Kim Kardashian is ‘intrigued’ by Pete Davidson: ‘Kim loves the attention’

Kim Kardashian steps out to dinner at Zero Bond in NYC

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian was in LA, and she went on a double-date with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Kim’s date was Pete Davidson, and they were seen holding hands on a roller coaster. People have been talking about it all week and I’m just like… eh. Pete usually only dates women for three months at most. Kim is just getting out of a marriage and her divorce is far from final. Why can’t this just be a simple hookup situation? It’s truly nothing serious. That’s how I feel, but I guess Kim wants headlines for this, because Kardashian “sources” are running around, talking to TMZ, People Magazine and Page Six about how Kim feels ready for this. Ready for what? A little BDE in her life?

Kim Kardashian West is enjoying spending time with friend Pete Davidson, a source tells PEOPLE. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, 41, and Saturday Night Live comedian, 27, held hands on a roller coaster at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, California, on Friday, seen in exclusive photos obtained by PEOPLE.

The pictures sparked rumors of a romance between the two, and though a previous source said they are “just friends,” another notes that the two stars do “have chemistry.”

“Pete can be super charming and Kim loves the attention,” the insider tells PEOPLE, adding that they’re having “fun” together.

The source says that Kardashian West has moved on since filing for divorce from Kanye West.

“She is having fun and enjoying life,” the source says. “Her focus is still on her kids and work, but you can tell that she is ready to date. She is very happy and in a good place. She has moved on from Kanye and feels it’s for the best.”

[From People]

Sources also told Page Six that Kim “is intrigued. She likes him.” For the love of God! Just hook up with him and don’t tell anyone! That’s what I don’t really get – why all of these 40-something women act like Pete is this trophy boyfriend or boy-toy. I understand that a lot of people like Pete (I don’t) and think he’s charming and funny and all of that, but God, I would be so embarrassed.

These are all photos of Kim out and about in New York on Tuesday. Her “mechanic’s uniform dress” is Balenciaga.

Kim Kardashian stuns in all-black ahead of a meeting in NYC.

Kim Kardashian stuns in all-black ahead of a meeting in NYC.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    She’s “intrigued” by how this random hookup can put her back in the fun-loving spotlight, instead of all those years of Kanye dreariness.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’d keep it quiet too but I guess people find him charming. Anyway I really do think she deserves a fling, it seems like her relationships have mostly been serious. Being married to Kanye seemed intense, just my opinion. And you know she probably hates Kourtney getting all the press lately lol.

  3. Summergirl says:

    She’s not doing it for BDE; she’s doing it for attention, so why would she keep it quiet?

    • Haya says:

      Exactly this and I actually feel bad for Pete. I know Kim has been through a lot, and she deserves to find some peace and have fun but l feel like Pete is one of those guys who falls hard and gets hurt. He’s clearly got a lot of his own issues to work out. To me, this looks like she’s using him for press attention. I could be wrong, and he could be using her too. That’s just my feeling though.

      After all, it wasn’t that long ago that she was letting the world know that she had billionaires and royalty DMing her.

  4. Myjobistoprincess says:

    She shouldnt be scared. Pete has left a trail of short term relationships with beautiful women of all ages. All the universe and beyond knows this is not going to last – them 2 included – so there’s absolutely no pressure for Kim or for Pete to take this anywhere. I dont know why, but i’m rooting for this hookup to happen. This is just perfect for thanksgiving! Pete looks like such a fun dude – all the opposite of Kanye-no-smiles. GO FOR IT KIM!!!

  5. Michael says:

    LOL. I thought she had progressed past the attention-thirsty part of her life but I guess seeing Kourtney doing PDA 24/7 has resurrected that part of her brain. Pete is the designated boy toy for a lot of celeb women these days so I guess they will pass him around until he loses his charm

  6. Barrett says:

    Fling ok. But he is open about his mental illness and struggles. She should not repeat the pattern of going deeply involved. Kanye II ?
    Remember his meltdown e Kia Gerberr?

  7. AmelieOriginal says:

    I mean Pete is the millennial neighborhood bike at this point. Everybody gets a turn. Because his hook ups are always so random, nobody he ends up with really surprises me at this point. I do find him endearing in a strange way and my guess is he’s probably a great conversationalist and a great listener. And obviously good in bed lol. And he’s funny. Put that all together and it’s no surprise he does well with the ladies. It’s not always about looks. I enjoyed his Alive from New York Netflix special. Hopefully he can get his mental health issues under control someday. I do want him to find his happily ever after. But that someone won’t be with Kim Kardashian, that entire family exploits all the men they date. I think she’ll end up with a rich businessman long term.

  8. ooshpick says:

    What???? YOU would be embarrassed to date Pete? I would be embarrassed to date one of those Kardashes. Please.

    • ME says:

      Why is Kim considered such a prize? She’s a three times divorced woman with 4 kids. She’s rich, yeah ok…but her personality seems boring. Her and Pete would have nothing in common. This is for pr only.

      • Joanna says:

        I don’t think she’s considered a prize anymore, that’s why her PR team is trying to make this a thing. Not trying to be mean but just dating wise, she is not going to be considered a prize.

    • shanaynay says:

      I totally agree with you. To me, she comes off as pathetic and needy.

      This whole ‘dating’ thing is all BS. It is a total thirst trap. She didn’t like that Kourtney was getting all the attention, so she had to create some buzz and attention for herself. I’m sorry the first word that comes to mind whenever someone mentions her name is THOT!!!!

      • ooshpick says:

        I hate everything the family represents. At least I can relate to Pete Davidson’s genuine struggle. Glad I’m not alone

  9. Ariel says:

    Men who are bipolar, who run manic, are great for the beginning of a relationship- they are all about the love bombing. It can be intense, and make you feel special and worshipped and like a bright light is shining on you.
    However. They tend to suck at the long term.
    But the attention is nice, and probably feels great, and simple, after dealing with jack*ss West for so long.
    Let her have her hook up.

    I hope the next time she marries it is to some older billionaire who wants zero media attention and let’s her be the star and control the narrative.
    Someone who his happy to see her success, and happy to be in the background and do his own thing- and makes a great, stable, loving stepfather.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      He isnt bipolar, he has borderline personality disorder.

      Until earlier this year i was engaged to someone with BPD and he is a wonderful person, although the bpd does sort of make a long term relationship difficult.

    • Sid says:

      LOL. You think Kim would want a spouse who was unwilling to be a part of the Kardashian circus and have his every move on camera and on social media? There’s a reason the people in that family end up with the kind of partners that they do. Kourtney seems to have bucked the trend for now as by all accounts Barker is a decent person, but then again she is also the least thirsty sibling besides her brother. Notice I didn’t say she isn’t thirsty at all, just less so in comparison to her sisters.

    • KC says:

      But….that’s kinda what already happened with Kanye and look how that turned out. I just feel like she’s jealous of her famous, engaged sis and now wants the spotlight back on her so any famous-ish, white, non-conformist guy would do. When she realized that and looked up he happened to be in her path. I really just want the sands of the hourglass on all things related to this family to finally run out.

  10. Joanna says:

    Sometimes you get caught up in the sex and want to make it a relationship cause the sex is so good. Yes he comes across as an fling but he does seem to have a lot of good qualities. I think he feels non threatening to women who have been burned in the game of love. But Kim’s just milking this for publicity. I think Pete can do better than her.

  11. ME says:

    Their new HULU show premiere’s this month. They need people talking…

  12. Cat C says:

    I’ll admit I find an appeal there. Tall, funny (not all the time), and great smile. I’d be intrigued, too. I wouldn’t run to the press, though. I never got that draw to spread the word.

  13. Mimi says:

    YOLO. I’d do it too if I could. I love pete

  14. grabbyhands says:

    Kim loves the attention

    I mean, that’s the story right there – there’s no mystery about it. Once the novelty has worn off and the click numbers go down, PMK will plant stories about whatever was going on to make Kim look good and she’ll move on to the next high profile man she can find.

    I’m not sure why anyone keeps expecting anything genuine from her.

  15. Lena says:

    From what I’ve read, her people asked the show for his number after she did Saturday Night Live. So of course she’s gonna spread the word they’re together, that’s the whole point of the “relationship”. PR

  16. Rice says:

    IMO, they’re both giving “shamef*ck” energy. That makes them well-suited for each other, however short “it” will be.

  17. ARHUS says:

    OMG agree, I don’t see what the hype is around him and I would definitely want to keep it on the DL

    • Bobbie says:

      I don’t either. Maybe a fun guy to hang out with. Apparently has a big schlong and … knows how to use it? That could kill a few evenings, but I wouldn’t be “intrigued. “

  18. why? says:

    Translation: Kim and Kris are milking the publicity from “dating”(exploiting) Pete because he was the only one willing to date Kim. How many men were on Kris and Kim’s wishlist(every week Kris and Kim leaked that Kim was being pursued by a lot of men; however, none of these men ever materialized)?

    There is a pattern. Kris and her daughters only associate with Kayne(show up to his events and tweet about his projects) when he is having a mental episode, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same thing happening with Pete. He is probably having a mental episode right now and Kris and Kim are all too willing to exploit it because Kris thinks that Kim can’t make headlines on her own.

    I’m surprised that Kris and Kim, I mean “sources”, haven’t leaked stories about how Kayne is jealous of Kim’s new “beau”(victim) the way she did with Scott and Travis and Lamar and Tristan. Maybe this is what Kris has planned for later this week. I wish the press would talk more about how Kris and Kim are the ones planting these stories and photos about Kim and Pete.

    The best thing about the Kardashians is the power that Kris exerts over the press. The better story should be how Kris and her daughters exploit everyone around them(especially those who suffer from mental illness or who are estranged from their families) and leak negative stories about these people when they aren’t useful to them anymore(when Kourtney breaks up with Travis they will leak that he was abusive and controlling and when Kim breaks up with Pete they will do the same thing). Kris pays the press to write positive stories about her daughters(either depicting them as heroes or victims) and give them credit that they don’t deserve(they take other people’s ideas and products, put their name on it, spin that the business is successful by getting rid of negative reviews and buying positive bots, and pay Forbes to claim that they are billionaires even though their paperwork doesn’t support it).

    It’s funny how Kim is parading around NY, shouldn’t she be studying for the baby bar? When Kris goes on about how Kim finally “passed”, the press should be question it because Kim has been doing everything but studying.

  19. MangoAngelesque says:



    Kim *Kardashian* likes attention?? Has anyone told her mother?! They could make a fortune with that kind of motivation!

  20. nb says:

    I don’t see him being interested for long… Yes, she’s good looking and rich, but she’s so f’n boring and always has been despite her bouts of trying to be ‘edgy’. All that money and what does she spend it on? Clothes, shoes, purses, hair and makeup, ugly homes and decorating, and the occasional trip to an island. Her life is PR, dressing up, and selfies/photoshoots.

    Pete is young, cute, funny and at the top of his game right now. I don’t envision him wanting to spend a lot of time in one of Kim’s boring stark white homes watching her play Barbie for Insta likes while a nanny takes care of the kids in the next room. I think he’s one of those guys who likes hooking up with as many (famous) women as he can, while he can. I don’t see this lasting more than a month at most.

    • Normades says:

      True his first celebrity fling from girl code Cassie david, and genius Kate beckinsale all seem pretty witty. Ariana and the Bridgerton gal I dunno…ugh I know way to much already about this dude’s love life

  21. jferber says:

    Michael, Kim exists to be “attention-thirsty.” That whole family does. And money-thirsty. I just can’t stand the stupid sunglasses Kim is wearing lately. WTF?

  22. Normades says:

    They were NOT on a double date. There were like 6 other people with them including a business partner, some singer dude and Kim’s former assistant.
    That said of course she likes the attention and just like Kayne and Irina’s fake fling she’ll milk it for all it’s worth. I think he just thinks it’s funny and will roll with it.

  23. Mandy Purr says:

    Her fashion is awful.