Christie Brinkley on being 67: ‘That is foreign to me. That’s somebody else’s number’

Christie Brinkley on Access
Christie Brinkley fudges a lot when it comes to the work she’s had done. Go here for a recap. She’s only copped to Botox and fillers but she downplays it, emphasizes her lifestyle and claims her wrinkles are hard-earned. On one hand I completely understand that. Do you remember when Megyn Kelly was a complete ass to Jane Fonda about Jane’s plastic surgery after Jane admitted to it? On the other hand it just seems disingenuous, I’ll say that.

Christie was on Access promoting her skincare line. She talked a little bit about aging and redefining that, which is one of her favorite topics. Here’s what she said and the video is below.

On aging
I am telling women to rebrand the numbers. Don’t let that number dictate to you. Right now, I am 67 and a half. That number is foreign to me. That’s somebody else’s number because we haven’t finished rebranding it yet. It’s your good energy that gives you the youthful quality.

On what she wishes she’d known at 30
More sunblock. In my job they would say here’s the bathing suit, put it on, get a tan. I was happy to oblige. If you didn’t use enough sunblock like me… [use my skincare line] sbla.

[From Access on YouTube]

After that Christie applied lipgloss seductively and it was weird. I know she’s got a skincare line but it just seems like she’s stuck in her heyday and must maintain her image as a supermodel at all costs. She’s capitalizing on that, so I guess it makes sense. When she talks about her energy keeping her youthful it just doesn’t come across as genuine without the caveat that she’s had help. I do know what she means about having a hard time accepting your age though. It just goes so fast.

You know who I believe when they say age is just a number? This lady.

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  1. Chaine says:

    Is her makeup line going to give me her facial structure and access to her dermatologist and plastic surgeon? If not, pass.

    • ElleV says:

      exactly- don’t sell me cosmetics with results you achieved through surgery and medical grade treatments

      • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

        I wonder if the FTC is ever going to crack down on this and require spokespersons for skincare lines to disclose that they have had medical grade treatments or cosmetic surgery.

  2. Jan90067 says:

    Thing is, with everything she *has* done (face/neck/chest etc) if she’d just tone down the cheek fillers, so she doesn’t look like she’s storing her entire winters’ feedings in those cheeks, she’d look *amazing*, even with the Joker’s smile. With her cheeks SO overfilled, it makes her eyes look like raisins, as well as being SO unbelievable. Her cheeks weren’t this filled out in her heyday.

    And look, NO ONE “owes” us their medical history of plastic surgery. But C’mon… we are all NOT blind! lol Reminds me of Cindy Crawford’s skin line infomercials (that are shot through gauze most likely lol, or was it said to be lenses smeared w/vaseline “back in the day”, but I digress! lol). She has a room full of “stahhhhhhs” sitting around extolling the perfection of this cantaloupe cream that takes away ALL signs of aging, and of course, not one has a visible sign of a wrinkle even though the average age of the room is between 45-50 yrs. old. No, we will NOT have unlined, unblemished skin at that age. Not unless you spent your life up till then in a window-less room, never smiling, frowning, laughing or crying.

    I WISH our world didn’t value unlined, tight skin so much.

    • Le Nugget says:

      Have cheek injections/fillers ever looked good on ANYONE? Honest question. I think it’s probably the worst cosmetic procedure I see people get.

      • tatannelise says:

        If you are subtle with it, you honestly can’t notice. I have a friend who is a cosmetic nurse practitioner, and that is thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of filler. If you just have 1-2 syringes here and there, it can look totally natural and nice. (One syringe=1/5 teaspoon.)

        If she hasn’t had a facelift, she ought to–it would look better than all that filler.

      • Joanna says:

        They do. You just know the bad ones. The good ones you think are all natural. I tried filler once, no one had a clue. I just kept getting compliments on my skin. I just didn’t keep it up cause realistically I couldn’t afford it.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      She has so much mid-face filler that she’s got that *meat-face* look, and honestly, it looks like her skin could split open at any time. It’s grotesque.

  3. Ariel says:

    Y’all, that last picture is a little Joker-y. She is a beautiful woman. But she is closing in on 70, and that is a real number.
    You can be beautiful at 70, but you still are 70.
    The only real alternative to aging is death.

    And, it does bother me a little that she is helped by genetics and surgery/”procedures” and pretends it is all about skincare- and is trying to sell that to us.

    No thank you.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah the product selling is a turn off for me.
      Christie has looked great for a long time, but I also imagine she feels quite trapped into maintaining that and is doing more and more to stay “youthful” looking. There’s a beautiful freedom in saying “Yeah I’m ___ age, so what?” and valuing yourself for who you are, not for what age you look like.

      That bodybuilder lady in the link is kickass though!

  4. Mina_Esq says:

    She’s right about sunblock.

  5. Who ARE These People? says:

    Somebody else’s number and somebody else’s face

  6. WithTheAmerican says:

    Yeah it’s such a bunch of BS. That said, I still appreciate her showing us we can be and feel sexy as we age. The male dominated media certainly doesn’t tell us that.

  7. Ann says:

    Oh yes, the tanning! Sunblock was a little more of a thing when I was young than it was for Christie, but it wasn’t nearly as effective as what we have now, and there was that pressure to tan. My friends would tease me for being so fair and not trying harder to get tan….but I’d had a few bad experiences with sunburns and I knew from looking at my older sisters that I had to fight that urge, so I said no thanks, I won’t be baking in baby oil today. That helped some.

    She looks great but she really doesn’t have to try so hard. The shiny lip gloss is a no for someone her age, IMO.

  8. Yup, Me says:

    I love LOVE Miss Ernestine Shepherd! She’s my fitness inspiration. I got to interview her a few years ago and she was so kind and gracious. I’m a forever fan.

    Another great person to draw inspiration from is Chef Babette. She’s 70 and she’s STUNNING.

    Christie and her grimace AND her lipgloss can gone somewhere. Trying to remain “hot” in the same ways you were “hot” in your youth is too Madonna territory for me.

  9. Chill says:

    Be happy with 67. In 3 years you will be 70.

  10. Wilma says:

    She should own her number instead of trying to run away from it. I’m very inspired by women who grow older unapologetically, I have a few of those around me and they make me feel good about growing older.

  11. april says:

    So if Christie is rebranding the number, why did she get so much surgery and fillers, etc.? It’s hypocritical to say that when you are using all of the current beauty technology and spending lots of cash to stay young.

  12. Marigold says:

    I’m going to be 60 in a month. That is how old I am. Why all the dancing around? When I’m 70, I will be 70. It’s not just a number it’s my age and it isn’t shameful.

  13. Sarah says:

    I think she looks great, and she looks like she feels confident, but girl puhlease, there’s been major work done.

  14. Bobbie says:

    She looks great. But when you ask men, most of the them cite her as the older woman they find attractive. That is scary. She is hardly representative of the average 67-year-old.

    • A. Key says:

      Why do random men get to decide what an attractive 67 year old woman is supposed to look like? I certainly don’t find any 67 year old man attractive myself, but that’s just my opinion and I’m sure other grandpas in their 60s don’t really give a s… about what I think in terms of attractive grandpas.

      • Bobbie says:

        Because at some point you are going to be 67. Maybe you’ll be married or out looking to date. Who knows? And you will be compared to a completely unrealistic standard. And these men will be your target audience. The men I was talking to were in their 50s. So younger guys have the standard, too.

  15. jferber says:

    I get that her looks have netted her practically everything she has in life. I’ve never experienced that (nor have most women) so I don’t truly understand the headiness of the power of great beauty. She did win the genetic lottery, and I really do understand the reluctance of letting all that go. I understand her desire to re-capture her youth. I do know she paints and does collages, so she does have interests outside of modeling. She also has three children. I wish her well.

  16. remarks says:

    We actually know her age and she’s actually stating her age (she even adds in the 1/2 after the 67), so I don’t really think she’s hiding it or running away from it (the number of years she’s been alive, I mean — I’m not talking about what she may have artificially done to her face).

    When she says re-branding, I just assume she means the “you’re only as old as you feel” commentary that you hear most people say. It’s like how most people feel 16 or 25 and can’t believe the number they see when they actually have to write down their ages. That said, I agree that her face does look tampered with (you can tell those aren’t her lips), but most people, as long as there isn’t some illness ailing them, probably feel mentally more “fun”/youthful than their chronological ages or what the media will allow.

  17. A. Key says:

    Why not just accept your age? She’s still pretending she’s 27 but nobody is buying it (except her I guess). There’s feeling young and being youthful, and then there’s full-on mental denial. She looks like an amazingly preserved, very rich woman in her 60s. Nothing wrong with that. I wish I could be like that 40 years from now on. She should be happy with what she has and thankful for it. Stop living in the past, it ain’t coming back.