The Daily Mail ran a front-page headline demanding Duchess Meghan go to court


This is the banner headline on today’s Daily Mail print edition. This is their front-page response to the Duchess of Sussex’s second big legal victory this year. She won the summary judgment in February, and now in December, three appeals-court judges have backed up her victory and said that the Mail clearly violated Meghan’s copyright and her privacy. The Mail’s response is “Meghan should come back and GO ON TRIAL!” Absolutely idiotic. The point is to leave the impression in everyone’s mind that Meghan did something wrong, that she somehow “escaped” facing a jury or a criminal trial for something. The Mail also ran this bonkers editorial which equates “Meghan privately telling her toxic father to stop being such a douche” into the most significant political scandal of all time:

With the facts vociferously contested, and the Duchess of Sussex’s credibility as a witness called into question after she admitted misleading judges, fair minds might have thought the wrangle should have proceeded to trial. There, the newspaper would have had an opportunity to defend itself – and the court could have carefully examined her veracity.

But not so. By summarily ruling in the duchess’s favour, the Appeal Court (which airily dismissed her falsehoods as a mere ‘unfortunate lapse of memory’) has placed privacy ahead of freedom of expression.

This troubling decision – rooted in Labour’s iniquitous Human Rights Act – sets a dangerous precedent. And make no mistake, the beneficiaries will not be ordinary people, but wealthy wrongdoers. Sleazy politicians, celebrities who dislike media coverage and bridle at scrutiny, adulterous sports stars… their expensive lawyers will pore over this contentious judgment, sensing a more effective tool with which to muzzle an inquisitive Press.

Say a newspaper obtained a confidential – but personal – letter, written by someone rich and powerful, revealing a scandal of national interest. Wouldn’t that person now be emboldened to fund a legal case, citing ‘privacy’, to prevent being exposed? For those determined to hide corruption, injustice and hypocrisy, yesterday was a very good day. For truth, the liberty to speak out and the public’s right to know, it was a very bad one indeed.

[From The Daily Mail]

“…Written by someone rich and powerful, revealing a scandal of national interest…” Again, a duchess wrote a letter to her father, asking him to stop talking to the press and stop lying about her. That is apparently a “scandal of national interest,” one which demands not only years of media harassment, but a TRIAL! The Mail’s appeal failed because the case was always incredibly simple: the Mail was in the wrong.

You’ll never guess what else the Mail published: a screed by Piers Morgan, referring to her as “Princess Pinocchio” and “a fork-tongued devious manipulative piece of work” in the headline. Piers is basically just screaming an unhinged word salad which I refuse to publish, but again, this is one of the Mail’s arguments, per Piers: “But while Meghan didn’t formally authorize her dad to publish her letter, she expected that he might.” Again, I “expect” Piers Morgan to be a racist piece of trash and harass women of color constantly, but I can still be f–king appalled when he does so.


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  1. Arb says:

    Picture choice is perfect.

    • MMadison says:

      The Daily Fail LOST. Piers Morgan LOST. William LOST….Salty Island is living up to it’s name. They threw everything that they had at Meghan and they all LOST. So you have a group of White Men who all LOST to a WOC and if you think for a second they will stop now well you haven’t been paying attention. They all know they lost the legal battle so they are fighting to win the court of public opinion. The goal is to smear her name and reputation. Their problem is she doesn’t live on Salty Island and that there’s a whole world out there that doesn’t give a rats ass about the RF. She doesn’t NEED them for ANYTHING thus they can’t control or dominate her….and therein lies the rub

      • swaz says:

        That sums it up, nothing more to say😍 MMadison we should all have some tea, always look forward to hearing from you, my sentiments exactly😍

      • whatWHAT? says:

        yup, MMadison said it all.

        PS I LOVE the term “Salty Island”.


      • Christina says:

        Mmadison, well said.

        They can’t handle that they lost to a woman, much less a Black woman from the United States.

      • Christine says:

        Perfectly said!

      • Killfanora says:

        MMadison again, STOP WITH THE SALTY ISLAND. There are huge numbers of Brits who totally support and love Meghan and Harry. It’s the UK MEDIA who have it in for them, and there are far bigger numbers of people in Britain who do not agree with the Media and its harassment/hounding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex than the Media would have you believe or like to believe exist, themselves.
        It’s bad enough we have to defend Harry and Meghan on all social media forums and get attacked for it, DAILY, without coming on here to be insulted too.
        Please make your references Salty Island MEDIA, or Salty Island Royals if you wish, but do not tar us all with the same brush in future!

      • Marivic says:

        Daniela Elser , journalist for some Australian magazines, is the hatchet man of the Daily Fail in this part of the globe. She constantly bullies Meghan. She’s an absolute racist and has become incoherent in her blatant attacks against Meghan especially now that she’s won her case against the Fail. How much is she getting paid for this hatchet job ?

      • Emily says:

        Nah, I’m a British citizen and I find the Salty Island nickname hilarious. I think about it during the various tantrums over Brexit etc as well as the Meghan stuff. If it’s not about you, it’s not about you.

        I’m more concerned about the ways that the dodgy politicians and the toxic media have hurt our reputation abroad. The rest of the world’s reaction to it has been completely understandable

      • marehare says:

        Well said and I concur. PS So glad Harry and Meghan are here in the US.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Killfanora, sorry for your taking offense at the term, “Bitter Salty Isle,” or “Salty Island.” It doesn’t refer to you or to anyone in Britain who are not salty, racist haters. You shouldn’t take personal offense where it’s not warranted. The term was coined on Celebitchy by @Kaiser, and many of us will continue to use it, because it fits the vile, disgusting, despicable behavior of those to whom it aptly refers!

        Since you don’t agree with your racist tabloid media’s attacks against Meghan and other people who don’t deserve to be attacked, then fight back against it if you can. Speak out against it if you can, as passionately as you are trying to tell us on a Gossip site how to express ourselves.

        And thanks to @Emily for her understanding of why the term is being used and to whom it actually applies.

  2. OriginalLala says:

    This is nuts. What alternative reality are these wackos living in?

    • JT says:

      For real. “In A land of liberty.” Do they have themselves confused with America? That title makes no sense.

      • Chloe says:

        Correct me if im wrong but you can’t sue for a crime committed in another country right? Meghan has no way of battling this out in an American court because the letter wasn’t published in an American publication. This take is absolute rubbish.

        Also anyone here that can help me with American privacy and copyright laws? Are they stricter or looser than in the UK?

      • Sam the Pink says:

        Copyright tends to be looser in America due to the fact that the US has the first amendment, which protects the right, very broadly, to comment on the affairs of public figures and officials. US law also recognizes the right to something called “fair use” – which basically carves out this big exception in the law to allow for relevant pieces of copyrighted works to be published if they are newsworthy and a legitimate subject of commentary.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Chloe: I think you’re right, you’d need to sue in the country in which the crime was committed, as Meghan has done. Plus I googled the difference between US & UK copyright laws & I still don’t know! Seems to me that in the US the writer of a personal letter is the owner of the copyright, but I’m just guessing (not a lawyer, obviously.).

      • nina says:

        The US also had a doctrine called forum shopping which expressly does not allow a party to file suit in a state or country because they think that country’s law might be more beneficial to their case. The Daily Fail is just blowing smoke out their collective asses.
        So Meghan filed in the right court. Even if the case were to be transferred to the US, Meghan can raise the defense of forum non convenience, because the act committed happened in the Salty Isle, the defendants are all resident there and all the evidence and witnesses are there.
        Just take your loss and pay the Duchess or should I say the Princess Henry. And don’t forget to give a full accounting of all your profits when the amount has to be calculated. Go Meghan Go!!!

      • Becks1 says:

        You guys. they are not saying Meghan should file suit in the US. “in a land of liberty” is a reference to the UK.

    • Over it says:

      I still can’t see how the contents of whatever she wrote to her dad in a private letter could possibly be of public interest. The queen health because she is head of state, can be considered public interest, yet we hear nothing about that. Willy getting COVID and covering it up. Public intrest. Only because the jerk is 2nd in line. Meghan telling toxic Tom to be a good dad and not a bad one, her and her husband interest not the public. Why Willy and his wife buttons continue to work with the tabloids to destroy Harry and Meghan lives, not that’s public interest because it shows just how bad they would be as heads of state.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Over it, that’s an excellent point!! The letter from a daughter to a father is not of public interest, but their version of public interest is twisted into an unhinged unhealthy attitude that any matter concerning Meghan is of THEIR interest. The Daily Fail, the MoS and the rest of those unhinged reporters/commentators need to let this go and move on. This front page statement and its placement is a clear indication that they are angry that they lost, and lost twice!!!

        The fact that they lost to an American that is married to a Prince, all while being a WOC has brought in an unhealthy and disgusting practice of creating as many articles as possible. I just hope that Meghans lawyers see this ongoing harassment and issue a petition for a gag order. They are absolutely bonkers!! And Piss Morgan is the same category of deranged, but on an entirely different level, egotistical deranged mental!

    • LaraW” says:

      There’s definitely an increasing sense that the RF and BM are divorced from reality. Not sure exactly what it is, but I keep getting this image of a hamster in a wheel walking, then kind of trotting, then running, then desperately trying to keep up with the wheel, then going out of control and getting stuck in the wheel and spinning like it’s in a centrifuge before being ejected. Like this youtube video:

      I feel like the BM and KP are at that stage where the wheel is starting to go too fast for them to keep up.

  3. blackfemmebot says:

    These people are unhinged, deranged and frankly insane. I’ve always feared for M’s safety if she were to ever return to the U.K. and this just solidifies it. These people are obsessed with her and will do just about anything to punish her for refusing to play their game, the same game that killed Diana. I would laugh at this Daily Mail headline if it wasn’t so bone-chillingly terrifying.

    • Cessily says:

      I feel the same..

    • equality says:

      Yes, they are. I could see claiming something as public interest and writing on it but these idiots seem to take it all as some sort of personal vendetta. It’s not like they are taking down a criminal or even concerned with the actual criminal acts by (or at the least adjacent to) other RF members. You would think M was the one who sold citizenships and awards.

    • Mac says:

      They prove her point over and over. It’s absolute harassment.

    • rawiya says:

      Yeah, I read the “come [back to the UK] to court” and thought, “oh, they wanna kill her.”

    • RoyalBlue says:

      The thing is they want her to be afraid, they want her to be stressed out and miscarry, they want her to have sleepless nights and be angry. And if we give in to that fear we have lost. We have to continue being brave and fearless and strong and happy knowing she/we are in the right and the Fail is a lost cause.

      • Marivic says:

        These crazy fools Daily Fail and most of the British media are so big on free speech and press freedom. But look at the double standard: they are crucifying Amol Rajan of the BBC for speaking what he thought was his right to talk about. He’s their new victim. They stink with their hypocrisy.

      • aftershocks says:

        “… they are crucifying Amol Rajan of the BBC for speaking what he thought was his right to talk about. He’s their new victim…”

        True, but Rajan didn’t do Meghan any favors with this documentary. He was only going after a hot topic to boost his career and BBC ratings. It wasn’t a good documentary. Perhaps they watered down Part 2 due to fear of the consequences, as a result of KP’s bullying. In any case, both episodes had faulty, negative things to say about Meghan, especially the way they ended Part 2, with highlighting the vile falsehood that Meghan lied about FF. We all know that people who harp on this misleading narrative refuse to accurately read the full disclosures in the court documents.

        Such people also don’t want to acknowledge the timeline and the gray areas, and the obvious fact that Knauf and KP were instigating for M&H to provide info for the biography at a time in 2018 when it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill biography. After Sussexit happened in 2020, is when the authors and the publisher rushed the book out with a change in focus along with a reworked title, since M&H were no longer senior royals.

        In fact, everyone often loses sight of the timeline. Also, it is pure nefariousness that the palace authorized the wiping clean of texts and emails on Meghan’s phone. Plus, Scobie & Durand were not the only media eager beavers looking to interview and write about Meghan & Harry around the time of the royal wedding.

        One of the worst things about the extraneous drama regarding FF book, is that Knauf is the one who convinced Meghan to provide bio details and verifications he could pass on to the authors. Knauf also convinced Meghan to not write to her friends and forbid them to cooperate with the authors. As a result, Meghan may have simply told her friends to use their own judgement about speaking to the authors. Some of M’s friends gave information to the authors; others didn’t.

        But again, the timeline for Knauf’s briefing of the authors was 2018. M&H likely forgot about Scobie & Durand writing a book by 2019, what with all the palace leaks and tabloid attacks happening during the height of Meghan’s pregnancy. M&H should never forget or forgive the perpetrators for those vicious attacks. As Harry told Oprah, “It was a miracle that Archie was born safely.”

        The FF book is poorly written, despite containing some interesting details about M&H’s romance. The main point though is that the book has nothing to do with Meghan’s court case, and should never have been allowed to be dragged into the case by the MoS.

        Most of all, Knauf was viciously deceptive against M&H, at a time when M&H were trusting in him. This is what Meghan must have meant when she said in the Oprah interview that her greatest regret is having believed palace operatives when they said they would protect her. It is gross that Knauf and Willy/TOB are not being scrutinized by the media for attempting to help MoS/ANL in their efforts to attack and defame Meghan.

    • ELSAVITA W. says:

      The Royal family has sued the British Press in the past for many things including publishing private info.

      Here is an excerpt from the link above.

      “On several occasions in the last 30 years, the Palace has taken legal action against newspapers or action to prevent personal information being published. Only once has a case actually come to trial.

      On every other occasion the Palace has accepted an out-of-court settlement.

      The case that came to court involved Princess Margaret’s son, Viscount Linley – coincidentally the owner of the French chateau at which William and Kate were staying when they were photographed this summer.

      In 1990, he sued the now-defunct newspaper Today for libel after it accused him of rowdy behaviour in a pub: He won £30,000 damages.

      The Queen has twice sued the Sun for breach of copyright.

      The first time was in 1988, when relations between the royals and the tabloids were particularly bad.

      The paper reached an out-of-court settlement after publishing a stolen photograph showing Sarah, Duchess of York and her daughter, Princess Beatrice, which the royal family had planned to use on their Christmas card that year”.

      • marehare says:

        But the RF never stood up for Meghan and Harry. We all saw it. They helped cover up Bald Willie’s affair with Rose Hanbury but didn’t do one thing to protect Meghan and Harry. We see them for what they are, and they are living off the British taxpayers.

    • Belly says:

      I totally agree.

      My initial glee at their risible tantrum is tempered by the malice driving it.

      They’re like Rumpelstiltskin, that malevolent goblin. Here they are stamping their feet and splitting themselves in two, such is their fury.

  4. Chloe says:

    Give it up dm. You lost.

  5. Noki says:

    They wont be happy until she does a PERP WALK for them! Smh

  6. Elvie says:

    The Mail is unhinged. The appeals court ruled that the contents of the letter “were personal, private and not matters of legitimate public interest”, so their argument that a letter with a scandal of national interest would be covered up for privacy is false. Sadly, you can’t argue with derangers as they foam at the mouth.

    • Myra says:

      They do not write for the educated, that’s for sure. Honestly, at this point I have seen some educated journalists post some dumb takes about the judgement, so I suppose they do not write for the sensible either.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Myra, from what I could find, a lot of the ‘educated journalists’ don’t have a degree in journalism. Especially ones that are considered members of the rota and/or commentators. Porcine Morgan doesn’t have a college degree. Royal rota’s/commentators are most likely jealous of Meghan’s level of education and intelligence. Plus, serving the palaces and themselves.

        Camilla T., is one of the few that has a degree in journalism. Apparently, she skipped out on the classes regarding privacy & copyright laws that they need to take. She’s an excellent example of a rota serving a purpose other than the truth. Caught in lies on tape and in writings. She’s okay with acting like a clueless beyotch instead of reporting on the truth. I’m sure, someday, her children will be so thrilled being raised by a woman with no integrity. P.S. Did she ever uncover who sent her an email that she blamed on the Sussex Squad?

    • Becks1 says:

      They’re unhinged and also, something that I keep coming back to about that headline….

      Meghan DID go to court. She sued them. She won. I’m sorry (lol of course not really) that she won at summary judgment so the Fail didn’t get their trial, but she went to court. Sorry she had a better case than you and better lawyers?

      (again not really sorry.)

  7. Amy Bee says:

    The DM is so dumb it doesn’t realise that even if this case went to trial, Meghan would have won. It’s important to remember that the MoS was the one who committed the crime not Meghan. All Meghan did was write a letter to her father.

    • Talia says:

      This – the whole basis of the application was that even if the Mail proved everything they said they could prove (i.e. if their case was ‘taken at its highest’), they’d lose. Therefore, the court decided there was no point taking up court time hearing evidence to see if the MoS COULD prove those points.

      • Myra says:

        The judges also added that with or without Jason Knauff’s “evidence” they would have lost, but the Jason Knauff’s evidence further cemented their loss. Why have a trial for you to lose a third time? And why would Meghan help you make more money off of her, when she has already won.

    • Chloe says:

      They know she would have won. I saw a list of questions they were planning to ask her at trial. None of them had to do with the letter and they all had to do with Finding Freedom. They wanted headlines and a chance to question her during a trial would have given them such.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Chloe: I saw that list. I agree, it was never about winning the case but getting information about Meghan’s private life.

    • Sofia says:

      They know this and don’t care. What they wanted was headlines from this. They were planning on doing a whole “Father vs Daughter”, having Toxic testify, use Meghan on the stand to ask her a bunch of intrusive questions, the columns about how “freedom of the press” is being upheld etc etc

    • pottymouth pup says:

      ah but if it went to trial, they could push their agenda to create salacious stories about her in the guise of reporting on the trial.

      She went to court, the court ruled in her favor twice and it was the court that decided there was no need for a trial

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ @Amy Bee, I think the Daily Fail and its owner and staffers are fully aware that they would lose if the case were brought to trial. The copyright law is very clear. DF & Lord Rot want the case brought to trial for the obvious reasons of stalking and hounding Meghan and spewing unrelated crap in open court in order to sell more newspapers! They don’t care about losing the case, they just want to get at Meghan in open court.

      In fact, all of this vile abusiveness against Meghan reminds me of the set-up against Martha Stewart. Although Stewart was guilty of obtaining advance information and then selling her stock, she was mainly guilty of remaining loyal to her friend who was trying to get approval from a federal agency for his product to go forward, which Stewart and others had invested in. Her broker had cautioned her to sell months earlier, believing it to be an uncertain investment. But Stewart didn’t listen. Her broker later unfairly paid with loss of his own reputation, his livelihood, and his freedom. It is mighty suspicious that federal agency news about the product denial was publicly leaked in the first place.

      Sometime after the whole circus of Stewart’s trial and conviction and serving jail time, her friend’s product was later approved by the same federal agency. By that point, Stewart’s friend had been bankrupted and the product had been sold to another investor. Meanwhile, Stewart was put on trial in order to attack her and drag her with petty gossip having nothing to do with the case (coverage of the circus trial, as intended, sold a lot of New York newspapers). What Stewart was accused of is an infraction which is usually handled with a fine and a wrist slap. But Stewart was a wealthy, self-made, female business owner who donated her money to Democrats, not Republicans.

      Led by federal prosecutor, James Comey, the ‘old-boys network’ tried to harm Stewart’s business empire and her magazine, which had nothing to do with her stock infraction. Many of Stewart’s employees lost their jobs. The entire trial consisted mostly of tangential gossip and innuendo about Stewart’s character. The set-up and attack against Stewart likely occurred in order to distract public interest from the more serious malfeasance at that time by corporate men (i.e., Kenneth Lay et al) surrounding the Enron scandal, among other corporate scandals. Unfortunately, Stewart did not have good attorneys, and she was taken by surprise regarding the viciousness of what she was up against.

  8. Scorpion says:

    Lmaoooooo, they were being dragged everywhere on SM yesterday. Pay up and print the apology 😂😁🤭

  9. Eurydice says:

    Again, this is about collecting every last penny they can before being forced to cough up damages and legal fees.

    • LaraW” says:

      I was curious about that aspect of this lawsuit so I looked up DGMT’s 2021 half year revenue report. The breakdown is interesting— the majority of their ad revenue still comes from printed newspapers rather than the MailOnline. Print ads were down 38%, online ads up 9%, overall revenue went from £196m for the half year in 2020 to £176m in 2021.

      DGMT has a lot of other subsidiaries under them and Meghan’s lawsuit doesn’t rate a mention in their forecast for legal liabilities. The lawsuit falls under the umbrella category of “ordinary course of business.” Now whether the Mail itself has the cash on hand to pay for damages and fees is another story, but the money isn’t a big deal for the parent company as a whole.

      I’m looking at the adjusted operating profit before tax (again, for the half year) and their Consumer Media group overall is down 25% compared to 2020 (£36m in 2021 compared to £48m in 2020). But it doesn’t provide a breakdown for MailOnline and some of the other media subscriptions they offer, so.

      • LaraW” says:

        I feel like I should clarify that the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday are part of Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), which is in turn part of DMGT’s Consumer Media portfolio, and DMGT owns or has partial stakes in several other companies across different business sectors, and all of this is chaired by the Viscount Rot dude (whatever his name is).

        So yeah, obviously the money between companies can’t be shuffled around just because they’re all held by DMGT. And when your profits are down by 25% (thereabouts), the legal fees and damages are gonna make a dent.

      • Katie says:

        Thanks for the deep dive!

  10. superashes says:

    I guess this is their coup de grace for scrambling for cash. What I find interesting is Meghan name checked the owner of Mail on Sunday in her statement, and damn near no one that covered this followed through with bringing Rothmere’s name out there. I wish more would, maybe if he got a taste of his own medicine he would stop with this nonsense.

    • Tangerinetree says:

      Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere is such a sore loser!!

  11. Miranda says:

    Keep fucking around, Fail. Keep finding out.

    • Lady D says:

      During the height of letter-gate, I went to the DM to read headlines. Out of curiosity, I counted the stories because there seemed to be a lot. Turns out that day’s edition had 36 stories on Meghan and her dad. I hope Meghan bankrupts Lord Rothmere.

  12. JT says:

    Isn’t this some sort of violation? For one, I don’t see how the Mail was allowed to be a defendant and still write about the case the way they did. It’s not like they were reporting facts, they were outright lying about the case. Secondly, this behavior is unhinged. Can’t they be censored by the court or something.

    • Becks1 says:

      They have never really pretended to be impartial, so I guess this is par for the course. I am surprised that the judge didn’t issue a gag order on the Mail for this story – to me this just gives them more reason to behave poorly, so to speak, because even if the victim of their attacks sues, they can just get more and more stories out of the lawsuit. What is to stop them from just doing this to Meghan again and again?

    • Jaded says:

      I’m wondering why she doesn’t sue for libel. In order to win a libel suit, a public figure like Meghan can easily prove that the publisher of the false statements (the Fail) acted with “actual malice.” Actual malice means that the publisher either knew that their statements were false, or acted with reckless disregard for whether they were true or false. I can see her suing if they keep this madness up.

  13. Edith says:

    They daily fail are insane. 🤣🤣

  14. hindulovegod says:

    Criticizing the court after you’ve lost and been chastised for your shambolic legal strategy isn’t likely to get you to the Supreme Court. I hope this headline gets included in the accounting of profits due Meghan.

  15. S808 says:

    A Black American woman beat them and successfully escaped with her life and dignity intact and they obviously can’t cope.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      A Black American man beat a white political system twice and successfully rescued his country/the world from economic crisis and gave his fellow Americans the chance to get medical help and got out with his life and dignity intact and they obviously can’t cope.

      Different specific “they,” same general “they.”

      • MF1 says:

        Throughout the last few years, it’s been eye-opening to me (as a white person) to see how horrifically many white people behave when they see a black person reach success. The mixture of racism and jealousy is very, very ugly to behold.

      • Lady D says:

        Unfortunately it was news to me too. Shouldn’t have been, but it was.

  16. GuestWho says:

    This is some chilling ish. They really will not settle for anything less than her dying like Diana.

    • nutella toast says:

      That’s what I was thinking too – it almost seems like they would prefer some sort of violent end to her (so of course they could make money off that too). It’s so abusive.

      • Persephone says:

        @Nutella it’s also evil. Why would you wish for someone’s death so you could profit from it?

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Profits come first necessitating centuries of holding that Black lives don’t matter. It was always evil.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They want Meghan dead, Harry returned to the UK with his children, and the Sussex branch used as public scapegoats for W&K and their line. Forever.

      • Emmitt says:

        They want the children dead too. 1, they have black heritage. That’s a no-no. 2. Harry can’t be distracted. He needs to be available to Skull and Bones 24-7 and he can’t do that if he has to tend to his children.

      • notasugarhere says:

        IMO they want the kids alive to abuse the rest of their lives vs. the ‘white is right’ W&K kids.

    • Marivic says:

      ITA. They want her blood. Monsters and murderers the lot. Daily fail indeed.

  17. Sam the Pink says:

    Now, granted, I am not a UK lawyer, I’m American, but their argument makes little sense. Copyright doesn’t mean you cant report on a private letter. Copyright protects the work from being reproduced, in whole or in part. Think of it this way:

    Let’s talk about Harry Potter. If I reproduced the text of it in full in an article, I would be violating the copyright, since I’m reproducing the work. However, if I wrote an article myself summarizing the plot of the series and describing it in detail, no copyright issue happens. Why? Because summarizing or describing a copyrighted work is not a “reproduction.”

    This isn’t about journalism. It’s about lazy journalism. The Mail could have reported on the existences of the letter without issue. They could have described the contents in detail and even quoted it in their own reporting. All that is fully within the law. The issue is that they just copied it outright and published it as is. It would not have taken them much to get around this at all.

    I am for a free press, and I tend to generally side with papers over individuals. Meghan IS a public figure, and she is a newsworthy subject. But they had very easy options to report on her in a legal way and did not do so.

    • Sofia says:

      I believe the judges in the appeal said that if the Mail had published a paragraph of it in response to the People article, they may have had a case but the printed too much of it and most of it wasn’t necessary. I think they also said, in legalese, that the Mail didn’t want to set the record straight but that they just wanted an excuse to publish the letter.

      • Talia says:

        The Judgment also says they edited bits out of the letter – I assume to slant it as anti-Meghan as possible. The Judgment reproduces the relevant sections and puts the edited bits back in (it doesn’t reproduce the whole letter – some parts are summarised very briefly).

    • Harper says:

      The ruling even said they could have printed select portions of the letter that refuted specific parts of the People Magazine’s account and been within the law. Meghan would have been advised by Schillings that there was no case and no suit would have been filed. It was the excessive and disproportionate analysis and column inches that did in the MOS.

      Kensington Palace most likely assured The Fail that they could get however much yardage they needed out of the letter as no royal-adjacent law firm would pursue a case. Ha. Ha. Ha. When do we see more photos of Kate with no makeup and William partying solo? Hopefully soon.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes, that’s basically been the argument Meghan has been making and that the judges agreed with – that it wasn’t that the Mail couldn’t talk about the existence of the letter, they just couldn’t reprint most of it without her permission.

    • MF1 says:

      It’s almost funny how easy it would’ve been to avoid this whole trial. The DM truly brought this shitshow down on themselves.

      • Becks1 says:

        It really makes it clear that they were assured there would no legal repercussions from this.

  18. sunny says:

    This is horrible, frightening and delusional. The argument they are attempting to make is weak and they continue to evade responsibility. They continue to hunt the Duchess of Sussex even though she is an ocean away living her best life. It really is wild the continued sexism and racism she faces after leaving the salty isle of tears.

  19. TheOriginalMia says:

    Keep on slandering her. The judgment will be epic.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Didn’t she ask for an accounting of how much they’ve made of ads and clicks for each article about the letter, trial, etc? If the court awarded that, it would be epic.

  20. lanne says:

    And…another confirmation that I will never set foot in the UK ever again. I don’t want to spend any money in a place where the media is given free reign to bully a private citizen who doesn’t even live there anymore.

    Take the L, DM. This ridiculous court case is building sympathy for Meghan all over the world, and exposing the royal family for the racists that they are. I feel sorry for all POC living in the UK. I imagine all of this Meghan bullying has coarsened the public discourse, just like Trump allowed the racists to take off their masks and show their demon faces to the world. How many black women in the UK had to see tabloids laying around their work spaces, and endure comments about “uppity black women” or people “not knowing their place.” It seems to me that this drama has made the UK an even more hostile place to be a POC because there doesn’t seem to be an awknowledgement of microagressions, or systemic racism at all. POC are supposed to be “grateful” they are allowed to be present, show their “gratitude” by groveling for white people’s acceptance.

    Seeing this headline gives me visceral second-hand embarrassment. As an American, I’m in no position to gloat at all, so I’m not gloating. But at least we can talk about our shortcomings here. But this is the UK showing the world who it really is. First Brexit, now a racist royal family actively participating in the bullying of their only member of color. I suggest a change in the national anthem from “God Save the Queen” to “God Protect Me From the Royal Family.”

    And…Pedo Andy? Crickets.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      The Brits exported their racism to the colonies. The US “original sin” is rooted in British imperialism with a boost from Spanish imperialism.

      Same in all the former colonies…Canada, Australia, much of the African continent, S. And Central Americas, Caribbean islands…we’re all dealing with the tattered remains of a ruthless, relentless global expansion in the 1600s. England, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Portugal….a nightmare reprise by Germany and Japan less than 100 years ago…

      Historians here, help! This is as far as I can take it.

      • BeanieBean says:

        No, you got it, except the European exploration, colonization, and exploitation started a century earlier.

      • Andrew's Nemesis says:

        Not quite.
        Initially, Black and white indentured servants had the same level of bargaining power (ie none). In the mid-late C16th, when a rebellion was threatened, a plantation owner (whose name escapes me (Ihave a hideous and heavy cold and my brain is frozen, but as an historian I should know better) viewed potential rebellion with alarm and devised a hierarchical system whereby the white bondsmen were persuaded to break their union with Black bondsmen via a racial system. One can see the fruits of that – not only no rebellions, but an increasing alteration of the terminology used to describe Black bondsmen in colonial America, from freemen to indentured servants to slaves.
        Hope that helps.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Right @Andrew’s Nemesis, these truths you describe were brilliantly related in an American Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary (3-parts to date, consisting of 8 minutes each of an animated retelling of this history, with music):

    • Nick G says:

      @ Lanne i totally agree. This leaves me scared for her and kind of shaken. On twitter POC in UK were cheering her on yesterday and i believe the headline today won’t faze them too much because they live with this particular brand of lunatic reality.
      Having said that , this feels so wrong and twisted, i wonder if humanitarian or legal establishments will weigh in and comment. I personally am willing to sign my name to any petition, letter out there. Meghan spoke about pursuing justice for others, making it clear that its a bigger story than just hers.

      Edit: sorry @who, this was in reply to Lanne above

    • Sam the Pink says:

      Granted, I have never lived in the UK, I lived (very) briefly in Ireland and as far as I can tell, Britain is still enthralled in a very strong idea of “knowing your place.” America has its flaws (many, many flaws) but one thing I have always noted about us is that Americans do not have such a strongly set idea about class and upbringing. We tend to believe that people born in “low” stations can succeed, can rise out of them, can ascend through the class and economic brackets of the world, etc. We are very much a “pie in the sky” country. John Oliver actually pointed this out – that even if it doesn’t happen so much in reality, Americans tend to be economic optimists.

      The UK, not so much. There is a much stronger idea that your status, your class, is determined by birth and there is not a ton you can do to change that. Maybe that is due to the much longer history of nobility they have vs. America. I mean, remember the Titanic? As an American, the idea of allowing upper class men to board life boats when children where still aboard is insane – and I think most Americans grasp that. But class is still a major influence in Britain.

      I think the reaction to Meghan plays into that. Obviously, her race is an issue, as is her nationality. But I also see a really noxious strain of classism towards her – this idea that she does not “know her place.” I think there is a pervasive idea that she is “below” the RF and that she should just count herself lucky to even be part of it, so just shut up and take whatever abuse you get served. Meghan has a very American ethos about her – that she feels like she can use her current status for something positive, for one, and secondly, that the class or status of her in-laws is not a shield for the negative stuff they do. Which is partly why she’s so popular here, but not over there.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        “The UK, not so much. There is a much stronger idea that your status, your class, is determined by birth and there is not a ton you can do to change that. Maybe that is due to the much longer history of nobility they have vs. America.”

        I think the issue is much more nuanced in terms of history – especially since the old-style class system (emphasizing the aristocracy) is so much more entrenched in Britain than it is on mainland Europe. One thing that I think makes this difference is the fact that England avoided having an absolutist monarchy in the 17th to 19th centuries (because the parlamentarians won the English Civil War). During the times when the monarch ruled directly, he/she has always been locked in a battle of power with his/her own nobility (especially the old nobility that originally were landed war lords). During the early modern period (1600 and onwards) various European monarchies turned to absolutism and seriously curbed the power of the old nobility. Whereas England evolved proto-democratic institutions that originally made it possible for the aristocracy to curb the power of the king. Furthermore, through Parliament (and the existence of the House of Lords) the British aristocracy has historically had a political influence after the direct power of the monarch had been curbed.

        When the modern period came around and these absolutist monarchies were abolished (either by bloody revolution as in France) or turned into constitutional monarchies (like fx in Denmark), the noble class were not nearly as powerful as they were in Britain.

        Other things play a part as well – fx my own country, Denmark, has had a very strong social-democratic culture through the 20th century and that has really permeated the culture on a general level (unlike Britain where the Left/Labour has never been very strong). The nobility has been greatly reduced, both financially and especially politically. They either keep quiet or appear as Z-list celebs in Danish tabloids. It doesn’t mean that Denmark is a class-less society but it means that aristocratic lineage isn’t the primary or most important marker of class. Rather, it is primarily economic capital that the primary marker of the upper-class, while cultural capital is a major marker of middle-class. That also means that the rigidity of the class structure of Britain is absent in Denmark (and other Scandinavian countries).

      • MipMip says:


        As several people said yesterday your comments are always insightful and appreciated.

        What you’re saying here makes me think the UK is kind of in an arrested development state of democracy, and a lot of that is because of the House of Lords. While other European countries have been able to flush out their aristocracy’s influence, the UK still has a whole House of Parliament made up of these fools. Just today the Guardian has a story about one of them sending racist text messages to an Indian man (she gave the standard British defense: “I am 100% not a racist”). The HOL is largely toothless but it’s still THERE. Just like the BM is made up of these aristocratic idiots and their hangers-on.

        Until the UK stops giving these people actual power and deference nothing will change. It’s just an echo chamber of entitlement where everyone agrees how not-racist they are.

      • Sofia says:

        @ArtHistorian: Another brilliant comment that hits the nail on the head.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        @MipMip – I most def agree that the Britain in indeed in a state of arrested development when it comes to democracy. The very fact that the House of Lords – a body of unelected aristocrats and life peers, still exists is embarrassing. And that is not even touching of the mess that is the governance of the Channel Islands, which is a hodge-podge of various inherited systems – they were actually forced to make changes by the European court of human rights in 2005 (I think) because there was no separation of powers!

    • Emma says:

      Yeah, thank you, once again Andrew is RIGHT THERE. A free press? Not awed by royalty? Go after him! A princely rapist, an underage survivor, an international sex trafficking ring, an infamous super-rich pedophile who was friends with presidents and major lawyers, an FBI case — that will sell papers, if that’s what they really want. Free press, my ass.

      They’re not free. They’re shackled to Tory interests. The royals and the “rota.”

  21. Plums says:

    anything to divert attention from reporting about cash for access corruption shenanigans from the very near future King Charles or Pedo Andrew being talked about on the stand in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

  22. Steph says:

    Ugh cmon now. Celebitches, I want to know all your business. I wouldn’t be in a gossip site if that was different. But your privacy out weighs my nosiness. You get to draw the line at what you publish, same as Meghan

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Lol. Tonight I’m having root vegetable soup and avocado toast for dinner.

      Still loling at ‘facts being vociferously contested’. Her credibility as a witness is only being questioned by those that have reading comprehension problems.

      • EllenOlenska says:

        @Ageatreckoning…Have you not heard avocados are killing the planet? Just ask the Daily Fail….it was the first attempt of a certain Duchess to destroy the world…. 😉

  23. ThatsNotOkay says:


    They are deliberating obtuse and such dyed in the wool racists that they cannot comprehend or tolerate being outsmarted by or just beholden to anyone with one drop of color in his/her blood.

    But it’s fun to watch the blood vessels in their heads burst. Aneurisms for all this scum!

    • Miranda says:


      Kiss me, you poet! And then bring me something to wipe the chai latte off my laptop screen!

    • Cessily says:

      Thank you for that 💐👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Belly says:

      They can afford excellent barristers and legal representation. They know what’s up.

      They aren’t necessarily stupid, but they are blinded by ego and hubris. How very DARE a black (strike one) American (strike two) woman (strike three!!) get one over them?!?

      It’s either ego or they’re making so much bloody money from this, that they’re willing to keep it going even though it’s clear they won’t win in court.

      Money that can’t be proven to be profit from this matter will still be theirs to keep. There must be plenty coming in indirectly.

  24. SuSuSusio says:

    I’m surprised they aren’t demanding she be thrown in the Thames, bound and gagged, to see if she floats.

    • Von Barron says:

      Exactly this. White supremacy/ patriarchy/ male fragility/ colonialism at their finest.

      Burn the witch.

      This and that other guys language. “Forked tongue” etc. it’s so violent and vitriolic. Terrifying.

      also they knock the “labour human rights” law that the judgment is predicated on. Essentially saying that human rights are a nuisance. I hope she bankrupts them.
      But I agree, at this stage, a gag order or restraining order is necessary. This is lies and harassment. If a person tweeted this, for example, their account would be suspended. And if they texted it, they could get a restraining order or sued for harassment or threats.
      I don’t like where this is leading.

  25. Over it says:

    Piss off pierce you overgrown weed. And you and the rest like you including that organize turnip can all go F yourselves. Useless, pieces of dog do.

    • Selene says:

      I love this insult, “you overgrown weed”. It’s amazing!

    • Over it says:

      Sorry meant orange turnip .lol

    • Over it says:

      I have been thinking of that bbc 2 documentary about the princes and the press and I think the title and program was all one big fat lie. First off it never once showed how Harry was supposed to have been briefing against his brother, second I strongly believe that they used it as a way to level bad press and bring up all their grievances about Meghan and Harry. Because they talked about the baby shower, the birth of Archie , her bullying people, the tiara. Her making Kate cry . Her going on vacation on a private jet, her Oprah interview. What has any of this got to do with Willy and Harry briefing the press? If anything it shows how unfairly and racist the British media is towards her.I despised all these people

      • VIV says:

        Harry’s portion of it wasn’t briefings, it’s that he hated and avoided them and they retaliated, while William embraced them and they gave him good press for it.

        But agree there was some weird stuff in there. It ended strangely with things glossed over. The lawsuit content almost should have been a part 3 instead.

      • notasugarhere says:

        How soon they forget in the midst of all their lies. William didn’t embrace the press. He and Kate pulled all kinds of games against the press and tabloids. It is only since the arrival of Meghan that mass amnesia has taken hold. Rather like the mass whitewashing/amnesia about Kate and her lazy partying decade that took place when their engagement was announced.

  26. TigerMcQueen says:

    Was Elegant Bill guest editor of this issue?

    That is some unhinged ragey whackery.

  27. Amy T says:

    Looks like the next edition of the OED has its illustration for “sore loser.”

  28. WhoElse says:

    Asking her to come to court and argue a case that was already called in her favor is like asking her to pay you rent for living in her own home because she outbid you on it. Her coming to court will change literally nothing, that’s what a summary judgment means: don’t waste everyone’s time, the case is clear cut. This is, and has always been, just a desperate attempt to get her under oath so they can ask her a bunch of intrusive, demeaning questions about her personal and family life. These people are worse than scum, they’re humankind’s rock bottom.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      They act like she’s the one who’s on trial – when the case is that they were the ones that broke the law. It is actually quite chilling to read. They really want to punish her – for not playing their game and, ultimately, daring to marrying into the British royal family as a WoC. I find the way the British tabloid downright abusive – and the Daily Fail has now moved into the territory of borderline threats. This is just so unhinged, irrational and hateful – and it is terrifying that no-one in the establishment is making an effort to curb the expression of such unhinged hatred.

      • Becks1 says:

        Agree with everything you both said. This headline made me laugh at first only because I saw it retweeted from a UK account saying “they’re taking it well” or something. But then I thought, “yikes.” It’s terrifying. They want her in the UK, they want her on trial, (even though SHE’S the one suing THEM), they want her humiliated, broken, isolated, etc. Its hateful and unhinged and I hope more people are starting to see that.

        the fact that the royal family is silent in the face of such abusive behavior speaks volumes indeed.

    • Dee says:

      And to twist her words, and make stories out of her refusal to answer some questions as evidence of her hiding things. I saw the list of ” subjects” they wanted to search her documents for, and its very clear that its a fishing expedition. They want to know what she is doing, what she did, and what she plans to do so they can have something write about for the next 5 years because they are angry, bitter, racist, and lazy, which makes them fit right in with the RF.

  29. Sofia says:

    I’m not a lawyer but privacy laws aren’t going to change. Newspapers can still publish letters as long as they follow the law. They can publish things if they keep it to what’s necessary. And as someone said above, if papers summarise documents and even quote from it, legally they’re covered as long as they don’t reproduce it in full (as the Mail did).

  30. Cee says:

    This is scary.
    They have to stop, this is more than harrassment. There are no words for it.

  31. equality says:

    Somebody outdid themselves with this article. Do the DM staff believe this crap or just throw things out to see what their gullible readers will fall for? “Privacy ahead of freedom of expression”? They have the freedom to express themselves but not by stealing somebody else’s “freedom of expression”. They are equating somebody committing adultery or disagreeing with a family member with things of national interest? The public might be nosy and interested but adultery and arguments aren’t criminal. I hope this is the dying tantrum of an industry upset about not getting their own way. If they are so upset by not getting to report adultery, take a deep dive into W’s life.

    • Izzy says:

      Their readers are idiots, they will absolutely fall for it.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      They seem to forget that “freedom of expression” doesn’t mean “freedom from consequences” if what you say/write/print is offensive or break the law. When bigots tout the “freedom of expression” argument what they really mean is that they think they have the right to be as publicly hateful as they wish without any kind of consequence.

  32. Izzy says:

    I normally have a lot to say about the Fail’s shenanigans, but this time, I am at a loss.

    UPDATE: Found my voice. See reply to comment above… Yeesh. To this whole thing. I hope she bankrupts them.

  33. mariahlee says:

    I don’t know how people in the UK read headlines like these and conclude that Meghan is the bad guy. They don’t talk like this about literal murderers and sexual abusers. Apparently the worst crime in the UK is being a high profile (half) black woman that doesn’t kiss the ring of the gutter press.

    • lanne says:

      Serial killers and child molesters get treated with more kindness and consideration than Meghan. This is rising to the level of an American government response. No country should be allowed to bash a private citizen like this.

    • HeatherC says:

      The Daily Mail’s audience is already predisposed to think anyone of color, especially women, who achieve anything more than them is evil, doing something illegal/corrupt, etc.

  34. Roo says:

    This confirms (for the millionth time) that they were right to leave England and to leave this scary, delusional mess behind. I’m so glad they are safely away from Salty Isle.

    And good luck to the royals who decided the invisible contract with people like this is a price worth paying for their lifestyle. 😳

  35. Marivic says:

    Meghan is not the one on trial here. You are, ANL/Daily Mail/MOS. You have proven nothing in the court of law but a racist-beating hack of a tabloid. Cry and scream ‘til you run out of breath — nobody cares about you! You lost ! Stick that to your di_khead.

  36. Jessica says:

    I don’t know what is an appropriate punishment for them, but having to print an apology is not going to cut it after this. The AUDACITY. They better be forced to print that front page apology for a month straight or something.

    I remember when Notting Hill came out and my dad had to explain to me “no, the British press really is that brutal, you don’t want a scandal reported on by them.” They’ve gotten exponentially worse over the years.

  37. ML says:

    The Daily Fail is not insane, it is evil. This is not just about being bad losers.
    Lord Rothermore and his tabloid minions (and Kensington Palace as well) know very well that they lost a legal battle, and they know that they probably cannot win should they continue to fight Meghan over her letter in court. So they have actively decided to declare war on her again (this has been ongoing) in the court of public opinion. ANI has been convincing it’s reading public as well as other less “tabloidy” news organizations that Meghan lied, plagiarized, attacked free speech, breathed their oxygen and who knows what else. The overall reporting on Meghan’s win on many British websites has either been bare-bones factual OR included complaints that Meghan did not address
    inaccuracies OR said she knew the letter would leak OR Meghan attacked not just the DFail but also other tabloids. Apparently, Meghan has always had an almost airtight case, but viewing the British response, you would never know that.
    Also, the reporting has not been fair. I saw next to nothing in the British reporting yesterday that Kensington Palace had to have allowed and have aided the DFail. I saw next to nothing in the British news about JK only submitting certain emails to support the DFail’s case, and that he was forced by Meghan to hand in all of them. I saw next to nothing in the British news as to how the DFail (not to mention the other tabloids) have been wildly inaccurate in their reporting on Meghan and have grossly attacked her time and time again by noting what Meghan had purportedly done wrong (without pointing out the misinformation it was based on nor all of the tabloids’ inaccuracies and where they came from). And there are a distressing number of truly horrible comments against Meghan on a number of websites after her win.
    The Daily Fail has declared an all-out war on Meghan in the court of public opninion and they are doing this distressingly well. They are successfully influencing how other websites report the case (for example, check out Chris Ship from ITV news) and legitimizing a warped version of Meghan and the facts.

    • Cessily says:

      Well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Nyro says:

      They’re working overtime to lie on her and the outcome but I don’t think it’s going to work on anyone who doesn’t already have a visceral hatred of Meghan. I was shocked to see clips of the Jeremy Vine show where the viewers called in. Every last one of them were praising Meghan and calling her brave. This is a show that is up there with ITV when it comes to hatred if Meghan. And the call-in segment is almost 100 percent always against her. Once in a blue moon they’ll throw in a pro-Meghan cakes just for the sake of gas lifting them and then hanging up on them. But not this time. I honestly think normal people aren’t going to go along with DM on this one.

    • A says:

      Yes, exactly. The derangement IS the point on the part of the Fail. Reacting in this insane fashion IS their strategy. They don’t care about making a real legal case. They don’t care about making a feasible legal case. They only care about making life miserable for Meghan, in whichever way possible. They have decided that she is the enemy, and that’s all that matters.

      The sad state of affairs is really that the more they print their lies, the more people believe them as true. It’s really very hard to uproot and dismantle a lie once it’s been told and repeated often enough. This is what’s being done to Meghan. The Fail is making up lies and reinforcing them to the point where even the normal lay person is taking it as fact.

  38. lanne says:

    “Come to court to fight the case we lost!”

    How does that make any sense? How are people in the UK taking this? If I were a public figure in the UK, I would be terrified, especially as a woman. This is going to happen again to someone else. Women have already been bullied to suicide through the media.

    Or does it not matter because black lives don’t matter? That’s the message I’m getting watching this. Even Camilla didn’t have it this bad. neither did Fergie. Kate would NEVER be allowed to be attacked like this. Why is it okay for Meghan? Because black women don’t matter in the UK? That’s the message I’m getting. It’s triggering. It sucks.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Agreed, lanne. I find myself getting very upset when I read these articles about Meghan, and it’s because it’s very triggering and personal for me. They are literally saying her life does not matter, because she’s black and female and thus at the very bottom of the totem pole in society. When people try to say, “oh, William and Kate aren’t that bad, they just can’t respond to everything that’s been said” — they’ve responded to NOTHING. Because they orchestrated it all. And it’s beyond infuriating to know that because of their race, wealth, and power status, they will in all likelihood get away with everything they’ve done to try to destroy Meghan and Harry.

  39. swirlmamad says:

    The unhinged psychosis of the British media is appalling. WHEN on earth are they going to be pointedly and specifically called out for this by others around the world, since no one over there is willing to acknowledge this? No more beating around the bush. I seriously don’t understand how Brits tolerate this madness, actually consume it, and allow it to be passed off as news. Even FOX News is not this insane, and they are the king of garbage news here in the US (IMO).

  40. Merricat says:

    If Britain doesn’t do something about their tabloid press, no one in the entire world will want to be associated with them. Ugh. Trash.

  41. LBB says:

    Will this headline matter in the case of “damages”? For example can the Court order the Dailyfail to print a weeks worth of apologies on their front page?

  42. Andrew's Nemesis says:

    The DM are channelling their outer Jacob Rees-Mogg (Tory made in the mould of C19th colonialist), who responded to a question from an SNP minister as to whether he would congratulate the Duchess on her win with a sneering (to paraphrase) ‘this judgment leaves the rich and powerful to behave as they wish without consequence’. I hope Meghan goes after them for harrassment. THEN they may get their trial – behind closed doors, no fishing expeditions – that they so yearn for.

    • Mich says:

      That is psychotic. We are talking about about a letter a daughter wrote to her father telling him he was breaking her heart. What exactly is the “consequence” Rees-Mogg thinks she should have paid for that?

      Of course, it is all darkly funny given the Tory corruption scandals Rees-Mogg has been furiously trying to sweep under the rug – including his own failure to declare £6m in loans.

  43. AVEA says:

    So the prince who had shady business dealings with arms dealers, had “friends” take out shady bank loans and RAPED A TEENAGER isn’t a matter of “national interest”? Gtfo with this shit. Bunch of losers

  44. Chelsea says:

    This is honestly hilarious to me. These gross salty mfs spent the last two years since Meghan filed her lawsuit trying to bully her into dropping it including running front page stories of how they’d humiliate her by making her father take the stand. They still lost in February. They then got William to loan out his pet Jason Knauf in the appeal and from a legal side he literally helped prove that Meghan wanted the letter to be private because she asked him to not even show other members of staff including Sam Cohen who the MOS had previously claimed could help their case but obviously couldn’t now because the court has texts from Meghan provided by Jason explicitly stating she was not apart of the process.

    Their only other hope was that Knaufs intervention would throw Meghan off and humiliate her but instead she requested he provide the full texts which gave the revalation referenced above and she publicly went about her business completely unbothered. They got mileage out of this crap in the UK for like a week and a half but elsewhere it only got like a day because everyone got distracted by Meghan in THAT red dress. She out manuvered them so brilliantly that now all they have left is to beg her to come talk to them on the cover of their paper while the courts calculate how much money they have to pay her because she smartly asked for an account of how much money their paper made on the stories about her letter. It’s amazing. I’m enjoying every single moment of these clowns’ tears and im so happy Meghan finally chose a little violence yesterday in her statement with that “daily fail” swipe. They’ll be crying about that one for a while.

  45. Guest says:

    What the hell did I just read? That is the most insane crap ever. How is a newspaper allowed to print such hateful garbage? It reads as though the newspaper dictates to society and the government what’s permissible.

  46. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Wonder how the Fail’s temper tantrum will affect their appeal chances? If I were the Courts, I’d tell them to fuck off after this front page outburst.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Maybe it’s because they knew they didn’t have a shot in hell anyway, so may as well go whole hog and let their freak flag fly.

  47. rawiya says:

    Absolute psychopaths. They don’t realize that the more they push on this, the fewer opportunities they’re going to get for other (potential) in stories. (Because the well’s run dry since the Sussexes left and now all they’re getting is US press leftovers.) We don’t know what Meghan and Harry’s plans were, but after seeing that headline, the UK should never expect to see Archie and Lili EVER and only expect Meghan when the Queen dies (and that’s on the day of funeral) (if she even shows up, which I would not, were I her.)

  48. Mslove says:

    The daily fail makes a lot of money with their lies and racism. They sell a lot of copies bullying a biracial woman. This is an outrage and should not be tolerated. The daily fail & william need to be shamed in front of the whole world, they need to be called out, otherwise they’ll never stop.

  49. Serena says:

    How in the world is Meghan telling her father to stfu a scandal of national interest? And them talking about corruption, injustice and hypocrisy lol, it’s very rich indeed.

    There’s really no end to these people clownery, constantly writing/talking out of their ass while still relentlessly harrassing a single woman.

  50. aquarius64 says:

    This op-ed temper tantrum is not merely throwing the toys out of the pram. The nanny is bound and gagged as the Fail and Piers (aka Brat-zilla) trash the nursery. Probably because Meghan threw shade in her victory response. Something tells me the lawyers told Lord Rotten he doesn’t have a leg to stand on with the Supreme Court and he will have to cough it up and print it the apology. This bit of nastiness is in response to the print apology. ANL better hope this latest round of slag and drag.will determine the final payout to Meghan. And the Fail wonders why it’s seen as a glorified tabloid.

  51. MsIam says:

    That’s not how this works Daily Fail, that’s not how any of this works.

  52. Rapunzel says:

    These people need quarantine and rabies shots. They’re foaming at the mouth. Especially Piers Morgan.

  53. Jay says:

    Let’s see the Fail publish a similar headline aimed at the supreme court judges, who actually make the decision about whether or not this case continues I’ll wait.

  54. Gigi says:

    Love that while Piers and the DM soil their diapers in impotent rage, Duchess Meghan wakes up in California and will never even see the headline. She won and everybody knows it. Lol

  55. Alexandria says:

    Chuck literally wrote about another country and still won his copyright case. Where was the concern over public interest then? That was in 2006. Was the freedom of press neutered? No.

  56. BeanieBean says:

    This is unhinged & horrifying. The unmitigated gall of publishing such a headline. I’m reminded of the dark days of trump when each day brought a new ‘fresh hell’ both illegal & treacherous, and we all asked ourselves, ‘how does he get away with that’? This headline makes it seem as though the newspaper, its owner, and all its henchmen are just thumbing their collective noses at the judge. To hell with the law, we’ll publish whatever we damn well please, fact or fiction, hateful and hurtful,, doesn’t matter.

  57. Mary Mae says:

    I know she doesn’t want to engage them, but Meghan needs to sue the Fail like Hulk Hogan did with the old Gawker to the point the Fail has to dismantle and sell itself off until it’s a shell of what it once was.

    Don’t get me wrong. I loved the old Gawker, but they went too far. Even if HH was supposedly being bankrolled by a jackhole to enable the suit for his own vendetta, HH was right to pursue it.

    So many people paid the price for that edginess and in the end they were put on check for it. Until the Fail has the same consequences, they will continue to harass her.

    I wonder what Nick Denton would say about all of this after, since he clearly thought Gawker was too big to fail to the very end.

  58. els says:

    Piers Morgan really creeps me out with his obsession with Meghan. Seriously, did she spat on his face or insult his mother to be this angry at her? ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯
    I don’t comment on Royals stories usually but I rooted for Meghan as she brought novelty into a older as time institution. And stanned for one of her first projects which involved food. She gets so much for hate for just breathing it’s too much. I bet she wants to cover many of her projects but it keeps being hidden by the unnecessary bad press. And for those who think Harry is trapped. He’s a grown up, I think he can handle himself much fine.

    • Haylie says:

      Piss Morgan is mad because Meg refused to make herself sexually available to him in the relationship in his fever dreams.

      In short, he’s a psycho pervert.

      • alane says:

        Piers is a failed journalist and the best part is that he knows it. It gnaws at him every day. You can tell by the self-hate look on his face.

  59. lanne says:

    Basically the UK is condoning and celebrating stalking. I’m talking about the kind of stalking that leaves people dead. Anyone who has ever experienced a stalker in the UK is probably triggered by this as well–it’s the royal family celebrating the stalking of one of their own family members. I’ve never seen anything like it. This has crossed a line. Where does it end? With Meghan’s death? With the death of her children? How is this okay? I thought the UK was supposed to be a “civilized and cultured place.” This is absolute savagery. The British tabloid media are savages, and the mainstream media are enablers of savages. These racists are showing that they are the very thing they accused non-whites of being. Pure, unadulterated savagery.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Exactly this! There are so many angles to Meghan’s time there but this stalking issue does not get enough coverage or analysis. They actively encourage verbal and psychological abuse of a woman, through their national media. They put her father all over the airwaves to insult and be rests her, have a nasty vindictive troll like Piers Morgan unleash attack after attack on her or any other woman he deems not submissive and quiet enough, especially Black women. They are hoping to trigger some mentally unstable person to harm Meghsn, then they can say deny it was on them.

      • yinyang says:

        Honestly what Brits have done/are doing is giving a lot of people around the world ptsd. It’s awful and humiliating that this can happen to a woman on a world scale in this modern age. Women have been painted as evil and villain’s since the dawn of men’s religion. This is why the institution needs to be done with, it represents nothing good.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      What is amazing to me is how passive it all seems with the UK public. No public outcry when the media harasses and brutalizes people like this. People seem to believe they are helpless and can’t do anything about it. It’s all fine. But as the saying goes, today it’s Meghan, tomorrow they could come for you… and then who will defend you?

      • swirlmamad says:

        This is mindboggling to me as well. Perhaps this is not actually the case, but why does it seem like the British population as a whole doesn’t seem to be bothered by this toxic bully culture? That this is actually what is being passed off as news, and acceptable behavior by an industry who is supposed to inform?

  60. Lila says:

    World’s longest headline.

  61. L4frimaire says:

    There are so many inaccuracies in what they wrote and they are so bitter. I don’t understand this obsession with having a trial when they all went through the legal court process and all parties involved testified. They are trying to undermine the legitimacy of the corporate, one of the few institutions left over there not intimidated by the tabloids. Also, they keep saying Meghan lied, which she did not. The judges would not let something that serious slide, she gave a 20 page statement, every word of which they read, and knew it was completely irrelevant to the main issues in the case and even said Knauf’s submission actually proved Meghan wanted the letter to be confidential. Not remembering something is not the same as lying, especially for messages that were deleted,nor is having your press guy deal with journalists writing a book the same as collaborating with authors. They know it, but that doesn’t fit their narrative. This has nothing to do with holding politicians to account or exposing celeb scandals. There is always plenty of ways to do that without publishing private personal letters. These are just sore losers. These tabloids never expected to be checked by Meghan and never thought she had the resources to prevail. Like the courts said, they could have addressed Thomas Markle’s grievances without publishing whole tracts of the letters or even just interviewed him. They know they violated the law but as others have pointed out, someone probably told them she wouldn’t sue and they would let them publish with no pushback. They were so wrong. Like Meghan said in her statement, she has always seen this as a matter of the law, and was very patient, and refused to be intimidated which is why she won this lawsuit. Based on the unhinged reactions the Mail and the entire UK press, they obviously forgot about the actual legality involved and that they are not messing with a pushover.

  62. Lady Digby says:
    Please read Court Of Appeal adjudication which accepts original Summary Judgement. Case was clear cut a private letter from daughter to father with her retaining copyright. It has no public interest whatsoever. Bad dad may be a legend in his own mind but to the public he is just a rancid mess. Fail relished a noisy High Court trial to cross examine Meg and Harry about everything because they think they own them and are entitled to rummage through their bins and underwear drawer. It is about clicks and they are entirely without conscience. They would like to hunt her to her death. I care about their welfare and so with a heavy heart would tell them to never return to the UK. Stay thriving in the warmth and freedom of the US. Fail do not care about inciting loonies to cause harm to them. Anybody would think the Fail ran the country?!

  63. Songhye says:

    Congratulations to duchess . When will mail pay 1 million ?? Also mail said they will go for supreme court … I have bad feeling about this appeal.

    • Sofia says:

      The chances of it being heard in the Supreme Court is actually quite slim. The appeal from the Mail’s end was weak in itself and that was pointed out by the judges.

  64. molly says:

    It may have been Omid yesterday that pointed out that it was the MAIL that was on trial, NOT Meghan. They’re absolutely trying to twist this as some criminal trial where she’s being accused of lawbreaking and crimes. It’s all so gross, and I hope she’s thankful every single day that she doesn’t have to play nice with these vipers anymore.

  65. K says:

    If this spin is only in the daily mail I don’t think it matters as much. What worries me is when this type of thing becomes “news” that main stream and international media picks up, and treats like fact. The daily mail is garbage and I guess they want Meghan to learn that you don’t get in the mud to fight with pigs because they love it. They will never stop sinking and going lower. That’s why her courage in the face of this is so remarkable. She is a warrior.

    • Lou says:

      That is absolutely the case here in NZ. A major newspaper, the NZ Herald, constantly reprints biased articles from Mail-equivalent Australian publications. It gives the casual observer who’s just reading their news site a really misleading view on things. My parents and grandma, who are good people, are very dismissive of tacky women’s mags and the rubbish they print as a whole and know that Meghan has lies printed about her, but they also don’t like her. This view is very common, and us exactly what the Daily Mail wants – people who don’t generally care about the royals who don’t read the articles, but subliminally pick up a vibe from reading headlines.

      The thing is, my parents and grandparents have realised over time is that Meghan has been hard done by by the press – that is becoming obvious to everyone, even the uninitiated. But they still don’t like her much because they don’t hear about any of the good things that she does. Don’t worry, I’m working on it lol.

      • A says:

        @Lou, that’s exactly the problem with the Fail being allowed to do what they do and print what they print. They set the tone for the rest of the press, including the so-called respectable broadsheets. Even the BBC is not above the fray at this point. They print close to the same drivel, and it all stems from the Fail, bc the Fail’s model works when it comes to getting the readership.

      • Marivic says:

        @Lou. Yes you’re right. I read a lot of Australian write-ups that attack and lambast Meghan. The British media clout is terrible and horrible. And now even Australia is infected. They don’t know the word fair and balanced.

      • Cathy says:

        I am so fed up with the NZ Herald mindlessly reprinting DM inspired drivel which they mostly get via Australia. I wonder if they even read it before including it? Is it just to fill up space? As I no longer wish to see drivel written by the biased Danielle Elsar I now go elsewhere for my daily catch up on the news. I no longer purchase the NZ Herald either, a shame as it used to offer a good service.

  66. equality says:

    As Daisy Cooper said after the death of Carolyn Flack: “In Britain we have trial by courts and not trial by media for a reason. Regardless of what took place she should not have been hounded to death by tabloid newspapers desperate for clickbait.” They don’t learn.

    • A says:

      They don’t care. The British tabloid media wants to be the judge, jury and executioner. In a sick way, they’re proud of the fact that they forced a woman they had deemed guilty into committing suicide. It’s a sign of the power they have over the people, and they revel in it.

  67. Carmen says:

    As tantrums go, that was a doozy.

  68. Truthiness says:

    So, is this is the best thing they could come up with to keep from reporting on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Or is this smokescreen to obscure Jason Knauf’s actions? Or the money foreign billionaires paid to get royal access and honors? This monarchy needs to go, the rot is too deep, it’s on all sides.

  69. El says:

    The Fail is a joke:

    Land of liberty? We have no constitution in the UK. The government is introducing draconian laws by stealth. The prime minister lies like he breathes. His wife decorated a room at the taxpayers’ expense with wallpaper costing £800 ($1059) a roll.

    Judges are cowed by the royals? The press are in bed with the royals and treat them like deities.

    • Fleur says:

      They’re ridiculous and the harder they hiss about this, the more they look even less like a any kind of “news” outlet and the more they look like the Twitter page of some psycho stalker.

      They’re like a rat gnawing at itself

  70. Lady Digby says:
    Brian Cathcart strongly rebuts Fail nonsense about another humiliating defeat for them. They are like people who want to bring back witch trials. My newspaper stated Supreme Court unlikely to overturn decision of 4 Senior judges especially as letter has no public interest. Whether this father and daughter talk is their business. Bad dad has given endless interviews bleating, complaining and verbally abusing his daughter and SIL and it is very clear why they don’t respond to him.

  71. Molly says:

    At what point does this become harassment by legal definition? I mean, she doesn’t even LIVE there anymore.

    I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I think the Old White Dude Bro Brigade of Perpetual Butt Hurt over there might be even MORE racist and misogynist than ours over here!

    Their sputtering outrage would almost be funny . . .

  72. A says:

    Again, note the personnel change over at the Fail–Geordie Greig, the editor, was fired and replaced by Paul Dacre, who was the editor before Greig. Dacre had a notorious reputation for being aggressive, abusive and bigoted. He was the editor of the Mail on Sunday, and now he’s the editor of the weekly edition of the paper, which is where this headline was printed.

    This is absolutely the sort of thing that Paul Dacre would do, given his MO. He’s not someone who was hired bc he is willing to slink off into the night. The Fail, for the foreseeable future, will very much not be doing that. They will be going balls out in their attacks on Meghan from now until whenever they decide to choose their next common enemy. This is precisely the sort of thing that Paul Dacre was hired for.

    So yes, it’s deranged, it’s insane, and it’s just mindblowing in its awfulness. But all of that is the point. They are not in it to make a sane legal case, or even win their legal cases. They are in it to set the tone for the public who reads their drivel. This is going to be bad for Meghan going forward with the British people. They’re going to be fed more lies, more slander, more horrendous smearing, helped in no small part by KP probably.

  73. TEALIEF says:

    Litigation is brutal. It’s a fight that starts out with polite, but sternly worded jousts of cease and desist and response letters. When initiating a suit one has to be prepared by one’s counsel for any outcome between
    the complaint, discovery, motions/briefing (lots of briefing), verdict and possible appeal. It’s a very expensive and lengthy process. One has to have will and fortitude. She won in court on SJ and appeal because of codified law, case law, documented facts and good lawyers. The justices heard the arguments and read the briefing before deciding. Move on and pay ANL. 

    As for Jonathan Harmsworth, he’s doing his herculean best to live up to his name. Is the money worth the harm done to the person and larger civil society, Lord Rothermere?

  74. yinyang says:

    Dm don’t like how this woman does things because she does things while black and they need to admit it. Their queen of white woman kate is always going to be better at being white and they will milk that angle to the day they die. They are pathetic, imagine devoting your life to hating someone just because you don’t want to face your own pathetic life.

  75. Marivic says:

    Even if Mail on Sunday changes lawyers and gets the best lawyers in the UK money could buy, but still couldn’t come up with the best argument as to why there should be a trial, it still doesn’t have a case and will not be able to make it to the Supreme Court. Judge Warby and the Court of Appeals judges gave a very decisive summary judgment/decision and I don’t see a Supreme Court happening here.

    Rothemere and the British media cannot profit off of Meghan. There will be no public trial. The case is closed. They should just pay her and apologize to her publicly.

  76. alane says:

    I’d love to think this is the bitter and painful end to the Daily Fail but probably not. There’s big bucks in H&M hate on Salty Island.

  77. Andrew's Nemesis says:

    And now ‘friend of Camilla’ (ghastly woman by the name of Kirsty Alsopp, a giant pain in the fundament) is claiming that Meghan’s bullying of staffers allegations blew up into a massive girl-fight and made KATE cry, because she lost her cool/temper/whatever. We’re back to this again? A very Kurtz moment – ‘I love the smell of desperation in the morning’.
    PS – Camilla: go straight to hell.

    • equality says:

      Well, poor Kate, she has to be allowed to cry over something after Meghan took her original story away. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Kate was the one who bullied staff after seeing her reaction to children talking about H&M.

      • Margaret says:

        Now I thought it was silly willy that confronted harry about the so called bullying. Which is it?. Silly willy Mr. Jobson, or kate the.great kristy?. Please keep it straight, I am getting whiplash with the media, so called know it all, experts.

    • Jaded says:

      Oh God that “Location, Location, Location” woman! Can’t stand her, she’s insufferably rude. Why on earth is she weighing in on this? Based on her friendship with Camilla? Well of course she’d jump on the “bash Meghan” train to preserve her cozy relationship with the Duchess of Cornhole and her wimp of a husband. They can all go straight to hell.

    • Nic919 says:

      There is a picture of this Kristie person will Pippa and Mary Berry floating around on Twitter. She may be saying she’s a friend of Camilla, but she’s likely deployed by the Middletons.

  78. Lady Digby says:
    This is another take on the relationship between the press and the RF. Journalist highlights documentary coinciding with MoS loss but probably to avoid a law suit can’t ask the question why Jason has outed himself as the Tail’s special source.

  79. Jais says:

    So here’s what I don’t get. Did the DM ever really expect to when this case? It seems they didn’t care either way and just wanted the clicks the appeal would get them. The case is so strait forward. So I imagine the DM was prepared to lose and didn’t care bc hey at least they’re getting clicks. But what about William and Kate? Did they really truly think there was ever a case against Meghan? Are the people around them so sycophantic that they let them believe they legitimately had a hope in this case? Because they didn’t and most lawyers writing about this have said that from the get go. That’s crazy if they really did think that Meghan wasn’t going to win this case.

  80. Nic919 says:

    If the DM truly cared about freedom of the press they would be writing articles disparaging the existence of super injunctions and publication bans which prevent them from even mentioning whatever is being hidden about William. All the media heads know what is being hidden but the general public has no clue.