Scott Disick is ‘still so upset’ about Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement

Scott Disick and Bella Banos take a stroll on the Beach

Here are some photos of Scott Disick enjoying a holiday vacation in St. Bart’s. The photos of Scott in St. Bart’s started appearing on December 20, which makes me think that he spent the Christmas holiday there instead of LA with his three kids. He did spend time with one “kid” though – his new girlfriend, Bella Banos. She was photographed with Scott in St. Bart’s last week. Shockingly, she’s not a teenager. She’s 25 years old.

Related to all of that, Scott is still salty about the fact that Kourtney Kardashian has moved on so thoroughly with Travis Barker. Soon after Travis and Kourtney’s engagement, Scott blanketed the media with gossip about how he was about to have a nervous breakdown because of the news and how he’s afraid of losing his family. Instead of working on his sh-t and trying to be a better person, he’s just… festered in his resentment, basically. He’s also been spending more time with Kim and Khloe, both of whom see him like a brother. Now People Magazine has an update:

Scott Disick is continuing to grapple with his ex Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement to Travis Barker. Kardashian, 42, and Barker, 46, announced their engagement on Oct. 17 after dating for nearly a year. Barker proposed at the Rosewood Miramar resort in Montecito, California, in a romantic setting complete with dozens of red roses and white candles. Two months later, a source tells PEOPLE that Disick is “still so upset” about his ex’s engagement.

“He’s been doing the best he can but it’s been a very difficult time for him,” the source says. “He’s looking for support right now.”

The source adds that Disick’s feelings about the situation are “a big reason” why he’s been spending time with Kardashian’s younger sister Kim Kardashian. (Earlier this month, he was spotted seeing a movie and grabbing dinner with Kim, 41, and Pete Davidson in Staten Island.)

“She’s been a good ear for [Scott] and she understands,” the source says of the SKIMS creator.

[From People]

I understand his jealousy at Kourtney moving on, honestly. He and Kourtney milked that “will they get back together” bullsh-t for so many years, maybe Scott honestly believed it. But this is the time when he should be making more mature choices. The dude is 38 years old and a father of three. Spend time with your children, stop with the dumbass relationships with much-younger women and move on.

Scott Disick looks zen lounging with a group of friends on his sun soaked holiday in St Barts.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. JEM says:

    The only positive I can see about catastrophic climate change is the possibility that Calabassas could just break off into the ocean and this would all be over.

    • Mustang Sally says:

      Agreed. If Calabassas breaks off into the ocean and they’re cut off from power, at least the thirst-trap Instagram photos and insipid People stories will end. Fingers crossed.

    • Noo says:

      @Jem I was going to say you don’t need to invoke climate change for that to happen, only plate tectonics… However just looked quickly at a USGS report and there seems to be lower risk for landslide or liquefaction in the Calabasas area as a result of likely earthquakes (San Andreas fault is further away but there are many smaller faults in that area).

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Lol. Are Scott Disick’s feelings connected to climate change now? Hey, someone throw him Prince William’s digits.

  2. tempest prognosticator says:

    I saw exactly one episode of the kardasian’s show. The whole lot of them were at a restaurant. Scott was drunk (as per usual?)… so drunk the waiter wouldn’t serve him anymore alcohol. He berated the waiter and stuffed money in the waiter’s mouth. It was a disgusting display. Scott Disick is repugnant.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “Scott Disick is repugnant.”

      my feelings exactly.

    • Ry says:

      I think it’s both of them. Scott couldn’t stop drinking, cheating and partying or acting irresponsibly but Kourtney strung him along in her way giving him glimpses of hope or something that could be interpreted as hope. In his mind he figured they’d eventually work out. It’s like she kept him as a “Just in Case” . It’s so much harder to move on from a relationship when you’re constantly around that person and vacationing together. That’s why he dated 11 years old; he was killing time with something he knew wouldn’t last. That and he really does have the maturity of an 11 year old. It’s like he was Tom Hanks in the movie Big.
      Now comes Travis who treats her like a queen, very responsible and takes care of his kids just about single handedly. No competition.
      Sucks but he needs to put up boundaries and so does she or he’ll keep suffering. He doesn’t have a lot of insight or great coping skills. He’s sadly stunted and she manipulated him.

  3. lunchcoma says:

    If he did any of that, no one would ever talk about him again, and I think that would devastate him. He’s kind of pathetic.

  4. Sigmund says:

    He just seems gross. He keeps dating women half his age. No wonder Kourtney never married him.

  5. Julia K says:

    Where did I read this? Somewhere. Cannot recall, but the story goes that Scott refused to sign a pre nup so momager said no wedding.

  6. Jules says:

    Well the Kardashian’s have to be in the news every f-ing day, so here’s the update no one asked for.

  7. Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

    I believe that our divine duchess of fierceness Beyonce may have released a song that sums up the perfect response to this…..I can’t remember the title, something about ladies, who are unattached ……

  8. ME says:

    I think it goes deeper than that. The Kardashians are Scott’s safety net. He has no siblings and no parents. This family is all he has (obviously he has 3 kids but you know what I mean). He probably thinks that Kourtney marrying another guy will cause the family to distance themselves from him. But that won’t happen. He is the only “ex” out of all the men they have married/dated who the Kardashians seem to like and keep around.

  9. Me says:

    Wonder if kylie will dump Travis’ ass now that no one wants to touch him. How about a newsy piece on that kris?

  10. Ivy says:

    Leo DiCaprio just said eew, gross, when he saw how old Scott’s brand new GF is.

  11. Andyl says:

    … I can’t believe I’m 3 years younger than he is and still see how transparently immature his actions are. OK, yeah, it sucks and it leaves a little pain and/or ego-bruisibg. But even if you genuinely had a shot at getting her back, then you should know by now (without pause for exceptions or plausible excuse) that THIS is the absolute DUMBEST way to react and handle it. Good lord…

  12. jferber says:

    No sympathy for him. Crybaby whiner. Spoiled brat.

  13. shanaynay says:

    Personally, I really don’t think he gives a f**k!! He’s with a different chick all the time. I think it’s just the Klan continuing to keep us schmoes talking about them.