Prince William got dragged for his racist ‘African overpopulation’ comments

Tusk Conservation Awards in London

As we discussed this week, Prince William attended the Tusk Conservation Awards on Monday night. He’s a long-time patron of Tusk Trust, a conservation charity, and he handed out awards to some of the people working on the ground in Kenya and other African countries. Unfortunately, William also made a lil’ speech and the dude has not gotten new speechwriters in years. Which is why Baldingham returned to one of his favorite subjects: how “overpopulation” is a problem for Africa alone, and how there are too many Africans and they’re ruining his colonialist playground. The father of three expressed similar (if not identical) sentiments in 2017 and 2018. While we covered it, I wasn’t expecting the whole internet to drag him. But that’s what happened.

Prince William has been accused of racism for comments linking the human population of Africa to pressure on wildlife.

William, a Tusk patron, handed out prizes to leading conservationists from African nations at the ceremony on Monday. He told the audience in London: “The increasing pressure on Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces as a result of human population presents a huge challenge for conservationists, as it does the world over. But it is imperative that the natural world is protected not only for its contribution to our economies, jobs and livelihoods, but for the health, well-being and future of humanity. We owe it to our children and future generations to act now.”

William did not specifically mention population growth. However, his comments were condemned by many on Twitter as an attack on the continent’s Black population by a figurehead from an institution with a colonial history. Kensington Palace declined to comment.

Conservative commentator Michael Knowles said: “‘If the natives keep reproducing, there won’t be as many impalas for me to shoot!’ Morally backward as this line of thinking is, one cannot help but be amused by the audacity.”

Franklin Leonard, a movie executive and founder of the Black List, wrote: “‘There are too many Africans’ is quite the position.”

Bolu Babalola, the British author of Love in Color, wrote: “lol he is so hateful it’s actually funny.”

Survival International, which advocates for tribal people around the world, wrote: “Prince William says mounting pressure on Africa’s ‘wild spaces as a result of human population’ is a ‘huge challenge for conservationists’. Staggered by the racism & hypocrisy?”

The human rights organization also shared a video of Mordecai Ogada, a Kenyan ecologist, saying: “The fact is, if we look at absolute figures, Africa is more sparsely populated than Europe or Asia, and the fact is the absolute numbers of people in Africa are far from being a problem for our environment. More so for the very light footprint of the people here…. The average western family of five will have a carbon footprint of a few hundred Maasai tribesmen in Kenya.”

[From Newsweek]

I enjoy the fact that William was being dragged internationally, by all corners of the internet. What’s shocking to me is that… this was not the first time he said similar sh-t about how there are too many Africans, and he was dragged those other times too! Maybe he wasn’t dragged as thoroughly in 2017 or 2018, but there was definitely backlash and… he just didn’t care. He’s like “No, people need to hear this! There are definitely too many Africans and it affects my colonialist safaris!”

Tusk Conservation Awards in London

Tusk Conservation Awards in London

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Lady Digby says:

    Maybe he shared this view with Harry and that caused, ahem, a complete misunderstanding?! L OL!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Not surprising that he is a tone-deaf eco facist. Does his ex Jecca Craig really run the Tusk foundation out in Kenya? Would make a number of things make sense.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The number of Africans is not the issue. The behaviour of the mostly western companies that contribute 70% of the worlds pollution and carbon foot print is. Willileaks and his speech writers are ignorant and misinformed.

    • MMadison says:

      At some point an honest journalist and honest TV network will tell the full truth about the British Royal Family. How DESTRUCTIVE this institution has been throughout history. The very much not racist William will continue to be exposed as he alone tells an entire Continent how they are destroying his precious hunting grounds. If William came to the USA and told the American People that we needed to control our populations Americans would be furious. Well the world joined the entire Continent of Africa in their outrage…..William keeps proving to the world that he is a asshole!

    • Otaku fairy says:

      So much for not a racist family.

  2. equality says:

    Notice already that there are those finding it just quaintly amusing like with Philip when he made racist remarks.

    • vs says:

      not surprising ….I bet you the majority of those are royalists or maga

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yeah, and Philip was excused because “that’s just how people were back when he was younger.” As if merely explaining WHY Philip is racist, somehow makes him not racist?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, and why is that? We should never give racist any amount of leniency with regards to any racist comments. It’s not acceptable anymore and I don’t care how old you are or if you are a Royal member. It needs to be cut like a cancer that it is.

  3. OriginalLala says:

    Is he blinded by entitlement, racism or stupidity? or all three? I can’t believe how bad he is at is this f*cktard going to be on my money in the future!!!

    • Chloe says:

      The fact that he is so bad at this is one of the many reasons for the smear campaign directed at harry and meghan. Make the sussexes look bad by comparison. That way people won’t ask questions about william and his assistant

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Chloe, it isn’t hard to make Baldingham, or Kween Stalker, look bad in comparison on the shear amount of engagements that other Royals, like Anne who is twice their age does more than either combined.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yes, OriginalLaLa, he’s got the trifecta.

    • Lady D says:

      Him on my money is reason enough to go plastic. We still have to gag our way through Charles on our money.

      • Lorelei says:

        @LadyD, I honestly feel so sorry for you; the thought of having to look at that pr!ck every time I looked at money would be infuriating.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Lady D, it’s too bad that the thought of a slimmed down monarchy doesn’t include axing Baldingham as its first order of business!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Though I do feel very sad for your country as well as all of the CW countries once he becomes king. Baldingham will certainly make a bad situation exponentially worse just due to his presence and position.

      • equality says:

        Wonder if it would be possible to just vote to keep the money as it is and leave QE on it.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Honestly, it’s a bad speech writer and his own racism leaking into the message. Overpopulation being talked about, in terms of Africa, has usually been more about preventing overpopulation before it becomes a problem *like it has on other continents*. The solutions being things like access to education and healthcare. It’s an acknowledgment of the problems in other places rather than a specifically an issue with Africa. Literally every continent needs to work on overpopulation. The way that William chose to address the it made it sound like it was at least 90% about race.

    • HeyJude says:

      Don’t worry, I’m sure Charles will do something so ghastly inappropriate in his reign (probably international financial crime taking bribes from foreign billionaires to peddle influence) the British establishment will have no choice but to end the monarchy out of necessity.

    • Mustlovedogs says:

      My 30 yo. son has autism and an intellectual disability. He has recently suffered a spinal cord injury and has undergone such torment and pain, and sadness and difficulty. Yet he is able, because of continued conversation, education and an interest in the world around him, to be a young man who is not racist, not a misogynist, who cares about the environment and equality, and who always asks me — “is that ok to say Mum? That’s not racist is it..? That’s respectful isn’t it?’ And this ignorant entitled, manchild comes out with… this. SMH. Makes me so sad.

  4. ABritGuest says:

    Oops there’s that spotlight KP apparently wanted 😬. Environment activists joining in the dragging of Mr Earthshot isn’t great.

    The funny thing is that the Times set William up because his actual comments weren’t as egregious as their clickbait heading. The rota must be upset with him.

    • Mich says:

      Oh my goodness. You are so right. Because of your comment, I looked for his speech. Couldn’t find all of it but what I did find sounded like a million other speeches about the challenges of conservation.

    • Mac says:

      When Population Matters is sort-of defending you, you are on the wrong side of the issue. It has a long history of advocating for de-population in the world’s poorest countries as a remedy to all the ills the planet faces. I think the quote from Population Matters helped motivate the reaction.

    • SaraTor says:

      I once had an ecology professor go fully malthusian and say that people in poor parts of the world were overbreeding due to natural selection pressures, relative to the more evolved people in wealthy countries. So this racism sentiment is fully entrenched in that worldview. Human wildlife conflict is a challenge in many places on the continent, especially where once fertile areas are becoming desert. But the solutions are in sustainable economic development, and countering the land grab by countries like China, not saying there are too many Africans.
      It’s good to see an active call out this time, especially the hypocrisy about blaming overpopulation with Africa’s low emissions footprints and low density.

  5. MY3CENTS says:

    If he could have just gotten H&M exiled to Afrrica as he wanted all along..

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ MY3CENTS, yes!! How wonderful that would have played into his racist and ignorant comments he made made regarding Africa!! Harry would have been able to create an enormous amount of goodwill already had Baldinghams plans come to fruition!! Baldingham seems to think that the entire continent doesn’t have access to modern technology like the internet, yet alone electricity!!

      And can we just give @ Munya Chawawa an award already!!! His tweet was utter perfection!!!

      • Alexandra says:

        Co sign 👌👌👌

      • Julaine says:

        Prince Harry in 2016:
        “Human populations in Southern Africa have increased
        annually by an average of 1.16% from 1960 to today…there
        is no question at all that Africa’s wildlife will be increasingly
        susceptible to growing human populations and their
        requirements for land.

        It appears like William and Harry share similar viewpoints when it comes to this particular issue.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      He just outed himself as the racist Archie commenter.

      • Betsy says:

        Did anyone seriously believe he wasn’t the main one? I can fully see Charles asking out of sheer curiosity and without malice, too, but I can hear William asking in all his pointy white hooded disgust.

  6. Keri says:

    Why not Harry instead 😫. This lunatic’s connection to my country, esp the proposal, irritates me. I wish Harry brought Meghan here before all the restrictions 😪

  7. hindulovegod says:

    His PR instincts are awful. He still doesn’t understand that the smearing of Meghan and the revelations in the Oprah interview have lifted the veil on who he is. He isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt outside his tiny island. People view everything he says and does from the position that he’s a hypocrite and a racist.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Yup! And yet the BRF must agree with him because no one is stopping him from spewing this BS. I look forward to watching it all burn down …..

  8. Edith says:

    He should do some resarch before opening mouth. Not withstanding his geography degree, Harry is more informed, more intelligent and Smarter than him.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Edith, I believe Harry always was more informed, intelligent, smarter, articulate, kind than TOB. The media spun it that Harry was the dim one, because no one must outshine the FFK.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Harry had TWO MAJOR projects that he started before he turned 30: Sentebale and Invictus. WTH has Bitter Brother done on his own? Nothing. He STILL doesn’t. Anything his greedy fingers are on have been started by others, and he gives below minimal effort to.

  9. WhoElse says:

    I don’t blame him. I blame all the sambos who gathered to collect his nonsense award. They should have told him to shove it where Rose usually does, but instead they stood there and smiled while he spewed his early dementia ramblings. I would have slapped him so hard, he would have started speaking fluent Yoruba. Idiot.

  10. Plums says:

    the RR has been fucking with him for a couple days now, and it’s hilarious.

    • Kfg says:

      Yeah catching him leaving w another woman at 7:30am is a shot fired too. The cambs have nothing interesting to sell on M& H and the fail will lose the appeal. So floodgates on how horrible they are will be coming out. I mean none of the Windsors have been able to get a picture of the Sussex kids so there isn’t anything to sell.

      • Tanguerita says:

        whatwhatwhat? can’t find anything about it anywhere.

      • Amy Too says:

        Tell me more about this please!!

      • Jan says:

        That was 7:30 pm.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Basi you beat me to it! I was just about to post the same link. It’s certainly…interesting. When I saw it yesterday morning, I immediately texted it to a friend like, “Where’s Kate?!”

        I mean, sure, there could absolutely be lots of innocent explanations for it, but it just doesn’t look good right now, at all.

        Plus, the Fail followed it up with an article including, “Kate makes time for her family” or something like that, and imo it served as something of a rebuttal. (That’s just totally my speculation, though, based on the timing.)

      • Duch says:

        “another woman” … if that’s referring to the picture, I believe it’s a security agent? Looks like that person is in the front seat while he’s in the back. Still, agree it’s shady placement by DM. Interesting

      • Lorelei says:

        @Duch, I *think* the woman next to him was James Blunt’s wife, based on other photos from that night? Not positive. But the fact that they chose to run a photo which sparks questions definitely seems like a little dig at him.

      • Sofia says:

        @Lorelei: I don’t think it’s James Blunt’s wife. There’s a picture of her attending the party and the eyebrows of the two women do not match.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Sofia, that would sure make it a lot more interesting. If it’s not her, than who is it?!

      • Sofia says:

        @Lorelei: I looked again and I’m now confused. Hair matches but Sofia’s (James’ wife) eyebrows were not as thick as the woman in the car. But it’s hard to tell with 10% of her face showing and Sofia’s pics weren’t that close up so her eyebrows may very well be that thick close up. Again, hard to tell.

        If it isn’t Sofia’s then it’s either a RPO, a friend or a “friend”. I know the latter one would be the most fun to gossip about but since she’s at the front, I’m going with the first two.

      • TabithaD says:

        William did look very shifty in that pic of him leaving the party. And no Kate! I think the Mail was giving him a bit of a warning there.

      • Athena says:

        The group he was with was made up of couples, just seem strange that his wife wasn’t with him for a nice evening out with a group of friends.
        Also, another paper commented that although William and Kate were said to be at the christening their presence could not be confirm.
        He wasn’t at James Middleton’s wedding (there is no way Carol would not have released a group photo if he was), they didn’t go to the christenings, and he’s out alone with friends.
        I don’t think an affair is what the press has on him, men having affair, a royal man having an affair is not shocking, a love child on the other end would be a game changer.
        This was a warning shot. They made a point to say he left at 7:30, did he go home to his happy family at 7:30? Did he leave with someone and went somewhere else?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Lorelie and Basi, THAT is the article I commented about! EVERYONE else had their wife/husband/partner with them (except David Furnish who came with a friend)…all except Bitter Brother. NO sign of KKKhate. When I mentioned in the comments how this seems to support the rumors of trouble in the Cams’ marriage, and how they don’t live together, it got taken off almost immediately, and I got notification that there were “complaints” about my comment! 😄

      • Eurydice says:

        It certainly looks like Emily Blunt – she has the same hairline and the same coat. The eyebrow thing could be a matter of different lighting. But it’s interesting that Will left at 7:30 along with her and Blunt left later – but maybe she was catching a ride home to prepare for their after party.

        It doesn’t seem like Will made a roaring night of it if he left at 7:30, more like a tour around the room for 20 minutes or so. I suppose Kate could have attended, but maybe such a short appearance wasn’t worth all the effort of new outfits and wiglets and so forth?

      • GRUEY says:

        That photo is such a tasty morsel. And even if there is an innocent explanation, that photo is absolutely calculated to raise questions. Why not a shot of him outside looking like he has nothing to hide? Why not an ID on the people in the car?

        My guess is that Bulliam is out doing shit like this all the time and this is just a wee taste of how much the DM could fuck up his life.

      • Jais says:

        Agree @gruey. It could be that this is a totally innocent picture and the blonde woman is not another 🌹 on the vine, but the DM knows posting it will illicit so many questions. That’s what’s interesting here. They are totally f*cking with him. I don’t think it’s James Blunt’s wife bc the article makes the point of saying they left later in the night. So then, who is the blonde? That is the question the DM wants its audience to ask even if the comments get moderated.
        Also, the way the shadow half covers William’s face is so freaking symbolic I can’t take it. 😂

      • HeatherC says:

        Just an FYI, James Blunt’s wife is named Sophia, not Emily. Emily Blunt is married to John Krasinski and she is far more recognizable than James Blunt’s wife.

      • swirlmamad says:

        If he left at 7:30 pm who the heck knows where he went after that. He could’ve gone home, or off to meet up with heaven knows who…but the fact that he attended this event, even for an hour or two, WITHOUT his wife when everyone else there that he would have socialized with attended with a significant other is (as my 10-yr-old would say) beyond sus. Of everything they’ve appeared at together recently this would’ve made the most sense to make a date night out of and attend together. And I agree with everyone that the way this was reported was not coincidental or innocently done –this was 100% intentional. Y’all still suck hardcore but keep yanking that chain, DM.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Kfg, he certainly doesn’t look pleased or comfortable in relation to his pics being taken!! He looks like a deer in the headlight going on!! I do wonder though why the tag line reads that he is going home to BP though.

      • equality says:

        Maybe he cut the night short because of getting spotted and photographed.

      • LaraW" says:

        Guys – I was doing some internet searching. The DM names James Blunt’s wife as “Emily,” but as commenters noted here, her name is actually Sophia Blunt. Apparently she goes by Sophia Blount (the actual spelling of James Blunt’s last name). She’s listed as a co-founder and director at Omnia Strategy LLP, a firm that specializes in arbitration and mediation. Though her professional profile doesn’t mention this, several articles on the internet state that she studied law at Edinburgh. I’m not sure that she’s the woman in the car, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the DM got her name wrong.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Is he still with Rose or has he moved on? Prince Charles had affairs with Kanga and Camilla so Will probably also thinks he is God’s gift too. Does William also use aristocratic safe mansions to rock the casbah with his cuties?!

  11. Tataro says:

    Now we wait for the Harry and Meghan hate news right about…

    Everytime Willy gets bad press, Harry and Meghan’s gossip comes right after.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    You would think that given the constructive criticism he got the last time he made this speech, he would have moderated his tone and changed his stance on the issue but no, either he’s too dumb to realise what he says is racist and colonial or he doesn’t care what other people, including Africans, think.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, many people would take the criticism to heart, but they’re interested in learning. When was the last time William ever had to do… anything? I’m really asking. When do we think was the last time he did something uncomfortable. Something that was difficult. Somebody who challenged him. Anything that would require him to grow or learn?

      Any courses or work he takes is “bespoke”, tailored just for his narrow self-interest, and even then, he supposedly never completed the hours he was supposed to serve as a pilot. How then could he ever confront the reality of the racist and misogynist institution he upholds? Much better to blame the BBC. Or cancel culture.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jay, re: your first paragraph, I’ve tried and cannot come with a single thing. Not ONE. I’m still going to give it some thought because it’s an interesting question, but I truly cannot think of a single time in which he either didn’t get his way, or just refused to do anything he didn’t want to.

    • Lorelei says:

      But do we know if any negative feedback actually makes it to him? He seems to be surrounded by people who tell him what he wants to hear, so it doesn’t seem like anyone on his team would have wanted to confront him about it, especially given his temper.

      Even if they periodically just leave a folder full of press about him, do they leave the negative stuff out? Or does Bill even bother to ever read any of it?

      I have wondered for SO long which royals (mainly the Cambridges) sneak online and lurk to see what’s being said about them. IIRC, they all claim that they don’t, but it’s human nature, imo, to want to be aware of what headlines about you are being blasted all over the world. I find it hard to believe then none of them are ever overwhelmed by curiosity! I feel like a few of them, and definitely William, must have dummy accounts that they use just to browse.

      But as far as adjusting his actions based on public opinion, he probably just thinks that they’re stupid peasants, and why should he care what they think, etc.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’m sure they don’t tell him the bad stuff – he’s totally the guy who would shoot the messenger. He also seems totally pig-headed, like the reason people wouldn’t approve of what he said is because he didn’t say it loudly and slowly enough.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I suspect that he reacts VERY poorly to any kind of criticism, even if it is constructive – and I wouldn’t be surprised if his staff simply didn’t inform him of said criticism. That could be an explanation for him doubling down on this racist eugenics nonsense. Another explanation is simply that he is extremely arrogant, entitled and stupid – a lethal combination for a public person.

      • Lorelei says:

        @ArtHistorian, agreed, and it just makes it that much worse that he had the audacity to push the “Meghan is a bully to her employees!” narrative.

      • lanne says:

        I’m starting to think that the whole Meghan smear campaign has been the brainchild of William. I thought maybe it was Charles, due to jealousy, or even BP courtiers, but now I think the frontman was William. The persistence of the hate campaign against Meghan is so stupid, pointless, and damaging to the monarchy. Only someone who has never been told no, never been held accountable for his actions, never been challenged in any way. He’s entitled, stupid, arrogant just like you say, with no one who can talk him down from the ledge. He can’t even read the room to know that talking like a British colonialist isn’t smart. He still thinks he can swan around America and everyone will clamor to see him without question. He still thinks he can break Meghan and “get Harry back.” He thinks he can pull a Prince Albert and have affairs and perhaps illegitimate kids all over the place. (Perhaps he’s pulling a Phillip that way too–I wouldn’t be surprised if payments to Charles et al’s “long lost siblings” are in that 99 year will). What a tool.

      • Sid says:

        @lanne, the smear campaign definitely has all the hallmarks of Willileaks’s style. Like a nasty bull in a china shop. Charles is much slicker when he goes after someone, and wouldn’t commit as many “own goals” and blows to the monarchy as Willileaks has.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ lanne, I made the comment the other day that there are still marks on Harry and Meghans backs with regards Baldinghams attempts in the smear campaign last week. There was no one else who would have benefited the most, hence why it has been Baldingham this entire time!!

      • Margaret says:


        There is no doubt in my m. . ind, imho that Charles and Camilla were also involved with the smears. Have you ever noticed the looks of disdain on ugly cammies face when she looks at meghan, no better than sad a$$ sophie. Charlie is just slick and oily, whereas silly willy is just a tool.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Charles was definitely involved. The father’s day picture he released of him putting his head on the Bully’s shoulder was meant to send a sign.

  13. Lemons says:

    That last comment from Mordecai Ogada is exactly why I CANNOT with PWT and his ilk. He needs to learn to keep Africa out of his mouth.

  14. AnnaKist says:

    Uh oh. We seem to have here Phil’s replacement. A proper pair of tosses.

  15. Sofia says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at Munya’s sketch! The entire thing was one great line after another. My favourite parts were Andrew popping in after hearing “miners” and “the continent is heaving with children”. Can’t forget “colonial sigh” either.

  16. Layla says:

    If only he would read…. just a little bit.
    More than overpopulation, threats to wildlife include bias and prejudice towards wildlife practices. So for example campaigns for the “cute” animals like lions and tigers receive more funding than campaigns to protect lesser known wildlife like flora and fauna. On top of that, overconsumption in western and more developed countries raises a huge threat to wildlife as well. In reference to overpopulation, Africa doesn’t even have the largest population, that’s Asia and also, doesn’t majority of consumption become exports from African nations to the more developed countries? (Please correct me if I’m wrong on this)

    Now I got all of this from just a bfew minutes of reading scholarly articles based on this one topic. It’s so obvious that none of these people do the required research. The whole point of you being a patron, from an organisation’s perspective certainly, is to raise enough awareness towards the issues they might be facing. That involves doing the required research yourself, not just handing it over to your chief of staff and then picking it up when it suits you. And it involves providing people with the required resources to be able to help you tackle the issues you raise. Just look at how people reacted when Harry joined Environmentalist activist Reinhold Mangundu in writing against the drilling of the Okavango river.
    Now before anyone has a go at me, I get that W has become patron for the Flora &Fauna trust(?) which is good, but what’s been done about it? There’s been no mention of this patronage. There’s been nothing to support this patronage. So far all he’s done is incorporated it for his Keenshot prize and even then until you don’t really look for it, you don’t know that it’s happened.

    This really goes to show the pointlessness of these “rOyaL patronages”.
    Also, this more than confirms that W was the one to raise concerns and conversations about the colour of Archie and Lili’s skin. And yes, Meghan did mention it was from more than one person in that so-called “family” but this guy is really starting to show his hand more and more.

    • BeanieBean says:

      W will never do research, or read anyone else’s research. He’s got his one or two talking points & he’s going to repeat them ad infinitum. Clearly not a scholar, not even a semi-informed dilettante. Just your basic colonialist ‘save the cool animals for my kids’ kinda nitwit.

  17. Div says:

    As dumb and racist as it is, I’m even more surprised that he keeps saying it. You think after the first time….but nope.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Div, the arrogance is astounding, especially considering the fact that a significant part of the population thinks the entire monarchy should be abolished altogether.

      Most people, who are not conceited idiots like Bill, would realize this, and do whatever they could to maintain goodwill, especially if that means something as simple as tweaking their messages based on the feedback received.

      But he doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would admit he was wrong about anything, ever, and that same stubbornness carries over to his work. He seems like the type who would consider anything other than doubling down on his original position “weak” or some nonsense. And he definitely believes that he alone always knows best 🙄

      (Plus he’s too lazy to bother learning anything new, much less put in the effort to tailor his messages more effectively. Kate gives the same speech over and OVER again. They just do not care.)

      • BeanieBean says:

        Right? I said the same thing just above. They’ve both got their one or two talking points & they repeat them, over & over again. Never mind that actual research is happening in the fields the profess to be interested in, they’re locked in to their original one or two semi-thoughts. Their ‘bread & butter’ visit comments tend to include ‘keep it up, keep doing what you’re doing’. Gah, so banal.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        He strikes me as a lot like his uncle Andrew – too arrogant, entitled, stupid and stubborn to try to better himself.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    Funny someone tweets the possibility of William with outside (of marriage) kids. I bet thst’s the big bad secret the BM is covering up.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Aquarius that jumped out at me too! Obviously she was saying it sort of facetiously, but the fact that she’s heard all of the rumors and said it *at all* is noteworthy.

    • Athena says:

      I agree with you. I think the secret is a love child and probably a love child with someone he’s still involved with. It would explain Meghan feeling sorry for Kate, even giving her a pass after what Kate must have done to her.

    • Sid says:

      Aquarius that is what I suspect too. The degree to which Willileaks and his cabal seem to desperate to keep whatever it is private is just too big for it to be a simple affair. It would damage his fake family man brand, but ultimately the fallout from an affair revelation could be managed by a decent PR campaign. Whatever Willileaks is hiding is apparently too big to be spun away and has him doing trashy things like attending an awards ceremony held by a sleazy tabloid like The Sun. An outside kid makes a lot of sense.

    • Nic919 says:

      Just as there is vagueness about the number of kids Boris has, a secret child of William’s would easily be the subject of a super injunction which prevents a mention of even the existence of an injunction by the UK media. And the UK media has known something for a long while. They hinted at it when the Rose stuff was coming out. And just an affair wouldn’t seem to warrant that. But a child would.

  19. Mich says:

    I used to do quite a bit of work in the African conservation field and this is actually a difficult subject. The problem isn’t overpopulation per se. It is human migration into animal habitats. When it comes to the mountain gorillas, for example, there has been a mass human influx into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest area and they are clearing the forest to plant (mostly) plantains. The gorillas love the plantains and will leave the forest to get them (they actually like the plant itself, not just the fruit, so rip them to shreds) . This is awful for the farmers and exposes the gorillas to viruses they have no immunity to. With so few mountain gorillas left, a cold virus killing off a family of 20 is a significant problem. The solution is complicated and could include paying farmers to not grow crops and instead maintain empty fields. Gorillas hate open spaces. It also requires investment to give people ways to earn a living outside subsistence farming.

    THE FAR BIGGER PROBLEM, however, is governments licensing the decimation of wildlife areas. In East Africa, corporations want mountain gorilla and chimpanzee lands for wood. Across the continent, mining and oil/gas extraction destroy habitats and water sources (for people and animals).

    Harry just sounded the alarm about plans for the Okavango in Botswana. The Okavango is absolute magic and a critical water source for countless animal species including large elephant herds.

    I haven’t read William’s entire speech. Did he take on governments and corporations or just take cheap shots at the impoverished? Access to family planning would be a godsend for tens of millions of African women but I’m guessing he didn’t go into that.

    Such a jackass.

    • Barbie1 says:

      +1 if only you could write his speeches for him. He probably meant what you said but failed miserably in execution.

      • Charm says:

        @Barbei i was just gonna say this. @Mich has stated the problem perfectly and, in fact, this explanation is available from the relevant experts on the issue. Why didnt Will-di-Amin and his sycophantic henchmen avail themselves of this info so that they could properly frame his speech? Because “over-population” is not the required word; it is human infringement on wild life habitat…pretty much as @Mich explained it. And its all being driven by corporate greed.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Barbie, ITA!

    • RoyalBlue says:

      I really wish Willie would discuss the destroyed habitats in the UK that resulted in extinct wildlife there. He really has got to change his focus now to the UK because he will get slammed each and every time he opens his mouth to discuss any other country.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Mich: this is the case in conservation everywhere. I’ve worked for US federal land management agencies throughout my career; I’m an archaeologist, but I have wildlife biologists–terrestrial, aquatic, avian–and botanists as co-workers and this is a commonality. Resource extraction (timber, gas & oil are the big ones), and historic encroachment of the human population into habitat areas, wildlife travel corridors, and so on, have altered decimated various plant & animal species. We’re trying our best, but sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to put the brakes on, let alone recover, from past actions and current needs.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Mich, I appreciate every insightful and important issues that you have stated in your experiences and expertise in a regards to all factors that are destroying the natural habitats on the African continent. It isn’t just ONE issue, it’s a multitude of ALL contributing factors that are coming into play.
      The farmers want to be able to farm the lands for self sufficiency, but they are destroying the habitat for the Mountain Gorillas. There are multiple players that are contributing to the effects of the the destructions that are causing an effect that is basically a domino effect. You can’t plant plantains are NOT expect the Mountain Gorillas to NOT want to eat them!! Then we will have the farmers killing the Mountain Gorillas for destroying the crops!! All the while they are losing their habitat!!

      I also think that there is a great deal of corruption in many of the African countries that rely on outside money to fatten their pockets, to which the citizens or the ecosystems never benefit from. They are stripping the magnificent and ecological environment without a second thought as to what their greedy sticky fingers want and have no care or afterthought as to what THEY are doing to their countries!!!!

      There must be accountability for EVERY African country to support the eco systems and the environment for the better of the humans and the sensitive eco systems!!

    • ChattyCath says:

      Thanks. I’m too tired to contribute but you’re right

    • A.Key says:

      But human migration into animal habitats is caused by population growth which triggers the need for more food and shelter sources. This isn’t an African problem only, however, it’s a worldwide problem for everyone everywhere.

  20. Amy Too says:

    I feel like the BRF’s, and William’s in particular, obsession with protecting African wildlife and wild spaces specifically is so colonialist. They’re so focused on all the problems in Africa that are leading to their safari animals’ depopulation because those safari animals are “exotic” and “foreign” to them, and thus exciting. But what about the wildlife and the wild places in Europe and England? Is there a huge “save the squirrels/hedgehogs/grouse” campaign going on in England that William is so insistent about that he’d be willing to tell British citizens to stop having kids and to stop building new homes and farmland to house and feed the growing population? Probably not. And you might say it’s because squirrels and hedgehogs aren’t in danger, but I’d say they’re not in danger *because* they’re not viewed as “exotic” trophy hunting animals. British wildlife is just “the norm” for him, it’s boring, it’s not cool and “exotic”. You can’t mount a squirrel head over your fireplace or put a grouse feather rug on your floor to make yourself look worldly and well travelled and like a rugged African safari man with the implied bravery of having to have dealt with all those dangerous “savages” while you were there. England is *meant* to house all the people, it’s meant to be taken up by houses and farm land and shops and all the things that a “civilized” society would need, while Africa is meant to be “uncivilized,” to stay permanently undeveloped so it can be used for safari vacations, big game hunting, and exotic tourism: the place you bring you gf to propose to her so she can be awed by your access to and ownership of an entire continent-sized outdoor playground! Africa isn’t meant for people to live there, it’s meant to be one big parkland for white people to come and visit. That’s the vibe I get from William whenever he talks about preserving Africa.

    • Ipetgoat2 says:

      Yup, very westworldian. Think „the raj“ in season 2

    • Mich says:

      I just found parts of his speech. His point wasn’t preserving a playground, it was the importance of maintaining habits because of the role they play in climate balance (absolutely true). And it is the animals that maintain those lands. The way they have done since the beginning.

      • Amy Too says:

        But again, why specifically Africa? Why do the African people have to make sacrifices and change what they’re doing so that their land and their animals can be protected, to help with climate change, but not the English, or the Europeans, or the North Americans? It seems like he’s trying to outsource that sacrifices and the work that needs to be done to Africa because he feels like white countries industrialization, farming, housing, population, suburban sprawl, etc is too important, too necessary for his (and other white peoples) own comfort to suggest making changes in those countries. So they should make these changes in Africa instead. Africans should have to be the sacrificial offset country when it comes to climate change. They should have to regulate their populations, and stop cutting down forest for the wood to build houses and the land to farm, and stop industrializing so that white countries can continue to do those things knowing that the Earth will still be okay because Africa is on it with the protecting the wild lands and wildlife.

        Why does the epitome of colonialist symbolism, William, get to decide on his own and then dictate to the people of Africa, that they will be the ones to make sacrifices so that the earth can be saved?

      • Lemons says:

        I find it curious that we never here William speaking about overpopulation when it comes to India or Asia as a whole….He never talks about the loss of wildlife or damage to the ecosystem caused by megacities in these countries, but he always has words to say about how Africans should do things.

        It’s called “the audacity” and some people have no shortage of it. William seems to use it to talk about things he has NO business speaking on because he is unintelligible pertaining to these subjects. The Tusk Trust doesn’t mention overpopulation on their website. Not once…So why is William talking about it as a problem? The organization he is a patron for has done the work and has not.

        He’s just a racist and thus a walking gaffe like his grandfather.

    • Izzy says:

      Of course they want to protect the wildlife there. They want to be able to continue hunting for sport.

    • Lorelei says:

      @AmyToo, you explained it perfectly

    • SunRae says:

      Yours is the only comment that captures my annoyance with these sentiments from wealthy white people @AmyToo. The underlying message is that Africa needs to be saved FROM not FOR Africans. There’s a distinct difference in tone, and we of the hue know it. Because again, there’s plenty going to shit in the West (England’s rivers are literally covered in kaka) and yet it’s Africa that needs saving.

      No one understands wild spaces like the indigenous people who nurtured them for generations do. Were they left alone by the very same colonisers who dare talk down to them, these wildlife populations would be thriving today. To insinuate that wayward birthing is the cause of the crisis, and not systematic plunder by many including William’s ancestors themselves, is quite violent.

      • Amy Too says:

        Yes, Sunrae! One of the things that bugs me most is that there wasn’t a problem with dwindling African wildlife populations until Western colonizers came and suddenly created a world wide export market for skins, hides, heads, and tusks. Somehow, for millions of years, these animals survived alongside the African people. And then suddenly, in the last couple hundreds of years, very quickly once white people came and decided African safari and big game hunting were lovely forms of recreation for the wealthy, and cheetah print hats, and zebra print rugs, and mounted lions heads, and little ornaments carved out of ivory were must-have commodities, and African violets and safari grasses were fashionable garden plants, there’s a wildlife and wild land crisis. And these same white colonizers think that *they* have the solutions to the problems that *they* caused, and their solutions all conveniently involve African people not having children, not industrializing, not modernizing, not being allowed to use and enjoy the resources on their own continent. White people have created a demand for these things: ivory, diamonds, skins, safari vacations that involve roads and resorts being built in wild life habitat, but the African people are suddenly no longer allowed to cater to these demands? Poaching—which became an issue when non-African people decided they wanted everything made out of ivory and cheetah print—has to stop ASAP even though it’s probably a pretty reliable source of money for the locals who do the poaching BECAUSE the colonizers created a demand for these products/resources! Development needs to stop, even though it’s a reliable source of income for the African people. Resource mining needs to stop even though it’s a reliable source of income for the African people.

        It’s like the Western world decided that if you want to participate in the global economy you have to look, act, work, buy, and sell like any other Western country, and now that more and more countries in Africa are starting to live and consume like Westerners, it’s suddenly become a problem that has to be stopped? Then maybe the BRF shouldn’t have invaded Africa, punished and mocked everyone for living in the ways they had been living for thousands of years, implemented an entirely new Western, consumer and commodity based economy, told everyone that they needed to live in houses that look like this, and wear clothes that look like this, and do jobs that look like this, and build cities that look and function like this, etc, etc, if they wanted to be taken seriously. Colonizers created the problems, but now they’re mad that there is a problem, and now they’re lecturing Africans on how they need to solve the problem? Things we going fine until you showed up and everyone started listening to you and doing the things you said to do! Maybe it’s time to just back off now.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Very well stated, Amy Too.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, @ Amy Too and @ Sunrea!!! You have both placed things into perspective as to what is wrong with the utter ignorance that Westerners and the Asian countries have done to the entire continent of Africa!! The utter disgusting of pillaging that all countries commit against Africa must stop NOW!!! Their territories are NOT just for our pleasure to take what we want with NO consequences!!! All big game hunting should be eliminated as it’s NOT a sport, it’s a desiccation of the entire wildlife. And there MUST be an elimination of poachers as well!!! Yet, with regards to China, they see the entire world as for their own taking with no regard to International law OR any world policing placed upon them. They still violently abduct those who tell the truth about the true atrocities committed by the government everyday. In addition to the elimination of Muslims and placing those who tell the truth into reprogramming to “camps”!!

        We must allow ALL Africans the respect of maintaining their countries and STOP allowing outside interests from pillaging from their countries!!

  21. Maite says:

    He’s morphing into Voldemort

  22. SwirlmamaD says:

    All I will say is, the tweet by Sarah M that Kaiser posted above (referring to “more kids we probably don’t know about yet”)…. Phew, chile. The tea is piping, scalding HOT. Holding out my cup for more!

    • Jais says:

      I didn’t even clock that but now the conversation upthread makes more sense lol. Love the breadcrumbs, and if true, wonder if it’ll ever come out? It didn’t with Phillip but these are different times.

      • HeatherC says:

        Any child Phillip had NOT with Elizabeth wouldn’t have been in contention for the throne, so it’s not as interesting, just embarassing. We had an illegitimate daughter of a Belgium king declared by the courts as a princess and can use an HRH. Any illegitimate child of Phillip’s wouldn’t get that unlike any kid from William. Plus there’s that guy in Australia getting interviews on how he’s Camilla and Charles’s son from the 1960s. Illegitimate children of direct heirs to thrones is always a good fodder for gossip.

      • Tessa says:

        Janet Jenkins Charles’ on again off again lover, wrote some years ago that her son Jason “could be Charles.”

  23. Margaret says:

    Also noticed they are bringing out the kids articles. So you know they are under fire. Silly willy looks really stiff in the group picture, not relaxed, at all, as prince harry would be.

  24. Mslove says:

    If somebody want to start a conservation group called “Rid the Earth of Self Entitled Royalist” I’d be happy to join. We could educate them about their wasteful lifestyle, and planet Earth would be a much better place.

    • Jun says:

      You’ll have to make the lesson plan simple so they can follow along.
      Fleet of land rovers- bad
      Organic farming-good

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jun, enormous homes and castles-bad
        Keeping stolen gems-bad
        Talking sh!t what other countries should be doing-bad
        Smearing your brother and SIL-bad
        Being completely useless-bad
        Arrogance and selfishness-bad
        Wandering peen-bad

        I wonder if it would help in a pie chart for better understand?

  25. Izzy says:

    But I’m sure white people going there and hunting animals for sport and trophies has had nothing at all to do with the decimation of the wildlife population there.

    • Deering24 says:

      Yeah, it’s not like a good 70% of African wildlife isn’t in the attics or on the walls of any number of British estates and clubs. 🙄🙄🙄

  26. Bettyrose says:

    I personally don’t think William has children we don’t know about because his affairs have been with married aristo women. But otherwise the dragging is hilarious and of course he’s the one that speculated on Archie’s skin color. Was there doubt?

  27. What says:

    Well we see that will hasn’t lost his love for blond women. Why would blunts wife get into a car with William. It makes no sense. It looks like he was supposed to have already been in the back seat covered and they took the picture which explains his reaction. Honestly, I think that the reason why rose was going to be fazed out is this is either a friend of hers or someone she’s close with and copykate was probably ticked rose never told her

    • bettyrose says:

      I feel like men who cheat all have a thing for blondes. I don’t mean any disrespect to blondes. I used to be one, but Hollywood has created a very specific image of the woman you fantasize about.

  28. Lizzie says:

    If Harry had made the comment, which he never would, the fail would write all day long that Harry is preaching and should be stripped of his titles.

  29. J ferber says:

    He looks like a single man out for a hush hush insanely expensive good time.
    On the down low or wanting to be, for sure. The sneaky look shows his cover is blown. WHere is Kate, William?

  30. Gobo says:

    England is a ridulously densely populated country so…

  31. Jaded says:

    If it weren’t for the white colonialists who raped Africa and left its population impoverished, without land, insufficient schools, medical care, infrastructure, etc. etc., Africa would be in a much better place. This utter meathead….

  32. Barbiem says:

    Somewhere this is Meghans fault

  33. Serena says:

    I really want to know what the people screaming ‘he’s not racist!1!1!’ are gonna say to this lol. He’s really digging his own grave. I’m glad people on socials are dragging him and I hope they won’t let go.

  34. J ferber says:

    Whenever William is making a hullabaloo about a subject: his incandescent rage, Harry, Meghan, “very much not racist” notifications, velvet green jackets, minor environmental awards, too many damn black people, etc., we now know it is a smoke screen for an extra- marital affair. Next time he makes a peep (or a yowl) about ANYTHING, look for the blond he’s f—–g.

  35. Alexandria says:

    Why does he even bother with all these empty words. Just go open some shops or community centre and call it a day. You’re so desperate to become relevant and popular but you don’t even read your notes. Just stop it Burger King. Ask for some land, 2 houses, some stipend and step down.

  36. What says:

    Why I suspect that 🌹 is Will’s Eugenie 😂

  37. Tessa says:

    smug looks on Will’s face.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      On both of them!!! I would like to see the above poster that stated she would slap him so hard, he would start speaking a different language!! That goes for Kween Stalker as well. Well, maybe she will start speaking properly instead of trying to be something she is not, and never will be!!

  38. Misskitten says:

    I loved LOVED the sheer number of headlines that read; “William, father of three, warns against African overpopulation.”

  39. Duch says:

    You know maybe this pic of an outing was planned by PW to start (or to continue) sensitizing us to him solo? Dropping seeds

  40. blunt talker says:

    William-there you go again-blaming the people of Africa for the climate change problems-I do believe that Asia and South America has the same problems-be sure to single them out next time you open your mouth and put your foot in it-I really didn’t know who said the skin color remark about Archie-I suspected Charles or Camilla before-after big mouth made this statement -I am sure he was the one who kept commenting about Archie’s possible skin tone-William has an superiority complex when it comes to black people-the black people from Africa needs him to tell them they are causing climate change on their continent-as everyone knows the UK racist mindset towards the sport team players of color has shown there is a very deep-rooted bias towards people of color in all walks of life in the UK.

  41. Yeah i taught as much

  42. Lizzie says:

    CNN,s take on it. Yes it’s racist plus let woman decide how many children they have.

    • Sigmund says:

      Yes, there are SO many problems with the overpopulation argument. Not only is it NOT rooted in fact and allows racists to target countries that are predominantly black and brown, but it is rooted in misogyny to boot, that women need someone in authority to tell them how many children to have.

      Women should be in control of how many children they have. No one else. This should be something people supposedly concerned with overpopulation can agree on— let’s give all women access to free birth control.