Will Buckingham Palace launch a ‘bullying investigation’ into Prince Andrew?

Last Friday, we discussed an interview with Charlotte Briggs, a former maid at Buckingham Palace. Briggs was one of the maids assigned to look after Prince Andrew following his divorce from Fergie, when he moved back into BP. Briggs claimed that none of the household staff wanted to look after Prince Andrew, because even back in the 1990s, he had a terrible reputation for tantrums, screaming and being generally lazy and awful. She detailed the 72 stuffed animals which had to be painstakingly arranged on his bed, and how he would call the maids to do tasks like “closing the curtain right beside him.” As I said, it’s pretty interesting that no one was calling for an investigation into Andrew’s treatment of staff, especially given the eagerness with which BP launched an investigation into the Duchess of Sussex’s treatment of staff. Well…

A former royal officer has called for Buckingham Palace to launch a probe into Prince Andrew over bullying claims – just like they did on Meghan. Paul Page, who worked in the Royal Protection Command from 1998 until 2004, alleges he personally made three separate complaints to palace officials. And he claims he is aware of “at least a dozen” other reports made by colleagues.

Mr Page, whose revelations this week sparked a string of complaints about the prince, said: “Buckingham Palace launched a bullying investigation against Meghan last year after she was accused of wrongdoing. If it’s a fair organisation that looks after its staff, an investigation should be started to confirm whether or not Andrew is guilty of being a bully and of intimidating staff.”

He alleges complaints he raised during his service were ignored because senior courtiers did not want to create a stir. Mr Page told the Sunday Mirror: “The Palace have a problem because there are instances and evidence of Prince Andrew being overbearing and verbally abusive.”

Mr Page claimed there “must have been at least a dozen complaints” about bullying in the time he was there. He alleged: “It was well known in the palace, but no investigation was conducted by the royal household.” Mr Page claimed a colleague had been called a “fat lardy-a***d c***” by the prince after stopping a woman at the gates who had not been listed as an invited guest.

He said: “Even the woman went bright red and said, ‘I’m really sorry’. Another time a woman got locked in and he came down f-ing and blinding and ranting.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Yes, surely these complaints and stories are so specific, they cannot be ignored? These people are using their real names and telling their stories. If anything, their stories are a million times more credible than the “claims” against Meghan. After three years of smears, all that’s ever said about Meghan is that “she made someone cry” (how?) and that “she looked at someone” or “she sent an email early in the morning.” Compared to Prince Andrew regularly cursing out maids and protection officers, throwing tantrums about stuffed animals and being a racist douche constantly – not to mention raping victims of human trafficking – I think the only responsible and just thing would be for BP to launch an investigation.

Front pages courtesy of The Sun, photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Jennifer Emanuelson says:

    What? With actual specific instances identified regarding bad behavior by a royal? Why on earth would they ever look into that? He’s white, don’t you know.

    • superashes says:

      By actual named individuals as to the curtains, and not Jason Knauff reporting for them. Nothing to see here!!

  2. HeatherC says:

    Hahahahahahahaha. Good one Kaiser. Don’t you understand, Andrew is white, male and a “born royal.” The staff should be grateful that they had the privilege of his tantrums. They were picked special for that royal attention, they should be happy he even deigned to acknowledge their existence.

  3. Mae says:

    Will the palace launch a : “Is Prince Andrew a sex trafficker and pedophile investigation?” is the better question and sadly, the answer to both is no. Buckingham Palace is repulsive.

    • Mac says:

      Andrew’s bad behavior has been enabled his entire life. Perhaps if his mother had put her foot down he wouldn’t have the audacity to think he can get away with raping a sex trafficked child.

  4. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Ahhh but Andrew is a privileged white man born of royal blood while Madame Duchess is a biracial American ACTRESS ( the horror of it all!) who was also born (if you can just IMAGINE!) middle class see the difference?

  5. Jenn says:

    Andrew is white. If Buckingham Palace were a fair and credible workplace, they would launch an investigation into the overall workplace culture there. William would also be a subject to an investigation since he is incandescent with rage. And investigate the senior courtiers while you at it.

    • Mac says:

      This. The palaces are all toxic workplaces that need massive overhauls.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jenn, I would love to hear the stories of the Bitter Brother as I am certain that there are some very unhappy staff at BP and at their with the world how awful he is!! The Bitter Brother is a constant walking rage monster who flies off the handle with the slight change of the wind.

  6. chill says:

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!! TEEHee! About time.

  7. Jay says:

    Given how much we have heard in recent weeks about convicted sex offenders and traffickers getting the run of the palace because of Andrew, that last line about a woman being “stopped at the gates who had not been listed as an invited guest” gave me an unpleasant feeling. Also: “Another time a woman got locked in and he came down f-ing and blinding and ranting.” Feels like there’s more to those stories.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      There’s a lot more. All visitors to BP are supposed to be listed, but Andrew pushed back against that, repeatedly trying to conceal exactly who was visiting him & how frequently. Paul Page has been talking for years about how awful Andrew is & how close his relationship with Ghislaine is. If Page is right, BP won’t be able to stem the tide of allegations against Andrew this time.

  8. Songs (or it didn't happen) says:

    I would also like to know how many bathrooms are in his house.

  9. Becks1 says:

    They aren’t going to investigate him and I’m fine with that, because it just proves how much of a sham the investigation into Meghan is and how the family doesn’t really care about mistreatment of staff, they just care about having a black woman in the family.

    • Jais says:

      Agree Becks1. They will definitely not investigate but it does highlight what a f*cking farce the bullying investigation against Meghan is. The whole thing makes the monarchy, particularly KP, look like petty little liars.

  10. CarrieVirginia says:

    Meghans lawyers laughing till their sides split.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    They’ll only talk about these Andy allegations to make a connection between him and Meg, so as to put her behavior on his level. Real investigation? Not gonna happen. In either case.

  12. CC says:

    It’s more likely they’ll launch a ‘Bully for You’ campaign, where peasants can apply to enjoy the harassment of (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) Andrew. ‘A thousand thanks to you, sir, ‘tis truly an honour to be bullied by the blood royal!’

  13. FeedMeChips says:

    Short answer: no.

  14. Over it says:

    Excuse me, what do you common folks mean when you say launch an investigation against a white royal? These things are just not done. We prefer to smear and make up shit about the black duchess because she dared to marry our white prince and taint our royal pure white blood and ask people to work. Imagine a black person asking us lily white English roses to work. Disgraceful. Has she not noticed how our perfect white duchess does it? She never ask people to work, because then she would have to work and Karen the keen is deeply against work of any kind that involves her doing it.

  15. Islandgirl says:

    Karma is a b..tch!
    Every. Single.unfair.and.vindictive.thing they did to Meghan is coming back to them in spades.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s kind of funny, right? If they hadnt made such a big deal about H&M not using HRH anymore, no one probably would have expected Andrew to stop using it.

  16. FC says:

    It’s so fun that they opened this can of worms and now have to deal with the fallout.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @FC: Richard Eden said as much over the weekend i.e. that the Palace opened a can of worms. Everything decision they’ve made concerning Harry and Meghan has boomeranged on them.

    • JanetDR says:

      I do like that part of it!

  17. equality says:

    They can’t investigate Andrew because the complaints in his case are valid and it would open the floodgates to complaints that have very likely been made or could have been made against all the rest.

  18. Deanne says:

    Well it’s not like he did something horrific like email someone early in the morning or anything. Clearly screaming at people to come and close the curtains you are sitting next to and wanting your dozens of stuffed animals to be correctly placed on you bed, according to a diagram is not bullying when you’re white and the Queen’s favourite child. This family needs to go pound sand. Seriously, what the hell do they do for anyone? Meghan’s being investigated for bullying when this crap has been going on for decades with the rest of this useless family. It’s sickening.

  19. Sofia says:

    Oh no, bullying investigations are reserved for biracial duchesses only. Not for the white dukes.

  20. Blujfly says:

    At the time of the announcement of the investigation into Meghan, The royal reporters no longer beholden to the family like Peter Hunt and messier ones like Richard Palmer either said outright at the time or alluded to the fact that every single member of the “senior royals” excepting Edward has had chapter and verse in the press for years that they treated their staff like crap. Hunt all but said it was opening a huge can of worms given the years of issues regarding Charles, Andrew, and yes, Anne, and Philip, and and and…

    And if Meghan and Harry are “minor royals”…. What about the notorious Princess Michael?

  21. Amy Bee says:

    There should be an investigation but Andrew’s a ‘blood’ royal so there won’t be one.

  22. Mslove says:

    There’s no excuse not to launch a “bullying investigation” against Andrew now that former staff are coming forward. If they don’t, they should rightly be branded racists, and called out for their actions. Find a way to hit the RF in the pocket book if that’s even possible. The RF should be treated like everyone else. There’s nothing special about them. They’re just grifters.

  23. aquarius64 says:

    Meghan’s lawyers have the ammunition to get those bullying charges dismissed. Refusing to investigate Andrew and any other bullying royal is tantamount to admitting KP trumped up those claims.

    • Jais says:

      I don’t think Megan wants the bullying investigation dismissed. At this point, a true and fair investigation would publicly exonerate her. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of investigation that’s happening.

  24. The other one says:

    I honestly don’t understand how more British citizens aren’t pushing to abolish the monarchy…

    • Bec215 says:

      At this rate, there’re likely to be a whole lot more of them before Charles’ time comes…

  25. The Recluse says:

    Let the birds come home to roost – a la Hitchcock.

  26. Mamasan says:

    I secretly wish Meat Loaf had shoved him in the moat.

  27. Bec215 says:

    Does no one remember Andrew’s nickname pre-Fergie was “Randy Andy”??? Or that this is the royal who openly dated actress Koo Stark, who was quickly cut off when it came to light she’d starred in at least one soft-core production…

    I always assumed he’d settled down with Fergie at the insistence of the palace, as his womanizing antics were constant and hugely embarrassing headline news.

    From the Guardian….”by the time of his separation in 1992, that kind of sycophancy had ebbed away. As Mayer puts it, “he very quickly went from being a sort of bachelor prince to being somebody who has no use, no purpose, spends money too obviously, takes too many flights, gets his bad nickname, gets married, gets divorced. He went from being the golden prince to being the embarrassing uncle in a series of very inevitable steps. And that was before he became as embarrassing as he is now.”” …. “The union with Sarah Ferguson was not an especially happy one – 10 years later, Ferguson joked that she passed the time renting videos while he frolicked with 27 concubines”… –The Party Prince; how Andrew got his bad reputation (Nov. 18, 2019)

    So please, spare me the “Meghan and Harry destroyed the monarchy!” B.S. If it falls apart, it will be on the shoulders of Andrew, Charles, and William for allowing their petty jealousies to consume them, and for not seeing the palace courtiers were wholly unprepared and incapable to adapt to modern media and societal shifts.

  28. Tessa says:

    Andrew Stans (and there are some) blame the employee not Andrew, like they blame VIrginia and not Harry. So pathetic.

  29. RoyalBlue says:

    The palace staff has declared war on the Sussexes and in their attempt to destroy them, they are prepared to make themselves look like inept fools.

  30. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    The royal family covered up abuse for years it didn’t just start with Andrew. That family protected and even gave medals and knighted known abusers that were staff. they would even ask their name to be taken out of police reports made on abusers and continued to employ them knowing full well the truth. Even some of the queens homes was known as the “pedo home”. They dont care about the people they care about wealth only.

  31. Serena says:

    Oh I’m so glad people are finally speaking out and I love the lowkey jab to the RP.