Jana Kramer gives TMI about her new relationship

Last week Jana Kramer posted a long message about healing, taking chances and some other stuff. The whole point was to tell us she had a new boyfriend. Many knew this already, because she’d been showing pics of him on her social media for a month. But this was his official announcement. The BF, Ian Shinelli, posted something equally floral on his IG about finding Jana. That’s good. I’d like to think that Jana is with someone who is as like-minded as she is. Except that it’s only a week later and Jana’s already gone too far. Who would’ve guessed? Oh, that’s right – all of us. Jana thought her podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, was a good place to discuss Ian’s p-nis. I’m sure he was thrilled. Actually, he may have been, because he came off well in the discussion, eventually. Jana was trying to say that she couldn’t figure out why he was still single, given his credentials. So she assumed he must be poorly endowed. But she couldn’t leave it there. She had to set the record straight and let us know everything A-OK in that department.

The 38-year-old country music star dished about her romance with boyfriend Ian Schinelli during the Jan. 16 episode of her Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast, revealing details about her new flame and why she initially believed that he was too good to be true.

Explaining that “a lot of people call him Captain America,” Jana said that she was surprised Ian—a member of the Navy SEAL reserve who currently works in private equity and does CrossFit competitively—was still single when they first met, leading her to initially believe “something has to be wrong with him.”

“When I met him, I was like, ‘Okay, he’s handsome. He’s got a body to die for. He’s is freaking Navy SEAL. He’s in private equity. He’s charming. He’s nice. He’s kind. He’s got a daughter. He’s a dad,'” she recalled herself thinking. “And I’m like, ‘I bet you he has a small p-nis.’ That’s it.”

However, her speculations turned out to be very wrong. As Jana cheekily noted, “I will say that it’s very nice.”

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So, do you guys want to hear about my husband’s p-nis? No! Of course you don’t. Nor does he want me to tell you about it even as a joke. Because we aren’t in college, at a bar, plastered on Jello-shots. And neither was Jana. I realize on the TMI scale of Bennifer to Will and Jada, Jana’s comments are on the milder side. But this is the start of the relationship, folks. We’re only a week in and we have a wall full of PDA, shirtless and bikini pics AND know the size of Ian’s Captain America. I’m bracing for what they’ll unleash by Valentine’s Day.

I’m bagging on Jana for the TMI bits, but the whole discussion is an issue. I dislike the thinking that a single person has something wrong with them. What if they were the one who ended their last relationship? Or what if they are simply taking the time to either heal properly, grow or find the right person to date next? Or just don’t want to date? It doesn’t shock me that these didn’t occur to Jana, but she’s trying to push this narrative of healing and working on herself and yet she perpetuates the exact opposite. Normally I’d just roll my eyes, but this is a woman who wrote a relationship advice book with her philandering ex-husband. She thinks she’s a lifestyle coach and I’m just waiting for a Dating-After-Divorce book from her. Although I recognize Jana’s true motivation was to humble brag about all her new guy’s traits. What better way to read off his resume then to claim it’s just an intellectual exercise to figure out how he could possibly be single?

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  1. L says:

    I’ve read people argue over the ‘nets, mostly twitter, about how “small” jokes/remarks really hurt some transmasc folk on a much deeper level. I can get that. it already usually feels mean and trashy and not needed at all when said toward and about cis men. maybe we should move away from this kind of talk entirely, seeing as it more often than anything…causes harm toward others. that should be the goal from here on. less harm, period.

  2. Wiglet Watcher says:

    She is a walking Red Flag 🚩 with all the most toxic traits.

  3. Busylizzy says:

    No offense but I’d never take any relationship advice from her. She seems very insecure, with low to little confidence.

    Maybe she should work on her issues before jumping in a new relationship? Learn to love yourself girl!

  4. GreenQueen says:

    He’s smoking hot and I like her pink bikini. It’s def TMI but whatever I’m just so glad to not hear about that D bag anymore.

  5. alwaysannarun says:

    Her constant need for validation is exhausting but I suppose that’s her brand, huh

  6. Psudohnihm says:

    Why is it everything she says feels like a not-so-veiled dig at her ex husband? Oh wait, that’s cause it is. It’s like; look how happy I am. Look what a hunk I’m with. Look at how big his peen is.

    It’s as though she is trying to communicate to him through us.

    It’s exhausting.

  7. BirdsGalore says:

    Who…. Who is taking all these *CaNdID* photos? This weirds me out. Maybe it’s because that dude looks like my narcissistic ex, and maybe it’s also because I’m a recovering codependent… but this reeks of the love bombing phase of yet another toxic dude for her. Break the cycle Jana!!!!

  8. Donedone says:

    She has the worst taste in men and hasn’t taken enough time off between relationships to have changed her “picker”. There is no way she has had enough solo time and therapy to start making good choices. I think this will not end well. Also, which PE firm does he work for?! I call BS. He’s a personal trainer enjoying the free publicity.

  9. Christine says:

    He’s obviously okay with the attention. This relationship is so thirsty, but that’s how these type of people make their money sooo

    • Mumzy says:

      Indeed. I have no idea who either of them are and am a freaky social media holdout, but if she will post *only* photos of him I just might sign up for that particular account. That sounds pervy, but just from an artistic/aesthetic standpoint, he is rather beautiful.

    • shanaynay says:

      Yeah, in one pic he’s looking directly into the camera. I say, and I’m sorry to jinx it, but this relationship isn’t going to end well. She comes off as being too needy and desperate.

  10. reef says:

    Everything I know about this woman, I learn from here. And this is the first time, it’s been mentioned she’s a country singer. lol. I honestly thought she was just an unusually famous podcaster.
    I enjoy her mess.

    • blairski says:

      Well I was today years old when I learned she was a country singer, thought she was famous from a reality show. “unusually famous podcaster” indeed – snort!

  11. Mina_Esq says:

    I’m kind of curious to read her relationship advice book. I’m sure it’s filled with examples of things you absolutely should NOT do, which can be instructive. It should be marketed as such.

  12. AMA1977 says:

    I’m just here to point out that “nice” and “kind” are items 6 and 7 (of 7 total) on her list of positive qualities about this man, and I think that says A LOT about Ms. Kramer. “Nice” and “kind” should be higher up, and “responsible” “thoughtful” “dependable” “intelligent” should make appearances. You have kids, lady, do better.

  13. Kelsea says:

    I feel like she just got divorced..I know everyone is different but I do think healing requires some time with yourself. I’m mostly annoyed by the quartz coaster on the marble table.