Thomas Markle: ‘I will continue’ to give TV interviews until Meghan speaks to me

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We last heard from Thomas Markle in mid-September, when he gave a paid interview to an Australian outlet. This entire time, I’ve believed that Markle not only gets paid for these interviews, but he’s getting paid to perform/recite a certain script. Last month, he went briefly off-script, much to the consternation of his masters and script-writers. One month later and Thomas is back on-script. I actually wondered if the Australian debacle would mean that the puppet-masters would stop using Thomas as a cudgel against his daughter for a few months, but I guess not. Markle appeared (via video-link-up) on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today. Some lowlights:

Why he keeps giving interviews: ‘I’ve made it quite clear that until I hear from her, until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this. I will do a show at least a month, if I can get it through, and eventually sooner or later she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly, it’s time to talk with each other, we’re family. The kids are going to grow up without knowing that they have two families. This is more than just me and my daughter now, this is me and my daughter, her husband and two babies involved now, so it’s time to do something. It’s time to talk.’

Doria isn’t talking to him either: ‘I’ve tried a few times, I don’t even know where her mother is at this point, I don’t think she’s in Los Angeles, or with Meghan and Harry. I don’t know where she’s at. I have tried to contact her.’

He mentions Piers Morgan: ‘I mean my son Thomas has been shunned just like I have been, and I’m sure he’s responding the same way others are that get ghosted. Piers (Morgan) was right – we all get ghosted, so somebody wants to respond.

Whether he thinks suing the Sussexes would work: ‘Yes, I have, I’ve been told by several lawyers that grandparents have sued to see their grandchildren and won in California, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to involve my grandchildren as pawns in a game – they’re not part of the game, I mean they’re my grandchildren, I want to see my grandchildren.’

He thinks Harry just rides his bicycle: ‘I think that’s true, I think Harry has abandoned the Queen, his grandmother, the Royal Family, the British people and the Army – he’s abandoned them all, and all he does now is ride a bicycle around the neighbourhood he lives in. I don’t know it’s much of a life for him either, it doesn’t make sense.’

He accused the Sussexes of just wanting money: ‘Well, money isn’t everything, but the book he’s writing should be not Finding Freedom – it should be Finding Money, that’s all they seem to care about right now. Harry’s coming out with a book and that can’t be anything but cruel and to insult his grandmother the Queen, it’s a ridiculous idea. And it’s just something for money, that’s all they’re doing – everything they’re doing is for money. But to do that to your grandmother and the Queen, who is 95 years old, is shameful.’

[From The Daily Mail]

My guess is that Piers Morgan moonlights as Thomas Markle’s script-writer, maybe for money or maybe just for the joy of being an absolutely vile pig. Markle has consistently threatened this: “until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this. I will do a show at least a month…” This is the point where TV shows should simply stop speaking to him. Actually, we came to that point in 2019, when it was clear that Meghan had justifiably cut him out of her life and he was using these television appearances to publicly humiliate her and emotionally abuse her. There is no reasonable, newsworthy or journalistic reason for television producers to continue to allow this.

As for the theory that the Windsors are deploying Thomas at specific times to distract from their own f–kups, I think that theory works sometimes, but not this week. This week was supposed to be a spotlight on the Cambridges and Keenshot. I looked at the dates of Markle’s recent interviews, and he seems to be doing it mid-month, usually between the 13th-19th for months now. It’s really curious.

thomas markle 603

Screencaps courtesy of 60 Minutes Australia and ITV.

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  1. North of Boston says:

    Loser and bad dad.

    • Merricat says:

      He’s assuming anyone wants to hear his blather. He’s yesterday’s gossip; no one cares.

    • Lou says:

      OMG he is so creepy and scary! I wish all sites would stop covering him so he can just go away.

    • Amy Too says:

      He’s sounding more and more like Trump with the random repeats and the way that he agrees with some crazy sounding idea to get everyone riled up but then backs off of it slightly to make himself seem magnanimous. Also “lots of people are saying” sort of statements.

      “ I’ve been told by several lawyers that grandparents have sued to see their grandchildren and won in California, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to involve my grandchildren as pawns in a game – they’re not part of the game, I mean they’re my grandchildren, I want to see my grandchildren.”

      So repetitive. So trumpian. It’s like all these narcissists have the same speech patterns.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Amy Too – I think they do. That’s part of the personality disorder, right? I wonder about my own father sometimes. I already know he has borderline but he’s not nearly as unhinged as Trump or Markle. He lacks empathy though and can’t think beyond himself. It has helped a lot to learn about personality disorders and be able to distance myself emotionally from his behavior, but I’m not a celebrity and he can’t get paid to give interviews about me. He does have similar delusions of grandeur though, taking credit for things he has no right to claim.

      • lemontwist says:

        @Amy Too – You are right on the money and oof.. it is scary as sh-t. I could never attempt to quantify all the damage Trump did but one thing had to be giving a worldwide platform for this type of speech.

      • Jan90067 says:

        If the man had two functioning brain cells he’d realize the law says grandparents only have *limited* rights WHEN THERE IS AN *EXISTING RELATIONSHIP* with the grands, and only IF a parent is deceased, and the surviving parent cuts off visits with the grands. This POS has never met these kids, let alone had a previous relationship with them. This POS doesn’t have relationships with, or even met some of, the ones he already has!

      • nina says:

        What a lying sack of s…t. He knows every reputable lawyer told has him he has no chance of getting access. If he had any chance of getting access he would’ve filed yesterday.
        And these bottom feeders giving him the opportunity to spew his filth should go kick rocks. But then their audience slurping that nonsense up like cats at an overturned milk truck, so why should they have any integrity or shame. They are as pathetic as their guest. A case of the company you keep.

    • huckle says:

      He is a bad dad but in light of that why does this site continue to give this man space?

      • Christine says:

        I certainly can’t speak for this site, but personally, I respond to articles about him because I have hopes that someone related to a functioning brain cell in this situation will understand that this vile man is abusing his daughter. I’m certainly not going to wade into the waters with the crazies, this site is Sussex safe, unlike anything related to the source article.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      He is an abuser, not a loser. Let’s call him appropriately… He is emotionally blackmailing his daughter with these interviews, it’s a form of abuse.

      My father used to do something similar (annoying my mum with incessant threats directed at me instead of giving interviews) and it only cemented my will of not speaking to him. We were estranged nearly 15 years before his death, I only saw him…. at his funeral. Cutting him out of my life was the best thing I could ever do and I regret I didn’t do it before (my father was physically and emotionally abusive to me and my brother since we were babies).

    • Chaz says:

      I think since the Duchess of Sussex said she lost her father – let him remain lost. He really has nothing relevant to add as a media mouthpiece for coin and attention. Let the dead bury the dead i.e. the Markle klan and the racist media sounding boards for the royal family. The Sussexes are busy doing real work not showboating mediocrity.

  2. Barbie1 says:

    If I had that as a father I don’t know how I would keep it together.

    • Tris says:

      Me either. I don’t know how she copes. I’d be a major wreck.

    • Heat says:

      It must be incredibly difficult, especially because she did, at one point, have a good relationship with him.
      That being said, I think it’s time to have him charged with (at least) harassment. How does he know that Harry rides his bike around their neighbourhood? Is he stalking them?
      If Tom were an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband talking like this, saying that he won’t stop until she talks to him, his ass would be in jail! Just because he is her father shouldn’t make a difference.

  3. HeatherC says:

    Is this a new interview? It sounds like it’s just an edited version of what aired in Australia, especially the grandparent rights part.

    And ROFL to this part: ” And it’s just something for money, that’s all they’re doing – everything they’re doing is for money.”

    What, exactly, is Toxic Tom giving interviews for, and reaching for interviews, and requesting interviews for?

    And this aired in Britain (and possibly Australia first). American media (exception Faux News) won’t touch him. I love it. (I also doubt Meghan or Harry get up really early in the morning to watch Good Morning Britain or whatever)

    • STRIPE says:

      Also, they’re doing it for money…? Yeah and? They left the royal family and the money that comes with that so now they need to work to make money to live like literally everyone else does.

      Also “this is childish” yes Tom, it is. On your behalf. “Talk to me or else I’ll keep giving interviews about you” is the most childish sh*t I’ve ever seen.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I work every day for money, I must be an awful person, I should just do it out of the kindness of my heart I guess…..

  4. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    More narcissistic hoovering. If overt threats don’t work, try the emotional pleas. If emotional blackmail doesn’t work, back to threats.
    I have a covert narcissistic father, so I recognise TM’s playbook well. Meghan has done and continues to do absolutely the right thing by staying away from the man. He’s irredeemable.

    • Mac says:

      Classic narcissist behavior. I’m pretty sure Meghan knew who and what he was before the wedding, but hoped he wouldn’t try to make it all about him. Unfortunately, he is incapable of being a decent human for even a day.

  5. Lady Digby says:

    Complaint about biased and one sided interview on GMB today.
    Thomas was allowed to give his standard account without either presenter pointing out that Meghan Markle legal case over her private letter to him made it clear that he broke her heart by selling photographs and stories on her to the tabloids.
    He should have been challenged on his accusation that they do everything for money when he boasts of the money he makes on monthly TV interviews.
    Piers Morgan is gone so please don’t continue platforming Thomas Markle to bash Meghan. Everybody has the right to have boundaries and decide who they have or don’t have in their lives. Thomas, Sam and Thomas Junior make their living giving critical interviews on Meghan and Harry. Why on earth would Meghan and Harry want to engage with them after repeated public betrayals?
    This was sent as a complaint to GMB directly after the interview

    • Jais says:

      Was this your complaint @ladydigby. I liked how you included that part about it not being balanced, which references the ofcom ruling on piers Morgan. Where was Alex Beresford? Maybe he could have asked the obvious question about why he’s not concerned about meeting his other grandchildren. It’s shocking they have him on, don’t ask that, and claim to be anything other than sycophants let alone journalists.

      • Lady Digby says:

        I have indeed complained to Of com and quite frankly won’t be watching GMB ever again (not that I was ever a regular given my disgust at PM) but I was flicking over when I saw bad dad who repeated the same old same old but what was male presenter stirring the pot like he is channelling PM. Richard Madely even went as far as to state his own view that H had turned his back on UK, RF, Queen and the military- WTF? Why was there no challenge from co presenter and asking whether Markle grifting, trashing own daughter was fuelling campaign of denigration that led to H. And M quitting UK? Someone should challenge the old coot or better yet cover news items not trashy grifters who are harassing their own daughter.

  6. Maria says:

    I’m wondering if it’s not time to get some lawyers involved. This is harassment.

    • Snuffles says:

      If they can’t sue the British press for harassment, they won’t be able to sue Thomas for giving interviews. If he physically harasses them by showing up at their private property, places of business or the kids school, then they would have a case. And speaking of having a case. Thomas doesn’t have one when it comes to suing to see those kids. He has no prior relationship or contact with them. That is the criteria he must meet to even file, and he doesn’t meet it.

      • Maria says:

        He is repeatedly trying to contact her and Doria. I have no doubt there is physical harassment/stalking happening here.
        And to be honest, given how invasive and threatening the British press are (they aren’t above physical stalking) I’m sure they probably had a decent case to sue for harassment, but it wouldn’t be worth the headache and they would have had no support. Suing about the letter got her enough trouble even though she rightfully won…

      • Snuffles says:


        I think Harry and Meghan would sue and get the police involved if there was physical harassment. When anyone puts even a tie out of line, they drop the hammer on them. So right now all they have is harassing them through the press.

      • Maria says:

        Yes, I think they would do that now. But I’m saying before they left, I think they probably had a decent case for physical harassment against the British press and couldn’t go forward for various reasons despite having cause. Harry issued that statement when they were dating for a reason. Now, on another continent and with lawyers ready, the situation would be different (no physical access/the threat of litigation). Obviously their lives and choices are their own, but some lawyers against Thomas Markle’s stalking would probably be a good option to keep close at hand.
        Also, the British press are vile but never outright say things like “we are going to continue doing this until you do what we want”. I mean, that’s what they mean and intend, but stated in print as if it was a ransom note invites legal action to me, and I think this does too.
        Of course, that could just be what Markle wants – to shine more negative attention on them, but in the end sometimes you have to take up the gauntlet anyway. But it’s whatever they feel comfortable with.

    • Eurydice says:

      if he’s making repeated and unwanted attempts to contact them, they can file for a restraining order.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Maria, I agree with you. His words are a threat of sorts but may not be deemed as threatening. Completely unstable, yep. It really does sound like bits & pieces from things P$ss Morgan has said in the past-why bring Morgan’s name up now? Unless he is a party or writer of the narrative. What happened to Dylan Howard?

        It’s a sad state of affairs of how hard it is to get a restraining order. I know from 2 experiences of trying to get one. Toxic Tom is publicly showing why one might be needed-I call BS on his saying any lawyer has a case siding with him.

        I’m also going to call bullsh*t on him trying to contact them except on his PlaySkool phone. He doesn’t have their phone numbers. When you’re dealing with a toxic, mentally unstable person, you are not giving your phone number to them. Especially when they’ve demonstrated they are willing to sell you out for $$$$. Meghan/Doria are not ignoring his calls. He can’t make a call that he doesn’t have a number to. The only way he could make a call at this point, is if someone gave him the #. Pretty sure H & M have that covered. It’s more scary to me that one has to change their phone # on a regular basis just in case. We had to change ours twice just in case and we’re not public/famous figures.

        Doria is the best of everything and so is her daughter.

  7. Nev says:


  8. Miranda says:

    Fucking vile, malignant narcissist. I feel like he poses an emotional threat to Meghan and her family, if not a physical one. Is there some sort of restraining order that could shut him up?

  9. Polo says:

    Are people in the UK not tired of this? Just why? I mean I know why but at this point I just wonder who wants to listen to this?

    • Lady Digby says:

      Given what UK is going through at present NO ONE gives a fig about Bad dad’ s farting continuously about a 4 year old quarrel.
      No responsible media should be platforming him especially in the wake of debate on hate speech following the MP murder.

  10. Cessily says:

    Already registered my complaint.. now on to the companies who sponsor GMB and this bullying by media and outright extortion.

    There is no guessing who gives him his orders since he stated clearly who his contact is in a previously pulled interview where he went “off Script”.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Cessily, you’re right — they only pay attention once the public starts going for their sponsors and companies start dropping their ads from the show, so we should direct complaints to them. I’m in the US so idk who they are, but I’m sure someone can make a handy little list that we can all refer to any time they give this piece of shit a platform.

  11. Snuffles says:

    All Harry does is ride his bike? Seriously? They’re mad they know nothing about their social life. Or their work life. Or their family life. And good for Doria cutting him off too. And how would you know where Doria is or isn’t unless you’re stalking her? Which means the British media is trying to stalk her and hasn’t seen boo from her lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s moved to Montecito and is under Harry and Meghans protection. She probably learned how to get around stealthily too.

    • L84Tea says:

      Yeah, he seems to really have it out for Harry for some reason. If he thinks that’s going to get him on his daughter’s good side–smack talking her husband–he’s insane.

  12. Merricat says:

    He thinks he’s holding them hostage, but no one gives a fig. There’s no appetite for this same old rancid porridge.
    The royals might be sending him a monthly check for this gig, and that would be on the taxpayer’s dime, and if that’s the case, it’s all pretty gross.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That sounds like something TOB would do. Pay ole Pop to hound his daughter and her husband. Excellent point @ Merricat!!

    • Jais says:

      Aha! So this is where the foundation money is going…
      I mean prob not? But it’s all so shady either way.

  13. Lady Digby says:

    Also GMB Twitter response 90% disgust at a further onslaught from Bad dad with male presenter blatantly encouraging anti Meghan framing of a one sided narrative. Boohoo daughter wont talk to me and other family members so we are FORCEd to trash her for cash to the media!
    Why doesn’t any presenter challenge him? She can’t trust him anymore and has chosen as is her right to have no further contact!

  14. AmelieOriginal says:

    I doubt Meghan will ever reconcile with this vile man. Even if he dies, I don’t see her going to see his funeral (maybe paying for the arrangements and sending flowers). She owes him nothing. He keeps beating the same drum and at some point it won’t be interesting to the media anymore.

    • Maria says:

      No, I think she’s done. She said herself – “I lost my father”.

    • Lorelei says:

      I feel so sorry for her that this asshole keeps doing this to her, and the entire world hears all about it.

      I’m sure that whatever she chooses to do when he does finally (!) die will be plastered all over headlines and torn apart for sport by the BM for weeks, during what will no doubt already be a very conflicting and difficult time for her.

  15. Sunday says:

    This guy is a f*cking terrorist.

  16. Eating Popcorn says:

    This guy, we could pick apart every word out of his mouth but let’s just use the last sentence of the last paragraph. How is Harry writing a book shameful and hurtful to the Queen – is the book about the Queen, does Markle have 1st hand knowledge of that? A friend recently had a stalker – his last letter before the police arrested him said, I leave you alone when you do this, this and this… which the police said indicates that the behavior was now unstable, just like Markle, I’ll stop giving interviews when Meghan does this… what a scum bag this guy is.

    • Malificent says:

      And on what planet does a 70-something American guy from California care about whether the Queen of England is losing face? The script writing is so terrible.

  17. paranormalgirl says:

    This is abusive. Meghan was right to cut him out for her own mental health. He is disgusting.

  18. Monica says:

    Wear yourself out, Tommy Boy. It won’t do any good.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Considering there are direct links between Bad Dad, Jason Knauf, KP, Will & Kate’s smear campaign against Meghan…maybe the only good that will come out of is stopping Will’s maniacal plan to come and take over the US.

  19. Abby says:

    My parents whom I haven’t seen in 16 years torture me by going through my ex to see my kids whom I’ve never introduced them to. He delights in triangulating with them. It’s very confusing to my children. (My brother is also a predator who has lost custody of his daughter for abusing her, but my ex also tells the 3 year old girl and 6 year old that Uncle is a safe person; Mommy doesn’t tell the truth about her family.) Narc parents have a sadistic side that simply loves the torture they can inflict. And narc exes, but that goes without saying. One thing I love about Harry is how much he has encircled Meghan and his loyalty to her is unswerving.

    • lemontwist says:

      I’m so sorry, I hope you have some good friends and chosen family outside of that toxic environment. Sounds like you’ve been able to stay thoughtful and strong in a f-cked up situation. Much love and health to you & and your kids.

    • terra says:

      Goodness, that’s horrifying, @Abby! I hope this terrible situation is resolved in a way that is safe both physically and emotionally for you and your kids. My own mother has NPD and my childhood was . . . unpleasant, to say the least, so I can’t help but empathize with anyone who has also lived through that particular hell.

      Fingers crossed that one day we’ll both be able to completely cut ourselves off from our tormentors for good. I’ll be sure to keep you and your – no doubt, lovely – children in my thoughts! Best wishes to all of you.

  20. WithTheAmerican says:

    “I don’t want to involve my grandchildren as pawns in a game – they’re not part of the game”

    Thanks for the admission, you P O S dad. I hope M sues for harassment.

  21. Emma says:

    What’s shameful and hurtful is Andrew.

  22. Lili says:

    Don’t worry Thomas, Big Willy and his Missus are coming to the states next year
    i’m sure they would love to sit down with you for a cup of Tea and share photos of their kids and maybe even bring you a present From the queen for the Stellar Job you are doing.

  23. Jay says:

    Can viewers in the countries where this crap airs not complain, either to the channel, it’s sponsors, or the broadcast license comittee?

    There’s no news value here, and continuing to give Thomas Markle airtime to harass and openly extort his daughter is not only distasteful, I think at this point it borders on criminal.

  24. MangoAngelesque says:

    I clicked on that link re: him going off-script, and I loved what one tweet pointed out: that people know this toad’s voice, but can anyone readily “hear” Doria’s voice in their mind? I can’t. Because, save for the time she spoke at that cookbook launch, I can’t think of any other time she has parted her lips to speak about anything that could, in any possible way, cause Meghan OR Harry any strife.

    And as for his little jabs of threats toward suing for grandparent rights, there’s no way any legit lawyer (read: lawyer Piers Morgan hasn’t nudged Thomas toward) would tell him he has a real case against H&M.

    If for no other reason than the fact he has other grandchildren he doesn’t see, and he’s not suing their parents. In the words of Elle Woods, “Why now? Why this sperm?”

    • Lorelei says:

      Have we EVER even heard Doria’s voice? I can’t remember ever hearing her say anything; thank god one of Meghan’s parents knows how to be discreet ffs.

  25. mariahlee says:

    they tell meghan and harry to go away, and then when they’re quiet, they bring tom out to antagonize them. it’s literally a national sport to use meghan as a punching bag. let her be jfc

  26. Jane B says:

    SEVEN grandchildren. He has no interest in meeting any of them. Except the famous ones. Ex wife says he’s verbally abusive. Oldest children are verbally abusive too. No one has to meet abusive relatives.

  27. Lala11_7 says:

    Meghan has dealt with her Father’s demented perverse behavior her WHOLE LIFE and Meghan was ALWAYS going to have to cut her Father permanently out of her life…the stakes are higher because of who Meghan married…but the logistics would be the same…I’m just happy Meghan had a strong Mama who provided her with the emotional & psychological tools to get away from the Markles

    • HeatherC says:

      Can you imagine if she had reached A level status as an actress, like 20 million per film? He would have done this exact same thing. He’s scary and yes he is an emotionally abusive stalker.

      Also he can’t contact Doria? She divorced your ass over 30 years ago. Left you nearly 40 years ago. No she doesn’t have to stay in contact with you, your shared child is now an adult and there are no more attempts at co parenting. She stayed in contact because she is gracious and classy. You showed your ass so often against her only child, she cut you loose (as she should have done decades ago)

  28. Janethetrain says:

    This is all the RF sending him out. All you have to do is read this…

    “I think that’s true, I think Harry has abandoned the Queen, his grandmother, the Royal Family, the British people and the Army – he’s abandoned them all, and all he does now is ride a bicycle around the neighbourhood he lives in. I don’t know it’s much of a life for him either, it doesn’t make sense.”

    The Firm can’t get over that riding a bike in California is better than their brand of BS! Harry’s happiness is causing a narcissistic collapse of the Royal Family.

  29. Lorelei says:

    I swear to god, my blood pressure spiked immediately upon seeing that headline and photo. Aside from everything else that’s wrong with him, how are people not tired of him retreading the same sh!t over and over again? He knows nothing more about Meghan than any of us here do, so why is anyone paying him to opine once a month?? 😓

  30. Nicki says:

    A toxic toad.

  31. WatchingATrainwreak says:

    What a foolish man he is. Every time he opens his mouth, he validates the decision of Meghan, Harry &! Doria to ignore him & keep him out of their lives. It is a form of rape to force a relationship through coercion, which is what he is proudly announcing he is doing in this interview. The only way to put an end to generational toxicity is distance. That is a wonderful gift that Meghan & Harry are giving to their children. I don’t imagine it is always easy on them, as family issues never are.

  32. Polo says:

    I wish there was a way to completely mute this man!! My goodness!!
    At this point how many more interviews of the same thing can they keep airing? I know the court case is coming up in November so maybe there still more but I legitimately hope that GMB didn’t get any views and instead got complaints cause this is horrific.
    I legitmately pray for Harry and Meghan like they are my family because the amount of abuse they have gotten from all sides is unbelievable. The internal strength you have to have to persevere.. Phew!
    I pray every good thing to come their way and all their enemies to fall.

  33. Amy Bee says:

    As many on twitter have said Markle is using coercive control on Meghan. At this point, ITV should stop participating in this abuse. I agree that Piers Morgan is behind the scenes instigating some of this. What I don’t understand is after hearing what the Royal Family did to his daughter how could he still side with them? He doesn’t want a relationship with Meghan he wants to control her. He’s an evil man.

    • lanne says:

      Some media needs to break down how abusive this is. Lots of people have narcisistic relatives. This would be a great service to break down Thomas Markles tactics as an abuser, and how the British media is enabling the abuse of a private citizen in another country.

      It’s really shameful, and it needs to be called out. The association with the royal family destroyed what was likely already a tenuous relationship. The British tabloids sought him out, befriended him, turned him against Meghan. It’s horrible how much they have tried to destroy her life. I’m so glad they haven’t succeeded.

  34. Eurydice says:

    I don’t believe he’s tried to contact H&M recently, or Doria, either. He’s just showing up for his monthly paycheck.

  35. AVEA says:

    And Meghan will continue ignoring this vile toad as long as he’s doing these interviews. What a trashy asshole, the money can’t be that good

  36. Over it says:

    How exactly are Meghan and Doria supposed to communicate with a dead man? Didn’t Thomas the cancer get the memo from the Oprah interview that he is as good as dead to his daughter because of exactly what he is still doing.

    • lanne says:

      Neither of them can contact him without him going to the media. It’s a security concern at this point. He would share any photo, record any conversation and sell it, share any letter or card. They can’t contact him for the safety of their family.

  37. ME says:

    Oh for f*cks sake…leave her alone. Just because you share blood doesn’t mean she has to have a relationship with you. Toxic family members have to go…I don’t care. No one should put with with that.

  38. kelleybelle says:

    Good luck with that, you abusive, greasy shit-heap. Good luck. You’ve been dead to her for years.

  39. Lila says:

    He’s really not in a place where he should be criticizing anyone doing physical exercise.

    And the fact that he can’t even locate Doria is cracking me up. Of course she didn’t give you a forwarding address! She didn’t want to come home to him sitting forlornly on the porch, complaining to a bucket of chicken about grandparents rights.

  40. Steph says:

    So basically, if you don’t let me mooch off you privately, I’ll humiliate you publicly.

  41. Sofia says:

    This isn’t even going down well in the UK (anymore). He did trend but the top tweets were filled with “he’s horrible, why is GMB doing this?” and there were also a lot of people with blue check marks posting similar things.

    He’s a toxic piece of trash. Truly. And I’ll stop here before I say something I don’t want to.

    • Ginger says:

      Agree. People felt sorry for him in 2018 but now they are sick of him and get why Meghan cut him off completely. He just says the same boring script for every interview. The public is siding with Meghan ( except the typical Meghan haters/ bots)

  42. OliviaJoy says:

    I mean…what stories does this fool even have to tell anymore? She hasn’t spoken to him in 3 years..its not like he has any information that is worth someone paying him for. He’s going to “keep giving interviews until she talks to me….” Such a clown.

  43. Jodi says:

    i didn’t read the content of this article because i don’t feel the need to get more Thomas Markle BS HOWEVER this headline is translated as: I will continue to use the media to breach my daughter’s boundaries and continue my mental harassment and abuse of her family.

    He’s toxic and disgusting.

  44. Chantal says:

    I recoil every time I see a photo of Toxic Tom. This is the same fool who correctly called the BRF a cult. Now he’s consistently team Queen, who along with the heirs, never bothered to meet him. I seriously doubt they’re zooming with each other. As a U.S. citizen, seeing him cape like this for the BRF makes me embarrassed for him.

    I think it’s wonderful that Doria has also ghosted him and he has no clue as to her whereabouts. It’s also interesting that he’s always been careful not to slander Doria.

    The delusional entitlement! It’s gross that he’s invoking Piers as another cog in his never ending scheme to continue to abuse Meghan. He is truly despicable for still trying to use the Sussex babies to force a reconciliation and M&H are doing a great job of protecting their kids from all manner of toxic family members. The BM must have promised him a huge payday if he gives them info/photos re the Sussexes and esp. the kids. Their desperation, along with his, is palpable. He, along with his other offspring, doesn’t have current info re the Sussexes. Him criticizing M&H for making money to support themselves while whoring himself out to the BM is the height of hypocrisy. Malignant narcissism in families, esp parents, is truly scary and beyond damaging. Thankfully, while evil and manipulative, none of these ridiculous cartoonish characters, (the Markles and the BRF) are true criminal masterminds. Otherwise, our faves would still be trapped in that circle of hell. I still marvel at the strength, wisdom, and foresight it took for them to leave. Which I why I will always root for them.

    • Lady D says:

      Good point about him never slagging Doria, @Chantal. I wonder what she knows about him that would that would shut him down for good?

  45. Monica says:

    On one hand we can look at this and think “first world problems.” M&H have money, connections, security, fulfilling work, family close by, and true love. But Jesus H, to be hounded from so many quarters has got to be stressful and dispiriting. They must have to work hard to keep equilibrium.

    • Eurydice says:

      On the other hand we can look at this and think “Even the first world continues to have problems with racism and misogyny.”

    • MsIam says:

      Abuse is abuse. In either hand. And yes I would imagine emotional torture would be stressful and dispiriting.

  46. aquarius64 says:

    This sperm donor is a vampire full stop. I think the Sussexes and their lawyers are talking to law enforcement to build a case against this creep. I know many think the plan is to ignore but this guy is unstable and he is harassing Doria. Doria is more exposed. Frankly I think the BM knows he has no case for custody and they are egging him on, hoping he breaks the law. That would be great headlines be a problem. TT would rat out the BM to get out of some legal jeopardy, especially if the press is liable.

  47. Ainsley says:

    Grandparent’s rights is typically only awarded if you can prove you have been significantly involved in the child’s life, and that not seeing them would be detrimental to their well being. It’s not an avenue for estranged/toxic people to assert control.

    • lanne says:

      this. They are just counting on the British public not knowing this so they can salivate at the possibility of Meghan being forced to do something against her will.

      • Lady Digby says:

        During previous interview with Dan Wooton a member of public asked whether Bad dad would give up media interviews if it meant he could see his grandchildren and he firmly replied NO!
        Exposes the truth in a nutshell Tom, Sam and Junior want a steady income to trash Meghan. It has always been about money and revenge not about reconciliation.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Plus it makes zero sense when the kids do
      know their grandparent on Meghan’s side. The grandparent they know best is on Meghan’s side.

  48. lemontwist says:

    I know I clicked & read the post/comments, then responded but I really hate this. TM’s words are so disgustingly abusive & manipulative that I don’t think just the context of ‘the British media is using him’ and ‘Meghan and Harry are thriving now’ is enough to warrant the impact of giving him a voice by reprinting the f-ing horrible things he says about his daughter.

    I usually don’t read a TM post, or if I do I’ll just look through the comments and reply to support survivors of abusive parents. I love this site and I get why this is content but yeah… TM does not deserve any more airtime.

  49. Polo says:

    I think the reality is that as long as there’s interest the BM will keep inviting and talking to Thomas. I hate even seeing his face. I refuse to click on any articles or videos of him because all it does is feed the beast. As much as I wanna fight for Meghan the reality is that people commenting/watching his interviews only encourages more of this behavior. If no one cared they wouldn’t be putting all this out there. The economy of hate, clickbait, and controversy. This is what sells and gets views. They don’t care that a human being is on the receiving end of the vitriol as long as it pays them. That’s why Piers stuck around as long as he did. Being a troll pays off.

  50. Cj says:

    I mean… he’s not in the best of health so I would just wait it out frankly. He’s not going to be doing an interview a month for very long!

    Also let’s be honest 12 interviews a year from him saying “woe is me, I can’t get her to speak to me”? Ratings will drop as people get bored and even GMB will do a cost benefit analysis and scrap him.

  51. Dani says:

    Here’s hoping that when he finally dies, his death is overshadowed by someone else more important. What a narcissistic piece of crap.

  52. Sue E Generis says:

    I will continue to punch you in the face until you smile at me. Nice approach, Tom.

  53. L4frimaire says:

    Did they bring him out again to once again distract from the utter blandness of the other royals? They did a thing, it was fine but apparently didn’t get the ratings and traction they hoped, so now it’s back to attacking Meghan through her father? Are they mad that hHarry isn’t increasing his carbon footprint by showing up to some party to stroke the UK press or some other trifling event they can devise? This man is disgusting and too far gone in the tabloid world to be redeemed. At least it seems his latest disgusting attack and threats against Meghan are being called out by a lot of people and people are saying GMB is blatantly promoting harassment and emotional abuse. What valid reason could they bring this man out again? It’s petty and exploitative and glad a lot of people are finally seeing it and calling it out. At this point Thomas Markle is a royal family spokesman and shows how low a nation will go to stalk an individual who left. This is so sick and disturbing.

  54. Bettyrose says:

    The grandparent these children will know best, be closest to growing up, will be on Meghan’s side. WTF basis does TM even have?

  55. Chaz says:

    Thomas doesn’t understand why the Duchess of Sussex isn’t speaking to him? Buy a clue mf ! You’ve made plenty of money spewing garbage!

  56. aquarius64 says:

    Are there going to go to Ofcom about this clown?

  57. Tessa says:

    The bots are out there also on comments sections. I hope the media stops paying attention to him.

  58. aquarius64 says:

    I am so glad people are done with the Markle slime and they are coming for the media enablers. Money talks, and the media would have to take a bit hit financially to cut off the vultures.

  59. Lane says:

    What a stupid pig. Hope Meghan never utters a word to him or about him.

  60. Well Wisher says:

    Meghan has all the ingredients for well-being and sound mental wellness – self-validation, she was born with it. Since the nervous system tends to absorb trauma-in this particular case: parental disloyalty: I assume that practicing self-care will avoid “triggers”.