Prince Andrew & Fergie are the first family members to visit the Queen at Balmoral

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Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York have arrived in Scotland. We learned last week that Fergie would be joining Andrew officially for the visit to Balmoral. This is not the first time Fergie has been invited to Scotland in recent years, but in years past, she tried to fly under the radar because Prince Philip hated her so much. Now that Phil’s gone, the Queen formally extended the invitation to Fergie, and I’m sure there was some sort of scheme afoot to reintroduce and rebrand Fergie and Andrew’s relationship. Then Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed her lawsuit on Monday and suddenly all of this looks terrible.

Prince Andrew has been spotted arriving at Balmoral Castle accompanied by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson – as he prepares to face the Queen a day after being sued in New York for allegedly sexually abusing Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts. The Duke of York’s convoy made a quick entrance to his mother’s Scottish Highlands estate just after 6pm. Andrew, who was driving a Range Rover, held a stern expression while the Duchess of York appeared to be holding conversation while sat in the back seat.

The Duke today travelled to Scotland to join other members of the royal family for the tradition summer stay at Balmoral. He arrived a day after Her Majesty, 95, who was welcomed back with a guard of honour in a small ceremony outside the castle gates – her first trip to Balmoral since the death of Prince Philip aged 99 in April. Andrew may have been comforted to have his ex-wife Fergie by his side for the trip, after she was invited to stay as long as her ex-husband did. It was previously reported the Duchess would have to leave before Prince Philip turned up.

However their may be awkward conversations for Andrew in his first meeting with his mother following the filing of the civil suit by Ms Roberts yesterday.

[From The Daily Mail]

While the Mail had some photos of Andrew and Fergie in the car at Balmoral, no one knows how he got there – like, did he take a private plane? Did he take a commercial flight? Did he drive? I think that’s funny that Fergie and Andrew just *appeared* at Balmoral and no one knows how they got there.

The Daily Mail surprisingly had several pieces about how this lawsuit has reinforced the fact that Andrew is a stain on the monarchy and that he needs to be dealt with swiftly. The Mail also claims that another woman, Johanna Sjoberg, is considering her own lawsuit against Andrew because he also assaulted her.

I’m fully expecting a photo-op on Sunday – Andrew and Fergie in the car with the Queen as they ride to church.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    That smug smile in the car the day (the day after?) Epstein was found dead…..that says so much. He thought he was free and clear.

    • Pao says:

      I honestly cannot wait for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial to move forward this November . Apparently she’s planning to testify that it wasn’t andrew in that famous picture and that he doesn’t remember Epstein taking the picture. How she will talk herself out of that one will truly be something.

      • Sandy says:

        Why is this f@ckface getting so much protection!? Why can’t ghislaine just spill on him so he can finally scuttle away into jail. Ugh. Not Andrew? Oh yes, I forgot, we all have lookalikes running around doing shady things but it definitely wasn’t us, no way

      • L84Tea says:

        I’m confused as to how lying about that will benefit her. If I were her I’d be singing like a canary. Or it is that she’s afraid BP will bump her off?

      • Mac says:

        Maxwell isn’t going to spill on anyone, nor is she going to defend anyone. She admitted nothing when questioned by police and won’t say a word at her trial.

      • Pao says:

        @L84TEA: BP won’t touch her. They want to be as far removed from this as possible. I don’t know exactly how she expects to lie about something we can all see with our own eyes and how she thinks that will turn out well for her, but if she does do it my guess is that this circle is simply protecting one another.

      • LMR says:

        I think Ghislaine is in this much deeper than Andrew is. She was an active particpant in the business. Andrew was a client. The pimp is a higher value target than the john. There is no reason to cut any deals with her.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    According to Richard Palmer, the Queen will not be attending church while at Balmoral because of Covid restrictions and he assumed because she may not want to wear a mask in church. We’ll see on Sunday if that’s true.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Didn’t she get a private service last year while she was there? She didn’t “go to” church then, either.

      And of course Ol’ Brenda won’t wear a mask, as she should. That’s only for 93 yr old peasants like my dad, who can/does wear one for hours if HE has to be out for a dr’s appt.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Balmoral is 78 square miles with 150 buildings on it. Maybe TQ will be assigning one of them to Andrew so William can have Royal Lodge.

    • equality says:

      That would help out the Scottish independence movement.

    • Noki says:

      150 buildings??? As in with storeys..not just little cottages here and there !?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The “buildings” on the Balmoral Estate are a large mixture in type and very greatly in structural condition and not all of the 150 “buildings” are residential structures.

    • salmonpuff says:

      That’s more than 30 square miles larger than my state’s capital city! Oof…must be nice.

    • Eurydice says:

      @baytampabay – oh, Andrew won’t need anything big…or habitable. Not if Charles has anything to say about it.

  4. Scorpion says:

    Lmao, straight there to lie to Mummy and/or beg for the money to settle out of court with his victims. Trifling fool.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      He can’t be touched when he’s there with Mummy Dearest. TQ has sovereign immunity. EVERYWHERE. Pedo does not. Charles does not. Nor does William, etc. Hmmm.. Interesting that Pedo Prince and Freeloader are the first to be on their way to Balmoral as we speak!

      “While the Queen cannot be arrested, other members of the Royal Family can be, unless they are with her. The law also states that no arrests can be made in the monarch’s presence, or within the surroundings of a royal palace.”

      • L84Tea says:

        I guess Lizzie is going to have a new roomie!

      • Jay says:

        Ooh, very interesting. So so long as he shelters with the Queen, he is safe from arrest? More basically, he is seeking sanctuary with dear old mom. I wonder how long he will stay? Maybe this is why William is angling for the royal lodge…

      • Lilpeppa40 says:

        It’s really something to see that link about arresting members of the RF with Harry and Megan’s name when it has zilch to do with them 😕

    • The Recluse says:

      That would be my guess too. Andrew and Sarah are there to make sure he receives a good inheritance. They’re getting too old to continue grifting as they were.

  5. Merricat says:

    I think they knew it was coming, and that’s why Andrew and Sarah are first to arrive. They feel like they’re hidden away in Scotland, and there are going to be changes, big ones, that they’d rather negotiate out of the public eye. The queen probably wants to tell Andrew how darling he is before they strip him of his HRH.
    That’s on the table, right? For being an embarrassment to the monarchy?

    • Eleonora says:

      They might have decided they need Fergie now.

      If he can be presented as a man still devoted to his ex-wife all these years, he looks more like a family man.

  6. Pao says:

    If the queen would do that whole photo op car thingy again, than she really is awful at reading the room.

  7. Noki says:

    So what is the gist with these two? Fergie and Andy are they actually romantically involved or they have just decided to grow old together? Maybe the divorce was forced upon them to keep appearances for the monarchy,their kids are married so I wonder what arrangement they have since he was messing around with young girls in between.

    • Amy Bee says:

      They hold each other secrets. There’s no romance between them because Fergie’s too old for Andrew.

    • Scorpion says:

      Birds of a feather flock together. They know each others dirtiest secrets and vices.

    • Merricat says:

      Yes, it’s mutually beneficial: she gets to live in luxury, he gets to have a smidge of respectability because his ex-wife trumpets his personal goodness.

    • GuestWho says:

      This is kind of interesting, if I remember correctly from the time around their divorce (or stories a couple of years later – a long time ago anyway), they basically gave him the choice of staying with Fergie and losing all his “privileges” or divorcing her. He didn’t really want to divorce her, but money/perqs talks in that family. So they got divorced but he let her hang around – as long as Phillip didn’t lay eyes on her.

      This is why they thought Harry would ditch Meghan – because the threats worked with Andy.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Worked with Margaret as well. Apparently TQ/government told her that she had to give up all the perks if she married her divorced lover. Margie chose the perks and the money (although if stories are to be believed, TQ managed to get it allowed that she’d keep most of what she’d had as Princess, but she’d cooled on marrying him anyway and used it as her excuse).

      • GuestWho says:


        Exactly! That’s why they are still reeling about Harry walking away. They cannot wrap their heads around someone finding mutual love and respect more valuable than shiny medals and stolen jewels. They never really knew Harry.

      • Tessa says:

        Margaret was incredibly self centered apparently. According to various biographies, she wanted Townsend never to remarry to be “faithful to her” and she would never marry He did marry a younger attractive woman, and she was upset when he called her and told her he just got engaged
        so she decided she would marry Armstrong Jones.

    • Tessa says:

      They were not pining for each other and stayed “faithful” she saw other men and was supposedly serious about one of them and he was not true to her.

  8. Bettyrose says:

    Andrew will face no consequences other than public embarrassment, just like Gates, Clinton, Trump and the rest. Maxwell will take the fall. And the world keeps turning.

    • Persephone says:

      Spot on.

    • AmyB says:

      @Bettyrose I know you are probably correct, but God I really wish one of these disgusting assholes will be held accountable!! It’s so depressing that these white, wealthy and high powered men get away with ANYTHING!! Including pedophilia, sex trafficking, sexual assault …. UGH

  9. MaryContrary says:

    Well, of course they’re at Balmoral immediately. What else do either of them have going on??

  10. reef says:

    I’m not a big royal watcher outside of my indoctrination of love for Princess Diana so I didn’t know Philip hated Fergie. A quick google and Wowzers! I have been laughing for 10 minutes straight.

    • Becks1 says:

      HATED her! Like there was speculation about whether he would attend Eugenie’s wedding because Fergie would be there, front and center! (not kind of pushed to the side like she was at the Sussex wedding.)

    • Murphy says:

      They had Beatrice stick to her so she could duck in the way of Philip’s line of sight of her at Eugenie’s wedding. Literally.

    • Amy Too says:

      I like this part of this article:

      “ Andrew may have been comforted to have his ex-wife Fergie by his side for the trip, after she was invited to stay as long as her ex-husband did. It was previously reported the Duchess would have to leave before Prince Philip turned up.”

      It makes it sound like Prince Philip’s ghost is going to be showing at Balmoral this year, but now that he’s just a ghost and can’t physically throw her out, Fergie is allowed to stay as long as Andrew. Lol.

  11. Over it says:

    Oh please, face his mom. Like she cares. She probably ran to the door crying. Oh Andy mummy has missed you terribly. Come give us a hug. I have had the staff prepare a welcoming feast and a small welcome back concert . Oh freebie, lovely to see you dear. Please make yourself useful and collect the bags, mummy needs Andy and her time

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Freebie, brilliant! The Queen needs to do or say something about this, putting her head in the sand can no longer be an option and I don’t care if her jubilee party is “ruined” her son has ruined the lives of literal children.

    • L84Tea says:

      Freebie….snort! :-D

  12. Ainsley7 says:

    Andrew usually is the first there. So, it’s not all the surprising. Beatrice and Eugenie will most likely go up soon.

    • Jais says:

      Is the whole family eventually up there at the same time or do they all visit the queen at different times? How awkward. Like all the backstabbing they do against each other all year and then everybody has to go to balmoral and pretend none of it happened? Lol. Also a great setting for a murder mystery

      • Becks1 says:

        Its like I said on Charlize’s bday post yesterday! A country house party a la Gosford Park. But a setting like Balmoral would just make it that much more intriguing and suspenseful lol.

        I think they rotate through at different times, based on individual schedules etc. I’m pretty sure both Zara and Peter go for periods of time, the York girls go, the Cambridges, I’m sure Anne is there for a while, Charles goes but stays at Birkhall. I’m not sure if any of the Queen’s cousins go at this point in time or if they ever did.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I did read they “rotate” in, so she (and when PP was there) is never “alone”, she will always have family there or poor sausage will get *so* lonely (with that huge (even with Covid) staff and immense lands surrounding her).

        Wonder who is going to inherit the BBQ tongs now that Phil’s not there? Think Tampon & TOBB will fight over them? Or will Pedo try and commandeer them to assert pissing position?

  13. Feebee says:

    Probably feels he needs to get in Mummy’s ear before Charles turns up. Not that I think it’ll matter. Will be interesting to see what photos come out from a PR job POV. I don’t know if TQ is bothered about visuals at this point but I reckon she’ll still want to put her weight behind her fuck up of a son.

  14. Kfg says:

    I can’t wait for pedo prince to start selling dirt on Charles and will and for Fergie to really let loose. Lolol this is going to get us through the next quarantine

  15. Lizzie says:

    Kaiser has opened my eyes. I bet Fergie has suddenly been more in the picture because they were planning to get remarried and have a ‘new beginning’. Not anymore.

  16. Janice Hill says:

    Free vacation at Mom’s country house! Of course, they arrived first.

  17. Merricat says:

    I do think Fergie’s relationship with Epstein is of interest. They may remarry to avoid having to testify against each other.

  18. Ania says:

    A citation from lord of the rings comes to my mind: „war is brewing!!” They will fight with each other like idiots. Nobody in the family realizes that the are in fact „the firm” and they should act like that to preserve the immense privilige they have. They are just too stupid to put aside there grievances and desire to „rule them all”. And they will ruin themselves. Maybe we won’t see the end of monarchy but their image will get worse and worse.

    William cannot realize that when you bully someone so much that they have nothing to loose they can fight back. H&M „fight back” with having a great life but Andy is so f***ed that he can decide to take everyone with him. Especially when Will goes after Bea and Eugenie, because Andy is in fact a loving father (not getting too much into it) and I don’t think he will calmly let it happen.

    So, I think we will have a nice show soon. When the Queen dies all bets are probably off.

  19. jferber says:

    Of course they are. What about yesterday’s article that the queen can’t say or do anything for Andrew. Well, she just did a big thing for him.

  20. nina says:

    Why do they go to church so much? Every Sunday. I don’t understand going to church that much.
    I only go when there’s fun to be had, like a wedding followed by a party. If only invited to the ceremony, hard pass for me.
    I don’t need some grown up in a dress telling me that I’m going to hell. I am old enough to figure that out myself and adjust my behavior accordingly

  21. Tessa says:

    This seems to be a diversionary tactic. The speculation (which is a joke) that Andrew and Fergie will remarry. Very obvious. Also, Fergie probably is giving those interviews about Andrew being a “great guy” with HM’s blessing.

    • Curious says:

      clearly sarah debunk any sexual relationship between her and her ex. she said they live in separate parts of the house. and they are good friends. they are not in a sexual relationship. why would they marry again. unless they just remarried so she can live in that home till she dies.? he did lease that home for 75 yrs some 20 yrs ago.

  22. Tessa says:

    No matter how it is sliced, this young girl was trafficked. And Andrew at the very least should have avoided people like Epstein and Ghislaine, if he had any brains.

  23. nina says:

    What are you trying to say. No amount of Whataboutism is going to wipe that stench off Andrew. He is vile.

    All the answers to your questions can easily be googled. Go ahead Google is your friend. And yes she is suing one other person all that information is freely available.

    Any right thinking person when they see a young girl in that situation will either leave, try to help or distance themselves from the person perpetrating those acts, they don’t repeatedly partake in it themselves.

  24. Merricat says:

    You’re vastly under/informed.