out on something and is humiliated he lies. It comes easy to him. But then he gets caught in the lie. There is a huge part of Ben that is just riddled with insecurities about himself.

  2. Emily says:

    The Lord’s work indeed.

    JLO is a diva and I can see her making him wear full back makeup if he takes his shirt off.

  3. J says:

    He also gave Ana the same jewelery from Foundrae for her birthday, LOL! He’s not very imaginative, is he?

    • CL says:

      What’s even funnier is that you can buy Foundrae from Gwyn has been wearing their necklaces for years. Perhaps the inspiration came from her?

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Haha I just find it really funny Ben ordering jewelry off the website of the company his ex founded to give to his current girlfriend of the moment!

    • Darla says:

      Their stuff is so beautiful, I lust after it. If my new bf gave me some of this stuff, and I found out he also gave his ex some, I wouldn’t be able to care less. Or, I might use that info to get more Foundrae out of him. Ben may be a mess, but he’s generous and has good taste. I could forgive a lot, believe me.

      • J says:

        To me, it’s impersonal and lazy. It’s like he had no idea what to get her so he gave her something that was a big hit with his ex. Not very romantic….

      • Darla says:

        Funny, I couldn’t find any stories about Ben actually giving a piece from this jewelry line to Ana. I found a couple stories about Ana wearing one of their necklaces, but it says she customized it herself, no mention of Ben gifting her the necklace….

      • J says:

        He 100% gave it to her but you’re obviously very upset about that lol

      • Theo says:

        He gave it to Ana at her birthday too. Hahaha……

      • Darla says:

        Okay, link me up then. Shouldn’t be a problem.

      • J says:

        Haha, wow. I know someone who works at Foundrae who told me at the time, which is why i said I was 100% sure. I don’t care about any of these people, so there’s no reason for me to lie. Do you feel better now? JFC.

      • Theo says:

        You can go to Ana de Armas IG page. The celebration of her 32 birthday with Ben. They went Instagram official at her birthday , as he did with jlo. He is the same man, same presents for the birthday girls! Everyone was happy then and now.

      • Darla says:

        Theo, nope, she was wearing a Fondrae necklace that day, but there was never that I could find, any mention he gifted it to her. In fact the only article I could find about her necklace mentions she customized it herself. I am VERY open to seeing a contemporaneous news report saying he gifted the necklace to her, it wouldn’t be an issue. But I can’t fine one.

        J, oh, you happen to know someone who works there who told you that Ben bought this for Ana. Well I can’t disprove that now can I? I probably could, I have made phone calls before, there’s a reason I’m number one on a lot of conservative posters’ hit lists circa the W years, (from aol and netscape boards). Oh the BS stories those clowns came up with.

        But I’m not as invested in this, so sure, okay, that’s what happened Jan. lol

      • J says:

        It’s fine if you don’t believe me. I find it bizarre that you’re getting worked up over something so meaningless. He’s dating Jlo, not you.

      • Darla says:


      • Andrea says:

        Most men are unimaginative from my experience and will buy the same types of jewelry/presents for multiple people.

        Some men like my friend’s now ex will go to have an affair and marry my friend’s doppleganger. Now that is wild stuff!

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      no way! ouch

    • KissMyA**23 says:

      That’s part of the reason I know this is all a staged relationship and not real. He did buy Ana the same (or similar jewelry), Ana wore his shirt, and JLo wore his shirt too. Ben wore half of Ana’s BFF necklace, now JLo has a “BEN” necklace. They both (as couples) went house hunting. And yes, I know Ben likes to go house hunting to “help.”

      He’s not even imaginative about it! Like switch it up a bit. Not to mention how wooden he’s been this time around in regards to kissing her. The first time around, there was passion, this time, it’s more just Jen being passionate and Ben being just okay with it.

      As for the tattoo, I wonder if he regrets it. He never takes off his shirt even on the beach lol. Like he’s ashamed he has it, or whoever is with him doesn’t want him too! Either laser it off (which is extremely painful) or make it black so it’s not so yikes looking.

    • Karisma says:

      There is absolutely no source or articles about Ben gifting foundrae jewelry to Ana for her birthday. Foundrae is quite popular among celebrities. And like Darla said the articles about Ana’s necklace said she customized it herself.

      • J says:

        Hi Darla! Give it a rest.

      • B says:

        Yeah, she was showing off her new necklace during their trip to the desert (palm springs?) it would make sense that it was from him. I don’t know why that brand is so popular, their stuff looks really cheap to me!

      • Darla says:

        LOL I Swear to god this isn’t me.

      • Lena says:

        Ana didn’t release a public relations statement about it, but you suddenly wear jewelry for the first time on your birthday, people connect the dots. On LSA everyone was on the lookout, thinking oh Ben gives diamonds maybe she’ll get a diamond. Only it was just these (to my mind) kinda cheap looking necklaces. Also BenAna went to some hat maker in Venice and she got this cute black hat that (guess what!) kinda looks like the green one JLo’s been wearing on this trip. Anybody else think JLo looks just like Halle Berry on that IG with the hat photo? Or just me?

      • Darla says:

        I’d be interested if it were true, I think Ben had a big thing for Ana, and that she dumped him. Do I think he’s petty enough to buy Jlo the same brand, but much more of it, and kinda rub it in Ana’s face? Yeah. I do. But I couldn’t find anything confirming that.

        I wish I could afford two pieces in particular from them. I definitely don’t think they’re cheap looking, I just love Foundrae.

        (yes I did notice the resemblance to Halle.)

  4. local russian hill says:

    while i adore my man, and would wear his initial, the full name ben on a necklace is a little much. but then, they’re extra.

  5. Darla says:

    My god it really is awful, isn’t it? I really hope she gets him to remove it, or as much as it can be removed anyway.

    • Susan says:

      I wonder if they’ve already started the process of removal. He was pretty ashamed of it from day one, it seems, I wonder if he has been quietly removing it over the past few years? does anyone know when the last sighting of it was?

  6. Astrid says:

    I’m trying to not scratch my neck looking at all the necklaces, hair and hat strings swirling around

  7. Theo says:

    52 going on 12. BEN necklace, summer love, the best comedy of the year! “Bless his AND her heart “. Hahaha….. they are funny….

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      LOL 52 going on 12 – exactly right. I’m embarrassed by all the cringy – tacky setup they make for themselves. But they make me laugh. The breakup better be good too – I want drama, extra extra drama.

  8. Katherine says:

    It almost feels like they are mocking our attention to their relationship, no?

    • Mimi says:


    • Case says:

      It reminds me so much of Hiddleswift tbh. They’re trolling.

      • Jayna says:

        And you saw how that ended for the actor in Hiddleswift. He became a joke for quite a while, mocked, while the popstar walked away unscathed. Oh, Ben, what are you doing?

      • iconoclast59 says:

        Around that time there was talk of Tom being the next Bond, after his stellar turn in The Night Manager. But Hiddleswift completely killed that speculation. At least he’s still Loki.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, and it’s hilarious. People were doing the most to make this all a deeper issue than it actually is the other day too. Almost as if pained by others not being as upset about the couple’s stuntqueening as they were.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I like the jewelry but the Ben necklace is a bit much. I was kind of young for their first go around so I don’t remember much. I looked at old pap photos and it seems…this is just the way they are in relationships? Just putting a lot out there for everyone to see. To each their own but they have kids now, I wonder if there’s any eye rolling going on when they see these pics lol

    • Myra says:

      I was young for their first go around too, but I’m not surprised by their relationship. It’s who JLo is. The jewelry, the PDA, the OTT romance etc. And I think Ben knows this and understands this about her. Someone the other day commented he once gave her a huge bouquet on the red carpet. He knows exactly what he is doing and is okay with all this. Since both of their last relationships were also really public, I imagine that the kids are used to it.

  10. Rapunzel says:

    I thought he had already removed that back tat? Could’ve sworn I saw him without it. Maybe it was covered in makeup for a role?

    I don’t understand why he got it in the first place.

    • Darla says:

      Well, nobody will ever understand why he got it in the first place. I don’t think you can get that done in one sitting either, so it’s not like he got drunk and woke up like, wtf did I do? He may have been on quite a bender though.

      • Kebbie says:

        Seriously! I don’t know anything about tattoos, but it must have taken multiple sessions to do. It takes up his entire back, he’s a very large man, and it’s absurdly colorful. That’s not a singular impulsive decision, it’s a commitment.

    • Susan says:

      Can anyone remember the last time we saw it? I’m hopeful he’s started the laser removal process in previous years…He seemed ashamed of it pretty early on…

      • Theo says:

        I think there is a photo of him and Sam at the end of June. He spent a lot of time and energy for this symbolic tattoo. It is not fair for him to remove it because someone doesn’t like it. For sure his next young girlfriend will love it!

      • Susan says:

        LOL Theo I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. 🙂

      • Kebbie says:

        @Susan Definite joke, I think. It cracked me up!

  11. Driver8 says:

    I want to see the pink diamond. I love that ring! I still think about it all these years later, lol

  12. Kaykay says:

    Me first reading about her comment of the tattoo,
    “come on, how bad can it be?”
    Me after scrolling down to see the actual tattoo,
    “Ooooomfg … :O” + jaw drop

    She’s not wrong!

  13. detritus says:

    Ben is an upgrade from Casper Smart with or without the back tattoo, but truly that is a bad tattoo.

    Her criticism is bang on. This isn’t an artistic masterpiece, it looks like he called three places and found who could fit him in on a Thursday.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Guess who’s probably getting a gift certificate for laser treatment for his birthday! 🥳

      • detritus says:


        This can be the first instalment toward the ‘we can do it with your shirt off’ fund. Besos, Jenny

    • Jayna says:

      Five years with Casper. I never got it. Ugh. I did not find him or his personality attractive. On her payroll and getting other gigs because of her and still he cheated. She took him back. Why? And down the road he cheated again and so she finally tossed him to the curb.

      • Lena says:

        You never got it? She can’t be alone. There WAS six months between Casper and ARod I’ll give her that.

      • Andrea says:

        And a mere 6 months betwen her and Ben breaking up and her Marrying Marc Anthony.

  14. Kristic says:

    The tattoo is huge. Can you imagine how much time it took and the amount of Saran Wrap on it after? And the aftercare?! (I have a tiny tattoo from a long time ago.)

  15. olliesmom says:

    God bless you Jenny From the Block (and Ben). This is EXACTLY what I needed to watch this summer. I am enjoying this constant spectacle way too much.

  16. Jack says:

    JLo’s switsuit coverup color-coordinates with Ben’s back tat. Just sayin’

  17. Dee Kay says:

    Bennifer is on a roll!! I feel like we have gotten even more out of J.Lo’s birthday cruise then we expected, and expectations were sky high! KEEP THE GOSSIP COMING, YO. This year is going to get a lot worse, COVID-wise, so I need as much Bennifer as I can get.

  18. MangoAngelesque says:

    It’s “HOT” to wear a necklace with his full first name in diamonds? Nah. Initials are fine. His zodiac sign, to me, is great. Birthstone? Sounds lovely. But going with his name, do no one can possibly misunderstand your paparazzi-friendly message? That’s not cute.

    What’s next, going full Tom-from-Parks-and-Rec and wearing matching berets, emblazoned with “Ben” and “Benny’s Girl”? Seems subtle enough for her.

  19. LRobb says:

    I see the BEN necklace in this bikini photo along with the other charms.

  20. Mel says:

    She’s wearing close to 20k around her neck, not bad for a ridiculous “relationship” that will probably blow up by the end of the year.

  21. fabulousfunster says:

    I love coloured tattoos but the design on this is awful

  22. Lory says:

    I wonder if that’s why he hasn’t been shirtless in vacation? The tattoo messes with the aesthetic JLo wants in the paparazzi pictures. Or maybe he’s having laser removal treatment? 🤞🏼

    • Jayna says:

      Even though thinner now and fit, I doubt he has a cut stomach, etc. More like a thin dad bod right now and self-conscious if being shot by paps. Add to that, the back tattoo. I highly doubt he has a body he wants shot at unflattering angles in the bright sunlight, out of his control. He is going to be 49 years old in a few weeks. His body for an outdoor photoshoot isn’t J-Lo ready, in other words. I don’t blame him. He’d rather people remember his body in The Town, which he trained hard to get, than a little bit of a pale-white dad bod on the yacht.

      • Jayna says:

        Never mind. No dad bod. He is lean and no man boobs in the shirt he’s wearing in the newer photos. It must be the back tattoo that kept his shirt on, getting it lasered off like @Jaded posted below..

    • Jaded says:

      My guess is she’s making him get it lasered off and that monstrosity is going to take a LONNNGGG time to erase. Jeez Ben, if you felt you needed a tattoo why not start with something small and unobtrusive — as J Garner said when asked about it…“You know what we would say in my hometown about that? ‘Bless his heart’, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.”

  23. Ferdinand says:

    Well just like she groomed him back in the day to wear suits and be more elegant on the way he dresses, I’m sure she’ll have the power to make him erase that Phoenix if needed.

  24. Carolnr says:

    I think sadly Ben liked that Phoenix tattoo until the public started making fun of it. I think Ben does not want to be the butt of jokes now.
    And it would probably take the attention away from JL…everyone would be talking about Ben’s Phoenix tattoo rather than how great she looks for 52…