Scott Disick is about ‘to go off the deep end’ about Kourtney’s engagement

Scott Disick and Mario Lopez at The Grand Opening of the Sugar Factory at Harmon Corner in Las Vegas

When Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker announced their engagement on Sunday, my first thoughts were along the lines of “good for them” and “that makes sense.” They telegraphed it big-time in recent months, and it’s clear that they’re crazy in love. Kourtney seems happier than she’s ever been in her life. As it turns out, when other people heard the engagement news, their first thoughts turned to Scott Disick. Scott and Kourtney haven’t been together in years, although they’re still in each other’s lives because of their three children. That being said, she was never like this with Scott. Kourtney and Scott made each other miserable. They loathed each other and I will never understand why she kept having babies with him. In any case, big surprise, Scott is not taking the engagement news well.

Scott Disick isn’t taking Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s engagement news well. A source exclusively told Page Six that the Talentless founder is losing his mind over the impending nuptials — which is why fans knew to check in on him after the news broke late Sunday.

“Scott is going crazy,” our insider said. “He’s going to go off the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.”

A rep for Disick didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment. Disick shares three children with his ex: 11-year-old son Mason, 9-year-old daughter Penelope and 6-year-old son Reign.

While the former “Flip It Like Disick” star, 38, may not be thrilled about the engagement, he gave his blessing to Kardashian’s relationship with the Blink-182 drummer during the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reunion, which aired in June.

“I mean, yeah,” Disick told host Andy Cohen when asked point-blank whether he’d “bless” the couple’s romance. “I think if you really love somebody right, you want them to be happy no matter what. So, I do give her a blessing to be happy.”

[From Page Six]

“He’s going to go off the deep end. It’s really bad. It’s about to get dark.” I’m not sure I believe that? I do think Scott is a dark, disturbed guy anyway, and he’ll probably be sad and toxic about it. But will his life actually be upended that much? It feels like he and Kourtney have been done for so long – I just looked it up, they’ve been over since 2015! He’s dated several teenagers since then, and I’m sure he’s on the hunt for the next teenager. *shiver* He’ll be fine. Save your sympathies for his next girlfriend, who will probably be an 18-year-old Instagram “model.”

Oh, and Us Weekly had an exclusive about Scott too – according to their sources, Scott is “absolutely furious” about the engagement and “He knew it was possible, but is very jealous of Kourtney and Travis’ relationship… Scott still thinks that they could call things off before the wedding.” Oof, a restraining order might be needed.

Meanwhile, Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler also had some thoughts. Shanna has already been chiming in for months about Travis and Kourtney’s relationship, and Shanna claimed that Barker cheated on her with Kim, which… who knows. Anyway, just hours after Travis and Kourtney announced their engagement on Sunday night, Shanna posted on her Instagram Stories that she was “temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance.” Maybe the answer would be to ignore the man who divorced you 15 years ago? Just a thought.

scott disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker share a passionate kiss during their gondola ride in Venice

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Kourtney and PMK won’t mind the meltdowns from these two exes…they make a good plot. The worse thing to a Kardashian is no reaction.

    • Calypso says:

      What does PMK stand for? I know (something) Manager Kris, I assume? What is the P?

      edit: omg is it Pimp Mama Kris..? I googled and that’s what I found.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Alexandria : Kourtney finally comes up with a decent storyline for PMK. She’s been very dull story-wise fir the past few years.

  2. minx says:

    He always has that same dead-eyed expression.

    • SM says:

      The eyes yes, but what’s with his face. Does he use KK plastic surgeon now? Looks so weird

      • Pix says:

        I know! He look completely plastic with all of those fillers/botox. He should’ve just leaved his face alone.

    • MurphyBrown says:

      but somehow, I find he has a very interesting look. A little Jared Leto. Certainly and interesting face. What a pity he couldn’t find a better focus in life rather than this reality crap.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      He looks as though he comes from the same genetic pool as Armie Hammer.

    • Ry says:

      He is the poster boy for getting everything you want and realizing you’re still miserable if you don’t develop inner peace
      I’ll call it now; He and Shanna will hook up in 3…2…1

  3. girl_ninja says:

    He has no choice but to move on with his life without his ex because I doubt she’s going back to him. I think he’s creepy with the constant dating of very, very young woman. He seems like he’s a very dark and sad man. He should get help.

    • ME says:

      Travis is a major cheater. He admitted to his cheating ways in the book he wrote. Does Kourtney think he’ll be any different with her? I doubt it. I have a strong suspicion they’ll have a TV wedding but never sign a marriage certificate.

    • Heat says:

      For starters, please don’t judge me on my Kardashian knowledge….

      This WILL have a big affect on Scott. Despite being broken up for several years, he and Kourtney have an open-door policy in each other’s homes. They don’t have strict visitation rules for the children, and they have been hugely involved in each other’s lives. I suspect that Scott has been strung along with “maybe’s” for a long time with Kourtney. He’s also very involved with the rest of the family as his {cough} “support” {cough} system through his sobriety and mental health issues. So, yes, the possibility of him spiraling out of control over this is huge.
      That being said, Kourtney is not responsible for Scott’s mental health, and she shouldn’t jeopardize her own happiness for him.

      • Laura says:

        Agree… I read on another gossip site that she has been leading him on about wanting another baby with him and that contributed to his breakup with baby Amelia.

      • SophieJara says:

        @Heat I agree with your take away but I don’t know if I would call it stringing along. Kourtney has given him maybes, but they’ve always been specifically and clearly tied to him being sober. There are scenes in the last season of her sisters playing up the “will they or won’t they” angle and Kourtney being *very* uncomfortable both to camera and to Scott separately that she’s upset they keep circling back to this when he hasn’t lived up to her non-negotiables.

        I’m not saying she didn’t also use their ambiguity for the show, but I do think a “maybe we can do this if you stop drinking” is very fair.

      • Kebbie says:

        Lol okay I’ve never watched their show but the idea that this man child broke up with his 20 year old girlfriend because he wanted a fourth child with his ex is hilarious to me. Like Khloe Kardashian “Tristan wants me back so bad” level of PR nonsense. Why would he want another kid? Isn’t he all about drinking and banging teenagers?

        If this engagement sends him spiraling it’s because he wants an excuse to spiral.

  4. Jezz says:

    That photo of him with the giant margarita! I mean, I wanted to feel for him given the headline, but that photo made me guffaw. There was a kids in the Hall sketch called “girl drink drunk” and this reminded me of that!

  5. HandforthParish says:

    Re Shanna, I guess maybe she is finding the OTT public romance hard to take, specially as they have teenage kids together?
    I know the Kardashians share everything, and the Disick kids are obviously used to having cameras record their lives since birth, but honestly their whole relationship is so overbearing. I hope they are very happy together but I side-eye every celebrity who plays the PDA game ad nauseaum, specially when there are children involved.

    • antanina says:

      have you seen Travis’ daughter? She already looks like mini Kardashian, the damage there has been done loooong time ago. Another plastic fantastic wannabe IG influencer. Also, their kids have nothing good to say about their mother, really doubt Shana is thinking of them either.

    • ME says:

      Kourtney and Travis were seen taking selfies on a train track yesterday. These two are loving the attention. It seems like Kourtney is just playing a role. She hated doing KUWTK but now all of a sudden she’s a Goth Queen that loves the camera ?

      Also, Shanna said her relationship with her kids fell a part after Travis started dating Kourtney. Shanna has a history with this family. She blames Kim for the break up of her marriage…accusing Travis of sleeping with Kim while they were married or something. Now she’s saying the Kardashians are putting sh*t in her kids heads. Who knows what the truth is but the Kardashians were horrible to many people(mostly women)…just ask Black Chyna, Jordan Woods, and Lasa Pippen to name a few.

      All we need now is for Rob to date Shanna…and voila, their premiere season of HULU will be a hit.

  6. Aidevee says:

    Wow, he’s 38? I guess what’s a few years with the Kardashians must do to you. Dude needs a sleep and a wholesome proper job.

  7. J ferber says:

    Disick, you have been replaced. More than that, Kourtney never considered marrying you. You do make fine children, but husband material? Nah. Eat it, Scott. These are your just deserts.

  8. tempest prognosticator says:

    So be it.

  9. Seaflower says:

    Too bad so sad Scott. You had your chance and spent it on chasing girls even when you were together.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I think Shanna has been overreacting because she wants publicity. Scott doesn’t really need it, so maybe his jealousy is for real.

    • Natters says:

      Yes, I think Shanna is using this as an opportunity to get her social media numbers up and some free publicity.

      • ME says:

        …so she’s just like the KarJenners then lol ?

      • Watson says:

        I think Shanna has serious issues. She has deleted many recent photos of her own children off of instagram since they congratulated Kourtney and Travis on their engagement. No matter what’s happening, keep it classy for your kids. Her inability to do that is alarming and says to me that she is a selfish mother, someone who cannot stop themselves from airing any and all dirty laundry in public even if it’s regarding her own children.

  11. Steph says:

    I mean considering what he sent to her other ex about the Italy pics, I believe it. And if he really is hung up on her (instead of just mad she’s happy with someone else) it will be hard on him. I mean outside of their relationship sharing children, I mean bc of how close he still is with the rest of the family. Didn’t he and Khloe walk arm in arm for the after party for Kim’s snl thing? Hope he’s in therapy.

  12. Noki says:

    He is probably one of those men who want to play the field for decades before suddenly settling down in their 50s(George Clooney). He is young,he already has three healthy kids he gets the best of both worlds,i have a hard time thinking he cares,maybe only because of the attention its given his ex and new man.

  13. death by bacon says:

    if you liked it, should have put a ring on it oh,oh, oh.
    Plus if Travis cheated on first wife Kourtney will be back on the market in say 2 years?

  14. Mireille says:

    I don’t get it. Disick is and will always be a douche. Why would anyone date him much less have kids with him? He reminds me of Kevin Federline. Both have been in relationships with either highly successful (Britney) or highly media-profiled (Kourtney) partners, made money off that relationship, and now are trying to make themselves off as…what exactly? Host, reality TV star, DJ, dancer, actor, all around no-talents but with some Z-list celebrity status? They wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar if it hadn’t been for their former partners. They’re like never-ending hustlers — anything to keep the fame and money rolling in. Why would anyone want to hook up with this mess?

    • ME says:

      Ok but to be fair, Kourtney was not famous when she started dating Scott. They started KUWTK at the same time. He became famous the same time she did. Also, Scott comes from money. He had more money than Kourtney when they first started dating. I’m not defending him, but I don’t think he’s like Federline at all.

      • Mireille says:

        You’ve got a point. I regret my earlier post because, as someone had pointed out earlier, he lost his parents within months of each other. So, I feel my comments were pretty harsh, considering he’s gone through so much in his life.

  15. Diana says:

    These photos are sad. I can’t help feeling bad for him… he needs help!

  16. Pilar says:

    Travis and his ex may have divorced 15 years ago. But they got back together after his accident, broke up again but then actually continued to live together until around 5 years ago. When they both got arrested for a nasty fight they were still living together I believe . So this is clearly something that was a co dependent toxic relationships for a very long time.
    Also while Scott is probably jealous ( but only jealous in the way where he wants kourtney available while continuing to date 18 year olds..) this story sounds like it was probably planted by PMK.

    • Noki says:

      Well then this makes more sense,because I was truly wondering why she is acting so hung up on an ex from 15 years ago.

    • purplehazeforever says:

      It’s still been over for at least five years..they went to court in 2014 arguing over custody, so I’d argue it’s been over for 7 years. I don’t usually go on & on about an ex for five months, much less 5 years. She needs to move on.

      • Pilar says:

        Yeah I guess it depends if you have kids with the ex. But I do agree she needs to stop. However we don’t know what part Travis played in all this because it definitely looks as if they were co dependent even while dating others. It takes to two tango. Also the fight were they were both arrested and he was allegedly emailing her death threats was in 2015.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Yeah I was going to say this, even after they divorced Travis and Shanna were on and off, most likely triggered by Travis’s near fatal plane accident which makes sense. I mean he even has a tattoo of her face in the center of his neck, always surprised he never filled that in. So they’ve had an unhealthy on and off thing for years, which is why I think Shanna is bitter about this. She was probably hoping to continue the cycle of co-dependency with him.

  17. SarahCS says:

    I never watched KUWTK, how did Kourtney and Scott get together/stay together long enough to get pregnant?

    I get why she stayed after that point because it’s Kardashain Law (Klaw?) that all your children must have the same father, but how did they start out? Nothing I’ve ever read suggests a happy or loving relationship.

    • Terri says:

      i watched little of the show, but each show I happened to catch seemed to have Scott in it. He and mom would mention marriage often, but Kourtney never wanted to marry him, and she said she wanted all her kids from the same dad.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Actually I think she found out she was pregnant with her first kid when she and Scott had already broken up the first time/were on a break because he had cheated on her. So they got back together for the sake of the baby, which obviously was kind of toxic. She stuck around to have two more kids with him.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      According to Google, Kourtney and Scott met at a party thrown by Joe Francis, the douche who did all the “Girls Gone Wild” videos. Ugh. Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  18. Ariel says:

    Always concerned about men’s feeling of ownership over women they were once involved it. Once in a great while it leads to murder. Let’s not forget that.
    Her ex will probably just end up in rehab.

    And I do have sympathy for him in that he is an only child, his parents died within months (?) of one another and he does count PMK as a kind of parental figure – and I think that will stay the same, but the thought of losing a family structure is scary, being alone is scary.

  19. Barbie1 says:

    Feel sorry for Scott. Booze will continue to ruin his life. He is his own worst enemy. He must keep it together for the sake of his kids. It must be hard for him that Kourt is willing to marry Travis, a serial cheater who had feelings for Kim at one point. Kourtney really knows how to pick them.

  20. RoyalBlue says:

    The question to ask is, who is leaking this to the press. Who knows him so intimately that they can say he is about to go off the deep end and it’s about to get dark. My money is on PMK!

  21. Case says:

    I mean…he had to know this was coming, surely. I feel bad for him; I think he’s a ok guy who has a lot of demons. But he has to grow up when it comes to Kourtney.

  22. lucy2 says:

    It’s almost like these people thrive on attention and drama, huh?

  23. MangoAngelesque says:

    I have nothing of any slightest tinge of positivity to say about any of the Kardashians (well, except for my old favourite Kardashian/Cardassian joke…I do enjoy that one), but my cursory read on Travis is that he seems…decent…? Like, no shade to that at all. He strikes me as an actually decent dude who has lived a LOT of life, been through some real stuff, and seems to have come out the other side as a solid dude.

    Of course, his willingness to involve himself in that high-maintenance circus of a family means he’s not averse to some good ol’ crazy in his life, so I don’t imagine he’s a angelically Zenned by any means. But he doesn’t reach out and shove wadded-up douchebaggery down anyone’s mouth…you know, the way Little Lord Scott did to that waiter with a wad of money. 🤷‍♀️

    And it is a pretty ring, too.

  24. ME says:

    Well a lot of people are saying Kourtney and Travis got engaged months ago in Las Vegas. There were stories then and Travis’s kids even congratulated them on-line months ago. Most people think the proposal on the beach was just for their show. This means Scott has known about their engagement for months. He even said on the KUWTK reunion with Andy Cohen that he was happy for Kourtney and her new relationship. The thing is this family needs drama and pr for their new show, so they are going to use Scott as a plot. He’ll probably go a long with it so he can get a spot on their new show as well.

  25. Sean says:

    Every time I see a picture of Scott, I look into those eyes and can’t help but think “I have to return some video tapes.”

  26. molly says:

    Scott’s entire existence, wealth, and fame is tied to the Kardashian/Jenner media machine. He’s always been happy to play his role in the circus in front of the cameras or off. OF COURSE “heartbroken ex-lover” is his assignment, and OF COURSE he’s happy to play it. Scott is no fool.

  27. AmelieOriginal says:

    I just realized Scott was on a few covers of this YA book series I used to read as a teen called Heartland (which later spawned the Canadian TV series which I used to watch). I can’t tell you how ridiculously stunned I am that years before the world knew his name, I had his face on my bookshelves!!!!! I actually thought the guy on those covers was pretty cute too lol. How is it that one of my fave childhood book series can be linked back to the Kardashians!!! Omg lol this has ruined my morning.

    • Ariel says:

      And now i want to see those book covers. So random.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Look up Heartland book series! He really looks so different with the shorter hair and without the sneer but now that I know it’s him I can see the resemblance! I can’t unsee it now.

  28. Cj says:

    “ I do give her a blessing to be happy.”

    How gracious of him? If he thinks she needs his permission to enjoy her own life that says enough about what he is like as a romantic partner.

  29. February-Pisces says:

    I think Kourtney and Scott kinda have a codependent relationship with each other. It’s like they were still together without actually being together. I think the romance and attraction died a long time ago, but they still seemed reluctant to let each other properly go.

    All their relationships seemed to still be secondary to their relationship as co-parents, like their new partners were just a bit of fun. Travis being Kourtneys (1st) husband means he will hold a title in Kourtneys life that scott, nor any other guy has had. Scott won’t be able to command Kourtneys attention like he once did.

    I reckon he will probably go on a few drunken benders and Kourtney will be called to sort him out, maybe as a way to get her attention. But as problematic as Scott is, I do feel for him. He has lost his parents and doesn’t have any siblings. The Kardashian’s are all he has, but he know’s what they are like and knows they could turn their back on him in a heartbeat if they wanted to. If it hadn’t been for his popularity on the show he would have been on the scrap heap with the rest of their ex’s.

    • goofpuff says:

      I really have no sympathy for him. He seems to have been doing fine, dating all those teenagers. This is just a call for a piece of the attention for whatever brand he’s selling. He’s not any better or worse than any of the Kardashians.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I don’t feel sorry for him because of his actions, but I feel for him not having his parents or any of his own family for support in life. He has his kids, but they are too young. He should stop chasing teenagers and find someone who is closer in age and wants to settle down with him, who could actually support him, but he won’t.

  30. Amando says:

    It would be a cold day in hell before I’d let an ex see me sweat. These two need to learn how to play it cool (and move on with their lives).

  31. Dlc says:

    Anyone else wonder if Scott and Courtney were fooling around while he was dating the teenagers?

  32. Velvet Elvis says:

    Kourtney has been done with Scott for many years. If he weren’t a popular “character” on their show, he would have been out of the picture a long time ago. Instead, they have spent years using him to tease this “will or will they not get back together” storyline, which I think has been damaging to Scott because he hasn’t truly been able to move on. Yeah, he can be a douche but I believe that he’s actually not a bad guy.

  33. Lane says:

    He already looks like he made that leap off the ‘deep end’. Nothing new with him, he’s old, very old news.

  34. Jess says:

    Kourtney was never like this with Scott because he always treated her like crap and cheated on her nonstop while he was out boozing and drugging. She put up with his shit for years, he had chance after chance and he blew it, and I haven’t watched the show in years but somehow know this, lol.

    I think Travis loves the beginnings and gets obsessive about his girlfriends, until that honeymoon phase ends and he moves in looking for his next victim. Hopefully he’s grown up a bit though, Kourtney seems to have a lot of issues with men and like it took a lot for her to open up and be affectionate and loving.