Normani on her career: ‘I’ve always had this fear of being seen’

Normani has been making moves after leaving Fifth Harmony in 2018. Her first single, Motivation, came out in August, 2019 and she’s since released another single, Wild Side, and collaborated on several others. Normani’s debut album has been on hold, mostly because of COVID, but will finally be dropping next summer. But being in the spotlight has never come easy to Normani. In a recent speech at Variety’s Hitmaker’s Brunch accepting Collaborator of the Year award, Normani said that she has always feared being seen because she felt overlooked as a child. Below are few more highlights via People:

“This is really, really big for me,” the Fifth Harmony alum continued. “I’ve always felt growing up, like, really, really overlooked. And I always had this fear of being seen. My mom would always ask me, ‘Why be in a girl group?’ She’s like, ‘Is it so you can hide?’ And I really feel like God clearly had other plans for me, and he made me uncomfortable, which was good because sometimes I get so in my head and, like Sean was saying, I’m a perfectionist, and I often get in my own way a lot of the time, but I’m just really grateful for the people surrounding me…”

“And especially being a Black woman in music, this feels like a particular honor to receive recognition in this category,” she added.

“This past year has honestly been incredibly inspiring for me, being able to witness the power of women in our industry,” she said. “Historically, women have always been positioned against one another to compete and falsely believe that there’s only room for one of us, and I’m proud to be a part of a time where we have normalized celebrating one another, supporting each other’s endeavors and together hopefully continue to inspire future generations to do the same.”

[From People]

I understand Normani’s drive to not be seen. I used to suffer from “dim your light-itis” back in the day because I was afraid of the attacks and scrutiny that would come. There were also times where I didn’t feel like I had earned the rights to receive accolades and would shrink from any praise. I am sure that being in a girl group didn’t help Normani. I believe Normani when she said she felt like the “underdog” in Fifth Harmony. As she mentioned that may be because she was trying to hide and not be seen. That’s sad because, in my opinion, Normani was the most talented artist in the group.

I am so happy that Normani received the Collaborator of the Year. Each time Normani is recognized for her excellence it gives her the courage to stand more in her power. I am excited about Normani’s debut album. I have been waiting for the album’s release since Motivation dropped. The Motivation video was the first time that I took real notice of Normani and realized how talented she is. In fact, Motivation made me realize how clipped Normani’s wings were in Fifth Harmony. It has been amazing watching Normani flourish and allow herself to be heard AND seen. I am sure next summer will be lit because we will finally be getting Normani’s first album. I hope it does really well. Hopefully, we will also get that much-anticipated Rihanna album, but I am sure that is just wishful thinking on my part.

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  1. Annaloo. says:

    She is an absolute talent.when you hear her, you wonder why and how Camilla Cabello took any spotlight

    • HelloDolly! says:

      Yes! And I assumed this post would have way more comments?! Normani is insanely talented and gorgeous, and her words on feeling overlooked I am certain will resonate with Celebitchies, specifically for women’s issues and issues of race and class.

      In comparison to my brother in my family, I was overlooked. My parents had far less expectations of me, despite me being in excelled classes all throughout public school. I know it was 100% gendered behavior on my parents’ part, and I mirrored that treatment. I didn’t even notice that I played down my abilities until two professors in college asked me why I wasn’t excelling when I clearly had the smarts to do so. I am now a professor with a PhD and wonder if I would have been where I am today if I hadn’t gotten that mentorship!

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. The other day I was listening to the cover she did of “All I want for Christmas is You” with Fifth Harmony and really liked it.

  2. Sandy says:

    She is so sweet talented, I wish there were more real stars like her and other talented celebrities like Adele, Beyonce, Taylor etci nstead of fake celebs like kard/Jenn, it’s really sad.

  3. JustBe says:

    I really like it when celebrities, especially women speak publicly about mental health challenges like anxiety or low self-esteem. It can be the guiding light for others to get to their better self. I really hope that Normani’s career continues to rise. She is talented and has a wonderful/professional public persona.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      This. It’s healthier and certainly more adult than the conversion therapy/handmaid’s tale way those issues are typically discussed on the internet.