Crackheads are clever: Lindsay Lohan’s ingenious Parisian jewel heist

Yesterday, I noted several things about Lindsay Lohan’s three-week Paris jaunt. First, I think she would only be able to stay in Paris for three solid weeks if she found a really good dealer. Two, Paris does not agree with her, because she looks even more strung out there. Third, how in God’s name can Lindsay afford to go shopping day after day in Paris? Well, I’ve gotten an answer to my last question – and it’s a doozy. It seems our fair Lohan is up to the same old shenanigans as usual. Those shenanigans? Jewelry heists, Blohan-style.

The story is so ridiculously stupid/brilliant, it’s rather epic. Here’s what happened: Lindsay stopped by the showroom of Arielle de Pinto and “borrowed” some jewelry for a “magazine shoot”. To their credit, the people working in the showroom made sure to take an imprint of Lindsay’s credit card. Bippitey-bopity, Lindsay never returned the jewelry and she cancelled the credit card. Heist complete!

During Paris Fashion Week, we reported that Lindsay Lohan, the day before her so-called work at Ungaro was to debut, spent her time shopping at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and even presented the bill to Ungaro.

Then, after a hard day of retail therapy, she commenced with a wild night and had to cancel an interview with Suzy Menkes.

Now it seems that tarnishing the legacy of an haute fashion house wasn’t enough for the half-baked party girl. Three days ago, before leaving the City of Light and Ungaro in a hot mess of bad reviews, Lindsay dropped in on the Paris showroom of New York/Montreal-based accessories label Arielle de Pinto.

Ever-presumptuous, Lindsay wanted to “borrow” several one-of-a-kind samples for an unspecified party and shoot. Arielle’s team made an imprint of her black credit card—just in case. Sure enough, Lindsay just left Paris with the pieces. Can you guess the rest? When the showroom tried to charge the credit card, they were notified the card had been canceled.

[From HintMag]

Stupid/brilliant, right? It’s going to stop working just as soon as every jeweler around the world comes to the conclusion, at long last, to stop allowing Lindsay to “borrow” jewelry. As soon as she leaves your store with any sparkly bauble in her hot little hand, you’re never going to see that sh-t again, and you’re never going to be paid for it either.

Anyway, of course this mess is totally in line will Lindsay’s sticky finger history. There are so many incidents of her thievery, I actually can’t remember all of them. There were the missing $49,000 worth of jewelry she took from an actual magazine shoot. There was Lindsay’s theft of her “friend” Lauren Hastings’ clothes, there was that time she stole the fur coat. And most recently, there was the very fishy, sketchy, it-was-probably-a-Lohan burglary of Lindsay’s rented Los Angeles home, in which some-odd $2 million worth of “borrowed” jewelry was allegedly “stolen”. Ugh. This sh-t is getting old.

In one last piece of news that I think is vaguely related to Lindsay, it looks like Samantha Ronson has furtively moved out of her Los Angeles home while Lindsay was away in Paris. Radar is reporting that Samantha’s home – the site of so many of Lindsay’s cracked-out hissy fits– has been put up for rent for $4,395 a month. Radar points out that Samantha was moving out of her home at the same time Lindsay was moving out of her burgled home, just down the street, but I don’t remember it that way. I really think Samantha is on the run from Lindsay, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Lindsay will find it a lot harder to get in touch with Samantha when she returns to LA.

Lindsay is shown at a party with Mario Testino at Fashion Week in Paris on 10/6/09. Credit: ANG/Fame Pictures

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  1. Skippie says:


  2. Firestarter says:

    Her lips are stupid ridiculous! She looks horrible, and even the jewelry counter at KMart would have better sense than to “lend” Lohan anything, even a jeweler’s loop.

  3. BiggieShortie says:

    This is over the top crazy. Her card was probably CUT OFF by the creditor BEFORE she ever handed it over for the “imprint”. If those idiots bothered to run it first, they might still have their gems.
    I am so tired of this crack head and her fuckery.
    She is a common thief and druggie.

  4. e.non says:

    take a look at the men hovering around her in some of those photos. they look very sketchy — and i am totally expecting some hardcore video of her hitting the web some day. blitzed out of her mind, lohan is going to find herself in a very dark and dangerous place.

  5. BitterBetty says:

    What a mess. in the real world this cokehead would be in jail by now.

    honestly any jeweler dumb enough to even let her through the door just because she’s semi-famous deserve what they get.

  6. Firestarter says:

    Oh, and I hate this horizontal headband craze. They looked cute on flappers in the 1920’s, but even on babies they are dumb!

  7. Maritza says:

    She looks as old as her mother!

  8. gg says:

    The leering man humping her is famous photographer pedophile Mario Testino. He’s a slimelord.

    Love her fabulous outfit. Way to go, “genius”. 🙄

  9. puppybrite says:

    How can those horrible parents of hers sleep at night knowing their daughter is so messed up. She is obviously addicted to something and needs help. A parent’s job is to step in and HELP their children, not dismiss them as eccentric and move on to pimp out the next kid.

  10. lin234 says:

    I’ve never read negative news about Mario Testino. Just wondering what he has done for you to say he’s a pedophile. Just curious.

    I think everything has been said before about LL. If this is true, I hope companies will take legal action against her. She’s not really a special “starlet” anymore. With the Euro to Dollar exchange so bad not to mention conversion fees I was also curious how she was able to go on shopping sprees in Paris.

  11. flourpot says:

    Seriously? Is this story true? Borrowing jewelry and canceling your credit card you used for collateral. Isn’t that fraud or something? Arrestable? The girls a walking intervention. I can’t help but to feel sorry for her. She needs a slap, a shower and a cell. In that order.

  12. Eileen Yover says:

    She’s just a spoiled entitled brat who thinks everyone should be giving her the stuff anyway because she’s LL. I smell another Winona case coming up.

  13. Firestarter says:

    @GG- Do tell about Testino. I am familiar with him but not his antics. Spill!

  14. Bodhi says:

    I can’t stand LL any more than the next person & she clearly has some sticky fingers, but we don’t know for sure that she took the jewelry from that UK photo shoot. I mean, I think she took them, but there isn’t any proof & wild acusations bother me…

    Anywho, why in the hell are people still lending her things? I’m sure there are tabloids in France, how do people not know that shes gonna walk off with their stuff?!

  15. Fat Elvis says:

    She looks like Bret Michaels. Not good.

  16. YoMomma says:

    If this is true then she deserves to spend some time in jail. She needs to get over this “entitlement” issue she lives by. And you’re right – I was in Paris this summer and couldn’t afford anything at the Les Galeries Lafayette much less the specific designer stores. Hell, I could barely afford a cup of coffee. Shack her up with Polanski under house arrest for a few weeks. That should be fun.

  17. Ruby Red Lips says:

    If they know she has it then she’ll have to pay…surely?

    Her sense of self-entitlement is out of control, but as she keeps on getting away with illegal things, its just confirming that she is above the law.

    She looks wrecked in these photos…what a mess, does nobody care???

  18. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Actually thinking about Lindsay as an alcoholic & a drug taker – her parents should be charged with something for allowing this to continue & leaving Ali ‘home-schooled’ with her sister, they should be done for neglect or something

  19. javelin says:

    They should have taken her passport along with the credit card imprint! Maybe Roman Polanski would like a cellmate.

  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    And speaking of Ali, where was SHE during all this? My God, how many ways can this girl f*ck up before she gets put behind bars where she belongs and gets the help she so desperately needs?

    I agree too, charges have to be leveled against the “parents” of these kids. I just read that Dinah had the other kid DROP OUT OF COLLEGE to do a freaking movie!!!
    Where did I put my caffeine……..

  21. Lem says:

    that’s an insult to Brett Michaels

    she won’t stop. if any jewelry house is willing to lend her jewels it won’t stop. when they finally stop lending she’ll just pinch another way.
    expect burglary report in a hot gosslin minute

  22. elvisgrace says:

    Bracing for Dina Lohan spin impact in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…GO!

  23. TaylorB says:

    She still has a Black Card to take an ‘imprint’ (bad idea) from? Can you just imagine the balance on that thing…

  24. original kate says:

    my god – these photos are the worst i’ve ever seen of her. they actually depressed me.

  25. Gistine says:

    Ashtray face.

  26. crash2GO2 says:

    She needs to go in jail and stay there for awhile. It will eventually happen. She can’t avoid it forever.

  27. mercymay says:

    I agree with the writer – anyone who’s stupid enough to “LOAN” this skank anything deserves to lose it. What I don’t get is why isn’t anyone charging her with robbery?

  28. Kikker says:

    put her in jail!

  29. GatsbyGal says:

    Well, is she going to get sued or something or what? Surely they’re not just going to LET her take their jewelry without any consequences. Her ass needs to be in prison. I can’t believe all the shit she’s been allowed to get away with.

  30. Squirtle says:

    Ugh it’s so sad, she really looks horrible.

    Feast your eyes on the next Anna Nicole Smith.

  31. Firestarter says:

    Anna Nicole Smith never looked that bad, not even in her grave!

  32. I Choose Me says:

    Why isn’t her thieving ass in JAIL???!!!!!

    Seriously, I think jail time would do her a world of good.

  33. la chica says:

    if you or i stole ten dollars we’d be arrested stat. this woman [allegedly] steals millions of dollars of jewelry and she remains untouchable. how the f*** does that work?

  34. Nicole says:

    That has got to be one of the most hideous getups I’ve ever seen! I read somewhere that she claimed she and the jewelers had a nice chuckle about this misunderstanding. But who the hell knows with this one.

  35. isabelle says:

    what happened to her lip?

  36. Cleora Gembe says:

    I would wish to compliment you for the attempts you have made in putting out this article. I am asking the said nice work from you again as well.

  37. Christine says:

    I agree with the writer – anyone who’s stupid enough to “LOAN” this skank anything deserves to lose it. What I don’t get is why isn’t anyone charging her with robbery?