Kate Winslet wore Armani & won for ‘Mare of Easttown’ at the 2021 Emmys

I was a huge fan of Mare of Easttown, but I wasn’t 100% positive that it would win a lot of Emmys. The things going for it: it had regional accents and a beautiful British actress looking kind of rough. Things going against it: it was a pretty screwed up story and the ending bummed people out. Still, it was a brilliantly acted miniseries and in the end, the actors won well-deserved Emmys. Kate Winslet took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie. Julianne Nicholson took the Supporting Actress Emmy and Evan Peters took home Supporting Actor. Out of all them, I have to say that Evan really impressed me the most, but Mare was the first time in a while that I just flat-out loved Winslet.

Anyway, Kate Winslet is not tremendously fashion-forward, especially in this stage of her career. She’s been there, done that. She just wants a simple gown in black or navy, something with a flattering cut which is sort of comfortable. At this year’s Emmys, this Armani Prive dress fit the bill just fine. I hope she bought this dress, because it really is flattering and she could wear it a million times for all of her red carpets.

I’m including bonus photos of Evan Peters in his tux and Julianne Nicholson in her Giambattista Valli gown. I remember Julianne when she was on Law & Order: Criminal Intent! It’s always cool when someone gets their start on a Dick Wolf show.

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  1. Bros says:

    Agree Peters was shockingly good in his role and at this tough to master accent. I have been living amongst the accent for more than 20 years now and still cannot master it, nor barely replicate it for others unless I hear a word two seconds beforehand. Winslet did alright. I loved jean smart in it too. I wasn’t so impressed with the plot/story. Meandering and too many long diversions that were not compelling.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      It was the first time I’ve liked Evan Peters in anything.

    • lucy2 says:

      I grew up outside of Philly and thought the show over exaggerated the accent…until I caught myself saying a few words like it too! They all did a good job with it.

  2. August Rain says:

    Just like with BLL with Kidman &co they just have to give an award to any movie actor/tress that makes the shift to TV. It’s a shame because although the acting was superb, as expected, the series was not as great as other more rounded ones such as The Bridge or The Killing. It annoys me to no end this hierarchy. I did enjoy The Mare… much more than BLL which was wealth and female angst porn with no substance (IMO) but still…

  3. Lil says:

    I know Kate can be kinda exhausting and clueless, but her colleagues always seem to love working with her and her performance in Mare was just undeniably, staggeringly good. She + Julianne Nicholson broke me in the last episode.

  4. Southern Fried says:

    Lol I almost quit watching Mare after the first episode when I felt like Kate’s acting was so exaggerated. I commented to my sister that even I brush my hair for work.

    • August Rain says:

      I LOVE cranky characters but her attitude didn’t have any consistency. It wasn’t a “I am grieving” or a “I’ve seen it all” kind of pissy level. It was rather I am a an impossibly entitled human who weirdly, cares. Didn’t get it. But I did love Winselt in it.

  5. terra says:

    I love Julianne Nicholson, also remember her from Criminal Intent, and am thrilled about her win, but if I can indulge in the vain for a second to send out a public service announcement?


    Calling all of my fellow redheads! Please direct your eyes to the lovely Julianne Nicholson’s arms if you need an explanation for why sunscreen is so important. It is important for everyone, no matter your skin tone, but especially for those of us prone to burning and hyperpigmentation. At least SPF 30 whenever you are in contact with the sun, even inside if you are near a window – and don’t forget to reapply every few hours!

    Thank you, that is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled commenting.

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      As an auburn – I’m here for this…

    • Susan says:

      Yeah, I love Julianne but her sun damage was hard to miss. I am freckled, of a certain age ( I laid out in baby oil!) and have some damage and have been having some luck with reversing my sun damage with expensive skin care. I’m shocked she hasn’t, but yet again, she seems to be a character actress and not all caught up in her looks which I 100 percent appreciate.

      • terra says:

        @Susan: My grandfather recently had a second melanoma lesion removed from his face(!!!) and I remember him coating himself in oil and laying out on a pool float every summer when I was a kid.

        (He also developed a chronic skin condition due to sun exposure that results in a very noticeable and itchy rash on his arms. Teaching him how to apply foundation so that he could cover it was an experience, let me tell you!)

        Luckily, most of my family was near-crazily concerned with protecting my incredibly pale skin when I was a kid. Said grandfather who baked himself? Yeah, he had a hardline three hour rule when it came to sunscreen for me, as did my father and grandmother. I can count on one hand the amount of times I truly burned as a kid. I hated it at the time – sunscreen back then smelled just terrible and was upsettingly greasy – but now I could not be more thankful to them all.

        However it’s awesome to hear that you’re having luck diminishing the visible effects of your sun damage. Congratulations, that’s amazing! I hope things continue to go the way you want them to.

    • August Rain says:

      I think her arms are super pretty. I didn’t know it was due to the over-exposure to the sun. I love freckles. With age my olive skin has developed these red and brown moles that are lovely (except when they stick which I don’t love). I thought freckles developed more with age. Thx dor the info.

      • terra says:

        @August Rain (love your name!): Suddenly appearing freckles are indeed a sign of sun damage. Tanning is actually burning, your skin just gets brown instead of red. Any change to the skin due to sun exposure is damage. That’s why sunscreen is so vital.

        Now, hyperpigmentation, sometimes known as sun spots when they occur as one ages, does increase in frequency as a person gets older, but that’s mostly due to a accumulation of exposure to the sun as time goes by.

        They say it only takes three bad sunburns during your youth to dramatically increase a person’s chances of developing skin cancer. That is true, but skin damage leading to cancerous growth can occur at any age. Being inside doesn’t mean the sun coming in from the window doesn’t contribute to said damage.

        Please be safe and tell everyone you love to take care as well. I’m so happy to hear that your love yourself and your skin – everyone should! – but I wouldn’t want you to get sick.

      • August Rain says:

        Thanks for the info Terra. I love skin yes, not only mine. I really deplore this new trend in make-up and ads that makes skin look like paper with layers of foundation and contouring. Yes, sun exposure with no protection is super dangerous. However I always forget to apply sunscreen in the city whereas at the beach I am super careful. Also ever since moving to the UK from a hotter country, I unwisely tend to forget about it because the sun doesn’t feel as hot. This was until I got the worst sunburn of my life in Cornwall of all places. I couldn’t believe it. And yes, it scared me so I went to the dermatologist after that.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @August Rain Another olive skinned person with freckles/moles here. I got the olive skin from my dad, but the freckles/moles come from my mom. I sometimes worry about skin cancer because I have way too many moles to monitor them all for changes, but I console myself with the fact that I’ve avoided being out in the sun since my mid-20s (I’m 62 now). I keep sunscreen in my car to put on my forearms when I drive in the summer.

    • Kcat says:

      I hate this comment.

      I’m a freckled redhead and while I wear spf on my face every day of my life, it’s not realistic that I’m going to slather my entire body with spf every day. Jeez, give me a break. My arms are freckled. My chest is freckled. My dermatologist is fine with both, so leave your beauty shaming comments to yourself. Freckles are beautiful.

      • terra says:

        @Kcat: It’s not the freckles that are the problem, as I agree that they can be aesthetically beautiful, it’s what they can indicate. Sun damage is an issue. Multiple people in my family alone have developed skin cancer and one has died from it.

        It’s upsetting that people die from something so easily preventable in this day and age. Sunscreen should be a medical expense picked up by insurance – and health care should be free to everyone, but that’s another story – so that people can be protected no matter their economic situation.

        I’m happy you love yourself, as everyone should. This is not meant to be beauty shaming, but a health warning. I’m sorry that my words upset you. Perhaps I should have been clearer. I apologize.

      • Isabella says:

        @Kcat: Agree. Where is the evidence that merely having freckles is unhealthy? They are genetic in my family. I avoid the sun and I still have them. The concern trolling can be annoying!

      • terra says:

        @Isabella: Just having freckles is not inherently unhealthy, no. I’ve had them since I was a child, but as I am an incredibly pale redhead that’s not surprising.

        Also, you’re right that freckles themselves are not technically sun damage. But they *are* indicative that a person has been spending too much time unprotected in the sun – and that is an issue because sun exposure sans sunscreen is dangerous. Freckles that develop quickly/darken rapidly/change in any other way is a way of our skin trying to protect us – an early warning system telling us to get out of the sun already.

        Will every person who has freckles and never/rarely wears sunscreen get skin cancer? Also, no. But consider the stats on skin cancer in Australia: 2 out of 3 Australians will develop skin cancer before the age of 70 due to the climate and a worrying lack of sunscreen usage. As a result there has been a big push by the Australian government to get citizens wearing sunscreen more diligently.

        Is it annoying to have to stop and put sunscreen on when I’m at home, sitting well away from windows, just to walk the dog? Yeah, sometimes. Do I do it anyway because I’ve seen what happens when you don’t take the sun seriously? You bet.

        I’m not trying to troll anyone. Julianne Nicholson is a redhead and as a redhead myself I am aware that redheads are more likely than almost anyone to carry the MC1R gene, a gene linked not only to the development of freckles, but also to the development of melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Not enough people know that, so when the opportunity to implore my fellow gingers – and everyone else – to be careful in the sun comes up, I take it. It’s not any deeper than that.


      • Fleur says:

        I’m not into the freckle criticism either. I have pale skin and my arms are always freckled like This, in summer or winter , when I wear long sleeves. This is just my skin and I the freckles are a forever part. I don’t need to apologize for it or cover it with makeup

  6. Diana says:

    I love Kate’s dress!!!!! I know it’s kind of boring but, love how age appropriate it is. Would totally wear that!!!!

  7. Case says:

    I binged this show before the Emmys and I’m so glad! All the acting awards very well deserved (although I really wish Kathryn Hahn had won for supporting, oh well). Kate Winslet and Evan Peters were both excellent. Kate is a pretty reliably great actress but I always just sorta forget about her until I see her in a new project.

    • Maeve says:

      Not to quote Evan Peters, but “Kate Winslet for being Kate Winslet”, hahaha. She left no crumbs in that role!

  8. Andreia says:

    Man, all the acting awards in Mare were well deserved, what a masterclass of miniseries. Loved every second of it.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I LOVE Kate’s dress. Elegant and flattering, and while not a show stopper, it doesn’t need to be, because she’s freaking Kate Winslet.
    I like the print of Julianne’s, but not the design of the bodice.

  10. Driver8 says:

    Happy for these wins. Very well deserved all around. I kept calling the show Mare of Winningham by accident though.

  11. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    I appreciate when an A-list actress doesn’t feel the need to do all the extras with their awards dress. Sometimes less is more. She is still glamorous and classic without all the dramatics of a fashion-forward dress. I agree that I hope she keeps this in her closet, it is flattering and timeless.

  12. candy says:

    I’m a huge fan and I love this dress on her, as well as Mare of Eastown. But to be honest I think there were others more deserving of this award based on this year’s performances. It was definitely really close though!

  13. Green Desert says:

    Well-deserved win for Kate! Love that Evan and Julianne won as well – such a master class in acting was that series, including Ms. Jean Smart. Kate’s dress is meh to me, I find it boring but it’s her style so I get it. I like Julianne’s dress.

    I’ve never watched any of his stuff before but Evan really impressed me, and I find him surprisingly hot. I’d known of him, but it wasn’t until I watched Mare and realized damn, he’s kinda hot! 🙂

  14. AmelieOriginal says:

    Meh, I really found this show over rated. Some good performances but I really found Kate’s character to be such a caricature of a tough, unladylike, weathered female detective who doesn’t get along with anyone in her department and who is the outcast etc. Like all I saw was Kate Winslet’s face pretending to be a world weary Pennsylvania detective. I’m sorry but Broadchurch did it so much better with Olivia Colman and David Tennant.

    But Evan Peters, the young guy detective, was good as was the poor girl who got murdered… I also HATED how that show ended, who the young baby ended up with. It made NO sense at all to me. Poor baby should have been adopted by another family and away from that craycray family.

  15. Joanna says:

    I don’t think Kate’s dress is flattering.