Prince Harry & Meghan made a lovely appearance at One World Trade Center

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As previewed earlier, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a special appearance at One World Trade Center this morning in New York. They’re in town to appear at the Global Citizen Live event on Saturday, and of course visiting Montecito royals had to meet with local leaders! Mayor De Blasio and the new governor of New York joined Harry and Meghan for their appearance at the Observatory. Meghan was asked if she is enjoying her trip. She said “it’s wonderful to be back.”

As I mentioned in the earlier post, when the Duchess of Cambridge visited the 9/11 Memorial (which is part of One World Trade Center), she wore a hot pink coat which didn’t seem properly respectful. Meghan of course knew how to style herself for the trip though – she wore black trousers, a dark turtleneck and a coat which is either navy or black. She wore her hair back in a bun and simple stud earrings. She looked perfect. And Harry and Meghan both wore masks for everything other than the photos.

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Photos courtesy of Getty, screencaps from The Independent’s livestream.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    She is so photogenic I can’t stand it! They both look NY chic and wonderful.

    • JT says:

      She looks gorgeous and they look so good together. I love her outfit.

      • jb says:

        she looks SO gorgeous omg….and her outfit! It’s so sticky/sweltering in NYC, I dont understand how she didnt melt in in a turtleneck and wool coat. We’re all in a tank tops and wiping our brows!

      • Ashby says:

        A truly CLASSY woman, head to toe.

        It’s lovely to see a woman for a change that is not letting it hang out all.

        Not a trendy look, but very classy, timeless and so beautiful.

        Make-up not applied with a snow shovel,, no scary and ridiculous nails, no plastic surgery that makes one look nearly deformed, no crazy loud outfits that scream LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.

        Megan should be teaching classes on how to look great, timeless and classy!

        The Kardashians would benefit from taking a lesson from Megan on how less is a LOT MORE!

    • Yvette says:

      She looks incredible! LOL! They’re so salty in the DM comments about how gorgeous Harry and Meghan look, along with the friendly reception they’re getting. :)

      • Becks1 says:

        I saw on Twitter that someone yelled at the DM reporter to go home and report on the Cambridges lol.

      • JT says:

        @Becks1 I’m dying. 😂

      • Eurydice says:

        @Becks1 – Omg, really? That’s hilarious!

      • Agreatreckoning says:


        “They’re so salty in the DM comments”

        Poor pea brains…..someone should send them a lime and bottle of tequila to go with their salty pain.

        Harry & Meghan look great!

      • Debbie says:

        Becks1: I honestly gasped at your remark about someone yelling at the DM reporter to mind their own country’s business. That’s my whole feeling about them. Well, that and call the cops on these stalkers.

    • Chaine says:


    • Lorelei says:

      She also looks *appropriate* — I posted this in a different post, but I read this in an article about it:

      “Both were dressed in black ahead of their visit to the 9/11 memorial following their trip to the observation deck: Harry in a suit, Meghan in a black turtleneck, black coat, and black wide-legged trousers. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun.

      Duchess Kate caused some consternation during her visit in 2014 to the memorial when she chose to wear a hot-pink coat during what should have been a somber occasion.“

      But sure, let’s hear more about how Kate, the most regal English Rose, NEVER puts a foot wrong.

      @Becks that is hilarious! I hope we find out which one of them was jeered. New Yorkers suffer no fools 😂

      • Isabella says:

        Isn’t that the gov of NY in the bright pink (or red dress)? Perhaps we shouldn’t be so hard on Kate, although it is tempting. Gov Kathy Hochul and the mayor look thrilled to be with the Sussexes. So nice that NY finally has a female gov!

        I just noticed that DelBlasio’s wife is wearing a red and white checked blazer. So you don’t have to wear all black at the memorial.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Isabella no one said you must wear all black to the memorial; I said in another comment here today— that Meghan didn’t necessarily need to wear black, just darker colors as opposed to hot pink. (And I just read that she isn’t even wearing black, she’s wearing navy, so all of the RRs are making a fuss over nothing!) I haven’t seen what the other women are wearing yet, but just because they dressed in a particular way doesn’t make it right. IMO.

        I totally agree with you about finally having a female governor. I would have felt so sorry for Harry and Meghan if they’d had to endure a day with Andrew Cuomo!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Isabella, yes, it is, but I don’t think she went with them to the memorial.

        (and even if she did I give her a huge pass bc I’m sure she’s obviously been to the memorial before and this is just one meeting in her otherwise busy day. For Kate, it was like one out of three events that day, AND we saw her wear dark colors the rest of the trip. It was literally like she said, “pink is the color for the memorial!” and wore that.)

      • L4frimaire says:

        Regarding what the other women are wearing, it doesn’t matter, especially since they were probably at the actual 9-11 events on the 20th anniversary date. This is Meghan’s first time visiting the memorial so she probably wanted to dress more somberly. Also, wearing dark colors makes it more difficult to identify her clothes and make it about her fashion. Some detractors are calling this a tour, but it’s a work trip for them. Both her and Harry look so good and we missed seeing them in public.

    • Liz says:

      She looks fantastic, but I am melting just looking at her. It wasn’t really warm in NYC this morning, low 80s or so, but it was so damn humid. I’ve been wearing a sleeveless dress all day. A turtleneck under a jacket might have caused heat stroke for me.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Harry and Meghan are back!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
      Such a dynamic and engaging power couple. I felt so happy and uplifted today.

    • HeyJude says:

      I know! I can’t believe we’ve got them too! How in the world did the fools in the palace let the best royals go to be America’s!?!

      (I know Meghan’s one of us, but you get what I mean.)

  2. Abby says:

    I love how Harry looks at her. Like she’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen. It warms my heart. I’m really rooting for them.

    • Seraphina says:

      I know, puts a smile on my face. Love to see them walking hand in hand.

    • Renee says:

      I feel the same way. He looks at her like he can’t believe she is with him. I love it! We should all have someone who looks at us the way Harry looks at Meghan.

    • Amy T says:

      You can see what good friends they are, and how much they adore each other. It makes anyone with a soul who looks at them happy….

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I agree, as Harry and Meghan look at each other and their faces glow of happiness and love!!! They look at each other with such an enormous amount of love, support and admiration with each other and their lives. Their unconditional love is ever present in their faces, eyes and smiles!!! This is truly a perfect match and they are both very lucky to have each other!!! Their love will continue to grow as they are both fully invested in being with each other for life!!

        I wish that everyone here has a partner that looks at them like Harry looks at Meghan!! Love to all of you!!!

    • sunny says:

      There was a story this week that Melissa Macarthy shared that she noticed that Meghan’s whole face lit up when Harry entered when they were filming that video and it made me smile so much. They just really openly adore one another. Wonderful to see.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Sunny I saw that! So, so, SO many people were (and still are) convinced that Meghan was only interested in Harry because he was a prince, and that she wasn’t genuinely in love with him.

        Melissa’s observation is a perfect example of how wrong they are — someone else noticing her face light up at him, years into their marriage? That’s not something you can fake. I think they absolutely adore each other and it’s so great to see. Harry deserved this so much after being forced to trail behind the Cambridges, alone, for years…that’s a large part that makes me so thrilled for him that he found The One and is so happy now.

    • Truthiness says:

      This is the best take away of all. Harry’s furious thunder face at Commonwealth Day – their last event of performing as Senior Royals – has been replaced with besotted happiness, while still performing a life of service. Meghan’s face is a harder one to read, she will put on a smile and rise to the occasion no matter what, but she looks fantastic and no white knuckles!

      • Lorelei says:

        Yes! Harry is so *visibly* happy, and it’s so nice to see. He’s such a good guy and I’m so happy they found each other.

  3. Case says:

    They’re glowing! Nice to see them out and about.

    • Bettyrose says:

      So nice. It’s been literally years since we’ve seen them in action due to this friggin pandemic. But they’re vaccinated, the babies are old enough to be without them for brief periods and this appearance is just the beginning.

  4. Jais says:

    Today is only Thursday and they will be in NY till Sat! Am excited to see what else they do but also hope they can chill and meet up with east coast friends.

    • Aphra says:

      Must have the babies with them for such a long visit, don’t we think?

      • Crowned Huntress says:

        I doubt it. Lili Diana is nearly 4 months old and Archie only 2, it’s still a pandemic and this is a working trip. I’m sure the babies are home with Doria chilling.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        I suspect the babies are there with them.

      • FC says:

        Honestly if they took a private jet, it wouldn’t be hard to bring the babies. The only thing is the kids would have to be cooped up in the hotel the whole time or have to discreetly hit up the playground. Security would be a major issue, I imagine.

      • Becks1 says:

        @FC -yeah I said something similar the other day. Pandemic aside (and that’s a big “aside”), if Lili is a pretty good sleeper and nurser, flying private and having her hag out in a hotel suite (I’m assuming its a suite lol) for a few days isn’t really a big deal, she could even go out in her stroller with a nanny or someone and no one would know it was Lili. She’s less than 4 months old, that’s a pretty portable age.

        Archie at almost 2.5 though is a completely different story lol.

        But like I also said the other day, I love that we will most likely never know. Maybe the kids are there, maybe they aren’t, there are no cries that we deserve to see them, there’s no parading them around for the cameras, nothing.

      • HeyJude says:

        For a quick trip after being on lock-down from the pandemic and then having a new baby, I’m sure grandma could hold the fort down for a few days. 3 months is old enough were you can start doing more things like this.

        They probably need a little romantic child-free trip too after having kids sandwiched with a pandemic. They’ve been shut-in with little ones for so long.

    • Jais says:

      Idk? Probably easier to leave them with grandma or a trusted nanny if possible. Let’s them work and also enjoy a few days in nyc before going back to the kiddos. I don’t think it’s been reported either way though.

    • Isabella says:

      I had to leave my baby for a trip when he was this age. It was hard for me, but he was perfectly fine. And it’s not like Lili will remember it. They can Facetime Archie and he’s probably having fun with his grandma or maybe a nice nanny. Maybe that will be a great memory for both of them. It’s fun to mix things up, even when you’re. a little kid.

      • FC says:

        The biggest issue with leaving for that long is pumping. I’m sure Meg was well stocked but pumping while traveling is a nightmare.

      • Becks1 says:

        I had to leave my oldest for a wedding where I was a BM when he was about Lili’s age, maybe a month older, and the pumping was the issue, mainly bc I forgot one of the valves to my electric pump and had to use my hand pump the whole weekend. It really messed up my supply for a long time. (also I hated pumping.)

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks sometimes I get sad at the fact that I’ll never have a tiny baby again, but then I remember that stupid electric pump and I’m so glad to be done with it!

  5. Summerlover says:

    Ha! This made headlines in the Daily Fail. None of the other royal stories/appearances made it.

    • Monette says:

      It’s Breaking news and already 1.9 k comments. Also they have a live stream!!!
      I did not click on it, don’t want to give them clicks.

      • Summerlover says:

        Likewise. Don’t want to give them the clicks. But it’s crazy hey number of comments!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        99% of the comments are totally bonkers.

      • Gina says:

        Guilty, I clicked. Once in a few years couldn’t help myself. What caught my eye: the description of the visit includes words:”royal couple meet with…”. ROYAL COUPLE! lol Honestly? I enjoyed this particular phrase.

      • L4frimaire says:

        This is Christmas for the UK tabloids. They will eat this up while still hating on the couple. A live stream?! What craziness is this. They may be prominent but this is completely over the top.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        It’s 7.9K comments now.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        They are currently up to 15k, so I suggest not looking. I did and now I am angry!!! There were some supporters but too many ugliness and hatred!! One quipped that they wasted all of this trip as an hypocritical action on climate change, so I responded about Willies private helicopter that the poster pays for!! I had to get off! Plus I asked the DM we’re their apology was for Meghan!!!

    • RoyalBlue says:

      You are JOKING! Will check it out later.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Don’t do it!! I did and now I will have to eat some GBD gummy’s!! It’s awful, hateful and spiteful!! They are all spineless maggots feeding on their own hatred!! Only a few supporters though!

    • Zut Alors says:

      But I thought the same Daily Fail said they were irrelevant. Yet here they are giving them premium coverage. No other royals had any events they could cover today?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Summerlover, not even KKKeens awful outfit at BP? What’s happened on the Salty Island of Petty? Oh no!!! KKKeen will be wearing this identical ensemble at her next function, for certain!!

  6. Noki says:

    I love the fact they were standing next to the Mayor and his beautiful black wife and mixed son. Winning !!!

    • Becks1 says:

      I can’t tell if his son is really tall or if the picture is a little skewed, because his wife looks really short and so does the governor.

      • LoonyTunes says:

        Have met the Governor in person and she is tiny. The Mayor is over 6 feet tall, so his son is probably taller.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        The Mayor is taller than Harry, and his wife looks around a foot shorter. The son is not as tall as his father.

      • Claire says:

        De Blasio is like 6’4-5″.

      • Liz says:

        De Blasio is about 6’5″. He makes everyone around him look short.

      • Becks1 says:

        Thanks all, I did not realize he was that tall. Looks like his son got that from him.

      • TQ says:

        Yeah, I’ve stood next to the mayor (before he was mayor) and he’s a giant (but i’m only 5’4″). Internet says he’s around 6’4″.

      • L4frimaire says:

        DeBlasio is a huge guy. He towers over everyone. He had such a prickly, competitive relationship with Cuomo, isn’t necessarily well liked, but he’s still there while Cuomo isn’t. Sometimes the last guy wins.

  7. L84Tea says:

    Words cannot express how joyful it feels to see them out together again, and good Lord, can she be any more beautiful and radiant? And appropriately dressed?

  8. Becks1 says:

    They both look fab. Meghan looks like she is glowing and Harry is just beaming at her. I am so happy that they are doing so well.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks I LOVE the way he looks at her. There was one photo this morning where he’s turned, smiling at her, and I don’t even know how to describe the look of love, pride, and excitement it showed. I love them so much 😭

  9. Merricat says:

    They look great!

  10. SH says:

    Smart move by Harry and Meghan to also take some of the press heat off of them by giving all the media their photo op in a controlled setting with government security.

  11. Zebz says:

    Meghan looks powerful and poised. There’s no other way to describe it she and Harry look flawless.

  12. MerryGirl says:

    They look breathtaking and glowing. Meghan is soooo photogenic, damn.

  13. Layla says:

    I really hope they have more unannounced events between now and Saturday. What a wonderful surprise this was. They both looked radiant and ready to work. Hopefully this is just the beginning of thrive era.

    • FC says:

      Holy sh*t, maybe they’re going to speak at the UN?! According to the Daily Beast, that’s where they’re headed now!

      “Reports say the couple were due at 50 UN Plaza in Midtown East at 1 p.m., with rumors abounding that they were due to call on U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield.”

      • Lorelei says:

        They’re only a few blocks away from my great aunt’s apartment and I’m so annoyed at myself for not having the foresight to stay there last night! I could have at least tried to catch a glimpse. So close yet still so far, lol.

      • Leah says:

        They sure did visit with Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Photos and tweets are out now:)

  14. Amy Bee says:

    They look really good. Leaving the Royal Family was the best decision they have made and the more I think about the situation it was the only choice they had.

  15. Sofia says:

    Meghan looks amazing. I know it’s a somber occasion but I had to put that out there. It also seems weird to praise someone for wearing black at a memorial site but another Duchess struggled with that so here we are.

    Excited for what’s next (not just for this trip but for the rest of their lives).

    • Nic919 says:

      They did stop at the actual memorial later on so wearing a dark colour was respectful. And the outfit was chic in any case.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nic, sometimes the irony is just…I mean, for years, all we heard is how Meghan didn’t know the right way to do things, Meghan doesn’t know protocol, Meghan didn’t wear a hat (!), blah blah blah. Meghan knows EXACTLY how to behave because clearly her mother taught her. They blather on and on about minor details, then the entire family proceeds to SMIRK at Harry’s wedding, knowing they were being filmed for an international audience (obviously they shouldn’t have behaved that way even if there were no cameras, but you know what I mean). To me, that’s a far worse offense than inadvertently not wearing a hat or wearing dark nail polish or whatever.

        Kate relied on the palace and their ideas of appropriate dressing and behavior, and ended up wearing hot pink to the 9/11 memorial and florals with sandals to a concentration camp. She didn’t know *on her own* that they were tone deaf or insensitive AT BEST, and to most people, they came across as incredibly disrespectful.

        It’s not as if I’m some huge stickler for “rules” when it comes to clothing, but some things are just basic. I would not wear red to a funeral, or white to another woman’s wedding, or a baseball cap in a church, or hot pink to what is essentially the gravesite of 3000 people.

        If Meghan was still a working royal and they made this trip to NY, and someone had packed a fluorescent pink ensemble for her to wear today, I think she would have pushed back (rightfully so), and then they all would have bitched about how “difficult” she was. (Their point of reference being Kate, who brainlessly did as she was told.) Getting out of there was the best thing the Sussexes ever did.

      • lisanne says:

        New Yorker here. Nothing wrong with Kate’s outfit when she and William visited the memorial in NYC. She was surrounded by men in black; her spot of color reminded us of life and beauty. We needed that. If you were not here on 911 you wouldn’t understand. And no, I’m not a stan, do not understand why the UK still has royalty or why anyone would marry into it. I don’t have a dog in this race you folks are engaged, in, but really, have some respect. Nearly 3,000 New Yorkers lost their lives that day. The rest of us were severely traumatized.

        And no, everyday New Yorkers don’t wear black all the time. We’ve moved on from that.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate would never dare wear hot pink to a Remembrance Day ceremony in the UK and the 9/11 memorial event she was at was the equivalent.

        Also visiting the resting place of so many who died that day in an official capacity demands that you wear somber colours to respect the cultural norms of that country. No one else was wearing a bright colour like that. She was the only one.

        And miss me with what tourists or regular New Yorkers do because that’s not the same at all. They are not there in an official taxpayer funded capacity at a memorial ceremony.

        Kate was dressed inappropriately and deserves criticism for it. Protocol demanded that she wear a somber colour, which she has done in other memorial ceremonies. She never even wore bright colours like that for memorial ceremonies of WWI and WWII in Europe.

        There are a ton of New Yorkers who were quite offended by her actions that day so one person coming on a blog to pretend it’s ok is not going to undo that she broke protocol and looked foolish in doing so.

        Kate was disrespectful here to the ones who perished that day. Regular people don’t show up in hot pink at funeral or memorial services without looking foolish and that’s what she did. We know she has black outfits she could have worn but she did not. And invoking the memory of those who died to defend Kate’s ignorant breach of protocol is just disrespecting them. Take the L. Kate made a mistake and the reaches to defend this are just unreal.

      • Nick G says:

        Lorelei you might not see this now but so much truth to what you are saying. The past few years has taught me a lot about privilege in general – you get to assume how special you are while acting completely basic, or being incredibly cruel or rude, all on the assumption of being better than someone else.

  16. Red Weather Tiger says:

    They look amazing! I am so happy to see them again. And yes, Harry smiling at her just warms my heart.

    The only thing is that it is already in the mid-70s and humid AF in NYC…Meghan might be boiling in that gorgeous outfit.

    • CapPhD says:

      I was going to say that! It’s almost 80 degrees! This is a classic issue–it’s fall, people are ready for warmer ensembles. In Brooklyn yesterday, folks’ outfits ranged from sandals to boots, sweaters to tank tops.

      The real fashion win would have been a look perfect for late September in NY. No turtle neck and lighter fabrics?

      How is she not sweating? Looks pretty.

      • Lorelei says:

        @CapPhd I know! I love the fall and cold weather— I grew up in NY and when I was younger, we were always wearing jackets by this time of year. Or you might have been able to get away with a sweater, but you could definitely start to feel the chill in the air. Now, it feels like summer is neverending.

        Poor Meghan, the humidity in NYC is the *worst*. I’d spend all this time getting ready and then as soon as I stepped onto a subway platform, my hair would look the way Monica’s did on that episode of Friends where she kept yelling, “it’s the humidity!”

        Every year it stays warmer a little longer — and we get a *lot* less snow than we used to— last year, I did not have to take my son’s snow boots or jacket out even once; they’re still sitting new in the box because we only ever got flurries, and an entire winter without snow in NY was unheard of when I was little.

        I remember being hot one day last NOVEMBER. It’s awful. Climate change deniers make me furious.

      • Sunnee says:

        I grew up in NYC, there’s always a warm spell in late September or early October; Indian Summer as they call it. But the weather shifts by mid October. It’s a bit unpredictable at this time. That said, she dressed appropriately somber for the venue. I do hope to see her in something lighter in the days to come. Her face is gorgeous, she the most photogenic woman I’ve ever seen.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Sunnee I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a “bad” photo of her! She’s beyond photogenic.

      • L4frimaire says:

        When you live in coastal California, that East Coast humidity hits hard. So used to dry warm weather so that sticky feeling is just the worst. Can’t wait to see her other looks on this trip.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Listen, from the day after Sep 21, it’s FALL! So time to pull out the boots and sweaters.

    • PrincessK says:

      I just looked at the pictures of their visit to the 9/11 memorial and it was quite windy. One woman had her hair blowing everywhere.

  17. MollyO says:

    Oh my lord the girl must be dying in all those clothes! It’s 82 degrees and about 80% humidity here!

    • Fanciful says:

      I wondered about that? Any time I’ve been in NYC in sept I’ve died with the humidity. I thought it was bad luck 😂

    • BabsORIG says:

      Some people are chronic cold feelers, Meg might be one of those people. I know my niece wears a heavy sweater in the summer when I am literally melting.
      Hazza and Meg look amazing, Haz looks and Meg like the sun rises and sets on her, my goodness. I love it that they’re out and about and meeting with powerful people,. And while the Sussexes meet with the shakers and movers, the Cambridges attend the Sun’s “Who cares” awards, LOL. Now watch the salty RR z]and all the Cambridge sycophants have literal meltdowns and have their heads explode.

      • Krista says:

        Especially post partum, when those hormones are aaaaalllll over the place! They look great though!

        I honestly thought Meghan was holding her car keys in the first photo before i realised it was her mask! LOL

    • Lizzie says:

      That’s the beauty of dressing in layers. Current temp in NY, NY is 78 and these pics are a few hours old. Mornings can be chilly.

    • teecee says:

      It was a little chilly early this morning when I went out to buy coffee. (I’m in New York.)

    • JanetDR says:

      It can be quite chilly in the morning though. I’m in western NY state and haven’t used my outdoor shower in the morning for weeks now – too dark, too cold! And then the afternoons are sweltering. But I’ll take all the best I can, while I can!

  18. Ella says:

    It’s so hot and humid here! She must be sweltering in a turtleneck and jacket.

    • MMadison says:

      For the record it was 76 degree in NYC. Depending on where you live that can be cold. I live in the south 76 degrees is chilly. If you live in California (depending on the location) 75 degrees can be chilly. Regardless she looks great!!!

      • Christine says:

        Meghan for sure has that native S. Californian thing going for her. My Mom is native and constantly chilled when it drops below 75. I grew up in the midwest, so I am basically never cold in LA. My neighbors know it is time for layers when they see me walking our dogs in the morning in more than shorts and a t-shirt.

        She looks like perfection, and Harry remains the heart eyes emoji when he looks at her, which warms my heart so much! I am so happy to see them out and about.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Christine: OMG you’re right! He is the heart eyes emoji come to life! That really is the perfect description for him whenever he’s with her (and his family is thousands of miles away).

  19. lucy2 says:

    Good to see them out doing things, they look so confident and poised.
    I love her style here, but it’s going to be almost 80 degrees here in the northeast today, and a turtleneck and coat make me want to pass out!

    • MMadison says:

      Oh….ok.. you’re the 3rd person focused on the weather which means you have absolutely NOTHING else to critique the Duchess on so have at it…..LOL

      • lucy2 says:

        LOL I live nearby and it’s been warmer than usual here. I’m a big fan of Meghan, so I’m not looking to criticize, don’t worry. If you notice, I said I love her style here, but I couldn’t wear it with the weather.

    • Ginger says:

      This event was at 8AM. It was probably a little cooler then. I sent my kid to school in pants and a jacket. It’s supposed to warm up. She seemed fine.

      • Deering24 says:

        Shoot, it’s cold in the mornings—in fact, we’ve had some chilly summer days recently here on the East Coast because of climate change. Wearing layers to get through the day was the smart play

      • lisanne says:

        Deering24, where do you live? I live in Brooklyn and it’s humid and warm after a rainstorm at 8:40 pm. Climate change is not causing chilly summer days here; it’s increasing and prolonging the summer heat. When I moved here 39 years ago it might have been cool by now, and we might have had snow in November. But that is over. This year, I spent most of my summer indoors (working from home) and avoiding the heat outside.

      • Deering24 says:

        lisanne —I live in central NJ, so it’s generally cooler here. This past summer it got chilly at night, so I actually had to turn the heat on for a couple of nights or so. Couldn’t believe it, but ‘tis true.

    • Truthiness says:

      If I had been scheduled to do such a public event while I was 3-4 months post partum I would be wearing a dark turtleneck, coat and pants too! With a firm corset. No judgment on post-pregnancy clothes choices from me, I have no idea how she is managing stilettos.

  20. Feeshalori says:

    Madam Duchess, the next best form of address if not HRH. Harry is just adoring of her and we New Yorkers are so happy to see them. Well, at least this one, l can’t speak for anyone else. Welcome back to the Big Apple, Madam Duchess and Prince Harry!

    • Monette says:

      I heard Madame Sussex, either way it’s cool.

    • SpankyB says:

      I saw Madam Duchess and Sir Prince Harry. And total meltdowns of the Sussex haters. It was fun.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Yes, you can hear the reporter Kyle Mazza on Twitter from a better vantage point saying Madam Duchess clearly. And he also wrote it in his tweet that he said it as a sign of respect. Someone linked it down thread.

  21. Scorpion says:

    Archie and Lili’s parents looks great, Mama’s hair is laid and she looks 20 years younger than Keen 🤭….

    They said she was irrelevant🤣

    Someone, please check on the Derangers 😢😆

  22. rawiya says:

    They look so good. SHE looks so good. Gosh, I missed her. I hope they’re incandescent with rage over in the UK!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Rawiya the incandescence there might be so intense tonight that it will light up the night sky all the way to NYC.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I don’t even care what they’re doing in the UK. Some of the comments are just irrational and just plain stupid. This visit has nothing to do with the bitter ones, and their feelings.

      • Lorelei says:

        @L4Frimaire, I know, you are completely right. And for the most part I ignore them. But sometimes it just feels so good to see them flailing about in this sh!t situation they’ve created for themselves. I’m not a petty person IRL, I promise, but they were so unrelentingly cruel to Meghan that days like this, where they’re so angry and bitter they’re close to frothing at the mouth, are so enjoyable to witness, with all of the meltdowns and spin.

        Harry and Meghan are being treated just as they would be on a royal tour, except this is even BETTER because *no one* who is meeting with them is doing it out of obligation like they have to if a royal is in their country on an official visit. All of these people wanted to have meetings with the Sussexes and be seen with them. It’s so great to see how in demand they are. And 90% of the time I focus on them, but a petty part of me can’t help but enjoy thinking about how William must be feeling right now, seeing all of this glowing coverage — that he knows deep down he and Kate would never, ever receive — after the way he did everything in his power to terrorize them and tried his best to make them miserable failures.

        It’s so rare that we actually get to see situations in which everyone gets exactly what they deserve : )

    • lucy2 says:

      If only they could harness that incandescent rage, they could power half of London!

  23. Hotsauceinmybag says:

    She looks amazing but it’s soooo hot and humid here in NYC today!!

  24. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Oh my, I hope she is having a blast… something tells me Lili will not leave her mother alone once they return to Montecito. If my children are something to go by, Meghan will barely be able to breath !

  25. Myra says:

    She looks amazing. It’s nice to see them out and about again. I wonder if they’ll do more visits like this before their event.

  26. Beach Dreams says:

    They look fantastic! Elegant and appropriate for the setting. There’s a certain sense of peace and contentment about them in the videos and pictures, something we didn’t see much of in the UK for obvious reasons. I’m glad they’re thriving here in the US.

  27. GuestWho says:

    Richard Eden has already started in on them wearing black and snottily asked if they were going to a funeral. I guess the normal dress for visiting the 9/11 memorial (I’m assuming…) would be bright pink.

    They look fabulous. He looks at her like she hung the moon.

    • Becks1 says:

      The RRs are so weird about Meghan wearing all black. First – remember the praise for Kate for that black pantsuit she wore at the Natural History Museum for the video or whatever? The copy of Meghan’s lol? She was praised for how chic that was.

      Second – do people not wear all black in London? it’s pretty common here, more so in the winter than the summer obviously but even in my suburban verging on rural area, you’ll see people in all black and its not even something you would even think about it in your head, you know? I’m not wearing all black like Meghan is because I am currently in my robe and I don’t have a great coat like that, but I’ll pull on black jeans and a black tshirt or sweater with a statement necklace or earrings or whatever.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Simone lol well good to know! Not that it will stop the RRs, but maybe they’ll complain that navy is close to black and its hard to tell the difference and its not fair that Meghan would do that to them.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Simone – thanks, my screen reads it black, but I was wondering what color was Harry’s suit because it looks blue.

      • Jaded says:

        Why didn’t the RRs complain about Kate wearing off-white at Eugenie’s wedding?That was stupid and disrespectful, as was her infamous hot pink number. Do these dumbasses not understand that wearing a subdued colour at the WTC memorial is a show of respect for the victims and their families?

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Guestwho: He’s just pissed because Harry and Meghan wearing black brings back bad memories of Kate wearing hot pink to the 9/11 memorial. But I’m glad he’s paying attention to what Harry and Meghan are doing because according him and his colleagues they were supposed to be irrelevant by now.

      • Marivic says:

        These rota clowns are just bitter and jealous because Meghan looks so good and gorgeous in black ( or dark blue whatever ). Very stylish and chic. Very photogenic. Black is beautiful.

      • Jais says:

        Speaking of Meghan looking stylish and bitter royal rota…Chris Ship has been trolling harpers bazaar on Twitter because of their focus on Meghan and Kate’s clothes at events. Which I mean…harpers bazaar is a publication that does focus on fashion so I’m not sure what point he thinks he’s making. Many publications focus on the fashion, not just harpers, so is this some kind of shady bitterness towards Scobie? It’s just weird. Yes the substance of the visits should be addressed but the clothes are also going to be covered. It can be both. Not into people who shame lovers of fashion, which is probably a large part of the royal fan base also, so again not sure what Chris Ship is trying to do here. He’s not making the point he thinks he’s making. You can love dissecting the fashion and also care about the content of the event. Maybe it’s tongue-in-cheek on his part and I’m just missing it?

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jais, I just saw your comment about Chris Ship and that’s one of the more insane things I’ve heard about a RR. Harper’s Bazaar IS A FASHION MAGAZINE. Of freaking course that’s what their focus will be.

        I’m sure if the Washington Post covers this trip, that would not be the focus. But people buy Harper’s Bazaar to see and read about clothes, hair, etc. What is wrong with him? It makes him look quite stupid, though, so I hope he continues to go at it.

        Lmao at your comment, “he is not making the point that he thinks he’s making.” He’s making an ass out of himself is what he’s making. He’s a “journalist” unaware of what type of publication he’s commenting on? Isn’t that the first thing he’d do before running his mouth — the most basic due diligence? Finding out what type of magazine it is would be the first thing I’d do if I was about to criticize it publicly in a professional capacity. Moron.

      • Jais says:

        On sept. 15th, in regards to Kate’s RAF event, he wrote: the “cream coloured blazer” is clearly the important part of the day’s visit… Then he links to the harpers bazaar article, poking fun at the way it is focused on the fashion rather than the substance. The article did make the clothes part of the headline rather than what she was doing, but still though, it’s a fashion magazine that is allowed to report on fashion and topics of substance.

        I bring it up bc today he did it again when he tweeted about today’s event:
        Apparently Meghan and Harry are… “dressed in “sophisticated fall attire” (So now you know).
        Then he does a screen shot from the harpers bazaar coverage rather than a link. The way he puts sophisticated fall attire in quotations technically is correct bc it comes from the article but again it is poking fun, as in the fashion coverage is silly.
        I don’t know? I just think it’s an interesting position to take. Is he trying to be funny? Is he trying to suggest the fashion coverage is superficial in comparison to the ITV coverage? And why is he singling out harpers bazaar only? Not sure why this is bugging me so much.

      • Nyro says:

        @Jais, what Chris Ship is trying to do is to knock Meghan down to a mere fashion plate who’s a joke of a woman like Kate, who isn’t taken seriously by anyone. But he’s doing it by hiding behind a phony feminist stance. Meghan has never had the problem of only being talked about in relation to her outfits. That’s Kate’s issue because Kate has nothing going on but her granny outfits. Meghan has actual thoughts, ambitions, and a track record and she is person who is respected and listened to. And Chris knows that. So he wants to make it look like she and this trip are not taken seriously by anyone. He’s one of the sneakier haters and throws a lot of shade. But I see clearly what he’s trying to pull here. They’re all just pissed that this trip is already a huge success.

      • Jais says:

        You’re right @lorelei about it being a fashion magazine so it’s kinda insane. It reports on more than fashion but fashion is the focus. @nyro- yeah, I get what you’re saying about this being a faux feminist stance. It’s bothering me bc he’s actually mocking the reporters who cover both Meghan and Kate’s clothes. Whether we like the end result or not, both women do think about what they’re going to wear, have people they work with to support their fashion choices, and know that reporters will cover their fashion choices. There is no reason to shame this. Fashion is a part of both celebrity and royalty; the choices made, when we’ll done, can enhance and highlight the important topic of an event. So these tweets are just misogynistic and patronizing. If he’s trying to make some big point about how the fashion shouldn’t be reported as much as the content of the event, then I guess he can? But focusing on just one fashion mag’s coverage isn’t really supporting this point. Not to mention that his own royal fans like to discuss the content and the fashion, I would imagine. And finally, his “sophisticated fall fashion” tweet got him a lot of comments so he’s benefitting from the very thing he is shaming. I’m all for a good critique of any royal or celebrity but calling out the media like they’re sexist for covering the clothes is pretty outdated at this point.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, the normal dress for living in NYC is black – day, night, summer, winter. Actually, most in the Northeast wear a lot of black.

      • Nic919 says:

        People in London dress more like Meghan than grandma Kate anyway, they just don’t want to admit it.

      • Lorelei says:

        Whatever Chris Ship’s motive is, all he’s doing is making himself look like a petty, small man. It’s funny because out of all of them, he always seemed to me to be the one who fancied himself a “real journalist” compared to the other RRs. He at least TRIED to act halfway professional, sometimes. At least more than some of the others (a low bar, but still).

        Why is he spending all of his time reading and whining about Harper’s Bazaar? Doesn’t he have articles to write for his own employer? The entire ROTA system is such a joke.

      • Debbie says:

        What’s that expression? They’ll continue to wear black in New York — until a darker color comes along.

    • Monica says:

      LOL! Cry into your bitter tea, salty fools.

    • Ginger says:

      Richard is just salty that he has to get his info like the rest of us. Richard doesn’t have the range to cover an event like this (or and Sussex event from now on)

      • JT says:

        Isn’t Richard the royal reporter who couldn’t get some sort of government assistance because the three years of covering Meg made him boatloads of money? Maybe it was another one? Or he could’ve been the one who said that Meghan made more money for the press than even Diana did. This just sounds like bitterness.

    • Nic919 says:

      He’s just bitter that they knew how to dress when visiting a memorial site and not look like an ignorant fool like Kate did with her hot pink outfit for a service at the site. They are stuck with their dumb duchess and it burns.

    • Mel says:

      Is there some kind of law against black? Just because the queen likes to wear pastels and little floral dresses doesn’t mean that everyone else has to.

    • Lorelei says:

      What is WRONG with them? The Sussexes went to the 9/11 memorial (days after the 20th anniversary, no less), of course they’ll wear dark colors. Meghan didn’t even necessarily need to wear all black, but dark colors for sure, and definitely not fcking hot pink.

      When, pray tell, does Richard Eden think it’s appropriate to wear black? I need to make a note of it in my calendar.

      @AmyBee, that’s *exactly* what it is— he knows how many people are making comparisons to Kate’s extremely inappropriate hot pink. I posted part of an article critical about Kate’s hot pink coat upthread. And as usual, a moronic RR calls even more attention to it by bitching about it!

      @Eurydice NY’er here and I always used to wear a ton of black; the only reason I can’t anymore is because we have a light-haired dog, so it was a losing battle, lol. But everyone here wears black…what is their issue with it in the UK? Good Lord.

      • Jaded says:

        Apparently Eden now thinks of himself as an arbiter of fashion do’s and don’t's and one ONLY wears black at funerals!

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, NY’er and now Bostonian – same here, tons of black. So much easier when you have to be at work by 6 am. I had a tabby cat – light gray, dark gray, white front, beige accents – no matter what I wore his hair would show up.

        Jaden – Too funny about the “arbiter of fashion” – he probably thinks Meghan should be wearing a dinner plate on her head and carrying a fussy little handbag. I’m sure she’s got a phone in her pocket and that’s it.

      • teecee says:

        It’s also nearly October. I’ve put away most of my bright summery colors and have shifted to a fall palette, weather be damned.

    • Jan says:

      New Yorkers love black clothing. And Meghan seems to love it also.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Richard Eden shouldn’t be reporting on fashion or false Royal Foundation donations. Anything else for for that matter. Especially the Sussexes…doesn’t he have other more important & interesting royals to cover… Uhhmmmm…. Oops, I guess not.

      Is Eden the one that cowed about & recoiled in fear of Harry’s brown shoes at the statue unveiling? Poor eejit has such important things to write about. I hope he’s stocked up on smelling salts.

      • Lorelei says:

        For some reason I thought Eden had a column that only ran on the weekend…Sundays, maybe? But I guess not, if he’s running his mouth today. He’s one who always says, “I can reveal…” which drives me insane. I guess it makes him feel like he’s generously sharing his insider knowledge with us peasants.

      • Debbie says:

        Lorelei: What makes you think he wouldn’t crawl out of his GRAVE to cover a Meghan and Harry event in the United States? Of course he’d gladly write a column on a day he didn’t usually work.

    • Debbie says:

      What a “Richard Eden?” is what I say.

      • Lorelei says:

        Debbie has the correct answer!

      • TEALIEF says:

        Eden and Ship can take a seat and stay seated. NY’er here: Black, grey, navy blue suiting, almost always pants. It’s easy and no brainer chic. Occasional pops of colour for blouses. The kicker, to the outfit, any outfit, for me are the shoes, the kicks. It’s where I show how I kick it. Meghan has style.

  28. HeatherC says:

    The outfit looks too heavy for the upper 70s temperatures we’ve got in New York right now. I’m not a fan of a middle part. But she’s not wearing hot pink or twirling sausage curls. She and Harry look so happy, glad to see them thriving and enjoying life.

    • Jan says:

      Meghan is a grown women, I’m sure she knows if she hot.
      It ok, no one is forcing you to wear a center part in your hair.

      • HeatherC says:

        A person can give a less than glowing opinion on something as insubstantial as an outfit or hair and not expect a low level snarky attack. There is no need for their supporters to be in sycophantic lock step like the cambstans, in my opinion at least.

        The reason for their trip to New York is important and vital. I can support their work and still not like her hair. It’s okay.

  29. Mel says:

    She looks great but she must be sweltering in that outfit. I know we’re in Fall but the weather doesn’t know it yet….

    • SWEETSUN says:

      I’m sorry but why is this a thing? She’ll TAKE the coat off when she’s hot and I doubt it’s a factor since she was out and about for an hour max in the early hours of the morning. REST.

      • Debbie says:

        I must say I agree with you on that one. Besides, I’m the kind of person who would have been wearing a scarf and gloves too, so I don’t understand these people insisting that because they would be sweltering, then she has to be sweltering too.

        I’m not even kidding. I’m the first one to bundle up after summer and the last to relinquish my coat, scarf, and gloves after winter.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Everybody looks hot to me, but that’s probably the perimenopause talking.

      I’m sure she knows best when it comes to her own temperature regulation.

  30. I love Meghan’s after birth looks—reminds us of when they met Bey and JayZ. Same beautiful looks,complete with the gorgeous Harry. I am so happy today!
    If you read my negligible defence i(venomous comments used to drown mine…and a few others like mine)in the Daily Mail for years when Meghan was still in the UK,you would understand my joy.

  31. Lexistential says:

    “Madame Duchess” is BRILLIANT. We now have an American protocol for her title, and the term doesn’t have to be derived from British rule books.

    AttaHarry. AttaMeghan. I am smiling ear-to-ear in Queens, and this is so cool!

    And I cannot believe I am about to compliment this because it seems so obvious to do, but this is how you make an appearance at the World Trade Center site. Her outfit was very appropriate, and thank God it wasn’t hot pink.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I was gonna ask about the Madam Duchess, if that was some kind of proper term or if the journo made it up, because I liked it :)

      • Lexistential says:

        @OriginalLala- we use “Madame” in front of some US government designations: Madame Vice-President, Madame Secretary, and Madame Governor come to mind. I love that the terminology has been extended to Meghan’s title, and verbally puts her in the same accomplished league as the other women who have been on the receiving end of it: Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and our new Governor Kathy Hocbul.

        Salty Island can go freak out, melt down, try to prop up The Bland Duchess and blah blah blah. We have our Madame Duchess.

      • Larisa says:

        But Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Kathy Hocbul earned those titles, they didn’t marry into them.

      • Lexistential says:

        @Larisa- True, both Harris and Hochul were elected into their posts. However, Clinton was appointed Secretary, so she wasn’t an elected post. And true, Meghan’s title originates from marriage to Harry. Does that difference in origin mean “Madame” should not be designated for her professionally or politely? What is the full point you’re starting to articulate?

      • Jaded says:

        @Larisa — I’d say Meghan more than earned her title through all her hard work, and all the tears, fears, insults and lies she suffered through before she and Harry left Salty Isle.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jaded, thank you, I’m so tired but was about to launch into a whole thing about the “earned” title comment but you got there first and said everything I would have. Sure, she’s not a politician, but that’s irrelevant. She’s earned a title and more.

      • Debbie says:

        Nice try though, Larisa. Jfc, what a douche.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Kate Middleton married into her title and yet she’s addressed as Your Royal Highness or Ma’am without anyone batting an eye or howling that she didn’t earn it. Meghan has that same privilege but because she’s not using her HRH and most likely the media was informed not to do so, an American reporter came up with his unique and respectful version of a style of address. And besides, like Nyro says below, we Americans like to throw our spin on the same old stuff and give it an innovative flavor. And as far as Megan earning her title, she cut her teeth on it with all the hell she went through.

    • Nyro says:

      “Madame Duchess” is lit!! Very close to Madame President. I love Americans and how we just throw our spin on stuff and make it cooler. And they were worried about her being called “princess”. Ha!

      • Lexistential says:

        I am SQUEEing. These huffy protocol-obsessed dinosaurs were hellbent on denying her any privilege of being called Princess. So she gets a professional spin on her Duchess title which relates to accomplished prestige, not hierarchy. Madame Duchess *IS* LIT!

        (LOL, this is the first time I’ve gladly used LIT as a term!)

    • Lorelei says:

      Did someone actually refer to her as “Madame Duchess?” I love it!!

  32. OriginalLala says:

    oh her coat is divine! I think it’s a deep indigo and I *need* it lol

  33. Giddy says:

    They are such a powerful couple. They are smart, happy, and they adore each other. I hope that some future President names Meghan as our ambassador to the Court of St. James! Or to the U.N.!

  34. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I’ve noticed that Meghan is not the only one wearing a long coat and a turtleneck in the photos. And some guy is wearing a 3-piece suit. It’s 76 degrees right now and humid. Unless there is a lot of air-conditioning downtown, she is going to be sweltering. Did no one on her team bother to check the weather report before they packed?

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Guys in NYC tend to wear suits year-round, regardless of the weather. They unfortunately don’t really have an alternative dress code, especially if they are lawyers, finance guys, traditionally professions that require suits. Women on the other hand can wear skirts and dresses and not sweat as much. The problem in NYC in summer is the AC in buildings and most women will tell you they are always freezing in summer in office buildings due to this (that still doesn’t warrant wearing a turtleneck like Meghan did!). Sometimes I couldn’t feel my fingers and they sometimes felt like they were turning blue, that’s how cold it could get due to the AC! It was always a dilemma because I wasn’t going to get dressed in warm clothes before I got into the building, I had to take the subway and everyone will tell you waiting for the NYC subway on the platform in the dead of summer is MISERABLE (and even more miserable when your subway car has no AC so beware the empty subway car you see in summer! Either the AC doesn’t work or a homeless person is stinking it up, as mean as that may sound but those are the two scenarios behind an empty subway car in summer and other New Yorkers will back me up on this). But then the AC in your office is way too cold, I usually always brought a light jacket or cardigan just for the office so I wouldn’t freeze to death when I used to work in midtown.

      • Emma says:

        Hey I agree about buildings being super cold. But it is really gross and out of line to slam or shame someone for being homeless and poor and without access to basic sanitation and I think you knew that when you wrote it. We need better social services in this country, because there is basically no safety net. I am speaking from experience, I was homeless in 2017 due to domestic violence and it was the worst time of my life by far and I couldn’t shower for weeks. People aren’t homeless by choice.

      • Eurydice says:

        It was always freezing in my office – summer and winter. I worked on a trading desk and they would lower the temp to accommodate for all the screens and other equipment. Sometimes, when I wore a dress, I’d have to wear a light afghan over my knees. Finally, I just started wearing pantsuits all the time.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Amelie, exactly— my husband is an attorney in NYC and is still expected to wear a suit to the office, even all summer. The subway platforms are hell on earth in the summer.

        You always know someone is a tourist if a subway with one totally empty car pulls up and they jump into it like they won the best seats. They learn quickly that it’s because the a/c isn’t working in that car!

    • molly says:

      I thought the same thing. I *hate* an inside coat, but I understand why she wore it. (It’s gorgeous!) Hopefully she gets to take it off between visits today.

    • Moxylady says:

      Agree with you Emma. Not ok.

  35. Ashley L. says:

    She looks great, but its so muggy in NYC this morning since we are about to get a lot of rain. Its both very warm and very windy at the same time. I hope she’s not too hot!

  36. Moxylady says:

    Oy I was hoping it had cooled down on the East Coast. Blarg. I always think of early
    September as cool and crisp. But when I lived outside of NYC – it was a toss up. I’m sure they will change after this photo. Plus they expected to spend most of it inside with AC.
    And lastly shes is stunning and on point in her attire abs Harry looks dashing and they look so very much in love. Life after the palace Is so good for them. Away from all the toxicity. So happy they have found peace. They deserve it.

    • North of Boston says:

      That’s the thing with September in the northeast US, cool and crisp can turn into hot, humid and sweltering in no time. It was in the 50’s and not humid where I am yesterday, today, it’s like walking through a tropical bog outside. Layers are you friend. And sometimes jacket/sweater, turtleneck with tank top underneath for extreme swings … that’s what I wore to work one day last week. Well mock turtle. And all three items saw the light of day at one point or another

  37. Nev says:

    Go on Duchess!

  38. S808 says:

    so glad they’re out and about again! fingers crossed they do something with the UN!

  39. Amy Bee says:

    I think I figured out why the British press and the royalists are upset about this. Harry and Meghan are being given the same respect as any other dignitaries. They expected them to be shunned and booed in the US and it’s not happening.

    • Nyro says:

      They created all of those imaginary shunnings in their heads (the Obama party, the Bidens, the Emmys, etc) that they actually believed it was real. The deranged really are no different from the Qanon degenerates.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think thats a HUGE part of it. This is something similar to what W&K would do if they went to an international city – meet with local leaders like a mayor and governor, visit a high profile memorial site, etc – and they’re really upset that H&M are being treated like they would have been treated if they were still working royals .

      And of course they’re really upset that all the predictions about how no one would want to associate with them have been proven wrong.

      It’s an actual problem for the RRs and the monarchy – its not just about not wanting HARRY or MEGHAN to do well and to be accepted – they don’t want royals like Charlotte looking at them and thinking “well I can do that too.” They don’t want the public looking at H&M and thinking ,well if they’re doing this kind of work anyway, and if they’re meeting the same people that our royals meet, what the hell are we paying the royals for? Give us back the entirety of the Crown Estates no more sovereign grant. Give us back the duchy of lancaster.

      That’s part of the threat they pose. That, and the RRs are just bitter and salty lol.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Becks: So true.

      • Lexistential says:

        @Becks1 ITA. And these RR’s don’t seem to have the cognitive space to understand that their gatekeeping doesn’t apply here. H+M are a whole new brand of reality and a bigger part of culture beyond TQ, Chuck, or W+K– and them.

    • Lili says:

      Amy , you hit the nail on the Head, they are being treated as dignitaries, Harry is a Prince regardless of stripping of titles etc, I dont think we realised that even with them stepping down, they will always be in the upper crust of society. They have even been very dignified in the ways they have conducted themselves since they left, i don’t think the media and BRF thought beyond their own optics to how others would perceive and receive them. i think something major happened here today that goes beyond just addressing Meghan as Madame Duchess.

      • lanne says:

        If they do convene Parliament to strip their titles (I double dog dare them!), then Meghan becomes Madame Princess!

    • Monica says:

      M&H both are so engaging and charismatic, and doing such good work, that people just want to be around them. Diana had the same effect.

    • Eurydice says:

      I’d say celebrity dignitaries. I saw a funny photo from this morning – a “Meghan’s-eye view” – there were dozens of photographers all crammed together behind a velvet rope, all snapping away at H&M. They wouldn’t all have shown up just for the governor and mayor, not even for the Secretary-General of the UN.

    • lucy2 says:

      Well said. They want to criticize them for being “Hollywood celebrities” and this doesn’t fit that flighty image they want to pin on them. I think they all expected Harry, or both of them, to really flounder without all the royal stuff (because they would), and he’s like nope, grown adult doing just fine.

    • Lorelei says:

      @AmyBee I just said this someplace else, but imo it’s as if they’re on a royal tour except BETTER, because no one they come into contact with is doing anything out of obligation the way local politicians, etc. need to when a royal visits their country. Every single person involved here *wanted* to meet with the Sussexes, wanted to be seen with them, etc. The reception they’ve gotten is amazing; maybe the BRF will finally realize that no one cares about their precious “HRH.”

      Today made very clear how they’re going to be received going forward, and there is just no denying how incredibly popular and influential they are, FAR more than any of the “working” royals. I’m loving it, especially because they deserve this kind of treatment so much after the hell they had to endure over the past few years.

      I can’t even imagine what the feeling is at the palace today. There is no disputing it now, no fooling themselves. They’re completely fcked. And I really don’t think there’s anything they can do about it. They can hire as many crisis managers as they want, but imo what they lost was irreplaceable.

  40. tamsin says:

    Wonder if that is a sleeveless silk knit turtle neck underneath the coat? It would be perfect for business in NYC on a hot fall day.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, the outfit might not be as heavy as the color suggests – sleeveless top, drapey pants and an unlined coat? Her coat game is always so on point.

  41. Jodes says:

    Looking at both of their outfits they are perfectly coordinated again. His suit and her jacket are a colour match. Very cute.

  42. Laura says:

    I adore her outfit. So appropriate and a little Carolyn Bessette-esque.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, being in nyc, Harry and Meghan also being a power couple, had me actually thinking about JFK jr and Carolyn.

    • Monica says:

      There’s an article in Vanity Fair about Carolyn Bessette’s wedding dress that mentions Meghan’s love of it. It’s clear that Bessette is one of her style icons and she can pull it off.

  43. KAP says:

    I missed them! I went into the office for the first time in 18 months yesterday and today, while I’m working from home, they’re literally at my office door steps! Also, how isn’t Meghan melting and her hair frizzed? Not one hour outside yesterday and my blowout was non-existent. It’s the same level of humidity today. She is truly Royal.

  44. Lizzie says:

    I see a lot of comments saying Meghan is dressed too warm for the NY temp. IDK, but top pic of them walking outside shows everyone wearing some sort of jacket/blazer. Just spit-balling but I believe if she get’s warm she will remove the jacket.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Though it is humid and breezy here now, the buildings in the city are kept icy cold with AC and they’re in air conditioned vehicles so Meghan may be glad of her coat. And that cold can hit you fast! I remember when working in New York I’d always have to keep a jacket or sweater at my desk because of how cold the offices were in summer and early fall. She’s probably really feeling the humidity the brief times outside though.

      • Lizzie says:

        The repeated comments about ‘sweltering’ remind me of all the identical comments that Harry looked like Meghan’s hairdresser when the Time 100 was announced. I assume they are all cut and paste directly from the daily fail.

      • Mimi says:

        Feeshalori, I didn’t read your comment before posting my own, which states the same thing. So over the trolls.

      • windyriver says:

        It could be quite chilly on the observation deck, if the temperature is set to compensate for the numbers of people normally there during business hours.

  45. Jen says:

    It’s so good to see them back!

  46. L4Frimaire says:

    They look really amazing. DeBladio is incredibly tall! Meghan looks gorgeous and so chic. Wonder what is on the schedule for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

  47. Crowned Huntress says:

    It’s humid here in NYC but very windy as we await another flash flood storm system, so it may be cooler than the weather claims + as someone said above, Meghan may be naturally cold running + post partum hormonal changes could be playing a part.

    All that said, she looks absolutely stunning, I can’t help but notice how thicc her thighs are in those slacks, baby weight looks good on her &I hope she holds onto it. Harry’s eyes is always devouring his wife & I honestly cannot blame him. Such a gorgeous looking couple 😍

    • TeaForTwo says:

      Did you mean to be so transparent in your pretend compliment? She looks ‘thick ‘ three and 1/2 months postpartum? And at age 40 no less, not bounce-back 20.

      Gross. Just gross.

      • Amy Too says:

        Only if you think thicc thighs (2 c’s means something different than calling someone fat/thick in a bad way. It’s more like voluptuous and curvy in a good, sexy, womanly way) or being anything other than thin is automatically derogatory and a bad thing. She literally said she looks great and she hopes she continues to look like this, they’re a beautiful couple, heart eyes, Harry is devouring her. Not everyone thinks that tiny butts and thin legs are the standard of beauty and not everyone considers it a compliment to be told how thin their legs look or how skinny they are now or how quickly they lost the baby weight.

        If this was a comment about her “unflattering” pants that make her “look wider than she is” or something like that then that would obviously be a diss. This was literally a compliment about how great she and her thighs look.

        I think we need to consider exactly what we’re saying when we jump on someone for saying someone has thicc thighs or a curvy butt or whatever else. If our automatic response is “how dare you insult someone by thinking they’re not thin!” and then follow it with justifications for why it’s “okay” or justified that she’s not thin right now (with the presumption that she will be thin again soon, so she deserves a “pass” for being not thin now) then what you’re saying is that fat or curvy or thighs and butts that fill out pants are automatically bad and ugly and someone must be defended for having thicc/thick thighs. Fat/curvy/thick does not equal ugly or undesirable or bad and when we treat those words like that’s what they mean, we are perpetuating the idea that thin is best and good and right and anything deviating from that is ugly and not okay and must not be mentioned, complimented, or spoken about.

      • Carty says:

        Lighten up ‘Francis’

      • Crowned Huntress says:

        TeaForTwo, your projection and lack of reading comprehension is amazing. I said thicc thighs as a clear compliment to her because she looks great, substantial and sexy with the additional body weight. How you managed to miss what I clearly wrote is astounding.

        I hope you can see your internalized fatphobia for what it is. Not everyone is after a rail thin look, I happen to think the Duchess looks luscious and womanly in her post partum body.

      • Truthiness says:

        Omg. Chiming in with the others to reinforce the point. THICC is its own unique word, not a typo, and it is not new. If anyone thinks thicc is negative, do yourself a favor and check urban dictionary. It is a superlative, not a negative! Add it to your lexicon, it is very descriptive.

    • Eurydice says:

      It might be that some posters don’t know that “thicc” is an actual slang word. English isn’t my first language (it’s not even my second) and although I think I’m pretty fluent, I first thought you had mistyped “thick”. Then I googled it because the rest of your post was so admiring.

    • teafortwo says:

      Crowned Huntress and anyone else that finds ‘thick’ a compliment – in what alternate universe would commenting on someone’s thick waist, thick neck, thick ankles (used to abuse Hillary Clinton endlessly, as a reminder), thick arms, and oh yes, thick thighs, read as a compliment? Are these words you yearn for your significant other to whisper into your ear? Do you live in hope that others will find your physical form thick?

      I’m thinking nope.

      It reads as passive aggressive to me, just as the reference to Meghan’s thick middle upstream, which has now been deleted, did. You know what does read as a compliment, though? Referring to having strong thighs, muscular thighs, sinewy thighs, curvy thighs, sexy thighs. Take your pick, they all work.

      • Moxylady says:

        Twofortea- it’s a flipping compliment in African American circles so you can just kick rocks and leave. Meghan is being loved on. Stop being a turd.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @teafortwo…it’s a matter of cultural differences and you clearly don’t come from the culture in which it’s BEEN a compliment (‘thicc/k’ is a thing for many of us in the black community). Perhaps you should consider the possibility that your ‘universe’ isn’t the only one that exists.

      • LBB says:

        According to Collins Dictionary:

        US slang
        (esp of a woman) having a full, attractive figure

        Cyber Definitions says:

        What Does THICC Mean?
        THICC means “Big, Curvy and Sexy.”

        The word THICC (pronounced “Tick”) is used to describe a person (usually a woman) with a body that is “Big, Curvy and Sexy.” Typically, a woman who is THICC will have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, with particularly large buttocks and thighs. THICC is generally considered a compliment and is intended to show appreciation for bodies that do not conform with the “tyranny of thinness.”

      • Crowned Huntress says:

        Three posters in addition to myself have hopefully given you an education outside of your bubble, TeaForTwo.
        In our community, Thicc is definitely a compliment.
        I won’t wait for an apology because based on your attitude I don’t expect much grace from you.

        Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to receive such praise but I’m not particularly hopefully.

      • Amy Too says:

        Seriously, “thicc” would generally be used by a black woman joyfully telling another black woman that her black body is bangin’ and she looks great and sexy through the lens of black beauty standards. All the words surrounding the comment were complimentary. It was obviously a compliment.

        But then people come in and try to insist that everyone use white beauty standards to define all words and whether those words are compliments or insults. We’ve got someone coming in to *insist* that Huntress must secretly being trying to insult Meghan’s body by giving fake compliments about thicc (or thick) thighs, because this person *knows*—based on the white beauty standard—that thicc/thick thighs are *actually* a flaw, and if anyone is mentioning them it must be as an insult, but since we like Meghan and find her otherwise beautiful we must “excuse” the state of her thighs, ignore and overlook them right now, because they’re not her “real thighs,” they’re her bigger post-partum thighs and as such, they *must* be on a journey to becoming thin again, at which point compliments about her legs will be allowed.

        Meghan’s body is beautiful and she looks great in her pants: and her body is not just beautiful “for just having a baby” or for “being a 40 year old woman who can’t bounce back as quickly” or for “the current stage of weight loss that she’s at.” Her body is beautiful, period.

      • Imogene says:

        LOL not everyone is a slave to white standards of beauty.

    • Moxylady says:

      The entitled expectation of whiteness in all spheres….. Jesus twofortea, you have some learning to do.

    • teafortwo says:

      Oh fricken a’ – Read it as ‘thick’ so, yep, consider myself brought to the table with regard to a new-to-me term.

      My sincere apologies for picking a fight where none needed to be fought. Damn, but I got hot under the collar on this one. On top of the awful comment left re: Meghan’s mid section, it just set me off.

      • Amy Too says:

        But even if it was “thick” (which is where “thicc” comes from, that’s why they look similar), the context was complimentary and your insistence, over a couple of comments, that no one of any culture anywhere in the world could possibly find thick thighs to be attractive, or that no one anywhere would be anything other than crushed if someone mentioned/complimented their thick thighs is the problem. It’s fat phobic. It aggressively centers white, western, women’s beauty standards as the one and only true and aspirational beauty standard. Meghan isn’t even white. All of the commenters here aren’t white. Why the insistence on the white standard? And the—not even disbelief, but—outright derision that anyone might find someone else beautiful if they’re thick?

  48. Cara says:

    She looks super chic! Love seeing them both.

  49. AmelieOriginal says:

    Wow, they look great! Very chic and appropriately dressed considering they visited the memorial later (I’m assuming, I haven’t seen pics). No bright magenta to be found anywhere unlike her tone deaf SIL. I’m assuming the young man on the right end is the Diblasios’s son? I just realized the new governor of NY’s dress is a similar color to Kate’s coat though…! Oh well. At least it isn’t Meghan!

    Though Meghan does look over dressed in terms of the weather, it is 80 degrees in NYC according to my weather app! I’m in the suburbs and it’s 77 degrees so around the same temperature. I know it’s fall but with global warming it truly doesn’t cool down here until early to mid October and it is not cold enough for turtlenecks and long coats. I haven’t taken out my winter wardrobe yet (though I did bring the boxes out of storage in preparation and move them to my bedroom closet for the “Big Switch”), I’m wearing a sleeveless summer dress today! Not sure how she isn’t sweltering in those clothes when she’s outside.

  50. Abby says:

    I love how he cuddles her in for the photos by putting his arm around her.

    kinda wish they were all wearing masks during the close photo-op, but then we wouldn’t see her gorgeousness or his adorableness………..but still

    the severe hair is not my favorite but she’s just so perfectly beautiful and i’m soooo glad they are “back.”

    • North of Boston says:

      The hair is perfect for outside between tall buildings near water on a windy day.

      (says someone who’s spent way too much time trying to keep her hair out of her eyes and mouth when In Boston LOL)

  51. nina says:

    Love it. I want Meghan’s style. Harry looks so happy and relaxed. That what love and a good life will do for you.

  52. aquarius64 says:

    The Sussexes look fabulous and respectful. I think the Madame Duchess is to show the British press may disrespect you and weaponize your vindictive, greedy loser relatives because you refuse to enter the invisible contract, you will be mostly respected by your own.

  53. Marivic says:

    This is just a sensational and beautiful “coming out” for Meghan after her last Commonwealth appearance almost 2 years ago. The rota clowns should just go report about Kate’s engagement today. She needs them to embiggen her.

  54. Digital Unicorn says:

    Love her outfit. No bright pink coat in sight.

    • L4frimaire says:

      So nice to see Harry and Meghan back at work. She looks really good and so incredibly lovely. A reporter called her Madam Duchess, which is so great. I hope they get out and about. They probably have other stuff going on today since this event was so early.

  55. dido says:

    She looks really calm. Bless her, she’s had all the vitriol of the UK directed her way all year and she still manages to glow and exude an calm aura.

  56. MY3CENTS says:

    It was such I good move for them to separate from that toxic environment and family, apart from all the obvious that’s already been said work wise they actually have control over which events to attend, causes to back up. I’m sure that if they hadn’t left they wouldn’t have been able to control that, all the big “important ” events would have been handed to the dolittles so that HM wouldn’t outshine.

  57. Dee Kay says:

    This sets a precedent for future H+M public appearances. They will be treated just like royalty no matter what the BRF or RR wants. They are the Royal Family of the U.S. for all intents and purposes, everywhere they go they will be treated by politicians and dignitaries, press and public, as such.

    • Premadonna says:

      I think you’re right! Certain very wealthy American families have, at times, been considered “American royalty”, but Harry & Meghan are the REAL deal. America’s ONLY truly royal couple, and I love that it’s their work and accomplishments that have earned them the deference with which they are treated here.

  58. House of No says:

    What a chic couple! Absolutely lovely.

  59. Kviby says:

    As a hater of the male gaze, I like that she is covered up in a completely modest , less «feminine » and definitely less « sexy » outfit than most (respectively) royals and celebs usually show up in, with her hair back and not back but with a bumpit or pony tail extensions, just simply back in a bun and still being praised as gorgeous glowing and photogenic. At the same time, that’s a lot of makeup, her neck is white compared to her face and the eye makeup looks heavy and that she has falsies on. I’ve always been disturbed by the kardashian makeup look and I just don’t like that our culture has gone that way. Mainly because it only effects women, men don’t seem to care that their skin ages. The only celeb I know who took a stand is Alicia keys, others consistently show up with falsies.

    • Merricat says:

      What? Lol.

      • Truthiness says:

        Right? I got lost at “hater of the male gaze,” then I got completely baffled by “less feminine” and “less sexy” and was that a dig for or against bumpits? That first sentence bounced from here to Saturn and in the most random run-on sentence I’ve seen in ages. I’m kind of amazed if anyone uses bumpits and Alicia Keys took a stand against false eyelashes?? I think I need to smoke something, that paragraph was an adventure!

    • Jaded says:

      What the what??? You can’t even see her neck. Your comment makes no sense and it’s a woman’s right to wear makeup, especially if she’s appearing at a public event like this. Also, Alicia Keys is a hypocrite. She does continue to wear makeup, it’s just a lot more subtle. Why are you using Meghan as an example of how you think women should or shouldn’t dress or how much or how little makeup they should wear? She’s simply beautiful, stylish and elegant.

    • Margaret says:

      Hello Kate, or is it carole?.

    • Eurydice says:

      “Falsies”? That’s so funny to me because people used that term way back to mean padding in your bra to make your breasts look bigger.

    • Moxylady says:

      What?!? She can wear whatever she wants. On her face. On her body. Whatever. She is beautiful, powerful and poised. That’s her essence. It has everything to do with who she is. Chic? That’s her clothes. And makeup/ hair. And yes. She does look chic. She looks incredible. And falsies??? 1- I don’t know anyone who calls them that. 2- knock it off. Your “female gaze” is toxic af. So many expectations and demands on how she can and can’t be.

  60. Jaded says:

    Can you imagine how jealous W&K must be…neither of them have the intelligence and elegance that H&M have. Kate would have worn something twee and buttony and mumbled a few inanities while trying to corral her hair and skirt from the wind. William would have made some schoolboy jokes and glared at or ignored his wife. Their jaws must be dislocated from all the gnashing of teeth.

  61. Over it says:

    Welcome ack Harry and Megs, god I ,i misses these two beautiful incredible people

  62. Marion says:

    Looks like she still has some of Lili’s “baby weight” (no offense at all) and her face looks fuller which makes her litterally glow! She looks stunning!
    Good to see a Duchess not looking drained… She looks so fresh and young. I hope I’d look this good after having a baby

    • Merricat says:

      I don’t know what you mean by “baby weight;” she looks trim to me. However, if she is breastfeeding, the last few pounds tend to hang on for that.

      • Marion says:

        Oh yes she definitely looks great! But her face still looks a bit fuller than her “usual self”- which is normal when you had a baby a few months ago.
        That being said, I think that makes her look really healthy and she’s really glowing.

  63. Mimi says:

    I am not far from Meghan and despite what the temps may read, there is a slight chill in the air. In addition, businesses in the US notoriously keep their buildings ice cold year round, so I do not blame her for wearing a coat knowing she would be indoors for a bit.

  64. Athena says:

    I noticed when Meghan went to the cemetery with Harry to lay the wreath for veteran’s day she had a coat on. I’m not sure how to express this, but I worked a few blocks from the World Trade Center in 2001. Two weeks after 9/11 we were allowed back, so one warm sunny day I decided to venture out and made it to one of the side streets where I can see what was left of one of the buildings. I felt so cold, as if my bones were frozen. It was the strangest sensation. I wonder if Meghan experiences the same thing.

    The second thing I’ll mention is that when I worked in lower manhattan it always felt colder there in the mornings than it felt when I left my house.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I had also worked in lower Manhattan at the Amex building at the WTC site and let me tell you, l remember how the wind would gust off the water and l froze my butt off walking to work in the morning. The open plaza was a veritable wind alley. Layered clothing was definitely my friend. Ah, the memories!

      • Deering24 says:

        Yep, I did an summer internship near the WTC back in the day, and had to tote a jacket every day because the building AC and the train home were so cold. The morning walk was a chiller, too.

  65. JesusChrist says:

    I can’t get over how cute they are. And omg I can’t believe you called out Waity so blatantly buy IM HERE FOR IT.

  66. Rapunzel says:

    The DailyFail is so dammed ridiculous and obviously hate fomenting, with a headline that “NYC kisses the ring.”—- literally, wtf??

    They’re also criticizing the “gas guzzling SUVs” they’re driving around in (lolz), have a headline that Meghan is being “mocked for heavy attire” and was “dressed for winter”(more lolz). There’s also another headline calling her “the duchess of diamonds” for wearing her rings and $16000 Cartier earrings (huge lolz). There is also note that the Carlyle hotel is “swanky” and $1300 a night (big yawn).

    They have literally nothing. At all.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I saw one reminding us of her $500,000 shower, and one slamming Harry for his interview on Prince Phillip. The fail only intends to cause harm.

      OMG and just read this nugget: ‘it is not clear who is funding the trip or who is providing security for the Sussexes during their visit.’ Like….huh? They are not funded by the Royal family so why are they so concerned.

      • Rapunzel says:

        RoyalBlue- I didn’t notice that… they mentioned “the mysterious middle eastern diamond” from the pinky ring too. They’re trying to make it seem like they’re funded by terrorists or something.

        My guess is the people behind the event they are attending are footing some of the bill and the Sussexes are footing the rest themselves. And the security is their usual security.

    • Jan says:

      We have to stop paying attention to the British tabloids.
      Why act surprised when they continue to lie?

      • Rapunzel says:

        Jan- I’m strictly looking at their Twitter for the lolz at this point. It’s hilarious how predictable they are.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Jan it’s the equivalent of having the National Enquirer as the number one paper in the land. I can’t believe they are not held accountable by anyone when they print this crap. I am amazed that salty island isn’t more evolved. and I live in a british overseas territory.

    • Charm says:

      It seems to me that the bile being spewed by dailyFail is particularly bitter and suggests that theyve lost their appeal of M’s win against them in the courts and we’ll soon see that they have to print the apology! IIRC, all will be revealed in November.

    • Nyro says:

      The papers’ headlines are just one long insane rant of “wealthy black woman looks wealthy and is being shown respect and hospitality!! Arrgghhh!” It’s truly pathetic. Meghan and Harry are winning so hard. We love that for them.

  67. swirlmamad says:

    I live about 20-25 mins north of NYC and the weather has been giving me a little bit of whiplash recently…..I wake up in the morning and it’s freezing (to me), so I pull on a cardigan or long-sleeved shirt (my furry LL Bean slippers even made their first appearance this week since last winter). Then by lunchtime, it’s gotten hotter/humid and I’m sweating. I’m sure Meghan was dressed appropriately for her at 7 am this morning, and either way she looked fab. NYers know layers are key at this time of year.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I just have to laugh. With all of the things Meghan has accomplished and survived in her life, I’m completely confident that she knows how to dress herself for all weather and her body temp regulation. Guessing the scraping of the bottom of the barrel is what’s happening with those comments.

      She looked fabulous and they look happy!

  68. Lory says:

    The Daily Fail can no longer control their jealousy. The headline reads “former actress and Harry’s not even a working royal anymore!” They are amazed anyone can be important because they go by their own merits.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I was just coming to comment on that. It was a change from the previous headline.

      It reads “Meghan’s a former actress, Harry’s not even a working royal – but that didn’t stop NYC from rolling out the red carpet for world’s wokest ‘influencers’ to cross the city in gas-guzzling SUVs ”

      So they are smearing Harry and Meg and equating them with Instagram influencers now, but still kept in the SUV stuff- a laugh considering the BRF has a deal with Land Rover and Philip wasted probably (taxpayer) money having one specially made just for his funeral.

      The “NYC kisses the ring” stuff gets me most though. Like H&M are mafia. As if the reason H&M left wasn’t because the Media got pissed H&M wouldn’t kiss RRs’ rings.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Well, I think Prince Harry & Madame Duchess are going to have an eventful & meaningful next few days and the RR’s can just suck it and write their sycophantic shite when the Bond premiere happens.

    • Lizzie says:

      Well, maybe someone should send the irrelevant daily fail a copy of the Times 100 most influential and they can educate themselves.

    • Debbie says:

      So the British press is implying that M & H cannot be welcomed by leaders in the country they are living in because Meghan is a “former actress” and Prince Harry is no longer a working royal? However, these so-called former/formers no longer live in England and are living their lives in a brand new country, unrelated to England. So why is the BM sticking their nose in American business? The cognitive dissonance sticks out by a mile with these people.

      It’s not known who’s paying for all this indeed. Well, as they say in New York: Your mother!

      • Lela says:

        Has anyone explained to the British press that Meghan is an American, she has returned to her home country, and it shouldn’t be shocking certain fellow American leaders would want to meet her and Prince Harry.

  69. Normades says:

    Geez, imagine if they could be doing this good work on behalf of Britain, but nooooo they had to be shunned so guess what salty f$ckers they’re just doing it on their own.

    They had such a possibility to modernize the monarchy, have Meg and H do the heavy lifting and just let wills and K inherit the crown and do nothing.

    But now the do nothings get nothing and will have to work harder to exist.

    • Charm says:

      “They had such a possibility to modernize the monarchy, have Meg and H do the heavy lifting and just let wills and K inherit the crown and do nothing.”

      ^ That was NEVA! gonna fly. I really dont understand why some folks insist on this narrative.

      Someone of Meghan’s stature, sense of self and knowledge of her own worth was never gonna last long in that mind-numbingly stifling institution, full of barefaced racists both upstairs and downstairs.

      H, by himself, had long wanted to leave. But it wasnt until he married M that together, they gave each other the strength they needed to take the unprecedented and bold step to walk away.

      I dont think we onlookers have fully grasped the magnitude of what H&M did…..throwing a 1000-year old monarchy into a tailspin that theyre still trying to manage. And doing such a f*ck-up job that now errebody (LMAO) can see all their wrinkled nakedness.

      • Lory says:

        All this talk about “modernizing the monarchy” is so ironic. The Firm by definition is steeped and funded by tradition. It could never be a modern institution because it’s entire purpose and reason for being is incongruous with the modern world.

  70. Nutella toast says:

    Just went on Daily Mail and their big headline is that Harry is balding and they are living in “her” mansion. If that’s all they can say (hello…2nd grade called and wants its insults back), then chip up high and proud H&M…

  71. booboocita says:

    There have been a number of Twitter posts by Sussex fans who called out to Meghan as she passed by. Mostly stuff like, “I love you Meghan!” and “You look fabulous!” Agreed, but now I’m wondering: will Keen and Baldy pay someone to stand outside the Bond premiere and scream, “We love you, you lazy jackasses!” “Your buttons are so shiny, I want to bite them!”

  72. Tessa says:

    DM goes all out with the headlines, and the bots are all over the article. They must be really upset over this. Good.

  73. OldSoul says:

    Meghan must have been sweating in the turtleneck and overcoat. It was way too warm and humid for that outfit in NYC today.

    Glad to see them out and about again.

  74. Likeyoucare says:

    Maybe she wore turtleneck because her husband gave her hickeys last night.

    “Damn it. i have this cute blouse that goes with this coat. Now, i’m going to wear a turtleneck to cover it.”
    Take that DM for your next storyline.

  75. Pusspants says:

    Mmadison, that’s a bit rude to say to someone who’s just commenting on an article of clothing based on the weather. And not everyone has to be a big fan of any particular celebrity on this site. I think Megan & Harry are fine but also not a fan per se & I only like to look & comment on the clothing.

  76. Amy says:

    given the weather in NYC the pit sitch must be INSANE…

    and where did all their hair go?

  77. Betsy says:

    Meghan looks gorgeous – I love the bun, the outfit, the makeup.

    The security guy in the three piece suit is dishy, too.