Prince Andrew would ‘shout & scream’ if his teddy bears were out of order on his bed

This evening in the UK, ITV will air a special documentary: Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile. I wonder how long ITV has been sitting on this? They had to play nice with the royals when Prince William made it clear that he was on the outs with the BBC, and ITV aired the flop known as Together at Christmas: Royal Carols, aka Kate’s Keen Piano Recital. Anyway, now that the keenery is done and dusted, ITV is like “hey we’ve interviewed former protection officers and associates of Andrew who know a lot about his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.”

The Ghislaine stuff is interesting – for years, Andrew and Ghislaine were very close, perhaps even intimately involved. She was “in and out” of Buckingham Palace constantly and the two had “an easy warmth” together, according to people interviewed for this doc. This was when Andrew kept an apartment in BP. One of the grossest parts of the doc – which is being much-discussed in advance of ITV’s program – is that when Andrew lived in BP, he kept lots of stuffed animals on his bed. Apparently, “50 to 60” stuffed animals, mostly bears? According to a former royal protection officer, Andrew would “shout and scream” at the maids if they put the stuffed animals in the wrong position on his bed. The maids had to keep a laminated photo of how the animals had to be positioned on his bed.

Yeah, this is just so gross. Obviously, we’ve heard stories about how Andrew had a thing for puppets too, and how he would use puppets to grope trafficking victims in Jeffrey Epstein’s presence.

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  1. What else says:

    I wonder if Buckingham Palace is going to launch a bullying investigation against Prince Noncey Drew. Or is that only reserved for the biracial Duchess

    • equality says:

      The sad thing is that there could probably be a bullying investigation against every one of them. There have been hints over the years about Anne being arrogant and hard to work with, Charles and Will need Cam and Kate to keep them from going off. My bet would be that the “working” environment in all the houses is hostile. Makes you wonder why people continue to work for them for the low pay.

      • KFG says:

        Anne is rude, aggressive, and arrogant. She yelled at people for being too close to her. Like queen mum level of racism and rudeness

  2. Matthew says:

    O-M-G- the knives are outtttttttt for Andrew. Let the good times roll.

    • Belly says:

      Oh, yessss. Open season has been declared on Andrew by the gutter press and I am here for it!!

      There will be so many deeply embarrassing stories like this, I am filled with glee!!
      *rubs hands together*

      Arrogant fool deserves it all.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    Yikes! If this revelation is the teaser, I wonder how much dirt the actual episode will have? I’m preparing a barf bag for reading the write up tomorrow.

    • Debbie says:

      What I’m wondering, if this is a preview, are there any stories attempting to discredit the sources, as they did before the Oprah interview?

  4. Lemons says:

    Honestly, there is just something so incredibly creepy and disturbing about a grown man or woman having 50 stuffed animals organized on a bed as if it’s a normal thing.

    I had to give the Fail a click just to make sure Kaiser hadn’t made a typo on the number of bears on the bed. Not 5-6 which is already weird…50 to 60. I shudder.

    • Meg says:

      I assumed the headline referred to when he was a child. He’s so creepy and gross.

    • Thatsnotokay says:

      Different types of stuffies for the different types of teens he wanted but to lure. Needed the toys arranged in order so he could grab one at a moment’s notice when one of Bea or Eugenie’s friends came over to play.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, it’s not the number of bears or even that they are displayed. I know a lot of people who collect odd things – I know one person who collects rulers – she has over 10,000 different ones, all catalogued and archived.

      It’s that Andrew had them on his bed, where he slept, where they had to be moved at night (except maybe for his favorite snuggles) and then put back in a specific order so that he wouldn’t have a screaming fit.

    • Mslove says:

      This family is strange, they act like evil babies with their stuffed animals and rape allegations.

    • D Choo says:

      Two words: Arrested development. But that’s the least of his problems.

  5. Velvet+Elvis says:


  6. Eurydice says:

    Hmm, what were they saying yesterday about Andrew disappearing from view?

  7. Amy Bee says:

    All I want to know is when is the BP investigation of Andrew’s bullying of staff going to start?

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s not bullying if a royal does it – it’s his God-given right.

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly what I thought. It is well known that other royals are rude to staff and difficult to work for. Rumour has it that Anne is one of them.

    • Debbie says:

      In the words of William, Andrew’s “heart is in the right place” right?

  8. Emily says:

    Shouldn’t there be a bullying inquiry against Andrew (among others) for screaming at staff members?

  9. Jillian says:

    Ew ew ew. So Ghislaine is convicted and Andrew finally gets the official boot. There is so much money/staff/press involved in making the royals not look like ghouls and they still manage to embarrass themselves constantly. Charles will end up dissolving the monarchy before the lot of them are ousted, I give it 10 years at best

  10. Becks1 says:

    iTV has clearly been working on this for a while, they didn’t throw it together last week. i wonder if they were like, sure we’ll air your stupid concert Kate because after this Andrew thing airs, you all won’t work with us. but I’ll say that it makes the Cambridges look kind of silly, William supposedly “refused” to work with BBC so they went to ITV and now ITV is airing this. (I mean I think we all know that BBC said no thanks to the concert, but that’s not the narrative that KP wanted out there a month ago.)

    I saw a clip on twitter where a reporter was calling the numbers for Andrew listed in Epstein’s little black book – BP, Balmoral, Sunninghill Park (figure these are old numbers), mobile. Epstein could get in touch with Andrew anytime he wanted. Insane.

  11. Veda says:

    Oh God! I can’t unsee the puppet picture now. (In Phoebe’s voice) My eyes!

  12. lanne says:

    There’s no getting away with this. Every ratchet who called Meghan a bully needs to step up now. The palace needs to issue Meghan an apology. If the shit they talked about Meghan was true, her screaming fits would have been all over the front pages.

    Will British people now accept that Meghan was poorly treated to the level of abuse? Pedo Andy has really bitten them in the ass. No more secrets. The tabloids putting Andy on the front page never stopped to think what this would mean for their coverage of Meghan.

    • Nic919 says:

      Exactly. How can they even pretend to accuse Meghan of anything when this insane creepiness has been going on with Andrew for years.

      • Debbie says:

        Yet no one was running to the press leaking about him. Can you say “complicit?” These people are trash in tiaras.

  13. Thatsnotokay says:

    Maybe the bears represent royal members and he always wanted the one who represented him to be front and center at the top of the pile, Mummy there beside him, and Charles at the bottom with another bear’s bare bottom on his bald pate.

    Or maybe he’s just more of a sicko than we feared.

  14. Seaflower says:

    I wonder if he has a thing for Furries too.

    • Miranda says:

      Personally, my money’s on him being a diaper baby. Though of course, people have been known to combine those two fetishes.

      • Seaflower says:

        This is true. There was that infamous convention in the US where the hotel was almost destroyed by people combining the two.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    I noticed the deflection stories on Harry and Meg are already out. On the Fail, I see at least 4. No Prince Andrew story though.

    This Peter Pettigrew looking Pedo is clearly still getting special treatment. Hope this show tonight destroys him.

  16. Noki says:

    So the RF will have to move to streaming if all the go to channels keep shoeing what they dont approve.

  17. lady digby says:

    Virginia’s lawyer needs to note down the names of PA’s bodyguards from this show to add to his list to interview at length. He had a detail of 3 bodyguards who could definitely distinguish between a pizza express and Tramps nightclub if questioned. Also daughter will have had her own bodyguards who can also provide useful evidence. PA sounds like he is taking his own legal advice from his extensive toy collection. LOL.

    • JayNay says:

      yeah, lots of people would have know about Andrew’s actions over the years. He has constant police protection, doesn’t he? So there must have been police officers with him when he went out partying to nightclubs with VERY young looking women/teens, and they would have known he took those teenagers home with him or even escorted them there. There are also secretaries and schedulers and assistants who would know who was coming and going in Andrew’s homes and who he was spending time with.
      There are lots of people who knew this was going on (maybe not the extent of it but definitely enough to raise eyebrows and prompt questions). That has to be documented somewhere. I think we’re about to find out the extent to which the Royal Family and the police went to protect this pedophile rapist abuser, and that’s going to be a real shitshow.

  18. KayDer says:

    Who is William going to rail against now? Is he going to pull all future Royal ‘things’ from being broadcast on ITV now?

  19. RoyalBlue says:

    I bet he has regretted not settling.

  20. Over it says:

    This is so disgusting and disturbing. This man should be locked away in a tower with a dragon as a guard for the rest of his disgusting life.

  21. Scorpion says:

    I’m disturbed and disgusted 🤢

  22. lanne says:

    Human traffickers were traipsing through the palaces on the regular, so much so that Andy could run an organization called pedos at the palace. If I recall, weren’t there some women who spoke about being invited to the palace, and didn’t go? Maybe by ghislaine? That means that there were other girls who did go. Someone should check the nighttime visitors logs.

    Anyway, the royals are already mad at BBC, itv, and Netflix. Maybe they can hire that “howyee howyee “ dude who dressed up and announced the births of the royal children (he’s not a paid palace employee—just a random dude who took it upon himself) to be the royal town crier. They can air their news that way. For the Cambridges at least, it would be easy work:

    “Howyee howyee her royal highness Catherine duchess of Cambridge brooshed ‘Er air today. That is all.”

    Not a bad days work for a sweet old guy. No charge for the idea, royals. It’s my gift to you.

    • Seaflower says:

      So much for top notch security.

    • Yasmine says:

      I know this topic is serious, so the LOL is only about the comment on the rando who took it upon himself to be the ‘town crier.’ Your comment is hilarious.

    • sunny says:

      I really don’t care about Andrew’s stuffy collectibles but how in God’s name isn’t every headlines, “Convicted Sex Offender Routinely Visits Palace”. This is an enormous scandal and has been for years….

      Glad the press is taking off the gloves but wow is has taken so long to get here.

  23. mellie says:

    What a freaking weirdo! A lifetime of privilege, not really ‘working’ and this is what you get. A complete criminal, piece of $hit. He should be in jail.

  24. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Why do they think this is a good strategy? It makes them ALL look terrible! They knew he was like this! They were all raised the same.

    Can someone help me with why my comments never post to the correct poster?

    • Withtheamerican says:

      I don’t know, I have to re enter my entire name and email address on each story and it’s been this way for a few days. I’ve given up commenting on most stories till it’s fixed, and yes I checked the remember me box. I literally just commented five minutes ago on another story, came here and it doesn’t remember my name.

  25. AmyT says:

    Talk about releasing the hounds! The hunt is on and Andrew is the fox.

    Popcorn on deck.

  26. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I call bulls*it on him and Maxwell being “intimately involved” she’s waaaaay too old for him…

  27. lady digby says:

    Gross can you imagine PA creepily asking teenagers if they’d like to see his teddy bear collection?

  28. Digital Unicorn says:

    I always wondered about whether he was at one point involved with Maxwell and i figured it was a given, esp as loves to ‘collect’ powerful people.

    The teddy bear thing, a therapist would have a field day with that. Virginia and her lawyers should request access to Andrews MH records in light of this.

  29. observer says:

    I screamed internally reading this story on another site earlier. It’s objectively sad, dark, and hilarious.

    On the other hand, I’m in my 30s, extremely neurodivergent and have arrested development (which Pedrew does too, clearly). I collect stuffed animals too, they comfort me when my PTSD is bad. I’d be upset if people touched them. However, I have less than 10 that I’ve accumulated in 15 years…and the ones I had as a kid are in a storage bin somewhere.

    All of them mean something to me and many were gifts from friends when I was going through very traumatizing times IRL. So…not the same things.

    Also: Bears are creepy. So are puppets. I still reserve the right to cackle at this story.

    • PrincessK says:

      Andrew’s case also sounds like OCD. When I was a child I would get terribly upset if anyone messed up my carefully arranged toys.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Yeah I have my plushies for my cPTSD too, I find them very comforting as well, but that is two gorillas not whatever (waves hands around) this thing with Andrew is.

      I read a story that his legal team want to question if Virginia has “false memory” syndrome so want her husband and therapist questioned, after this little revelation I wonder will they back down on questioning her mental health?

  30. equality says:

    It’s a good thing K&W have their youtube channel because they will run out of stations to air anything on. I guess, ITV figured out that losing access to them wasn’t a threat because they can’t bring the viewers anyway.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Maybe this is FINALLY the beginning of the end and we’re going to start getting the goods? Even just a few months ago the company line was that going in on the Keenbridges would mean “losing access”….like that would be any great loss. Access to mumbling, jazz hands and a lazy-ass bald dude with anger issues. Big whoop.

  31. Snuffles says:

    Woo boy! Any Celebitchy psychologist/psychiatrists here? Because I feel like you can have a field day analyzing the Teddy Bears. They clearly represent something or someone(s). Add that into the puppet fetish. 😬😬😬😬😬 He’s clearly deeply disturbed. Mummy continues to infantalize him into adulthood. Are the stuffed animals a manifestation of this?

    This is what centuries of in breeding and a toxic family and institution does to you. Considering how mentally fucked up most of them are, it’s a complete miracle that Harry even has the strength to fight the generational trauma he was seeped in.

  32. Harper says:

    But Andrew said he never notices staff because they are always around. So when he was yelling about purple teddy being sad because he did not get to spend the day on the bed sitting next to best friend polka-dot teddy, he wasn’t yelling at the staff, just yelling in general. It wasn’t his fault the chambermaids were right there when it was happening. So it’s not bullying like Meghan.

    Can you imagine your day job including photographing, printing out, and laminating a picture of the configuration of a grown man’s teddy bear collection?

  33. Ennie says:

    I just read an article that states that the teddies were bought by Andrew as souvenirs from his trips in the navy. Still not convinced.
    This type of thing shows the entitlement they can get away with. Now, to think that there is an incandescent still. Cant imagine the presumptuosness

    • Eurydice says:

      That can happen – and once people know you collect something, they keep finding more to give you. So, I get that part. I don’t get the part about arranging them just so on his bed and screaming at the maids if they don’t get it right.

      It reminds me of Moira Rose on Schitt’s Creek and her wig collection – where the maid couldn’t put Krista and Robin together in the same suitcase because they didn’t like each other.

  34. BothSidesNow says:

    Oh my Pedrew!! Pedrew never seems to amaze me how much creepier he is in each and every article that comes out. A grown man becomes hysterical at the placement of his teddy bears!!! Pedrew probably has more skeletons in the closet that are hopefully going to come to light as his life circles the drain….

  35. AnneL says:

    This makes me think of the episode of The Crown where a still quite young Queen Elizabeth was angry at Churchill for not consulting her on an important matter but instead keeping the discussion among himself and his (male) cabinet members). She asked her tutor, whom she’d hired to help make up for her relative lack of formal education, how she should handle it.

    Why, she asked him, would such accomplished men of their ages listen to her, a much younger woman without much schooling? He said “Because they are upper class British men. A good scolding from Nanny is what they desire most of all.” When Elizabeth does confront Churchill (John Lithgow), he starts to cry.

    Andrew is a man-baby too. Apparently a lot of them are. It’s so weird.

    • Chica says:

      The exact quote is “because they’re English, Male, and Upperclass. A good dressing down from nanny is what they most want in life”. I know this because I am obsessed with this line and rewatched the crown recently. LOL

      Churchill was SHOOK when the young queen dressed him down.

      • TEALIEF says:

        It’s a three part process: A proper scolding. The requisite stewing period (time out). The last part is the not too hot, not too cold, baby bear right, warm mug of Horlicks, a biscuit or blankie (depending on the time of day), and maybe a cuddle.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Nothing says “I’m in the navy” than bear shopping? Is this something you pick up on the boat gift shop?

  37. Beech says:

    Last night I saw the teddy bears story and assumed it was Andrew throwing tantrums as a child. And now I’m quite befuddled as I haven’t a clue about this story. I’m too old to be so naive. I take it horses are rearing in horror?

  38. Gwendolyn says:

    Isn’t the stuffed animals thing old news? I thought this came out twenty yrs ago when a Daily Mirror reporter got a job at BP. It was like a side fact as people were mostly talking about the queen eating corn flakes stored in Tupperware.

  39. Sofia says:

    Andrew shouted at staff? sounds like bullying to me, where’s his bullying investigation? As for the teddies, yeah just as creeped out as everyone else and really don’t want to talk about it anymore other than this comment.

  40. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I have a HUGE teddy bear that MerlinsDad got me one year for Valentine’s Day. I feel like I have to apologize to him for the fact that his kith and kin wound up in Andrew’s bed.
    I mean, ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

  41. Ritata says:

    This changes things a bit for me. Sure, it is ”creepy” when you hear it – but like others said in this thread, it could also be a sign that he’s atypical, on the spectrum or has had bouts of mental illness. It would not excuse him, but it would explain a lot.

    • cairidh says:

      Diana kept a lot of stuffed cousin her bedroom I think on her bed. Perhaps it’s an upperclass thing. Perhaps due to being sent off to boarding school. Having friends to take with you.

  42. Kim says:

    Two things about this article (and post) and related news about Drewbear: How do we know that ITV didn’t get the “blessing” from the Keens or CH (or both) to air this show? I mean, go big or go home when it comes to feathering your own nest, right? Second: the stripping of military titles and patronages, combined with the guidance that the HRH title will not be used going forward, as well as “Andrew will fight this lawsuit as a private citizen…” tells me that he is going to try to settle the case (despite what the world is saying) AND declare bankruptcy–again as a private citizen–to get out from crushing debt without involving any more of mummy’s money.

  43. Tigerlily says:

    I seem to recall a story from a palace chef that Harry would be visibly uncomfortable when Uncle Andrew would be shouting for his fruit (at breakfast?). It amazes me that the queens son has been brought up with such poor manners, don’t they all have nannys? Wouldn’t he and Edward have the same nanny? Never heard of Edward being a bully.

  44. Bruh says:

    This sounds like old times royals. Off with their heads and let them eat cake, yes?
    I saw a couple days ago a video of princess D meeting M Jackson. He seemed so juvenile there too. Hard to combine that with all the accusations later in life. Not to excuse Andrew but there definitely seems to be some unhealthy development and upbringing combined with enablers and other toxic people that have encouraged him and his proclivities. Brrr.

  45. Debbie says:

    I swear to God, when I read the above headline I thought it was referring to the way Andrew acted when he was a small child. The behavior would still be bratty and unacceptable, but at least it would have been coming from a kid. To think that an adult would blow up at servants for something so petty is odd. Andrew has some serious issues!

  46. Justplainme says:

    Andrew sounds like he looked for excuses to berate staff. Sort of similar to his nephew, TOB, who looks for reasons to be incandescent with rage isn’t it? Charles is known to berate staff too. I remember a story of him going crazy on his valet over toothpaste on his toothbrush. I doubt that was a one off.

  47. bisynaptic says:

    they’re smelling blood in the water. grab the popcorn.

  48. Kazzzzz says:

    The teddy bear fetish will do nothing to repair his pedo rep.

  49. Rea says:

    I personally don’t care if he is a bear collector, what bothers me is the abuse he inflected upon girls. It’s sad he got away with it with the royal family knowing for many years.