Tom Holland & Zendaya’s New York date nights are completely adorable

Please, these are some of the cutest photos I’ve ever seen!! Tom Holland and Zendaya were in New York this week, I think for work but also for fun. They were spotted outside their hotel on Wednesday, heading out for a date night. Look at them! I love all of it. I love that Tom wore his fancy lil’ suit and turtleneck. I love Zendaya’s shirtdress and pantyhose. I love that they’re both wearing masks. I especially love the way they’re holding hands. Zendaya didn’t give Tom her whole hand, she only gave him a few fingers as they were leaving the hotel. That man is CLINGING to those fingers for dear life. I continue to find them so, so adorable.

On Wednesday night, they were likely headed to a screening of Tom’s latest movie, Uncharted. Then on Thursday night, they had a date night at the Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Tom’s brother Sam joined them, as did Zendaya’s costar and friend Hunter Schafer.

Did… did Zendaya go to New York just to hang out with Tom and support him during his promo, and go on New York dates with him? I think so. And I love it.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    I love that shirt dress!

  2. Léna says:

    I really like Tom’s look! They are really cute together

  3. LBB says:

    I love all of it!!!

  4. Nora says:

    Her hair looks So good in the shirt dress pictures. Like hair envy for miles and miles.

    • Louise177 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Usually Zendaya’s outfits are the star but her hair looks amazing in these photos.

  5. Red says:

    I love that they don’t care about their height difference, it’s so nice to see! They’re really cute together.

    • fluffybunny says:

      I know. She’s even in heels. He’s not some loser like Tom Cruise who makes his woman wear flats.

    • Accidental_Tica says:

      I think that is just a big man’s shirt cinched with a nice belt. Look at the length of the sleeves.

  6. Nanea says:

    Those two are so awwdorable when they’re out together.

    At the hockey match, Tom wore a Rangers shirt that said *Zendaya* on his back, and hers read *Holland*.

    Good to see them all grown up and confident, so they don’t feel the need to hide their relationship any longer.

    • Stevie says:

      Swapping the his-n-hers hockey sweaters is so corny and adorable that I, by my very nature, should hate it. But I do not! I am completely charmed!

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        With you on this. They are just very sexy cute in the most awdorkable way. It’s a really good thing to see.

  7. Sasha says:

    Honestly I think Zendaya is besotted with him. Everyone kind of wants to act like Tom is blessed to be with her and I think he adores her too, but it’s DEFINITELY reciprocated. I think they’re a great couple. I would love it if they went the distance!

    • sunny says:

      I think they are so adorable together. They definitely seem to respect, admire, and adore one another and they make each other laugh.

      Lovely to see.

    • mimic says:

      Sasha, Thank you!! Yes, I think they are EQUALLY besotted with each other, and it bugs me big time to keep perpetuating the narrative that he is “holding on to dear life” to her, implying that he is so beneath her and should be thankful to have her love. That’s ridiculous. Of course, Zendaya is a stunning queen. But, Tom is totally adorable and, from what has been said about him, incredibly kind; and he has loads of charm! She clearly believes him to be worthy of her, and reciprocates the heart eyes for him as well. I just LOVE these two together, and embrace all their displays of affection after all those years of hiding. Can’t wait to see more!!

      • CourtneyB says:

        100% agree. They both seem like they know the other is awesome and they’re lucky to be with them. They look equally besotted to me.

    • Stevie says:

      During No Way Home press, she was incredibly giggly and handsy in their interviews. He had heart eyes, too, and clearly delighted in making her laugh.

      Help me, these kids have me INVESTED.

  8. Case says:

    I love this couple. So cute and seem genuinely happy together.

  9. Becks1 says:

    I love them in general, and I love these outfits. Coordinating without looking matchy, they just look really…suave and sophisticated, lol.

  10. The Hench says:

    I read this story after digesting the latest shenanigans from Alice Evans. What a lovely palate cleanser by comparison. Great to see a cute, successful, happy couple just having fun. Long may it last.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go the distance. They seem truly in love with each other and ready for the next stage. I love it for them.

  12. whatWHAT? says:

    she is gorgeous, and he is so dapper, and THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!

    I hope they are happy and stay together for a long time.

  13. Normades says:

    I’m wondering if that’s really a shirt dress or just a man’s shirt she’s wearing as a dress. Either way love the look and love that pantyhose are back in style.

  14. Gertrude says:

    They’re adorable. I love that she wears sky-high heels and that they’re height difference is of no concern.

  15. girl_ninja says:

    They are both in complete adoration of each other and they clearly have a great friendship. I love seeing them happy and in love. I think about other couples their age like Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey and you can see a clear difference in maturity and respect for one another.

  16. LRob says:

    Agree. They are adorable.

  17. Mina_Esq says:

    I love that Tom totally acknowledges that he is dating a goddess and is not intimidated by it at all! And that he lifts her up instead of tearing her down in order to make himself feel bigger. And I love that Z is dating a “good guy”. She is not self-destructive in the way some women are. I love this couple. Adorable. They are both goofs and proud of it lol

  18. Dee Kay says:

    My husband raved for 5 min yesterday about how cute these pics are!!!! Even ppl who don’t follow celebs at all are taken with this couple’s adorableness.

  19. fluffybunny says:

    Tom was on Kelly and Ryan this morning and said he hasn’t recently purchased a house in London and has no clue how or why that story started making it’s rounds. And he talks to his mom every day.

  20. Dutch says:

    Cute add to the hockey pics. They were custom jerseys. Tom’s had “Zendaya” on the back and hers had “Holland” on the back.

  21. Tiredmomof2 says:

    Are they really dating, or is this publicity for their movie? Hoping they are truly dating, bc I find them adorable together.

    • Tiglilly says:

      NWH is already number 3 ever. Neither of their new projects involve the other. Those outside the Marvel/Sony world may not realize Tom has already done 6 marvel movies and they want him to do 9 more (2 solo trilogies and 1 new avengers series) . They are all going to be blockbusters without her presence. The producers love him and Stan Lee called him the perfect Spider-Man. He has $$$ as long as he wants

    • CourtneyB says:

      I think they’ve been dating, at least intermittently, since the first one. If anything, they played down a relationship so it wouldn’t seem for PR. I think this being, theoretically, the last one (since until Thor 4 marvel did solo trilogies) allowed them to step out so publicly.

    • Annak says:

      I wish to see more couples like them and ladies choosing the good guy. It makes such a difference in your life. We are somehow conditioned to choose the bad boy, to believe we can change him and “real love” need drama. It doesn’t. And being with someone that is so good to you is absolutely freeing. Love them
      together, they look like they are best friends, not only a couple.

  22. Ginny says:

    It just hit me that they might grace us with a Met Gala appearance!!

  23. Jais says:

    I haven’t watched the Spider-Man movies so I’m not obsessed with Tom. He seems cute, shrug. However, I saw an old vid of him, zendaya, and someone else doing a popular dance trend and it was so cute. They were all really good. This was way back before the first film but remember being like a yeah, a guy that can dance, yes please. No further explanation.

  24. Normades says:

    In all these NY pics they’re accompanied by the same very hot blonde bodyguard (or at least I think he’s security).

  25. serena says:

    They truly are adorable and I kind of love them.

  26. K says:

    Love the hair and dress it’s such a nod to the 80s Glamazon look. These two I LOOOOVE THEM!!!!

  27. Sof says:

    There’s more footage of them, I think shopping? Zendaya is wearing a hat and mask that covers her 100% and Tom is seen helping her and embracing her, it’s really cute.
    Can’t believe people think this relationship is fake!
    Also: They did not call Hunter “Euphoria’s star”, c’mon! And I’m pretty sure the guy next to Tom is an actor too, he looks familiar.

  28. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    I survive the horror of mom jeans and now we’re on to pantyhose??? Nooooooo 😭

  29. MelOn says:

    I’m almost embarrassed by how much I like them as a couple and I don’t usually care about things like that.

    • CourtneyB says:

      Me too! Lol I’m old enough to be their mom. But they seem like actual nice, well adjusted, professionals that I can’t help but root for them. They just look so happy.

      • Anna says:

        I could be their (very young :D) mum and I hope my daughter will find someone who looks at her like that!

  30. myjobistoprincess says:

    I love these 2! I’m gonna be devastated if they ever break up! Tom & Zendaya forever!

  31. Louise says:

    I don’t really see the hype with these two. Just bland, overrated actors.

  32. Sazz says:

    She’s so gorgeous and he is lovely and talented. She’s also talented, mind you.