Tominey: The Cambridges need to quit their ‘jet-set lifestyle’ to have credibility

Evening Reception to Mark the Opening Day of the Cop26 Summit

There are so many fascinating things about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s events in and around the COP26 conference in Glasgow this week. For one, there’s barely been any post-event reporting on Will and Kate’s Scottish keening. That’s how you know there’s trouble somewhere – following the GoldenKeen moment at the No Time to Die premiere, the British press was still talking about it for days! They made it sound like Kate’s rat’s nest wiglet was going to save the nation with glamour. There’s been none of that following W&K’s Glasgow appearances. Why is that? Additionally, I still have questions about whether W&K were scheduled to do more in Glasgow and then just shrugged it off. Speaking of, Camilla Tominey wrote a piece in the Telegraph (via the Daily Express) about how William and Kate need to change their “jet set” lifestyles and Tominey actually pointed out that William and Kate left Glasgow separately. This piece is so curious coming from a keen-defender like Tominey:

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey warned the royals that they must keep up with green choices if they want to remain credible in their pleas to save the earth from rising temperatures and pollution. In particular, the royals ought to find an alternative to the use of the incredibly polluting private jets, she said.

Writing in the Telegraph’s weekly royal newsletter Your Royal Appointment, Ms Tominey said: “While both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge delivered hard-hitting speeches that were well received, they must also now put their words into action by completely dispensing with this hypocritical form of travel from hereon in. To be fair, William and Kate should be commended for taking the train to Scotland on this occasion, while Charles apparently flew from Rome to Glasgow on an RAF flight running on sustainable aviation fuel. But if they are to remain credible voices on this totemic issue, they must continue to travel sustainably rather than going back to their previous jet-set lifestyle.”

All the royals in attendance at COP26 have stayed clear of private jets also when they left the summit.

Kate returned to England on Monday evening on a scheduled airline service – as did Camilla on the following day. The Duke of Cambridge returned home on Tuesday evening from Glasgow by train, the same means of transport he had chosen to reach Scotland earlier this week.

[From The Daily Express]

So Kate and William arrived in Glasgow via commercial train – although there is no evidence of that other than their word – and then Kate left right after she made an ass out of herself at the opening night reception, and she flew commercial? And then William still had his Keenshot reception on Tuesday, and he left soon after that, by train as well. Hm. I mean, even if it’s true (??) that still doesn’t change the fact that they use their private helicopter the same way most people use their cars. The Queen even had to give them a dedicated helicopter to persuade them to do more work! And they still don’t work. You could argue that Kate left Glasgow after one day because she wanted to get home to the kids. Sure. But it’s still completely strange to me that Kate wasn’t asked to do anything more than “hang out with Scouts” and “do jazz hands at the reception.” She probably was asked to do more and she flatly refused. Because she was mad that her vacation had to be cut short!

Evening Reception to Mark the Opening Day of the Cop26 Summit

Evening Reception to Mark the Opening Day of the Cop26 Summit

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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  1. Emily says:

    This feels very off-brand for Tominey. I’m not about to forget her previous racist coverage though.

    • Alexandria says:

      She can write so many nasty articles about these two and make easy money cos they inspire a lot of digs and have no redeeming qualities. We should encourage her 😌

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I think Tominey just saw the negative reaction to the RF’s appearance at the event and doesn’t want to be too out of step. I mean, the pushback against Charles was (wonderfully) brutal, and Tominey’s reaction here is fairly mild. She’ll be back to propping up Keen Mandela in no time…but she’ll also turn on them on a dime if public opinion goes south (say, after TQ dies and the rota isn’t so protective anymore).

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Agreed, the RR are piranhas. They instinctively chase blood in the water. But she will be back to flattering her boos until the Queen is gone.

    • Chelsea says:

      This is just cover so she can pretend to treat the Cambridges and Sussexes equally when in reality she was never this polite or diplomatic when talking about the Susssexes flying. When it’s them it’s always cruel calling them “eco-warriors” whilr raging at them in print and on tv etc but with the Keens they just need to be careful to not “lose credibility” and references to their “past” jetset lifestyle when they took a private jet to Ireland just a few weeks with no words coming from the Rota.

  2. Maria says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but is that Poor Jason at the bottom?
    I can imagine them all toasting each other with larvae and dead insects about his Meghan hate accounts funded by the Cambridges…

    • Kalana says:

      Yup, there’s Kate having a rollicking good time with the guy who drummed up fake bullying accusations against Meghan, even though the supposed victims made him rescind his accusations in their names.

    • Harper says:

      They got royal work credit for this reception when they were literally standing around a bar table drinking some brews and hanging out with Jason (The Buffer) Knauf.

      • Amy Too says:

        I find it bizarre that the keens are supposed to be acting as hosts (or at least part of the host family) at a global climate summit, surrounded by world leaders that William was supposedly going to big up the Earthshot winners to, and rather than mingle and spread out to meet as many people as possible and talk to as many people as possible about Earthshot, they spent most of their time drinking and playing with bugs together at their own table surrounded by their own staff that they see every day. Like it was just an office party that they went to at a random bar where they didn’t know anybody and had no responsibilities other than to enjoy themselves and treat their staff for a night. Like this was just a big “thanks for your hard work” party that they were holding for their staff after Earthshot and the location full of important people was meant to act as an interesting background for the party. “We’ll hold the party at the local VIP hot spot where you might be able to catch a glimpse of some powerful and famous people as a treat!”

        It seems very aristocratic snobby to me that they spent all this time with their own people at their own table. And because they’re sitting there in a closed off circle, having their own little party, it’s going to be difficult for anyone that wants to talk to them to actually approach them. How intimidating would that be if you’re meant to go talk to William about Earthshot and he’s sitting there surrounded by his own people—I can imagine the incredulous stares they would give to anyone who tried to join them or introduce themselves. Like they thought their job was to show us and be photographed as the super VIPS that they think they are so they could like, “lend credibility” to the COP26 summit or something. “This is so beneath us, everyone here is beneath us, we mustn’t make eye contact with the peasants presidents and prime ministers of the world, but we will attend the reception and deign to be photographed here so that our presence will act as a hint to the press that this is an event worth covering. But we’ll leave right after the party, we’re not going to *actually* stay and talk to these people about their ideas!”

      • nina says:

        @ Amy. I think it was more a case that they had no other choice but to be by themselves. Nobody was clamoring for their attention or contribution because they had nothing to contribute
        They could not make a contribution to the issues being discussed, they could not commit their government to any agreements, they have no expert knowledge to contribute, their only claim to being there is as heir apparent and his wife. Even Charles was only guest speaker and probably only because the UK was the host country.

        The actual power players at these kind of conferences need to hash out and meet and greet with those who have the power to effect change. Big Willy should take a hard look at how he was treated at the conference. That is his future, no relevance and no power.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Poor Jason’s teeth match his personality — gross and ick.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I saw this of twitter yesterday and seriously all it makes me think is that Kate has truly made her bed. She is stood beside two men (toasting them with insects lol) who could and would absolutely destroy her life when the time comes. she’s so fixated on destroying a woman who lives on the other side of the planet minding her own business, that she doesn’t realise her true enemies are the people stood next to her. She should be scared of them, because when the time comes and Willie finally plucks up the courage to divorce her, they will ruin her, and she will deserve it.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        @February-Pisces, I will book mark this comment for when not if that time comes. The William I see is screaming inside. He wants out and will throw her under several buses if he has to.

    • Annie says:

      I didn’t know that was Jason until someone pointed it out last night, and then it totally made sense because he LOOKS smarmy, especially in this picture. He looks as sleazy as he behaves.

      ETA February Pisces, good point. I would feel sorry for her if she hadn’t tormented Meghan, but she decided to be a raging bitch.

    • Mustlovedogs says:

      I looked up the company, Kuzapro, who produce the dried insect-based feed. It’s a great project which uses human waste in places with sanitation problems to produce high protein, non animal based feeds for agriculture. A fantastic initiative. It’s incredibly disrespectful of her to shove that container of insects (a product of real initiative and care/science/enthusiasm to make the world a better place) at people with that maniacal grin like it’s a huge joke. So embarrassing. I doubt she has any clue what their purpose is. Those desiccated insect larvae worked harder than she ever has. They deserve better.

  3. Kalana says:

    No, we peasants just need stop flying everywhere so that our betters like the royals can continue to not change anything about their lifestyles. Also we need to stop having so many kids, or was that just for people in Africa?

    • Annie says:

      That was totally just for people in Africa. (Except people like Jecca and her family, of course)

  4. Alexandria says:

    They need to stop bullying people using targeted social media campaign too …basically just change these two useless twits. They have zero credibility for mental health, early childhood, online bullying, racism (in football 🙄), gardening, basically everything except spending taxpayers money.

    • JT says:

      Exactly. They have no credibility on ANY subject that they speak about, not environmental issues. The only thing they are qualified to do is cutting ribbons.

  5. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    With the impending death of the Queen, the RRs can smell blood in the water. They know that the Keenbridges’ marriage is a doomed farce that has already played out and are contenting themselves with making snide hints about the couple’s separate lives. Once Her Maj has hopped the twig, all bets are off. Now that the RRs no longer have Meghan to crucify, they’ll turn attention to the lazy, slothful pair. The tabloid coverage will be a thing to behold this time next year, mark my words.

    • Merricat says:


    • Liz version 700 says:

      Andrew’s Nemesis I can’t wait. Karma has been long waiting for these two. I try not to wish people ill will. But, in this case I will thoroughly enjoy the nastiness coming home to roost after they savaged their own family for the world to see.

      • Alexandria says:

        These two drove Meghan to suicide and endangered Harry and his family by encouraging white supremacists. Not to mention PR performing at a murdered woman’s vigil. They deserve what’s coming. I said it.

      • Nyro says:

        Amen, Alexandria. I hope they get back everything they put out against Meghan.

      • Betsy says:

        @Alexandria – they drove Meghan to *suicidal ideation.* As far as I am aware, she is still very much alive.

    • Nyro says:

      I can’t wait for the day! Leaving England and moving to California was one of the best things Harry and Meghan did. The local royals can’t even make up stories anymore because they have zero access. Kinda hard to lie about Meghan making you cry or humiliating you in a meeting when she’s an ocean plus 3000 miles away from you. Welp! So they’ve got nothing to feed the BM and the BM knows they have nothing. And the BM are seeing all the work the Sussexes are doing and how they have been completely and totally shut out from covering them. I think they’ll have a good three months of breathing room after Betty dies. But yup, it’s going to be on and popping after that.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, sadly for the RR, Harry and Meghan can’t provide anything juicy to write about. But the slow-motion train wreck of the RF is prime juiciness – what about the Queen, what about Charles and Camilla, Andrew’s legal problems, Will and Kate’s…everything. So much fodder right in their back yard. They don’t have to wait for crumbs out of the US.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      The Cambridges were only propped up in the last four years to torment the Sussexes. Now that the Sussexes are using and proving their philanthropic might unrestricted in exile, it has become pointless for the Rota to embiggen Will and Kate. The Rota hates black women so I doubt they will end full-stop. I actually want it to continue. Let the embiggening reach more ridiculous heights as the UK struggles with food insecurity, a pandemic, and the Scotland independence movement.

      Applaud Katie Keen for wearing a gold dress as your nation crumbles. Applaud The Other Brother for handing out acrylic statues while your government guts your health care system during a pandemic. Applaud the Cambridges for vacationing out of country as the monarch lies in a hospital bed.

      It’s already grotesque but let the embiggening become repulsive. The House of WIndsor is so over after QEII dies. *Laughs in former colonized commonwealth*

    • Alexandria says:

      @betsy oh yes thank you for the correction.

  6. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    Previously, I had thought that Kate only swung a bunch of bugs at William, threatening, perhaps, to dump them in his whisky. Now I see that there were MORE people she was gleefully showing larvae to?! Ew, woman, let them drink their damn booze! I would be PUMPED to have a work event in a damned distillery, and then if a VIP was being a din-a-ling and shoving bugs in my face? Ugh. Maybe they told her to leave.

    • OriginalLala says:

      seriously, wtf is up with her running around shoving larvae in people’s faces and laughing hysterically? Larvae and insects are a source of protein for many around the globe, it’s so juvenile and immature of her to act this way..frig.

      • Maria says:

        Yep! I eat homemade tacos with chapulines (Oaxacan grasshoppers) all the time.
        I could get making one small joke but she has no sense of context or appropriateness.

      • OriginalLala says:

        @Maria, her behavior is totally disgusting tbh.

      • Becks1 says:

        And I’m sure that was the point of the larvae being there, right? To show an alternative protein source for food? so her acting like “oh this is so silly and gross let me shove it in your face” just shows that she’s not taking any of this seriously.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate acting xenophobic wouldn’t be a shocker at this point. Her entire life has been chasing the upper classes and she probably thinks laughing about this makes her looks part of the in crowd.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think calling it childish behaviour is giving her too much credit. It’s xenophobic behaviour because she’s making fun of someone else’s culture since it isn’t what rich white elite British people eat.

      • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

        Those were the snacks?! Oh good grief, then it’s worse than I thought. Honestly, the immaturity. Like hell she’ll be MY Queen.

      • Ginger says:

        And no one is paying attention to her which makes her look even more ridiculous.

      • Myjobistoprincess says:

        Very immature in deed and also very passé, judgemental, condescending attitude. Everything about them is cringe. And to have some credibility, they’ll have to do more than just quit their jet-set lifestyle. They got everything wrong. Diana was no commoner, but she had the sensibility and the understanding. This katiekeen gal has got nothing going on. The commoner-future-queen who excels with scissors and glue to make xmas cards, grins as large as a coat hanger for absolutely no reason and laughs at a bowl of larvas. chic.

      • Gabby says:

        She’s so thin that she probably was shit-faced after the first cocktail. Hence the hilarity.

      • Mustlovedogs says:

        Sorry -commented on this up-thread before I saw your wise words. So true.

    • Merricat says:

      Is she simple-minded? Seriously, her behavior seems so stunted.

      • JT says:

        It was completely childish and embarrassing. No wonder William was giving her the side eye. There were presidents and prime ministers in that room and Kate is acting like a fool shoving bugs in peoples faces. They were probably sent home because the adults had enough of this juvenile behavior.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Merricatt I think you are on the right track for sure, but simple minded is too “simple” pardon the pun. It implies an organic reason for her lack of even attempting grasp appropriate behavior. I think it might be a case of deliberate uncuriousness. A refusal to inquire about the world, a determination to fail to grasp a basic concern for others. She has a selfishness that is deliberate and a self limiting inability to even want to grow or learn the most basic adulting skills. She makes herself simple and that is just sad.

      • TabithaD says:

        I was thinking the same. WTF is wrong with her? She’s like a hyperactive toddler. And yes I reckon she was sent home because she’s incapable of talking to the grownups.

      • Feeshalori says:

        It’s just plain rude too, you don’t shove items in people’s faces, and at an international conference? It’s such imbecilic behavior. And she represents the royal family? So embarrassing. I’m seriously questioning if she had too much to drink or was on drugs. She seems to be regressing in her behavior.

      • Kfg says:

        She must be taking those prescription diet pills. Her behavior was like she was coked out and drunk. TOB is seeing that none of the copying is making people take them seriously. He’s blaming keen and she is blowing all chances. I bet Camilla told him to send her home bc she’s so embarrassing. TOB is arrogant and ignorant, but at least he can form a coherent sentence and behave better around leaders. She’s just vapid, boring and ignorant

      • Tessa says:

        I think part of the reasons he wants to be so thin, is because Rose is very thin as well. She also seems to be showing passive aggressive behavior now with William.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Such childish behavior, good god. She’s an entitled, arrested adolescent, mean girl. And useless to anyone but her children.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, this is the same kind of “funny joke” as William likes to make – always at other people’s expense, exploitive, and terminally out of touch.

      Imagine if we asked Kate to explain why picking up the larvae is funny: The “hilarity” derives from the fact that bugs are “gross”, right, and she’s such a cool girl for shoving bugs in people’s faces, and can you even believe that people eat these, ohmigod.

      • JT says:

        It think Kate was shoving bugs in people’s faces because she’s just that stupid. Homegirl looked like she was having the time of her life parading around with larvae in her hands. Maybe she thought it was funny because people eat it and that’s “gross” but I just think she’s dim. Because what grown adult goes around doing this little stunt at an important conference? William is over here trying to look like a global statesman and his wife is being ridiculous. It’s completely unprofessional, but it’s Kate we’re talking about. Or maybe she was drunk.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        If you look at her like a starving person who is around food but can’t eat, her manic behavior makes more (but not a lot) of sense.

      • Tessa says:

        William is not so perfect himself. He wanted Harry and Meghan out. Maybe she is displaying passive aggressive behavior because she does not want to lose her chance to be Queen and she’s not going to complain or leave William, so she seems to be trying to deliberately annoy him.

  7. Brit says:

    Something is going on. They’re either mad about the people exclusive or they’re mad that the family hasn’t gotten their money makers to heel or the family is keeping things from the press like the Queen’s hospital visit. Whatever it is, this sounds like a warning. The press has been going after the Cambridge’s and Charles a little more and recently a morning show basically said that Meghan and Harry should come back for duties because their popular with the younger crowd, completely ignoring William and Kate. It’s sounds like the family and BM are reaching a breaking point and I absolutely feel the Sussexes succeeding in the US is causing lots of stress for that invisible contract.

    • JT says:

      Wait a minute. A morning show in the UK actually said Harry and Meghan should come back to do royal duties!? Come back to what? That’s just insane.

      • Brit says:

        Yep. Loose Women I believe. It was strange and out of the blue. One woman implied that Harry and Meghan would get better coverage if they came back and another said maybe Harry would change his mind and resume duties since the Queen is scaling back. Then one said that the younger crowd don’t see the point of royalty and the Sussexes are more popular as celebrities than royals. The fact that they even acknowledged the Sussexes popularity after months of fake polls and outrage was interesting. They know they aren’t coming back and the problem is that the firm is struggling. They know that the rest do not have the star quality and passions that the Sussexes do.

    • A says:

      I think it has less to do with the people mag thing and more to with the issue of climate change itself. Despite a conservative government backing this, being green is sill considered “left wing”. The royals are supposed to be neutral (i.e not “woke”) in exchange for them being treated like gods gift to humanity by the tabloids. The message is being sent to William and Kate and the rest of the family watch yourself or else!

  8. Jenn says:

    So Kate arrived in Glasgow on Monday morning and left Monday evening? Why did she go to COP26 exactly?

    • Alexandria says:

      1) show off a dull dress
      2) pretend to be a mover and shaker
      3) laugh hysterically in an attempt to have charisma

    • Nic919 says:

      She threw some dirt and shoved larvae in the faces of people. That was her work. Paid for by the taxpayer.

    • Tessa says:

      Maybe HM wants them to all be “happy families” and she’s pushing them to be together. It was like when she sent Diana and Charles on the Second Honeymoon trip in 1991.

  9. Noki says:

    For Kate to be called a ‘doormat’ I always find the narative that she has to be bribed with shiney things to do more work laughable. This is lazy William who doesnt do much so he limits what Kate can do,if he was a work horse she would be too.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate chose not to work for a decade prior to marriage, spending that time hounding and hunting William. She has chosen not to have any real projects. She has chosen to be incompetent every time she shows up. She has chosen to waste around a million in taxpayer funds on a coatdress and one-time-only wear wardrobe.

      William didn’t make her what she is. William didn’t make her lazy. If she wanted to work, she’d work. If she wanted to match his work numbers, or exceed them, she would. She. Doesn’t. Want. To. Work. Ever.

    • Name keeps changing cos I delete my cookies says:

      Multiple things can be true: she can be a doormat to Will, and she can be petulant to staff, and she can be lazy in her own right. If Will is limiting her, Kate could still do more with the little space she has, but she doesn’t (memorizing and practicing speeches, reading up on events, etc, – that’s on her). Her life pre-royal also tells a specific story about her work ethic. It’s so bizarre to me… she couldn’t even volunteer at an art gallery, even part-time?? Using your network to fundraise for good causes is a great passtime for someone who wants to contribute to society without working much day to day. I just don’t think she cares, a la Melania’s Zara jacket.

      • Nic919 says:

        Melania Is the best comparison because both women had “marry a rich man” as their life goal and once that was achieved they have done nothing further.

      • bettyrose says:

        Melania was theoretically more careful in her selection of a rich man. She chose a rich party boy who wouldn’t require much of her. I mean, that backfired epically and offered some small humor to an otherwise horrifying era, but Kate chased a man with huge responsibilities. It’s not like she couldn’t have married her pick of nouveau riche (like her sister eventually did). Chasing a title was her biggest mistake.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol, she has never held an actual job beyond Waiting for William. Even the job she pretended to have while Waitying wasn’t an actual job in that she did no work.

    • Belli says:

      I’d say this is close, but not quite. Kate isn’t sitting there desperate to work, woth William and his ego holding her back. He doesn’t need to limit what she does, her work ethic is nonexistent. Now, if he did want her to do more and that’s what it would take to keep her position, she might, but William doesn’t need to expend any energy whatsoever to make Kate work less

    • MJM says:

      Kate is a lazy moron in her own right and I don’t believe William is oppressing her or holding her back in any way.

      • bettyrose says:

        I have to agree. If she had any real interests she would have pursued them during the Waity years. Being less available might have actually made her more interesting/desirable to Wills. I don’t know much about the other women he pursued, but I’m guessing they all had more of a spark or presented more of a challenge or something.

    • Sofia says:

      I’d be more willing to believe this if she was proven to be a workhorse before marriage but she wasn’t. William may be limiting her but she’s lazy af to begin with anyways.

      • Amy Too says:

        Sofia, or if she did the little amount of work that she does competently. If she wants to work but William is holding her back, why doesn’t she make the most of the few engagements a year he “allows” her to do? Why stumble through speeches and make inane comments? Why cut short the round table with doctor Biden and make an ass out of herself? Why not actually do something other than shove bugs in people’s faces at COP26? Or why not do more “unofficial” work like be a Scout’s leader or coach kids in tennis? Or even just host fundraising parties at her home? Participate in baby necessities drives for the baby bank?

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t think William is preventing her from working. I think one of the things he liked about her was her laziness. There is no pressure on him to work more because he can do the bare minimum and still outwork her but I don’t think he’s telling her “you can’t work more.” Does anyone think Kate really has this burning desire to use her position and influence for good, to reach out to others, to learn more about “her” causes, etc? She is interested in shopping, working out, and getting her hair done, and frankly that seems to be about it.

      If William DID want her to work more, she absolutely would, but I don’t think he’s telling her she has to be lazy. She comes by that naturally, as we saw when she was in her 20s and….not working.

      • Nic919 says:

        Blaming William for Kate’s laziness is just another way of infantilizing her and providing excuses for her choices. She’s been this lazy for two decades now and she will not ever change unless forced to.

      • blackfemmebot says:

        I’ve always thought that William liked Kate for how lazy and non-interesting she was because it ensured she’d never outshine him like Diana did Charles. However, once Meghan came along and he saw how magnetic, loved and powerful she was William probably envied Harry and resented Kate because Meghan was the woman William always thought he was capable and worthy of landing and hated that Kate just couldn’t compete and bolster his image of elegant statesman.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate did not want to work. She had years to pay attention to her own career before the engagement. I saw clips of William in 2005 being asked if there were “wedding bells” he did not hesitate and said NO. ANd two years later he broke up with her. She had ample time to do something on her own, but her goal (and Carole’s) was to be Queen. She did not want to be away when The PHone Rings so to speak. Her employer of less than a year Belle Robinson did say her hours at Jigsaw had to be “flexible.”

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think it’s both, she’s lazy and he doesn’t want anyone to look better than him. He’s his fathers son.

    • Tessa says:

      William was turned down by women he was interested in during the 2007 Big Breakup. He settled for Kate. She enables him. I think he’s lazy at heart and wants to be Important and order people about like he tried to do with Harry.

  10. ABritGuest says:

    This is Camilla’s faux attempt at appearing to report without fear or favour. as she focuses on private jet use which the rota don’t mention for the Cambridges anymore even though we know they used it to get to James Middleton’s wedding.

    So as long as Cambridges, Charles etc aren’t reported as using private jets anymore the press will say they are using more environmentally friendly travel & the rota can point to this article as the press holding the firm to account.

    The royals have been getting dragged for hypocrisy since the weekend& even traditional royal supporters (probably some are climate change deniers) haven’t been impressed with them this week so the rota probably felt they couldn’t totally ignore the criticism but they had to couch it with their taking the trains etc.

    Camilla would have mentioned the private helicopters the royals have & use if she was being genuinely critical as well as the queen lobbying to be exempted from green laws at Balmoral.

    • notasugarhere says:

      An no mention of their private jet holiday last week. She isn’t going after them in any real way.

    • Harper says:

      Burger King realized he’d get ripped a new one by the media for showing up to this event via private transportation. He is big on the performative eco-conscious travel ONLY when going to an eco event and he knows the sharks are out to catch the hypocrites in action.

      With the cameras rolling, he showed up to the Earthshot shindig in an electric car; it parked in a parking spot and they got out. As they walked to the event, you could see the electric car pull out of the parking spot and be driven away. Obviously, the car was for show and not meant for the return ride. Tell me that the FFK of England’s electric car couldn’t stay in that prime spot for the hour or two the gala ran if they intended to take it home.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @ABritGuest, sure looks like CT is doing the absolute bare minimum at being critical of Will & Kate. How shocking (not) that she has to say..’to be fair’. A quick look and it doesn’t appear to be on her twitter. Why not put it in the regular paper, if being fair is something she participates in? Because she doesn’t really participate in being fair unless it involves Will & Kate & Andrew. I would really like to know the total number of articles & social media things CT has done in the negative towards Meghan (Harry & Meghan) over the past 5 years.

      Yea, no mention of their recent plane vacation trips. CT’s story seems very performative.

  11. Name keeps changing cos I delete my cookies says:

    Interesting… weird… royalty, in the UK, is such a curious, highly compensated performance.

  12. Roserose says:

    Tominey is yanking the Cambridges’ leash.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    Camilla’s comments are a sign that the Royal appearance at COP26 was a flop. They made no impression on the event and their hypocrisy on climate and change and the environment was all every one talked about.

    • JT says:

      It’s especially funny when you consider how this conference was hyped as the royals proving that they are more important on the world stage than H&M. This was supposed to put the Sussexes in their place and it went nowhere. Then the press thinks it’s doing something with the queen “snubbing” Harry, only for nobody to give a damn that the royals were there at all.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @JT: Exactly. The press had to insert the narrative that Harry was snubbed by the Queen because the Royals were not getting any attention.

      • L4frimaire says:

        They’re weak sauce. Why exactly were they even there? Even Chuck is lame. He just tries to remind us that he was on the vanguard 30 years ago and hoping to reap the majority of the profits from offshore wind farms. Also, Tominey is still terrible.

    • Sofia says:

      This is why I was saying yesterday that Archewell’s announcement was not going to be seen as trying to step on the royals at COP26 besides a small group of royal watchers because the royals aren’t the main event for COP26. They never were and never will be. They only turned up because it was being hosted in Scotland. If it wasn’t, I bet they never would have come.

      People who actually paid attention to COP26 were not watching to see the royals or what they would say or do.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Sofia: You’re right. There was not the usual press outrage when Archewell made that announcement. I think if anything the statement only served to magnify the faiings of the Royal Family when it comes this issue.

  14. Kfg says:

    They’ve been getting dragged!!! #abolishthemonarchy and #freescotland is trending. People are pointing out that they don’t seem to understand anything and Kate looked drunk so not a good look.

  15. Nyro says:

    The Sussex Squad has been doing blackouts on their events, which is one of the reasons they’re getting zero coverage. They usually do things to bait the squad in order to get engagement, like they’ve been doinh with the new Chris Jackson photos which are deliberately ripped off from iconic photos on the Sussex Royal Instagram. That didn’t work though so no one’s talking about them. The squad isn’t talking about them and the mugxits are all focused on Meghan and Harry. No one’s going to bother writing about them when they see that their articles won’t get any engagement at all.

    • Polo says:

      I freaking love that for them. Lol. Complete silence vying for the attention of people magazine.
      I’m proud of the sussexsquad for not giving them what they want.
      They put themselves in between a rock and a hard place. Their MAGA fans don’t want anything to do with climate change/Biden admin, young people don’t want anything to do with their racism and entitlement. And then they have Andrew.
      They can’t speak out about anything “political” which seems to be everything for the Tory party/daily mail and if they do Fleet Street will come after them. They are stuck attached to Boris Johnson.
      So they are left to cutting ribbons and being irrelevant while Harry and Meghan tackling meaningful issues.

    • one of the marys says:

      @Nyro, how does the sussexsquad communicate and where does it exist? I see it referenced here of course but are they a private group on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter? They coordinate fundraisers and apparently have agreed to black out the Cambridges? What does that mean exactly? Are they boycotting the Cambridges so as to decrease their mentions and tweets and views on the web? Is that what you mean? And the palace has noticed this and is baiting them? Wow! and what does that look like ??

      • Becks1 says:

        They’re on twitter, there’s a IG account (i think its called “sussexsquadpod” but i can’t remember specifically right now) and they release a podcast most weeks. Sometimes they use the hashtag “sussexsquad” but in general if you hang around twitter enough you get a feel for where people stand. Anyone can “join”.

        But yes, some of them have pointed out that an issue is that the SS will engage with the RRs, share articles that they think are unfair towards Meghan, whatever, and that just drives more traffic to the RRs. Or someone will be criticizing William so they circulate a clip of his speech, but that just drives more views to it. So there’s been a conscious effort among the squad to not engage with RRs, not share pics of the Cambridges even if its to criticize, etc. Just ignore. And honestly I think that’s the best move and the healthiest.

      • Feeshalori says:

        It sounds like the SS is taking lessons from the Sussexes’ playbook to ignore and not engage. I’ve seen them on Twitter advocating their members to adhere by this.

      • Thirtynine says:

        Yes, SS are being highly intentional and strategic in starving out engagement for anything Cambridge related. They encourage one another openly to do this on twitter. It seems to be very effective. Basically they’re ghosting the RR.

      • Margaret says:

        The sussex squad podcast is on utube, and have a weekly, on Sunday airing. But will be fanning out to once or twice e monthly. Or when there is something important to report. If that helps.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I think a lot of squad focus this week is still on the BotSentinal report. Honestly, the royals aren’t doing anything that interesting so why give it attention. A lot of H&M fans just don’t see the point with engaging with the Rota and royal press because they have no info other than attacks, the Sussexes are doing more interesting things in the US and a lot of what the other royals do isn’t showing up in the timelines.

  16. Becks1 says:

    Yeah its interesting that Tominey is the one specifically calling them out for this. Their “jet set lifestyle” is something that the press has worked hard to hide for the Cambridges, so interesting she’s coming out and saying it.

    It’s not even like people are saying the Cambridges can’t fly. Just maybe don’t take a private helicopter or private jet anytime you want want to leave London. Fly first class maybe.

    I do think the RRs are ticked over the exclusive given to People – exclusive pics AND an exclusive interview. That’s really violating the invisible contract and there’s going to be some pushback.

    I also wonder if Kate was scheduled to do more and bailed, so RRs like Tominey thought they would have a few extra day of Kate-centric stories and instead they get…she wore a blue dress and shoved bugs in people’s faces.

    • Eurydice says:

      “Jet set” used to mean glamorous people who traveled around the world to glamorous locations and hung out with other glamorous people doing glamorous things. I guess here it just means traveling on something that flies in the air. The last thing I would call the Keens is “jet set” – they’re just lazy people who can’t be bothered to take the extra time going from one house to the other. And it’s not like they’ve got anything interesting or crucial going on which means a tight schedule – they’re being lazy in one place and then being lazy in another place a couple of hours away.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Eurydice you are right and that’s something I had forgotten – the connotation of “jet set” not being just about using private jets, but where you are going, who you are hanging out with, etc. Maybe Camilla’s use of that phrase is a dig at their vacation to whichever glamorous location it was this time as well as their love of private jets. the “jet set” crowd isn’t really in line with their “normal down to earth” image.

      • JT says:

        @Eurydice You might be on to something. Yeah W&K we’re being hypocrites but it’s almost like she was saying, y’all are too damn dull and boring for the jet set life anymore. They need to sit down, cut a ribbon, and take the train like the queen does because they’re past that now. Nothing about the Cambridges is glamorous or interesting. Before Meg came along, most of the BM thought they were a complete snooze

      • Eurydice says:

        @JT – it could very well be that. The Keens are astoundingly dull and boring. I say astounding because Will grew up not only in a monarchy, but a monarchy that has one of the finest collections of art, artifacts and literature in the world. He’s had access to all the interesting minds on the planet – if he wanted to learn something or just chat, I don’t think anyone would say no. To have all those resources around him just for the picking, to not take advantage, to not have a single interesting thing to say – well, I think it’s just willful stupidity. I’ll cut Kate a tiny bit of slack because she didn’t grow up like Will and she’s had 3 children – but if I were there, the kids would have to look for me in the library.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate did not grow up like the average woman would. She was there to “land” William and encouraged by her mother to “marry up.” Kate was literally supported by her parents while she waited for the ring. She did not have a job where she could support herself, it was very sporadic flexible work in the run up to the engagement. Kate has three children and lots and lots of help, she does not have to bring in income to support her family the children are set for life. She also does not have to clean the house (they have staff) and she has a full time nanny. She was brought up to marry well and that was that.

  17. ML says:

    It is so exhausting reading about all the machinations related to the royal image. All the titles and effort put into maintaining it appears so anachronic from outside UK. This is also why I always thought that none of them should be using their titles granted as a wedding gift, it makes the whole thing comical they are called duchess and duke and earl etc. It used to be something and now should be part of history.

  18. Coco says:

    Their presence contributed nothing substantive to what is a life-or-death issue, so honestly they should leave early. They must have just been an annoyance to the actual world leaders, experts, and activists who truly care about combating climate change.

    • Babz says:

      Your last sentence brings to mind Ivanka swanning around the big conferences that she talked Daddy into letting her attend. She thought she was really doing something, but when the pictures were published, you could see the disdain and bewilderment from actual world leaders, wondering what the hell she was doing there, and why was she butting into their conversations. She brought zero substance, just like the Keens at COP26.

  19. swirlmamad says:

    Very, very strange and curious. Camel Toe has got something up her sleeve. And why would Kate need to leave after one day to get back to the kids, especially when they JUST came off a family vacation (supposedly all together)? Pretty sure the kids would have survived another day or two with the nanny — not like that’s any different from their typical day-to-day and would’ve made even more sense from a sustainability standpoint if Will and Kate weren’t taking all these separate modes of transportation. Also, wouldn’t this “loving and solid couple” want to stick together as a united front supporting one another especially since this whole thing is William’s show pony? None of it makes a lick of sense.

    • Julia K says:

      It makes sense only if the children didn’t fly back with her. Were they still with Carole at the vacay location? Is that why she left early, to fly back to them? Is this Tominey way of saying ” we know what’s going on”.

  20. Tiffany says:

    She wrote this like she has a in and they are going to listen to her.

    Why do these people think the royals are their friends?

  21. aquarius64 says:

    The RRs lost their credibility by doing the BRF’s dirty work and see no real profits. That’s why they’re mad.

    • Brit says:

      This too. They helped chase their two money makers out the country to benefit a couple and monarchy that wasn’t interesting and dynamic before Meghan arrived on the scene. Everyday, they’re seeing the American media benefit from Sussex exclusives etc and the Sussexes have effectively wiped their hands clean of the Rota. They’ve done everything to get them to play the access game from blackmail, threats, harassment and nothing has worked. They’re slowly turning on that family because the family can’t help them either.

  22. Polo says:

    I want to believe that there’s some rumbling going on behind the scenes but even this is like a pat on the back. Like look they took all these more environmental modes of transport even though they literally just came from vacation on a private jets. IDK.
    Part of me thinks that they mainly have run out of things to complain about with the Sussex’s. You can’t claim woke every time they do something lol. Harry and Meghan are doing a lot so that get old fast. Also credible journalists are reporting on Harry and Meghan’s projects so the royal rota look stupid trying to come for them when literally all their projects are good.
    Eventually they have to start looking at what Kate and Will are doing purely out of nothing else to write about.

  23. Sofia says:

    I have been saying for a long time that the older, more right wing leaning crowd that the Cambridges have been aligning themselves with for the last 5 years (that includes Tominey) do not believe or care about climate change. Sure they’re most likely to be monarchists and prop them up but they think climate change is a liberal hoax so they don’t believe in it and they don’t like people who do. This is expected behaviour tbh.

  24. RoyalBlue says:

    Cue Ma Middleton running to her favorite mouthpiece to leak a story of how indispensable her daughter the top CEO, is to the Kingdom. Future, future Queen most high and royal.

  25. Margaret says:

    First of all there was nothing classy about her behavior at the event. She came across as under the influence, this from a bar owner. Why was she there?, if not to step out with willy during his earthshit event.
    I still wonder why crashing, for pr purposes, the scouts event. Had prince harry and meghan showed up uninvited, the screams of crashing and pr stunts would still be treading.

    • Abby says:

      Is there any video from this event? I’ve only seen pictures, but it sounds like it was a disaster for Kate.

    • Lady Digby says:

      A message to you Rudee as the song goes : anybody else think Kate wasn’t joking about flinging larvae in Big Will’s face? Alice Evans twitter meltdown could be a warning of the forces Kate and Mom could muster if another bloke dumps his twin soul after 20 years? I am sure Sarah Vine is just dying to get in on the act with articles of advise for erring husbands. I am sure Alice Evans would advise Kate not to keep things buttoned up!

    • Tessa says:

      Her huge fans keep calling her classy, especially after she wore the gold gown. Class is more than dressing up and walking on red carpets. If she were Classy, Meghan and Harry would still be in the UK>

  26. Rapunzel says:

    Okay, so yesterday, I posited that William and Kate have a Lenny and George from Of Mice and Men thing going on. I’m more and more convinced as I consider it.

    For those who don’t know (spoilers for a very old book): Lenny is a simple minded man child, prone to fits of violence when he gets upset. He’s incapable of controlling himself, and only cares about his wants. He’s a child’s mind in a grown body. George, his friend, has to basically watch him and put up with the trouble Lenny starts, which leads to him getting frustrated with Lenny. Eventually, Lenny makes a mess that can’t be cleaned and George shoots him rather than see him get in trouble. Now Lenny is a likable guy with deep down a good heart and doesn’t mean to be violent. He doesn’t mean to hurt. He just doesn’t understand his strength and he’s a sympathetic character. His death is a tragedy and George is sad about what he has to do.

    But my point: Will is much like Lenny. A child in a man’s body, prone to rage and possibly
    violent fits when his ego is thwarted. I actually wonder if the head trauma he suffered as a kid is part of it.

    Harry was George, watching out for and covering for Will. Now he’s gone, and it’s Kate’s job. I believe that’s why her joint appearances with Will are so strained. She’s OTT trying to do the event and keep Will from trouble. She can’t do the job like Harry did. She is setting Will off. He thinks she’s the simple minded Lenny and resents it. He won’t play George to her. Hence the rapid disintegration of their union since Sussexit.

    I firmly believe this now: Will is the problematic Lenny of the BRF. Hence Harry needed to help him reign. Hence why TQ and Charles won’t stand up to him. Hence Kate makes herself into whatever he wants and is good at none of this.

    Harry leaving ruined the hold and control on the family’s Lenny, and Kate can’t step up and replace him. Attempting to has caused Will to think she’s the Lenny style burden.

    It’s now all falling apart. I’d even bet they left Glasgow earlier than expected because Will pitched a fit- the press ain’t covering anymore either.

    TL; DR: Will and Kate are going kaput because he’s the man -child of the BRF and he doesn’t like that Kate is trying to play minder in place of Harry. The press is tired of it all its all falling apart.

    • Chaz says:

      Did my homework and reviewed Of Mice and Men. You are spot on in your analysis! I came away feeling more sorry for Harry – he ain’t heavy he’s my brother burden wasn’t fair to the Sussexes. All the work and no glory because a simpleton needed to be propped up. I think William thought Harry was Lenny to make himself feel better about the jerk in the mirror. Good luck with all that Kate -you are truly an example of needing to dream better.

    • Amy Too says:

      I think it’s more like Kate and William are both Lennys (Kate is the more simple minded idiotic version while William is the violent version who lashes out and causes problems for himself that he didn’t intend and needs to be saved from) and Harry was supposed to be the George. Now there are 2 Lennys left but they each think the other one is *more Lenny-like* than them, and they also each think they’re the George in the duo, but really, there is no George. But the fact that the Lennys are pretending to be Georges and trying to be Georges is probably what’s keeping them from even bigger PR blunders and disasters… but it’s also probably making them both frustrated and angry because trying to act like smart, controlled people who can problem solve is way too much for a Lenny to handle.

      • Rapunzel says:

        AmyToo- also a good analysis. But I do think Kate is working really hard to cover for Willyboys sullen attitude.

    • Anita says:

      This is the best analysis of the situation of Will/Kate(/Harry) that I’ve read.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate isn’t there to cover for William. She’s there to parade around in her idea of fashion, pose, and try to get attention for herself. She has always acted in this unprofessional, childish, and offensive manner. Nothing new here.

    • Green Desert says:

      I think this is a really good theory, Rapunzel. BTW I hadn’t heard about William’s head injury…I need to look that up.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Given Kate acts like an out of control toddler most of the time, she’s not there to ‘control’ William as she cannot even control herself.

  27. Gina says:

    Firstly, I don’t see any real criticism of the Royals in CT article. It’s more like a pat on the back. A mild reminder of “jet-setting” style that isn’t appropriate for such great eco-warriors.
    Billy wants to be seen like savior of the planet and CT just played into this tune. The same brain-washing just in a bit more sophisticated way. Also, as we know she is Middletons’ mouthpiece, so she added Kate Gevara to the “eco-team”.
    @Rapunzel As about the theory that Kate is trying to keep Billy the Basher in check – I don’t think so. For one, she is too selfish for such sacrifice. She would never take this role – she knows what’s good for her. Secondly, she is too lazy – and this is a lot of hard work. And thirdly, she is shallow and stupid – taking care of Billy’s state of mind is not for her.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Gina- I agree with your points about Kate,, except…Re: 1- I don’t she volunteered for the role, and re: 2&3- that’s why she’s so bad at it and driving Will nuts.

  28. Edith says:

    Kate and William are the Uk jerad and Ivanka trump. Tasteless.

  29. Jaded says:

    What an idiot…having a “let them eat bugs haha!” moment when she’s at a f*cking climate change conference to deal with famine, genocide, drought, etc. forcing millions of people into starvation where eating bugs may be the only thing that keeps them alive. Another example of the horrible optics she once again created. She makes me sick.

    And I’ve eaten grasshoppers when I lived in Oaxaca — they were delicious.

    • MA says:

      A 12 year old Meghan would behave with more decorum. I’m getting so much secondhand embarrassment from these photos but you know she thinks she killed it since she got her laughing photo in, no matter how out of place and inappropriate. Some women never outgrow the cutesy thing and it’s jarring to see this from a 40 year old woman in 2021. Even Ivanka tries to act like an adult who knows what she’s talking about.

      I find it fascinating to see how emotionally stunted these two are. It’s extreme.

      • nina says:

        Present day Meghan would’ve done her research and came prepared. She would not have been laughing like a hyena and making fun of what is a food source for millions of people who would otherwise starve.
        That is some pretty bad optics even for the Keens. That picture is going worldwide. Even the most remote village have a cell phone and internet access these days. No wonder PWT banished her, She is a disgrace and a liability.

  30. Isabella says:

    I still think it’s weird that a husband wouldn’t want his wife at his biggest event. Instead, William sends Kate home and does Earthshot alone. Which, of course, meant it god little coverage. The reporters didn’t have her frock to talk about–and Wills is hardly photogenic.

  31. Beach Dreams says:

    Meh, that “criticism” is more like a love tap. She included Charles for her mealymouthed jet-set lifestyle line, so I personally wouldn’t think too much of it. None of the rota have the gumption to truly go after the Cambridges; if it happens, it’ll likely be done by a journalist outside of the rota, someone like Shipman for instance (but I doubt Shipman himself would either).

  32. kelleybelle says:

    They’ll never have much credibility for their lies and hypocrisy and how they treated Meghan. Admit it, Cameltoe Meany. You know it’s true.

  33. nina says:

    Is that PWT’s one black friend that he hugged when he tried to show that he and the family were not racists.

  34. Julia K says:

    Let’s be fair; calling someone “drunk” “under the influence” or ” on drugs” with no facts or proof to back it up is just not right. Lack of sleep, jet lag and one glass of wine on an empty stomach could together give the same impression.

    • SnoodleDumpling says:

      When your ONLY job is to go to stupid parties to represent the UK well and be videoed and photographed doing so minimum expectations do generally include responsibly managing your travel on your personal time so that you don’t end up majorly and messily loopy at big public events like this.

      Also, she acts like this at almost every event! This is her standard behavior now. Either she is traveling outside the UK so much that she is nearly constantly jet lagged (and William is not) or there is something else going on with her. Yes it would have to be outside the UK, the UK only has one time zone.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Kate is leaving herself open to speculation like this. By now, she should know how to behave at major public events like these and prepare and act accordingly. Fly in a day or two early from wherever you’re at to rest if necessary. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, that’s common sense. If none of these is the cause for her behavior, then you have to look at other reasons. She’s representing her country, for crying out loud, and should act professionally. If any one of us behaved so egregiously in public at a corporate event, we’d be called on the carpet by our boss or fired summarily.

  35. LaurieLee says:

    So on another post someone said that the tub of bugs was an example of sustainable food, and that it was so disrespectful of Will and Kate to be making jokes about it, and I thought it couldn’t possibly be the truth. What insane people would make jokes about something like that at an international environmental conference? Just someone being a little hard on the Keens, right? (I like to think the best of people even sometimes Will and Kate….) But OMG I stand corrected because that’s totally what this is, check out the name on the tub, it’s this group This is a totally wonderful initiative, low environmental impact, likely cheap, high quality protein and they’re treating it like a joke, and like it’s something disgusting. This is appalling, even by their standards. Do they not see how terrible this looks?

    • Nyro says:

      God, she’s such a disrespectful idiot.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She did the same with the UNICEF peanut paste years ago.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate is a racist snob so finding this sustainable food funny is right in her wheelhouse. Even William didn’t find this behaviour cute and he’s pretty racist himself. He just wasn’t stupid enough to laugh at the initiative while being photographed.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s what I don’t get about her at things like this – she knows she’s being photographed, its the whole reason she’s there. And she’s behaving like this? She’s literally shoving larvae in peoples faces and laughing like its the funniest thing ever, knowing the cameras are on her. I wonder if she even knew why the larvae were there, or if she just thought it was something gross and comical.

        William says jackass-y things of course and everyone here knows my opinion of him, but he is able to put on a semi decent “I am listening and taking this very seriously” look when he needs to. Its when he opens his mouth that things go wrong. Kate can’t even get that look right sometimes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She wants attention however she can get it. Remember the infamous posing, jaw open, gurning for 10 seconds to get the cameras on her at a bicycle race? It is all for show.

  36. Pat Gaddess says:

    The Kate being the wonderful mother has always been so fake to me The Sun photos of the family pub dinner was just crazy I think the whole family is dysfunctional George cried at the pub dinner and none of them look happy The short clip of Archie on the beach is filled with joy and he is a book worm carrying around a book I never see any joy or fun Where is the play? Where is the fun? Why aren’t they doing fun things? Running around with bugs is weird There should be plenty of fun activities At Norfolk and the other big trips No wonder H and M don’t want their children around them

  37. SAMG says:

    you’re right! it makes no sense, they’re going to turn on her any second but she thinks she has dirt on them and can threaten them like they didn’t kill someone in the same position that knew more? WHO WAS ONE OF THEM!. but I read somewhere that someone said they will never divorce cuz that’s going to make him look bad and all the attention will go to her and the divorce. They need her to be a wet blanket.

  38. Cottage Cat says:

    As a “Brit”, I couldn’t give a stuff about this weirdo and his PR emaciated show-pony. Most interesting is how Kate’s druggy, wife-punching uncle gets a “free pass” in msm.

  39. EveV says:

    What is wrong with Kate in that picture of her holding out bugs? Is she drunk?

  40. Monica says:

    You just know that most of the dignitaries there, if they think of the Cambridges at all, are aware they are not serious people.

  41. Likeyoucare says:

    Is she high?
    Why the hell jason still showing his face there.
    Doesnt he has no shame, the court already expose his lies about meghan.
    Kate is really stupid by standing beside him and getting her pictures taken with him.

    Don’t they learn that Andrew pictures with epstien had been recycled in the news.

    10 years from now, kate’s pictures with jason will be use as the FFQ that make the royals crumble.

  42. Over it says:

    I want to talk about these photos. First one, Kate looks either bored, or on another planet. She is definitely not tuned in or giving a flying fig about what these people are talking about.
    Second pic, why does he look like he wants to punch his wife. The rage is in the jawline and the clench fist.
    Third picture, she is shoving a dish of bugs in people face and they both appear to be ignoring her. I just don’t know what she is doing. These two don’t act like they realize that cameras are following them.

  43. Cottage Cat says:

    If we see anymore of Kate and her butt-flashing, surely the next step is an X-ray. She had jacket panels cut out to show off her bony arse