Duchess Camilla ‘threw a hand of friendship out to Harry & Meghan at various points’

The new issue of Vanity Fair is all about the British royal family. VF has launched a new royal podcast too, called Dynasty, and it looks like Katie Nicholl is back in the VF fold (she hasn’t been writing too many VF exclusives in recent years). One of the pieces in the VF royal cover story is “How Camilla Became a Queen (Consort) for the Modern Era.” Nicholl wrote it, and it’s amazing to watch Nicholl try to pour sugar on Camilla’s history of messiness. They all want to make Camilla sound like the keenest diplomat ever, the most loving wife, the most stabilizing force the monarchy has ever had, and nevermind the fact that she has this torrid history as a mistress and homewrecker. I mean, lots of people have messy romantic histories, but “most people” aren’t trying to whitewash their histories before they become Queen Consort. Some highlights from this VF piece:

Queen Camilla was not inevitable: “There was no inevitability about the duchess becoming queen consort,” says Patrick Harrison, who worked in the press office at Clarence House for 14 years and coordinated media plans for Charles and Camilla’s wedding. “I’m personally thrilled for her because she has worked so hard and really hasn’t put a foot wrong. She would say, ‘I do it because I love the boss, it’s my job to be there by his side,’ but she has done so much more than that. She is absolutely devoted to the Prince of Wales and to the institution and takes her royal role and duties incredibly seriously. She understands the benefits and the challenges that go with that.”

Camilla is family first: Her “family first” motto has rubbed off on Charles, who speaks to Prince William almost every day on the phone and is closer than ever to his mother. Behind palace doors, sources say, the duchess has also been instrumental in trying to heal the fractured relationship between Charles and Prince Harry. “The situation with Harry was upsetting for all the family, and we mustn’t forget that they are a family,” says a friend. “I know that Camilla did her best and was a tremendous sounding post and support for Charles, who was deeply troubled.”

Camilla tried to help Harry & Meghan: This friend points out what a difficult road Camilla has had with the press, and how she was ostracized by the family. “She threw a hand of friendship out to Harry and Meghan at various points. When Meghan was going through a difficult time with her own father, Camilla helped navigate things. It was Camilla who told Charles that walking Meghan up the aisle was the right thing to do. She’s a very family-oriented woman, and she really wanted to help.”

The Queen has given Camilla every honor: Publicly, the queen has bestowed every honor on Camilla, from the Royal Family Order, given at the queen’s discretion as a reward for service, to the Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. The Duchess of Cornwall is also now a member of the Privy Council, the Queen’s most senior advisory body and which plays an important part in the accession ceremonies of a new sovereign. In 2021 it was announced that Camilla was to be invested into the Order of the Garter, the greatest accolade of all. According to another friend of the duchess, the garter was “the one thing she really wanted, because it is such an enormous privilege. Camilla was absolutely thrilled about it.” Says historian Hugo Vickers: “Everybody wants the garter. It was the Princess of Wales’s secret wish too.”

Camilla’s style: “The duchess has really found her style,” says Fiona Clare, Camilla’s dresser, who has been designing for her nearly 10 years. “I wouldn’t say she is into clothes, but she has found her niche. She is very elegant and she knows what works. Her staples are dresses, frock coats, and great hats. She’s got a wonderful core team around her with people she trusts and knows will make her look good.”

Camilla plans to keep her private home: Camilla has decided she will keep Ray Mill, her Wiltshire home, when she is queen, so that she has a bolt-hole to escape the rigidity and scrutiny of palace life. At her home she can potter around in a dressing gown, cook for her family, and relax. She makes a point of factoring in time for herself in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance—walking, reading, holidaying in Scotland, and being with her family. She loves swimming, especially in the sea in Cornwall, where she and Charles vacation. And she loves to cook and makes a mean roast chicken, according to Tom.

[From Vanity Fair]

I don’t understand the need for a Queen Consort to “never put a foot wrong.” That’s Kate’s branding too, and it’s asinine for both women, considering they’ve both f–ked up many times. But why do people want to believe that these future queens have never, ever made a mistake? Especially when it’s so obvious that Kate and Camilla are extremely flawed people who f–k up all the time? As for the stuff about Camilla and the Sussexes… it’s interesting and it’s completely different from what Camilla’s biographer said just a few months ago.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. beff says:

    It’s very taxing remembering all the different ways you tried to ruin various peoples’ lives. I’m sure it’s easy for one or two “minxes” to slip through the cracks of their memory.

    • Kalana says:

      Camilla is the real limpet, stuck fast to Charles no mater who they hurt or use. But unlike Kate, Camilla has real control over Charles and she didn’t even need her family’s help to do it.

      Camilla snagged the most eligible bachelor of her circle and the Prince of Wales even though neither man initially wanted to claim her publicly. There’s a story there and I wish someone would write it.

      • sunny says:

        Absolutely! Plus i want the tea on her rivalry with Lady Dale. She and Kanga loathed each other and spent years jockeying for position with Charles.

      • Esmerelda says:

        “Get Your Men, A Memoir” by Camilla Parker Bowles would definitely be a bestseller in minor aristo/landed gentry gold digger circles.

        She’s an apex predator, perfectly adapted to her niche environment. Camilla the Raptor. Kate wishes she had such power.

      • Lindsay says:

        @ Esmerelda

        Ain’t gonna lie – I would read the shit out of “Get Your Men, A Memoir” by Camilla Parker Bowles.

      • Sapphire.Topaz says:

        There is a movie or documentary called Prince Charles’ Other Mistress about Kanga vs. Camilla and how Kanga died in mysterious circumstances right after Diana. I want to watch so badly!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      At this point they are throwing anything against the wall to see what sticks. Camilla and Kate definitely have one thing in common. They love dispatching all their mouthpieces including the journos and family and friends to paise them to high heavens when Harry as much as opens his mouth. They know what they’ve done to the Sussexes, Meghan in particular and I love the way they keep telling on themselves.

  2. Dawning says:

    This picture looks like the ghouls that kids see in their nightmares.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It’s not fair to bash another woman’s looks but on this occasion, I’d say her inner most thoughts and doings are reflected on the outside.

    • Tessa says:

      She is not nice on the inside. IMO.

  3. Kalana says:

    Camilla is the true peacemaker and the FQ, rather than FFQ like Waity Katie. Funny that there’s just one script that they just reuse.

    Huge taxpayer expense, Raymill.

    • C says:

      There really is just one script!! Peacemaker, hasn’t put a foot wrong, would much rather stay in and roast a chicken than have the trappings of royalty.

    • Amy Too says:

      And I always find it bizarre that part of the script for almost all the royals is basically “we hate doing our job and much prefer staying home but we do it because we have to.” Why is that appealing to the people who of the UK?

  4. strath23 says:

    What an extremely unattractive woman she is, both inside. and out.

    • Moss says:

      I don’t agree. I think she is very English looking, and that fair delicate thing doesn’t age as well as others, but that’s no fault of hers. and I like her hair. She’s navigated dressing surprisingly well considering how primed we were in the late 90s to hate her guts because we all loved DI so much.
      As far as her character, that’s another story.

      • C says:

        I’m not understanding how public opinion about Diana has anything to do with her dress sense? Although Camilla trying to copy Diana’s 1994 revenge dress in 1995 will never not be funny.

        She has never been a beauty to me, not even the old pictures of her as Camilla Shand. It wouldn’t matter if she were a warm kind person, but there we are. I found Rosemary Pitman, Andrew Parker Bowles’s second wife, to be much more attractive, especially at their 1996 wedding.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Whose fault is it that she stays in most of the time and smokes and drinks because she knows a good deal of the public still cannot stand her after how she treated Diana?

      • Okthen says:

        I know plenty of English women and they are far more attractive. She’s incredibly unattractive and always has been. Actually, I find her hideous, including the straw on her head. What does Diana have to do with this?

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I agree with you. Not even in youth was she a beauty. And that’s fine, maybe even ideal. Her personality (and loose morality) apparently went a long way.

      • Lux says:

        Agreed. Most people are not “beauties” by conventional standards and she certainly wasn’t (especially as she was a standard of sorts: white, aristocratic). There was nothing “delicate” about her features, even as a young woman, and if I must say, she looks more “handsome” and “dignified” as an older lady. Too bad her personality has not helped her at all and she’ll always be the boozy, shoo-in for future Queen consort. She’ll never upstage Charles, will always entertain him with her crude and inappropriate jokes and she will never be beloved, that’s for sure.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Attractive and photogenic are two entirely different things.

  5. C says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake, how many times are they going to use the phrase “hasn’t put a foot wrong” for these losers?

  6. Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

    I cannot even with this never put a foot wrong stuff anymore. You know who never puts a foot wrong? People who just stand in place.

  7. Smacd says:

    This pic really captures her essence. Perfeito!

  8. Veda says:

    But..but… isn’t Kate the Healer-in-Chief.

  9. Over it says:

    How do you help break up your family and another woman family but yet you are all about family? Help me understand because I am so lost here.
    Also to the no, I don’t believe for a second that Camilla tried to help Meghan. I don’t think she cared enough to try.Camilla has always been about Camilla and if she did indeed tell Charles that walking Meghan down the isle was the right thing to do, she did it for herself and Charles, to make them look good.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      I agree. It’s all calculation.

    • MsIam says:

      That Charles and Meghan story rings false to me. Camilla spoke in a documentary about Charles where she says she was never so proud of him as when he walked Meghan down the aisle. Now come to find out it she was behind it? Pish! And Meghan said Charles was berating Harry about Toxic while they were in Scotland and Camilla was there too. How was she helping to “navigate” things when it sounds like the Sussexes couldn’t get away from there fast enough.

      • Magick Wanda says:

        She was helping them navigate right out of the country. She’s a schemer and there is a reason she fears Harry’s book. That is the same reason for all of these embiggening articles about her. She did something horrendous to Meghan, I’m sure of it.

  10. equality says:

    If she “reached out” to H&M, I’m sure it was like all the others did, just to say “we all have bad press, put up with it.” If PC can manage to find the time to call PW every day, he can manage to find time to call PH at least every week. If he’s not calling PH, it’s his own fault they don’t speak because Harry said he was willing to work on their relationship.

    • Hyrule Castle says:

      “Harry, it’s Cammy. The family is pretty upset about all this negative press, so if Meghan could stop being so Black?
      Thanks so much”.

  11. Eurydice says:

    You know? Whatever. All of this is relative. I’m sure Camilla loves Charles and I’m sure she’s done everything by the book to be able to get the orders and medals and garters and crap to hang all over herself. But, just because she’s “never put a foot wrong” as far as royal protocol is concerned, that doesn’t mean she’s a good person – it doesn’t say anything about her except that she can follow the rules.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Excellent point.

    • Alexandria says:

      Meghan also followed royal protocols, she didn’t embarass herself like Kate pulling that face in church or when she was wearing impractical skirts while working, nor did Meghan say actual stupid things like William does in public. She was just the wrong skin colour. She knew how to do PR and she knew how to do international relations. Of course she knows protocol, not fake made up protocol.

    • Tessa says:

      I am not so sure Camilla would have fallen in “love” with Charles had he not been Prince of Wales. I don’t think HM had a choice but to give Camilla those honors. Look how Charles went to see the Queen about Camilla’s future title, even though she’d have gotten it automatically. He wanted to “credit” his mother for it.

  12. Mel says:

    It wasn’t her feet that Cams put wrong………. just saying.

  13. Lady Esther says:

    If Charles speaks to William “nearly every day,” I’ll eat my hat.

    • Anna says:

      Maybe by talking they mean Wills calling and screaming his demands till he gets what he wants?

  14. girl_ninja says:

    I thought walking Meghan down the isle was all on Prince Charles the perfect father and prince? Now it turns out it has all been Cam? Wow. Good thing she and Katie are around to keep the drool from dribbling down their chins and their men’s chins and keep them standing upright.

  15. fani says:

    Having experienced and perhaps been embarrassed by Diana, both Charles and William chose women who would not outshine them and who are seemingly easy to control.

    These women lack the spirit, charisma, intelligence, beauty, work ethic, and humanity of Diana but at least they never put a foot wrong (it’s a lie).

    • C says:

      Well, Camilla told Kate that she needed to conform her entire life to William, the way she did with Charles. Unfortunately that won’t get Kate anywhere since Charles actually cares about Camilla.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think Kate cares much for Camilla. But she plays the game. I don’t think Camilla cares much for Kate, I think they use each other. I think when Camilla advances in rank, she will expect Kate to curtsey to her.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles was not embarrassed by Diana he was jealous. And as early as 1983 he made a negative comment in front of Diana at a banquet that he needed “two wives.” Kate does not have the security Camilla has. Even if Charles wanted to divorce Camilla he would not be able to because 1) he can’t afford two divorces and 2) he created the Great Star Crossed Lovers story myth. Since his father set the precedent I think William would have more leeway to divorce Kate should he meet someone else he would want to marry.

  16. Chaine says:

    Never put a foot wrong except that one time that she stepped right into someone else’s marriage

  17. Merricat says:

    The part of Camilla’s story that is chilling to me is the “friendship” she cultivated with Diana. It’s bad enough to have an affair with a married man, but to befriend his wife is just sick. It’s cold, it’s manipulative, it’s heartless.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Totally twisted.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Merricat, it is even worse than cold and heartless, it’s down right cruel!! Camilla cares about Camilla and the power she has over Chaz, nothing more!! Camilla has spent her entire life, and is still putting both of her feet wrong. Camilla only cares about what she can get out of Charles and what her position can do for her. Camilla, to me, is the type of person you must keep an eye on as she will smile at your face and turn around to cause harm to you if there is a whiff of potentially crossing her or coming into her path. The only thing that I think that Camilla is throwing around is a gin and tonic.

    • Tessa says:

      The worst part was that Camilla was 33 and Diana was 19 when Camilla “befriended her” that makes it even worse. IMO.

    • Anna says:

      Exactly. Many people can do something hurting others, but most of them will feel guilty when faced with said person and the damage done. But to be able to hurt someone over and over, to their face, for years – it takes some ice cold bi***.

  18. Becks1 says:

    I am sure that Camilla was the one who told Meghan that they all have bad press and to stay at home etc (which is what Camilla basically did for a year.) the difference, of course, is that Camilla was being attacked in the press for her own actions as we all know (well her actions and Charles’). so the press attacks weren’t because she was this complete innocent just trying to live her life.

    Do I think Charles calls William every day at Camilla’s behest? Nope. Do I think Camilla is pushing hard for a reconciliation with Harry behind the scenes? Nope, mainly bc I don’t think Camilla cares that much if Charles is talking to either of his sons on a regular basis. I think she is someone who just wants to do what she wants to do and as long as she can do that, she doesn’t care about the rest.

    • Kalana says:

      They also hired Mark Boland to help salvage Camilla’s image but threw Meghan to the wolves.

      Camilla treated Meghan like she treated Diana: she pretended to be supportive while actually working against her. She’s still the same old Camilla.

    • Tessa says:

      As I recall, it was less than a year that Camilla left her home, so to speak. The renewal of the “rehabilitation campaign” started less than a year after Diana died. There were headlines like “Diana’s sons accept Camilla.” And Charles circulated the William invites Camilla to tea story all over international media.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe anything that was said about her relationship with Harry and Meghan. This piece confirms that Camilla always wanted to be Queen Consort.

  20. HeatherC says:

    Of course she makes a “mean roast chicken.” After Harry dropped to one knee while making a perfectly seasoned roast chicken and proposed to the biracial American “minx” all the royal women are trying to say they make roast chicken too and theirs are better than Meghan’s.

    • Becks1 says:

      That was actually a weird Kate story first, that she was always shopping in Wales for chicken bc roast chicken was William’s favorite. That was before it came out they had a full time cook/chef in their house there.

      • Mia1066 says:

        Curios whether that ‘hand’ was before or after mocking meghan to the Lamebridge. When she was pregnant?

      • C says:

        I remember too about how she went into some butcher shop to buy lamb’s liver because she loves making pies and the butcher made sure to tell the Daily Mail, lol.

      • BeanieBean says:

        William’s favorite food seems to be pizza.

      • Lyn O'Callaghan says:

        C, I remember that story very well too. She apparently bought a few pence worth of liver to make gravy for the pie and the butcher joked “Are you sure you can afford that?” Madam replied “I can now”. Yes, now that you never have to lift a finger or pay for yourself ever again.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Most should realize by now that Katie Nicholl is so full of it that there are no words.

    • Tessa says:

      Tom Parker Bowles when he was promoting his books told the “his mother cooked chicken”story. I understand though that the Parker Bowles children were sent to boarding schools for much of the year.

  21. C-Shell says:

    Whose side is Nicholl on?! I thought she was the mouthpiece for all things Middleton, but here she is blatantly parroting all the “Future Queen” talking points we’ve been hammered with from Khate and CarolE’s comms team for the past few years. BTW, Charles and Wills, these are your married in doormats saying that you two are weak and neurotic without the strong, stabilizing influence they provide. This crap just curdles my coffee. It’s boring and repetitive. VF really has no standards.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t think any of the outlets devoted to royal coverage have standards – the only standard is “here’s something about a royal.”

    • MsIam says:

      I think after the tour debacle they had to put a pause on the Kate the Great stories, no matter how much Ma Middleton begs. I think they feel even the most gullible readers won’t buy that right now. Kate still wants to lay low, unless its something like Easter where she doesn’t have to interact with people and is just photographed from a distance.

  22. Jay says:

    A helping hand of friendship? Or an outstretched hand ready to give a little push? It can be hard to tell sometimes.

    I’m puzzled at why Camilla would even want to insert herself into this narrative, much less why she would insist that SHE suggested Charles walk Meghan down the aisle and SHE is the one supporting a “broken” Charles. You just know Chuck will not like that.

    My big question is always: who is this for?

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s my question too and its interesting bc in the trailer for the Dynasty podcast, that’s something that’s brought up – asking “who does this benefit, who looks good in this story” whenever you are reading any royal story. So its interesting to hear that line of discussion compared with this cover story.

      I wonder if this has a lot to do with the anti-Camilla stories over the past 6 months, about how Camilla was the one who was most scared of Harry’s memoir, etc. this is saying to me that camilla has nothing to be scared of bc she supports charles and wants him to get along with his sons and was friendly to Meghan.

      my guess is the truth is probably somewhere in between the two narratives.

      • Jay says:

        I think you are correct that this is a reaction to those rumours, I’m just not sure how much this will change minds on Camilla if that is the goal.

        I mean, this VF issue seems to target royalists, so already the audience is self-selected: they are likely to already know who Camilla is and have an opinion about her. And the piece does little to change that.

        Instead, Nicholls mentions several points the palace has been trotting out for months – Camilla’s not glamourous, she’s supportive, it’s a big deal that she’s going to be queen consort etc.I can’t imagine there are that many people who will buy this and be like, ooh, the Queen is letting Camilla use the “Queen” title! How exciting! (I think this may be one of those things that the Windsors think is a game changer in their little bubble, much like the jubbly.)

        For better or for worse, there are not a whole lot of people still waiting for more information about Camilla to get a sense of her character. And this profile doesn’t do that, either. It’s surprising generic and superficial.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Becks1, if Camilla is fearful of Harry exposing her in his book, that tells me she has done something that will not look too good on her image that is being rewritten on nearly a daily basis. Guilty parties should not fear the truth being told, and we are seeing that Camilla and Charles are both fearful of Harry’s memoir.

        Camilla cares about her power over Charles, her ability to have what she wants and is utterly delighted that she has been given TQ’s blessing. Charles and Camilla care about what and who they can control. If they can’t control the narrative, they will rewrite it as they have for the last decade. It’s surprising that VF, and the rest of the bunch of hacks, think that if they print their own version of the truth that their version is the only one that is true.

      • teecee says:

        This also might be in anticipation of this season of “The Crown”, which will remind the public exactly why they dislike those two in the first place.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla really showed how she felt about Meghan and Harry when she giggled at their wedding along with Kate. I doubt she “urged Charles” to walk Meghan down the aisle.

      • Blithe says:

        I can believe that Camilla urged Charles to walk Meghan down the aisle. First, it was a brief gesture that made him look really good, and both Meghan and Harry were very appreciative. Second, think of the alternatives. Meghan could have walked unescorted— and that would have really had the more traditional folks in a twist. She could have walked down the aisle with her mother — which would have been even more untraditional and probably way to feminist and Afrocentric for the traditionalists. She could have asked a friend — but that would have emphasized Meghan’s independence and ties to people outside of the BRF’s purview.

        I think Charles offered to do it out of kindness, but I’m sure that Camilla and others flinched at the thought of some of the most obvious alternatives.

    • Alexandria says:

      @Jay I’m still in the camp all these latest stories about Camilla is from KP / Carole. Camilla’s reputation has always been in the bin, she’s tolerated at most. She has nothing else to lose as long Charles takes her side. These stories take the heat off the Cambridges especially after the Cat 5 disaster tour. Camilla’s an easy target because her reputation is already toast. The Cambridges on the other hand have more to lose if they’re really slammed and outed by Harry. Don’t forget HM said the reputation of the person who had concerns over Archie’s skin colour would suffer if revealed. The golden boy anyone?

      Camilla is still a racist POS person but there was no need to insert herself. I think she was thrown under the bus and now some ppl think Harry’s book will really include her. Deflection.

  23. Gertrude says:

    And by “hand of friendship,” we mean middle finger.

    • Lux says:

      Yup. Plus, nobody wants to befriend a “terrible gossip.” Can you imagine Camilla telling Meghan about Biden’s fart? And then running to the tabloids to tell them Meghan’s reaction? Her reaction to news of H&M leaving was so villainy/telling, ”…of course..!” These people can’t put on a diplomatic face to save their lives.

  24. Lindsay says:

    This is probably bananas, but in the outfit Camilla wore to the Commonwealth Day service (pictured above), she reminds me of a Harry Potter scene: when the boggart takes the form of Neville Longbottom’s grandmother. It’s got a strong vulture hat vibe.

    • Kalana says:

      Camilla’s hat choices often make her look like the personification of dusty. She usually looks like someone brought her down from an attic and put her on display.

      • MsIam says:

        That is my thought exactly, lol! Just looking at her makes you itchy and you want to sneeze!

  25. L4Frimaire says:

    Can’t stand Katie Nicholl’s terrible writing with her loose facts. I hate that “ never put a foot wrong “ phrase. Both Camilla and Kate have had many missteps, and it’s been especially obvious the last few years. VF is so bad and it’s actually quite fun to hear former staffers slag off how terrible it’s become. Camilla is messy, has been messy, utterly lacking in style and actually comes across as rather uninformed and unsympathetic to me. Not exactly Ms. Intellectual Curiosity or caring about others. I don’t think she’s ever been into Charles’ sons and never cared much for Meghan, and has actually mocked her. There was a Commonwealths service where she rubbed her belly with a smirk to mock pregnant Meghan (why do they behave so badly at Commonwealth services). She’s getting her Queen consort title and it is what it is, but don’t expect many to be thrilled about it. Not mad at those who think she doesn’t deserve it.

  26. AnneL says:

    That purple outfit, holy cow. I can’t decide if it’s ghastly or kind of fabulous. I mean, no way could I pull that off but she kind of does. But it’s such a costume! It’s like they don’t wear clothes, they wear regalia.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      That outfit is truly hideous. It looks like she works at the Ministry of Magic in all that purple velvet. This woman can’t dress and her clothes are way too frumpy. She can’t even just wear a simple pants suit or a decent bra or shoes. She has no style. They put way too much emphasis on garish jewelry and ridiculous hats. She should stick to tweeds and invest in a few tailored pieces , even a twin set or two.

  27. MangoAngelesque says:

    The only thing I found of any interest in all that Nicholl’s drivel is that what we call coatdresses, they twee it up and call them “frock coats.”

  28. Trimdownmnrchyboring says:

    Meghan is the one with the mean chicken roast – Camilla has nothing on her!!!!

  29. Jaded says:

    She threw out a few other things too like that barbed comment when asked if she’d miss Harry and Meghan — she smirked, said, “…’course” and sauntered away. She also threw out her common courtesy at the Sussex’s wedding when she smirked and laughed during the service, then at a church service when she laughed behind Meghan’s back and rubbed her stomach in front of Kate mimicking Meghan’s belly cupping. Hand of friendship my arse.

    • Kelsey says:

      Whoaaaaa Camel Toe mimicked Meghan rubbing her belly?! When was THIS?!

      • Jaded says:

        I kid you not. It was at a church service with the family when she was about 6-7 months pregnant. Take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4zDml4fgp4

      • Debbie says:

        I have heard about Camilla doing that to Meghan when M was pregnant, but I never saw it before today. Camilla waited until she was facing Kate to do it, she knew it would be well-received by Kate. My God, if this is the way Camilla and Kate (at the Commonwealth services) act in churches, one shudders to think of how they act behind the scenes!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      For a family that apparently was anointed by God and a woman that is apparently an aristocratic of her own, Camilla, Charles, WilliNot are completely incompetent of behaviour that is respectful in all settings. Add CopyKeen to the mix and you have nothing but a bunch of manipulative, childish, selfish and hateful individuals that will stop at nothing to save their own asses, no matter who it hurts.

  30. Izzy says:

    When the hand that’s extended is also part of a group that is leaking and briefing against you, it’s no surprise Harry and Meghan didn’t want to take her hand in friendship. She is no more trustworthy that the rest of that sorry, inbred, racist lot.

  31. Green Desert says:

    This never put a foot wrong business…these people and their obsession with perfection. If they ever choose to step into the 21st century, maybe they’ll realize that making mistakes is okay. It’s how you address those mistakes, own up to them, and make a commitment to doing better that matters. Their actions show they’re not perfect (as no one is), and it’s embarrassing to read this kind of embiggening. Refusing to own those imperfections or to make any attempts to do better where it matters keeps the monarchy in a state of arrested development.

    • Alexandria says:

      But even that is not factual if we want to go into details. All of them have had actual scandals and faux pas in public. Charles, Cam, Phillip, Nonce, Edward, Sophie, Kate, William…

  32. RoyalBlue says:

    She, Charles and the schemes they hatch annoy me. All her dreams have come true.

    And what in the mother of patriarchy does this mean? “She would say, ‘I do it because I love the boss, it’s my job to be there by his side,’ “

  33. VegasSchmegas says:

    Someone got the face she deserves.

  34. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Hasn’t put a foot wrong, is *finally* coming into her own (style-wise), prefers being a homebody — all repeats of Kate’s Stepford narrative. Is THIS really what the British think of as the perfect woman? It is so misogynistic, and has no place in the 21st century. If THAT is the best they can say about Camilla and Kate’s “accomplishments,” then those two women are losers. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

  35. HarleyB says:

    When I see ‘throwing hands’ an entirely different meaning comes to mind, lol.

  36. kirk says:

    AFAIC the only thing that would interest me from Camela is her explanation of how she reconciles her supposed work supporting abused and assaulted women with being in RF with Andrew. Clear that Katie Nicholl does not know or care.

    Since I’m American IDK whether taxpayers support her being at RayMill part-time, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they were. Public purse supports TQ at supposedly private Balmoral & Sandringham.

    • Tessa says:

      Not only that, but the way she treated the 19 year old Lady Diana pretending to be her friend, and later writing to Charles (in a letter that became public domain) to ignore “that ridiculous creature” (Diana). In other words, treating his wife badly. And then the way she acted with Meghan. she has no business representing women. IMO. I read that taxpayers pony up security for Camilla’s home whether she is at home or not.

  37. phlyfiremama says:

    The header picture is *chef’s kiss