The Cambridges want ‘diversity’ to be a ‘particular focus’ for The Royal Foundation

Audience at Buckingham Palace

When Robert Lacey published his updated version of Battle of Brothers, he actually pointed out several times in the media that the royals cannot and should not operate as “business as usual” on diversity anymore. That message was buried on purpose because it was clear that Prince William co-opted Lacey to smear Meghan, but Lacey left enough bread crumbs to let everyone know that Meghan exposed the royal system as institutionally racist, lacking in diversity and incapable of change. In June, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House released their “diversity numbers” and neither palace broke 9% ethnic minority. And even then, the 8% of staffers who are minorities are not in any positions of power.

What was also funny about CH and BP releasing their staffing numbers is that Kensington Palace flatly refused to release their numbers. My assumption, based the Duchess of Sussex’s experiences, is that Kensington Palace is all-white, in addition to being a place of business for lazy, incompetent clowns. KP isn’t just a reference to the staff who work in Kate and William’s offices either – KP is The Royal Foundation, and it’s Kate’s dumb Keen Institute for Buttons, her Early Years f–kery. Well, guess who is suddenly super-keen about diversity?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Foundation is pushing for more diversity. The charity’s recent 2020 trustees’ report concedes that while “formal targets for diversity of the Board have not previously been set,” they want inclusion to become a “particular focus” going forward.

“The Royal Foundation remains committed to equality and diversity and to ensuring a positive, safe and respectful environment which promotes the wellbeing and dignity of its employees, applicants, partners, suppliers and those whose interests it represents,” the report states.

The 44-page document examines the foundation and its finances from January to December of 2020, during which time Harry, 36, and Markle, 40, resigned from their duties as senior royals.

The trustees’ report also states that William and Middleton’s foundation is committed to being a “mentally healthy workplace” and notes that they have “a number of wellbeing initiatives” for their employees.

The charity’s push for more mental health initiatives comes after Markle revealed in the same interview with Winfrey, 67, that she experienced suicidal thoughts after marrying into the royal family. The “Suits” alum, who also shares daughter Lilibet with the Duke of Sussex, further claimed to have been rebuffed when she reached out to the royal institution for professional help.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, they’ll only hire maybe one person of color, they’ll tokenize that one person and then the person will be fired within a year. And there will be accusations that the POC bullied the lazy white people and made them cry. I mean, if the past is prologue….

Mostly though, I just think this is just another promise to be keen. I doubt they’ll even get around to hiring a person of color any time soon. This report is merely an internal review of their own shady foundation. I actually believe that William and Kate believe that they’re making some kind of “dig” at Meghan as well. Like “look at us, we can be DIVERSE too, we care about that as well, just not when you were around!” Anyway, the only diversity Kate is interested in is Button Inclusion.

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visit North Wales

Royal couple visit Birmingham

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. aquarius64 says:

    No diversity in the family though. I hope they are getting dragged for this.

  2. Sophie says:

    Awww, that’s so precious!! They want to focus on diversity, yet refuse to release their numbers? I believe that someone in KP doesn’t know what irony or hypocrisy mean…

    • L4frimaire says:

      This will go the way of the Diversity Tsar they were all publicizing, the. It turns out they changed their mind. Whatever. We see how they really are.

      • Debbie says:

        Or, they may hire someone (as a preemptive defense from Harry’s forthcoming book), then, as stated above they’ll tokenize them, and then fire them — but not before they take PLENTY OF PICTURES as if to say, “See? See? We’ve got some.” Don’t forget those pictures, that way they won’t need to import so many children of color.” I think the leak to Page Six is just in case those diversity number releases becomes an annual thing, they want to be prepared. I don’t think the Cambridges need to worry though, the BM would never hold them accountable for failing to have a staff that reflects the country/commonwealth, or indeed for not releasing their numbers at all.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    The paragraph about diversity was added because they refused to give their figures to the BP annual report. I don’t view it as a statement of intent and I don’t think that diversity and inclusion extends to actual KP household staff.

    • Mac says:

      The BRF are both racist and classist. If you are intent on hiring people with the right “pedigree” it’s pretty likely they will all be white.

  4. Noki says:

    That header picture 🤣🤣🤣. William must look at his younger Adonis pics and cry.

  5. Becks1 says:

    I think they will hire one non-white person in a very visible role (literally visible, like someone who will attend events with them) so there are some photo ops, and then said person will probably realize what a sh!tshow everything relating to the Cambridges is and will get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

    • L84Tea says:

      I’m in 100% agreement with you. Countdown till we see photos of the Keens with their new “assistant”.

    • Tom says:

      Please explain to this American (who is 110% pro-diversity) why the BRF is expected to be diverse in their workplace. It’s the Right Thing to Do isn’t their motto.

      Their entire schtick is musty, rigid, grift-friendly tradition.

      • LadyMTL says:

        Honestly, I’m surprised that people are surprised. Is the Swedish RF’s workplace diverse? Spain’s? What about Monaco? Not to defend the BRF’s lack of diversity, but I doubt that it’s exclusive to them. Of course we don’t know for sure, but I have a gut feeling…

      • Becks1 says:

        no one is surprised that the royal households aren’t diverse.

        ETA and I didnt say anything about the BRF being “expected” to be diverse, so not sure what that comment means, but in general, if you want to convince people that you are “very much not a racist family,” having some people on your staff who are not white is a good place to start.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        @Tom I believe their workplace is considered public sector (civil service) and those have specific legal equality duties. The fact that The Queen has remained exempted from those laws looks really friggen bad given the claims of the firm that neither the monarchy nor the family are racist considering the treatment of the first non-white person to marry into the family & the unwillingness to protect the Sussexes.

        While nobody’s surprised that the firm has no interest in establishing any actual diversity of their staff; the fact nobody’s surprised doesn’t negate the legitimacy of the expectation that they should at least make an attempt to appear to embrace some diversity

      • Nikki says:

        Take a look at the Commonwealth. This is a case for diversity and inclusion.

      • equality says:

        @Lady MTL I can’t find anything detailing diversity or lack of in Swedish or Spanish royal employment. Do you have their details? Sweden and Spain aren’t involved in a diverse “commonwealth” they are trying to maintain so they have fewer to impress with their diversity anyway. Did the Swedish and Spanish monarchs get exempted from their own countries’ laws concerning employees?

      • Couch potato says:

        Afaik when the scandinavian RFs are advertising positions at their courts, they specifically encourages people with minority backgrounds to apply. In scandinavia that means people with sami or immigrant backgrounds.

      • sunny says:

        Absolutely- The Commonwealth is majority made up of nations of black and brown people. The fact that these musty folks built their wealth on brown and black bodies and land, and purport to still rule over them(at least in terms or ceremony) and lead an organization(the Commonwealth) full of POC and remain this stupid about diversity is really something. Let us speak nothing of inclusion.

        And I will just say, I feel terribly for the person of colour they briefly hire to pretend to make progress. That crap is legit mentally scaring for POC’s who try to make change in organizations.

      • Christine says:

        Sunny, I am right there with you. It’s got to be someone with brass ovaries or balls, because it is going to be abysmal to be the first POC at KP, not to mention having to smile while walking next to these two in public. They deserve hazard pay, right out of the gate.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The last higher profile WOC I remember was Natalie Campbell. She was too talented and got away from them, first via the SussexRoyal foundation and then on to a new company. She was hired as director of insight and innovation in spring/summer 2018. That was for the renamed joint Royal Foundation of D&D of C and Prince Harry. She moved to working with Harry and Meghan in fall 2019, then lost her job with SussexRoyal Foundation when they were forced to close that.

      I have a very vague recollection of W&K hiring a Maori valet c.2014 or so, papped driving them somewhere. Anyone else remember that?

  6. Lili says:

    Shoot, i understand they have seen how Meghan is thriving so they want a piece of the action. it will be interesting to see how this pans out. i hope they wont go down the stereo typical route of expectations. And i hope whom ever they get on board doesnt become a donkey.

  7. Pao says:

    Thisis just laughable. Mister “we’re not a racist family” continues to show meghan and harry right and how racist they actually are.

    • Eleonor says:

      Laughable yes.
      When I have read the headlines I thought:”And I want two billions on my bank account.”

  8. Snuffles says:

    Pretty sure the foundation is just a grift and cover for money laundering with the occasional half assed attempt to “help”. How many of Kate’s patronages have shut down now? Anything that was good was Harry’s idea and has probably laid dormant since he left.

    • LaraW” says:

      My initial reaction to this was “completely agree,” then I stopped to wonder at what point did I just come to accept that the RF is not only racist, but corrupt down to its roots? I used to associate this sort of behavior with Andrew and Fergie almost exclusively, and now it just seems like the RF is an actively criminal organization. I remember when I used to romanticize and glamorize it, but now the only feeling I have is that of contempt.

      • JT says:

        Nobody over there seems to be bothered by the fact that they are racist, so I don’t know why they are even trying to pretend otherwise. The Brits aren’t going to get rid of them because they allegedly don’t care, even though they are being robbed blind, and the press will just blame Meghan anyway.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        It absolutely is a criminal organisation, with the ability to make their thefts and corruption legal.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      There is definitely something not right with the Cambridge’s Royal Foundation.

      Maybe I’m really not braining today, but I’m stumbling over this section of the P6 story,

      ‘The 44-page document examines the foundation and its finances from January to December of 2020, during which time Harry, 36, and Markle, 40, resigned from their duties as senior royals.’

      Harry & Meghan left/split from the Royal Foundation in June 2019. Moved out of KP and into Frogmore April 2019. Into BP offices July 2019?. They were not involved with the Cambridge’s Royal Foundation/KP during that time frame of the 44 page document, so I’m not sure why Harry & Meghan are pointed out in that section. They were in Canada/US January – December 2020. I don’t know maybe I’m just tetchy today.
      ETA: It doesn’t even really make sense with England’s tax years for financials/tax returns. 2019 would be April 6, 2019 – April 5, 2020. 2020 would be April 6, 2020-April 5, 2021.

      • Amy Too says:

        It doesn’t really have anything to do with Harry and Meghan or when they left the foundation. It’s just a way for the article to include their names and remind everyone that they quit being royals.

        MAYBE, if I’m being generous, it could have something to do with the fact that the Cambridges might have still been holding some Sussex charity money in the royal foundation so it would be pertinent information when reading about what money came in and where it went. They just recently finally handed over the rest of the Invictus (or sentebale?) money they had.

        Maybe it’s a little hint to everyone to check the 2018 and 2019 royal foundation records and see how much more money and revenue they had when Harry and Meghan were still working for them and raising money and running projects out of the joint foundation.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes, that could be. But a Murdoch owned paper and throwing that in there is off. Especially using the word resigned. All along it’s been ‘stepped down’, not resigned. It’s like sneaking a little shade at H & M into the story if something sketchy comes out regarding the Royal Foundation.. It reminded me of Sir Martin Sorrell who hosted the 2014 fundraiser party(pay for play meet & greet?) for William & Kate in NYC . Who, in June of 2018, resigned from WPP amid questionable circumstances. I don’t think we saw the BM tying W & K to Sir(yes he was knighted) Martin Sorrell during this. Sorrell was also a non-executive board member of Arconic-the company involved with the cladding lawsuit regarding the Grenfell Tower lawsuit.

  9. Yup, Me says:


  10. Ainsley7 says:

    Yes, but does diversity really want them? Like, who would sign up to be around racist white people all day and be underpaid to boot. I think it’s going to be difficult for them to find someone who isn’t white that wants to work for them.

    • Lemons says:

      Right? I think minorities who have progressed far enough in the system to even consider a role among their ranks are running in the other direction. They know these people and they do NOT want to be involved. The pay isn’t good enough.

    • Cessily says:

      Who would work where it is perfectly ok to be openly racist, look at the history and the lack of laws to protect minorities working for the firm.. if the institution is exempt from the laws that protect then it is just signing up for heartache and abuse. Employees for fast food restaurants have more protections and from what I’ve seen posted probably make a similar wage.. (no one working for the palace is getting rich without break the rules(laws).)

    • Dawning says:

      @Ainsley7, nope, they will find a POC. Remember when TOB trotted out his black friend to declare that his friend William is not a racist?

      • Lorelei says:

        Oh yeah, I remember that guy, William’s good friend, who we saw William with once and then never again 🙄

  11. Jay says:

    This is very much a promise to be keen – “We would like to be more diverse than we are” is not what you say if you actually want to change your organization.

    There are no measurable goals , no framework to achieve those goals, no assessment of where they are currently as an organization, and, most importantly, no sense of why they feel their foundation would be stronger and better if more voices were involved.

    Instead, it’s like they’ve just recently discovered that it’s somewhat embarrassing to look racist, and they are so very much not racist. Didn’t you hear that speech William made that one time? They want to fix it by hiring a single Black or Brown person, but an “acceptable” one, you know, preferably someone who went to school with William and won’t upset everyone by trying to change things.

    Lol, I just saw the part about their keen “commitment” to mental health. I’ll say it again – ask Harry for a better up discount code!

  12. Cessily says:

    If they want to be more relatable and show support against racism why are they not standing side by side the wonderfully diverse population of the country they lead? Beyond support and solidarity with the Sussex’s they could be championing the very needed charities that major soccer (football) greats are supporting to feed children. People do not care for another report with false promises, they would like to see compassion and support from those they fund.

  13. sandy says:

    is this a joke? like the MOST tone death idiots to ever exist. also the most over confident assholes. I just hope meghan never speaks to them again.

  14. Seaflower says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha – gasp – hahahahahahahahahaha

  15. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    These people are so transparent it’s pathetic.

  16. Lori says:

    Let’s see if any POC actually even apply for work with them. They dont pay very well, never actually take the advise of their staff, and often use them as fall guys for their own ineptitude. Its really only a “job” to other lazy aristos.

  17. Merricat says:

    A lot of people don’t know this, but the Cambridge motto is “All Hat, No Cattle.”

  18. Izzy says:

    WOW is this tone deaf. Read the room, man, no one believes your BS.

  19. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Promises, promises…cue to more pictures of Kate manically grining at children of colour.

    • Eurydice says:

      Not even a promise, just a desire – they “want.” Well, they run the frikkin Foundation – they copy H&M in everything else, they can copy them on this – do it first, then announce it.

  20. HeatherC says:

    Cue more photo ops with POC for both. Soccer/football players for William and children for Kate.

  21. MsIam says:

    Sure you are Kate and William, sure. But I’m wondering if this story is advance work for what will come out in the fake bullying report that’s due next year. Especially if Meghan and her lawyers have “receipts”. How convenient to be able to say, ” Well yes we made mistakes but NOW we know better, and NOW we are keen to do something “.

  22. Merricat says:

    A statement is all they will ever actually do about it.

  23. notasugarhere says:

    To W&K, ‘diversity’ probably means their Italian housekeeper at KP and their Spanish Head Nanny.

  24. Here4Tea says:

    Hereditary monarchy is completely antithetical to equality.
    This so-called diversity push has not stirred up much click-bait here in the Uk. I get the feeling that even the keenest of Cambridge cheerleaders cannot be arsed with them.

  25. paddingtonjr says:

    The usual sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing from the Keenbridges.

  26. Over it says:

    All this keenness for show. But how do you feel about your black sister in law and her children keenbridges?

  27. notasugarhere says:

    @Kaiser, thank you for the perfect photo selection as usual. That last photo of Kate illustrates it so well. They were visiting people in Birmingham who had been devastated by riots and looting. Kate shows up in 6000 worth of brand new bespoke Diana-esque military cosplay posing like a Breck girl. Spouting things like, ‘We couldn’t believe it was happening in Britain’.

    So Keen, so completely unaware of the real world.

  28. FluglyBear says:

    Kate’s button game is on point in that natical blouse and blue skirt, she looks great. As far as diversity, first start with hiring people who are present in this decade and don’t still imagine its 1970.

  29. Pork chops & Apple sauce says:

    Diversity? Right, so they must mean they’d be happy hiring some Catholics and not just Anglicans? These people wouldn’t know diversity if it not them in their bony asses. What a joke.

  30. dido says:

    These two talking about diversity is a joke.

  31. Jenjenjen says:

    Can we just talk about the fact that diversity wasn’t even part of the conversation before Duchess Meg?? Talk about late to the party and putting a bandaid to try to fix a fracture In. The. Whole. System.

  32. Marivic says:

    The royal family are very much racist.

  33. Christine says:

    This article is a gift. The hilarity kills me. Yes, Wills and Kate, you are idiots, with no lack of irony. “MY KINGDOM FOR A FOCUS!!!!”

  34. Normades says:

    They are idiots. Racist idiots. Instead of working with the rockstars and using them to modernize the monarchy and reach out to the commonwealth they had to go low and now they get everything they deserve. They have ZERO charisma and people skills, NONE of them. They should just call it a day and peace out. Their game is pitiful.

  35. J ferber says:

    Yes, their love of “diversity” is lip service only. They drove out and almost killed the only diverse member of the royal family they have seen in their lifetime. Well-played, losers for life.