Dios mio, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are expecting their seventh child

Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins on October 21 last year. Alec was devastated and he canceled his future projects and made a big deal about how he would probably never work again or never want to work again. That only lasted a few months, of course. Now he’s back to work on back-to-back projects. But I knew, deep down in my soul, that his esposa Hilaria Baldwin would find some way to have another bebe. It was as predictable as can be, that Hilaria would need to get the attention back on her. Well, adivina qué.

The Baldwin bunch is growing! Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin are expecting their seventh baby together, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

“We have ‘somos un buen equipo’ engraved on our wedding bands. We say that to each other all the time at home — that we’re a good team,” Hilaria and Alec tell PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “One of the most beautiful things my children have experienced with a big family is how the heart can grow with every new sibling.”

“Our capacity to love continues to expand and we can’t wait to embrace our new little one this fall!” they added.

Hilaria, 38, shared the exciting news in an Instagram post Tuesday, where she posted a video of herself and Alec, 63, playing with their six children: daughters María Lucía Victoria, 13 months, and Carmen Gabriela, 8, and sons Rafael Thomas, 6, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 5, Romeo Alejandro David, 3½, and Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, 18 months.

[From People]

Si, the youngest child is Maria Lucia Victoria, the longed-for second daughter for Hilaria, the one who arrived via carrier or surrogate. But Hilaria hasn’t been, how you say, embarazada since Eduardo in 2020. She loves being embarazada. She loves having a bebe in the house. Having Eduardo and Maria Lucia wasn’t enough. I wonder if she’ll try for an eighth if this one turns out to be a boy as well. As for Alec… dios mio, at least he’s barely around?

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Avalon Red.

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  1. Doublesteff says:


    • Barrett says:

      1. Why is she wearing a BRA only in family photo shoot? (who’s mom does that – definitely sign of narcissism/mental instability)
      2. I will the baby health but I do get SAD ab HALYNA’s son/husband. Alec gets to thrive in life and have more kids. Halyna is gone and her son is motherless.

      Alec and Hilaria bothered me b/c they never really quit social media and parading their family during the initial months of the accident. He and that movie set were negligent. Action speaks louder than words – they are ego maniacs.

      Anyway empathy and thoughts to Halyna’s family/friends.

  2. Lady Digby says:

    Is she still Spanish on a full time or just part time basis theses days?

    • Joanna says:

      Bwahaha good one

    • BeanieBean says:

      Seems like part-time only these days, which still takes a lot of nerve.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        YES! THIS! said the same below. she should drop that act completely.

      • Fernanda says:

        But I just can’t with the Spanish names for the kids… like what the hell? She is not Spanish, nor a Latina.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      the fact that she is perpetuating that “I’m Spanish” lie AT ALL is disturbing.


      • AC says:

        Thank you! As someone is of Latin American descent, Please Stop! She was exposed and a lie was told!

    • AnnaKist says:

      That’s what I’d like to know. Issue Spanish around her parent, family and friends? i’ve never heard her speak. Does she have a Spanish accent?
      I have a friend Who always speaks with an American accent. She claims her father was from Texas. I never really believed this because she looks full Maori. One day she said 0hat she’s really sorry she didn’t learn Spanish. I asked her why Spanish? She said it was the language thher mother spoke. I asked where her mother came from. She said her mother was from Brazil, and therefore, spoke 8i80Spanish. . Well,,, 👖 🔥… she went back to live in New Zealand, and when I went to stay with her, I met a lot of the family – grown-up children, siblings, and old aunt and uncle. They were all very proud Maori people. No one mentioned anything about America or Brazil. To be fair, I didn’t ask about but Brazilian or American connections, because I did not want to embarrass her She is a -lovely person so I don’t know how or why she developed this persona. 9

    • Tasha says:


  3. Sue says:

    “Surprise”, eh? Someone should tell Hillary how babies are made.

    • Roop says:

      Right? Like she’s been pregnant eleventy billion times already. How can she possibly be surprised by this? Will her fans buy that this is a “surprise”? Eh, they probably will.

  4. RoSco says:

    I hope these kids are getting sufficient attention and love from their parents. Yeesh.

    • Mia1066 says:

      I don’t know how they can given their parents lifestyle. I suspect they have an army of help.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Well, you don’t with that many kids. My mom was #2 out of seven, my dad #9 out of 10. I remember my mom really disliked being just one of so many while my dad was 12 when his father died. Plus, my mom & her older sister did a lot of the childcare when they were still just kids themselves. Even if Hilaria & Alec have hired help, none of the kids are getting much individualized attention.

      • LittlePenguin says:

        @BeanieBean, my mom was the 4th of 8 kids and she says the same thing. Her and her older sister took care of the kids and her parents really didn’t know anything about her.
        We have a neighbour who is having child #5 this spring and is is a wannabe ‘influencer’. She’s in it for the babies not the love of kids. The babies get lots of attention from her and 1 on 1 time. The older kids, not so much. I remember 4 months into this years school year I saw her actually picking up the two school age ones (usually it is 1 of the 2 nannies) and she had no idea where to pick the kids up. We had to explain things to her.

      • Zen says:

        I am 4th of 5 kids and got no individual attention from my parents. They both worked full time to support the household and were grouchy and angry all the time. My oldest sibling, a girl, had to help raise the younger ones, cook and clean. She resented
        that, and us younger sibs. I couldn’t wait to leave the house and did at 17 as soon as I graduated school. Yes, my parents were catholic. I dispute the line that kids love having lots of siblings. Maybe one or two but not lots of sibs.

    • Sandy says:

      That is so sad for the kids.

  5. C-Shell says:

    This is nauseating, or obscene. One of those. Or both, maybe. Dios mio, indeed. BTW, autocorrect is a pain in the ass when I try even basic Spanish. Alec Baldwin is talented, but an asshole, so I can’t feel sorry for him having to work until he drops to support this flock. Wear a condom, Alec.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      He could just get a vasectomy if he wanted.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        In the state of Neanderthals, Texas, the wife’s signature is required!

        As for having that MANY babies, does Alec understand that when he is 80-81, the kid will finish high school?

    • SophieJara says:

      I feel bad for the kids but I kind of love this for Alec? He’s such a horrible person and he decided to go the whole marry-a-yoga-teacher-half-my-age thing, and he still didn’t end up with all the power! That terrible dysfunctional woman runs his whole life, his public image was a joke (prior to becoming quite serious after the killing), he looks miserable constantly, and I love that for him.

  6. Léna says:

    This article is gold , thanks for the laugh !!

  7. cabooklover says:

    My initial reaction was to tweet “Can you be addicted to babies?” Cuz, dang. I know they can afford all those kids, and probably have an army of staff, but kids need their parents and love too!

    • Trimdownmnrchyboring says:

      She’s definitely addicted to babies. The kids are all beautiful and healthy, congrats to the parents for the next baby. If octomom can handle it so can they with all their financial means. Im sure they are well cared for, and they seem pretty happy kids. Big families used to be the norm, i dont think it’s a big deal.

    • SAS says:

      The sad thing is, I don’t think she’s addicted to babies as much as she is to being pregnant. I mean, she has two babies and a toddler right now so if they aren’t enough of a fix so it must be something else right.

      If I’m being super coldly cynical (and I totally believe the kids are extremely well cared for btw), being pregnant is a bit of a cottage industry for her. She does paid appearances to discuss pregnancy “health/lifestyle” issues and advertising for pregnancy products, and no doubt has a huge influx of followers for her pregnancy fashion/yoga/food content. It’s plainly lucrative for her.

      So bizarre she’s persisting with the Spanish farce.

      • Sunny says:

        I think she’s addicted to nursing! It burns a sh!t ton of calories. Some women hold onto weight and others get very thin while nursing and I would bet that’s part of her drive here.

      • M says:

        I don’t believe in many conspiracy theories but I totally buy the conspiracy that she hasn’t been pregnant herself since her first one was born, maybe the second. Check out the Reddit pages on the topic, it’s pretty convincing imo. Aldo, notice how the announcement doesn’t say the word “pregnant”, just that there’s another baby on its way.
        Personally I think she keeps wanting more babies because it’s not like Alec is gonna leave her with a newborn. Its security for her. Plus, i think she gets off on the attention that a newborn brings her.

      • Bettyrose says:

        That would answer one huge question I have about maintaining that bod after non stop pregnancies. She poses in her underwear all the time to show off no pooch, no stretch marks, in addition to zero weight gain.

      • FHMom says:

        @Bettyrose and M
        I spent too much time on her Instagram feed yesterday, and I was baffled by her body. All that exercise in tiny underwear. I can’t imagine how she keeps that body. Like you said, no stretch marks, no slight pooch. It defies reality after birthing 6 children back to back. If those frequent pregnancies were real, she is either photoshopping the sh*t out of those photos or having c/tucks, but when would she fit in the plastic surgery? Your body needs time to heal. . I would believe she could keep that figure after 2 children, but 6? Nah, I will join you in this conspiracy. theory. I’m excited because it’s my first ever!

      • Luna17 says:

        Agree with M! She pretends to be pregnant when she is using surrogates and selling her phony perfect mami bounce back body. The Reddit page has the receipts. They also have high nanny turnover and force their Nannie’s to sleep with the kids (people have found their nanny ads). These people use kids as props and are insane.

      • Tempest says:

        I do believe she’s had surrogates for five of her pregnancies. She uses a moon bump and then magically has a banging bounce-back body within a week of “giving birth.” It’s just as sick as her Spanish grift.

  8. Jan90067 says:

    That vid should come with a warning label that it is vomit inducing.

    Well…we all did wonder what she’d do to distract from Alec’s killing Halyna. First came the “It was an accident, what can I do to help the husband/son”. Then came the Poor, poor, pitiful me campaign. That didn’t take either. Then out came the righteous anger… nope.

    So…whatcha gonna do, Alec? Hilarious? Of course: Fall back on whatcha know best: BABYYYYYYY! And well all know our HiLARRRRRRIA, who can’t seem to let the spotlight slip away, and pulls it back on her the only way she knows how: through her (or a surrogate’s) uterus. I guess the last two are losing that “new baby smell” by now. Time to get a couple more nannies, pass ‘em off, and start again! Wonder if she’ll try for another two-fer?

    I don’t think Alec has put away enough/can make enough $$$$ for the massive therapy bills these kids are going to have.

    • Bettyrose says:

      First, having another baby as a distraction was totally predictable. Second, I’m still reeling from them having a baby through surrogacy *six months* after she gave birth. That poor little girl is going to be aware of her strange birth order her entire childhood. But at least she’d get to be the youngest, and now … who even knows how many more.

      • FHMom says:

        It’s the boy she gave birth to before the girl that I feel sorry for. He never even had a chance to enjoy being a baby. Nino (insert a tilde over the n) was replaced after 6 months.

  9. Noki says:

    I am not being mean by saying this woman needs help right? This cant be normal, even if you have all the resources in the world…i mean WHY?

    • smcollins says:

      She’s a baby collector and pregnancy addict. The woman is not well, she’s proven that in more ways than one.

      • Mina says:

        I agree. She needs help. She is 40, or so, and she already had miscarriages and multiple pregnancies, if indeed she was pregnant. It’s not physically healthy. Wish she has a healthy pregnancy/ birth. I had 2 and was scared to hell all the time.

        Now heading to Reddit to read those theories about the surrogate

  10. Seraphina says:

    For me, the infant’s face she is holding in her lap (in the group pic) says it all. No words needed.

  11. The Hench says:

    Why, for the love of God, is she wearing just a bra and a pair of shorts in that photo with the children? It’s not even a crop top. Who poses in just a bra with their children for absolutely no reason?

    • Snazzy says:

      That really stood out to me too. WTF

    • Sue says:

      I suppose getting dressed is out of the question when you’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding for what feels like a hundred years….. *cough*

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and it’s not even a sports bra or some other opaque bra you could pass off as “a top”. it’s a lacy/see-through one.

      so odd, this woman.

  12. Andrea says:

    Terrible people reproducing, just what the world needs. Nevermind he’s old enough to be the children’s grandparents. All the money and babies in the world won’t buy happiness. I feel terrible for the babies who grow to be children, who grow to be adults.

  13. Amy Bee says:

    I can’t believe she’s still pretending to be Spanish.

    • one of the marys says:

      omg is she really, with the fake accent and all? Wow!

    • Lucy2 says:

      I know! Talking about the Spanish freeze on their rings, all of the kids’ names…this lady is either off her rocker, or desperately clinging to that image because he likes it. The whole thing is just bananas.
      I cannot imagine having two just barely over a year old, plus all those other children, and thinking you needed another baby.

  14. It’sJustBlanche says:

    At best, he’ll see the youngest ones graduate from high school. I don’t care that you can still make it work (viagra), that doesn’t mean you should.

  15. Moe says:

    Sorry I don’t mean to be cruel by saying this but my first thought when I saw that photo is that Alex looks like those childrens’ grandfather.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Not cruel. He’s aged quite a bit and really it’s too late in life to be having young children. Even if they’re lucky and there’s no chromosomal issues from his elderly sperm, we know he’s a rage monster and it’s hard to imagine he has even close to the mental or physical energy to be around seven young children. Being able to afford 100 nannies isn’t a justification for running a baby factory.

      • Dashen'ka says:

        To have children so late is cruel, yes. When I felt ready, I was her age but husband was over 50 already. We decided no – just not right. Health, energy, everything.

      • bettyrose says:

        Medical risks aside, I really believe that if Alec had to be actively involved with his children – that is couldn’t afford lots of staff – at least some of them would be at risk. He was youthful and Ireland was his only child when that famous voicemail reached the public arena. I’d actually forgotten the exact script of it, so I just googled and he doesn’t remember her age. He says “I don’t care if you’re 12 or 11” and then verbally berates her. He’s not a fit parent, and if I really thought he was trying to parent any of these children I’d be concerned.

  16. Eulalia says:

    I think she has a deep-seated issues that she desperately needs to unpack in therapy ASAP. Collecting and pretending to be Spanish (badly) isn’t going to fill that hole.

  17. Kebbie says:

    I just feel bad for Ireland. Poor girl has watched her inheritance dwindle every year.

    Normally I’d say it’s none of my business but this is just absurd. The fact that they used a surrogate the same year they conceived on their own? They’ve had 7 kids in 9 years! This will be the third in the last 2 years. I really think there’s something psychological going on with her. It’s like she’s got a compulsion or something. And he’s just irresponsible. He’s going to be 74 on this kid’s 10th birthday.

  18. Caitriona says:

    I love the title of this article! That is all.

  19. Betina says:

    Join us all over on the hilaria Reddit forum for the real tea!

  20. idon'twanna says:

    I got to “Baldwinitos” and thought, “It’s not even the number of kids – it’s that you’re delusional enough to keep insisting your family is Spanish – your KIDS are being raised under that non-negotiation delusion and that’s not healthy”. At what point do they get to say, “Um, no…visiting another country doesn’t mean we all get to play pretend forever”. What does it look like when they grow old enough to want to live an authentic identity? How does she react? Mommy dearest?

    • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

      You must have missed the Insta post she made about teaching her kids the difference between her “brown” arm and the child’s much lighter skin. There was a picture. I don’t remember the exact words but she was making a skin color comparison as a life lesson.

  21. cerise says:

    cómo se dice vasectomía?

  22. Courtney says:

    Those poor kids. Emotional neglect is abusive and those kids absolutely are not getting what they need from their parents being that Alec is barely around and there are SO many of them. They honestly look pretty miserable in some of those pics. And who wears a BRA for a family photo? They need to get over themselves and prioritize the kids they are raising, not their images.

  23. MY3CENTS says:

    Guess William’s thoughts on procreation can be directed outside of Africa?

    • BothSidesNow says:


      I guess since Milaria probably doesn’t know where Spain is, she took offense!

  24. grabbyhands says:

    A lot of people speculated that a baby announcement was imminent once they started to give all the disastrous interviews and deflecting blame for Halyna Hutchin’s death and it looks like they were right. Also noted that it said that they were expecting, not necessarily that she was pregnant, so I’m willing to be bet they are using a surrogate again which makes it seem even more gross and intentional.

    As for the bra top, well how else are you going to get that extra bit of attention unless you do something like that? I don’t think she’s addicted to babies or pregnancy – I think she’s addicted to the attention she gets from both. I could totally see her having Munchausen by proxy.

  25. Imara219 says:

    Back in the Fall, I felt horrible that Alex shot someone causing their death, and empathized with the extreme guilt and pain he was feeling. Now I think; differently; he was running his mouth about how horrible Will Smith’s behavior was as if he didn’t drop a body on his set. He was still able to be supported by Hollywood and preserve his career and, for the most part, his character and his reputation. Discussing this birth alert, it is what it is. They have a right to continue procreating, and if that’s what they want, then good for them.

  26. Saba says:

    For sure, she’s addicted to pregnancy. But also grasping for love. I feel she’s using those kids to try to fill a desperate void.

    I also can’t stop laughing that Alec met Hilary at Pure Food and Wine, lol. Where she pretended to be Española y no hablar ingles, in order to nab a millionaire.

    Whose founder rejected Alec in order to nab the younger, hotter, wittier guy who also turned out to be a fraud trying to score bank.

    Ah, if only Hilary and Shane Fox ended up together. They’re both locos from Massachusetts.

  27. Lucy2 says:

    I really hate how breezy she is about the “ups and downs the last few years“ in this baby announcement. A woman is dead from a gun Alec fired. That’s not a “down“, that is some thing that would make most people turn away from the public eye and live in deep guilt for the rest of their life.

  28. Jennifer says:

    I don’t particularly want to look at this woman’s Instagram, but I remember some photo of her posing in her undies all thin and sexy with a baby. Y’know, just casually around the house, as you do. So this is typical. Also ugh.

    How come most of the kids are blonde?!

    • Natalia says:

      She’s has naturally dark blonde/mousy light brown hair. She just dyes her hair black.

  29. Julia K says:

    Is there a mental disorder characterized by collecting children? Birth control is well known and easy to obtain. That neither one of them is using it is careless or stupid or deliberate.

  30. kelleybelle says:

    Is she trying to outdo Ethel Kennedy or something?

  31. Gil says:

    To this point I don’t even care about Hilaria and her obsession with having a army of kids. The reason I always click in these post about her and Baldwin is to enjoy Kaiser’s writing. I love how Kaiser use of Spanish in Hilaria related articles has become perfecto. I am a native speaker of Spanish and I can tell you it’s not only grammatically correct but funny. Me gusta tu español Káiser.

  32. R says:

    Hilary needs EXTREME psychological help. Wow. what a doozy. I guess none of them care about giving their kids ample attention, or helping the environment. Why does she keep collecting babies? Do they fill a void from her emptiness inside? I feel so sorry for all these children that these are their parents.

  33. SIde Eye says:

    She is in a bra in the family photo shoot. WTF. She should make this the holiday card and write the greeting in Spanish, just go full cray cray. Feliz Navidad! Mi! Mi! Miiiiiiiiiii!!! Me! Me! Meeeeee!

  34. Mimi says:

    Ugh Go away gooooooo far far awayyyy!!

  35. CatJ says:

    First thing I said to myself when I read the headline.. “Oh for F***s sake!

  36. Qtpi says:

    So HILLARY dyes her hair and eyebrows and uses fake tan, si? Because none of the children look anything like her. But of course they do but we just can’t see it. She is a complete nutter and I can’t believe he doesn’t shut the baby factory down.

    • Natalia says:

      If you look up her parents, she’s naturally her mom’s coloring. It’s all dye, tan and microblading.

      • Fleur says:

        To be fair, you can be dark blonde as a young child, and dark brunette as an adult. I had dark blonde hair as a little girl but when I reached 6th grade my eyebrows suddenly became black. It took me until I was just past twenty for my hair to darken to the color of my eyebrows but it did happen naturally.

        I think she’s a brunette by nature though she does tan for sure.

      • Jojo says:

        Her hair usually has that harsh/blocky box color look. I think she a natural shade depth level 6 but dyes it to a level 3.

  37. Ceej says:


    So I guess she thinks people have forgotten how she’s a white girl from the Boston area?

    Now I feel like we’ve missed a chance for a cool Boston-twang baby nickname. Embrace where you’re really from! You can be interesting without co-opting another culture Hilary[ia]!

  38. Nicegirl says:

    Bebe Felicidades

  39. bettyrose says:

    I doubt any of her pregnancies were accidental.

  40. María says:

    My conclusion after watching Bad Vegan is that Alex is attracted to deranged, delusional people.
    Hilaria is cut from the same cloth as Sarma, did anyone else notice?

  41. Peanut Butter says:

    Utterly predictable but so sad in terms of consistently healthy, sufficient parental attention to each child. While big families were/are the norm for religious reasons and in times where kids were used as farm hands, etc., these & other justifications are so weak in a time of climate change & increasing scarcity of water, food, & other resources. Sure, they can afford this choice & it’s their prerogative, but does that make it ethically & morally right?

  42. AmelieOriginal says:

    This woman is addicted to being pregnant. I duno if it’s the hormone rush and if it makes her high or maybe she sees herself as special when she’s pregnant. But I’m not totally surprised. My respect for Alec disappeared after her did that terrible interview with George Stephanopoulos about shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins. She was quiet for a bit after the shooting but she can’t stay off social media. I’ve also noticed on her IG she filters comments now and it looks like she’s stopped speaking in a Spanish accent, though most of her videos she is no longer speaking in them. The few that she does, she sticks to her American accent but I can hear the Spanish creep in and she clearly got so used to speaking in it that it became a habit. She is dying to go back to it but she knows nobody will believe her anymore.

  43. Eggbert says:

    Can you imagine what a conversation between Hillary and Kate would be like?! Bahahahaha! Let’s try to manifest this meeting like Kaiser did with JLo and Ben recreating Jenny from the Block video yacht butt rubbing.

  44. Alec will be nearly 80 years old when before this kid is even 18. For the life of me, I do not understand why he ever agreed to have any more kids with her after like the first 2. She does not seem right in the head

  45. French-Hen says:

    That was the fastest pivot I’ve seen yet. It’s almost like everyone learned that deflection works.