Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook just grew apart & she puts her career ‘first in her life’

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook attends The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hanger, Santa Monica

Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce a week ago, last Friday (September 3). Kaley and Karl Cook organized their joint statement announcing their split, then shortly after People Magazine published it, news of Kaley’s divorce filing came out. Things are moving fast too – Kaley has already asked the court to deny spousal support for both parties, meaning she doesn’t have to pay Karl anything and she doesn’t want anything from him. As I said at the time, she’s rich as hell and he has family money. I’m glad Kaley has protected herself with what is reportedly a rock-solid prenup. Good for her. As for how she’s doing… she sounds totally fine? Her publicist keeps leaking stuff to People Magazine and it amounts to “she’s fine.”

Kaley Cuoco is pressing on amid her divorce from husband Karl Cook. The Flight Attendant star, 35, who announced the split on Friday, “is doing fine,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, adding that the pair “haven’t spent that much time together recently.”

“She has a big career and puts that first in her life. It’s basically a growing apart and each pursuing separate interests,” the insider says.

Cuoco has been busy filming her upcoming romantic-comedy Meet Cute, in addition to starting production on season 2 of The Flight Attendant.

“She has a lot going on in her career now and loves her work,” the source says. “Their relationship is just following different paths. A marriage doesn’t work if you rarely see the other one.”

Cook, meanwhile, is focused on his career as an equestrian and spent last winter away from his and Cuoco’s home in L.A. to ride in Florida. “Karl is a lifelong equestrian with a thorough love of horses. His jumping career has picked up recently, and he did well over the summer,” a source in the equestrian world adds.

[From People]

What I’m getting so far from the publicist-driven pieces in People Magazine is that Kaley isn’t looking to make Karl the villain, nor is she about to rollout a new boyfriend. Her message seems to be: we weren’t spending that much time together, we sort of outgrew each other, no harm, no foul. Which very well may be the case. But people are still talking about the Pete Davidson situation, and how Pete and Kaley have been working together for about two months, and how he’s single now, etc. The Sun had a gossip piece this week where the gossip guy misspelled Kaley’s name throughout, which isn’t a good sign:

A source explained: “When Pete and Phoebe split there was talk that his close friendship with Kayley did play a part. But now Kayley has announced the breakdown of her marriage to Carl, those around them on the set of Cute are saying they saw it coming. Pete and Kayley have got on incredibly well since day one but as the weeks have passed, it’s become clear there is some attraction there. Obviously they play a couple in the film and it’s all very romantic and sweet. But the chemistry between them is so palpable, it’s all people could talk about on set. When the cameras stopped rolling they’d be cracking jokes and were clearly enjoying one another’s company. A friendship has definitely been formed between them and they seem very tight.”

[From The Sun]

I guess we’ll see, won’t we? She doesn’t like to be alone. Even if Pete wasn’t her jumpoff, I wonder if they’ll try it out now, because what the hell, why not. Personally, I kind of hope Kaley has matured past that kind of ill-advised fling, because that’s all it would be.

Premiere Of 20th Century Fox's 'Why Him?' - Arrivals

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  1. terra says:

    His facial hair hurts my eyes. I’d understand if she was divorcing him for that alone.

    (For the record, I am joking. About the divorce bit, that is – the pictures are truly painful to look at. Yikes.)

    • Persephone says:

      Agreed – it makes him look sinister.
      This guy is not cute, and from her IG videos, he seemed kinda weird

    • LillyfromLillooet says:

      I got to say his facial hair gives me pubic hair vibes.

      • terra says:

        @LillyfromLillooet: Ha! Oh my goodness, that’s . . . disturbingly accurate. It’s so patchy and does appear as if it might be rather coarse. Being so pale doesn’t help matters at all, either.

        Also, I’ve just thought of this, but he’s an equestrian and is therefore in the sun a lot, yes? If so, how does he apply sunscreen through that mess? Sun damage is nothing to play around with, no matter how much lovely money you stand to inherit from dear ol’ Mom and Dad.

  2. AnnaC says:

    I don’t know, not quite buying all of it. Agree her career seems to be in a hot spot right now though I’m still meh about her. I think with Flight Attendant she has that perfect storm of good actors, directors and writing around her vs her amazing acting skills.
    I follow him on IG and he did a post the other day. Was his usual post competition walking and talking, but he did briefly reference the events of the last month, mostly to say he wouldn’t be talking about it. My impression was that he still seemed a bit stunned and sad by the split, didn’t not at all get the sense he was feeling fine.
    Imagine she’ll be engaged again within a year of two, and he’ll eventually remarry, but to a fellow equestrian or someone in that field.

    • snappyfish says:

      As a said a few times on other threads, They had an agreement about her not working so they could go on a few circuits uninterrupted. She changed her mind pretty quickly. I asked a few people closer to the circuit they are on & while everyone said he is a massive flirt there was no indication he cheated on her after they married. While engaged, hell yes.

  3. Millennial says:

    I’m confused as to why people who put their career in first place (to that degree) even get married. Just stay dating.

    • Me says:

      Really, after she had her kids, JLo stopped marrying her guys. Lots of couples end up splitting because they think they will get to a mutual agreement, but when push comes to shove, they really just are not on the same page about career and kids. These two don’t have financial pressures (the other big reason couples break up) and they’re probably both decent people, they just don’t want the same things.

  4. teecee says:

    Strange how there’s no mention of the most obvious reason – the pandemic. This was a couple who did not cohabitate until forced to due to outside circumstances, and then they were (somewhat) cooped up together 24/7. Lots of relatively solid couples have crumbled under those circumstances.

    I do wonder if they’d still be together if they’d purchased neighboring houses and just lived next door to each other rather than co-habitating. But then others on this board say he’s a cheater so maybe not.

  5. Winnie says:

    This doesn’t strike me as odd. I’d guess it has to do with the success of The Flight Attendant and her putting more effort to her career instead of just coasting on BBT.

    • Mac says:

      Being an equestrian is an extremely demanding career as well. It’s hours of training and constant travel.

  6. Ariel says:

    He gives off the creep vibe to me. Just from appearance.

  7. Anna says:

    Ah, the old “conflicting schedules, grew apart” excuse…

    Love the background in the first picture. “Why him?” was also what I asked myself when they first got together.

    He really seems to have an alcohol problem. Always a glass of whiskey in hand in his videos, and he seems to go through the bottles quickly!

    • Jaded says:

      You’re surmising he has an alcohol problem because of a few pictures in social situations where people are having a social drink? How do you know how many bottles he goes through?? He wouldn’t be able to handle the equestrian career he has if he was an alcoholic. Many early mornings, hours and hours of rigorous training, lots of international travel. And there’s no way Kaley would have married another guy with addiction issues after her first marriage. Nope, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with this.

  8. Leigh_S says:

    No shock. He’s a well funded equestrian pro. That’s an all consuming lifestyle without a lot of work/life balance. She’s a successful working actor, which is the same. They were rarely, if ever going to be around and available to each other at the same time.

  9. Janey says:

    I love that pale pink outfit in the top pic.

  10. SusanRagain says:

    Meh either way.
    Why stay married if you’re not happy?
    Also, if no kids are involved why get married?

  11. #facts says:

    This is HW. She either is dating someone that she feels will be relevant for her careeer or has someone else in mind. PR and publicist lie all the time.

    • molly says:

      I will be so disappointed in her if it’s Pete Davis. That’s someone you hook up with in your 20s when you’re making bad choices. Not in your mid-30s when you’re getting respect in the industry and making big-money decisions as an adult.

  12. Case says:

    I said this in the last post about them — he seemed to enjoy making fun of her and and laughing at her in a mean-spirited way. He would post embarrassing pictures of her on social media and just came off as a weird, creepy guy from the little I saw of him. Wasn’t expecting this to last.

    • Kristen says:

      I agree – I did not get a good vibe from him at all and the way they interacted. I get serious narcissist vibes from him except a narcissist wouldn’t go down without a fight, so the fact that they seem to be splitting calmly indicates otherwise.

  13. phaedra says:

    Love the foreshadowing: they’re posing in front of a sign that reads: “Why Him?”

  14. Nicki says:

    I was always struck by the awkward body language in their photos . She always leans away from him. His feet point away from her. Unless they’re deliberately mugging for the camera there’s no visible connection. The split came as no surprise. And agreed with previous commenters that he has a strange vibe.

  15. Lila says:

    Wouldn’t they need to be together first to grow apart? They never seemed particularly synced up in the first place.

  16. Blairski says:

    It’s really hard to find someone to be in a relationship with – why don’t actors value that and make that the priority? Especially if you are a successful actor and thus financially secure?

    What is so important about pursuing a career that takes you away from your beloved, if you have other options? Isn’t it more important to have a healthy happy relationship?

    These are my questions.

    • Fortuona says:

      Why is his career more imporant than hers ? Why are is his horses more important than her ?

    • Jaded says:

      You can be a successful actor and still have a good marriage. Once again, you’re assigning blame for the failure of their marriage on the woman. His career is very demanding, involving many hours of training and lots of travel. Let’s just agree that both of them didn’t have enough time to spend together to make the marriage work.