Chris Noth & Tara Wilson’s marriage is ‘hanging by a thread’

"And Just Like That" A new Chapter of "Sex and the City"

Chris Noth has been married to Tara Wilson since April 2012. They have two children, Orion and Keats. Us Weekly says that Chris and Tara have been together since 2001, but I feel like they were on-and-off in the early years. Orion came first, in 2008, and then Tara gave birth to Keats in 2020. Tara is 42 years old, and she met Noth when she was 21/22 years old and working as a bartender. Every incident of rape and sexual assault that we’ve heard about in recent days happened while Noth was technically “with” Tara. Much like the other wives and partners of other predators, Tara probably had no idea. Now that the stories are coming out, she’s apparently in a bad place, and their marriage is hanging by a thread:

Chris Noth’s marriage is “hanging by a thread” as his wife, Tara Wilson, has removed her wedding ring, sources tell Page Six. The embattled “Sex and the City” star — who has been accused of sexual assault by three women — is currently believed to be in New York City, while his wife is in Los Angeles.

“Tara is upset and things are hanging by a thread,” an insider told us. “She just wants to protect the kids [Orion, 13, and Keats, 18 months]. That is her number one priority.”

In photos obtained by Daily Mail on Tuesday, Wilson, 42, was seen without her wedding band and large diamond engagement ring that she wore just two weeks ago as she joined her husband, 67, for a date night. The two attended the premiere of HBO’s “SATC” revival series, “And Just Like That…” in NYC. Onlookers saw them cuddling up together after leaving the screening at the MoMa, as they prepared to head to the starry after-party. “They looked so happy,” an eyewitness told Page Six.

We’re told Wilson has been staying at their home on the West Coast and taking care of their children, as Noth attempts to fight the stream of accusations. A spokesperson for Noth declined to comment.

Noth has already lost a planned $12 million deal to sell his tequila brand, Ambhar, to beverage company Entertainment Arts Research. In a statement to the Post, Chief Executive Bernard Rubin said, “We thought it would be in our best interest to withdraw from the transaction.” However, a spokesperson for Noth said there was never any signed deal.

[From Page Six]

Georgina Chapman should give her a call. Georgina got out pretty quickly and issued a public statement in support of her husband’s victims. At the time, it was clear that Harvey Weinstein would be investigated and likely prosecuted for his crimes. That’s not clear with Chris Noth – as far as I can tell, his victims are simply trying to tell their stories and seek healing (as opposed to seeking criminal prosecution). But we’ll see. I hope Tara is okay and I hope she stays far away from her husband’s sh-tshow.


Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    “Tara is upset”
    Ya think???????

  2. TheHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    If they got married in 2012…would that be a 9 year marriage? Just for clarity.

    That aside, I feel terrible for her. She is substantially younger than him, and the power balance was definitely off-much like at least one of his victims, she’s the bartender, she’s very young. I hope she is able to acknowledge the situation and walk away from the marriage safely. I always worry that predators have other forms of abuse or violence in their home as well, or that they are using their wife as a shield for the accusations.

    • superashes says:

      I just spent all this time preparing a response to Leo’s comment, but I guess the comment has since been moderated, and for that all I have to say is … great.

      I feel bad for her as well as his kids, especially the older one.

    • EveV says:

      Yes, you are correct on the marriage length, but they actually met and started dating in 2001, while she was in her early 20’s working as a bartender (sound familiar? Noth def has a pattern) in a club he owned. I feel so bad for his wife, especially considering she just gave birth in 2020! And he allegedly told one of his victims that “Marriage is a sham and monogamy isn’t real.”
      I truly hope she gets the hell outta there and takes his money with her.
      I was almost in tears reading the accounts from the women. May they be able to heal in peace.

      • SophieJara says:

        I was thinking about that too Evev, she probably recognizes some of his MO from when she met him.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, she probably read those articles and it all came together, the pieces of the puzzle. I feel so bad for her and her children. May she escape and gain full custody.

    • Tessa says:

      I believe they lived together before a time, before they got married.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    All the best to Tara.

  4. Bettyrose says:

    He’s married?? I don’t know why that surprises me. Narcissists need that stability at home while they rage through the world alienating everyone else. But if he’s a violent, predatory drunk, I’m worried for his wife and children. I doubt he’s just a super chill guy at home.

    • HelloDolly! says:

      So true! You know he is probably a scary individual at home. One can only imagine.

      In a Costco parking lot, I saw what looked like the picture-perfect, clean-cut, middle- class couple walking to their Volvo (complete with cable-knit sweaters). Then I saw a brief moment of violence—the husband discreetly grabbing his wife’s arm and slightly shaking her. There wasn’t enough evidence of violence for me to call the cops, but I stood and stared down the man because I felt terrified for her. He noticed me as his audience and they drove away, but I never forgot that moment. Felt helpless because I knew something was wrong but didn’t know these people and didn’t know what to do.

      • Annie says:

        Gosh that’s so sad. Those small instances of hostility and aggression are very serious. The minute a man puts his hands on you like that just run. It gets worse.

  5. HelloDolly! says:

    Definitely feel terrible for her. She was a bartender, so I wonder if she saw his antics before they got together? And she was too young to fully comprehend what she was seeing and/or his behavior was normalized because of the era? Noth seems to be a drinker and likely met at her bar or a bar, right? I am speculating here! But this is an awful situation.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      It was a bar he co-own(s/ed) which is even worse adding to the power dynamic imbalance on top of the age difference.
      I always found him so smarmy and creepy in SATC, no wonder! It was reality seeping through.

      • observer says:

        im a young millenial, never watched a single episode of SATC in my life. but i do know a lot about SATC (and now AJLT) because i’ve been reading gossip blogs since the mid 00s when i was a teenager. with the AJLT revival i was reading all the posts going around initially, and all i could think was (without the context of having seen the show), “Wow, people are really attracted to *this guy*?”

        in other words, my creep radar was working.

      • Bettyrose says:

        @Observer I’d be fascinated to hear your generational opinion of the SaTC pilot. It opens immediately with debate about whether women are marriageable after age 35. Even for the late 90s it was regressive (but pop culture was regressive then. It took the new era of prestige tv to see our real lives reflected in media).

      • HelloDolly! says:

        LOL, I’m not old but not young (older Millenial, late 30s), and at this point, I can’t watch Sex and the City. Too much cringing.

        What’s funny is that I definitely watched the show when I was younger, but as times changed and I became older and more educated and experienced, I couldn’t watch the show. And yes, what is Noth’s appeal? Is it the “bad boy/hard to get” sort of thing?

      • Bettyrose says:

        I have no idea what Noth’s appeal is IRL but Big was sought after because he was rich and apparently good in bed. I’ve been pretty vocal
        about how sexist I’ve always found the show, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic that the combination of tall and rich is enough for a guy like Big to be sought after by status-obsessed/money obsessed types.

      • Tessa says:

        If found the end of the series very unrealistic. Carrie just literally rushed from the hotel suite that she shared with Aleksander and moved right on with Big. Realistically I think he’d have stayed with Natasha and not pined for Carrie. Also, he and Carrie moved on and she wanted Aidan again.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Noth was cute in his Law & Order days. By SATC time he had aged considerably in a bad way. They tried in the show to make him look more attractive in an older man with money and power showing interest in the lead. Life imitating art with a predatory twist.

      • Andrea says:

        My parents have implied that at 40(heck even when I was 36) that I am getting to the point of unmarriable because I am not married yet. This attitude certainly wasn’t regressive in the 90s or now; it still proliferates our culture. How often do you hear people asking, are they married? Think about it.

  6. Mia4s says:

    That poor older child. At least the baby can’t understand at this stage, but the 13 year old? He knows and he’s hearing it. I mean….I don’t expect a gross sex predator will feel any remorse towards his victims, but maybe towards his wife and kids? Sigh….no…no probably not. What a horror show.

  7. Annaloo. says:

    I worked at the Cutting Room about 15 yrs ago. Tara would glower at me every time she came in to the bar, and staff said she was to be stayed away from. She was probably aware of Noth’s eye or behavior. He never did anything to me at work, but he would walk behind that bar and pour himself a lot everytime he was there. He was intimidating. I always felt bad for my boss Michael who had to manage everything there ( but was a good guy)

    • Emma33 says:

      Oh wow, I can see that he would be intimidating, he brings that energy to a lot of his acting. And,he’s physically intimidating as well.

    • Bettyrose says:

      @Annaloo – That description sounds like a woman who felt really powerless in her relationship. He was probably pretty good at finding a woman he could control.

  8. Boxy Lady says:

    It’s already bad enough that your husband is cheating on you. It’s a whole other level when your husband is cheating through raping.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I uh understand what you mean but is rape a form of cheating? I feel it’s more akin to finding out your husband is a murderer.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        Bettyrose, I understand what you mean. In this context, I’m using “cheating” to strictly mean “having sex with someone other than your significant other.” Like, your husband is having sex with other people and even worse, these other people did not even want to have sex with him and he forced them into it.

  9. Chaine says:

    Replied to deleted comment. Edit to say: I feel bad for his wife. She was so young when they got together and has probably been gaslit for years. Hopefully she can face the reality and get to a better place.

  10. Merricat says:

    This was a response to a remark that has been removed. I hope Tara Wilson gets out fast.

  11. Hyperbolme says:

    Poor Tara. I bet she recognized some of the details in the stories and knew mediately they were true. Things like the preferences for a mirror or taking someone from behind are probably things she’s seen from him their whole marriage.

  12. minx says:

    He called marriage a “sham” right before he raped a victim, so, I’m not surprised.

    • JT says:

      Oh good Lord. What!?

    • observer says:

      this was my very first thought, the full quote of what he (allegedly) said is “Marriage is a sham, monogamy isn’t real”

      i don’t know why people who can’t be monogamous don’t seek out polyamorous relationships with people who also want to be polyamorous. this idea that everyone “has” to be monogamous causes as much pain as the idea that everyone “has” to be heterosexual. to me, an LGBTQ person who is monogamous but thinks polygamy where there IS NO POWER IMBALANCE(<– important part) should be normalized, these expectations stem from the same weird and outdated patriarchal ideals.

      also there are like, tons of people who are swingers and stuff. why do people who cheat get into relationships with people who don't? is this a power/narcissist thing again? i think the answer is some of this and some of that.

      *edit* just want to clarify that i’m talking about cheating alone, rape is completely divorced from any kind of healthy, functional polyamory.

      • Lyds says:

        Can’t speak for Noth (and ew as if I would ever want to), but I think open polyamory wasn’t as common or accepted when they first started dating. Further, I don’t think that would satiate people like Noth, who (aside from being a rapist) is very likely a narcissist; people like him thrive on the game of cheating, gaslighting, manipulation, power play and taboos. They get off on what they can get away with, not so much who they’re with.

      • Lonnie tinks says:

        polyamory means both partners have to respect each other, he clearly wanted to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, but he certainly wouldn’t want his wife having other relationships.

      • teecee says:

        Because a lot of men want to sleep with whomever they want but would throw a fit if their wives or girlfriends so much as flirted with another man. They want polyamory for themselves and monogamy for their partners.

      • Andrea says:

        These types of men want to prove that they can still get it up because from what I heard from my 50 something friends is a lot of older men can’t. They want to prove they still got it by cheating, especially since these are the types of men who need constant attention and adoration and with young kids, there is only so much attention to go around. I have a guy friend who whined to me how hard it was with a kid once his first kid was born. He truly needs it to be all about him. I wonder if he is dabbling with the preop transexual sex again and I wonder if his wife knows he dabbled in that before he met her. Poly relationships or swinging most men I have quizzed about either are not down for and too insecure to handle it.

        I will say though. I know someone who got cheated on by his first wife and now is poly with his second wife and I can’t help but think it is a way for him to protect himself from getting hurt again.

  13. SnarcasmQueen says:

    I honestly cannot remember why but i remember feeling very odd when their relationship was announced. It seemed like a huge power difference even then and it felt predatory to be honest. Their pictures from that error felt weird.

  14. lucy2 says:

    That link says she 39, which means they met when she was 19, and she was working as a bartender – at HIS bar. He was her 47 year old boss.
    I feel for her, and hope she is able to safely leave him and protect her kids.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I know she’s way younger than him, but just curious about NY law — can a 19-year old really work as a bartender? In my state, they have to be 21. Maybe that was another legal violation by Noth?

      • lucy2 says:

        Excellent question. Maybe the article’s math is off.

      • Jaded says:

        I just googled and NY does allow for under 21 year-old bartenders, however they require on-site supervision by someone 21 years or older. Looks like Noth was doing a LOT of supervision…

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Thank you for the answer (I guess I should have googled it myself, just too lazy!)

  15. Ann says:

    Wow, she is almost THIRTY years younger than he is? Just confirms my theory that men going after significantly younger women are a holes.

  16. Teddy says:

    A friend who was a writer on L&O while he was starring said she’s only surprised it took this long for things to come out. She said he was a known toxic bully and extremely problematic with women, but his fame protected him.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      And according to an account in the Hollywood Reporter article, he was literally drinking between takes on set sometimes. He must have been an absolute nightmare to work with.

  17. Lucy says:

    I feel like he’s going to try rehab as his get out of jail free card. Sounds like a lot of aspects of his life are wrapped up in alcohol – owns bars and clubs, a tequila brand, married a bartender.

    I really feel for her, especially having a little baby so recently. I hope she and her kids get out and are are able to heal.

    • girl_ninja says:

      It’s always “rehab” for these predators isn’t it? James Franco just sat down and did an interview for The Jess Cagle Podcast. Evidently he shares that he was a sex addict and has been working on this for the last few years. He admits to sleeping with his students and about the complaint lodged against him.

      He’ll probably be fine and go on with his career, look at Casey Affleck and Mel Gibson. Disgraceful.

  18. Julia K says:

    They met in 2001? Beverly Johnson already had a restraining order against him in 1995 , and told of the terrible things he did to her. I then had a subscription to Vanity Fair, which got the story from some other publication, but they did a piece on it. How could she, or anyone else, not see all the red flags?

    • cassandra says:

      I mean the article would have come out when she was 13-14, I highly doubt it was on her radar. Not to mention 19 year olds are realllllyyyyy good at not seeing red flags-a lot of them don’t know better

      • Julia K says:

        True, but where were her adults, her people? Families take care of each other usually, and someone in her orbit had to have known, imo.

      • observer says:

        Julia K, not all of us have the privilege of having adults in our lives as teenagers, and if we do they’re often to our detriment.

        I got into a lot of trouble because of older men being sexually predatory to me as a teenager. I didn’t know any better. Nobody taught me any better because there was nobody to teach me and nobody to turn to.

    • Lukie says:

      In 1995, his wife was no older than 16. Sex and the City wasn’t on the air until 1998. There is a reason his target became younger and younger women. If they didn’t watch Law and Order, their only reference point was Mr. Big on SATC 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Aud says:

      Hardly anyone knew about Beverly. Probably because the internet was still new and social media didn’t exist.

      Beverly is referenced regularly here now as if we should all know but I looked at old articles about Noth and there are no comments about Beverly or his problematic past. It was not well known until now unfortunately.

  19. Lukie says:

    No one can tell me that he didn’t get her the same way. He just had more time to groom her before it happened and that much more time to gaslight her and parlay it into a relationship.

  20. Bendy Windy says:

    I feel awful for her. I can’t imagine waking up one day to find that your spouse and life partner is a rapist and sexually assaulted women…and that’s completely separate from any feelings of betrayal because he was sleeping around (assuming they have a conventional marriage).

    I can unequivocally state that there would be no thread for the marriage to hang onto if it was me. We’d be done. I wouldn’t hesitate. I would barely be able to look at my spouse, let alone let him touch me or my kids (if he doesn’t go to prison, she’ll have to get over the kids thing eventually). All of the things that make a marriage would be gone.

  21. Mel says:

    I hope she’s in the process of changing the locks , getting therapy for the older child and getting the financial ducks in a row with the help of a lawyer.

  22. Eurydice says:

    Looks like she’s already cut that thread.

  23. Jaded says:

    Like so many other of these powerful men (Weinstein, et al), they usually have a wife and children to display a *normal* happy life while they prey on other women, usually young, naive and in a much lower financial bracket, because it’s easy to draw them into their web. It feeds the man’s ego in ways a steady marriage and fatherhood don’t, and gives him a sense of omnipotence. Power is an addiction, no different than alcohol or drugs, and when you combine that with a narcissistic personality the results are lethal because narcissists don’t feel guilt, shame or remorse for their actions. Noth will likely scurry off to rehab and blame alcohol for his horrific behaviour, but alcohol only fueled it, it wasn’t the cause. He’s destroyed his life and he’ll likely never see his children again.

  24. JRenee says:

    Sounds like he has a methodology that he’s used for years. I’m sure Tara recognized things in the stories that are very familiar to her. I’m sure she is in shock trying to process all of this.
    Sadly, there are probably more women who have yet to come forward…