People: The Cambridges are busy being ‘the modern face of the institution’

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I am SCREAMING at what People Magazine did to Prince William. This is the cover of the latest quarterly edition of People Royals Magazine. Their first cover was of the Duchess of Cambridge being keen. Their second cover was Princess Diana and her legacy. And now we’re back to Cambridge sugar? Except that People Mag clearly does not want to startle people with William’s dome, so they just put their magazine banner halfway down his forehead!! That is such an editorial *choice*. The cover photo was one of the pics Kensington Palace released for the Keens’ tenth wedding anniversary. They don’t even mention that creepy jeans commercial they made for their marriage – no one ever mentions that, because it was unsettling. Anyway, who wants to hear about how William and Kate have a perfect marriage and nothing ever shady happens with them and no one is ever pantsless in a rose bush? Some highlights:

We’re talking about their 40th birthdays now? With their 40th birthdays on the horizon, Kate Middleton and Prince William are all set to step up, remaking the Windsor family in their own image as they prepare to lead it later this century.

They support each other: Much of their magic stems from their different backgrounds. Kate, from a hard-working family, provides the perfect balance for William the future king, and they support one another. “They are bringing to the party different means of achieving the whole,” their former private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton tells PEOPLE Royals. “He has the experience of knowing where the institution sits and seeing it evolve. The Duchess brings this pragmatic awareness of what it’s like to be from a decent, down-to-earth family.”

They are so keen: Focusing on initiatives from mental health and parenting to climate change, they “are playing a really important role in finding a point of connection for a different range of subjects that the family hasn’t always connected with,” says a former staffer.

Their examples: Their bond comes from a base forged in a long courtship and a strong marriage. And thanks to the examples of Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s 73-year marriage in the public eye, William and Kate are ready for what is ahead. As the couple bridges their lives now with the future they envision at the helm of the monarchy, a family friend says they “can mix the traditional duty with being thoroughly modern parents.”

Just don’t expect them to actually work: Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no longer working as frontline royals, more attention is falling on the Cambridges — not necessarily in terms of the number of engagements or duties, but “in being the modern face of the institution,” adds a palace insider. And when their time comes, William and Kate will be fully prepared.

The training: “Thank God they’ve got each other and the training that they’ve had,” says Lowther-Pinkerton. “They have a solid bond through these last 10 years. If you had scoured the realm you couldn’t have got a better pair, frankly.”

[From People]

“…More attention is falling on the Cambridges — not necessarily in terms of the number of engagements or duties, but ‘in being the modern face of the institution,’ adds a palace insider…” Classic royal double-speak. Where’s Kate, why doesn’t she do more events? Oh, she’s being the modern face of the institution, you shouldn’t expect her to actually WORK! And even then, the whole “modern face” argument doesn’t even make sense. From the very start of William and Kate’s relationship, they’ve been retro and regressive, positively Victorian. Kate did f–k all for a decade as she waited to get the ring. Now she just lazes about in mansions and orders her many staffers to scurry off. Same with William – he’ll be 40 years old next summer and what work, projects or initiatives does he have to show for it? A shady foundation which skims money from charities? Earthshot, which he isn’t even organizing himself, he’s only taking credit for it? Come on. Modern my ass.

Giuliani Press Conference at RNC Headquarters

Giuliani Press Conference at RNC Headquarters


Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace, Avalon Red, cover courtesy of People.

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  1. Merricat says:

    It’s so modern of them to live off the taxpayers. Get a job, you mooches.

    • hindulovegod says:

      Modern in what sense? Their values are Victorian. They are the epitome of one of my favorite underused words: antidiluvian.

    • Kalana says:

      I thought modernizing a 1000 year old institution was the worst thing ever? Or is that only when Meghan was a working royal? Are Will and Kate really trying to weasel back into pretending they aren’t racist anachronisms? Are they traditional or modern?

      • Merricat says:

        Lol, they’re traditional, of course, but need to present themselves as modern to court the youth!

      • Ainsley7 says:

        So, if Meghan had actually ever said that she wanted to modernize the monarchy, I could totally understand the backlash simply because she’s an American. I mean, it is rude to go to a new country and tell them that they are doing things wrong. Except she never said it. She just represented it because she was a biracial American. So, that’s really Harry modernizing it by marrying her and he needed the Queen’s permission. So, it was a group effort by British Royals not the American. So, it’s so stupid that it was all dumped on her. Like, they should blame the Queen for giving permission in the first place if they are so scared of modernization.

      • Kalana says:

        @Ainsley7. Right. Meghan being called a modernizer was actually a dog-whistle.

      • equality says:

        @Ainsley7 “It’s rude to go to a new country and tell them that they are doing things wrong”? So you should ignore racism, misogyny, and inhumane treatment because you are new to a country?

      • Nikki says:

        “I mean, it is rude to go to a new country and tell them that they are doing things wrong.”

        @Ainsley7 this is a post about the Commonwealth’s monarchy. I’m side-eyeing the heck out of you right now. LOL

  2. Oh_Hey says:

    They are 100% correct. They are the modern face of an anachronistic racist colonial institution that would step over blood relations for power and a “fawning” Tory public.

    • SpankFD says:

      Absolutely. And did you notice the staffer’s unintentional shade in comparing the RF to the “decent” Middletons? Who would ostensibly *never* step over blood relations for power?


  3. LaraW” says:

    I remember in the original pics they released, Kate got super-photoshopped. Did Will get the same treatment for this cover? Or is it just the fortuitous placement of the banner?

    Also this reminds me of Monsters Inc.: I can’t believe it… I’m on the cover of a magazine!!!!

    Youtube clip:

    • SarahCS says:

      It IS Monsters Inc! Great spot.

    • BothSides says:

      LaraW, well done!! That was perfect!! Now I will have to watch Monsters Inc. today!!

      Also, anyone notice how much KKKeen is photoshopped in the picture with the two of them seated? She doesn’t look real!! She looks like a frickin mannequin!!!!

  4. Angie says:

    Lol yeah and that’s not a good thing

  5. The Hench says:

    Wow. Just….wow. This is utter nonsense on so many levels.

    And I still can’t get over how awful those anniversary photographs are. With the resources and contacts they have at their disposal, you would think the photographer deliberately set out to make them look as dreadful as possible. They look like mannequins and William’s eyes in that top photo are terrifying.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “Wow. Just….wow. This is utter nonsense on so many levels.”

      Nonsense on every conceivable level is what the British Media sells to their customer base 24/7.

    • Ginger says:

      They look so uncomfortable around each other. They don’t look natural at all.

      • Kalana says:

        Kate looks like she’s on something. Her eyes are glazed over.

      • terra says:

        It’s William’s grimace that gets me. It’s as if he is constitutionally incapable of looking at her with anything other than profound distaste.

      • booboocita says:

        It’s the weird hand holding in the first photo below the header that gets me. Kate’s holding three of William’s fingers, not the whole hand. One of William’s fingers is crooked awkwardly, as if it’s trying to escape. The whole thing looks like Kate is holding on to Will’s hand for dear life, and he’s trying to pull away just as frantically. And the two of them can’t even look at each other …

      • NiqGee says:

        The photo from the gallery with Kate in the red sweater is sending me. They are not in the same place at all. Their expressions are so wildly different. Like they were in two different situations and got photoshopped together.

      • Lyds says:

        That scene from Muholland Dr, where the old couple is silently/manically grinning in the taxi? Can never unsee it in these photos…

    • Cessily says:

      They want them to be the Sussex’s love story so desperately it is sickening.. reminds me of the “I love my perfect husband/wife” posts that people flood timelines with only to find out a month or so late they filed for divorce.

    • JerseyCow says:

      Lol that top photo always makes me laugh. She’s all nestled into him but his body language is completely oblivious; he doesn’t lean in to her at all.
      If you photoshopped her out he’d look totally normal, like he’s just standing there.

  6. MsIam says:

    Those two crazy kids! Gag! Well I guess its a better “face” for the monarchy than Andrew hiding out from process servers and Charles being connected to pay for play schemes.

  7. HeatherC says:

    Tradwife and rage monster modern? Wow People Magazine is on some serious drugs! If old fashioned, in the realm of royal “work,” is Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards or Prince’s Trust then they really are turning the institution on in its head.

    • LaraW” says:

      Speaking of, whatever happened to all that Edinburgh, “Charles will not give Edward the title” drama? Relegated to the bottom of the pile in the midst of Andrew and the recent pay-for-play stories?

      • Becks1 says:

        I have a few theories about that story, but my top one is that that story was put out by Charles (about keeping the title) as a way to shut down the Wessex PR machine, all the “its what Philip would have wanted” stories etc.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        All that drama is kind of on hold. Like, Prince Charles is the current Duke of Edinburgh whether anyone likes it or not. When he is King, he will have the power to give the title to Edward. So, there’s nothing anyone can do right now. The drama will likely reignite when Charles becomes King.

  8. 809Matriarch says:

    This is all just a bit counting chickens before they hatch energy to me. Just like when they were going on and on about the celebrations for Philip’s 100th birthday and he kicked it at 99. There is always this anticipation of what is gonna happen and what they are gonna do and never what is happening NOW! What a pitiful family.

  9. Snuffles says:

    William is starting to look like one of The Gentleman from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode “Hush”

    “Can’t even shout, can’t even cry / The gentlemen are coming by / Looking in windows, knocking on doors / They need to take seven and they might take yours / Can’t call to mom, Can’t say a word / You’re gonna die a-screaming but you won’t be heard.”

  10. aquarius64 says:

    The Windsor name is mud in many pockets in the US and the BRF knows it. This comes out after the Lifetime movie where Cambridges look the worst. Coincidence?

    • Layla says:

      Apparently they did William really dirty in that. I’m in the u.k. so I haven’t seen it. How bad is it?

      • Geraldine Granger says:

        William looks like such a jerk in it, so they got some things right! The actress who plays Meghan sounds exactly like her, she did a great job.

      • Becks1 says:

        We talked about it some yesterday but its bad. I admit we flipped to it and I said “I don’t need to watch this, I know what happens” but my husband got sucked in lol.

        It actually puts the Cambridges (as a royal house) in a really bad light. It mentions the bot-buying for social media, there’s a scene when they are all sitting around mocking Meghan’s NYT piece about her miscarriage, etc. But Kate actually comes off as kind of….a non-entity? Like in the NYT scene, she sort of gently comments about how hard it is to lose a child, and the Evil Staffer (who I think was supposed to be Jason Knauf, but was a woman here) storms out. Kate does a lot of looking at William and pursing her lips or whatever, but I think she gets the biggest pass in the movie. Evil Staffer really comes off as pretty heinous though and its supposed to be a KP person.

        Charles comes off as disengaged and they included the parts about him cutting off the security, etc.

        William however comes off as a total ahole, a rage-aholic, he looks mean and petulant the whole time – the movie IMO makes it really clear that William was a huge part of the issue and a huge part of why they walked away.

      • Sunday says:

        Learning here yesterday that it was written by Jobson’s daughter was a revelation and makes me way more inclined to believe its narrative, at least about the cambridge side of things.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Sunday said:
        “Learning here yesterday that it was written by Jobson’s daughter was a revelation and makes me way more inclined to believe its narrative…”

        Someone said that Robert Lacey’s daughter is one of the writers on the Lifetime movies about M&H. Not Robert Jobson, who may or may not have a daughter. I wasn’t even aware that Lacey has a daughter who has grown up to grift off the British royals. Like father, like daughter, apparently.

        The latest Lifetime installment in their ongoing Sussex dramas was interesting, just to see how they would handle some of the recent revelations. They stayed relatively safe in how they covered things, with some pointed references. I disliked them using a female aide as the main KP villain. As we know, most of the behind-the-scenes firm villains are the grey men, just as the major tabloid journalism perpetrators are men, with a gaggle of jealous, manipulative females in the mix.

        The cheesy movie was generally well-done for what it’s worth. But also heavily anti-climactic at this point. To some degree, there was an effort to make excuses for both W&K, and to shift responsibility for some of W’s angry behavior on bad advice from the villainous staffer, and on unresolved psychological conflicts stemming from Diana’s death and the burdens of being an heir.

        W’s imagined confrontation with Meghan at the pre-Commonwealth gathering seems fanciful. They may have had a major conflict, but not at that point in time. Plus, it’s not true that Meghan is the disruptor, as the W character says to the M character’s face. For me, the references to Diana and how Harry was affected and triggered by distressful memories rising up through seeing how Meghan is treated, works fairly well throughout.

    • terra says:

      Oh, did that premiere already? I’ll have to ask my grandmother what she thought, as she watched the first two. I’m only interested in watching it if it’s absolutely terrible, so fingers crossed, I guess?

      • Nic919 says:

        There were two movies prior to this one? I recall the first one but I don’t recall there was a sequel.

        This is hilarious. But based in how becks described this movie I am going to watch it for sure.

    • SueBarbri says:

      They actor that played William looked exactly like a witch–so it was pretty accurate. I enjoyed the part where the Queen gave all three of them (William, Charles, and Harry) a hard time during the Sussex Summit. Kate got a pass (they portrayed her as sympathetic to Meghan but purposefully distant), but they made it clear that William is full of rage and that Kate thinks her job in life is to keep him calm. It was a lot better (and more critical of the Cambs) than I thought it would be, and I thought the sets (the modern, homey environment of the Sussex vs. the comparatively stuffy world of KP) were actually pretty good at telling the story. Not perfect, but if you’ve been following the story closely it’s definitely worth a look-in on a lazy Saturday.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yea, they made Kate seem like it was her job to to keep him calm and to appear neutral. It did have humor. The Briggs character had some great lines.

        LOL’d @ the “My boobs are leaking” line before the Trooping of the Colours. That was some creative (yet possible) writing. Happy to see that Doria was portrayed as the cool person she probably is. The Victoria/Vicky character pretty much encompasses the bad of courteriers and royal experts.

  11. sandy says:

    love to be the face of colonialism

  12. mariahlee says:

    I have never seen a pair of people so artificially propped up by the media for doing absolutely nothing and being completely unremarkable. The depths the US and UK establishments will go to to maintain the strongholds of heteronormativity and white supremacy, which W&K are apparently the beacons of.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      IMAO, People only has the Keenbridges on the cover because they SELL magazines.

      • JT says:

        Do they really sell that much for People because they can barely move copies of their own rags back home? Even stories about the Keens on the DM barely crack a thousand comments. And that’s free. Stories about H&M will be talked about for days online, while most W&K news disappears within the day.

      • Kalana says:

        Do they? Back when they first got married, we heard that Kate on the cover does not sell magazines. And her Vogue cover was a flop.

      • Sunshine says:

        BAYTAMPABAY, they do not sell. This is paid propaganda.

      • Sunday says:

        Sunshine is correct; this is a paid advertorial. People (and many other print publications) now make the overwhelming majority of their money off advertising and paid placements rather than subscriptions. This entire royal quarterly is a paid ad buy for the royals.

      • Maria says:

        These exclusives about Kate and William always gather dust in the drugstores/bookstores I frequent. I only see the inch thick layer of it while standing in line purchasing something else.

      • Tessa says:

        There are a lot of leftover issues when my newsstands tosses them out to make way for the new issues. Kate and William don’t sell magazines.

      • aftershocks says:

        FWIW, it seems clear to me that @BayTampaBay was being sarcastic in her comment that the Lamebridges SELL mags when they are on the cover. That’s clearly untrue and laughable. Note @BayTB’s LMAO reference…

    • livealot says:

      @Mariahlee right ?! Racist and donothingness – so modern ! These people have to constantly tell folks they’re modern because their actions don’t back it up. #abolishthemonarchy

  13. Jay says:

    Finally, guys! 40 is it – the year the Keens truly step up and get serious about thinking about preparing for their future roles! 😂😂😂

    In light of the previous story about not posting a back to school photo (even if they don’t do it every year, you would think they would want to notch an easy win) and being MIA for months, I see them doing even fewer public events and leaning more on being the heavily photoshopped image, er, I mean the face of the monarchy.

    Speaking of faces, that cover image…I think William is supposed to be doing the “aw, shucks, we’re just having a laugh” but all I see is “Aghh, this unhinged fan won’t let go of my arm! She’s drawing blood!”

    • JT says:

      Their long term goal was always to work less anyway; this might be the start of that. It’s why they want to do fewer bread and butter events and spend their time on “projects.” Didn’t they say they were going to fundraise for maybe three charities a year (sure Jan) so they can really focus their efforts? These two are such a joke and I hope the firm regrets every single of second propping up these fools for so long. They add nothing of value and what’s funny is, they’re proud of it. So regal.

  14. Moderatelywealthy says:

    If they are pushing TQ and Prince Philip’s marriage as their role model then we SHOULD expect a quiet physical separation to happen- maybe TOB wants Royal Lodge as his woodland farm?

    • Ainsley7 says:

      The Queen and Prince Philip didn’t live separately until after he retired. Even then, he spent a lot of time at Windsor. So, he saw the Queen on the weekends. I’m not saying they were like super in love. They just were never trying to live apart in order to get away from each other. Philip went to Woodfarm because it was smaller and easier to get around. It was also more private. He didn’t like being seen as “weak. The Queen and Philip were really good friends up until the end.

  15. Becks1 says:

    LOLOL. So this is just more of the same. They’ll be fully prepared “when the time comes.” They’ll be able to step up in the future, we promise, just wait and see, they’re so MODERN!!!

  16. Sunday says:

    How are you the “modern face” of something if you haven’t been seen for months?

    The way the press positions Kate and William as perpetually readying themselves to step up, any minute now it’ll happen, they’re so keen, they’re ready, wait for it, keep holding, hold some more… I imagine them in one of those old cartoons at the starting line of a race and the music is building dramatically and any minute you think the crescendo will end and the race will start and instead they just keep re-bracing for action as the music restarts over and over again.

  17. MollyO says:

    “Much of their magic stems from their different backgrounds. Kate, from a hard-working family, provides the perfect balance for William”…bwahahahahahaaaaaa The literally just called the Windsors “not” a hard-working family…

    • Kalana says:

      And not a decent family either.

    • Over it says:

      I don’t know what you guys are laughing at. Plotting for 8 years and more to get a prince so that you and your social climbing family can finally be somebody is hard work. Just think of the sleepless nights Carole had when William didn’t want to play ball and she had to reprogram Katie Katie to be more . More alluring. More assertive. More easy, wait not ,ore easy, she was always easy for Willy .I guess all Willy is bringing to this love filled marriage is the Crown Jewels and the palaces. I noticed people couldn’t find one redeeming quality to list about his contribution to this sleeping beauty fairy tale.
      I wish people from major publications would start printing stuff like , it’s been ten years and the world is still sitting here wondering when exactly will these tax payers funded two actually do some work?

    • Mustlovedogs says:

      “Very much not a hard-working family” lol

  18. Heidi says:

    “The Duchess brings [...] awareness of what it’s like to be from a decent [...] family.”

    Translation: His family isn’t decent and neither is he. Yeah, we noticed.

    • Kalana says:

      Lol, I didn’t see your post. Yes, little bit of unintentional truth there.

    • Soapboxpudding says:

      This is what stood out for me too! The Firm isn’t a decent family or down-to-Earth. Oops.

    • equality says:

      So where are the outrage articles how this is a slap to the Queen and PC? There’s also the “connection for range of subjects the family hasn’t always connected with like …parenting”. Isn’t that a slur on the Queen and PC also?

  19. Woke says:

    I don’t know why they just don’t lean into what they are. It’s pretty clear William is a traditionalist and a conservative. With the right spin they could pull it off. The modern face thing work because of their age but you scratch the surface and you realise It’s all fake.

    • Kalana says:

      But he wouldn’t have been able to capitalize on being the son of Diana who shook up the institution, and then use that to fight with Charles and avoid royal work (even though Diana was a hard worker). Now it doesn’t matter because Harry took that spot.

  20. Myra says:

    They always talk as if they have big shoes to fill now that Harry and Meghan have left, which of course is true but I don’t see how that’s a good way to portray themselves. To each their own, I guess.

  21. Haylie says:

    The Cambridge’s are busy… lollolololololololol!

    The only hard worker in the Middleton family is Carole. Everyone else is a lazy wastrel.

    • Nic919 says:

      I have seen the expression “the devil works hard but Carole works harder” and it seems pretty accurate.

  22. CindyP says:

    Those pics are so creepy; they aren’t even looking at each other. Their smiles are so fake; especially Kate’s

  23. S808 says:

    All I get from this is that yeah, they were definitely jealous and knew they were the dowdy couple in comparison to H&M. I personally don’t think there’s any modern couple left between the working royals. Just because H&M left a void doesn’t mean W&K have filled it. They’re just like charles and camilla, betty and philip, only younger *shrug*. That doesn’t mean modernity.

  24. Zebz says:

    William looks like a bald eagle in those pictures. His teeth look like a beak. What the hell. They look like they are cringing away from each other. There are so many videos where they both can’t stand each other. Wtf.

  25. Layla says:

    The way the media embiggens them, you’d think they’re both turning 1, not 40.
    Although with how much weve been hearing lately of William’s tantrums and foot-stomping and Kate’s vie for attention, it almost sounds plausible.

  26. MangoAngelesque says:

    The aristosalties snubbed Meghan and fainted daily from the get-go because of her modern American ways (yoga! email! social media with cuddling bananas! panoramic photographs at award shows! WORKING!!!!) and now they think they can actually package this pair of reheated cheese scones as fresh and modern?

    Kate can’t even modernize her closet without a VCR to see what Diana wore in old home movies so she can make more expensive versions with buttons.

    • TEALIEF says:

      @MangoAngelesque don’t insult the reheated cheese scones. I had a week old cheese scone in my fridge. I reheated that bad boy for breakfast and had it with orange marmalade. These two wish they were leftovers. They’re crud in the pots that you have to soak overnight.

      • aftershocks says:

        LOL :lol: You guys are on fire. Laughter is def the best medicine though, so thanks!

        Cannot & Willnot ain’t even good enuf to serve as leftovers! Tee hee. Too true! When will Salty Isle honchos (grey men & rota rats) admit and face up to this undeniable fact?!

        I guess never…

  27. Scorpion says:

    Ahhhhh, the annual call to keenness and keening, right on time…..

    When the reality is that these are 2 almost 40 year old wastrels who don’t have an original idea or thought between them. Never mind, having achieved nothing of note, one’s biggest achievement so far has been giving birth to 3 children and the other is having come out of the right vagina 😂😂😂

  28. Amelia says:

    “They are so keen: Focusing on initiatives from mental health (like conducting a racist smear campaign to oust their brother and sis-in law to get rid of the so-called competition) and parenting to climate change (taking multiple helicopter rides and staging ridiculous stunts with planes just to prove they “fly economy”) , they “are playing a really important role in finding a point of connection for a different range of subjects that the family hasn’t always connected with,” says a former staffer.
    Yes we can see how they’re keenness knows no bounds 🙄

    • equality says:

      It’s a lie anyway. Charles “connected with” climate change long ago before Will even existed.

      • HeatherC says:

        Yes but he did actual royal work for it, which is so old fashioned. To be modern, one only needs to be keen about keenly announcing what they’re keen about. No real action necessary or the peasants will expect it more often

  29. Sofia says:

    Oh we’ve got their former private secretary speaking on record. Current and former royal staffers do not speak on (or even off) the record like this unless they’ve got permission.

  30. Nic919 says:

    That article is the Royal equivalent of Lucy and the football.

  31. Amy Bee says:

    How many times is People going to write this story?

  32. Over it says:

    Okay, don’t judge me, lol. However I rewatched Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan this weekend. There are a few things that passed me by the first time and I caught them this time.
    1 . Meghan said that a female family member asked her to be less visible. Even though she had only left the house twice in four months. I think that female family member was Camilla.
    2 . It was family members and not the institution that told Harry that Archie won’t be getting protection. So I found that mind blowing. Imagine your own blood hating you this much to just tell you this . All because you married a woman of color. And last
    3 . Again it was members of the family, not the institution that suggested she carried on working because the money well for the black duchess was dry.
    I don’t know how much more you can be expected to take from your own flesh and blood. However I will forever respect Harry and Meghan for having enough love and respect for themselves and each other to say F off to that cold blooded pack of bitch relatives

    • Amelia says:

      @over it when I rewatched the interview I remember how some things stood out to me too that were actually overlooked.
      When Archie was born and the media were ripping their hairs out complaining about why Meghan and Harry wouldn’t parade their child in front of them the day he was born, Meghan mentioned how they weren’t told that they needed to do this. It makes you think how many instances have there been where Meghan wanted to follow protocol and she’s being ordered to do otherwise. They never wanted her to succeed from the start. It also makes me think, what the hell was Samantha Cohen doing if she wasn’t preparing Meghan properly?

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Amelia: it was clear that Meghan wasn’t getting the same treatment as others in the family. It was not a matter of heirachy as royalists try to explain, it was that the family and courtiers felt she was not entitled to things that the others got because she was above her station and black.

  33. Harper says:

    The grocery store and drugstore checkout lanes are where the Royal Fairy Tale Fantasy continues. When you are in the midst of doing the humdrum, mundane chores of real life, it’s nice to know that somewhere far far away, there are people living in castles, wearing crowns and pretty gowns. Yet these lucky royals are not rude; they are truly happy to see you and will take time out to wave at you and ask you how you are doing.

    I feel like buying this issue as a collector’s item–the last time Cain and Unable posed together before the truth came out.

  34. Lizzie says:

    Have they both been benched since July? This is a meaningless article and an excuse to put the lazybridges on the cover.

  35. Jaded says:

    Keen is from a “decent, down-to-earth family” ??? What about Uncle Hookers-n-Blow? What about the Wisteria Sisters being groomed by Pimp Mama Midd to land the biggest fish in the sea? What about the deliberate cultivating of the gutter tabloids to spread blatant lies about the Sussexes? What about Willnot’s not-so-secret indiscretions?

    Does Ma Midd have People on speed dial?

  36. ABritGuest says:

    Hang on what about hierarchy? Why are they promoted as the face of the monarchy when the queen is still alive & Charles & Camilla are up next? I thought that wasn’t allowed? The press also claim that the Cambridges will have to do more because of the Sussexes’ defection yet here it’s claimed they won’t be doing more engagements- how can that be?

    I also thought modernising the monarchy was wrong and it was all about tradition at least that’s what’s been said in recent years. I thought that was the appeal of the Cambridges too?

    Plus thought that royals don’t have friends speak to the press yet here we have an ex staffer & one of their kids’ godparent speaking on the record to People.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence we have Charles latest cash for something scandal & then we have this glowing drivel about the Cambridges as the face of the modern monarchy. I don’t think even Charles favoured mouthpieces have been out defending him. Chuck you in danger girl..

    • equality says:

      It’s kind of gross billing them as the future monarchs when the Queen and PC are both still alive. It’s like saying “hurry up and die because we are the modern future.”

  37. Betsy says:

    I don’t understand the allergy that both of these people have to work. We’re not all charismatic. Or visionary. Or anything else that you could call Harry and Meghan. But the path was there for them – they have their patronages and they do duck all with them. They do nothing. There’s nothing modern about the monarchy and these two giving the middle finger to everyone and gaslighting people to boot seems especially archaic.

    • Christine says:

      They can’t even show up to cut a ribbon or unveil a plaque, neither of which requires charisma, I just do not get how they are allowed by the royal family to do absolutely NOTHING, while Harry and Meghan get roasted by the various palace “sources”. It boggles my mind!

  38. kelleybelle says:

    *retch* Their “magic”?? They don’t even look at each other in public anymore. Well, Kate tries to look at William and he ignores her. There is that …

    If Kate is from such a hard-working family then how come she’s so lazy? The only thing she and her mother worked hard at is dragging Will to the alter, lol. What a bunch of sugar-coated bull, I swear.

    • Nic919 says:

      Catching a prince is a different kind of hard work. People magazine doesn’t want to put the effort into translating what that really means for the minivan majority.

  39. equality says:

    “They are bringing to the party different means of achieving the whole.”? What does that even mean? I love how their on-again-off-again relationship is a “long courtship.”

    • Merricat says:

      A courtship that included William going around to every available girl from an aristo family and being turned down by every one of them. So romantic.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        The romance fairly drips off the page. You are the one left? Whelp I guess this is it then…

  40. Liz version 700 says:

    We are here to modernize the monarchy while wearing granny’s lace doilies.

  41. Allie says:

    It’s fascinating that Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton was contributing to this. He is George’s godfather, so clearly this is coming directly from KP. They really, really want to make it in the US.

  42. Eurydice says:

    They’re the “modern face” of the monarchy in that they’re younger than the Queen and Charles. And yeah, the Windsor name will be in their image once TQ and Charles die. After that George will be the modern face and the new image of the Windsor name. Nobody needs to do any work to achieve this, just to wait for the passage of time.

  43. Annie says:

    Imagine being royals and looking like this lmao

  44. RedWeatherTiger says:

    William on that people cover! Too funny! The headline should have been, “One Bright Tooth.”

  45. J ferber says:

    So busy being the modern face of whatever they literally have no time to do anything else! Speak to the face. It can only jabber lies.

  46. Tessa says:

    I saw a lot of leftover issues of People’s royalty issue (the first one with Kate on the cover). I looked at the one of Diana on the cover and looked through it on a newsstand but it was still about the Cambridges with pictures of their wedding and a featurette with the Queen’s photo after every single great grandchild showing how all of them look “just like” the Queen. I found it absurd since I saw no resemblance at all and why is it that they are not placed next to pictures of the other great grandparents they have besides the royal ones. I am staying away from this over the top issue about Kate and William. I don’t think this new magazine will last.

  47. Tessa says:

    Kate seems to be known for wearing an expensive outfit twice so it is claimed she is “just like the rest of us.”

  48. Marivic says:

    The Royal PR is invading the US in a massive way. It is so obvious that the royal family have to rebuild their reputation, honor, and prominence in the minds of the Americans after they have been outed as bigots and racists. They are predominantly in all US media. I hope people can see through their evil schemes and deception. And not believe their lies hook, line and sinker. Truly the royal family is now a laughing stock .