Will Alec & Hilaria Baldwin give their seventh bebe an ‘American’ name?

Alec Baldwin and Hillary “Hilaria” Thomas have tried to give their children nombres españoles for the most part. The “Baldwinitos” are named Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo y Maria Lucia. Many of these nombres are common in Spain, which is where Hilaria pretends she’s from, because this chica es loca. It’s generally assumed that Hilaria and Alec have hired Spanish-speaking nannies (see this IG post from Alec, where two nannies are speaking Spanish in the background) and it’s also widely assumed that Hilaria is so committed to her fake Spanish act that she wants all of her kids to be bilingual. Now that we know that Alec and Hilaria are expecting their seventh bebe together, what are the chances that this kid will get a Spanish name?

It’ll be a party in the U.S.A. when the seventh (and allegedly final) Baldwin baby arrives. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin — who are expecting their seventh child together — joked that their next kid will have an “all-American” name while chatting with guests at Wednesday night’s New York Philharmonic Spring Gala at Alice Tully Hall, a Page Six spy exclusively shares.

Alec, 64, was overheard telling veteran entertainment journalist Tom Murro that they’re going to name their newborn “Babe Ruth or Chase Manhattan” after the baseball legend or the consumer banking company.

The couple has chosen traditionally Spanish or Italian names for their expansive brood, including daughters Carmen, 8, and María Lucía, 1, and sons Rafael, 6, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 3, and Eduardo “Edu,” 1. Alec also shares 26-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

It makes sense that Hilaria — who announced her latest pregnancy in March — would choose an American name for her child as she hails from Boston and not from Mallorca, Spain, as she previously led the public to believe. In December 2020, the 38-year-old yoga instructor and lifestyle expert (born Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas) faced accusations that she’d been faking her Spanish accent and lying about her name and heritage for years.

[From Page Six]

Dios mio! See, I think if Hilaria and Alec gave one child nombre Americano, it would be like they were admitting Hilaria’s estupido con. And make no mistake, they are both still committed to the con, they’ve just adapted the con to make it more like “Hilaria went on vacation in Spain as a kid, therefore she’s part Spanish, no mas preguntas.” They can’t name this kid Jennifer or Brett. This kid will have to be Feliciano or Carlos or Blanca or Estrella. All of which are lovely names! I’m not saying that they shouldn’t give their kids Spanish (or Spanish-sounding) names. I’m saying that the kids’ names are part and parcel of the larger con.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Patricia Shea says:

    For some reason, the pictures of all the kids makes me sad.
    At least they have each other.
    (*referring to the kids)

    • waitwhat says:

      The babies want their (off-camera) nanny.

    • SK says:

      Makes me feel sad too. Part of the reasons I stopped at two children is that I want to make sure they have lots of my time and attention each ( also that of my husband/their dad) … but yes, they have each other thankfully, their parents seem not quite right

  2. Huma says:

    They’ll try to make it non controversial such as Gabriela OR they’ll double down with something we never hear in the states Belen, Cayetana are a couple I heard of only on Spanish shows. By the way can anyone explain if Latino names for people from south and Central America are much different than Spanish names for people from Europe? Can you tell? Because for me I noticed that North Americans use different names than brits (different names are common) and the difference between quebecois names and French first names (there are some typical last names in Quebec) is harder for me to spot but I see a difference there too, but not speaking Spanish I have no idea if there’s any difference. Was wondering if she chose particularly Latina names instead of European because it did seems she was cosplaying the sexy Latina (well, she still is playing up her ummm sexiness).
    Someone on here directed me to the Reddit about her and it’s quite funny. Also, shocking the stuff she puts on IG

    • Huma says:

      Or she might to an unconventional somewhat pretentious name which is not English or Spanish. For example Gaia. But I don’t see Alec agreeing to that

    • Bklne says:

      Names go through trend cycles in different Spanish-speaking countries just like in other languages with large numbers of speakers spread across large geographic areas. Certain names get popular in particular countries and among different social groups for all kinds of reasons. For example, there are lots of beautiful names with indigenous origins that are popular in various Latin American countries but not common in Spain. And in Spain you sometimes see names with Arabic or Gothic roots that are less common elsewhere.

    • koro says:

      Yes Huma, at least the popular names from Catalonia and the Baleares (mallorca) are different from names in use in other parts of Spain and LatAm as well. Carmen is not a popular name at all (and would be Carme in the Mallorcan version) and very few women under 45 are named Maria Something because back in Franco days all women had Maria in front of their names. It would just be Lucia in Mallorca nowadays! So yes these names and the whole flamenco persona make me laugh as very out of step with Mallorca.

    • Steph says:

      @huma my community is Latino Caribbean. The names are way different. My closest friends are Beliza, Geneciobel, Noraliza and Heriberto.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Would like to add that in Central & South America you’ll also have Native American-infuenced names; e.g., in the Caribbean, you might hear Taina, for the Taino people who were there when Columbus washed bumped into the islands.

  3. The Hench says:

    God these celebrities are weird. I just can’t imagine that if Mr Hench turned out to have been faking his entire identity and nationality that I would have him anywhere near me, never mind still be married, pretending like nothing had happened (even though MILLIONS of people know the truth) and joking about the national antecedents of the name we would give our new child.

    Like, WTAF?

    And yes. They will call it something Spanish.
    Or.. they won’t because they have no sense of shame or embarrassment.


    • AnnaKist says:

      Ahh, thank you! I’m in Australia and have never heard her speak, but have always wondered how all this sits with him, as well as her family. Does she speak with a Spanish accent? If so, I wonder if she speak this way with her parents or other family members? When she got busted, an easy out would have been to say that she visited Spain when she was young, and developed an affinity with the country, the culture, the language etc. But no, they keep the comedy going, which tells me that he’s in on the con. Gah, indeed!

      Kaiser, top marks for this article. I am as miserable as can be with Covid, but you had me in tears of laughter. Ahh, The Baldwins… Why do they not have their own reality show, a la Kardashians already? That would be comedy gold!

      • Jan90067 says:

        Hope you’re feeling better soon, Anna-Kist!

        I truly don’t get the complete lack of shame. If I’d been caught out in a scam like Heeeee-LAAAH-RIA, I could never show my face again! Then again, I’d never pull sh!t like this in the first place!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ AnnaKist, I do hope that you are feeling better very soon and that your recovery is a complete success as well!!!

      • Ange says:

        She faked a spanish accent for a long time, including pretending to forget English words for things while on TV and telling ludicrous stories about how she had to teach her (very American, very waspish) parents how to pronounce Baldwin. Once she was thoroughly caught she reverted back to an American accent.

  4. Bettyrose says:

    Being in California where the Latino population is the majority and our cities mostly have Spanish names, the concept of an American name being English is a little awkward. A Boston name though is probably more Anglophonic.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      I have always hated the expression “all American” because what people really mean is White/Anglo…

      • bettyrose says:

        Once heard a guy I considered intelligent (who was himself the child of immigrants) refer to someone as “not having an American name.” I realize a lot of immigrants give their children typically “American” names, like the kind you hear on tv, so that’s sort of what he meant, but I still gave him an earful about the racist underpinnings of that comment.

      • QueenB says:

        @bettyrose, it’s just a generalism; kids of Asian/Indian parents say the same thing; in America they say “American name,” in the UK they say “English name.” It’s just a generalism in speech, but it’s a thing with kids who are first generation westerners whose parents loaded them with traditional names, but who have “Americanised” or “Westernised” their names. I don’t think there’s an underpinning of racism when the person is themselves a product of immigrants: they live in a whole different realm.

      • Emma33 says:

        Damn – I hope he gave you an earful back. He wasn’t a 7th generation Bostonian, he was the child of immigrants. “American name” was probably used in his house to distinguish from “Indian name” or “Malaysian name” or wherever his parents are from.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Just to clarify, this was a white guy from the same ethnic background as me. He was 40 years old, born and raised in the US. It was not cool that he was “othering” someone else. I understand that being the child of immigrants was a factor and I’m acknowledging that, but he still benefited from the privileges of being a white man and the othering needed to be addressed.

  5. AmelieOriginal says:

    There’s no problem raising the kids to speak Spanish and be bilingual. I’m in admiration of any parent who wants their kids to be bilingual because it is not easy and I would know as I was raised in a bilingual household. But fudging your and your kids’ identities should not be part of your bilingual education. It’s part of the reason why I thought Hilaria’s con was so hilarious because I guess if I wanted to, I could have done the same in my case and exaggerated having a French accent and pretending I’m from France. I don’t go on her Insta much but I did check a few weeks ago because I wanted to see if she had finally dropped the fake accent when she speaks but I couldn’t find any recent videos of her talking.

    Can you imagine if she pretended to be black and gave her children traditional American black names (or God forbid, names of African origin). Or I dunno, pretended she was part Indian (as in from India) and gave them all Indian names! Those poor kids would have been mercilessly made fun of.

  6. ME says:

    What exactly is an “American” name though?

    • Bklne says:

      Yes, exactly! “American” is not automatically “of English/Anglophone origin”. For the record, Spanish was spoken earlier than English in the Western Hemisphere and in the lands that now make up the US. It’s the European language with the longest continuously-spoken history in this country. And for Spanish speakers, “americano” can refer to the entirety of North, Central and South America, not just the US.

      • Fabiola says:

        I take American names as the most popular names you hear. How many Jennifer,Michael, mark, William were there in school? A ton.

      • bklne says:

        Yes, so do a lot of people, and that’s the point – that’s why the title has “American” in scare quotes: it’s really easy to conflate “American” with “anglophone majority white US-centric”, but that’s a flawed assumption and it’s important to challenge those ideas and open up our perspectives. That’s never been a true or complete picture of what “American” means or includes.

  7. Kira says:

    I am genuinely so confused as to why she’s pretending to be from Spain can anyone explain, am I missing something?

    • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

      Basically, Alec Baldwin had a big crush on Salma Hayek when they worked together. So, Hillary, to make herself more appealing to him, pretended to be from Spain because she had some knowledge of the country. Then, the lie got too big.

      • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

        (and, correct, Salma is not from Spain.)

      • Emma says:

        She didn’t just pretend to be Spanish, she was pretending to be Latina / Brown.

        There was a video where she talked about putting her hand or arm next to her child’s and pointing out how hers was darker and the child’s was paler/white to teach the child about colorism and racism — for Martin Luther King Day.

        And of course she was interviewed for Latina magazine multiple times and covered Hola magazine with her family. She was definitely presenting herself as Latina.

      • bettyrose says:

        The video of her comparing her salon-tanned arm to her daughter’s naturally pale skin was over the top. There’s being a pretentious AH and there’s serious delusion.

      • Smart&Messy says:


        She confused/conflated Spanish and Latina herself! She always maintained she was Spanish AND brown. Despite it being a long con, she doesn’t seem to know about Spanish culture that much and noone’s ever heard her speak Spanish fluently.

        I don’t know why Latina magazine even approached her. They probably heard her fake accent and how-you-saying and assumed she was latina. Had they done proper research on her they would have known her real heritage. So the Latina and Hola farce is very much on the magazines staff too.

      • Dollycoa says:

        She can’t possibly think k she can double down on this with the kids when they are older. They are pure American/ White Northern European descent kids. They are clearly not Spanish, yet she would have lied to them all their childhoods. How will she explain that when they are teens? My teen has become very interested in his heritage ( he is dual heritage). They don’t even know theirs! I suppose their mother being mad as a box of frogs and a father sued for corporate manslaughter would make the ‘ I’m jotvreally Spanish’ a minor concern!

      • Bklne says:

        Just worth keeping in mind: Spain is a European country and the native population there is majority white. There is a lot of Celtic, Germanic and Frankish ancestry across the various regions, and you see blondes, redheads, people with fair skin and freckles, light-colored eyes, etc. It’s also a Mediterranean country and plenty of people have olive skin and darker hair and eyes, but it’s a mistake to overgeneralize that Spanish = brown. (The full range of human colors are found in all the countries across the Spanish-speaking world, but Spain skews whiter than the majority.)

      • Ange says:

        She pretended she was Spanish yet presented as latina AND said that her favourite Spanish song was Ave Maria, the woman was all over the shop lol.

  8. Ines says:

    I’m voting for something like Laura or Sebastian or another name that is written the same in both languages.

  9. Elise says:

    The whole post made laugh out loud.
    Seriously though, the woman is troubled. The poor kids.

    • FHMom says:

      I laughed hard. The child will have a Spanish name like the others. These kids will have stories to tell when they are older. I can’t imagine have a mom with a fake identity.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, the kids will have stories to tell their therapists!! That’s the only way these kids will survive!! I would grow up to loathe a mother that faked her nationality all for the purpose of landing a man. Imagine how detrimental that would be for the girls.

        Milaria needs to own up to her scam as that is what it is, a scam.

    • Shellgame says:

      35yo Yoga teacher Hillary from Boston marketed herself as “Hilaria from Spain” after visiting her parents who just bought a retirement flat in the centre of Majorca. Twas a marketing scheme persona that got the attention of Alec & she ran w the ruse, gaslighting him & all media. Alec was double dating a somewhat pushy Canadian lady in their early courtship- Hil reported the lady for stalking Alec & it went to court. Cue the ex’s revenge who outted Hil’s con. But ’twas too late- “Hilaria” already married, preg & using surrogates + team o nannies to market “Latina bounce back exercise mom” schtick

  10. Jessica says:

    I had an ex who desperately wanted to name his future son Leonardo because he’s a big DiCaprio fan. I thought it was weird because we are Black/Nigerian/Jamaica not Italian. He really liked the name though and going back if we had a kid I would let him name him that and just call him Leo. Spanish and Italian names are beautiful most of the time.

    Her obsession with pretending to be from Spain is rooted in mental illness but I don’t fault her for teaching them Spanish and giving them Latin names.

    • murphy says:

      Thats the thing–if she would have just said “No I’m not Spanish but I just love the culture and Carmen is just such a beautiful name I love it” no one would have batted an eyelash.

  11. Tempest says:

    Hillary seems to have some untreated mental health issues. Then there’s the whole cultural appropriation issue. She also seems to be a career grifter. That poor child army.

    • Jennifer says:

      And she’s like, always posing in her underwear on IG with the kids, like that’s something you casually do at home in front of a photographer.

      I always think Hilaria is an aptonym, because she’s hilarious.

  12. Nicegirl says:

    Claro si

    Quizas Matteo, Perla, Carina, Aurora, Andres, Gabriel, Joseph?? Lol

  13. lunchcoma says:

    The kid will have a name used in Spain like the other children, not one that’s only used in English-speaking countries. An American name can mean lots of things.

    There are so many problematic things about Alec, Hilaria, and their family, but this and the Spanish-speaking nannies are the least troubling aspects of the situation.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    She called her family the Baldwinitos, of course this new baby will have Spanish names like the others.

  15. Luna17 says:

    Internet sleuths have dug up the dirt and they hire (usually woc) to be surrogates and she wears a fake moon bump stomach and then try’s to bank on the perfect mami bounce back grift while not crediting the actual women birthing and growing their kids. Also the amount of plastic surgery she has had while “pregnant” and “breast feeding” would be impossible if she was actually pregnant. They are insane sociopaths and the kids seem so sad and exploited on social media. If you want to go down the rabbit hole check out the hilaria bladwin Reddit. It’s sound insane to fake pregnancies but she literally lied about being born in Spain and put on a fake accent for over a decade and apparently Alec didn’t even notice or realize it (he never saw her passport or met her family who are all white Bostonians!). It’s sad because innocent kids are involved. I hope they do have some good Nannie’s around for stability.!

    • damejudi says:

      Thank you, Luna17!


    • Tempest says:

      @Luna17, you speak the truth.

    • Cheslsea says:

      @Luna17, agree with everything you said.

    • Murphy says:

      Whoa that is the first I’ve heard of that but I can’t reject it because she is that nuts.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Luna17, oh my gawd!!! You were not kidding!!! It’s an entire nest of endless rabbit holes!!! I need to buy you a drink @ Luna17!! My, my how Milaria has certainly burned some bridges and bent some noses out of shape!!! It’s a vipers nest!!
      Incredible share and thank you!!

  16. LittlePenguin says:

    The best part of any of the Hilaria Baldwin posts is how you write them @Kaiser. I hope they make you laugh as much as they make me laugh!

    • waitwhat says:

      Love your username, LittlePenguin! And I agree, they are easy to laugh at to a certain degree. Where it becomes unfunny for me is where their cartoonish narcissism ends and the child exploitation begins. Those poor kids are trotted out on the daily to help her promote whatever her flavor of the day is. They can’t consent and their photos are certainly re-used for nefarious purposes by random online perverts. They will hate her one day and I’ll be sipping tea watching her get her just desserts.

      • LittlePenguin says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong – I think the narcissism is disgusting. These kids don’t get any say in how they get used for clicks and fame. They never look happy in photos and I’d hazard a guess that the team of nanny’s see the kids more than the parents do once they are past the baby stage.
        I was honestly talking about how @kaiser throws in random Spanish phrases in the writing of the article since we all know Hilary just likes to use Spanish culture to further her audience engagement.

  17. Lionel says:

    LOL. The Page Six article makes it sound like “Here are our 7 kids: Jose, Juan, Jorge, Maria, Esperanza, Carlos … and Bob.”

  18. murphy says:

    Name. It. HECTOR.

  19. JFerber says:

    In the last pic with Alec sitting affably with the whole sprawl of all those kids, I’m thinking the second the pic was snapped, he was outta there going to his own private apartment away from Casa Con Loca.

  20. JFerber says:

    Also, I have a strange feeling that now that she’s not stopping at 6, she can just keep having more kids with no limits.

  21. Ann says:

    They make Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s family look almost normal in comparison.

  22. Cj says:

    “Lifestyle expert” ahahaha she’s an influencer, that doesn’t make her an expert in anything (except maybe how to co-opt a different lifestyle for your own?)

  23. Cara says:

    Why is this woman posing with her kids in her bra and shorts? Very odd choice. She is loco indeed!! The children are beautiful though.

  24. Tessa says:

    I had thought they would not have more children after Carmen got the little sister she wanted.

  25. Lou says:

    We’ll, I’m glad they can afford nannies at least so the older kids don’t get parentified. Hilaria is loco.

  26. Grant says:

    I think I cracked up twenty times reading this post! Love it! Hilaria es muchacha loca!