Ben Affleck ‘has not been an active member’ of dating app Raya for ‘several years’

True story, before we were aware of the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had started up again last year, Ben Affleck was in the news for being creepy. It all started when a woman named Nivine Jay posted a TikTok where she briefly described unmatching Ben Affleck on Raya – the dating site for celebrities – and Ben sending her a video in response. Ben’s video was him looking into the camera and saying “why did you unmatch me? It’s me.” Nivine later said that she wasn’t trying to expose Ben or call him out for being creepy, that she unmatched him because she thought she was about to be catfished by a fake Ben, thus that video. In any case, we knew that Ben was on Raya. He was reportedly on Raya before he dated Ana de Armas, and then maybe he went back on Raya in between Ana and J.Lo. Well, now a Selling Sunset reality star claims that Ben started texting her at some point? And Ben is mad about it.

Ben Affleck is off the market and off the apps. The Academy Award winner, 49, denied that he has an online dating profile after Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan claimed on a Season 5 episode of the Netflix real estate reality show that she previously matched with Affleck on Raya.

“Raya has confirmed that he has not been an active member for several years,” a rep for Affleck tells PEOPLE.

Hernan, 30, claimed to costar Chrishell Stause that she matched with Affleck while discussing the exclusive, high-profile dating app during the episode “Do You Think We’re Friends?,” which dropped Friday with the rest of the season.

“Remember when Ben Affleck went viral because he sent some girl…” Stause, 40, said as Hernan chimed in: “He may or may not have been texting me.”

“He may or may not have asked to grab coffee a few times,” she explained, adding: “I didn’t go.”

“You could’ve foiled Bennifer! He was on the hunt,” Stause joked to Hernan, who claimed: “Right? It was right before that. So, maybe that wouldn’t have happened. We have the Boston connection. So, that was his opening pick-up line.”

[From People]

From what I’ve seen, Emma Hernan doesn’t specify when Ben allegedly texted her or when they matched on Raya. I mean, it could have been a few years ago, back when he was on the app? I have no idea. But Ben wants everyone to know that he wasn’t on Raya during the Year of Bennifer. Nor was he on Raya for his relationship with Ana de Armas. Hm. I actually believe that Ben isn’t on Raya right now. Like, he’s almost 50 years old and – I would imagine – he’s probably pretty tired of that kind of lifestyle. While he’s always been a skeeze, he’s old enough to know that he shouldn’t publicly humiliate J.Lo, his fiancee.

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  1. Justine says:

    Emma said in the episode it was just before he got back with J.Lo. She also showed Chrishell her phone and although Chrishell didn’t confirm it, it seemed like she was looking at those messages. Wasn’t it reported that Ben was doing some sort of email campaign to J.Lo for months before they got back together. I guess it’s not a good look to be expressing your love for your ex at the same time you’re trying to hook up with others. Hard to know who to believe, but Ben has always been shady.

    • Brielle says:

      Emma is known for making up stories if you know her on that show..and it was revealed that Ben stopped being on Raya in 2019 and that’s why ppl were piling on that other girl who sat on her Ben affleck videos for 2 years…but I’m not putting anything past Ben Affleck : he is for the streets

      • Emma says:

        Emma isn’t really known for making up stories on the show, though, is she? I thought the show, especially season four, was about Christine making up stories and playing the villain and alienating almost all of her colleagues.

        Assuming Emma has receipts on this, maybe Ben’s team shouldn’t have responded and given it life.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Saying “he MAY have or may NOT have…” lololol that is pretty much saying, “I’m making this all up for all the attention I can suck out of it!”.

        It must be exhausting, as a “celebrity”, to have to defend yourself against people’s delusions.

      • Brielle says:

        When I read it,I didn’t see anything scandalous :Ben was single and on that app trying to date(it was not a secret). Is there something to be ashamed about?

        Raya should vet their members more thoroughly cause this ain’t it

    • Barrett says:

      Why is front of his hair gray, thinning and curly in the above photo but he looks like he has full head of hair w J.Lo or his movie premiers.

      Stars just like us?

    • Simons-snomis says:

      In this case, you don’t need to believe Affleck, since the verification was from Raya the app itself (through Affleck’s PR, obviously). And since Raya is the third party here and a business no less, which is independent, their verification is deemed sufficiently legimate.
      As for what Emma Hernan said that it happened before JLo, this statement can be incredibly misleading, because technically, what happened in 2019, which is the time Affleck confirmed that he was on Raya, is still before Bennifer 2.0 in 2021, but most people don’t assume that large timeframe when they use “before” as a point in time.
      As for that tiktok video Nivine Jay leaked in 2021, I just think the timing is incredibly suspicious, when it just coincided with the start of Bennifer 2.0. Bear in mind, such leak is almost certainly a breach of any dating app’s privacy protocal. One might ask oneself what’s in it for Nivine Jay, besides the 15 minutes of fame she enjoyed? Then one can’t help oneself but remembers that there have been persistent cheating rumours surrounding Ales Rodriguez over the years.

  2. Ohcomeon says:

    JLo working some OT spinning this one 😅

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      Right on @Ohcomeon! When they come out for a pap strut, hand it hand to show unity after scandals, that’s when it all starts going down. JLo always had a bad picker for men and is too desperate in love. She thinks never having solo time between 2 relationships means she is sexy and so desirable. I find that’s such a red flag for low self-esteem. We’re gonna see some comments soon from Jlo’s team saying stuff like “They are engaged, but they wanna take their time”, just so Jlo can keep the door open and save some embarrassment on the coming breakup.

  3. ELX says:

    He did publicly humiliated her the last time they were engaged—the love bombing is always followed by the resentment and indifference.

    • Brielle says:

      Is he already resenting her?wow,that was fast…

    • Twin Falls says:

      Not saying he did this this time but 💯 he’s capable and completely the guy who is about being on a dating app and wooing an ex at the same time. No lessons learned.

  4. Eurydice says:

    This kind of crap makes me tired. Basically “whether he did do it or he didn’t do it, I didn’t do it…whatever it is.”

  5. Paloma says:

    The world is sad (for ladies). Look at jlo, look at her health strength kindness Discipline and beauty. Ben looks ok for his age but he cheated on her in the past has huge issues with gambling and substances and is not her looks match at this point.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      It’s Jlo fault for not believing who he showed himself to be 20 years ago, and denying all that happened during that time – I mean, sleeping with the nanny???!!! It’s hard to top. He is a walking chaos but there’s definitely reg flags on her too if you look at her dating pattern. I think she’s made it clear that men’s attention is a priority for her no matter what she says, and she’s is very needy for their attention and approval. it’s unfortunate such a talented woman would have low selfesteem. Good luck Jlo!!

  6. MsIam says:

    Good luck to JLo. She’s going into this knowing exactly what and who she’s getting, so I guess she’s prepared. But that Dr. Maya Angelou quote keeps running through my mind about believing who people are the first time they show you…..

  7. Beech says:

    Is he wearing a rug?

  8. Liesel says:

    It doesn’t matter that Ben is in his 50s. Just like it didn’t matter when he was married with three kids. He’s always been in a creepy, sleaze and he always will be.

    He’ll eventually cheat on JLo. It’s what he does. He’ll get bored and she’ll commit the unforgivable sin of being familiar.

    I wish could take credit for that description, but that’s a great line from Mad Men about one of the reasons men cheat.

    • Lena says:

      Love the quotes from MadMen: “People will show you who they are, but we ignore it because we want them to be who we want them to be”Actually Ben is another Don Draper. Everybody loved him but hated Betty until you realized-this guy is damaged despite everyone especially women wanting to forgive him everything. Also: “I hope she knows you only like the beginnings of things.” Pretty much describes a love bomber.Thing about Raya is if you’re famous people will see your profile and share that you’re in it. I’m pretty sure I read Ben was on it several times between girlfriends. He met katie Cherry that way and told her he loved her Remember?

  9. Bettyrose says:

    That video where he’s all “it’s me” says it all. Ben expects the ladies to just fall for him. And he’s not wrong in that he could easily have a harem of non celeb women. He could start one of those patriarchal cults where naive women worship him. Maybe we should be grateful he’s not (yet) doing that. IDK what’s going on with JLo. Hopefully she’s having fun with this at least and will be fine when it ends.

  10. Harla says:

    When I saw this headline my first thought was “well, it didn’t take Ben long to self-sabotage this time.” It would be nice if that’s not the case and that JLo finds the happiness that she’s been striving for but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. K says:

    Uh ohs

  12. Cava 24 says:

    I actually think it’s gross that these women are publicizing he reached out to them on a dating app when he was single. He was doing…what dating apps are for. The first girl was sort of young but I think he was within the range she set for partner age. I think he’s an idiot but this is lame of them.

    • Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

      Cava, I agree. There’s a lot you can fault Ben Affleck for. Asking a woman to get coffee when he was single is not. Being on a dating app isn’t. Even if it was while he was reaching out to JLo, they still weren’t back together yet . I think people just want to dunk on him because he’s Ben Affleck, which is a little sad.

      • Brielle says:

        I feel like that there always some thirsty ass person trying to expose someone long after? Clout chasing at it finest

    • Bettyrose says:

      And isn’t the point of Rava for high profile people to date discreetly? I would hope publicizing contacts is against their rules/cause for being banned. Can’t believe I’m defending BA but it’s pretty tacky to share what happens on a dating app. Even women who post the horrors of men on Tinder tend to conceal all identifiable details.

      • stagaroni says:


        But shouldn’t everyone just assume there is no such thing as privacy? It is sad, but whatever you put out there could be hacked or shared, and you should use care to not say or do things that might come back to haunt you.

        Getting Raya to release a statement saying he has not been active for several years may have been overkill. Why not just say, “It was years ago. I’m in love now” Instead, it sounds like he is digging himself out of trouble. Who knows, maybe he is….again. Either way, there is no way these to will last. She needs love and attention, and he suffers from a LDHD…Love Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I agree you should assume nothing is private and all bad behavior will be revealed. But it’s pretty tacky to announce that a celebrity contacted you if that contact was completely within the realm of appropriate dating app behavior.

      • Simons-snomis says:

        Note any dating app will have strict privacy protocals, and one’d presume Raya’s would have to be even stricter, since it caters for celebrities. And then note Emma’s language here: he may or may not send the text. This is deliberately ambiguous, and I suspect it is designed to circumvent Raya’s privacy protocal. I suspect she didn’t want to get kicked out by the dating app, but she would certainly be, should she decide to publish the text.
        And another thing, what’s benefit in her to do so? If the text exchange did happen just around the time when Affleck sent his courting emails to JLo in February 2021, it might be understandable if she chose to leak the text to maxmize the publicity (and I suspect there might have been monetary incentives involved, because she would get kicked out of the app once she should publish her texts). But if the text change only occured in 2019, it won’t be looking good to her if she decided to leak the text, as it not only a) shows that she is fame hungry, but also b) kind sad to stir up an exchange that happened more than 2 years ago, when he was single and looking.
        Look at the language that Affleck got Raya the company agreed to use, it said he was not active on the app for several years. It tells us one thing: Affleck was quite confident that the text exchange was not recent, and he was daring Emma Hernan to publish it.
        That’s what I thought from the PR point of view.

    • Duo says:

      The first woman was around 29-32 when she released his IG video last year, depending on what source of internet info is accurate. She was plenty old enough to know better.

  13. Kate says:

    Sure, Jan.

  14. MangoAngelesque says:

    I’m not a big Affleck fan, and lord knows I find “Bennifer” exhausting. But this just smacks of a reality show personality stirring a drama pot for an easy bump in publicity/notoriety.

    And even as ridiculous as I find Ben&Jen to be at times, I don’t much see him putting in this much effort (and dropping gods-only-know-how-much on that ring), just to blow it up by being indiscreetly scuzzy.

  15. Niki says:

    There are already “sources close to Emma” saying it happened in 2019. So definitely not JUST BEFORE he got back with JLo.

    And yes, it seems Emma doesn’t mind to embellish the truth to make herself more interesting. She claimed to swim a time which would qualify her for Olympics, but there is no record of it anywhere. It also seems she was 32 last year. not 29 as mentioned on the show.

    The guy is definitely not a saint, but it’s funny how excited some people get at the smallest chance he might have screwed up. For the record, all signs point to ‘No screw up yet’.

  16. PF says:

    It doesn’t matter. What celebrity goes on a dating site? He was probably hooking up for a one night stand. She’s a cheater. Like attracts like. Arod was a cheater, Ben a cheater, She’d better not marry him. I don’t know why they need to get married anyway except that she’d be eyeing his money. That’s what that dame is about. Things and money!

  17. Izzy says:

    Raya sounds just as exhausting as every other dating app. Celebrities: they’re just like us!

  18. Yo says:

    You’re kidding right? He’s exactly the age of all the gross guys on Ryan starting family number two or three they’re just getting started in the early 50s trolling for the young ones when they’re” like that” I guess we’ll see.

    • A says:

      Women set their age limits when signing up so they can’t be contacted by older men if they’re not into it

  19. A says:

    I can understand why he’s pissed. He hasn’t been on raya since before Ana de armas. And yet there’s been two ‘scandals’ in the years since and he’s not doing anything wrong in the exchanges, just asking people to get coffee or confirming he’s really himself.

    It’s not cool to swipe and tell, unless there’s been bad behaviour

    • Simons-snomis says:

      @A, the first time happened just after we heard he and JLo reunion. I suspect A-Rod had a hand in it and paid that tiktoker. Because she certainly were getting kicked out of the app after that leak.

    • Simons-snomis says:

      As for the second time, I suspect it had something to do with a feud he had with another celebrity. I suspected he taunted that celeb. Someone asked Suki Waterhouse on Twitter what she thought of the engagement so randomly. Well, it was not random, because that celebrity is friends with Waterhouse-Pattinson and I know Affleck is feuding with that celeb in the dl (there was a US Weekly cover suggesting it back in 2019). And I highly suspect that celeb had something to do with this Emma person to stir up a drama. But because the tea is very possibly only happened in 2019, it is no real use now, hence Emma’s ambiguous language and not showing the text, as by showing it, it not only made the whole thing ridiculous and her thirsty, but also would she get punished by Raya and get kicked out by the app. Quite a dilemma.

  20. Karisma says:

    @A I agree, he was on Raya in 2019 and those girls decided to “expose” it for some reason years later in very dishonest ways and without being specific about the timeline on purpose.
    I guess he reacted this time because that Emma girl was saying it was just right before getting back with jlo and she could have “foiled” bennifer. Her sources now went to People magazine to say it was in 2019, why not be honest about it from the start except to stir some drama where there isn’t.

    • Brielle says:

      I thought that it was odd that Ben responded because I understood that it was in 2019 before Ana when he was picking all those blondes(Shauna,the trump singer,the tik tok girl,maybe Emma and others) but now I understand because Justine,the first responder insinuated also it was just before J.Lo and she wasn’t probably the one to think that…Clout chasing at its finest but Ben has also a shady reputation so…

  21. Carolnr says:

    Ben Affleck ihas just always been “messy”
    Why didn’t he just laugh it off & say that was a long time ago & I am happily engaged now? This story would have gone dead in the water.
    Also, get rid of that ugly lumberjack flannel shirt, Ben! Not only is it ugly, but it adds about 25 lbs. on him! He was papped again wearing that godawful shirt in less than a week! JL gets all glammed up to go house -hunting & Ben shows up in that same lumberjack flannel shirt, lol!!!

  22. Ohcomeon says:

    Exactly. All of this