Richard Kay: You could hear Prince William’s ‘angry voice’ dictating his statement

The Daily Mail’s Richard Kay – the “elder statesman” of royal commentators – wrote a piece about Prince William’s angry, illiterate statement posted in the closing moments of the Caribbean Flop Tour. William’s statement was pretty clearly mostly (if not entirely) written by him, with very little feedback and input from Buckingham Palace or Clarence House. Even Kay can’t put a bow on that. So Kay chooses his words carefully. Some highlights from Kay’s DM piece, “Prince William has just given us the first glimpse of how he’ll rule when he becomes King.”

Kay thinks William’s statement was bad form: “So what are we to make of last night’s hastily drafted statement in which you could almost hear his angry voice dictating the words? Unhappiness certainly at the criticism that has been levelled at him and Kate for the public relations missteps that marred their Caribbean tour. But at the same time he has given us a glimpse of the kind of thoughtful man William, at 39, is turning into and, crucially, what sort of King he will be. When was the last time – if ever – a senior member of the Royal Family went on record to acknowledge mistakes? And in his statement William did just that. He wants us to see that he and Kate will not turn away from censure but rather learn from it.

William was “injured”: “His tone of mildly injured hurt is probably justifiable, especially in the light of those commentators such as the BBC’s Royal Correspondent who appeared to blame the couple themselves for being responsible for cack-handed photo-opportunities and misreading of post-colonial sensitivities in the era of Black Lives Matter. One particular picture of the couple joyfully making fleeting contact with the outstretched fingers of Jamaican children pushing through a wire fence will haunt Royal planners, who should have realised what a damaging image it might convey.

William was “bruised”: “It is highly unusual for a statement to be issued at the conclusion of a tour and when the cheers of the crowds in the Bahamas were almost still audible. Perhaps William wanted the world to know how he – and Kate – feel, that they are bruised at being blamed for things they do not think they are responsible for.

But was the statement the right thing to do? “Particularly since there was a key passage that has left critics and Royal supporters alike wondering why an issue was raised that never got discussed on the couple’s eight-day visit – the future of the Commonwealth. Suddenly, William has opened up a tricky issue. Was he casting doubts on the role of Prince Charles, whom the Queen asked Commonwealth leaders to endorse as its next head? Palace officials have assured that this was not the case and that William was referring to his own future prospects and wanted to emphasise that he was not taking anything for granted.

William was clumsy: “However, although it was a surprisingly clumsy intervention because his father’s reign was not mentioned, it does reveal a maturity to William that we rarely see in public… he did discover, for the first time, that navigating the distant reaches of his grandmother’s realms is not always going to be plain sailing. And he showed that, when trouble does come along, he is prepared to take the initiative and that he is listening.

[From The Daily Mail]

Sometimes I think Kay is a total hack, but I found it impressive to watch him thread this particular needle. I’m sure Baldemort will be pleased that Kay makes multiple references to what a wise, thoughtful and humble king he will be, because William is clearly too stupid to understand that Kay is actually highlighting William’s clumsiness, his anger, and his unwillingness to listen to and take advice. Most significantly, Kay is edging around William’s martyr complex. Kay is pointing out that William feels like the victim here, that William feels “injured” and “bruised” by completely fair criticism of his own tone-deaf actions and words. Kay is exposing William for what he is: short-sighted, stupid, thin-skinned, selfish, arrogant.

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  1. Jais says:

    So is William’s maturity a sign that he is finally coming into his own?

    • Charm says:

      Guess you missed the entire gist of this thread as well as Kay’s article.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I think this was a joke. It sounds just like all the articles of Kate coming into her own as a 40 year old with 20 years experience.
        The excuses they make for these 2!

      • GR says:

        @charm looks to me like jais was being sarcastic

    • Debbie says:

      I’m still trying to figure out which part of “Never explain, never complain” this is because the Daily Fail is busy explaining while William is busy complaining (about his reception in the Caribbean).

    • Jais says:

      Yes, sarcasm! It was meant to imply that Will is stating to get patronized like all those articles about Kate. Discussing his maturity at 40…he’s finally coming into his own and really growing into the role lol.

  2. Chloe says:

    I recall harry publicly acknowledging his mistakes and apologizing form them multiple times. So william is definitely not the first. And that statement was hardly taking accountability.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Yeah, I’m confused about the sentiment being pushed that Elegant Bill was acknowledging mistakes made. It was a petulant “I’ll take my ball and go home” statement, not “Oh, I realize I made mistakes” one.

      The FFK is coming across as an incredibly fragile white person here.

      • equality says:

        I’m with you; I see nothing acknowledging any mistake on his part.

      • Christine says:

        Seriously, I can see his salty white man tears from here. Lordy, someone needs to buck the hell up and actually do some work for once.

    • Alexandria says:

      Yup, Harry was called out for his mistakes (including racism). It’s William’s turn now but he can’t take it and learn like Harry.

  3. Lady Esther says:

    Also good was the tidbit (in another Daily Fail article) that William asked the rota to put only pics of him AND Kate on the front pages, not just pictures of her by herself. Petty jealousy, table for one!

    • Chloe says:

      I saw a screenshot of that!! Very funny. They tried to make it out as if it was to not burden kate too much (she’s been there for 10 years for god’s sake). But they were also sure to point out it was very reminiscent of his father and mother lol

      • Lady Digby says:

        I’d be worried if I were Barbie because to ensure solo front page coverage he only has to divorce her and sent her into permanent exile! Loved his aides presumption given Ukraine war and UK budget that Flop tour merited front page coverage anyway!

    • Lizzie says:

      I saw that too and it’s so Charles. Also, Elegant Bill is kind of right. He is the heir, she is a nobody who is married to the heir.

      • Lady Esther says:

        Maybe re: the heir should be photographed more than the married-in spouse. Of course, another approach would be to actually the work, make an effort to connect to people and be diplomatic/charismatic/charming…in other words, to actually give a shit, and then the photos will follow. But we know William isn’t interested in any of that.

    • Susan says:

      Maybe that horrific yellow outfit was Kate’s revenge? Like, I’ll show you, Jerkface Bill, I will wear the absolute ugliest outfit known to man and knock you out of the center of the pic? LOL.

  4. Harper says:

    William has thoughts but he is not thoughtful. He is impulsive and scrambling because the tide has turned on the world stage. This tour was his chance to prove he wasn’t the racist who expressed concern about Archie’s skin tone and instead he came out looking tone deaf and insensitive. Casual supporters who in the past chose to give Will and Kate the benefit of the doubt over believing Meghan will now start to wonder if Meghan was right all along.

  5. Becks1 says:

    So all this says to me is that William really can’t take criticism and lashed out as a result.

    • Jais says:

      Yep, but they have to figure out how to say that without it sounding so bad. I don’t consider the rota to be actual journalists but they are writers of a sort. The verbal gymnastics and pretzel twisting reaches great heights.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks, it’s all so Trumpian…lashing out impulsively, blaming everyone but himself for anything, refusing to consider why the coverage was so negative, and never apologizing. Two peas in a pod. At least we have term limits

  6. Jane says:

    W has been spoiled as parents will spoil an heir and someone whose affection they’re competing for during a bad marriage. W has been spoiled by the media. W has been allowed to surround himself with an echo chamber. W continues to center his own discomfort at not being worshipped rather than the suffering of others, historical atrocities and how he and his family continue to benefit from such suffering and atrocities. This is why keeping M&H around as distractions is so vital to the RF.

    • Penny says:

      He’s extra mad because this tour was INSTIGATED by them (uninvited) with the sole purpose of showing up his brother and letting the world see that he and Kate are not only as good at tours as Harry and Meg but (see the nostalgic photo of them on the Land Rover) they aren’t spares, they are rightful KING AND QUEEN!! How dare people think something else.

  7. Bri says:

    I find it weird that the statement only came from him. They were both there, why not acknowledge it?

  8. blackfemmebot says:

    The Flop Tour and the international backlash definitely felt like a watershed moment for Cain and Unable. I am so curious to see how they spin it going forward. Like are the Lames gonna stop doing political stuff (in their one-sided competition with H&M) to avoid any and all criticism? Are they just going to crack down even harder on press access and stage manage every event even more? Or are they going to double down on political/heavyweight issues to be taken more seriously? I really can’t decide and it seems like for now neither can the Rota.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I’m not surprised the tour flopped or that there was some backlash. I AM surprised at the amount of backlash and the fact the rota rats are actually acknowledging that the tour did not go well.

      I’m not sure how Bill and Mutton will respond, but I think whatever they do will fail. I think their instinct is to stage manage, which could be done successfully if they were surrounded by a diverse, competent team who would push back on their worse instincts (won’t happen). Avoiding any and all political subject won’t necessarily work, because many of the failures of this tour were really over the non-political (in their eyes) stuff they did. Going about their Colonialist business (that stupid troop review in Jamaica the day after getting fired) as usual only highlights that their standard activities are, well, a Colonialist mess. They might try to double down on being more serious by embracing more political subjects, but that will fail because they aren’t serious. Just look at Mutton meeting with Dr. Jill Biden, or Bill’s weak AF efforts with Earth Shot. I just don’t see a way out for them that doesn’t involved work or trying, really trying, to change certain behaviors.

      • matthew says:

        in order to manage the stage, so to speak, the principals need to be good actors. and these principals are…..not.

  9. equality says:

    So it is only “clumsy” to basically look toward Granny and Dad’s deaths and ignore that PW isn’t next in line?

    • Penny says:

      THIS. He is definitely ignoring the pecking order. I’m rather interested to see how PC and Camilla slap him down. Charles has been way too avoidant of confrontation with William so it will probably be a backhanded slap.

      • Penny says:

        How exhausting would it be to be a member of that toxic family?? Centuries of maneuvering and always watching out to be stabbed in the back. Glad Meghan got out of there.

      • MsIam says:

        Uh, I think William was slapped down pretty hard by this tour, lol. Now whether he learns any humility from it is another question. I think as long as the Middletons are whispering in his ear, it will be hard. I expect the scapegoating to commence shortly.

  10. Noki says:

    I know the keens had to hightail it our of their tour to give the Queen a recap and possibly have crisis management meetings. But it would be so cool if they flew under the radar and went to Cali to see their niece and nephew.

    • Lucy says:

      So they can force a visit on more people who don’t want them there, use them for photo ops and then make non apologies?

    • Nonya says:

      PLease tell me you’re joking, if not what are you smoking?! Like have you forgotten Wills and his spouse publicly unleashed their minions, staff, tabloid against Meghan? ?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Why? That’s not going to solve William’s problems.

    • Feeshalori says:

      That would have drawn M&H in the middle of the Cambridges’ firestorm which they don’t need and they would be coming in the middle of unresolved issues. If the Cambridges ever visit, it has to be for the right reasons.

      • Noki says:

        Geez, what i meant was that would have been a nice thing. Especially after their terrible tour maybe thay have had moments of reflection. To secrectly go visit,make amends and meet their niece.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Noki: William and the rest of the family want Harry to leave Meghan. As long as Harry stays with Meghan, there will be no reconciliation. And what I’ve seen they don’t accept Lili and Archie as part of their family so I don’t think there’s any eagerness to meet her or her brother.

    • Kkat says:

      I Seriously hope you are being sarcastic Noki lol
      They would never be invited, and the people that tried to get M&H exiled to “Africa” (because M is black 😒) would never go to their house.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Noki, I hope you are being sarcastic too. Otherwise, It shows your position. The only ones, I’ll say disingenuosly, that people that bring up a meet between the Sussexes & Cambridges, are tabloids and royal rotas. True fans of the Sussexes know exactly why a secret visit wouldn’t take place. The Cambridges launched a very non secretive smear campaign against Meghan. Mr. Will of Zero Reflection & Self-Awareness, needs to launch a genuine apologetic I’m Sorry Tour first. Not going to happen Little Willy is a Big Racist Dick. There is no self reflection within Will & Kate. Simply due to their lack of self awareness and self whiteousness. In order for that kind of visit to EVER happen, Will & co. need to admit and acknowledge some big things. Recollections do not vary on who was the primary racist a##hole. As said in previous posts by myself & others, in different words, the Sussexes are not inviting the psychic/blood vampiric Cambridges into their home. The coloring inside the Sussex home isn’t qwite white enough.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Said this yesterday, and I’ll say it again:
    Tinfoil time:

    So some folks were theorizing yesterday that Charles intends to be last King of England. I think this may be accurate. Harry leaving spoiled Charles’ plans. It also left Will without someone to aide his reign. I think Charles very well may have seen the writing on the wall and could be planning to wrap it up.

    What’s more, I think it’s possible that this decision is already a widely known secret, maybe even among the Royal Rota. I think Will himself may know, and actually be okay with it. No Harry means being King is too much work and he’s happy to just be financially set and have time to rose garden.

    If my theory is true it explains:

    1. The anger of the Rota at Harry and Meghan- he’s essentially put them out of a job.

    2. The constant reference to Will needing Harry, as him returning would be what would make Will want the job again.

    3. Kate’s overdone embiggening pushes and the Middleton PR attempts to call for skipping Charles.

    4. Why Kate and Will’s marriage seems to have become so obviously strained- Kate is pissed off that she won’t be Queen. And Will is likely dumping her ASAP.

    5. Why Will seemed so half hearted in this recent tour.

    6. Why Kate chose the clothes she did for this tour (like no local designers)- she’s on her way out so she’s just grasping all the high end stuff she can to take with her as a parting gift.

    Reading this article, you can add a 7 to my original list- this theory might explain why Will is so angry that this tour has been such a disaster.

    • lanne says:

      Facsinating take, and I thought so yesterday. I wonder though: what would Willnot and Cannot do with their lives? Will seems to have been raised for one thing–his role. His role means that he never has had to worry about accountability, or consequences. He is the center of not only his own world, but of the entire world of the royal institution and all its enablers. Without the royals to give him a sense of purpose, he would be completely helpless. I think he would cling to his birthright because he has literally nothing else–no interests, no talents, no abilities. Sure, he could live on family money as a member of the aristocracy or landed gentry of whatever would exist in a post monarchy republic, but he and Kate (if she sticks around) would essentially resemble the Duke and Duchess of Windsor–hanging on to whatever scraps of glory they could, whining about the past.

    • Amy Too says:

      I definitely think Charles might have this idea, but I don’t think William or Harry know yet. And I also think that because Charles is a Windsor, he’s going about this weird transition period where he’s in charge but not yet technically King in the worst way possible.

      Maybe his knowing he’s going to end the monarchy is why Charles and the queen “let” Harry go and didn’t stop the bullying and sussexit. If I know I’m going to wind down the monarchy in the next 10-15 years, I’m probably going to want my younger child who will not inherit my money to get a start in life when he and his wife are still a young, attractive family with lots of ideas and charisma. Maybe that’s also why there was talk of not titling Harry’s children. You don’t want to make a bunch of new princes and princesses who start out life depending on the crown for money and protection if you’re going to abandon them later.

      The way they went about the though, allowing the bullying, the hurt feelings, the sibling rivalry, the family rift, the estrangement of the only black members of the family (including two babies) was horrifying. Maybe it will all make sense to the Sussexes why they were allowed to be pushed out and their kids weren’t protected, but the harm has already been done.

      The way that the rota and the courtiers wail so loudly about how Harry MUST COME BACK, the way that his leaving and the fall out from his leaving has been such a huge seismic tsunami of crap for the BRF…it just seems like a BRF that intended to continue on forever would’ve done literally anything to keep him and Meghan in the fold.

      We’ve heard forced that the streamlined monarchy is Charles and Camilla, will and Kate and kids, Harry and wife. Harry and wife are now gone. And he’s not replacing them with anyone else. He’s even jettisoning the Wessexes, telling them they won’t get the ducal Edinburgh title, and they need to sit down and quit making themselves big. He’s not bringing in the York sisters. He’s not going anything to replace an entire 1/3 of his new streamlined monarchy leaving. In fact, he’s doing even more streamlining even earlier. Why would you want to rely solely on will and Kate of you want the monarchy to last?

      I can totally see that Charles sees the writing on the wall. That he knows there’s something deeply wrong with will and Kate and that they will drive everything into the ground anyways slowly weakening the monarchy and the CW throughout their potential reign, so he’s going to be smart and he’s going to dissolve the monarchy on his own terms while it’s still relatively strong. That way he gets to decide what happens with all of the money and properties and titles and jewels, funneling things to where he wants them to end up, and not just letting them haphazardly be strewn about or taken by various peoples of agencies when the Cambridges/Middletons are in charge. He doesn’t want those Middletons benefiting or getting their hands on anything.

      He, who has waited so long to be King, who is so especially suited to it (as he believes), who is so smart and well educated and well versed in the culture and business of monarchy, will not just be a tiny blip in the history books, he will be The Last Great Kind of the British Empire, who, through his liberal, people loving ways of thinking, dismantled the monarchy and built something new and sustaining in its place. Charles has the ego for it. And he has the ruthlessness for it. And he has the complete lack of love and care for anyone other than himself and Camilla to do it. He’s not going to get caught up on “oh poor William and George, they’ll never get to be king.” He doesn’t care. And he gets to stick it to the Middletons.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        I agree that Chuck has the ego for it, and the ruthlessness. He would also cement Camilla as being the last Queen (consort) of England, something that would elevate her in a historical perspective beyond the ‘vile mistress he married’ she’d be otherwise. He’s shown for decades that outside of himself, she’s his top priority, even more than his sons.

      • equality says:

        With the monarchy gone would Will necessarily inherit everything? Could PC will properties like Sandringham that TQ actually owns to whomever he wanted or even give them to become public like BP? Would other royals have a right to co-ownership of things like the duchy’s or would they become public property?

      • L84Tea says:

        This is all makes a ton of sense when you lay it out this way. Wow.

      • Christine says:

        It really does.

      • Gubbinal says:

        I absolutely agree. Charles and Camilla pulled off a huge victory in Ireland by speaking of “neighbors”. Charles also speaks so distinctively; one can hear every syllable clearly. The Windsor family does not have a generous allotment of brains and Charles is the best of the current bunch. I read his black spider letters and he observes a lot and clearly thinks a lot. Being a narcissist is his downfall but it also positions him to really care about his legacy. I think he will take the crown and the title and so will Queen Camilla. BUT he will stop before the huge formal coronation and speak about how his family is not environmentally friendly and shut it all down. Maybe he has secretly been in touch with Montecito even?

    • Alexandria says:

      For me it doesn’t matter if he intends to be the last monarch. That’s not his decision to make. That’s for the men in grey and government to decide. The government also has to have an alternative in place that’s not going to take rounds of bureaucratic discussions like Brexit. Is there an alternative already drawn up if the Firm or monarch decides to do away with monarchy? I’m sure there is a plan for if a monarch abdicates but what about entire removal of monarchy? The one way for Charles to decide or force this without their input is he publicly says with all press eyes on him that there will be no more monarchy AND he says this with no space for him to be doubted (e.g the firm or powers behind the scenes cannot accuse him of being mentally incapacitated for some reason). Even the Queen cannot do whatever she does. If the Firm is not dismantled and the government doesn’t dismantle it, the monarchy stands.

      But but but…I still like this theory that he intends to be the last. That is indeed one way to have his name in the history books. 😃 And if he does do it systematically and orderly with the Firm and the government, he has more control over how the financial settlement would be decided.

      • Alexandria says:

        That being said, I know the alternative is an elected Head of State but I’m not sure the UK already has plans drawn out for this.

      • Lemons says:

        I think Charles currently has the respect of those in government and HIS men to make this happen with careful negotiations. I don’t think the government wants William in any sort of ceremonial or not state figure position. He’s like a Trump or a Duke of Windsor. He can’t be trusted.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Interesting. I could imagine it. Especially if it involves the Windsors essentially downgrading themselves to aristocracy. They’d be Royal Dukes of Windsor or some such. All sorts of English pompous nonsense could continue, just with aristos rather than royals. Or maybe just disconnecting the head of state part.

      But Wills really is a lesson in having to nip a child’s issues in the bud. You can’t handle XYZ when your kid is 3? What’s going to happen when they are pulling the same shit at 5 or 7? Yeah, some kids outgrow it, or it may just be a development stage, but that is a reason to be compassionate in addressing the issue, not throwing your hands up and saying there’s nothing you can do. Yeah, I have a friend with monster twins who pulled a stunt that had police helicopters called in. But they are well behaved around the grandmother who won’t put up with their shite.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t know about Charles wanting to be the last monarch, but I do think the clothes buying for Kate on this tour was very deliberate and did have a feel of “I have to buy the designer clothes while I still can.” It’s just one more thing that points to a divorce coming sooner rather than later IMO.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Becks- yep…I’m positive Kate didn’t buy local designers because why should she buy cheaper local designers when she can bolster her bespoke couture closet before funds are cut?

      • Feeshalori says:

        Ah, likely a case of grabbing it while she can.

      • TeamMeg says:

        Maybe the sundresses but I can’t see her ever wearing that yellow “farewell” dress again 😂

      • zinjazin says:

        I have thought many times that Kates buying of unecessary expensive couture, is because she knows she can take it with her, out from the marriage.
        It may also indicate that she’s been very insecure in the marriage almost from the start.

    • Green Desert says:

      Oh man @ Rapunzel, I like this theory!!

    • diANNa says:

      I wonder if William has used “quitting” as his weapon all these years to get what he wants from Charles and the Queen. It makes sense that this is why he has been allowed to not work, and get his own way with everything.
      The tone of his statement and his implication that his/BRF future with the Commonwealth is not a sure thing also plays to this.
      If Charles is now making plans in the event William does not/will not ascend the throne, then Chaz is taking the power back from the Incandescent One. Which is a baller move and a winning strategy going forward.

  12. Nic919 says:

    William flying off the handle and blaming everyone but himself is a sign that he would be an awful leader. He’s never admitted his mistakes in any real way which is why he is a 40 year old with severe stunted emotional development.

    • kirk says:

      Right? When did PW admit to any mistakes? The phrasing is pretty careful in separating the two thoughts, but joined in same space.
      “When was the last time – if ever – a senior member of the Royal Family went on record to acknowledge mistakes? And in his statement William did just that.”
      If you’re acknowledging something, you’re admitting your part – NOT saying, oh look over there slavery bad.
      Don’t know whose idea this tour was, but anybody could have read Jamaica PM Andrew Holness 2016 statements and planned for the worse.

  13. Lucy says:

    I saw pictures of one of the soccer stars who was at the fence fiasco. He was reaching over the fence (which looked to be less than six foot tall). Khate and Willnot are tall enough to do the same, and all they had to do was copy him, which we know they can do. They can blame handlers for giving them a bad set up, but they had no problems with it.

    Anyway, the prince comes across as reading his own press (we knew) and that he has to hit back (also knew). I think the statement was as good as he could make it, he doesn’t understand subtext. I hope the Rota and press write about this for years.

  14. Gabby says:

    Sometimes I think William doesn’t GAF about his own “king” reign. He just wants to retreat with the wealth. Is he angry with Liz and Chuck for sending him on this errand and a week of forced togetherness with Mutton?

    • Gina says:

      Willy wants to be a King. Maybe, when he was young, he was toying with the idea of “normal” life. But even then, I’m sure, it was pretence. His future Kingdom is the only thing that gives him importance, exclusivness, power.
      @lanne described this brillianty in the post above.

  15. ArtMaven says:

    The Royal family is a complete anachronism. Leaving aside the clumsy and out-of-touch performance of Charles and Will, this job can’t be done by anyone, because it’s ridiculous. No one is really interested in what these people (including the Sussex’s) have to say or do.

  16. Lizzie says:

    Pivot from ‘never complain’ to ‘always complain’.

  17. Sunday says:

    IDK if Will wrote this himself or just dictated it to a KP henchman (IMO it’s the exact same stilted writing style as Kate’s written note in her Christmas concert program). What is clear, is that his speech about relationships evolving and friendships enduring et al was the official palace position (either CH or BP), provided to him as an intervention and meant to smooth over the flames of this dumpster fire of a tour. But, Will being Will, he couldn’t leave it at that, he had to release his poorly written you-cant-fire-me-i-quit statement as the last word.

    All this statement does is highlight the contrast between the palace-official-speech and his unprofessional rantings, and it further punctuates what we can expect from him in years to come. The problem is Will, period. Whether it’s climate change (Africa is overpopulated!), the war in Ukraine (war is alien to Europe!), or the Commonwealth (you-cant-dump-me-if-I-dump-you-first!), he is incapable of diplomacy or introspection because at his core he is a racist, ignorant, self-important stuffed shirt. Every speech, every statement reveals more of his true nature, and honestly, being hoisted by his own petulant petard is the perfect karmic fate for him.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. That being said, in photos together of Will and Kate there is all the warmth of a carp on ice.

    • Charm says:

      “…he is incapable of diplomacy or introspection because at his core he is a racist, ignorant, self-important stuffed shirt…”
      Thats it in a nutshell.

  18. Jais says:

    Watching the reporters try and critique this tour is funny. They tried to do the usual praise but then realized that would make them look colonialist and racist. So now they’re stuck in a balancing act. Problem is they spent the past few years overinflating Will and Kate so that now anything slightly less than full praise is a slap.

    Kay though is critiquing the statement. Sprinkling in maturity and thoughtful so it doesn’t sound too harsh. Not sure how you can make “hastily drafted” and “angry voice dictating the words” sound less harsh though? Bc that’s not really “mature” or “thoughtful” but okay, Kay, you tried it.

  19. Zut Alors says:

    Dang, they look so grim in that second pic.

  20. Cj says:

    Evening Standard has an article about William wanting to do tours “his” way from now on after this flop, and Kate doing shorter tours solo and I am just clamouring for it to be covered on this site so I can get the US take on how it comes acrosssssssss.

    Oscars drama is overshadowing my fave drama: the royal family

    • MsIam says:

      Tours “his way”? What with no black people around? William is a spoiled baby like his dad and Andrew. There was an article in the Daily Beast last year when Italy won that cup instead of England and how William was so upset because he envisioned himself presenting the trophy and absorbing some of the good will. Instead when England lost he went stomping off all upset. No graciousness shown by a future leader, instead acting like a teen aged sore loser.

    • Nic919 says:

      He’s banking on the JDF not calling him out for asking them to pull out the old vehicle. If there were any real journalists they might follow up and confirm who actually asked for the colonizer parade. Recollections may vary.

      • Nick G says:

        The chief of defense standing next to them is my mum’s friend. I’m going to ask my mum to find out!

  21. Sue says:

    He always sounds angry when he talks. Like he’s spitting out the words. He seems like a deeply unhappy man.

  22. Eurydice says:

    Well, yeah, he’s bruised and injured – he took a serious beating. I don’t know if he’s ever had criticism like that before. If he weren’t such a whining baby, he’d be able to separate those mistakes for which he’s responsible from those for which he’s not. Tours like this, which represent TQ, the UK and the Commonwealth, aren’t planned just by a couple of assistants at KP. BP is involved, the Foreign Office, the officials in the countries being visited, etc. So, they should have been prepared for the reception W&K would get.

    W&K should also have been aware of optics and of their mission – not to wear fancy clothes or splash in the sun, but to project caring and community. And they should have been the first to recognize when a plan wasn’t working – if you see a crowd of children behind a wire fence, you ask “hey, how can we do this differently?” If the Jamaican PM has openly booted the Queen, maybe a recreation of a 1950’s triumphant ride is out of order. They could have ditched the Land Rover and just done a receiving line. Just because something was planned doesn’t mean they have to go along with it like puppets.

    It’s good to be thoughtful after an event – better to be thoughtful before and during. That’s what makes a leader.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Eurydice, it seemed that the two were on two separate tours in one respect. Keenless was there to give the locals her magnificent presence and she dressed for the occasion. She spent a ton of money on inappropriate clothes in order to dazzle. She really believes that the masses will adore her because she exists, and she wanted to make sure that they had much to adore with her many times flashy clothes and jewels. I wonder if she was supposed to overshadow Clueless like Diana did Charles? This was as much of an eye opener for her as it was for him. I have no doubt that she is in a rage. I don’t think the Mids have much influence on Clueless anymore. I have a feeling that he doesn’t believe that he needs his wife and probably isn’t willing to fall for that a second time. The fact that the Ma Mid has been quiet through all of this is interesting. I wonder if she is the one who helped Keenless with her clothes choices? Clueless went on tour believing he would be given respect and deference because he is the future future. Keenless went on tour believing she would be adored because she graced them with her presence. They are so BAD together.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      I’ll admit to being surprised that Bill and Mutton decided to recreate the land rover/troop inspection after being fired publicly by the PM. It would have been tone deaf if the PM had not said what he’d said, but it went full on weird doing it after. Especially since there weren’t any crowds or anything (as there was for Betty’s trip in the rover with Phillip). It’s like they were play acting at a mostly empty airport and using Black soldiers as props. Or like they were living in an alternate universe where if they pretend something didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen. They looked ridiculous. That’s putting it nicely, actually.

      And if either one of them were at all competent, they’d have had stepped up and made changes knowing how it would look otherwise. They’re just not competent, and they obviously surround themselves with yes people who don’t push back on bad ideas.

      • jjva says:

        This whole photo shoot and imagery just reminds me of the Trump inaugural “parade.” A clothesless “emperor” and nobody watching.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    This debacle is why the press and palace insisted that William needed Harry by his side as he becomes King. Deep down they know that William is not capable of doing the job.

  24. Lizzie says:

    As much as these two love to vacation I am baffled why they haven’t been taking their kids on vacations to Commonwealth countries all along, excluding pandemic years. If they had been vacationing in Caribbean Commonwealth countries regularly it would have been familiar territory and they wouldn’t be viewed as a decidedly foreign couple who couldn’t be bothered with the Caribbean, or the people, for the last decade.
    Go on vacation, let people take pictures of you and your kids at a local restaurant, shopping and on the beach. But quit going on tours.

    • JaneBee says:

      @Lizzie This is an excellent suggestion and makes perfect sense on paper. Maybe it’s the case that unlike TQ, who adored the Commonwealth, W+K associate Cth countries with work and the firm and don’t view these destinations as vacation worthy?

      No that you touch on it, there really is a weird pattern. Going on vacation to e.g. Jordan (I would love to visit Jordan!) when they could be introducing the children – especially George – to the member countries of the Commonwealth… It’s an interesting choice…

  25. Buddy says:

    I feel like this tour has really shown why colleges and businesses emphasize diversity. You can tell these are two very, very privileged and sheltered people who are not used to interacting with people of a different background from them. And they are not charming enough to conceal that fact.

  26. Cerys says:

    William has never had this level of criticism directed at him before. His rages, laziness, marital problems etc have always been covered up. He must be even more incandescent than usual at the moment as people are beginning to see through him now.
    I think it’s safe to say we won’t see them for months now after the memorial service as the poor dears will need time to recover.

  27. Fredegunda says:

    This tour went so disastrously that the Norwegian national broadcaster (NRK) had an article about it, breaking down every single problematic gesture and word. Usually they only have “real” news about foreign royals, like when there were reports about QEII being dead and when Andrew settled with Virginia. So yeah…it was BAD.

    • Lady D says:

      Three cheers for the Norwegian press. A lot of countries saw and intensely disliked the treatment Meghan endured at their hands. I believe the German people have a word for what Cain is currently going through.

  28. Candy says:

    It’s not surprising that he has a hard time accepting criticism and turning it into self-reflection. Royals are coddled their entire lives and praised for showing up. They are shown extreme deference every time they enter a room. It must be hard to stay grounded. They didn’t learn from Megan, when the drumbeat of racism was still beating softly. Now it’s a full symphony and they’re many steps behind!

  29. Sofia says:

    Is this the new way of getting jabs in about the Cambridges? Criticise them but then try and twist it into something positive? Just something I notice happens from time to time. But yeah, William was obviously pretty angry and the statement showed. Which doesn’t seem like a genuine reflection of what happened but more like “If you don’t want me: fine whatever I don’t care”.

  30. Athena says:

    There’s an article about how Will is throwing out “never complain, never explain”. He’s keen to have his own voice. As if he ever stuck to that mantra. He’s done nothing but complain and explain. He has used the media for the past two years to share his every raging thought. Basically he’s letting the world know that he plans to be a incandescent pr*ck if/when he’s king. BP and CP need to reign him in. KP needs to answer to and take orders from BP.
    After getting fired by Jamaica he’s now rewriting history, putting it out there that he always had a plan to address republicanism. That he is aware of the issues, which is easy to say after the fact. Who is he kidding, are we to forget that he went Scotland and had a meeting with someone who is anti-republic. He was trying to meddle in Scotland’s business, now we’re expected to believe he “doesn’t tell people what to do”

    The thing is he is neither smart nor cunning, he’s just dumb and dangerous because he doesn’t realize it.

    • Debbie says:

      Other than the satisfaction of having W & K traveling all that distance just to be told they’re fired in Jamaica, I’m also very happy the governor of Jamaica had the forethought to tell him/the royals of this live on TV because none of the royals can say it was their choice, or that they were going to remove the queen as Head of State from these countries anyway, like a spurned suitor.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      Yes, explaining worked so well for Uncle Andrew. My goodness these royals are so completely out of touch. I look forward to hearing all of Angry Bill’s deep thoughts that make him such an inspirational leader.

  31. 2cents says:

    Can William demand to do things HIS WAY without the consent of the two heirs above him? Does he want to start a palace war with the Queen and Charles, therefore risking chaos in the monarchy?
    His post-tour actions are very confusing.

    William says he wants to modernize the monarchy. He wants to end the rule “never complain, never explain” and be more open to share his agenda/opinion with the press/public. Meaning he will be more political? and more vulnerable in his private affairs given the many palace leaks?

    This royal rule reminds me of the corporate governance code “comply or explain” in big business, where the business-units can freely decide whether to comply with a company rule or to explain why they did not comply with the rule in specific situations. Doing so gives companies more flexibility in their operations and room to be more effective. Comply or explain essentially requires that companies hold true to good governance without being compelled by a regulatory body.

    It would be interesting to see if this is the direction William wants to take it and if flexibility within the Firm is negotiable for the Queen and Charles. It’s a form of powersharing. The problem is that this code requires excellent managerial skills and discipline that is now sorely lacking within the Firm.

    Given the Carribean Waterloo Tour I understand why William wants change as the empire is crumbling under his feet, but I don’t see yet if William has the necessary skills to be the effective ruler for monarchical change. He may be still very trapped within the Firm.

  32. Ann says:

    Oh, so William is bruised by the news stories. He and Kate were never upset when news stories and lies were written about Harry and Meghan, never put out a statement to help them. He was also helping the RRs putting out those stories. So now he’s not happy. Now he’s pushing back. Doesn’t feel so good, does it Wills?

  33. Lady Digby says:

    Bhwana and Barbie are experiencing some long overdue scrutiny in the wake of a disastrous tour and it is allowing debate and discussion about future of monarchy. After Queenie it will be Chaz and then Bhwana so speculation about whether he has the right stuff is legitimate after THAT tour. Before M and H were scapegoats, BB were criticized as lazy and grudging which they didn’t like but now they are older and closer to PoW status they are going to be evaluated accordingly. BM have a lot of juicy stories to unleash after a period of mourning for TQ because they will want headlines and sales and clicks. Dan Woowoo is hugging himself at the thought of breaking the exclusive on heartbreak at the castle.

  34. Susan says:

    Forgive me for the stupid question—I’m not all that aware of the Commonwealth/royal fam—but like, did W and K and their staffers truly think, “Hey, this is a good idea, these countries are contemplating leaving the commonwealth because it’s a dated colonialist institution, let’s do some racist throwback photo ops to remind them of the oppression?” Armchair quarterbacking is a thing, and I don’t mean to do it, but what mildly intelligent person on the planet thinks that the tour optics were a good idea? I honestly don’t know what was worse: the kids in fences, the Bob Marley cringe photo, the drums, the antebellum gowns or the car parade ride with no fans. And I almost forgot the sailing and snorkeling….I just can’t wrap my head around who thought this was a good idea.

  35. RoyalBlue says:

    looking at that picture of them on the Rover I wonder….Would they do this dictator drive through in Liverpool, in London, in Manchester, in Wales, in Northern Ireland, in Scotland? I think the answer is no. And then the question is why do this in Jamaica? It’s so obsene! He is clueless and it’s all on him. Bulliam should be incandescent with rage at himself.

    • equality says:

      Good point.

    • JaneBee says:

      @RoyalBlue This is such a great point! If they tried this on the general public in New Zealand or Australia, I don’t think it would be well received. For a military inspection, I’m not sure how it would be taken? Without having thought it through very thoroughly, the optics would be different and probably less triggering as currently the majority of defence personnel in e.g. Canada, Australia, is white. You raise a really good question here though.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        and Jane I think the military inspection is fine. I know heads of states, be they presidents or whatnot, perform this duty. It was the symbolic driving off on the vehicle, standing to be seen in a jurisdiction with predominantly people of color. The white supremacy and racism screams out here. Such a bad look, especially since I can’t imagine for the Jubbly seeing William and Kate replicating this through the streets of Newcastle, or even Canada or Australia as you mentioned. They would be swatted off like flies.

  36. L4Frimaire says:

    The most incredulous thing about this damage control article is Kay calling William thoughtful. At this stage, they need to stop trying to explain away this dumpster fire of a tour, take the L, and go back to visiting charities and sporting events. They are not cut out for this type of work and are not diplomats. They can try to spin and explain all they want but the whole world saw their actions before the tour, and the way they carried on during it confirmed a lot of our observations.

  37. Charm says:

    I blame betty. As I’m sure Incandescent Bill does too.

    However, he cant give any hint that he blames her so he lashes out at his inept, cowered staff and the sycophantic Rota who become the fall guys.

    But betty, that selfish, self-centred, self-absorbed, toothless, mindless caricature of a Head of State who, for 70 years has done nothing but be trotted out periodically as a show pony to remind a moribund nation of the mythic days when Britain was “Great,” is the one who wants this last hurrah of her reign. She wants it, but perhaps the shady creatures-behind-the-scenes who really run the monarchy, want it even more.

    The “british realm” comprise those 16 countries of the 52-nation “CommonWealth of Nations” that still hv betty as their HoS, in which the majority of the 16 hv not removed her to date, simply because she is not a factor of consideration in their national affairs.

    Its like having a pair of shoes where the tips of the heels need to be replaced if you wish to ever wear that pair of shoes again but you just cant be bothered with the unnecessary time and expense to fix it when in fact, the shoes are out of style anyway.

    Betty and her BP henchmen/handlers WANTED the open-top, dictator-style ride in Jamaica. Its so emblematic of the heyday of her reign over all the natives of the once-global British Realm. So just as how the RF and British govt INVITED THEMSELVES to these 3 countries in the realm, so too did they tell the govts of these countries exactly what they wanted on the itinerary.

    So if BullyBilly is ‘vexed’ that it made him a figure of ridicule around the world, he should take it up with his dying queen who wants what she wants when she wants it.

    • Athena says:

      Blaming the queen has been hinted at. According to one article she was aware of the itinerary and that they discussed the trip. That she knew they were going to honor her Phillip. The queen has been following the tour closely. So if we are to read between the line, the queen knew and blessed everything.

      Today, Prince William was spotted walking a dog with Louis. Most people here called it. They’re bring out the kids.

      Shift blame to the queen and bring out the kids

    • Jais says:

      That’s not fair. The queen did more than just wave as a show pony. She also ruthlessly protected her wealth and anyone from even knowing how much she has. She protected herself from having to pay for green updates at her homes in Scotland. She has done so much. Where’s the respect for the queen and all she has done for the commonwealth? She has done more than anyone for the commonwealth……..according to Camilla Tominey.

  38. Anne says:

    I didn’t see that they brought any gifts for the countries but that the countries gave them gifts. How backwards that seems? They really just went to be entertained. That is not a tour. They did no service, provided no funds for any initiative or vaccination program or anything at all.
    When they decided to tour the first bullet point should have been what is the point of our tour and what do we hope to accomplish?

  39. NemesisPuff says:

    As per usual, I feel gaslighted by the royal commentators. What in the white revisionist history is going on here?

    “He wants us to see that he and Kate will not turn away from censure but rather learn from it.”

    Huh? All we saw was them *literally* turning their backs on the criticism and stubbornly parading ahead with their colonial claptrap, like the Emperor with no clothes. Where in his statement did he make it sound like he wanted to “learn”, and not just cut and run with those who wanted to march naked with him?

  40. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    It’s like Harry is the only person in that family who actually matured to adulthood. All the rest of them are operating on the level of spoiled toddlers.

    • NemesisPuff says:

      I don’t remember when Harry spoke about going to therapy (way pre-Meghan, pre- the health and wellness renaissance), but I remember thinking (about this guy who I last remembered as dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween), “huh. That’s different.”

      And from then on, my untrained eye really could see, even through the filters of however the news around the world chose to show the BRF, that Harry indeed, was much more settled than his brother and it had nothing to do with being a spare. When you work through your demons, at some point, you would have acknowledged that they exist, and that gives you perspective.

      William has no perspective. I daresay, few in that family do. They’re all just perpetuating the generational trauma drilled into them and they’ll continue to do that because why not, it doesn’t change their station in life. Harry seems to be actively working against what was ingrained in him; not that he’s a spare, but what the actual role of parents should be. He seems to be the only one who’s not only acknowledged that their upbringing (all Windsors et al) was f**ked up, but that he doesn’t have to pass it on. In fact, he’d rather leave his own family than subject his and Meghan’s to the same treatment.

  41. aquarius64 says:

    Tomorrow is Phillip’s thanksgiving service. Crowned headed of Europe will be attending. I wouldn’t be surprised they side eye the Cambridges. Their own countries have the Caribbean wrong with looting, plundering, slave trading and colonizing in the West Indies and beyond. The Cambridges gave monarchy in general a bad rap thanks to the Titanic of royal tours.

    • Jais says:

      They should be so ashamed. How will they interact with their “peers” after such a humiliating tour. It could be delicious to see but trust the RR to ring their praises as they mature through their difficulties… aka the Caribbean Disaster.

  42. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    William did not say what I think needed to be said. However, he DID say more on this subject than any other royal. For that, I give him *a little* credit.

  43. Robin Samuels says:

    Noki, I assume you are not American. We don’t visit, especially for an overnight stay, without an invitation; unless it’s an emergency. William and Kate treated Meghan and Archie terribly, and I don’t believe she would welcome them into her home. Still, Thomas Marke, who I suspect Will and Kate strongly support, is just across the border in Tijuana. I’m sure he’d love to have them as guests, the money he could make on those photos and stories!
    Mustique is the Caribbean island Will and Kate knows and enjoy. Perhaps because most of the residents are white and wealthy, black and brown people serve as domestics.
    I didn’t need to follow the tour to know it would flop. Conscientious black and brown people worldwide closed the book on those two and Sophia when they allowed their true feeling to be revealed at the Commonwealth Day Service 2020. Even Prince Edward was embarrassed. During Meghan’s case against the Daily Mail, William was exposed as a critical player in the smear campaign. Learning she suffered suicidal ideations must have been music to his ears.
    He delighted in including Katherine in the closing argument even though she’s always one step behind and never under the umbrella. Are the recordings of her speeches in Jamaica and The Bahamas available?
    Bottom line: Kate and William, with the assistance of Jason Knauf (he’s still behind the scenes), did all the planning. Their primary objective was to upstage Harry and Meghan. Such a pity.
    Invictus is coming. There will be crowds, cheers, entertainment, speeches, black, white, brown, female, male, LGBTQ veterans, and the Sussex family. You can’t imitate authentically.
    The monarchy shot itself in the foot!

  44. A says:

    The KID GLOVES with which William is being treated here by Richard Kay is astonishing. Kay is not being clever here at all. Kay is fumbling for excuses for William every step of the way, and it is disgusting.

    1) A “kind and thoughtful man” would NOT take exception to the criticism being leveled against him. He would not be angry about it, and he would not seek to excuse that anger either. This is not the definition of “kind and thoughtful”.

    2) WHERE in his statement did William “acknowledge mistakes”?? WHERE? If Kay is referring to the statement William made at the end of the tour, I read that up and down and sideways. NOWHERE did William acknowledge mistakes. He didn’t even put in a trite “mistakes were made”. What is Richard Kay smoking?

    3) “His tone of mildly injured hurt” was NOT justifiable. The BBC correspondent blamed William, because William is the one to blame. He is the boss. He sets the tone for his workplace from the top down. He is the one who hires his staffers. The fact that he has made a habit of hiring a revolving door of ex-Tory party hench people, and that those same public school educated piles of lint produced this reprehensible tour, IS *HIS* FAULT, because he is the one who hired them in the first place.

    4) Why would the Royal planners give a sh-t about what sort of image anything would convey, when they are all, again, ex-Tory party staffers who are all publicly educated Oxbridge graduates, who think non-white people should be grateful for being civilized by the British empire? The images we saw are the exact ones they wanted to convey.

    5) Oh, so now it’s okay for William and Kate to talk about their feelings openly at the end of the tour? It’s okay for them to talk about how “bruised” they are? REALLY? QWHITE INTERESTING, INNIT. And of course they don’t think they’re responsible for anything. These idiots have never had to take responsibility for a single damn thing in their lives, and it shows.

    6) How remarkably low the bar is for someone like William, that he gets praised for the “maturity” of his “clumsy intervention”. Because bless him, at least he’s “PREPARED to take initiative” and “listening.” And those two bare minimum things are enough for him to be praised for “maturity.” God save us all.