Zayn Malik reportedly dropped from his label following his violent altercation

Zayn Malik heads to Electric Lady Studios after leaving Gigi's apartment

The conversations around this Zayn Malik-Yolanda Hadid situation have been pretty painful. I realize that so many of Zayn’s fans are very young women and girls, so let me just say to them: it does not matter what Yolanda Hadid “did” or “said.” Zayn had no right to put his hands on her. The fact that he pleaded no contest to assaulting Yolanda and harassing Gigi Hadid speaks volumes. I have a theory that the incident with Zayn assaulting Yolanda was not actually the cause of Zayn and Gigi’s breakup. I think Gigi and Zayn were already on a break and that’s what led to his violent and reprehensible behavior.

TMZ’s reporting was rather odd – they were likely twisting themselves in pretzels trying to find a way to take Zayn’s side – and it led me to believe that Gigi and Yolanda were both at Gigi’s Pennsylvania home when Zayn entered and freaked out, a freakout which apparently went down on September 29th. But no, apparently Yolanda was in Gigi’s home and Zayn entered. Gigi was in Paris, and likely on the phone with Yolanda when Zayn assaulted Yolanda. Gigi was getting ready to walk one of the runways at Paris Fashion Week, and she apparently pulled out of PFW at the last minute and flew home. Page Six says Gigi walked the Coperni runway at 10 am September 30, then left the country before she was scheduled to walk for Isabel Marant that night.

Meanwhile, Zayn has also been dropped by his record label, at least according to British sources:

Troubled singer Zayn Malik has been dropped by his record label amid fans’ fears he has been smoking extremely strong cannabis. The revelation came after the ex-1D star, 28, split from model Gigi Hadid, 26, mum to their young daughter.

His career was in tatters last night after he was sentenced to probation and anger management classes for harassing Gigi’s mother Yolanda, 57. The ex-One Direction star, 28, yesterday pleaded no contest to four counts of harassment amid allegations he shoved Gigi’s mother Yolanda, 57.

In the September 29 incident, at the ranch he shares with Gigi in Pennsylvania, US, he allegedly called Netherlands-born Yolanda a “f*****g Dutch slut” during a torrid row.

The Sun can reveal Bradford-born Zayn has been ditched by his US record label RCA — with those close to him saying he has been increasingly smoking “extremely strong” cannabis.

A senior music source told The Sun last night: “A lot of people have tried desperately to get Zayn’s life and career back on track, but nothing has worked. So many people who have worked with him have just given up. He’s almost impossible to control or guide. A while ago his label quietly decided it was the end of the line for their relationship, and now this.”

[From The Sun]

Something I want people to keep in mind: Zayn isn’t “a kid.” He is 28 years old. He’ll be 29 in January. This isn’t cute, and the attitude of “maybe he just needs to be guided into not behaving this way” is infantilizing. This isn’t Zayn being a “bad boy.” This isn’t “oh, he only acts this way because he’s so protective of his daughter.” Maybe he’s just genuinely a sh-tty person.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Break Up After Singer's Alleged Argument with Her Mom Yolanda **FILE PHOTOS**

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  1. Woke says:

    According to the court record the charges seems to not includes physical altercations. Anyway the situation is horrible I hope he takes his anger management class seriously and see it through for the sake of his daughter.

    • Goldie says:

      In the court documents, Yolanda claims that he shoved her into a dresser. People often agree to plead guilty or no contest to a lesser charge in order to avoid being charged with something more serious. If he isn’t charged with assault, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.
      (this isn’t directed solely at you btw, just a making a general comment.)

  2. Aimee says:

    I always thought he had a serious drug problem. I hope I’m wrong. Get some help dude!!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I live in the UK and the gossip is that he’s always had issues with anger management and substance abuse that was in part covered up at the height of 1D fame and part that his bandmates behaviour often made the headlines over his.

      I have no doubt that he has mental health issues but you can have MH issues and still be a mega douche – to me he’s always been both.

      If his label has dropped him, good but it also means that there is more tea to come about his behaviour. A label only drops someone at his level when its very very bad. There is NO excuse for what he did – none what so ever!!

      • DeniseMich says:

        A record label does not drop you for pushing and yelling at a mother in law. There is more to this. What did she find in his house that led to this fight?

      • ExpectationvsReality says:

        @DeniseMich They can absolutely drop him for this, he hasn’t exactly been making them money recently. His last album sales were abysmal. He refuses to tour, doesn’t show up for planned studio times, and now this.

    • Lizzie says:

      CDAN has reported hard drug use by him for years.

    • Arpeggi says:

      He probably does and his problem is certainly NOT “extra strong cannabis”. It also doesn’t excuse being violent as plenty of people use drugs and manage to not attack people. But yeah, for his own good, I hope he gets the help he needs and accept the consequences of his actions.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Yeah, I don’t appreciate the cannabis slander taking place. Unless he’s adding something to what he’s smoking, La Bonne Dieu Canna is not causing his behavior.

      • Jules says:

        The “extra strong cannabis” really stood out to me. We all know that stoners are not known to be violent, so this felt like a dig that he is using harder drugs. Which has been a lowkey rumor for a while. Which does not excuse his behavior at all. So again, the happy happy insta photos were all covering up the truth.

      • Jaded says:

        I have no doubt it’s more along the lines of Bolivian Marching Powder. Too much of that stuff can turn you into a monster.

      • purplehazeforever says:

        Lol @ Bolivian marching powder..
        As a whole…if you’re a violent person, drugs will add to that…if you’re not, drugs may or may not change you. I haven’t seen in nonviolent drug offenders, doesn’t mean it can’t happen though.

      • marehare says:

        I’m 76 and have used cannabis for years. Never has it caused me to become violent, no matter how strong it gets. If strong, it just makes you sleepy. I think he likes to pack his nose or use other illegal stimulents. PS, in all my years of marriage, I never got into an argument with my MIL or FIL. I would never hurt my hubby by fighting with his parents. This guy has some real issues and needs to get into rehab and sell assess himself. I hope both Gigi and her mom got restraining orders against this fool.

      • terra says:

        @Jules I agree wholeheartedly that smoking marijuana does not make someone violent, but I do feel the need to point out that smoking weed doesn’t mean someone *can’t* be violent.

        My mother smoked pot everyday of my childhood – multiple times a day, even – and she was horrendously abusive towards both my father and I. Yes, she did drink and use other substances at times, but over the years there were plenty of long stretches where pot was the only substance she imbibed and that changed nothing in her behavior.

      • Courtney B says:

        The ‘extra strong’ stood out to me too. I wonder if they’re hinting that he laces it with something. Apparently some users will lace it with stimulants like cocaine or with hallucinogens like PCP. If he is using ‘extra strong’ it sounds like he could be. Maybe as a way to be using coke, etc in the open while looking like he’s just using pot. ‘Oh, Zayn doesn’t do hard drugs, he just likes to smoke weed.’

      • LaraW” says:

        Interesting fact— I was looking at PA state law and in Pennsylvania, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug while cocaine is classified as Schedule II. So regardless of the actual effects of the two drugs, possession of marijuana carries a higher sentence/fine. And PA has a very specific definition for “very small amount of marijuana”—less than 30 grams (around 1 ounce).

        I’m actually wondering if the reason why he didn’t contest the harassment charges (my very shallow internet search indicated that he’s been charged with harassment, not battery, but I could be wrong) is because they not only threatened charges for battery, but also charges related to drugs (possession of, possession of paraphernalia, possibly distribution or intent to distribute?). I doubt he would have had much concerns about paying a fine, but would be very concerned about possible jail time and a felony charge. Either way, clearly the calculation was such that accepting the harassment charges was preferable. Although I guess drug charges could come with complications since it’s her house. And not sure why cops would pass up a chance to bust him for possession, since it seems like PA is ridiculously strict.

  3. Jan90067 says:

    Actions have consequences (although for the last few years it hasn’t seemed so). Didn’t know who this person was, as that music isn’t anything I ever listened to (I am SO OUT of their target age range lol), so I know nothing about him personally. But I am glad to see that he is being held to account. He can be angry with/hate his partner, her mother, the world…but he can’t lay a hand on them, or abuse them verbally. End. Of. Men have become increasingly violent towards women, and it needs to stop.

    • Pilar says:

      Not if you make money for companies. Chris Brown is still on the same label that zayn got dropped from. And he literally beat RiRi almost to death and stalked his next gf. Threatened a woman with a gun. Has felony charges and a long list of violent crimes.

      • Twin falls says:

        Agree he wasn’t dropped because of this incident. That’s giving undue credit to the record label.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s disgusting that they still represent that misogynistic POS. They get no brownie points with Brown still being on their roster.

      • Meg says:

        Ugh really? What an awful label my God.
        I thought the same when Armie hammer was dropped by his agent and manager-if he was making enough money for them they wouldn’t have dropped him. They used his situation as an opportunity to look good PR wise but those agencies will stay with awful people as long as theyre making them money

      • terra says:

        @Pilar Yes! When I saw the headline I immediately thought of Brown, but didn’t know it was the same record label. Ugh.

      • HeatherC says:

        Chris Brown’s music still manages to sell. Apparently Zayn’s albums haven’t charted enough to get a return the record label expect. Brown’s last album Indigo hit #1 on the US Billboard 200. Zayn’s last album Nobody is Listening hit #44 on the same chart. Both the same label. Money talks.

  4. Southern Fried says:

    You’re absolutely right. It’s been disturbing how many are making excuses for him. If his label has dropped him, good.

  5. Pilar says:

    Same label that has Chris Brown on their rooster STILL. This isn’t a label doing the right thing. It’s about profit. Chris Brown makes them money, zayn is recluse who doesn’t do promotional duties or tours and hence his career hasn’t been going anywhere for a while now. Also according tO the article they parted ways before this incident but they released this now to look good and distance themselves from him but Chris Brown is still on their label so this is so transparent.

  6. Aurora says:

    Sadly GiGi is stuck with this dude in her life for 18 years. Choose wisely when procreating.

    • Maria says:

      Abusers trapping women with babies is a thing.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      Now he’s traumatised his daughter, her mother and her grandmother. His relationship with daughter may never heal and she might never trust him or feel safe with him again. Hopefully he treats therapy seriously, addressing the causes of this behaviour and stop it before he causes further damage. Make better choices regardless of whether or not you procreate.

      There I fixed it for you.

    • Gruey says:

      In my years in the criminal justice system, I came to believe that there’s no single more important, life-defining decision than who to have a child with. If you have the SLIGHTEST reservations, do not have kids with them. Just don’t do it.

      Kids bind you to a person, to everyone they date, their friends, their family. Gigi’s life will be defined by this in ways she never imagined. Her life as she knew it is totally over.

      • Maria says:

        Stop making this into only her responsibility and fault, two people made this child.

      • Keri says:

        Gruey you speak the truth and everyone should hear it. It is the one thing i am legit scared of and tbh have even induced a home abortion. I know it is not right and i would never ever advocate that but that is how scared i was…….having a child with the wrong person. Hopefully that soul forgives me and so does God. It is a very very seriois decision

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        I don’t see Gruey’s comments as making this Gigi’s fault at all. Of course two of them made the child. But they’re both bound to the other (and their families, friends, future partners) permanently because of this child, just as Gruey said. And Gigi will have a more difficult path due to this because ZM has much more serious personal issues…and Gruey’s advice to not have kids with someone if you have the slightly reservations about them is really good advice.

      • Maria says:

        Except that it is making it Gigi’s responsibility because the onus of making life better for the child is on her in this argument. The problem is with the abuser not the person who had a child with someone they loved who in turn was abusive. And we don’t know if he messed with her birth control or did whatever, because abusers absolutely do that to trap people sometimes. And it also implies that Gigi is unintelligent because she either had no reservations or was somehow irresponsible, but the fact is that when you’re being abused your sense of perception and powers of self-doubt are warped and maximized, respectively.

      • Normades says:

        Agree. If you have a kid with someone you are forever tied. I’m in my 40s and my parents have been divorced for 30 years. Yet they will always be linked together by me AND my children. Luckily everyone gets along *kinda* ok.
        I didn’t take your comments poorly. Be careful who you procreate with.
        I’m not saying Gigi did wrong… But I did think at the time that she got pregnant too young and fast with a guy that was on and off. This will be messy but at least she is very wealthy

      • Maria says:

        I am sure that Gigi who actually had the child unlike us was envisioning something forever with Zayn, because like many an abuser he probably made her feel like the messiness was past.

        I am sorry but the focus being all on her still implies blame. That she wasn’t careful enough. But if it is messy it’s his fault not hers.

      • Nope says:

        Maria, it’s a really interesting conversation. I have really loved the reversal in addressing rape culture that was so well addressed by that list that went viral after Sarah Silverman tweeted it (I don’t think she wrote it?). My favorite was “Carry a rape whistle. If you find you are about to rape someone, blow the whistle until someone comes to stop you.”

        I also think that what Gruey said is profoundly true: “Kids bind you to a person, to everyone they date, their friends, their family. Gigi’s life will be defined by this in ways she never imagined. Her life as she knew it is totally over.”

        I’d argue that we instinctively look for the actionable lesson in a terrible situation like this–and in an individualistic way, not a collective way. The advice is addressed to Gigi because she is A) the reasonable person in this scenario–the one most likely to ‘learn something’ (unfortunately), and B) she’s the one in the role we most see for our friends and relatives–the abused, not the abuser. And many of us know women who had reservations about a guy but had a baby with him because they felt like they “ought” to for various reasons.

        I mean, it IS good advice, not to have a child with a man you aren’t sure of–we shouldn’t have to follow that advice, but as women we make those calculations all the time: text your friends where you will be, don’t walk there at night, arrange your keys between your fingers to act as brass knuckles.

        I agree that an indirect result of framing it this way is that it implicitly puts the responsibility on the victim and that is often made into explicit blame.

        The question is how to frame it instead. If we stick with the individualist framework, we give advice to Zayn. Which is a dead end because everyone knows the “don’t be abusive, that’s bad” advice, but also because the chances that he would listen in good faith are slim, and because so few abusers ever change. Advice to him is a pretty fruitless shot and getting into the weeds of how to address his personal issues? That’s for an expert, and if we tried to do it we’d be centering him and possibly treating him as a fellow sufferer, which is not desirable either.

        The collective discussion might be the most interesting one, though it’s broad and too slow probably for their situation. What should we be doing culturally and with the legal system to protect Gigi and her daughter? What could we change? Anything with custody laws? Anything with social acceptance?

        From previous comments it’s clear that a wide swath of the commentariat here knows a woman who shares custody with an abusive ex–or is that woman. One of my closest friends is abused by her ex through their child all the time, and he’s done his best to alienate their teen son from her. She knows I’d gladly set him on fire any day of the week–but I have no idea what cultural/legal changes might be feasible to protect her though I’ve been emotionally supporting and helping her strategize for over a decade now.

        If we don’t focus on what young women in Gigi’s situation can do differently, what other changes can we focus on? Where can we best direct an illuminating and insightful discussion?

      • Maria says:

        @Nope – that is a good and insightful comment. I suppose my attitude is that the narrative is sort of twisted in order to promote the idea that people need to be more “careful” when the fact is that life can snowball at any time whether you are careful or not. And a focus on prevention means that actually dealing with the situation becomes an afterthought if it does turn badly. I think the focus should be on the abuser to highlight their responsibility so that they can potentially accept their actions, repent of what they’ve done and rehabilitate themselves because it is possible for some (if not all), even if few actually do this. This is not to give him the benefit of the doubt or coddle him but to remove the concept of the responsibility being all Gigi’s, because that doesn’t help anyone either. Hopefully that makes sense.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        @Maria, Gruey’s said nothing about the onus of making life better for the kid was totally on Gigi. Nothing like that at all. Nor did she say Gigi was unintelligent. She simply said people should be really, really sure about their partner before having kids, because if they’re wrong, it can lead to life-long complications because you’re tied to that person forever….and she’s 100% right about that.

        I have to stand up for Gruey in this case, because you seem to have had had a visceral reaction to their comment where you’re adding subtext well beyond what they actually wrote. Nothing you said is wrong…but it also has nothing to do with what Gruey actually wrote, IMO. I just don’t like to see other posters bashed for things they didn’t do/write.

      • Maria says:

        Not bashing Gruey as a user. But I disagree with their comments for the reasons stated above.

  7. Sofia says:

    I’m so glad that there’s consequences for his actions. The amount of people (even on here) that were defending him was making my blood boil.

    Do not excuse violence just because you don’t like the person on the receiving end or that they’re a terrible person.

  8. Watson says:

    Cannabis? Dude. No one in the history of my entire existence has assaulted another person based on cannabis. The only assault I’ve witnessed due to cannabis was on the local 7/11 Doritos section.

    His pr team is ridiculous

    • Arpeggi says:

      At 1st I was thinking “oh, they’re claiming strong weed cuz it’s legal in CA” (and it’s always easier to claim substance abuse issues of a legal substance) but then remembered they’re in PA where recreational use is still illegal anyway, so I really don’t know why someone would try to push that angle. Sure, in some people weed can lead to psychosis, but c’mon! Weed is not the issue here; Zayn is.

    • minx says:

      🤣🤣 Right? And I think his PR team, combined with stans, first tried the “it’s a private matter, nothing to see here” defense. That didn’t work. Then they attacked Yolanda—People magazine had a quote from some source complaining that she is overbearing. Or that she leaked some photos. Or she made Gigi diet. Then they tried muddying it by saying Gigi wasn’t even there, as if that meant something, she didn’t stand up for Zayn, she let her mother interfere. Basically they’ve been throwing everything against the wall, seeing what sticks.

      • Watson says:

        His PR team must be the same that works for Prince Andrew. Ridiculous!!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ minx, any possible scenario that they can throw onto the wall to see what sticks is disgusting. This has been a problem for decades, or centuries, that when an assault is committed against a woman, it’s always due to the actions of the woman that instigated the assault. Not the fact that the man is a POS who is violent, not the fact that men feel that they are entitled to commit violent crimes against women. No, all roads lead to the violence being an outcome from the woman! I’m so tired of the constant victim blaming rooted in society. Men need to be in control of their actions, period! If they assault a woman it’s because of THEIR character, not the victims!! This PR campaign of his cannibis use is disgusting as well! He is a violent POS that did this on his own, end of.

  9. Michael says:

    I knew this relationship would end badly but I never thought there would be physical violence involved. He has a restraining order against him so he cannot even go to Yolanda’s house assuming he is ever welcome there again. The knowledge that Yolanda brought a security guy with her tells me that his behavior is not an isolated incident.

  10. Sue says:

    Imagine for a second being on the phone and you can hear a guy abusing your MOTHER on the other end. That is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Glad the label dropped him and isn’t enabling him. All of the consequences, please. I hope he gets very serious help, takes it seriously and that Gigi, their daughter and her mom remain safe.

    • Murphy says:

      Yeah and you know your infant daughter is in the vicinity too. That would really terrify me.

      • Courtney B says:

        Gigi is well known for being professional so to ditch a major job just hours before and fly home shows how scared and upset she must’ve been.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        Very true–it sounds as if she was terrified.

  11. Lee says:

    I almost choked on my coffee when I read “smoking extremely strong cannabis”… WTF??? Sure, Jan!

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, leave innocent weed out of it!

      “Extra strong cannabis,” so he was extra stoned??? He shoved an old woman because he was so extra blissed out? Come on.

    • Sof says:

      Yes, I read it as “extra strong cannabis wink wink” really. They obviously knew no one would buy that story but went with it anyway.

  12. Julia K says:

    Re-read this post a few times; sounds like grandma was doing babysitting while Gigi was out of the country, which means she had every right to be at the house, but where does the reported security guard fit in? Nothing in post addresses that. Maybe misreported by other sources?

    • Amy Too says:

      I’m also confused by this. The only thing I’ve read in a few different articles was that Yolanda entered the house. Which makes it seem like he was in the house and Yolanda came into the home. I guess “Yolanda entered the house” doesn’t preclude Zayn entering the house after her, but if so, why is the emphasis always on Yolanda entering the house? I think he was at the Pennsylvania house that he and Gigi had been sharing, maybe he was staying there with the baby while Gigi was out of town, maybe the baby was there with nanny, maybe the baby was elsewhere. From what I’ve read, it sounds like they led a very simple, isolated life at home, so I’m not even sure if there is a nanny. If there’s not, then that would definitely be a reason for Yolanda to want to go check things out. For whatever reason, Yolanda went to check on him, brought a security guard with her for safety (which seems to show that there was fear there, that there was a reason to go check on him and she thought he would react badly), and he freaked out on her and got violent. The stuff he screamed about the baby makes it seem like he was there with the baby and Yolanda wanted to visit the baby or wanted to take the baby for awhile, and he got mad about that, but it could also be that the baby is a common thing they argue about, so while he was yelling at her for something else, he went off on a tangent and started yelling at her about the baby. He seems to have some paranoia surrounding Yolanda and the baby: thinking that Y is going to sell out the baby or something.

      Some of the articles mention that they had broken up around this time, maybe even shortly before, so that seems to indicate there was some underlying problems around the time of this incident. I want to know if he was still living there because he hadn’t had time to move out yet or if he was just staying there to take care of the baby while Gigi was in Paris. He referred to himself as her “partner” while screaming at her on the phone, so I think maybe they were on the verge of a breakup but hadn’t actually broken up yet and this incident pushed it over the edge for Gigi. She had to abandon her work, fly home ASAP, and deal with legal crap because he assaulted her mom. Not good.

  13. milliemollie says:

    Thank you, Kaiser! You’re totally right!

    I was shocked that many commenters had no problem to excuse his behavior and said that Yolanda had it basically coming.

    • Barbie1 says:

      +1 I hope this mf is permanently cancelled. No excuse for such vile behavior.

    • Truthiness says:

      Yolanda IS evil but it’s never okay to be physically violent. if you let someone into your house that triggers you, it is on you to get that person out of the house peacefully, even if she is his partner’s mom. He let Yolanda “just eat one almond slowly” Foster win this round and she may go for damages. The good news is that this situation should stop her constant efforts to do a family reality show.

    • Nope says:

      I think it was because she’d made a false allegation of assault before. On her Real Housewives show with a guy named Ken? I didn’t see it but it was referenced by a lot of commenters on other blogs who were familiar with the show. That’s the reason I gave it as much credence as I did.

  14. CE says:

    Weed doesn’t make you violent and I resent that it’s getting the blame here. Let’s be real: he’s probably dealing with coke or pills, in addition to undiagnosed mental illnesses. I think he needs rehab and compassion. Glad he’s out of the relationship, I always got the sense it was a tenuous setup to begin with

    • Maria says:

      He shoved someone into a dresser and prosecutors filed charges and you’re glad *he’s* out of the relationship? Lol.

      • CE says:

        Yes because it’s clearly a toxic and abusive setup for both of them to be in

      • Maria says:

        It’s toxic and abusive because he made it that way. This is not a “both sides” situation. Part of rehab and compassion is going to include accepting that or he won’t change.

  15. Aang says:

    Yikes. Now that we have the truth I’m glad she went to the police.

  16. Maria says:

    That is what is called the “perfect victim” fallacy. In any case the Hadids have denied the Epstein conspiracy theories. Bella hates Trump supporters and Yolanda wore Democrat blue with her first vote in 2020. And the depiction of a reality tv show does not change the fact that authorities charged Zayn and not her (and them charging people is not a matter of whether someone wants them to or not). Zayn made a plea deal which further indicates his guilt.
    Also your intended shade with “I realize this is a feminist site”, lol.

  17. milliemollie says:

    He took a plea deal to avoid getting worse charges. He did what he’s accused of or he wouldn’t have taken a plea deal.
    Stop trying to pin this on Yolanda!

    • House of No says:

      I took a plea deal because I couldn’t afford a lawyer (court lawyers aren’t the best) and I just wanted to go home. Taking a plea deal, unfortunately in the U.S., doesn’t equate to guilt.

    • Maria says:

      Zayn may not be as wealthy as the Hadids but he can afford the best lawyers. This was their advice to him.

  18. Sofia says:

    Both things can be true: Yolanda is a horrible person with a history of lying AND she was hit by Zayn. It’s not one or the other.

  19. Merricat says:

    He pleaded no contest.

  20. Goldie says:

    A blogger claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out in Yolanda’s home. The only “proof” he gave was that Maxwell had been spotted at a donut shop in the same PA town where Yolanda lives. Yolanda denied it and claimed that she had never met Ghislaine. Unless someone has actual evidence that they knew each other, I see no reason to believe the conspiracy theories.

    “She has a documented history ON CAMERA of being a liar and a racist”
    And Zayn has a documented history ON CAMERA of getting into violent altercations. It’s funny how people keep ignoring that, while bringing up all of Yolanda’s supposed faults.

  21. Jaded says:

    Stop. Yolanda’s not perfect but to spread utterly false and malicious lies about her is all kinds of wrong. Zayn is clearly f*cked up and he verbally and physically abused his mother-in-law. End of.

    • purplehazeforever says:

      Yolanda can be the shittiest person on planet earth & it doesn’t change the fact Zayn struck her. I’m not sure what is so hard for people to process. Zayn put his hands on Yolanda, there’s no excuse for that. None. None. I don’t care if he was flying high on whatever magical mushroom he inhaled, joint he smoked, line he snorted or pill he popped, nothing excuses his behavior.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        @purplehaze forever Thanks for being a voice of reason. I’m tapping out of this comment thread because it’s absolutely heart breaking how many commenters are either blaming Yolanda because she’s unlikeable. Or Gigi because she had a child with him.
        Abuse is always the fault of the abuser. He’d just be violent to someone else if he wasn’t doing so to Yolanda, Gigi and her daughter. Abusers just find a new victim once they lose access to their current one. Unless they decide within themselves to stop and seek help.
        Blaming the victim doesn’t address the root cause of abuse. Victim blaming just perpetuates it.
        I’m really confounded by the attitude of some commenters here. I’m grateful that at Kaiser and commenters like yourself are being a much needed voice of reason.

    • Jaded says:

      @purplehazeforever — Exactly. I just don’t understand all the Zayn stans defending his truly awful behaviour and blaming Yolanda for inciting it or lying about it.

  22. Emma says:

    Oh dude. Because Zayn pleaded no contest. He didn’t even try to contest the charges, so the only logical conclusion is that Yolanda was telling the truth. It’s indisputable at this point because even Zayn didn’t dispute the charges she brought against him. He also accepted the restitution required by the court. Does that help clarify why people would “believe” Yolanda?

  23. minx says:

    And yet, she’s not the one who got charged and pled guilty. So what does that tell you?

    • minx says:

      If that were true Zayn’s attorney wouldn’t advise him to plead out as fast as he did. He didn’t even try to mount a defense. Lawyers do not fold that easily. As Maria says upthread, there’s a “perfect victim” fallacy that the victim must be as pure as the driven snow or cannot be believed, and that’s just not how life is. We’re all imperfect.

    • Maria says:

      Stop. Gigi and Zayn both have the same level of mixed Middle Eastern-European heritage even if her mother doesn’t. Her mother isn’t the only factor here. He harassed Gigi too. Gigi gave her mother permission to go to a home that was also hers not just his and the child is also hers not just his. And if this were a white woman falsely accusing a Black or nonwhite man in an uneven power balance the man would be charged with felonious assault and in prison, not fined and on probation. That is a slap in the face to every Black man actually falsely accused.
      There is no evidence at all she tried to take the child.

      • Pilar says:

        @ Maria
        I dont know if I am misunderstanding you comment:” if this were a white woman”-
        Gigi who I suppose is who you are referring to wasn’t there and isn’t the one accusing him.
        So it IS a white woman accusing him. I agree about what you said about if it was a black man but its not as if Zayn hasn’t been subjected to racism, othering and islamophobia. And Yolanda has a history of racism and homophobia so I really dont think its helpful to read this through this lens because she comes across as a proper Karen.
        That said there is no excuse for violence and misogyny. And I dont care what kind of shitty person she is, he shouldn’t have shoved her or used that kind of language.
        Side note Zayn is Pakistani, which is south East Asian, not Middle Eastern.

      • Maria says:

        @Pilar: Pardon my geographical error, thank you for the correction!
        Sorry to be unclear – My comment was in response to another comment now deleted from someone saying this was a case of a POC being falsely accused and the justice system is reflecting that in this case. I know this was about Yolanda, a white woman (although he was charged with harassing Gigi too). Her daughter has a very similar heritage to Zayn, so it’s a little different (both have European Caucasian mothers).
        Zayn absolutely has experienced racism and othering; I’m not disputing that. I’m disputing the idea that that was the focus of Yolanda giving this testimony. Yolanda does come off as a Karen in lots of ways but it doesn’t mean he didn’t do this (I think we agree on that nuance).

      • minx says:

        Yes, a group of comments were deleted, thankfully, so some of the responses don’t match up.

      • Sarah says:

        Many middle easterners especially Palestinians call themselves POC…

    • Maria says:

      You keep harping on the idea she came to take the baby without substantiation. Guess what, if Gigi allowed her to be there it’s not trespassing and that baby is Gigi’s too and she is as much a POC as Zayn is. The concept of an attempted kidnapping is ridiculous and an obvious invention.

      Yolanda may be irritating and overbearing but she is not the one who was charged and she is not the one with a history of violence, nor is she giving press releases that tacitly admit her fault and try to excuse it at the same time the way Zayn is.
      I also don’t get your argument, you’re saying you don’t believe it happened this way and then in the same breath saying it’s excusable because she was trying to kidnap the baby. Pick a side.

  24. Appalachian says:

    So…what exactly does he do since he’s not been the flavor of the month for quite some time? Is GiGi going to be footing his bill now that he’s been dropped? Or is he going to be out of the picture, coparenting with supervision?

  25. Another Anna says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but he is not an American citizen, right? I can’t remember if I saw here or somewhere else that Zayn might have extra legal considerations because getting convicted of/pleading guilty to certain crimes can affect your immigration status.

    Also lol at “extremely strong cannabis.” Unless it was laced with something else I doubt that has anything to do with anything. It’s not really relevant unless the implication is that he was high at the time and even then, a physical altercation sounds way more consistent with coked out or drunken behavior.

  26. ML says:

    This situation is so sad.
    Some of my kids have a few friends with a muslim background. I didn’t realize this, but apparently Gigi and Zayn were an A-list couple for them. I just want to say that Zayn is Zayn: he reflects himself, not the greater muslim community. He’s not a representative for all British men either.
    And again, no matter how nice or awful someone’s personality is, violence is never okay.

  27. It's me, hello says:

    It’s always someone else’s fault; and uses his child as a shield for everything good and bad. This guy thinks he’s god …and is pissed he’s not constantly adored and worshipped.
    I bet he is incredibly jealous of Harry.
    Narcissist crybaby

  28. Coco says:

    There are video of Zayn shirtless in a fight in NYC outside a bar and other pictures and videos of him getting into fights, so there is also evidence of Zayn temperament.

  29. jferber says:

    See, being dropped from his label is a great deterrent for this little bitch. Why wasn’t that done to Chris Brown and Tory Lanez?

  30. MarcelMarcel says:

    There are abuse survivors reading these comments just FYI. We’re reading your comments and we see how unsupportive some of you are. We also see the commenters and Kaiser who are being kind voices of reasons.

    This situation is Zayn’s fault. He needs to seek address the root causes of his violent behaviour so he can change. Yolanda, Gigi and her daughter deserve support and sensitivity. Regardless of whether or not you think Yolanda is overbearing. It’s not Gigi’s fault for having a kid with him. Or Yolanda’s fault because you dislike her.

    All I can’t speak on behalf of all survivors. But all I can say is that I’m glad when I sought support after assault and abuse I found compassionate & educated people who helped me. Instead of blaming me for like being alive and around an abuser in a patriarchal society. Blaming survivors enables abuse because it doesn’t address the systematic issues and individual choices made by abusers that lead to abusive situations.

    I hope Yolanda, Gigi and her daughter are surrounded by love and support.
    As always if you’d like educate yourself so you be a better ally for survivors I recommend
    -Men who Hate Women & the Women who Love Them by Joan Torres and Susan Forward
    -Why domestic violence victims don’t leave. A ted talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner

    And now I’m tapping out. Because you’re either willing to support DV survivors, or you just want to keep on blaming us for harm inflicted upon us by others. If you’re in the later category I hope you decide to educate yourself. Statistically speaking there’s a high chance are someone you know is trapped in an abusive relationship. One day they might come to you seeking the support they require to survive.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      PS sorry about all the typos! I didn’t have a chance to fix them. Because I couldn’t see my comment and edit it while it was awaiting moderation.

  31. jferber says:

    House of No, as a fellow American, taking a plea deal often connotes that the accused did worse, but the prosecutors are trying to save court time and compromise down to a more minor crime to get the accused not to fight it. I’m absolutely not saying that’s your case, but pleading no contest, I think, does make people think the accused did something worse and accepted not to fight the lower crime. Just my take. Maybe not everyone’s.

  32. Likeyoucare says:

    Ibdont believe zain and yolanda.
    Gigi please get out of there.

  33. Ewissa says:

    I remember reading on blind items sites that he is heavy heroin user for years but things got pretty bad since their daughter was born…maybe that is true.He certainly deasnt look healthy and his reels on insta gives weird vibes

  34. Thurayya says:

    Oh my. Only on an American site would any of the Hadids be called POC. It just shows the ignorance of many Americans when it comes to the demographics and culture of the Levant. The upper, titled and monied classes in the Levant, of which Gigi’s dad is a member and descended from, are exclusively white Arabs. In fact, they would be insulted to be called POC. There is major colorism at play. There is no white passing here with the Hadids, just white. Yes, there are brown Palestinians, but Mohamed Hadid is not one. I’m Palestinian and watching Americans contort themselves to call this particular family “of color” is very strange.

    To be on topic: no matter what Yolanda did in the past, there is absolutely no excuse for what Zayn did and seeing people qualify their sympathy and/or belief has been disappointing.

    • Maria says:

      @Thurayya- Gigi herself has said she identifies as mixed race.
      If you feel she’s wrong that’s up to you not me but that’s where that is coming from.

    • Maria says:

      As a follow up, the crux of the argument in this context is that in a question of white privilege influencing the justice system in the United States, those types of ethnic distinctions are not going to be made despite the truth behind them.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      Oh wow, way to escalate and shame Americans on an American blog. Yes, while strictly from an anthropological perspective the Hadids may be white, the common usage of the term in North America associates whiteness almost exclusively with European background. Gigi is not part of a visible minority, but taking away the fact that she is POC would be a disservice to her – I guarantee you that she has experienced prejudice in her life because of the name that she carries and her background. It’s frankly offensive that you think she is too white to be POC. It reminds me of that time when some people thought President Obama wasn’t black enough to be considered the first black president.

      I hope that this knowledge helps you be less ignorant of American culture.

  35. Likeyoucare says:

    I dont believe either zain or yolanda.
    Gigi please get out of there.

  36. Ry says:

    Everytime I hear his name I keep singing InZayn in the Membrane.
    Yeah he strikes me as an angry dude. No pun intended.

  37. Cee says:

    Years ago I worked at Sony and was asked to set up phone comms with Harry and Zayn with media outlets. I was given their contact details (each 1D member had their own suite for media junkets) and got through to Harry in less than a minute. He was nice, polite, thanked me for calling him, asked me how I was, etc. A total sweetheart.
    Zayn, on the other hand… He wouldn’t answer the phone personally, but had a friend do it for him, who proceeded to hang up on me 3 times while laughing. I had to apologise to the reporter waiting on the other line. The interview did not go through. Hours later I get an email from their label saying Zayn had had issues with his phone and that the interview would happen tomorrow. He did deign to pick up the phone himself but he was so rude I just said “Hi, thanks for picking up the phone today. This is Name from Magazine/Media, for your media approved promotion.”

    So yeah, this man has had issues for a very long time.

  38. Missy says:

    Umm weed doesn’t send someone into a rage like that. Def sounds like something else ::coughcoughcocaine:: IF substances were involved. Frankly I don’t care either way, he’s responsible for his actions regardless