Was Prince Harry’s ‘protecting the Queen’ comment about Prince Andrew?

While I was surprised by how much news Prince Harry made during his Today Show interview last week, it’s hilarious to me that royal commentators are still banging on and on about it. They’re behaving as if Harry spilled state secrets live on American television. The biggest thing is still Harry saying that he visited Queen Elizabeth to “make sure that she’s… protected and got the right people around her.” The freakout about those words is particularly telling, especially since people are really telling on themselves. Clearly, the Queen is in very poor health and her closest aides have been squirrelly for months about her health issues. Clearly, Prince Andrew spends way too much time with the Queen. Clearly, Charles is the de facto regent and he’s largely wrested as much control as he can from the Queen. And clearly (hilariously), the Queen didn’t even spend her big, important birthday with her family last week. But please, tell me more about how Harry has no need for concern. Anyway, the latest theory from royal commentators is that Harry was solely referencing Prince Andrew:

Prince Harry’s concerns for the Queen ’s safety may have been sparked by his fury at seeing his disgraced uncle Andrew escorting her at Prince Philip’s memorial, Buckingham Palace aides believe. Harry shocked the Royal Household last week when he said he was pleased to recently see his grandmother so he could ensure “she’s protected and [has] got the right people around her”.

His comments in an interview on US channel NBC were first seen by royal watchers as a dig at his father, Prince Charles, and brother, William. But we can reveal insiders now think they were a response to Prince Andrew’s re-emergence last month.

A Buckingham Palace source said: “Those images of Prince Andrew escorting the Queen to Westminster Abbey may have upset Harry, which is now believed to be one of the reasons he made such an astonishing remark. Harry is familiar with the Queen’s aides and there is no animosity at all. The Palace were aware he might do an interview, but no one was expecting those sorts of comments. He seemed to be implying he had concerns over the Queen’s safety. There is a feeling this may be linked to Andrew who has grown quite close to his mother in recent months.”

Author Tom Bower previously said: “He is not only targeting Charles and William but also Edward Young, her private secretary. Harry’s full demands have been rebuffed and he is hitting out at those standing in the way of promoting the Sussex’s self-promotion.”

The source added: “The word initially from officials was that Harry’s comments were directed towards palace aides and not members of the family. The Duke of York is trying to keep a low profile after the enormous damage he has done to the monarchy so Palace officials were determined to deflect those comments away from him.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Again, this is not Harry or sources close to Harry explaining what he meant. He said what he said and carried on with the Invictus Games while Salt Island screeched and wailed about what he could possibly mean. It took a good, what? Four or five days for Buckingham Palace aides to come up with the explanation that Harry was referencing Andrew. Those aides still don’t know! But sure, I think it’s more than possible that Harry was referencing Andrew. I’ve also got to think that Harry was disturbed by the fact that the Queen was already in poor health when she got Covid in February, and she likely got it from staff or Prince Charles. That also shows a carelessness which concerns Harry. And plus, f–k it, he probably was talking about Charles, William, Edward Young and everyone else.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    If you’re concerned it’s you, you’re right, and you know why. If you’re not concerned it’s you, you’re the biggest problem of all.

  2. Catlady says:

    Harry is right to be concerned. Having Andrew walk the queen down the aisle was completely inappropriate. Whoever let that happen should be fired.

  3. Polo says:

    What’s funny is that they were saying William and Kate were moving to Windsor to be closer to the Queen out of concern for her just a few days before this.
    Anything that Harry or Meghan say will always be controversial even when other royals end up saying the same thing. Look at the Ukraine statements they made and how they were received by the British press versus when Kate and Will made them.

  4. Snuffles says:

    There is a new report going around on Twitter about the number of CRIMES committed and reported on palace grounds from 2019-2021. HUNDREDS!! Most of which were dealt with “internally”. Hell, the Queen’s personal dresser regularly gets into physical altercations with other staff. And recently admitted she regularly needs a stiff drink after dealing with the Queen. Her courtiers keep over scheduling a frail old woman. Put her in precarious positions. She’s been seen in public unkempt and with mysterious bruises. And her heirs are briefing against each other like Game of Thrones. And then there is the whole Andrew problem.

    So, basically, The Firm is Sodom and Gomorrah meets Arkham Asylum. That’s more than enough to cause Harry concern.

  5. Blithe says:

    I think that many might WANT it to be assumed that Harry’s comment was about Andrew. That takes the focus away from the other possibilities.

    I’m still concerned that the Queen was exposed to COVID. I wonder what other efforts to “protect “ her well-being have been less than adequate.

  6. Em says:

    I wish someone could investigate this, I feel there’s something going on with Liz and they’re trying very hard to hide it

  7. Eurydice says:

    Sure, yeah, whatever, that’s what Harry meant – maybe the BM can agree on this story and move on.

  8. K8erade says:

    I mean if this helps the rest of them sleep better at night, sure. The Queen needs to be protected from Charles, William, and Andrew as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Noki says:

    Whoever is a concern is trying to throw Andy under the bus. As gross as he is I dont think he is Harrys concern with that statement. Its the men in grey that run the show. This is a 96 year old newly widowed woman ,Queen or not that is a very vulnerable state.

  10. Well Wisher says:

    Since Harry is capable to speak for himself and he either imply nor infer that it was Andrew, it is not.

    On a closer hand look at the images of those who attended the Easter Service at Windsor, only one person from the York household was seen.
    The senior royals at that event was the Cambridges.

    One cannot effectively use blame, gas lighting, nor finger pointing as coping mechanism(s) for dysfunction.

    Even if Andrew and Harry were perfect robots , the dysfunction in place would remain a constant and the insidious consequences of the odious royal-media contract will be unaddressed.

    Therein lies the problem.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Kaiser, you forgot to add that the Queen was sent out in public with her coat buttoned wrong and was made to pose for that crazy and dangerous birthday picture. There’s a lot for Harry to be concerned about. The press and the Palace doesn’t like that Harry could expose that. As for the comment that there’s no animosity from Palace aides towards Harry, who are trying to fool with that? If aides had just kept quiet about Harry and Meghan there would not have been an Oprah interview.

  12. Julia K says:

    Add Angela Kelly to the list. Bad blood there between she and Harry.