Kim Kardashian is not happy that Kanye keeps pursuing her & stalking her

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Kanye West and Julia Fox are in the midst of some kind of showmance. I think they both understand what they’re doing and they’re fine with it. Julia is having fun and she enjoys the press attention. Kanye wants to “flaunt” Julia around in the hope of making Kim Kardashian sick with jealousy. Meanwhile, Kim is still (?) on vacation in the Bahamas, and sources close to Kim see through Kanye’s ploys for attention. Except that Kim – excuse me, sources close to Kim – is actually giving Kanye air by acknowledging that he’s kind of stalking her? Still, I’m glad that she’s concerned:

Kanye West has continued to pursue estranged wife Kim Kardashian — by deliberately showing up where she plans to appear — even as he continues to date actress Julia Fox. West — now known as Ye after a legal name change — flew to Miami for New Year’s Eve because he thought she was going to be there with her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, who was hosting a show there with Miley Cyrus — so Kim stayed home in California with the kids.

Then, according to sources, she had originally planned to vacation with Davidson to the Dominican Republic in early January. But Kanye, 44, got wind of it and was talking about showing up there too — so Kim, 41, secretly changed the destination to the Bahamas.

The source said: “Kim had planned to go to Miami with Pete for New Year, but then Kanye was suddenly doing an impromptu show there. Of course, he met his new girlfriend Julia Fox there, and he has made a big deal out of flaunting their new relationship. Kim had planned to go to the Dominican Republic with Pete just after New Year, but Kanye somehow got wind of it, and so she secretly changed the destination to the Bahamas. And she was none too happy when he bought a house across the street from her in Hidden Hills.”

The Post reported in late December that after Kim won their former marital and main family home in the divorce and transferred it fully to under her name, West bought a single-story house directly across the street. It appears he wanted the five-bedroom, four-bathroom house so much that he paid $4.5 million — $421,000 over the asking price. He closed on the place on Dec. 20 under the LLC, Spruce Blue Trust.

Other sources insisted while the “Donda” rapper has vowed to “get his family back together,” the purchase was to allow West to spend more time with his kids with Kim. The place has been described by realtors as a “tear-down” and — given that Kanye completely redesigned their original Hidden Hills home — West is expected to completely knock the place down and rebuild it before he moves in.

[From Page Six]

Imagine spending $4.5 million on a home and then tearing it down to create a dead, white space with no furniture, all so you can obsessively watch over your ex/estranged wife. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Ye has an obsessive nature, nor does it surprise me that he’s giving off a major stalker vibe. What should Kim do? Continue to point it out in public? Give it air? Ignore him completely? Change her plans at the last minute constantly to thwart his efforts? My God. What a giant pain in the ass. Yeezy is going to be lucky if he gets through this divorce without Kim getting a restraining order against him.

Kim Kardashian has dinner with her mother Kris Jenner and a friend at Nobu

Kanye West and 'Uncut Gems' Actress Julia Fox Spotted Out Together in NYC

Photos courtesy of Kim’s Instagram, Backgrid.

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  1. jferber says:

    To be fair, isn’t he buying a house across the street so they can co-parent more easily? That’s not to take away from any of the stalking he may be doing.

    • Sarah says:

      With a lot of relationships I would buy that but not him. He wasn’t that close to his family when they were married.

      • Pilar says:

        Yeah exactly he was literally living in a different state for years of their marriage.
        Also he doesn’t have to live right across the street to co parent. I mean if he bought a house down the street or 5 min away it wouldn’t seem so weird as right across the street.

    • Emma says:

      Yeah he has a legitimate reason to live there if he wants the convenience of being close to the kids. I can’t really imagine Kim cares if Kanye would be in the same city or same country for a vacation, like really? He’s obviously doing the most at all times but she is a very rich and powerful woman. She will be fine and keep on doing her thing.

      Additionally I can’t imagine Kim cares about whoever Julia Fox is one iota (no offense to Julia Fox, but she was not exactly a household name). If Kanye started dating (seriously and long-term) a beautiful, successful Black woman his own age — then maybe she would notice.

      Kim is probably happy Kanye has something other than the divorce to occupy his mind.

    • superashes says:

      Eh, he doesn’t need to buy a house directly across the street for that. He is doing it so that he can be in her face when he wants to be, whether she wants to see him or not. Couple that with his public comments about getting his family back together and its pretty concerning tbh.

      • STRIPE says:

        The good news is I’m sure her house is gated and the grounds are huge ,so though he may be technically a neighbor, she will likely never see him unless she wants to, and he won’t see her unless she wants him to.

        I’m sure he’ll try to keep tabs on the comings and goings of people in and out of the house but that’s the best he’ll be able to do

    • SophieJara says:

      He already has a house in the same neighborhood! It’s 15 or 20 minutes away. This is definitely a stalker house.

  2. equality says:

    They do have children and living nearby to see them could be legit. Having him nearby where she could keep an eye out while he has the children might be worth while.

    • STRIPE says:

      I would buy that if he hadn’t spent the majority of the last few years living separately from them in Wyoming or Montana or wherever his ranch is. He clearly doesn’t mind the distance, so I think this is more about attempts at control. They also have an army of help between them (nanny, drivers, etc) so being close isn’t as important because they themselves don’t have to expend time to shuttle the kids back and forth

  3. Mac says:

    Kanye is potentially creating a an ugly custody battle by stalking Kim.

    • fluffybunny says:

      No judge in his right mind would give Kanye custody with all of his untreated mental health issues. He doesn’t even spend all of that much time with the kids. Brad Pitt isn’t stalking Angie and can’t get custody of his kids. Kim’s not going to allow Kanye unsupervised access to the kids.

  4. Twin falls says:

    It’s awful to try and co-parent with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries and doesn’t respect rules in general. The kids are a direct line to you at your most vulnerable and they know it. Buying a house across the street from your ex is simply not necessary to being good co-parents but it’s an easy cover for someone still trying to maintain control.

  5. Jen says:

    Also his plan must be working if she’s making a big point of telling the press the timeline and that it’s happening still after he started dating Julia.

    • Pilar says:

      I am not sure what you mean by “ his plan is working” but if there’s legitimate concern that he’s stalking her I don’t think that’s the same making her jealous.
      I also think he only started banging on about wanting her back when she started dating. While he’s been dating various women and before she went out with Pete. His behaviour is text book control freak behaviour. He can date around but she should respect their marriage vows..

  6. fluffybunny says:

    Who in Kim’s camp is leaking the details of Kim’s movements to Kanye and why? He’s unhinged.

  7. ElllenOlenska says:

    Really? “I posed in a wedding gown at his concert event while he was clearly having issues and I was filing for divorce and now I’m getting upset” ….when are the Kartrashians fifteen minutes going to be up?

  8. Christine says:

    I’m sure Julia is just in it for the attention, but I’m getting single white female vibes from some of her comments. I wouldn’t want my kids around her. I think at this point Kim should be going for full custody or supervised visits. Maybe I watch too much true crime, but husbands less desperate have killed their ex-wives over less. This is scary behavior.

  9. Oh_Hey says:

    Ugh. I do not like this narrative. Imagine tell a non famous woman with a non famous ex that being publicly concerned about his obvious stalking was “giving it air”.
    The main has co-parented from Wyoming for years while their marriage was “good” so miss me with his move across the street being about those kids. Only one of them has been parading new lovers around in cosplay of their ex.

    Like I get it – we all (myself included) dislike Kim K but that’s still doesn’t make Kanye right or a victim in any of this.

  10. Merricat says:

    Not taking “no” for an answer isn’t romantic, it’s controlling and gross.

    • Christina says:

      This classic abusive behavior. Textbook.

      Broken record here: this behavior is controlling and dangerous. If you haven’t read Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft, just know that Ye’s behavior is listed.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    This is all around awful. Kanye needs help and Kim needs to be sure to watch out for herself and her children.

  12. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Sounds like he’s still pissed that he was the “dumpee” not the “dumper”

  13. CityGirl says:

    Having lived through this and Much Worse as a younger non celebrity person, this situation needs to be taken very seriously and monitored constantly. It can quickly escalate and become a life or death situation. They at least have anti-stalking laws now but even still too many become victims of violence or homicide. It’s nothing to be taken lightly or glossed over.

  14. The Recluse says:

    She may have to pull up stakes and move – somewhere with gated security and then tack a restraining order on top of it. He’s giving me the creeps and who knows how far it could go if he won’t get treatment for his mental challenges.

  15. Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

    NO MATTER WHAT you might personally think of Kim K, THIS IS NOT OKAY. Miss me with any comments about her Mom orchestrating ish, or storylines for her show. This (showing up where she is / plans to be, buying the house across the street) is abhorrent, gross and dangerous behavior from Ye and it should absolutely be called out publicly at every instance. There should be a trail of instances that were publicly stated, long enough to reach all the way to the police station and get her an order of protection. End of story. Next.

  16. Grace12_34 says:

    She’s not in the Bahamas any more.

  17. why? says:

    Translation: Kim and Kris are leaking negative stories about Kayne and Julia Fox in an attempt to sabotage his relationship with Julia Fox because Kim is extremely jealous of Julia Fox and isn’t over Kanye.

    Kanye’s ploy for attention? The press needs to do better. This is Kris and Kim’s ploy for attention. Kayne isn’t thinking about Kim, which is why Kim and Kris have spent the past 2 days spinning the “Kayne wants Kim back” narrative to Page Six and depicting Kim as the victim. It’s disturbing how the press continues to look the other way while Kris and Kim exploit men(Pete and Kanye) with mental illnesses for their own personal gain. The title should be, “Kim isn’t happy that Kayne is pursuing another woman and is depicting herself as the victim by claiming that Kanye is stalking and pursuing her even though she and her mother are the ones who keep running to Page Six every day”.

    There are so many plot holes in the narrative that Kim and Kris spun to Page Six.

    How do the sources know what Kanye intended, their statements make it seem as if they directly spoke to Kanye.

    As usual the press doesn’t even address what Kim is saying to Kayne behind closed doors. Kayne probably bought the house across the street because Kim insisted that he be more involved with his 4 kids because she has to “study”(take selfies of herself in a bikini) for the bar and exploit Pete while he is having a mental episode.

    As far as Kayne showing up to places where Kim is supposed to be, there is a major problem. If Kim was planning on being in Miami with Pete or vacationing in the Dominican Republic before Kayne, Kim and her mother would have leaked it before Kanye was papped there. Around December 28, Kris and Kim leaked to The Sun that Pete asked Kim to come to Miami with him, but that she wasn’t going to take him up on the offer. So why would Kanye go to Miami looking for Kim when she already made it known that she wasn’t going to be there? It sounds like Kim is trying to save face because she wanted Kayne on her door step begging her to take him back on NYE, but instead he was out partying with another woman not even thinking about her.

    Kim secretly changed her couple’s vacation to the Bahamas? So how did the paps know where and when to show up to take photos of Kim, Pete, and the other couples if it was such a secret? Kanye must be planning on taking Julia to the Dominican Republic, which is why Kris and Kim are spinning that it was Kim’s idea first.

    • Krystina says:

      JFC STFU already.
      I see you’re not bothering to point fingers at Julia for exploiting Kanye (Not Kayne, lol) while he’s in the middle of a “manic episode”, which shows that you don’t gaf about that, you just have a massive chip on your shoulder about the Kardashians. STOP BLAMING WOMEN FOR MEN’S DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. As problematic as the Kardashians are, they’re still NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOUR OF THESE MEN. Grow TF up.

      • why? says:

        Perhaps you should take your own advice. Why do you work so hard defending Kim? I’m starting to believe that Krystina=Khloe. Shouldn’t you be somewhere stalking Tristan’s other sidechicks? Writing “STFU” comments isn’t going to save Kim from the backlash of exploiting men.

        Like I told you twice before, people will stop blaming Kris and Kim for exploiting men with mental illnesses when they stop exploiting men with mental illnesses. As long as Kris and Kim keep setting up staged photo-ops with Pete and leaking ridiculous stories about how Kanye wants her back when Kanye isn’t even thinking about her because he is having a good time with his new muse, they will continue to be held 100% responsible.

        Julia isn’t the one leaking negative stories about Kanye to TMZ and Page Six while depicting herself as the victim. Why would anyone point fingers at Julia? Unless you are admitting that Kim and Kris are also leaking negative stories about Julia because Kim is jealous.

        Perhaps you should grow up. The Kardashians prey on men with mental illnesses and seek out women who don’t have strong family ties(Jordyn). If you can’t stand that people call them out for this behavior, then perhaps you should tell them to do something different, like stop preying on people.

      • Krystina says:

        I’m not Khloe, but nice try, lol. I’ve noticed that’s your go-to when someone points out how toxic your comments are. Shocking.
        You continuously try to excuse the toxic behaviour of Kanye, which is disgusting.
        We get it. You’ve got a thing for him.
        I dgaf about the Kardashians, but I’m SICK of seeing this kind of crap where men’s behaviour is excused and blamed on women.

  18. Ashley Rangel says:

    Kanye will get 50/50 custody, that’s how they do it in Ca. He hasn’t done anything that would trigger the need for supervised visits.