The Mail finally printed a front-page headline about Duchess Meghan’s legal victory

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In early December, the Mail lost their appeal of the Duchess of Sussex’s legal victory in the copyright and privacy lawsuit she brought against them in 2019. Meghan had been victorious in the summary judgment back in February of this year, and then the Mail’s lawyers kept dragging it out and appealing the victory. Kensington Palace was so upset by Meghan’s victory that the Cambridges authorized Jason Knauf to hand over selected emails and texts to the Mail’s lawyers. Meaning, Kensington Palace – and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – were actively working against the Duchess of Sussex. After the Mail’s appeal failed, the British media tried to keep everyone agitated and they kept whining about how Meghan “needs to go to trial,” because that’s how dumb their readers are. Even Downing Street got involved.

The point, I suppose, is that the Mail had already dragged their heels for a year, and the probably could have dragged their heels for longer. But they’ve finally done what Judge Warby told them to do in the summary judgment: they printed an acknowledgement of Meghan’s victory, and made a written commitment to paying damages to Meghan.

Publishers of the Mail on Sunday have agreed to pay “financial remedies” to the Duchess of Sussex, three years after she began a protracted privacy battle over a handwritten letter to her estranged father.

On Sunday, the newspaper printed a statement at the bottom of its front page telling its readers that the duchess had won her legal case for copyright infringement against Associated Newspapers for articles published in the Mail on Sunday and posted on Mail Online.

On page three it ran a 64-word news story stating it had infringed copyright and that “financial remedies have been agreed.” The story was also published on the Mail Online website at 11.58pm on Christmas Day with links to judgments made by courts.

The duchess’s costs had been estimated at £1.5m before the appeal, but that figure will have increased with the appeal. The Mail on Sunday and Mail Online statement publication had been ordered by Lord Justice Warby earlier this year. In March he agreed that the font size could be smaller than that asked for by the duchess.

[From The Guardian]

Meghan asked that the Mail apologize to her on their front page using the same font size they used for their headline about her letter to her father. While Warby initially backed her, I do think that some sort of agreement or compromise was worked out which was less than what Meghan initially asked for. But who knows? Maybe the Mail will have to apologize again using a different sized font. It does look much smaller than what I thought had been agreed upon. I can only assume that this means that there will not be an appeal to the British supreme court. Which is too bad, because I love to see the Daily Fail take all of those Ls.

Royals attends Christmas Day Church service

Royals attends Christmas Day Church service

Royals attends Christmas Day Church service

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  1. CROWHOODreturns says:

    Meghan gives more grace than I could ever summon. But she and I definitely attend mass together at Our Lady of Perpetually Petty and this ask of the mail is one of her offerings. I LOVE it.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Ha! Revenge is a dish best served petty.

      • Marivic says:

        This calls for a big celebration for William’s loss to Meghan! He, Kate, Jason Knauf, ANL, and the whole British media helped together to gang up on Meghan and they still lost not once but twice. And what’s satisfying about it is they are asked by the courts to apologize to her in their own trashy newspaper. Although they printed it with small-sized font and tried to hide it in the most inconspicuous place, it still resonated and trended globally. The reach was incredible. Meghan gets the justice she deserves and is finally vindicated. The world knows now. And the world also knows how mean and cruel William is.

    • Nicole Fallen says:

      I also attend mass at “Our Lady of Perpetually Petty”. @CROWHOODreturns, I do believe that I saw Catherine, Duchess of Littlebridge trying to sneak in one the back pews – I believe to gain some credit for partial attendence of the sermon to add another event to her tally before the New Year. Lol.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      It’s not petty to ask for an apology, particularly in cases where the offending act damaged the person’s reputation. The whole font thing is probably her lawyers’ doing, in order to avoid a technical compliance somewhere on the last page of the least read section. Nothing about any of this reads petty. Her claims obviously had merit.

  2. Sinead says:

    Finally! and I really hope we find out the settlement amount… especially if it’s based on the income generated by the 4 stories (I think it’s 4 they ran?)

    • Seaflower says:

      IMO it should also include all the stories they ran about how Meghan “needed to go to court”

    • Jais says:

      I think it was 5 articles but I’m also not sure? And yes, I really hope that the amount is made public so that people can know exactly how much money they made off Meghan’s letter. Another thing I wondered is why it mentioned only the copyright and not the privacy victory.

    • Lady D says:

      In one day the Fail had 36 stories about Meghan’s case. I think she should be compensated for everyone of them. Why are people saying there was only 4-5 stories printed about her letter? They covered the front page with derogatory stories about her, and she only gets compensation for a few?

  3. TabithaD says:

    Typical of the Mail that, although they’d been told this had to be on the front page, it was squashed as small as possible. And published on the quietest day of the year in terms of newspaper sales.

    • Chic says:

      Yes but it backfired when the internet figured it out so story trended all day in US and UK.

    • Guest says:

      It’s been blasted all over the internet and even U.S. newspapers wrote about it:

      Bow down to the Duchess of Sussex: U.K. tabloid prints Meghan’s court victory

      • Cessily says:

        Loved there “headline” 🤣👏🏼

      • L4Frimaire says:

        That is my favorite headline. Bow down b*tches, indeed!

      • aftershocks says:

        @L4frimaire said:
        “That is my favorite headline. Bow down b*tches, indeed!”

        +1,000!!! That’s exactly right! Bow down all the way B*tches to Her Majesty, Meghan The Duchess of Sussex!!!

        Courageous By Faith, our Fearless, Bada$$ Madame Duchess Meghan!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I love the Los Angeles Times headline! Given that Caroline Graham, who wrote and met up with Bad Dad for the original story, is based out of LA (along with the nasty Ruth Styles who wrote the Compton piece), I find the headline especially appealing.

        Great job to the Squad for all the creative redos/spreading the new of the MoS’s cheat on their apology and trying to hide/minimize the Duchess of Sussex’s legal victory.

    • vs says:

      no need to worry, a lot of papers around the world picked up on it; most importantly it was covered in the US as mentioned by @Guest; except for China, there is no market that’s bigger

      You can check this thread from the papers in different countries who covered it

      • Willow says:

        This is petty at it’s finest, lol!

      • aftershocks says:

        Ah thanks @vs! I love @RoyalSuitor. She is so witty and wise. She writes really thoughtful, enlightening opinion pieces too about the whole salty, bitter Windsor saga. She took us on a worldwide tour of countries celebrating Meghan’s victory and the Fail’s capitulation. I love the phrasing in Norway’s story: the Mail On Sunday “twisted like an eel in the net, but eventually surrendered — and apologized!”

        I noticed another enlightened comment by Twitter user: Anne Boleyn (Sussex Supporter) who said something prescient about all the Meghan trolls. And I’m paraphrasing: “… you can’t hate a stranger you don’t know, so whatever you’re hating is within yourself… time spent hating a stranger would be better spent loving an actual friend.” Right on, Anne Boleyn!

      • Feeshalori says:

        I’m not on Twitter but do manage to see it in a limited way and link to those two users. Another one l enjoy is Pagan Trelawney as well.

      • anotherlily says:

        Wow! Some very clear comments about William in that Twitter thread. His affair with Rose Hanbury is common knowledge and there’s nothing he can do about it.

    • anotherlily says:

      @ Tabithad The Judge’s original ruling had been for the Mail to publish the decision in the print version of the Mail on Sunday as well as the Mail Online. That’s why it appeared on Sunday. The original stories had appeared in the MOS as well as the the online editions. The MOS had to publish a front page headline and a further paragraph on an inside page along with details of the summary judgement. The online version had to publish the decision prominently with links to both the summary judgement and the full judgement.

      There’s been no comment so far from the Fail’s tribe of opinion writers and the ‘royal experts’. They may be more careful in the future.

      I hope the agreed settlement runs into millions , at least as much as the legal costs.

  4. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, the acknowledgement that Meghan won her case on the front page is the Mail on Sunday giving up on going to the Supreme Court. It does sound like the MoS and Meghan lawyers are negotiating behind the scenes and have come up with an agreement. The MoS would have saved a lot of money and embarrassment if they had just settled with Meghan before the lawsuit but they wanted to bully and humiliate her for further profit. As expect when they go back to Justice Warby, the MoS and Meghan’s lawyers will inform him of the agreement. Royalists are saying that Meghan should not have sued the MoS because all it did was “damage” her reputation but Meghan’s reputation was already damaged by the Palace and press before she sued the MoS.

    • equality says:

      I think the BM overplayed their hand. They drove her to the point where they had said so many ridiculous nasty things about her that she didn’t care any longer.

    • Ela says:

      Not having to make a full apology was probably part of the settlement. Who knows,maybe the Daily Mail is paying off the 14 million Montecito mansion in return. Lol

    • Marivic says:

      The fact that Meghan stood up to the Mail on Sunday has salvaged and strengthen her reputation as a brave crusader for the oppressed and those unjustly vilified by the British media and the monarchy. Nobody has done this with so much global impact other than Meghan. Hooray for winning!

      • vs says:

        in a way the level of celebrity Meghan has reached is scary…..I was way too young around the Diana years but I assume it is this type of celebrity…..where everything you do, gets reported all over the world! that must be daunting and in a way tiring! sometimes, you just want to be anonymous and get on with your day

        No wonder at time she completely disappears for weeks and weeks….I do not know how the Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Barack O, Jeff B., and those super famous people do it… is good that they can disappear at times but they are basically prisoners in their own home!

        No thanks!

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @vs said:
        “… this type of celebrity where everything you do, gets reported all over the world! that must be daunting and in a way tiring! sometimes, you just want to be anonymous… it is good they can disappear at times but they are basically prisoners in their own home.”

        Well, I personally wouldn’t mind being a prisoner in Montecito’s Chateau of Riven Rock! (The actual name of the Sussexes mansion, bestowed by the original wealthy American owner who purchased the property and designed and built the home in the French Provincial style — which is indigenous to southern France). Judging by the original photos of interiors and exteriors, and knowing all the style and taste Meghan possesses, along with the few glimpses we’ve seen of her redecoration, and the peacefulness of the trees and nature outdoors; plus the expansive vistas of mountains on one side and ocean on the opposite side… wow, what a lovely prison! Thank God they escaped from the Salty Isle prison!!!

        Moreover, we can’t really know what this type of overdone scrutiny in the media is like for individual people. It would be cool if we could one day hear directly from Meghan about her thoughts and emotions. At the moment, she is busy loving and taking care of her nearest and dearest! She’s enjoying her best life with her Mom, Harry, Archie, Lili D, and all of their closest friends who are like family.

        I would hazard a guess though that Meghan has been used to being in the public eye, so some aspects of this she has the tools to deal with. The overdone aspects, she has likely slowly learned how to process, and then put aside. She’s often said as much herself. For example, she told us that she doesn’t read any press, positive or negative. The Sussex staff and attorneys surely keep abreast of everything, and pass on only what M&H truly need to know and what needs to be dealt with. The rest of it is just petty noise, that most likely even Meg’s best friends have learned to put aside.

        By now, all of the Sussex inner circle probably focus mainly on the positive energy put out by Sussex Squaddies, and on the constructive and beneficial activities enacted by people like Christopher Bouzy! The levels to which the British media and the royal firm have gone to in attacking Meghan have NOT gone unnoticed by important people, groups and entities around the world. Even random people who haven’t closely followed any of the drama know that 50 million lines have been crossed in unhinged efforts to unfairly attack Duchess Meghan, largely out of jealousy and for-profit purposes.

        Through Meghan’s courage, patience and resolve, with Harry steadfast by her side, a huge victory has been won, not just for our dear Madame Duchess, but for everyone the Fail have abused. The ramifications of Meghan’s victory will be resounding for many years to come.

        While I’m certain, Meghan has experienced many sad, hurtful, and traumatic moments (especially while they were still in the gilded cage), she is a glass half-full, positive person who takes positive action. She knows how to be always present in the moment, and most of all, she focuses heavily on serving the needs of others. That and being peaceful under a tree with her husband and children is what has likely occupied most of her time. I doubt she’s ever indulged in feeling sorry for herself. Meghan knows how to have fun in the moment too. Witness her humorous skit with Ellen!

        So indeed, Meghan surely does NOT feel imprisoned in her beautiful home. I’m certain she feels happy and blessed. And I’m gonna bet she’s in the midst of her daily rituals — taking care of business as we speak, with her classy, beautiful, bada$$, chic, elegant self. Let us learn from how Meghan has carried herself through all of this and persevered. Let us be inspired by her courage and her faith!

    • Gabby says:

      The Fail desperately wanted to bring Disgusting Dad over for the trial and get him on the stand. They could have milked dozens of stories out of it. Never mind that his credibility would have crumbled on cross-examination. Thomas Markle was a cudgel used for abusing Meghan.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I don’t think the Daily Mail cares about its reputation on this one. Thomas Markle is a “safe” scapegoat, because the people who hate Meghan anyway will blame both Thomas and Meghan for this, not the tabloid. The racists will excuse the tabloid, on the theory that it was taken advantage of by American trash. And by focusing everyone’s attention on how horrible Thomas and Meghan are, nobody is looking into where the OTHER invasions of privacy (inside leaks) are coming from. So the DM, and the people they cut deals within within the palaces, are perfectly fine with this “loss” if it keeps the focus off of more important targets.

    • PrincessK says:

      I also believe that some sort of compromise has been reached. There was no apology.

  5. KSK Pamuk says:

    They tried to bury the story on boxing day, slowest day of sales of the rag, but that was a big fail. I have seen endless articles on this story in multiple languages, pretty sure it went global. Lord Rothymothy will no doubt do something equally disgusting to some other poor unfortunate individual to make up the loss of legal fees and fines.

  6. Watson says:

    Glad she won, but it would be charitable to think that this paper will change and never do this again. The monetary rewards to smearing her are just so high they can’t help themselves.

    • Sinead says:

      I think that’s why she asked for the settlement amount to based on the income generated from these articles. They’re gonna have to open their books for this one so I really hope it’s made public. Plus it will encourage others to settle cases based on what the paper earns from the articles so it should hit them in their pocket making it less appealing to just publish rubbish

      • Watson says:

        I hope you are correct but seeing their history of phone hacking, bribing, and out right lies…I mean that’s their entire existence. I don’t foresee them changing. I do hope more people sue though.

    • Sofia says:

      I’ve said it before but it’s not about the money for the Fail. Whatever they have to fork out to Meghan, they will (or already have) made back the money. However it will be a massive ego kick to them that Meghan not only took them on and won, even after throwing everything but the kitchen sink at her and even getting a courtier to submit palace communications.

      Will they change? No. But again, it is going to be a good ego bruise against the Fail.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ But the Fail and their attorneys looked perfectly ridiculous putting their asinine, petty excuses and self-serving nonsensical attacks before the court. The bs crap texts and emails KP gave the go-ahead for Jason Knauf to provide only helped further prove Meghan’s case. Meanwhile, KP has set a dangerous precedent against the interests of the monarchy in the process!

        Justice Warby and the appeals judges smacked back against the Fail and against Jason Knauf (and in essence against KP) with the wording of their judgements against the Fail, in Duchess Meghan’s favor! Despite the ongoing whining and nastiness of trolls and haters, this court case, with its salient points and phrasing against the abusive nonsense and useless stupidity of the Fail, will go down in history! It is in the legal record forever.

        Let’s not forget that. Despite the ongoing clueless meanness of haters, Sussex supporters will see to it that the correct takes are disseminated in the popular media too.

    • vs says:

      they continue to be that way because that’s what the UK public who consumes it WANTS! simple;….do you see TMZ or the NE be this powerful and feared in the US? do you see their gossipers being invited on reputable newspapers or TV channels? of course NOT

      • Lady D says:

        TMZ has a daily show in the US, so does the DF.

      • vs says:

        on CNN, MSNBC or ABC or CBS? let’s not even mention Fox and its derivatives? or lesser channels like TNT or USA? NO WAY!
        Trying to compare how trashy tabloid gossipers get invited to the BBC or ITV with US channels …..thanks for the laugh!
        Unless you are implying BBC or ITV isn’t reputable…..I was talking about reputable US channels as the ones I mentioned above.

        The US tv landscape is mostly a reflection of our population, hence the deep divide we have in the US! the UK tv landscape is also a reflection of the UK… is as simple as that

      • Lady D says:

        hey @vs, I was merely pointing out that these garbage websites have a show on TV. I was not attacking, implying or comparing anything. I have no idea of their popularity or ratings and don’t care. Happy holidays.

  7. Harper says:

    It’s a digital world–not Dickens’ times, and everyone is off for Xmas sitting on their couches scrolling online–the news of Meghan’s win was spread far and wide. Sussex Squad made Meghan’s win trend on Twitter. No Supreme Court appeal–this is over.

    Now I’m imagining Harry picking up a burner phone and leaving a voicemail on Jason’s Knauf’s phone telling him he’s next.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Harper, oh, I hope you are right!! Knauf needs to feel some true heat!!

      Also, in the judgement, they were told to run the apology for five straight days, which I don’t think they did. They certainly didn’t follow the judges order to have her victory in enormous fonts either, which I find is in breech of the orders. But I do love that she has gone worldwide on her victory and all of the countries that are supporting Meghan!! It’s wonderful to see so many people around the world openly support Meghan and her successful lawsuit!!!! I love how Poland asked how she was!! Plus Mexico coming in and saying you have to party in Mexico for Meghans glorious win!!!

    • aftershocks says:

      @Harper said:
      “I’m imagining Harry picking up a burner phone and leaving a voicemail on Jason’s Knauf’s phone telling him he’s next.”

      Ha ha ha ha! LOL! LOL! Thanks @Harper. My thoughts exactly! In fact, I was just thinking about how Harry has probably been handling things all along behind-the-scenes. He is probably really sweet and kind toward his grandmother, while at the same time being honest with her that the abuse against Meghan and himself by the rota and by the firm cannot stand! He will NOT abide it!

      Harry has put up with more than enough on his own of the stalking and abuse and being taken for granted by firm, rota, and particular family members! He was not going to allow history to continue repeating itself against his wife and son. Harry took his family out of danger, and they are thriving in sunny Montecito. As Harry said in the Oprah interview, he wants the royal firm to “call off the dogs!” We know he’s referring to the rota dogs!

      When Harry dutifully went back to Salty Isle, he did so with grace and an abundance of patience. I particularly like the way Harry showed up to the Diana statue unveiling at KP gardens. He was returning to the happy place of his engagement announcement. Harry danced down those steps smiling from ear-to-ear. Next to Harry, TOB was looking stiff and uncomfortable, with a sour expression. Tee hee!

      Harry was probably thinking: “You have no hold over my thoughts or emotions, big bro. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. My eyes have been opened to God’s truth. I’m living on the mountain tops of Montecito. I’m serving the Lord and diligently helping others through dedication, forthrightness and compassion in action. I am blessed with my dear Meg, Doria, Archie, and Lili Diana! I am a content and happy man! I’m not here to serve you anymore, brother. I am not here to serve the monarchy either. I am here to serve and to honor the legacy and the beautiful spirit of our mother, Diana Princess of Wales, and to give tribute to her memory. She is an angel in heaven, who has continually blessed me and my family with protection and guidance. Yes, I am a happy man! My memoir is for my children and will be dedicated to them and to our mother’s memory. It will serve to reveal my truth, and to provide leverage as well as a lasting legacy for my descendants.”

      Bow down B*tches! Yes, Harry is waiting for a public apology and a full retraction of those bullying claims, by Knauf and the firm against his wife, Meghan, The Duchess of Success. I hope that the Sussexes and their attorneys will be steadfast in accepting nothing less!

  8. Lolo86lf says:

    Someone please bring me up to speed, why are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hellbent on harming Meghan? In doing so, they are harming Harry and the children by extension.

    • equality says:

      H has been used for the majority of his life to take the bad press for W. By now W probably thinks it’s his God-given right to use H for deflection. I don’t believe any of them truly care about H, not even his beloved granny.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Lolo: Racism and jealousy.

    • Fanciful says:

      All of the above. I saw an article from the UK Telegraph saying how hated they were and how Lili’s name was told to TQ not asked, and we know that’s BS. These people are gross to Harry given all he’s done.

    • Jaded says:

      Because by dint of their own hard work, compassion and philanthropy, they showed Willnot and Kannot up as the lazy-ass shirkers they are, and put a stop to the financial shell game that was going on with their shared foundation monies by separating their foundations so W&K would stop putting their fingers in the till. Oh, and did I mention they’re racist AF?

      • L4Frimaire says:

        Was listening to an interesting spaces conversation yesterday where someone mentioned that the Cambridge’s were fine to be branded as lazy because they were less visible and subject to less criticism and scrutiny. However, once Meghan with her energy and dynamism came on the scene, they decided to step up because they wanted some of that spotlight and they knew she would be criticized and attacked in the press, hence making them look perfect,and never putting a foot wrong. They still get very little criticism from the press, both UK and international, and can the human version of stupid pet tricks and get praised as saving the monarchy for said tricks. That’s why they will never leave the Sussexes alone. I’m so glad for Meghan’s victory in this case. The UK press is keeping it quiet but this has gone global. Would love to hear Meghan’s ( and her lawyers) TED talk on this case.

    • Carmen says:

      Jealousy and spite, and plenty of both. End of story.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ W&K are all of the above! Plus, petty, selfish, self-centered, boring, no confidence, lacking in self-esteem, mean-spirited, angry, and full of themselves. They want people around them to bow and scrape. And they want the media to constantly embiggen them and keep them on a pedestal.

        Plus Will got so used to Harry taking the fall for everything, to the point where Wil never learned from his mistakes. Will only learned that Harry was there to be used on his behalf. Will’s biggest mistake was in thinking that Harry would always be there to take the heat and scrutiny away from his Willy wanky misdeeds!

        W&K and CarolE Midd are butthurt about Harry finding and falling in love with Meghan. Neither they, nor the firm, nor the BM can stand seeing what a bada$$, unbothered, beautiful woman Meghan is!

        Just by Meghan being herself and standing up for herself against their petty machinations and gaslighting, and by simply coming on the scene, supporting Harry, doing what’s right and not being afraid, Meghan’s presence and stature has ended up exposing all of them.

    • anotherlily says:

      Because she makes Kate look pathetic by comparison.

  9. lulu brown says:

    #Meghanmarklewon trended all over the world yesterday. They tried to bury the story but it backfired. The squad was not having it.

  10. Roseberry says:

    The Fail released their admission on what is traditionally the quietest newspaper-buying days of the year. The Sussex Squad noted this and had plans of its own, with mock -ups of alternative front pages and a retweeting campaign. Within hours #MeghanMarkleWon trended in the Uk and US.

  11. CapPhD says:

    Notice the juxtaposition: INTRUDER AT WINDSOR & Duchess of Sussex. So obvious.

  12. Jezz says:

    I don’t see the “apology” part. Just the facts. Am I missing something?

    • MsIam says:

      Same here. Usually an apology involves the words “sorry” or “regret” and they are definitely missing from this statement. Cold hearted, sneaky b@stards.

    • STRIPE says:

      You’re not missing anything. There was no apology, just an acknowledgment of the facts.

      • ML says:

        Yes, just because the MoS went really, really low does not mean that they couldn’t go any lower. The judge dictated what the MoS needed to print, where they needed to print it, and the size and type of font they needed to use. The judge did not force them to apologize, and well, this is Viscount Rothermere’s newspaper: He doesn’t have the class to go beyond how he’s been forced to admit wrongdoing in his own paper.
        Luckily the Sussex Squad saw that–check out their work on twitter #MeghanMarkleWon!!
        And The Guardian had this news at the top of their internet site yesterday. 🙂

    • Sure says:

      But the facts state that Meghan WON because the F acted ILLEGALLY. IOW the F is a law breaking criminal organisation – that’s a fact which deserves to be broadcast far and wide.

    • anotherlily says:

      This only addresses the breach of copyright and not the invasion of privacy. It looks as if the Mail’s lawyers have told them they have no case for defending the copyright claim but they may still be trying for a further appeal against the privacy claim.

  13. Merricat says:

    Lol, I am delighted.

  14. canichangemyname says:

    HAHAHAHA!! Justice – because the DM sucks. I don’t even closely follow them or the BRF in general, but even I could tell they trolled the crap out of this woman and then to publish that letter in cahoots with her toxic father?! Good. I love this.

  15. Sofia says:

    Surprised they aren’t going for a SC appeal. Not because I think they would win but because they get to drag the case out for more headlines. I imagine the Fail went to KP and asked if they had anything else on Meghan and since they didn’t, the DF didn’t want to embarrass themselves with a third loss without generating headlines like “MEGHAN ADMITS SHE LIED” (she didn’t and I don’t think that btw)

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Sofia: It’s more likely that the MoS dropped the case because their lawyers told them that they had no chance of appealing at the Supreme Court.

    • windyriver says:

      In addition to damages, the DM also has to pay Meghan’s legal expenses, IIRC, 90% of the total, which several people here said at the time was an unusually substantial amount. Also, as I recall, after the initial judgement, they were already supposed to have made an initial payment of more than 400,000 pounds, though I don’t know if that would have been delayed by an appeal.

      It sounded like the DM’s chances of getting a SC appeal approved were slim to none, and continuing to fight meant Meghan’s legal bills would keep increasing, so they decided it was more prudent to bite the bullet and let it go (while conveniently being able to issue the required statement on Boxing Day). Believe the statement does have to remain up on their online sites for a week.

    • Talie says:

      I was surprised they avoided the appeal as well, but I wonder if Meghan name-checking the owner had something to do with that. Usually, he is not in any headlines and then suddenly he was. Many reporters noted he would be displeased. May have been a way of just moving on.

      • Nyro says:

        I think that could have played a part in DM’s decision to admit defeat. The media were shook over how she put his name out there.

      • Sid says:

        They would need a judge to grant them an appeal before an actual appeal case could go forward, and with the way the justice in this appeal round basically dragged the judge who granted this appeal for being an idiot to allow it in the first place, I think the Fail’s lawyers kindly informed them to let it go because it wouldn’t happen a second time.

  16. girl_ninja says:

    This victory for Meghan just warms the cockles of my heart. The Fail should be required to put a full page of the apology on their front page for an entire week. They should not be allowed to share the snippet that was shared. I am SO happy that that the Sussex Squad put the Fail BLAST on twitter causing the U.S. media to zoom in on their trifling a**es.

  17. Lili says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else think this was a compromise to publish so called apology in order to end the debacle in order to stave of what ever damage Meghan could cause if she is called in to testify against Andrew. I expected them to drag this thing out for months then when they are threatening to bring her in the Mail publish an acknowledgment of her win.

    • ABritGuest says:

      The statement was in line with what Judge Warby ordered in March. Despite that having so even acknowledge that the Mail lost to Meghan on their front page is a major humiliation them which is why they tried to bury it. But fans doing mock up or the front page etc caused #MeghanMarkleWon to trend on social media so lots of outlets in Britain were forced to report on it and its been picked up globally. I know the Mail are licking their wounds.

      I know that Jason Knauf went in to damage Meghan’s credibility but his actions also proved how the firm was working against Meghan with the press which isn’t a good look when post Oprah they tried to claim Meghan was supported.

  18. Over it says:

    It’s time for B——ch to give Meghan her money. They f around and found out

  19. Petra says:

    I wait to read Duchess Meghan statement if there is one to be made about payment settlement. Thanks to Sussex squad members on twitter for amplifying what Daily Fail (Mail) tried to hide on boxing day.

    • Jan says:

      For Meghan this case is finish, her lawyers will be handling all the financial details.
      They have won 2 or 3 lawsuits before and did not publish the financials, why start with the Dailyfail.
      They’re paying 90% of the legal feels, Meghan should use their money and pay the 10% she is responsible for.

      • Margaret says:


        What exactly are you on about. Can you be any clearer, as your 90%, and 10% comment is strange to say the least. Not sure if necessary is my point.

      • Petra says:

        @Jan, I’m not asking to know the amount if there was payment. I wrote ” I wait to read Duchess Meghan’s statement if there is one to be made”, meaning if Duchesses Meghan chooses to put out a statement. I wrote it this way because the Mail wrote settlement (which can be inferred to mean money) was reached. I’ll believe money settlement was made between both parties when it comes from Duchess Meghan attorney.

  20. Jan says:

    The Dailyfail is paying 90% of Meghan’s legal fees, Meghan is responsible for 10%, there you go.

  21. aquarius64 says:

    Congrats to HRH the Duchess of Sussex ( Meghan’s name on the court papers). A Princess of the United United Kingdom by marriage, wife of the “irrelevant” 6th in line to the British throne, took down a powerful “news” conglomerate. An entity so accustomed to dog walking members of the BRF ANL’s pride took of a hit; hence the salty printing of the win. I hope damages and court costs the Fail has cough up are reported. Lord Rotten though Bad Dad and KP were the aces for ANL but it blew up on them. May Karma visit the House of Windsor and the Marklle monsters.

  22. Barbie1 says:

    Her father must be so upset. His next interview will be a hot mess. Maybe she can sue him next.

  23. Julia K says:

    I fear this is not over yet. Thomas and Samantha Markle will not let a financial opportunity pass; they will go to DM with hands out. What on earth would they say that could turn this settlement around. They are vile, greedy people who will gladly throw her under the bus for money. Lord Rothermere may already be negotiating with bad dad. Is Lord R a good loser? I bet not.

    • Merricat says:

      This case is over.

    • vs says:

      This case is over….Meghan and her kids have permanently left the UK (Thx God for that)….she never has to deal with that country ever again except for funerals; they can write or talk about whatever they want, they don’t affect her livelihood. She is FREE

    • Snuffles says:

      That well has run dry. They have sold every pic and anecdote they had. Meghan has cut them off, so there won’t be any new stories. They could make up lies, but now they know Meghan will sue the pants off of them.

    • Nyro says:

      The case is over. And if anyone has to worry about Thomas and Samantha, it’s the BRF. Meghan is free and that bitch Lord Rothmere is gonna have her money. Thomas and Samantha have been left out and pretty soon they’re going to wonder why they’ve ended up with nothing when they did a big share of the dirty work for the palaces and the media. Thomas said that the BRF owes him. I won’t be surprised when he starts making some real noise about what they asked him to do and how much money they promised him.

      • Sid says:

        ITA Nyro. At some point Markle will crack and let the whole world know that he was colluding with Jason and the BRF to stop the wedding.

      • Gabby says:

        He should watch out. He lives on that rocky cliff and there are powerful folks who have an interest in him shutting up.

    • Sofia says:

      If the DF had anything (even the Markles), they wouldn’t have published this and they would be gearing up to appeal to the Supreme Court (even if they would have lost because they would have used whatever the Markles have to make headlines. And I doubt the Markles have anything left).

      • Julia K says:

        Have read all the comments saying the case is over BUT does anyone recall bad dad Tom saying ” the Queen owes me”? Does anyone really feel this is over? Tom has not fired his last shot yet. Do not underestimate a narcissist with control issues. I am by nature a disciple of “what else can go wrong”. I await the other shoe to drop.

      • lanne says:

        The royal family owes that narcissist. They thought they could use him and discard him in order to use and discard Meghan. He’s no longer her father, he’s their stooge. Meghan said it herself: she lost her father. That’s the only public thing she’s ever said about him. But Thomas is a narcissist with a major entitlement complex. He also has nothing to lose. The big story that some tabloid will pay for is him telling the truth about colluding with the royal family to stop the wedding. My guess is an Australian or European tabloid—UK won’t touch this. They are too far in bed with the RF, and dammit the ratchets want to eat their nasty cookies and drink the royals (likely) cheap wine.

        The legend of Meghan and Harry is just getting started. The royal family’s embarrassment regarding their own shitty behavior is far from over. Thomas will be a problem for the RFs for the rest of his miserable life. I wouldn’t wish him on anyone else—they deserve to reap what they have sown with that wretched fool.

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    The Fail tried to bury this at the bottom of the front page but this has blown up all around the world. Not only that but love how so many are calling it an apology. It technically isn’t, maybe a mea culpa, but that’s how it’s being blasted around the world. They really thought this statement would be buried on a slow news day but all it did was give people time to blast it all over social media. #MeghanMarkleWon is trending everywhere. Love it and hope the financial damages rewarded makes the Fail bleed from their ears. Bravo Meghan!

  25. Stacy Dresden says:

    Yeaaaaa Duchess of Sussex!!!

  26. aquarius64 says:

    If anyone should be scared is the Markles. They have officially outlived their usefulness, especially Toxic Tom. They can’t get near the Sussex kids to sell pictures of them. If the settlement is no more stories with the Markles (or Dad has to pay because he turned over the letter to the Fail and helped with the editing for the tabloids) there goes their income stream. Bad Dad’s preening ego will not tolerate being marked in history as a money grubbing sperm donor so he will want to “set the record straight”. TT has already popped off some magnate commissioned him to stop the wedding on an Australian morning show (now deleted), suing in a CA court for money owed for Pap gate, and claiming to do a tell all because he has nothing to lose. The BM and the BRF has a lot to lose if he talks and brings receipts. The Markle monsters going to war to the BRF and BM? That’s talking a pea shooter to a gun fight.

  27. aquarius64 says:

    @lanne – what would be worse for the Windsors if Bad Dad goes to US outlet TMZ about his drug deal with them and the BM.

  28. anotherlily says:

    The case involves copyright and invasion of privacy. This acknowledgement in the Mail only deals with the copyright. They may still be hoping to challenge the privacy ruling in the Supreme Court.

  29. Marty says:

    It’s typical of the fail to bury this in the middle of the holiday season. I’m not on Twitter so reading this on celebitchy was a pleasant surprise this morning. I hope they are made to rerun it in bigger font like they were meant to.

  30. Suzanne Hurley says:

    I wish a good reporter would ‘crack’ Thomas Markle and get him to ‘spill the tea’ on who is paying him, who is writing his scripts, and what is going on behind the scenes. We all know he would do anything for money. I wish this would happen to see the extent Morgan, Knauf, and the palace is involved.

  31. Chelsea says:

    There are some times when you really have to hand it to the Sussexsquad and this is one of them. The Fail tried to hide this in a small box on one of its lower circulating days but the Squad said nah you’re not getting off that easy. Them making #MeghanMarkleWon is the reason so many articles have popped up on this around the globe in the last 24hrs,despite the holiday, because the media loves reporting on trending topics and many major outlets even mentioned the trend in their articles. Well done.