Duchess Kate wore Jigsaw trousers for her first event in more than five weeks

No mask, no personality, no preparation, just vibes. The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for her first event of the year, and her first formal, public event since her piano recital on December 8th (she was photographed at church on Christmas day, which I’m sure counts as an event, but let’s be real). I wondered aloud during our Gossip with Celebitchy podcast if perhaps it would have been smarter during Kate’s birthday keenery if she had actually stepped out to do an event *before* her 40th birthday. I guess no one would or could convince her.

So here we are, with Kate’s first event of 2022. She had a long Christmas and birthday holiday and she and William stopped by the Foundling Museum. It’s a museum devoted to telling the story of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity/hospital for abandoned children. William and Kate did a “roundtable discussion” with experts about foster care and the challenges modern youths can

As for fashion, Kate wore a black sweater, a pair of black Jigsaw trousers (retail: £130) and a blue coat which is apparently a repeat. She also wore £7 earrings from Accessorize. It’s truly remarkable how Kate decided that she can put together business-casual trouser-looks with separates. Kate only figured that out once she saw Meghan do it. Never. Stop. Copykeening. Also: Will and Kate did wear masks as they entered the museum, but then removed the masks inside during the roundtable discussion.

PS… It definitely feels like William was, once again, tagging along to one of Kate’s solo events. He’s either worried that she’s going to make an ass out of herself, or he has so little going on that he just latches on to her sh-t. Tagalong Baldemort.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Eurydice says:

    This is a recent patronage for Kate (2019), has she visited them before? Will hasn’t stopped Kate from acting the ass before, no reason to start now – but I can see how tagging along with her would add another “event” to his schedule.

    • equality says:

      If he does his events without her and goes to hers that definitely keeps his numbers above hers.

      • goofpuff says:

        @equality. I really think you’ve hit on the reason why. It’s not like he ever looks happy to be with her. But he would hate it if her numbers were better than his.

    • Splinter says:

      I think he tags along to counter the infamous twitter hashtag.

    • RoyalAssassin says:

      Pathetic attempt at them being “relatable,” Kate Middleclass wearing pants from a store which is the only place she ever worked in her miserable life, “oh look at me, I wear High Street clothes, I’m relatable.” Where are the snipers when you need ’em, I ask you….

  2. vs says:

    This is a copy paste of Meghan look at the WTC…..this is almost scary to be honest!

    • JT says:

      Yeah. This is just more Meghan cosplay as usual. Funny how nobody ever knows what was said at these round tables. You only ever know that things were “discussed” but never the substance.

      • Meg says:

        @JT this is a gossip site where hair, clothes, and jewelry are the topic of conversation. If you want to know what was discussed, visit a news site.

      • girl_ninja says:

        Right?!? Between her odd accent and her mumbling they probably don’t know what that woman is saying at these “round tables.”

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Well, she told Dr. Biden that we need to give parents tools to have children, and education can be part of that journey. So she probably said something similar here.

      • Virginia says:

        @Meg we also discuss serious issues here, lawyers, doctors, nurses, real state agents, etc visit this site to give their professional opinion it’s not just hair and clothes so if JT wonders what was said at these round table and somebody knows, inform us don’t just say “go to another site”.

    • LaraW” says:

      But The Coat @vs! IS IT WARM ENOUGH FOR KATE TO WEAR THE COAT?!?! ISN’T SHE SUFFOCATING FROM [insert weather condition of choice here].

      • Debbie says:

        You’re right! How many articles were written by people expressing “concern” over her wearing a coat?

    • Jais says:

      Ok, during the nyc tour, I remember thinking it was interesting how Meghan popped out the lapel of her black jacket that first day to stand out rather than lay down flat. It’s not a choice I would usually make so I noticed it but I don’t have a feeling towards it one way or another. Meghan looked great and professional. Now look at this lapel on Kate! Popped out also. That is not a coincidence. Agree @vs- the SWF copy Kate keenness really is scary. Bridget Fonda horror movie levels.

      • Harla says:

        @Jais, I now frequently pop up my blazer or coat collars after seeing Madame Duchess doing it😊. I really like the look and it helps keep my neck warm!

      • Jais says:

        Ok I’m gonna have to give it a try! The Meghan influence is real.

      • Sof says:

        I had the impression that it was a common thing? I even own coats with buttons under the collar to fasten them up to my chin.
        But I agree, when it comes to Kate, it’s obvious she’s been paying Meghan too much attention.

      • Moneypenny424 says:

        I mean, this is how I dress every day for work (I’m the queen of the black turtleneck) and I’ve been doing it before Meghan. It is t like Meghan is creating new looks—she just knows how to dress as a working woman. So sad that this woman couldn’t even come up with standard working woman attire before Meghan showed her.

      • Jais says:

        Well I have jackets like this too but I’ve always been annoyed when the lapels pop up and then flatten them back down. Maybe I’m just not in the know but thought it was interesting that Meghan purposely kept them up. Maybe all the stylish people have been doing it for years. I mean maybe it’s an 80’s throwback? If so I never noticed before Meghan, but Kate doing it a few months later is not a coincidence.

        Edit-lol okay fashiongum.com has a 2022 article about the stylishness of popped collars so guess it’s a thing. I know nothing about this website but literally googled poppped collars. Do not know why I’m fixated on this and yet I just spent time I cannot get back googling about it so? Regardless, this does not negate the fact that Kate has a Meghan mood board.

    • bettyrose says:

      Just went back to look at the Meghan in NYC pics and WTaF? How is Kate not embarrassed to do this? Is it because she’s assured of positive coverage that praises her style as though it were her own?

      • Yvette says:

        @bettyrose … I know, right? As soon as I clicked on this article my eyes went straight to the pants, which I’ve never witnessed her wearing before … though I could be wrong. Why is William allowing Kate to publicly Copy-Keen Meghan so shamelessly?

        It’s like they’re trying to aggressively assimilate everything they think makes Meghan appealing and transfer it to Kate so she can replace/own Meghan’s public persona. The silly, clueless Cambridges don’t seem to understand that people either have Meghan’s appeal, charisma, glow, and stylish presence or they don’t. It’s nothing you can slip on like a new suit and suddenly own.

        If the Cambridges think so little of the ‘Think too highly of themselves, stubborn Prince and that pushy little American, don’t know their place’ Sussexes, why is Meghan living rent free in Kate’s head? Why the sudden, painfully awkward shows of affection and beyond chemistry-lacking gazes into each other’s eyes? It’s like they’ve studiously

      • RoyalAssassin says:

        She has worn them a couple or three times before, rarely, but ALWAYS only ever after Meghan has worn them Her CopyKeen gene is raging on steroids.

      • Meg says:

        Right? I can picture meghan sitting at that event when she said a warning label should be put on tabloids for health-jesus this is such obvious copying

    • VoominVava says:

      So true! I am aghast truly. Even the centre part and upturned collar. WTAF Kathy!

    • Cas says:

      Yep copy paste…it’s why she looks good

  3. LaraW” says:

    Doth mine eyes deceive me? £7 earrings?

    Is this a reaction to the criticism she got for her bespoke McQueen dress-up extraganza? I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen her wear something that only cost £7.

    I mean, the sister-wife dresses should have been £7, but how much were they actually?

    • equality says:

      I think she’s worn cheaper jewelry before and, of course, got all kinds of praise for it. If you own hundreds of pairs of cheap jewelry is it really saving money?

    • RoyalAssassin says:

      Kate Middleclass, appealing to the common folk. “I am your future Kween, look how relatable I am.”

  4. Jezz says:

    Someone looks full of confidence! What did Goop call it? “Believing my own hype, thinking that I was super awesome?”

  5. Becks1 says:

    So is this her new work uniform? gone are the coatdresses, in are the monochromatic looks with a contrasting overcoat?

    This look is 100 times better than a coat dress or whatever, but I mean…..we all know who she’s copying here so it makes the look a little SWF and creepy.

    I don’t think either one has anything going on, so my guess is when an engagement is planned like this someone says “eh lets get a 2 for 1 deal on the CC.”

    • Splinter says:

      Amazing, right? And a coat that can be taken off indoors! And she did not wear her blue engagement ring.

      • Becks1 says:

        oh no, she’s definitely wearing Big Blue lol.

      • Sofia says:

        I checked a picture and no, it doesn’t seem like she is. She’s got a silver band (multiple IMO) so it’s possible the ring is turned inwards for whatever reason. Or she’s not wearing it at all because it’s getting cleaned or something.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Sofia, no, she definitely is. Look at the picture of them sitting down inside where she has her hand raised up by her face. She wears that thing sailing, of course she’s going to wear it here lol.

      • Gabby says:

        I wonder if she will have to return it when Wills divorces her.

      • Sofia says:

        You’re right. Huh. In some pictures it doesn’t look like she’s wearing it

      • TeamAwesome says:

        I bet the stone has shifted inward. My rings that aren’t even as big as BIG blue, often do that in the colder months when my fingers shrink a bit in the cold.

    • L84Tea says:

      Becks, that is literally what I said to myself–she’s got her Meghan uniform on! Baggy slacks, check. Turtleneck, check. Long open coat, check.

      • Layla says:

        @becks1 @l84tea I was just joking before when I’d say she has a meghan mood board. Now I’m super convinced she does. She took Meghan’s cookbook launch outfit and combined it with Meghan’s NYT Dealbook summit.
        Also speaking of the lapels and hair have you guys noticed this too where Keeny will take an aspect of Meghan’s style and then go into full overdrive for her next few engagements? She did it with the side hair parting last year and before that the monochrome coat and turtlenecks, and before that it was the midi skirts. I’ve got a feeling it’s now the middle-parting and open lapels turn 😂

      • L84Tea says:

        @Layla, oh Kate totally has a Meghan mood board/Pinterest board. Probably one for shoes, one for coats, one for slacks, and one for hairstyles. It sounds ridiculous to say out loud that Kate copies everything Meghan wears, but she DOES. She’s so blatant about it too–the hair pinned to the side look, the deep side parts, the turtlenecks, the blazers, the slingback heels with the bow (I’m blanking on the designer name), the dainty yellow gold jewelry, the baggy slacks, the tuxedo look…it’s ALL 100% Meghan and it’s so obvious that it’s painful.

    • Gillysirl says:

      I loved this look on Megan and love it on Kate, too. I like Megan’s hair better than Kate’s though.

    • girl_ninja says:

      I’m convinced that Keen has all of Meghan’s interviews on a file on her laptop. Both pre-royal, post engagement and post royal life. She is a stalker.

  6. Harper says:

    William is definitely tagging along like he did after the Oprah interview. He’s afraid the rota are going to go rogue and ask Kate about the pedo in the royal family, just like they asked Charles. Can’t have Mumbles answering a question like that.

    • Over it says:

      I think queenly said Kate needs to get back to work because we need people to focus on something other than Andrew and Harry lack of security because you two f up when you leaked that so get back out there.

    • Myra says:

      He tagged along because it’s a speaking event. At least then one of the royals can speak coherently and the other can look nice. Thankfully she went for the Meghan-inspired look so the pictures have a modern feel. Now if only they could obtain some charisma, they could finally recreate Meghanmania.

    • Meg says:

      I think William joined the event because the discussion was about the long term mental health outcomes of kids who get bounced around in foster care. Mental health is allegedly his big issue.

      • bettyrose says:

        I hope that’s it as it suggests genuine concern for something. It makes no sense that he’d tag along to ensure she didn’t mess up questions about Andrew. Surely they have staff who can baby sit Kate during public appearances.

    • CrystalBall says:

      Despite having had a forty-one day Christmas vacation, she has a tired look about her. The real Kate is certainly quite a shock after her photo-shopped birthday portraits!

  7. Normades says:

    I shouldn’t comment on her body, but she looks so thin. Those pants are just hanging off her.

  8. Over it says:

    Becks, our countdown is finally over it’s January 19th. The keen has left her bunker. Lol.

  9. Cessily says:

    She went for the NYC look I see. Is her hair shorter and darker or is it just my old eyes? I did see video of the drive up to the entrance there was absolutely no one around.

    • Becks1 says:

      Something about her looks different. her hair looks darker (maybe she’s not wearing the wiglet she was wearing for the concert) and her face looks….I don’t know. but something is different. Maybe it is just the darker hair.

      • Jais says:

        Her hair looks darker and shorter. It could be she just didn’t add the winglets but it does look darker. I like it better than the other color. Overall she looks good here. Very NYC Meghan but good. There’s one pic of her walking and looking toward the camera and it looks so much like one of Meghan in ny. The long pants , long coat, turtleneck. Sorry, I just can’t get over it.

      • Nic919 says:

        The hair looks a bit darker but also I think she got fillers or something.

        She also seems peeved in the photos with William. Usually she has a massive grin slapped on at all times.

      • Veda says:

        It’s something with her teeth. It looks like she has had new ones fitted in. The shape of her face has also changed. Definitely, some cosmetic procedure has been done on her. Could explain why she disappeared for so long.

      • Eurydice says:

        Well, there’s no crazed grin, no giant guffaws and no jazz hands.

    • rawiya says:

      Definitely darker

    • Emily says:

      She looks great here. Kate is so thin, but her face has some youthful roundness to it again. I’m not sure if it’s the darker hair or fillers. It works, whatever it is.

  10. Red+Weather+Tiger says:

    In other pics of the event (on Twitter), I was surprised she wasn’t wearing Big Blue. Upon closer inspection, I noticed she WAS wearing BB, but the stone was turned toward her palm. Guessing her fingers are now too thin to keep the ring in place.

    This is all I have to say about Lazy Buttons McKeenie and her husband, Prince Toofie McRage.

    • bettyrose says:

      That’s what ring sizers are for. I had to wear them for years because my ring size was too small for some settings. Not a problem any longer.

  11. Jay says:

    “It would have been smarter during Kate’s birthday keenery if she had actually stepped out to do an event *before* her 40th birthday”…

    Bold of you to assume she was even in the country. I guess she could have tried zooming in from the beach, but perhaps she thought we’d be content with her releasing three glamour shots.

    I grudgingly like this look AND that she seems to be moving away from that awful brassy “bronde” nonsense. Is this middle part new for her? I *think* it is. Usually I don’t see the “copy keen” thing, but…👀

    • Jan90067 says:

      She parted in the middle once, after George was born, I believe. It’s when they got that pic of all of her gray roots showing and she was crucified for it. I think this is the first full center part since.

      Also notice she’s doing it WITH waves, rather than her usual “curls”. Looks verrrrry familiar, doesn’t it?

    • Harper says:

      I suspect she came back from the beach last week, and then laid low so her tan wouldn’t be so obvious.

  12. Ella says:

    Love the coat. The pants are horrible. How many black turtlenecks does this woman own.

  13. Over it says:

    Becks, our countdown is finally over it’s January 19th. The keen has left her bunker. Lol.
    The distance between the supposedly happily married couple at that table is very noticeable. If he puts anymore distance between him and her at that table. He might as well be living at royal lodge and her in buckleberry

  14. OriginalLala says:

    Is it just my eyes or does she look different in the face? New makeup? New hair? New fillers? Can’t put my finger on it…

  15. Busyann says:

    Is her hair darker?! Omg. I will not praise her but I’ve been waiting for her to bring back the darker hair and she finally did it. So much better. That bronde she had been wearing aged her.

  16. Roseberry says:

    This is such an easy event for them to pretend they’re working-she’s been before in 2017,2019. The Foundling museum is a small building in a quiet central London square. I used to work at the college next door and often sat in it’s little park to have lunch. This could be put together by their team in a week to divert attention or counter bad press on their Doolittle shenanigans.

  17. Catherine says:

    She has ditched the highlights and the “natural” curls for her previous dark brown curled blowout. Clearly, the birthday glamour shots did not have the desired effect or she would still have that look. You can tell William hates these tag a long engagements. He stays so far away from her. That when they are it’s difficult to photograph them together. Clearly, he hates letting her be in the lead. It’s something they never did until Harry did it with Meghan. I remember the meltdown from trolls and RR’s when Harry attended the Together book launch but hung back. Harry unlike William looked perfectly comfortable. Some compared it to Philip on engagements with the Queen. Which of course led to so much outrage.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Big difference though: Philip did it as his JOB as consort; he didn’t *just* go because he had *pride* in his wife/her accomplishments. When Harry went with Meghan and Doria, he was BEAMING from ear to ear. Never saw PP do that with Ol’ Brenda.

  18. LaraW” says:

    Guys I feel like I was lied to. She doesn’t look like her official portraits. I’m SHOCKED by this deception.

    (For a hot second I really did think that maybe Kate’s absence was caused by plastic surgery to transplant her photoshop fantasy on her face’s reality.)

  19. Sof says:

    I read the title as if she was wearing jigsaw pattern trousers and clicked so fast, lol, how bold of her! I thought. But no. Still, I prefer this kind of look to her usual dresses.
    As always with one of ther posts, I really like the coat and that’s all I ever get from her: nice clothes.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    Judging by her face and hair she’s been busy preening. Her hair is def darker than it has been in a long time and looks like’s she’s had a filler touch up – face is fuller looking.

  21. girl_ninja says:

    “He’s either worried that she’s going to make an ass out of herself, or he has so little going on that he just latches on to her sh-t.”

    Why not both?

    I honestly become angry when I see Kate in this sort of ensemble because this is a signature Meghan style (and mine actually, because I’m actually wearing something similar except not a turtleneck.)

    This lazy, racist really didn’t know that this was a fashion option for her until seeing Meghan and instead was dressing like a geriatric Diana cosplayer. I cannot stand this lady and her horrible lazy husband.

  22. Watson says:

    This is just distraction. More Andrew news please!

  23. HeatherC says:

    Why does she need William there? Isn’t she the absolute expert on all things child development?

  24. Amy Bee says:

    It was strange to see William at Kate’s engagement as she has met with the Foundling Museum before. The only thing I could think of is Kate was afraid that the press would ask her about Andrew and that’s why William tagged along. She’s very protected so she didn’t have to worry about the royal rota asking her questions. They never do.

    • Amy Bee says:

      According to Becky English, Kate and William left 30 minutes later than planned because they enjoyed the visit so much. Yeah…this probably means that this might be Kate’s only public engagement for January.

      • Harla says:

        Oh, the poor, little sausages! An hour long engagement! Kate will definitely need a massage or facial or perhaps a spot of shopping to recover from these grueling demands put upon her.

      • equality says:

        That exposes that they don’t have a busy schedule. If it were PC or Anne they would have to leave on time to get to their next event. W&K seem to have time to linger at stuff.

    • equality says:

      I wonder if some PR person thought it would look better to sell the “they are so close” story. C&C and H&M doing events together look less awkward though.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @equality: It’s possible, William looks like KP told him to be there just for that purpose.

      • Ace says:

        This is my theory of why they keep doing engagements together. They want to push them as a pair (to copy H&M mainly).

        Since they are so lazy and won’t do extra engagements to push them as a ‘loving couple’ William tags along to the extremely few engagements they can make Kate do.

  25. canichangemyname says:

    I normally don’t care for blue and black together, but this works. I enjoy it when she un-frumps. I’m here for the fashion.

    • girl_ninja says:

      The thing is that it is a rip off of her sister in law Duchess Meghan style who was widely criticized by the British media that she broke protocol by wearing trousers.

  26. Merricat says:

    I don’t care what she puts on. She is literally ornamental, and that is her sole occupation. What a waste of time and taxpayer money.

  27. Jj says:

    Maybe she doesn’t want to leave him to his own devices, so she pulls an “I’m not going unless you are going” at times when he would be left with nothing but “gardening” to do.

  28. Heat says:

    I don’t mind the outfit. It doesn’t really bother me that she copies Meghan’s fashion sense; it’s the highest form of flattery.
    I’m honestly shocked that her first 2022 “event” is actually happening this early. I thought it would be February for sure.

    • JT says:

      It’s not flattery when Kate has her friends in the press rip Meghan apart for her style and then praise Kate for wearing Meghan’s style. And people never say the full quote. It’s “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” -Oscar Wilde Kate is mediocre so all she can do is cosplay other great women.

      • girl_ninja says:

        Thank you! Exactly this. She assisted in attacking Meghan to the point of contemplating suicide. So for her to now try to BECOME Meghan is absolutely disgusting.

  29. Scal says:

    Is masking over in the UK? I know here in the states there are plenty of places the pandemic is ‘over’ and there’s no mask mandates.

    Mind you-she’ (and the rest of the family) have never been civically minded enough to lead by example all pandemic

    • Nic919 says:

      It is weird because you see Leitizia in gowns wearing a mask whereas these two are indoors without one. The UK numbers are still pretty bad but I guess they just don’t care anymore.

  30. WHAT says:

    You can definitely tell how much the birthday pics were Photoshop. Her face is fuller she had something done that that’s the result. Her hair is darker and everyone is right. The scary way she’s copykates Meg. Look at the daily fail story excusing her wearing her professional wideleg pants and look at the video of will and Kate leaving the event. Look at how she’s playing Meg the only difference is that Will is so far away from her. But this reminds me of the behind the scenes music videos where they act out the entire video in front of a mirror to get the best angles and to see how it looks like in pictures. Something really is truly mental with her if she feels like she has to be a different person instead of herself

  31. WHAT says:

    Also her black sweater is like the Meghan one that was worn during the first engagements. Hers has buttons at the end just like the one Meg wore with Harry when they went to that church and she had the green purse that Camilla has now. Also is it mandatory at there events from now on there has to be representative from people of color. If you look at the video of the roundtable she doesn’t speak only will but when she does you can’t hear

  32. Lurker25 says:

    Center part! Has she parted her hair in the middle before? Paging Meghan…
    Wide leg loose trousers – check
    Turtleneck sweater – check
    Belt with noticeable buckle – check
    Long coat worn open- check
    Popped collar on the the coat – check
    Discreet thin jewelry, no flashy stones – check
    Middle part on fuller, loose, flyaway hair be- check

    What’s next… A BUN?

  33. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Freshly botoxed, fillered, nip tucked in her ‘what would Meghan wear’ outfit. And William looks happier then ever, what’s he smiling about? I wish someone would ask how his uncle is doing and wipe that smile off him.

  34. Lorelei says:

    @Laraw I can’t reply to you yet, but I think she’s just throwing a bone to the peasants. She gets such fawning, over-the-top praise whenever she wears something cheap (even if it’s paired with a new McQueen piece or something 🙄), and she wants to keep the ludicrous “Thrifty Kate” headlines coming. She’s reminding everyone how down-to-earth she is, just like them.

    @Jezz, I can’t reply to you yet either, but I never thought I’d see the day when I would actually think, “this person should really strive to reach the same level of self-awareness as Gwyneth Paltrow!”

    • Nick G says:

      She may be throwing a bone to the peasants, but someone’s on Twitter kicking up rough because they lined up for ages outside the museum, and when they emerged Kate and Will ‘blanked’ them, even people in wheelchairs. “Harry would have never done that “ he says.
      Hahaha he went from calling himself a royalist to renouncing the RF in a few hours

  35. Lauren Too says:

    She needed those few weeks until her botox settled a bit.

  36. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Does work hours count if it’s on your face, lol. Look around her eyes there is absolutely no lines, her skin looks flawless, except those hard lines around her mouth which look softened too, I wonder if she kept it there to look less obvious about the rest of her face.

  37. rawiya says:

    It’s giving “Meghan’s outfit for the Hubb Cookbook launch” except with pants instead of a skirt. She even brought the (adoring) husband along.

    This feels very thrown together. I would love to know if this was on the schedule before the judge’s Andrew decision last week…or even before the Sussex Security leak. I’m betting no.

  38. Mina_Esq says:

    I don’t get the thing with $7 earrings. Is that supposed to further the thrifty Duchess image? Nice jewelry is the one thing she can get for free by simply having her assistant fill out some forms. Just get some diamonds or sapphires or something. People love peeking at the royal collection.

  39. Bonsai+Mountain says:

    She even popped the collar! This woman is creepy AND mental. Disturbing.

  40. Hello kitty says:

    All this time I thought she had to wear those stupid coat dresses as some kind of royal protocol but it turns out this lady didn’t know you could wear a blouse with trousers and a coat. This is hilarious to me!!

  41. Justplainme says:

    I feel like she could just walk from the car to the door, turn around and walk back and have the same outcome.
    BTW, where is that extra foot of hair that mysteriously appeared for the keen choir show?

    • Jais says:

      Lol she really could just walk from the car to the door and back. As long as she makes the jazz hands along the way.

  42. jferber says:

    I see William is trying to look pleasant while in a picture with Kate. It must have gotten back to him that he looks like he despises her in every shot. “Put on your nice face, William. Atta boy!”

    • swirlmamad says:

      His facial expression is kinda somewhere between baring his teeth and a grimace….if that’s the best he can do, yeesh.

  43. jferber says:

    JustPlainMe, You’re killing me. You’re absolutely right.

  44. kelleybelle says:

    This is news, is it? #laughable Not surprised she copied another of Meghan’s looks …

    Still there is no light in her eyes at all. She looks tired of trying to look enthusiastic and “in love” with Will.

  45. Gabby says:

    I would LOVE to hang out in the employee break room at the organization after W&K leave one of these events,

    The reactions and commentary of the real people who had to take time out for this photo op must be priceless.

  46. Lizzie Bathory says:

    For two people who had a nice long holiday from “work,” Kate & William look exhausted. The dark circles under their eyes are especially noticeable in the last picture. All is not well.

  47. Kit says:

    I see Kate is not only copying her sister in law dress sense yet again, she is holding on to William arm in exactly de same way as Megan with Harry , smiling away at cameras of course, seriously this girl is 40, this obsession is now really creepy, seriously she needs therapy !!!!!!

  48. sunny says:

    She looks good here- of course she is copying someone else’s style but Kate has no style of her own, no point of view, no original ideas so *shrug*. I cannot believe how little she and TOB continue to work. They are endlessly embarrassing. I guess with the Andrew debacle and the press being let off the leash, the Royals needed some positive optics.

  49. KrystinaJ says:

    Did anyone else watch the video of them arriving at this?
    It looked like she rushed over to the waiting people (putting a good distance between her and Billy) and started waving her jazz hands before even greetings/introductions were made.

  50. Likeyoucare says:

    New face. Whose this?

  51. girl_ninja says:

    If I were a younger royal woman I would “copy” Duchess Meghan, Amal Clooney’s professional look and Letizia of Spain in no particular order. You would think she would know how to dress at her age.

  52. Chicago says:

    Nothing wrong with copying a good fashion look. No need to shame women for following stylish trends, it’s normal and it’s fine.

    • equality says:

      No problem with that. The problem is that Meghan gets ripped to shreds for the same outfit that Kate gets accolades for.

    • Jais says:

      No, it’s not normal and it’s not fine. The problem is Kate had an active role in the smear campaign and literally just sent out birthday talking points to the BM comparing her favorably to Meghan, as in she’s so much better than terrible Meghan, the attention whore. So when she copies a good fashion look from Meghan, it’s about more than just fashion. It’s about white privilege and racism and how Kate has purposely cultivated and benefitted from it for the past few years. The shame Kate wears is about so much more than just copying Meghan’s good looks.

      • Charm says:

        @Jais……..say it loud, sis. Especially for those in the back who must hv beenlivingunder a rock for the past 5 years.

  53. Sarah says:

    Katd has always worn separates. She’s worn Zara and Jigsaw before. This is not a new look. I think she looks great!

    • equality says:

      She looks fine but then so does Meghan when she wears the same type outfit but Meghan gets headlines about “breaking protocol” and gets criticized.

    • Becks1 says:

      LOLOL, no, she has not “always” worn separates, not like this. She did use to wear separates to more casual events (jeggings and blazers) and there have been a few pairs of cropped pants here and there, but overall her work wardrobe has been overwhelmingly coat dresses. This monochromatic look with the overcoat is 100% Meghan.

    • IJacqulyn+Smither says:

      I have never seen Kate turn the collar of her coat up before Meghan. This move is a very fashion forward move. Yes, this is a new look for Kate, and it is ok to copy another person style just don’t pretend you are not copying.

    • Nic919 says:

      The gaslighting never ends. Kate did not own a pair of proper trousers until 2017. Prior to that it was cropped pants and skin tight jeggings. The change only happened after Meghan wore normal working woman clothes to engagements and the queen of buttons and coatdresses decided to start copying her.

  54. PoppedBubble says:

    The Royal Family Channel on YouTube has an almost 4 minute overview of their visit. At the end someone asked Will if he supports Andrew. Will declined to answer. It’s a good thing he had his mask on because it hid his real reaction. It looked to me like Kate’s hair is still super long and thick – the same length as her two chord playing event. But I mean it was super thick. Unrealistically thick.

    • Layla says:

      @poppedbubble I saw that. That was hilarious. His response was like this weird nervous chuckle and then he rushed keeny in front so they could leave. The thick hair was her wiglet

  55. Coffeeisgood says:

    This type of style/outfit looks good on her. Im happy to see her in pants. I don’t like the dresses she wears.

  56. Charfromdarock says:

    “No mask, no personality, no preparation, just vibes. “
    That could be the title of her biography.

  57. yinyang says:

    Welcome back Kate, how was your vacation?

  58. WHAT says:

    People are missing the point of what the talking points in her birthday articles meant. How you go from impersonating jecca, to Diana, to the queen, to now Meghan. You’re forty STILL pretending to be other women. The creepy part is to somewhat show your personality even if your copying someone. But Kate copies a woman to the teeth. Her voice is a copy of Diana, her clothes and hair, jewelry Megan, shoes Meghan down to the exact pair Meghan wore, at least Zara wore a different color of the aquazarra shoes to Kate’s Carol service. It’s mental and sad and she’s right to get called out on it when the Cambridges benefited and still does to this day on the negative coverage of the Sussex

  59. J says:

    Gorgeous but basic look every woman with a corporate job has a variation of

  60. jferber says:

    Although Kate belongs to a corporation, she has a corporate boondoggle, not a corporate job.

  61. TEALIEF says:

    Let’s put this in nautical terms that she will recognise, seeing that she is a keen sailor. Kate, stop jibing/gybing your boat, and tacking into someone else’s headwind. Tacking is hard. You’re sailing into, and against something that’s going with its own flow, and blowing past you. You’re heading where they’ve already been.

  62. wuxiaworld says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!