Nick Cannon announces he’s going to take a break from having kids

Nick Cannon is in the news again. And no it is not because he is having another baby. Since Nick has had four children in the last year from three different women, I thought any news coming from his camp would include another pregnancy announcement. After getting dragged by the public, Nick has decided to listen to his therapist. Well sort of. Nick, whose syndicated talk show premiered yesterday, told ET that he decided to take a break from having kids after his therapist told him that he should be celibate. Nick interpreted that to mean stop impregnating the ladies. Below are a few more highlights via People:

“I’m not sitting out here planning it. My therapist says I should be celibate,” Cannon, 40, told the outlet, adding in jest, “Okay, give me a break bus. I’m [gonna] take a break from having kids.”

Cannon continued, “I come from a big family, I have several siblings, [and] being raised in an unorthodox family by my grandparents at times, I’ve experienced such a wide range of upbringing that I have such a love and passion for kids and family. I want a big family too. The Lord has blessed me with what I asked. Ask and you shall receive.”

The star added that he wants to be “transparent” about his personal life on his syndicated talk show: “[I’ve] never been a person that’s shied away from talking about my life. But I want to refocus it on others. I’m gonna be talking for an hour each and every day, hopefully, people get to know me in a very intimate way. If I’m in the headlines the night before, I’m definitely talking about it the next morning.”

[From People]

I know this may not be popular but I have to say that at least Nick is intentional about growing his family. Yes, it seems chaotic but none of the women in this situation are fighting each other or Nick and they all seem to happy with the arrangement. Nick is definitely not Future and I am no one to judge other people’s life choices if it isn’t harming anyone. There are several ways to create a family and this is the one he has chosen. However not having sex is not the equivalent of not having babies. Yes, you need one for the other but sex can also be used for pleasure and not procreating. As my therapist friend asked, why is Nick afraid of death? This seems to be driving his need to procreate. Also why is he equating procreating with his sexual activities? Can he do one and not the other? Anyways, Nick continues to surprise me. I guess he is no longer that square and corny dude who was once married to Mariah Carey. Instead he is creating the life he wants, albeit an unconventional one. Hopefully, as Nick continues his therapy path, he will understand that he can have sex without having babies.

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  1. Hot take from a childless-by-choice woman: I can’t believe a man gets the “space to figure himself out” while having a billion children. Ugh. Adopt a billion children. The whole thing makes my skin crawl.

    • Beenie says:

      This is so freaking true. Could you even imagine the coals a woman would be dragged over if after having multiple children she was like “hm maybe I need to figure out why I did all this” and declared herself celibate. My god that woman would be literally hanged by the media.

    • Sam says:

      So true! I hadn’t thought about it that way but yes. A woman doing the same (or similar because a woman couldn’t have 4 babies in a year without having multiples) would be dragged in the court of popular opinion.

      I read it as an ego thing. “Look at all these women that want to have my babies!” He’s feeding his own narcissism and it’s disgusting.

      • E.B. Mann says:

        He might be feeding his ego, but I bet he’s not feeding those babies. Or changing their diapers. Or putting them to bed. Too busy lining up his next baby-mama. Yeah, the gender-flip scenario is f-ing laughable.

  2. Seraphina says:

    So I get it and as I get age, I hope to be wiser and not judge. Not all family structures are the nuclear family and that doesn’t mean they are incorrect or dysfunctional. BUT my issue is the children who are brought into this chaos who had no choice. I hope it all woks out for them. He is conscious in what his actions lead to and hopefully has the money to help raise these kids.
    I also agree that celibacy does not mean not having kids. He missed the message. Obviously his therapist thinks sex an issue for Nick. Reminds me of a GF we used to have and we would tell her she needs to be learn how to live by herself for while (no men) and she would reply she does – she has no roommate. The message got lost there too.

    • terra says:

      @Seraphina: Your friend sounds like quite a lot of the women in my family. My grandma alone has been married seven times, divorced seven times. She’s no longer legally able to be married in Texas, unless they’ve changed the law, because they cap it at seven.

      Whenever someone asked her why she’d been married so many times she’d always reply, “they kept asking.”

      Once, years ago, she received a letter in the mail from the IRS asking why there were so many names associated with her social security number. She turned the letter over, wrote “too many marriages, too many divorces” across it, and then mailed it back. She never heard another word from them about it again.

  3. Bryn says:

    All those women with his babies may not be fighting now but that probably won’t last. This is a messy situation and just because it seems calm now doesn’t mean much. Having cute little babies is a lot different from actually raising children to be decent humans

  4. Susan says:

    I don’t really follow Nick, but I’m kind of getting the vibe he doesn’t use…or believe in…birth control? Is this correct?

  5. SarahCS says:

    Is it a religious viewpoint he’s developed? Contraception = bad, sex is for procreation and its in gods hands?

    It sounds like he’s dealing with some stuff but that doesn’t take away from the fact that those children will grow up with a largely absent father.

  6. Sigmund says:

    I think the reason a lot of people have a problem with his actions, myself included, is because Nick IS harming someone. He is harming those kids. And no, I’m not normally one of those think-of-the-children folks. But there is NO WAY that Nick can be there as he should be for all those kids. Even if he isn’t with their moms, he is still their father, and that comes with responsibility. He’s never going to be able to give each child the attention and emotional support they deserve from their father.

  7. Libellule says:

    Maybe he had a death scare because of lupus and he feels the need to procreate while he still can?

    • souperkay says:

      It’s dark but preparation for needing a kidney donation because of his lupus diagnosis is a definite possibility.

      • HoofRat says:

        I’ve known a couple of people with serious kidney ailments; strangely enough, their first response was not to blanket the earth with their progeny. If he had to experience pregnancy with each of those children, you better believe he wouldn’t choose that way to compensate for his fears.

      • jo73c says:

        fathering potential future donors?

    • Emma says:

      He has talked about his near-death experiences with lupus and his belief he may die before his time. He would wake up sometimes and be unable to move. (I empathize so much with that as someone who has suffered from vertigo.) He sort of joked with Howard Stern about it on a show and said he had a sort of “carpe diem” outlook. (HS said what if you end up 80 years old with 100 children? Nick said then he’d be like Job.)

    • Lila says:

      Totally agree with this. He had some sort of existential crisis and blanketing the earth with his DNA was his reaction.

  8. Tanya Nguyen says:

    He has a talk show now. He used to boast about the different women and the different babies. The backlash he got has been so huge so now he’s trying to clean himself up and take a more corporate stance. I don’t think he’ll be a good talk show host. I do believe he’ll keep on having unprotected relations and will have more babies. The women are actually raising the kids.

  9. Joanna says:

    He is such a f$ck boy

  10. AMJ says:

    It’s not an “alternative family model” when one procreates as often as one can and never spends actual, real, regular family time with their kids. I don’t believe for a second he’s a present, engaged parent or is going to be. He’s probably dropping in from time to time, leaving expensive gifts and feeling great about himself. Once his kids reach school age he won’t probably even remember what grades they’re in.

  11. Duhaa says:

    HAHA started getting expensive huh? Wrap it up f*ckboi

  12. RoyalBlue says:

    Ugh. I would not go within 3 feet of that peen.

  13. Valerie says:

    Someone should castrate him.

  14. Sandy Eggo says:

    Nick reminds me of a guy I used to work with years ago. The guy was in his mid-20s. One day he mentioned he was unhappy because they just found out his wife was pregnant with their fifth child. We asked, why do you keep having children if you don’t want more? His entirely serious response was that he likes having sex. He truly seemed to not know that it was possible to have frequent sex and also avoid pregnancy. Not long after that he got arrested for stealing from work.

  15. Lucky Charm says:

    Clearly he doesn’t know the definition of celibate. Just keep your pants on and abstain from sex, Nick!

  16. Lex says:

    I genuinely don’t understand having loads of kids by a myriad of women, and the justification being ‘i want a big family’….. not that kids by different women aren’t family… but these kids are being pulled in different directions. How likely is it that he will get big family time with all his kids (and baby mother’s) at once?!?! Will the kids have relationships with each other, or only with their dad??? It’s really selfish to intentionally do this. Kids with piles of siblings they may not get a relationship with…. ugh

  17. OliviaJoy says:

    There is no way he will be a present father figure in all those kids lives. It’s unfair to his kids. Of course he can afford to throw money at his kids moms but its still a selfish act on his part. I’m sure eventually he will start having kids again and bring more children into this mess.