Madonna on dating: men my age are grumpy, fat & balding

Yesterday, CB covered Madonna’s appearance on The Late Show on Wednesday night. Madonna showed off her latest incarnation – she’s still the self-absorbed Madge that we know and love (sort of) but with some added improvements (the chicken cutlet cheeks) and a new look. Even though I think Madonna’s plastic surgery looks totally painful - and I think during her appearance on Letterman, she was even wincing in pain as she tried to smile – I rather like Madge’s new look. I think she’s aiming for sultry cougar, bypassing matronly for a kind of kitschy, updated, fabulous Eva Peron look.

Anyhoodle, the reason Madge is making all of these media appearances is to promote her greatest hits album. So it makes sense that she would stop in Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to talk about all of the latest pop culture junk, and Madge’s own views on dating:

Always one to speak her mind, Madonna had some words of wisdom for Kanye West when she called in to Ryan Seacrest’s LA radio show on Thursday.

When the subject turned to the rapper’s abrupt outburst during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs, the 51-year-old superstar said she thought Kanye’s actions were “impulsive” and told Seacrest she would like to “give him a good talking to” and says “he needs to put a lid on it.”

The material girl, who’s dating 22-year-old model Jesus Luz, had no problem telling 34-year-old Seacrest that he was much too old for her.

“Younger people are more adventurous. Have you met many guys my age?” she said. “They’re usually grumpy and fat and balding.”

So how young is too young?

“As long as they’re old enough to dress themselves, they’re good enough,” she told Seacrest.

Madonna also talked about her body, revealing that when she looks in the mirror, she’s not always happy with what she sees.

“My body is part of my job. I look in the mirror and say ‘more work…less cake, more work.’”

Hmmm, if Madonna thinks she looks bad, what does that say for the rest of us?

[From Radar]

Yikes. “As long as they’re old enough to dress themselves, they’re good enough”? Seriously? No, she must have been joking, it just didn’t come across that way on the cold, hard transcript. But for all of those who enjoy claiming misogyny with regards to Madge and her boy-toys, imagine if a 50-year-old man had said that, even in jest. There would be a major controversy. As far as her comments about her body – well, evidently, Madge looks in the mirror and thinks “more gristle needed”. I wish she would put a few pounds on, though. It would soften her… but Madge has no interest is being “soft” in any way.

Madonna is shown on Letterman on 9/30/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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59 Responses to “Madonna on dating: men my age are grumpy, fat & balding”

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  1. ruru says:


  2. Kevin says:

    Can’t fault her fr knowing what she wants. lol I’m sure its hilarious when she tries to pick up a younger guy!

  3. abbizmal says:

    Her ego is unparalleled for certain, which is a good thing. The only reason she has a hot young stud is she is able to pay for it. Cutlet Cheeks. That’s funny.

  4. e says:

    Madonna signing the free polanski petition in 3…2…1…

    And about her grumpy and fat and balding comment…yeah and you are grumpy and grizzly and plastic

  5. AlaskaJoey says:

    Nice attitude Madge. And men your age go around saying women their age are naggy and flabby and wrinkled. So what? People get old and they start sagging. It happens to all of us- can’t fight old age without winding up looking like a fright mask.

  6. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I realize that the wonders of plastic surgery have everything to do with it, but I think she looks better than she has in years. I LOVE HER HAIR! I am extremely happily married to a man 14 years my junior, and he is the most focused man I have EVER been with! Obviously, I lucked out! Good for you, Madonna!

  7. barneslr says:

    God she’s pathetic. She reminds me more and more of the Norma Desmond character in the classic movie “Sunset Blvd.” You know the one I mean…the aging celebrity that can’t accept that she’s not a huge star anymore and goes out of her mind? “I’m ready for my clos up Mr. DeMille!”

    This is a sad, pathetic shell of a woman.

  8. QB says:

    Is sad when your boyfriend is almost old enought to be your daughters boyfriend. They have like an 8 year difference.

  9. Iggles says:

    QB – I agree!

    She’s going to be the type of woman who is jealous of her daughter’s youth and beauty. Lourdes already has great style and is growing into a lovely young lady.

  10. Skippie says:


  11. GatsbyGal says:

    Oh please, Madge. You’re not even TRYING to find a guy your own age, quit blaming the men and just accept that you’re robbing the cradle because you need to feel younger. It has nothing to do with the quality of dudes your own age!

    And god DAMN I wish she’d eat a cheeseburger so those ghoul-arms would fill out. Fucking scary is what those are. I’ve never seen any arms like ‘em.

  12. anna says:

    Haha.. I agree with her.

    While I know that beauty is only skin deep and that we shouldn’t be so shallow, when I turned 35 I noticed that much of the viable dating pool of men my age had bellies, balding, and probably had a baby.

    Nothing WRONG with all those of course, but there was a time when those things were strikes against a dating prospect. Now it’s the norm. Trust me, I believe in holding men to similar physical standards as they, reversely, expect of women.

    However, with age comes wisdom which is infinitely more sexy, of course… so compared with that strapping 25 year old stud, it’s a nice trade off.

    However, I still say “Go, Madonna, go!”

  13. Guest says:

    so lesley-ann downish…

  14. Sigh. says:

    She’s like Clooney. She likes someone she can “mold” (read dominate). Her ex was years younger, and she did the same.

    Having said that, I agree with Kaiser. Clooney is always being downed for getting them young and…not exactly at the top of their professions (read aspiring/c-list)…so what is the difference?

  15. PJ says:

    Guy Ritchie made a comment about Jesus Luz’s age last summer, and the jist of it was that Madonna is a control freak, and it’s easy for an older person to dominate a 22-year-old.

  16. angel says:

    OOh, really starting to look more and more like Fay Dunaway….

    As for the age thing, have dated guys who were older and guys were younger and a few my own age…It all depends on the guy and where I am at that point in my life…You know, you can’t tell a book by its cover

  17. JAY says:

    hey celebitchy, get real..get over botox…It took my mom 3 weeks to get over her bruises after plastic surgery. Madonna never disappears from public eye to be able to hide surgery. September 2 S&S tour is over, Sep 4 holiday in Jordan, Sep 10 back to NYC, Sep 13 MTV awards, Sep 16 broadway, Sep 22 four seasons dinner out, Sep 30 david letterman…When does she squeeze a plastic surgery? GET REAL… GET OVER BOTOX… everybody does it!

  18. abbizmal says:

    Actually, I recall her looking bruised and swollen in pics a while back. Anybody else remember that? She hates getting old. I can so see her trying to steal her daughter’s boyfriends. Can’t wait for that book. :D

  19. Tess says:

    Wayland Flowers. Paging Wayland Flowers.

    We found your puppet. Madame is waiting for you at the front desk.

  20. princess pea says:

    So let’s all hate her for wanting a younger man. While we’re at it, can we start hating all the men who have done this for years and years and years? (Harrison Ford, Chuck Norris, Michael Douglas, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra… we could do this all day)

    So what if she wants a young stud because they have energy and are easy to control? You don’t have to be that guy, and as long as Jesus seems happy I don’t have a problem with it.

  21. danielle says:

    Madonna has been driving me crazy with her self righteousness for years now… but ALOT of the older men I know do get very grumpy and set in their ways…what’s up with that. Anyways, she made me laugh on that one ’cause she’s kind of right.

  22. nanster says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what Madonna sees in much younger men…there is absolutely nothing to talk about once you get out of bed. Personally, I have dated younger and older men, and I prefer a mature man who has some life experience and some substance. Not every man over 50 is grumpy, fat, and balding. Maybe Madonna needs to look a little further than the local school yard for dates.

  23. Bina says:

    I think Madonna is the one who’s grumpy and set in her ways..

  24. Diane says:

    Lol, Norma Desmond, Wayland Flowers.

    Younger guys are nice ego fix, but as it was said, once out of bed, then what?

  25. yadira says:

    Well, this fat ass would love to have that martini and slice of pizza she is eating.

  26. Amy says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting a younger man but all I can think is that Johnny Depp is her age (more or less) and most of the 50 yr olds I know take better care of themselves than the 20 yr olds.
    If you like ‘em young, you like ‘em young. Why make excuses?

  27. oh my says:

    women her age who are divorced (twice, no less) are somehow too good for men her age who are divorced?

  28. Prissa says:

    I LOVE her jewelry, especially the rings. Did anyone see the video of her daughter in the wedding dress? I don’t know what is was about… can’t get streaming vids here at work. :o (

  29. whatever says:

    And, the EGO has landed. AND WHY did she go on Letterman? What was she promoting? HERSELF, yet, again. Same ole’ attention-ho, shallow, and EXTREME narcissist. I can see religion has really changed her for the better. Puke.

  30. Lauren says:

    At least Madonna is honest about what she likes! She is an iconic careerwoman.`And she isn’t a pathetic powerless (boo-hooing) victim, like so many recent divorced women. I admire her tenacity & strength. She is behaving like men have for centuries, and has Choices. Why is that so offensive?

  31. Granger says:

    Can’t stand Madonna, but more power to her. Nothing wrong with an older woman dating a younger man, IMO. Besides, you have to remember the world in which Madge lives. It’s filled with 20-somethings like Jesus who are wealthy, established and ready for commitment — not like your average 20-something university grad, for instance, who’s only been working for a few years, still lives with his frat buddies, and thinks a good night revolves around getting wasted.

    I do have to wonder where she’s getting her sample of 50-year-old men from, though. Many of the 40 and 50-year-olds in my city are fit, take care of themselves, and — above all — are interesting. But I don’t think interesting is very high on Madge’s list of priorities in a man. Despite my belief that a relationship with a younger man is totally cool, I also think Madonna is desperate to reclaim her fading youth.

  32. crash2GO2 says:

    Actually, she is so mentally stunted that 20 year old men are probably about on the same mental level as she is. When she says 50 year old men are ‘grumpy’ she really means ‘evolved’.

  33. hello! says:

    “Open and adventurous”? Translation: “Open”=Dumb enough for me to indoctrinate them into Kablahblah + “Adventurous”=unemployed, so I can use my money to control them. No smart, middle-aged man would put up w/her controlling, me-first, diva demands. Plus, MAD Madge is the opposite of fun/adventurous. So, she has to pay for her company now. Ick!

  34. JaundiceMachine says:

    My best friend’s “mother” just married her prey – I mean, boyfriend – and only mentioned the happy union in passing.

    Via group email.

    (I was copied in on the group “update” email. I found out the same way my best friend, her daughter found out. Who does that!?!?!)

    Incredibly mature.

    The woman is 51.
    51 and pulling adolescent passive aggressive bullshit. Which, I guess makes sense, since her boyfriend is 22.

    My best friend is the baby of the family at 25.

    Normally, I try not to concern myself with other people’s private lives, but my bestie’s mommy is an emotional vampire – a bottomless pit of need and self-importance.

    It’s hard not to draw comparisons.

  35. Kevin says:

    At best, until I die she’s only the second best thing that ever came outa Bay City MI. Anyways, for those of you old gals that want some young meat for yourselves check out I stumbled across that lil gem the other day. tah tah all

  36. TwinkleToes says:

    Kevin, and all. The term Cougar is out. Over and out!

  37. Trashaddict says:

    God’s little joke on women — as soon as you really figure out what you want during sex, the guys don’t last as long as they used to. Could have something to do with it, right?
    And OMG, her cheeks are sunk so far, I think they removed her teeth! No teeth at all in those pictures! (Maybe she took her dentures out?)

  38. For Sooth? says:

    But not so easily led, hence the reason why she steers clear.

  39. Kevin says:

    Guess that ain’t for you to decide, now is it tinkle toes?

  40. lola lola says:

    What’s all this “accept your age” crap? who says’s she’s not? Like she’s the first to get surgery? Work out? Date younger men? What the heck’s wrong with that? Does she have to get fat to “accept her age”? I love how she is so threatening to what people think a 51 year old woman should look like. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MADGE!

  41. TwinkleToes says:

    Wow, she’s just ripping off Deborah Harry’s image right down to the large cheekbone implants. Sad.

  42. Goddess711 says:

    As one of us older broads who are “out there” I can vouch for this one – not only are they grumpy, fat and balding, they have eff all to offer women who have been there, done that and are amazing partners to be with.They either want a new mother or to be seen with someone young enough to be their daughter. Older guys suck big time. Younger ones are so much better to be with. For once – and I hate to admit this – I agree with Madonna.

  43. eternalcanadian says:

    Ewww, that picture of her is scary!

  44. whatever says:

    Godess, stop stereotyping all older men in the same way. I have a very nice 50 something man sitting right next to me sipping chardonnay.

    Younger men aren’t all that. Some of them are unsure of what they want out of life still, and are probably just using older women.

    I’m wondering what the real reason Jesus wants out of Madonna? Is it money, fame, mother issues? It certainly can’t be her companionship because that lady seems incredibly self-obsessed and humorless. She’s so stiff I bet I can stick some coal up her butt and come out with a diamond.

  45. Taya says:

    Madonna’s face looks ghastly.

  46. orion70 says:

    “oh look at me, i’m actually EATING !”

    there’s nothing wrong with dating younger men….however when you are approaching your golden years and you’re only hitting it with the ones who are barely out the gate….that’s a bit of a stretch in my book. Particularly as many people seem to go through alot of life changes in their early 20′s.

    I admit i’ve never been into much older guys, but there are plenty of younger guys who are also grumpy and fat. Then again, I suppose not everyone has the $$$ to reinvent themselves, afford personal trainers and plastic surgery.

    I wonder does she realize how many younger people laugh at her?

  47. humph! says:

    I actually will find facinating watching Lourdes grow up and blossom into a YOUNG woman and see how Madonna is able to cope with the torch being passed. Some women have the hardest time with that. If she is struggling now…

  48. Kevin says:

    Whatever, thanks for standing up for us middle aged guys. Fatties, grumps, and baldies are found in all age groups. As far as dating the younger generation goes, if you had pubic hair at the time of your date’s birth, you are probably too old for them. In Madge’s case, if you have already had restorative plastic surgery. Do the math it’s not that hard.

  49. Devon says:

    I love it that older women are now with younger men. They’re not cougars…they’re just smart. Most of the men my age (45) are divorced and bitter and I’m not attracted to them. I’d much rather have a 35-year-old!

  50. anti-pathy says:

    Its her money, and if what it can buy her is a young hard body like baby J then folks quit ‘hatin’. The truth is men in their fifties can’t quite lay the pipe like a hard fit twenty something, why go for limp spaghetti when you can have a jackhammer. Its not like she is dating baby J for his intelligent conversation, or maybe she is. I agree with the post about Douglas, and Clooney, add Nicholson et al. Both Madonna and baby Jesus work very hard for her money

  51. G A Cummings says:

    Alice had a talk with a hooka smoking catapiller and got good advice; Madonna ought to bite other side!

  52. Ameia says:

    Men her age are balding and gaining weight, but she wouldn’t look so great without all the money and effort either.
    The reason I have a problem with Jesus’ age, is that he’s the same age as my son, and Madonna is the same age as me. But her kids are younger, so I guess it doesn’t impact her the same way.
    Younger guys are great but having been there, I know they DO care about the age disparity and it probably won’t be too long before Jesus hits the road.

  53. lolo says:

    I want pizza. And that Jesus guy is one hot nanny she’s got. Enjoy it while it lasts Madonna. I wonder what her cheeck implants will look like when she’s seventy.

    And.. That’s one hot piece of pizza she’s eating there.

  54. James says:

    Madonna is like an icon, like Cher, she’ll just keep popping up again with a new face, new hair, new boy toy, what ever.

  55. so-so says:

    I agree Ameia, some young people are shallow. I know this guy who made fun of his “girlfriend” (only 10 yrs older than him) mercilessly behind her back. He called her “old lady,” “old jalopy,” and a number of mean things. Of course, he was dating her because the rent is free. In California, rent is sky high–an average one bedroom rents for around $1300-$1800 by the beach.

  56. skibunny says:

    I think she appears to have had some work done but so what? She looks great! Best I’ve seen her look in awhile and her figure is fabulous……that came from hard work.
    I admire her honesty and if it’s a younger man she wants….go for it. Who wants a fat baldy?

  57. tvexpert says:

    I have no problem with the age difference, but i really have a problem with the double standard of
    “As long as they’re old enough to dress themselves, they’re good enough”. What the hell?.

    Cant you imagine any man her age saying that?. It would be a huge scandal and not long before he is accused of being a pedo.

    Plus i really hope she was joking saying a 34 yrd old is too old for her.

    I think there is nothing wrong with men her age, and everything wrong with her disgusting zombie arms and her own need to feel young again by buying young guys(3 million apartments FTW).

  58. People are so envious says:

    It’s so sad that he general average person is so jealous of Madonna.Let’s stop lyingto ourselves and making excuses. She doesn’t look great and have that super toned body because she’s rich, she has it because she gets off her butt every single day and works for it. There are pleny of rich celebrities who are fat and look their age so money has nothing to do with it. Deep down
    most wish they had the courage to be themseles and do what theywant to do without fear of judgement from others. Madonna is smart enough to know that even if she were fat and sagging she would be ridiculed for that so whynot make he best out of her looks and her life, since jealous hearted, people who are
    miserable in thief own lives are
    going to ridiule her anyway. It does not take wealth to het a gym membership, stay out of five guys and and use some moisturizer and sun block. And the average man her age should be ashes of himself as he has no excuse in being fat, saggy and grumpy.

  59. Brad says:

    Her arms are disgusting who is she to talk about peoples appearances? her face might look young but it’s also plastic and make up. Madonna can keep on with her toy boys but they only want her for the fame and money. Do you think these guys will stick around in 20 years time? Madonnas going to die alone.