Brad Pitt sued Angelina Jolie when he knew she would be out of the country

Late Thursday, the news came out that Brad Pitt was suing Angelina Jolie following the sale of her half of the Miraval estate and winery. Go here to see my coverage from Friday – I detailed all of the legal back-and-forth which happened over the course of most of 2021. The long story short: Angelina informed Brad that she had lined up a buyer for her half of Miraval but he blanked her, so she went to court and she won, even though Brad fought her and made a huge fuss about it. The court affirmed that she had every legal right to sell her half of the chateau and winery. Now Brad is suing her because of a vague and non-legally-binding “understanding” he claims he had with Jolie that she couldn’t sell to someone else, etc. It doesn’t feel like Pitt has much of a legal leg to stand on, and perhaps his larger aim was just to attack and smear his ex-wife yet again. Apparently, he timed it for when Angelina was traveling:

In a statement to ET, Jolie’s attorney, Robert Olson, says his client “has not yet been served, and we are instead learning about the complaint from the media who appear to have been given access to the report to create a press story prior to Ms. Jolie even being served.”

Olson added, “I understand that Mr. Pitt is aware that Ms. Jolie is on a long-haul commercial international flight with their children, out of reach, and unable to respond.”

[From ET]

So, Brad knew Jolie was out of town with the kids and that’s why Brad and all of his busy misogynist bees decided to brief TMZ and Page Six about the lawsuit as they were filing it. How petty and juvenile.

As for the lawsuit, as commenters have pointed out, in January, Tenute del Mondo (which now owns half of Miraval) sued Brad Pitt and his operating company, Mondo Bongo. Since Jolie sold Nouvel (her half) to Tenute del Mondo, Brad and his team have refused to communicate with their new business partners and “have continued to act as if they were the controlling shareholders of both companies.” First off, that was one of Jolie’s complaints and one of the reasons why she sold her half: Brad was actively cutting her out of business decisions and he was mismanaging her half of their investment. Second of all, almost no mainstream outlet is doing any reporting on Tenute del Mondo’s lawsuit against Pitt, which (again) predates Pitt’s lawsuit against Jolie. Curious then that TMZ and Page Six were SO well-briefed about Pitt’s lawsuit.

Speaking of Pitt actively leaking against Jolie (once again, while she’s out of the country), Us Weekly had a curious story with “Pitt sources” telling all about the poor baby who cried and cried when mean Angelina stole his favorite winery!! One source told Us that Jolie “made the negotiations difficult and was not being fair” when Pitt tried to purchase her half, and then he was “blindsided” when she actually sold it (he was not, he was already dragging her into court). One source said: “He assumed they’d work it out because she knows how important the winery is to him… [she sold it] out from under him…out of the blue…[he was] devastated.” The same source even goes so far as to claim that Jolie sold Nouvel “just to punish him. She did it to hurt him.” Please read that with the necessary high-pitched squeal and some foot-stomping. Brad was really going all out for this one, wasn’t he? What a loser. What a contemptible, abusive jackass.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Between Depp, Pitt and Ye we are getting to see some next level emotional abuse delivered via the media.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Any excuse is good to abuse their ex wives for those you mentioned above.

      We’re seeing emotional abuse in the press every day and it should be recognised as such by the press too.

    • serena says:

      Honestly, you said it, I’m so disgusted by how far these excuses of men will go to smear their exes (and, for some, mother of their children).

    • Laylin says:

      He shouldn’t have been anywhere near an vineyard. Her exact words were she didn’t want go tied to anything alcohol related. And I’m almost certain his addiction may play a large part in that reasoning. He wanted to keep her tied to him business wise too. She even went out of her way to offer him her half before she sold to Stoli (the company currently suing Pitt because he refuses to show them- his business partners- his financials) and he refused to buy her out for what her half was truly worth. He leaked it to the press and then when he saw that the public wasn’t on his side, he set forth bots on social media to drown out her support. It’s classic abuse tactic and just two weeks after her speech on domestic violence? Not at all a coincidence.

      • trudy says:

        He’s so gross, everyone pitt-ied and rallied for him after his rage slaplanding, everyone ignores his shoddy encampment and really depp-ly believes she’s vile and evil…..

  2. Sammie says:

    I’m sorry that is a manipulative and calculated decision to inflict as much stress and pain as possible. She couldn’t even defend herself. Vile man, public image is the end goal and it will be a lonely one.

    I found it interesting the poor Brad narrative didn’t spread through the media like wildfire / it seems his team clocked on that it was not working this time. Coincidentally this morning all the pro-AJ tweets have been bombed by pro-Brad comments seeking to discredit her (homewrecker/alienating/mental illness/liar). Looks like he may have deployed a bot army against the mother of his children as they all appeared in coordination.

    • Ameerah says:

      Yup. Yesterday all of a sudden there were all the pro-Brad tweets from small accounts. Calling Angelina a home wrecker (they really need to get a new argument) and talking about how she wasn’t a real star until she got with Brad. Which is laughable for anyone who was old enough to remember that time. Angelina raised HIS star.

      • Oh_Hey says:

        That one burns me up. By the time they met she had won 3 golden globes in a row and her Oscar. She had been in two Tomb Raiders with huge box office numbers and had already been deep into her humanitarian work after adopting Maddox.

        There are lies. Damn lies. And then that garbage right there.

      • Simon-Smon says:

        Despite all the PR fluffs the Pitt camp keeps trotting out, I really don’t think Pitt can carry a film. Almost all his commercially successful films are ensembles (Oceans franchise), or equally carried by another movie star (Interview with an Vampire, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Mr and Mrs Smith), or he was in a support role. Meet Joe Black didn’t make even; Fight Club lost money.

    • Coco says:

      Yes Pitt pots were on here too with that BS most of the comments made no sense. I know so of those were deleted.

      I’ve seen Pitts twitter bot are being called out and meet with facts and receipts.

      Pitt it try to cover up for the MIR lawsuit that many media outlets pick up and his new lawsuit by Tenute del Mondo that was starting to gain media traction.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    Brad is very manipulative. If he cared so much about the winery, why didn’t he buy her half when they decided to divorce? He tried to keep her tied to him via the winery.

    • Nycgirl says:

      That’s the thing he didn’t wanna buy it from her. The ass wanted her to stay in business with him and wanted to control everything. He really thought this was Jen but he got the wrong one. I can’t imagine my own dad suing my mom over a wine business.

      • Simon-Smon says:

        Or even, he really doesn’t have enough cash to buy back. One’s net worth doesn’t necessarily translate to cash wealth.

      • Veil says:


        If I remember correctly that was one of the main problems during their negotiations. He wasn’t able to produce the money within the time threshold

      • Mumzy says:

        I read the lawsuit filed by Jolie’s attorney and this is way more complicated than is being reported (even here). Pitt is suing to block her (court-approved) sale (to the parent company of Stoli, out of Russia). She did notify everyone in advance of the sale.

        Pitt and Jolie each have their own individual holding companies. To buy Miraval Chateau and Winery, those individual companies, together created a 3rd holding company in Luxembourg, and that company made the purchase. She owned 40% and he owned 50%. A short while later, though, Pitt sold her 10% of his shares for €1 at which time they were then equal owners. What Brad is doing with his suit is trying to cancel the sale he made to her of his extra 10% because if they weren’t equal owners, she couldn’t have sold her equal shares to Stoli. Pitt is suing in Luxembourg. The problem for Jolie’s defense in this, is that in Luxembourg courts, you can’t ask for suit-related documents, you have to ask for *specific* documents giving precise details including their date, exactly what was said, by whom they were written, and to whom they were addressed. This prevents “fishing for information” but is also a serious problem when you need documentation that has always been kept from you. To address this, she has now just petitioned a California court (where they both reside and where their original holding companies are based) to try to get any documentation she absolutely must have to fight him in Luxembourg. In summary, Pitt himself is suing in Luxembourg to undo the 10% extra sale he made to her—giving her equal partnership. She needs documents he has refused to hand over, so she is asking California courts for what she needs to aid in her defense.

        This is all on top of the other legal issues which are and will be being addressed (of particular concern to Stoli) including Pitt not keeping management and board members (of which there must be three but there have only been 2 and he’s not asking or answering to anyone) in place, obstructing the attempt to get management and board members, and of course the issue of him spending, without permission, well over $50 MILLION of company funds for “garment work”, a swimming pool, and chateau renovations—things is in no way business related. There is also “uncollected rent” which sounds like he has been living in the company-owned property without reimbursing the company.

      • Mumzy says:

        CORRECTION TO TYPO ABOVE….when they originally purchased he owned 60% and she owned 40%…his subsequent 10% sale gave her equal ownership

      • Flffgrrrlr says:

        @mumzy – thanks – that’s really interesting and helpful. But the name “Quimicum” – lol lol lol. Once upon a time they together had a sense of fun, before all of this.

      • Christine says:

        THANK YOU, Mumzy!

    • Myra says:

      How else would he control her and have access to her if he had bought her half. He didn’t want to buy her out, he didn’t want her to sell her half. He is an abusive jerk that cannot let go.

      • Nycgirl says:

        Exactly. He wants to control everything she does even where she lives. This isn’t love like some people think it’s abuse and controlling.

    • superashes says:

      She gave him a right of first refusal that he was entitled to previously. His issue was that he didn’t want to acknowledge her as a 50% owner, and tried to set aside a 10% gift he had made previously to reduce her stake. When that effort failed, she went ahead and sold and he was unwilling to match the price. Arguing now that there was some prohibition on any sale would (in any legally rational universe) be eroded by the very existence of a right of first refusal that he himself tried to enforce previously (which, in legal shorthand, means a right to match a third party sales offer).

      This suit is exactly what it looks like, an effort to confuse and delay the mismanagement case pending against him.

      • TEALIEF says:

        Brad Money Pitt. His idea of a business partnership is the Wimpy model: I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday For a Hamburger Today.”
        He has undoubtedly done this to businesses he contracted work from, who are now his creditors. Unless the “understanding” he speaks of is codified on paper, it doesn’t exist. He was, and still is, making business decisions without consulting the partner. He has been incurring debt for which she, as a former partner in the business, and the new shareowners are liable. He’s a leech who coopts, and uses other people’s money and talents. An all around abuser: physical, financial, and emotional. A willful blockhead who doesn’t realise that the litigation he’s facing on multiple fronts can be used against him – pattern of conduct. Launching a false flag op against his ex is not going to stop the other parties ongoing suits.

    • Eurydice says:

      @Mumzy – this is really fascinating, thanks. At the same time, it seems unnecessarily complex. I get that Pitt and Jolie are essentially corporations, but there must have been a simpler way to buy a winery.

  4. Ninks says:

    Between his mismanagement of the winery and his mismanagement of the housing project in New Orleans, it’s almost as if Brad isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

  5. Jan says:

    Brad at some point you have to realize that Angie only ties to you, will be your children.
    Like an American court can undo a legal sale in France.
    I want Angie to start suing you for your frivolous lawsuits.

  6. NYCgirl says:

    Brad really thinks this is still the 90’s and early 2000’s where he gets away with shit because of his looks and charisma? Dude 90% of people are team Angelina right now.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve thought about that aspect often since their split. He’s probably never been told no, or had anyone stand up to him, or been held accountable. Totally skated by on looks and charisma, as you said. Dated a teenage Juliette Lewis in his late 20s? No one batted an eye, because he was a movie star. Ditched his first wife for a costar? He got people to blame her for not having kids with him, and jumped into “philanthropy” so he could be seen as untouchable. Second wife hauls ass outta there with the kids because of his abuse? Orchestrates media smears against her for years. Reputation starting to tarnish? Gets a sympathetic GQ cover story.
      But I think the facade is maybe, finally, starting to crumble. He’s being hit with multiple lawsuits about MIR and the winery, Angelina isn’t backing down, and he can’t even manufacture a proper PR girlfriend, let along get a real one.

      • t'otter says:

        “he can’t even manufacture a proper PR girlfriend, let along get a real one.”

        Seriously! That last attempt petered out with “well, they stood near each other at a concert a couple years ago and seemed to have a good time.” SO PATHETIC!!!

  7. Eurydice says:

    I’ll admit that Brad Pitt holds no interest for me so forgive my ignorance – if he loves the winery so much then why doesn’t he offer to buy the other half from the new investors?

    • Lara says:

      He can’t afford it! He also could have bought angie’s share but he didnt 1. Because he wanted keep control of her and 2. Because he couldnt afford it and thought she was asking too much. Obviously he thought she couldnt find a buyer but she did!! And now he’s pissed with his new partner trying to control his spending

  8. AJ says:

    Wow! What a loser he is. He needs to just sell his half of the winery and move on. Interestingly, I read that tweet about the company suing him and he spent over a million dollars on a pool there! A MILLION dollars! I need to see that pool right now

    • Mireille says:

      I think he’s definitely doing this as a way to still exhibit control over her, but I also feel, with the other partner suing him and they have deeper pockets, he’s in danger of losing the winery. Angie’s move to sell was legal, the new partner has a right to be informed of business decisions being made on Miraval which Brad is cutting them out of, his back is up against the wall. He’s got no defense on either. I predict he will be forced to sell.

      And when that happens, he’ll blame Angie and that, I fear, will magnify his efforts to get back at her.

      Sorry for the sloppy writing. Hard to type on an iPhone.

    • Ennie says:

      If you google in the maps app, there is a long, long narrow pool with some sort of bridge. I don’t recall seeing i mmm the pics before. It could be that, or he could have made an indooor pool. Who knows?
      He made major renovations to the recording studio, it must have been loads if money.

    • lucy2 says:

      I wonder if he bothered to pay the pool contractor. Remember the lighting designer who won a lawsuit against him for non-payment? He’s just dumping money into that place, meanwhile won’t settle with his ex-wife, and won’t help the MIR victims whose homes are rotting out from under them.

  9. ScarcasmQueen says:

    Sounds like Brad didn’t want anyone else to know how badly his team was managing things.

  10. Mireille says:

    This would be funny if this wasn’t so dangerously abusive. She wanted out. Out of their marriage and from their business arrangements, and he dragged his feet on both. When she offered to sell to him, he wouldn’t or couldn’t buy her shares. He used this property to continual to manhandle her, using her money to make business decisions without her input or consent.

    I’m curious. What’s going to be his defense in court against her? Judge, please make her pay restitution for selling her shares because she hurt my feelings? She promised me she wouldn’t sell. She really did!!! We were at Starbucks having lattes when said she said so! Here, I have a receipt for the lattes…

    This must be abuser spouse week with Kanye, Brad, and Alice Evans making headlines.

    • NycGirl says:

      It won’t even make it to court. He’s trying to distract and trying to get the public’s support by leaking this information.

    • superashes says:

      He just last year was trying to sue to enforce a right of first refusal, which to be enforceable would, in part, mean a right to sell to a third-party existed in the first place. I think her defense is basically going to just be to gesture wildly at the pleadings from that case which resulted in a judicial decision that she could sell, and that will be the end of it, and Brad’s attempt at a sideshow to delay and create leverage in the other action will have just pissed off his business partner and ultimately added fuel to their mismanagement case.

  11. Andrea1 says:

    The veil is falling off! People are now seeing Brad for what he truly is a dangerous white male abusive and deadbeat father.
    Twitter is having none of his shenanigans they’re calling him out with plenty evidence I am very happy this is happening. Brad won’t be able to keep this up any longer. He called his partner a Russian oligarch an inflammatory statement. His partners will be ruthless with him and leave him shaking in his booths. This is no Angie that’s been playing with him calmly.

    • Oria says:

      You’re so right. He will never be able to recover his image. People see him now.
      That whole PR buff where he was so woke and healed after doing years of therapy in 2019, did not age well.

      He hasn’t learned a god damn thing and it will be stuck to his name until he is in his grave.

      If this is the hill he wants to die on, so be it. Angelina has already won in my eyes.

  12. Grace says:

    He has always used Angelina as a scapegoat. Can you imagine suing the mother of your kids?! He is not even pretending anymore that he cares about the state of his relationship with the kids.

    • Nycgirl says:

      The article his people dropped for his bday made it seem he has given up on the kids. They said it’s unfortunate but it is what is it. Trash.

    • Mireille says:

      For him, it’s never been about their family or the kids, it’s always been about getting revenge against her for leaving him. He’s a vindictive, spiteful POS who’s still NOT sober after all these years and still has supervised visits with the kids. And misogynistic Hollywood, TMZ, Page Sux, and his fans continue to coddle him.

      • NYCgirl says:

        Didn’t someone say he had an intervention recently? This man is a walking mid life crisis with addictions who’s surrounded by a bunch of yes men. He looks awful and wears the same shitty clothes all that bitterness is eating him up inside.

      • Mireille says:

        Yes, there was an Instagram post about something or the other and it was not really focused on Brad, but it had an interesting tidbit about Brad’s friends staging an intervention. It didn’t work. I think they got as far as getting him to rehab, but he didn’t stay for long. Someone screenshot the post and it made the rounds on Twitter but then it was taken down on Instagram. Either his PR or the person who posted it saw that that it was getting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons and took it down. His inner circle knows he’s in trouble and needs help.

        For me, I felt that Zoom script reading he did for Fast Times as Ridgemont high was proof positive he’s not sober. He looked disheveled, out of sorts, and filthy. But all I saw for comments on Twitter and media was how hot he still is and he’s soooooo sexy at age 50+. They’re just enabling him. He’s never going to seek help or change.

    • Veil says:


      That was when multiple women were calling out Thomas and he ended up deleting his account right after. Very suspicious. Would not be surprised if it was true

  13. NycGirl says:

    When people ask is he really bitter and vindictive I just tell them look at his war tank tattoo pointed at his family tattoo. He just recently got that done last year this man is sick and clearly not over being dumped by his family. A war tank he’s really in war with them.

  14. AC says:

    You are an alcoholic and fighting over a winery?

    • AmyB says:

      I had that thought too! There is no way he is sober – no way!! A truly sober person does not behave like he does.

  15. Ennie says:

    I guess he loves the winery more than he did his family.

  16. detritus says:

    I really appreciate this coverage. No where else seems to be picking up the threads of what Pitt is doing.
    Everyone seems to have forgotten he hurt his children.

    • Coco says:

      Pitt and his team are paying other media outlets to not pick up on these stories .

      • Sammie says:

        iirc there is video footage that shows Brad intoxicated on the runway in a fuel truck after he assaulted his family but NDAs have since been signed and his PR machine buried it and bought out rights. I think TMZ/Lainey briefly covered it (or had access to it). Could be remembering things incorrectly as his media manipulation is extensive!

      • Coco says:

        His PR team have paid off and buried pictures of him intoxicated in public that people have posted on social media.

  17. Case says:

    I saw this reported over the weekend in a few places and was so alarmed to see mostly pro-Brad, anti-Angelina rhetoric. I guess it’s the same BS Johnny Depp does with bots to make it seem like his innocence is the answer everyone believes but…really disheartened me. I mostly talk about pop culture on here and so I have no concept of what the wider internet thinks about these things. I guess I should just stay in my cocoon here where people are sane lol.

    • Coco says:

      Anti-Pitt was training on social media on Friday and it seems that Pitt spent a lot of money on paid bots to write pro-Pitt this weekend.

      Personally I don’t find it disheartening because the narrative is false and paid for by Pitt and his PR team which is pathetic. What came out Friday was the real public opinion before Pitt sent out his bots .

    • Nycgirl says:

      May I ask where are you seeing mostly pro Pitt? I’ve seen people mostly team angelina especially on twitter where it actually matters imo. Daily mail doesn’t count is full of incels and trump supporters who have always hated Angelina.

  18. forgotuser12 says:

    This is never going to end, is it?

  19. Mich says:

    Just read the lawsuit pages in that text. The claim is that Brad hasn’t been abiding by the company bylaws when it comes to appointing directors, has been mingling personal expenses with business expenses, and has been transferring assets from the winery (a company he only owns half of) to a separate company (that he presumably owns 100% of). I would be surprised if French tax authorities don’t come knocking. For starters, using a business as a personal bank account is a bigly no-no.

    Someone above mentioned the more than US$1M for a pool but the winery also spent $50M on ‘building renovations’. I wonder if the winery paid for renovating the house. Is the house a separate business entity? If ‘yes’, wow. That is so illegal.

    • Veil says:

      >Is the house a separate business entity?

      Yes it is which is why he’s going to have a huge problem. That’s why they asked if he was using the property as his own personal residence. Both partners own 50/50 of the property. he can’t just take over.

      • Mich says:

        Wow. Years ago, my business partner (who 100% managed all of our financial compliance) majorly defrauded the government tax-wise. Because of the type of business we were registered as, I was equally personally liable even though I had no idea it was going on. I didn’t even have access to our bank accounts. It was a nightmare. If Angie owns 50%, I wonder what her liability is. Thank goodness she has good lawyers!

      • Veil says:


        What a horrible mess! The new partners actually accused him of potential fraud as well. They also mentioned how the Chateau is already in multiple tax lawsuits. that’s why he is scrambling.

    • lucy2 says:

      Ooooo that’s going to get so messy. Don’t mess with the tax man!

  20. Trish says:

    Brad is a shit heel. He really has the masses fooled. What a pos. No wonder Maddox wanted to fight him. I want to fight him at this point.

  21. serena says:

    When I hear/read of Brad Pitt now, the first think that comes to mind is “pathetic snake”, now add abusive and loser and the picture is perfect.

  22. jferber says:

    Coward. He’s really f-cked up so badly. Just stop, Brad.

  23. facts says:

    Brad is sliding on a slippery slope and letting anger and spite take him to places he should never go. I think he surrounded by toxic people and that isn’t helping any. There is no way he thinks a court will take a promise as evidence. Plus they werent married at the time and she offered and he had time to counter offer the third time. WTF is wrong seriously.
    The Russian Olergarch is actually trying to help him better the business and he is stonewalling and throwing a tantrum like a big baby,
    Seems Angelina doesn’t care what he is saying or filing because her silence is evident.

  24. Seriously says:

    Considering all the crap Angie has pulled behind Brad’s back, including selling Miraval after agreeing not to in court documents, it’s moronic that you are whining about when Brad filed.

  25. Anita says:

    @seriously Your comment is untrue and funny!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Anita says:

    @seriously those documents don’t exist. What does exist, is the court approving Angelina to sell her shares as Nouvel.
    Nice try, but all lies….

    • Seriously says:

      Dear Anita –

      Read the ATRO dismissal. As has been reported by multiple media outlets, in the ATRO dismissal it states that Brad does not consent to Angie selling her share of Miraval and that Angie doesn’t consent to Brad selling his share of Miraval. The document is signed by both Brad and Angie and their respective lawyers. Go Google it.

      Furthermore, French law states that in a family-owned business anyone who wishes to sell has their shares has to file notice with the French court and have it notarized. Other family members have the right of first-refusal. The person who wants to sell has to notify the the other shareholders that they want to sell, and if they have an offer pending, they have to inform the other shareholders of that offer, who it’s from and how much it’s for. Angie did NONE of those things in France. Ergo, Brad can sue her not only in France, And who knows, maybe he can also sue her in Luxembourg, which is Miraval’s corporate home. As Brad states in his lawsuit, they had an agreement written into the Quimicum by-laws. Now why would he lie about something like that in a court document when it’s provable just by producing their written agreement? Guess you’ll have to wait for the trial to find out. Bye, Felicia!

      • Veil says:

        Just because it said they don’t consent doesnt mean they NEED the consent or even agreed to give each other consent. People have gone over that several times.

        Brad lied multiple times in court documents that went to the Supreme Court so what are you even saying?

      • Coco says:

        As I said below she did notify Brad and his lawyer about her wanting to sell and finding a buyer and he had first refusal. . I guess you missed the part where she sent, all of this information to the French courts last year and they still allowed to to sell and throughout Pitts case. She was cleared the sale her half of the business.

        Let’s talk about why Pitt want show Stoli’s CO what he did with the millions of dollars he took out of the business and what he did with the money ? Or what happened to the 40 million that was raised in 2015, not there anymore even though MIR hadn’t built or repaired any of the homes.

  27. Anita says:

    @seriousl Try again Brad, no one cares! I have read it! Bye Felicia? 😅😅😅😅 no one uses that you are really dated.

  28. Coco says:

    Hi Brad 🤡

    I see you sent your bots out earlier today to spread false information, so pathetic.

    ( shares has to file notice with the French court and have it notarized. Other family members have the right of first-refusal. The person who wants to sell has to notify the the other shareholders that they want to sell, and if they have an offer pending, they have to inform the other shareholders of that offer, who it’s from and how much it’s for. )

    She did all of this and more and Pitt was even crying about it last year . Try again Brad try again. 😀😂

  29. Nichelle says:

    I’m supposed to believe that I knew she had a buyer waiting for the legal go-ahead and HE didn’t? Ok.
    He has some nerve to be talking about consent and consulting when he spent money and made moves without informing her before she sold. Even ignored her.

    • Facts II says:

      Of course Brad knew she had a buyer because Angelina said so when she filed to lift the ATRO…you know the ATRO that LA judge allowed to be dismissed as per Angelina’ request and where Brad said he was not consenting to the sell of her shares, just as Seriously said?

      And Brad has every right to talk about consenting because it’s the law. Brad alleges that it’s also written into the Quimicum by-laws. I say alleges because I haven’t seen the documents so I won’t state it as fact as most seem to do here without having seen any of the pertinent documents. If it’s true and it is written in Brad & Angelina’s agreement, and we know it’s true with French law, then Angelina was required to notify Brad she had a buyer and a deal on the table, was required to disclose the terms of the deal and allow him an option to buy on those terms…but she did none of that. And how do we know this? In one of her filings (she filed twice) to lift the ATRO, she stated she had a potential buyer who made her sign an NDA not to disclose to Brad and his partners, the Perrins, who they were or the terms of the deal. That is some shady shady business Angelina has going on with the Russian oligarch. And that’s another question…how in the world, as a humanitarian, did Angelina think it was a good thing to do business with one of Putin’s bitches??!!

      • Coco says:

        Hi Brad 🤡

        Still spending your false information and BS. She took all of her stuff to the French courts and they allowed her to sale and go ahead with the sale to the third party and later dismissed his lawsuit he filed last year about it.

        Like what was posted by myself and many others Pitt knew about the sale .

        Pitt himself has not complying with with the when it comes to appointing directors, and is being sued for mingling personal expenses with business expenses, and has been transferring assets from the winery he in partnership with to a separate company. Which is illegal should we also talk about the 40 million that was raised in 2015, thats not there anymore even though MIR hadn’t built or repaired any of the homes.

      • Veil says:

        Why are you going by a different name when we KNOW it’s you Seriously? You keep repeating wrong information and it’s pathetic at this point. If you knew anything about French law then you would know they have Right of First Offer AND Right of first refusal. You DO NOT have to bring your negotiations back to a shareholder with Right of first offer. You just have to give them first pick.

        >Angelina think it was a good thing to do business with one of Putin’s bitches??!!

        Putin has been at war with them for YEARS. He doesn’t even live in Russia

  30. facts says:

    I see his fans are out about trying to sell snake oil like him. Brad filed a suit against Angie a few years back about his 10 shares he sold to her. He brought it up again when she wanted to get the ATRO lifted. A judge allowed her to sell. So let this sink in. If he had proof then do we think a judge would allow her to sell her shares? I would think not!
    Angelina’s lawyers brought two buying prices and terms to Pitt for a counter and he didn’t except which is his right. THAT then gave her the right to accept a third party. Angelina is a very organized and meticulous woman. Why would she do something that would get her into legal trouble?
    There are shareholder restrictions but she fulfilled her objections and doesn’t have to foster a relationship between him and the Russian. And I feel Stoli had to know about the finaces of that co before they agreed to buy from Angelina. He is just being an azz because he wants complete control and they want to run a legitmate profitable business in which he seems to not want.
    Pitt and his lawyers should know a verbal agreement wont stand up in a play courtroom. I think this was just done to verbally abuse Angelina because he is upset with his new partners and upset at her recent speech in front of the world about abuse victims.
    He needs help and I mean anger mgmt and therapy.
    People should stop listening to gossip and shows and places like TMZ who are biased and in the pockets of people like PItt. Angelina is not repped by a PR company and most times her counsel releases a statement whenever he rages and attacks her character which he has done the whole time. The insufferable damages he claims to have should be directed at the harm he has caused his kids, those people in New Orleans and a woman who just wanted out of his very problematic life.

  31. Shai says:

    If he “loved” the winery & chateau oh so much, why didn’t he just buy her out? Then he’d control the entire thing & not have her involved. As the years go by, it’s obvious Brad Pitt is a narcissistic person who very well may be abusive & manipulative because all this negative press for Angelina Jolie feels calculated.

  32. AD says:

    Hmm, Pitt is missing his victim! His war tank is attacking again! He loves taking Angie to court doesn’t he? he just loves it! He is now blaming Angie because his new business partners ( Stoli group) are taking him to court, His new business partners will expose what Angie hasn’t exposed about his mismanagement of their business. Soon the world will know. His sources, his so called friends, his PR machines, page sux, TMZ, daily mail, Us weekly coverage is irrelevant, the Russians will blasts him & smashed his war tank into tiny pieces! Stoli group are no Angie they are worth billions Pitt has no leg to stand with them so he now take his frustrations on Angie. Angie is smart she will win!

    • NycGirl says:

      The war tank and the war and roses quote or whatever he has tattooed. That man needs a cleaning or something. Why is he still obsessed with this woman? If it’s not about the kids it’s about the company. Now that the kids are of age he can’t do anything about that.

  33. RebeccaB says:

    I see Brad Pitts Just Jared bots are here trying to defect attention away from Brad Pitt’s mismanagement of Miraval funds, . As for the hateful bots aka Passing Through and cohorts bots no matter how many times you change your names your vitro is still the same, you’re fooling no one, non amount of “fake court document’s you keep quoting makes it right”, plus with every fake arguments, where are the receipts, post the actual links where it shows in court papers that bavk up your “defamatory lies”. Stay pressed haters ..

  34. RebeccaB says:

    The bottom line is Brad Pitt is being sued not only by residents of Nola his Make It Right Foundation homeowners, but now also being sued by the new co- owners Miraval who want him investigated in defrauding the company funds for his personal vanity projects” Brad Pitt bots can try as hard as they may they can’t blame the Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler’s lawyers suing Brad Pitt’s mismanagement of funds, Brad Pitt being sued by “Make It Right Foundation lawsuits ” are not Angelina’s fault either. All the lawsuits Brad Pitt faces is all down to his abusive and fraudulent azz. Projecting haters upon Angelina Jolie and her children with “fake lies by Brad Pitt’s PR doesn’t take away the fact he’s an abusive man whose using smear campaigns to defect attention away from his fraudulent methods he’s using against Angelina, MIR homeowners and new Miraval owners”. Projecting War Tanks towards innocent people would backfire on Brad Pitt