Ariana DeBose in a Valentino pantsuit at the Oscars: working it?

Last night, before the smack heard ’round the world, Ariana DeBose won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Anita in West Side Story, the same role for which Rita Moreno won an Oscar 60 years before. Ariana’s speech was excellent and she ended with some memorable lines. She said “You see an openly queer woman of color who found her strength through art… To anybody who has ever questioned your identity, I promise you this, there is a place for us.” That was lovely.

Ariana was in a red Valentino pantsuit complete with a crop top and a cape. She was one of the many women in bright red last night. She also had the weird boob cups that we saw in Tracee Ellis Ross’s dress but this works somehow. I think because she looks comfortable and not like she’s about to fall out of it. Plus she really knew how to pose on the red carpet. I like her hair too! You can see photos of this without the fabulous long shrug on Ariana’s Instagram.

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Rita Moreno was in a black asymmetric Carolina Herrera with giant neck ruffles. Rita described the process of picking her feather cap, gown and black wig as “what the hell.” She’s fabulous. She didn’t rewear her Oscars gown from 1962 because she’s already done that! She couldn’t have known that there would be an occasion to save it.

How cute are they?
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Presenter Tracee Ellis Ross was one of the early arrivals on the red carpet in this red very low cut Carolina Herrera. The bodice is cut so oddly, she didn’t look comfortable in it and kept clutching her top on the red carpet. I love the color though. Plus it came with a very cool wrap. I’m including her here because there are parallels to Ariana’s look but Ariana of course did it better.

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Presenter and last year’s Best Song winner, H.E.R., was also in Carolina Herrera, in a kind of awesome highlighter green/yellow mullet gown. This is incredible and unique, I love it. Her shoes are perfect.

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  1. minx says:

    Ariana looked fabulous, so happy for her.

  2. Sunshine Shay says:

    Extremely happy for her. I actually had no idea that she’s queer, so I’m glad she highlighted that, and so happy she was able to represent so many under-represented communities. Her speech definitely made me teary-eyed!

  3. Looty says:

    The dress on H.E.R. Is fantastic.

  4. D says:

    Ariana was my best dressed of the night, along with Lupita. It’s not just that it’s a great outfit, it’s how she carried herself. Gorgeous.

  5. Moss says:

    Are Ariana and Tracie’s bodices inspired by Duchess Meghan’s from a couple of months back?

  6. Pix says:

    Oh…Hmm…Um…well, they’re all super talented in their craft but I loathe every single dress on this thread and the feather cap.

  7. Loco Moco says:

    Didn’t care for Ariana’s pantsuit and whoever put Traci in that dress should be fired. Wrong for her figure, just wrong. Can we take a moment to wish that we are still vibrant and vital like Rita at 90?

  8. tifzlan says:

    Tracee’s boob cups… how the hell did she make it through the night?!

  9. Ninks says:

    Ariana looks amazing. I usually love Tracee’s looks but last night’s was a no for me.

  10. AC says:

    I love Ariana’s look; it is fabulous and looks great! I also love the dress that Her is wearing, especially that color!

  11. Bella says:

    I like Ariana’s look, but the pants need to be tailored. She and Rita standing together is a wonderful moment. I can only guess that Tracee wanted everyone to talk/stare/not stare at her as the bust line on what could have been a gorgeous dress, just looks awful.

  12. MsIam says:

    I wish Ariana’s pants were made differently or with a different fabric. They look stiff and boxy, like part of a business suit. I like H.E.R.’s shoes more than the outfit. And poor Tracee, the bottom half of her dress was so nice but the top? Why?

  13. chloe says:

    I love Ariana’s pant suit. i held my breath the whole time Traci was presenting, it didn’t look like the had her breasts taped in, I was kind of surprised they didn’t change the angle of the camera, I just can’t imagine that dress was comfortable to wear. As for HER, I loved the color and it was a fun look.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I do not like this boob cup trend. Ariana’s is great otherwise.
    Oh Tracee. I love her and she has a way of making everything look fabulous, but I think we finally found one she couldn’t make work. That is one of the most unflattering dresses I’ve ever seen.

    • Charfromdarock says:

      I don’t think that bust line is flattering on anyone. They remind me of Jessica Rabbit.

      Plus, they look so uncomfortable.

  15. Fig says:

    I LOVE Ariana’s look. It’s something I wish Kstew would wear. She nailed her Oscar moment