Royal commentators are still in shambles about Prince Harry’s Today interview

The British media is still in shambles over Prince Harry’s Today Show interview. They hyped it like crazy, believing that the Today interview would be a repeat of the Oprah interview and that Harry would suddenly spill his guts about how much he hates the Windsors. So imagine how mad they are that Harry suggested he looked in on his elderly grandmother to ensure that she has “the right people around her,” and that he is unlikely to attend the Jubbly in June, and that he completely avoided commenting on his brother and father. Here’s the full interview, yet again:

It was so well-done. I’m of the same mind as many commentators – Harry is no fool, he knew exactly what he was saying and not saying. He was prepared for the questions and he avoided what he wanted to avoid and said what he wanted to say (especially the part about the people looking after the Queen). But, you know, the clownshow commentators are going to do their thing. Enjoy this mindless screeching:

Royal author Tom Bower told MailOnline: ‘Harry’s full demands have been rebuffed and he is hitting out at those standing in the way of promoting the Sussex’s self-promotion. To enhance his credibility in America and for Netflix he needs to pretend that he has a special relationship with the Queen. I don’t believe the British public would tolerate Harry and Meghan on the balcony. Allowing them there would be self-destructive for the monarchy. That’s why I don’t believe they will come…. The recent speculation has been created by their Hollywood publicists to force the Palace to accept the Sussexes’ demands. It’s becoming an unseemly battle which the Palace needs to firmly squash.’

Royal author Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told Sky News: ‘I think they (Harry and Meghan) might well be here for part of the Jubilee, but I don’t see them sitting on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the rest of the family. Clearly, from what Harry said, he hasn’t really had any connection with his brother.’

And royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline today: ‘His refusal to comment on missing Charles and William shows the royal rift is still deep. That much is abundantly clear.’

But another expert, Robert Jobson, author of the forthcoming book ‘William At 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch’ out next month, told MailOnline that he felt Harry did not want to talk about William and Charles to help rebuild trust between the family. He said: ‘This is a family and any family in the world there’s always some issues, but to be any form of rapprochement or rebuilding of relationships there needs to be first steps. For that to happen there needs to be an element of trust. If he goes on TV starting to blurt out things for personal gain it’s going to eliminate that trust. You should read into the fact that he didn’t talk about his brother and father, which was probably a wise move because there needs to be more trust built there. When he talked about them openly that was probably what caused a bit of distress. So he was probably quite wise not to talk about them.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Regarding the Jubbly, when Hoda asked him point-blank if he would go, Harry’s exact words were: “I don’t know yet. There’s lots of things: security issues and everything else. So this is what I’m trying to do, trying to make it possible that, you know, I can get my kids to meet her.” Non-committal at best, utterly ambivalent at worst. Once again, Harry made the delineation throughout the interview, as he has done in the past two years: he cares about the Queen as his grandmother and he loves and respects her, but he’s done with the royal drama and the wider family drama. So, that’s where he is. Funny that Bower and Seward are both like “but what about the juuuuuuubbbbbbly, he needs to come back but we’ll hate it if he comes back and he should be on the balcony but he can’t be allowed on the balcony!” They really don’t get that this is entirely Harry’s call. Even with a personal request from the Queen, he’s still not going to participate in this clownshow.

Jobson’s comments are slightly interesting to me because… that’s actually a solid point, and I wasn’t expecting that from Jobson. Harry not wanting to talk specifically about Charles and William is actually a good thing for family relations.

All of the photos in this post are from Wednesday at the Invictus Games. Harry went to see the Wheelchair Rugby and Indoor Rowing events, but he was seriously out all day. So many Harry photos!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid and Instar.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    He handled himself well. They are all upset because Harry has escaped this circus – all of it- and can forge ahead on his terms and THAT really chaffs their arse. Which is hilarious.
    I went on the Daily Mail’s page yesterday and his name and Meghan’s name was all over the place. So many pics and headlines. It was comical and sad at the same time: That H&M are no longer “working royals” yet they work and have more coverage then the other members. HILARIOUS. Maybe Kate does need to done that see through dress to get attention again.

    • PaulaH says:

      Basically, this is Harry saying I’m in control and I will determine if my family shows up on that balcony. The British Media is faking their outrage because once again Harry has gotten the best of them and proven to the world that the British media doesn’t know shit.

      • Duchcheese says:

        And recall how they RR kept screeching about Harry meeting with Chucks for 15 minutes and Camilla walked in mid chat etc. Harry refusal to even mention anything about his father made it clear there’s no communication between the two and they havent seen each other or even talked in a very long time. If they had met with Chucks he’d have mentioned it when asked but he chose to change the topic. So Chuck’s and his minions were outed as liars once again, I just love it. Harry is a man that’s a master of his own and his little family’s destiny and the captain of his soul. No one gonna dictate to him, no way Jose.

      • PaulaH says:

        @Ducheese: My favorite is Harry riding a bike (as the interview drops) without a care in the world meanwhile the British Media is wall to wall coverage over basically NOTHING. One of the RR said he lost his cheek, LOL no he’s just smarter with his cheekiness.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        @Duchcheese — Or, alternatively, Harry’s comments could be confirmation that Charles is interfering with Harry’s ability to speak to his own grandmother. If Charles is manipulating other family member’s ability to speak to her, it could be evidence that Charles and the shady men who work for him are controlling/manipulating the Queen much more than the public has been allowed to know.

    • Carmen says:

      I thought the comments in the Daily Mail were nauseating until I read the comments in the Daily Express. I am totally at a loss for words to describe such viciousness.

      If this is the mindset of British tabloid readers, they are absolutely horrible people.

      • anotherlily says:

        A lot of the comments are from trolls and bots. Also the DM duplicates comments and manipulates the ratings.

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    It is a wise move not to name names or even bring up bad dad and Cain. They want ammunition to keep their flames of rage incensed and didn’t get it. And in some ways, it makes them feel worse. Good.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      This is exactly right. He’s slowly starving them of interaction/ ammunition & letting them hang themselves out to dry to dry in the press via the rota rats. How embarrassing for the BRF, lol.

    • SaraTor says:

      My theory is that, when Harry said he wants to protect the Queen and ensure the right people are around her, is is indirectly speaking of Andrew. We just saw Andrew manipulate his way into escorting his mother to Phillip’s memorial, trying to regain his public position, and no doubt is asking for loans and who know was else.
      Harry is using the media to talk to Charles and William, probably after frustrating private attempts, to say “Where were you in stopping this?” Harry can’t name check Andrew publicly, because the media would go on a frenzy of comparison, that he naturally doesn’t want to subject Meghan & his family to. When Harry also declines to say he misses Charles/Wills, that underlines his message further.
      Some people may question whether speaking about the Queen to the media is effective, like does it act as a warning shot across the bow, or does that message get drowned out by the media meltdown, but I’m sure his intention has to do with Andrew, the leech, among others.

    • Isabella says:

      The New York Times has a really mean-spirited take on Harry’s talking about protecting the queen etc. Andrew is never once mentioned! This family really does use Harry as a scapegoat. He is well out of there.

  3. PaulaH says:

    They want Harry on that balcony. They need Harry on that balcony…..unless they focus on Andrew. Andrew on the balcony is their worst nightmare. So they need Harry to deflect from the pervert in the room. What’s most important is that the British Media knows NOTHING. Ask any of them the last time they personally spoke to The Queen. Most will say NEVER. That in itself is all we need to know about what the media knows and doesn’t know.

    • Colby says:

      I disagree. I think they want him to want to be on the balcony, but to not be allowed.

      They want him to be punished for leaving the BRF as much as possible, because as of now things are going great for him. Monarchists need him to fail or be unhappy or be shunned to uphold their worldview.

      • Jais says:

        Well, they really want to see them on that balcony and then they want to watch as they are publicly asked to vacate that balcony. The shunning needs to be public. And still they won’t be satisfied.

  4. Selene says:

    I would hate for TQ to think that Harry misspoke, and then choosing to restrict his access to her.

    • SunnyW says:

      Not sure about The Queen, but Harry’s paternal grandmother is probably fine with everything he said. She was fine after Oprah interview, no reason she would be put out by anything he’s said since then. Also, Harry is confident in his position and his views, and anyone who loves him in a healthy way will handle a disagreement without restricting access. Plus, I’m sure Granny wants access to him as much as he wants access to her. The Queen, I don’t know. But Granny seems to be the final word in Harry’s relationship with The Queen.

      • Selene says:

        This is a great perspective. I’m sure that after 70 years on the throne she can compartmentalize The Queen from Elizabeth, and that she leads with her heart when it comes to Harry. This is his family, regardless of it all and apart from Meghan and his kids, they are/were home.

    • Chloe says:

      He didn’t misspeak. He knows exactly what he said and that she was more than happy to have tea with him and Meghan while nobody knew (besides a few palace staff and obviously security) shows that she isn’t the problem. No he gave a dig to certain palace aides with his “well taken care off” comment and this is them lashing out.

      • liz says:

        This. Her Head of Security was the only person on the palace staff who actually had to know in advance that they were coming and is likely one of the few who is completely trustworthy.

        It’s not like she has a full schedule and someone needed to block time without knowing why. The kitchens at Windsor can have dinner for 20 ready to go in an hour – tea for three on no notice is nothing to them. It’s unlikely she spends her days sitting around in her pajamas, but she’s not going to turn Harry & Meghan away because she’s in a housedress, not in her uniform of pearls & full makeup.

        No one on the staff needed to know, except for the people who were letting them through the security barriers. This makes the Men (and Women) in Grey bonkers. So they are now spinning themselves into space.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Liz good point. It’s probably easier for Harry to see her now that it has ever been in his life, considering how limited her schedule is – based FT at Windsor, no public appearances, a handful of zooms a week. She’s just hanging out in Windsor. IWell Wood Farm now but still.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ liz, in addition to her happily meeting with Harry and Meghan, we must also look at when he was last in Windsor. If I remember correctly, we saw her driving to the cottage to see him when he was there for the Diana statue unveiling. How many times has ANYONE seen her driving to see anyone else?

        It’s evident that they share a very special relationship and she cherishes her time with Harry. This is what makes everyone bonkers with jealousy and vile hatred!! Elizabeth loves and adores Harry, and Meghan, and the feelings are mutual!! His paternal grandmother has made it clear that she loves and values their relationship and no one will take that away.

  5. Snuffles says:

    Harry avoiding the question about William and Charles wasn’t out of respect to them. He just didn’t want to go there. It wasn’t the time or place to discuss such a complicated issue when he wanted the focus to be on Invictus. NOT his family drama.

    • Chloe says:

      Exactly. And i don’t like how Jobson made it sound as if harry is untrustworthy. It wasn’t him that kept (and still is) leaking like a sieve to the press.

      • Harper says:

        William talked about Harry all the time. He is the one who couldn’t put his arm around his brother anymore. He is the one who already had a nephew when Archie was born. He said a lot nonverbally with the Flybe stunt. He sent his mouthpiece Jason The Knife to say Meghan was a bully and to provide evidence against her in the Fail appeal. Harry wisely doesn’t want to get started talking about The Other Brother because the betrayals and deceptions have been so deep.

      • MF says:

        Yep, Jobson made it sound like Harry needs to earn Charles and William’s trust by not talking about them in the media.

        The truth is actually the other way around: if they are ever to heal the rift, Charles and William need to earn Harry’s trust by not leaking stuff about him or waging hateful media campaigns. (LOL. We all know that will never happen.)

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ MF, we all know that Harry isn’t the issue here, it’s Charles and Incandescent with Rage, and his envious jealousy. Actually, I think that they seem to be transferring their rage to present themselves as the “injured” party, which is what they see themselves as. Another indication of the “invisible contract” they have of the BRF.

        It’s actually comical that they feel as if the “own” Harry and what his decisions are. They are nothing but a once fleeting thought, nothing more.

  6. Tour-malin says:

    OMG, these last pictures! He is soo HOT!

    • Normades says:

      Yea, I know that’s not the point but Harry is totally looking like a whole snack. Seriously so fit.

    • Swaz says:

      He is 😍

    • Ginger says:

      One thing people constantly say after meeting Harry is how gorgeous he is in person. I have heard a lot of that this past week at Invictus.

    • Riyale says:

      Seriously that pic looking straight towards the camera. Phew!!
      He is really a beautiful man!
      There’s a pic of him looking at Meghan the first day and it was just a normal moment but dang it was oozing sexiness

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Who wouldn’t adore having their husband look at them like that!! Harry is an incredibly sexy man with his sheer wow factor spilling all over the page. And his smile is one that would certainly have women dropping their knickers without even knowing it 😉

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      These pics show why Michael at D Listed named him PHG (Prince Hot Ginger) so very long ago!

    • Nicki says:

      I came here to say that very thing. Very handsome and sexy.

    • elAnnoy says:

      A friend won the women’s wheelchair London Marathon a few years back and got to meet Harry and got a kiss on her cheek! She said besides being kind and genuinely friendly, he smells AMAZING.

  7. SunnyW says:

    I keep saying this – I don’t know how the UK colonized so many of us for so long. Their establishment (royals, tories, media) is nuts and delusional.
    Anyway, can anyone picture William working full days back to back to back like Harry has since last Friday? We stan a hardworking loving husband and father.

  8. Jferber says:

    That he loves his grandma is ridiculously twisted into he’s using granny for embiggening in America. But it’s not the queen America loves, but Harry and his beautiful family. He doesn’t need any of the royals, but loves his gran. In any normal world, that is a GOOD thing!

    • Snuffles says:

      In their minds, the center of the universe is the Queen and the royal institution. That is how they make their livelihood. They live inside an echo chamber where goals and motives that don’t center around the above is unfathomable.

      The refuse to believe that people can be interested in and love the Invictus Games on its own terms. In their mind every thing is tethered to the monarchy. Because they themselves are tethered to the monarchy. So deeply, in fact, that they would go down with it like the Titanic while singing “God Save the Queen.”

      • Jay says:

        I think a lot of the bitterness around Harry’s escape is that he is rejecting what is supposed to be a coveted position as a senior royal and HRH. If that hierarchy were to be revealed meaningless, than what the hell have these courtiers and royal reporters been doing with their life? Nobody likes to be told that the class system they’ve invested so much time and effort upholding might not be real.

        It’s not a perfect analogy, but I often think about how strongly the confederate powers in the American south held on to the laws of segregation and symbols of slavery: it didn’t make the white sharecroppers’ lot any better, but it made sure they were doing somewhat better than the Black sharecroppers. It gave them a group to both blame and feel superior to, so they fought to continue it.

      • Athena says:

        @JAY. That’s the same reason the staff could not accept Meghan. The class structure told them they were superior to people of color, the palaces reinforced that by making sure people of color working inside the palaces only held low level jobs. Having to take orders from Meghan went against that whole structure. How were they to maintain their superiority if they had to take direction from a person of color.

  9. Louise177 says:

    It’s funny how the BM keeps changing their minds. One day he must visit his grandmother and go to the Jubilee to he needs to stay away because Harry only cares about publicity.

    • Chloe says:

      Harry is smart and he knows how this media game is played. He was there to promote Invictus. But he also knows that to keep interest he has to give a bit of the personal. He got asked a question about seeing his grandmother and he answered honestly. That is all.

    • Over it says:

      I have a real question, if the Sussexes don’t attend the jubbly is there still a jubbly? Like we all know the only people anyone want to see. Is the two they keep insisting they don’t want to see.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Dealing with the BM is JUST like dealing with a toxic family member. Grey rock all the way.

  10. Cathy says:

    “How to shut down the gossips and the British Media” a master class by Prince Harry.

    Bad luck Camilla T, Piers M, Angela L, Danny Boy W et al no money for you for all those stories you were planning to make up? Looks like that “palace insider” you all like to quote will have no stories to tell you?

    • Riyale says:

      You know that’s what I love about his candor in this interview. Even on here we were all speculating( based on articles printed) what Harry and Meghan would do/not do.
      This especially cuts down on RRs who might show up on US media speculating on Harry when instead they get the words from his own mouth. He’s made his intentions very clear but also made it pretty clear where the problem lies.
      The BM will always twist his words but I’ve seen all positive press here in the US. Plus now he’s given exclusives to all 3 major networks and it’s been to black/biracial women by the way (Gayle, Robin for the me you can’t see, and now Hoda)

      I think that’s another reason the RRs are mad is because it cuts them off from being brought on US tv or even BM to constantly comment about what Harry “thinks or feels.”
      The Sussexes know exactly what they are doing.

      • Jaded says:

        Good point Riyale — Harry’s been very selective of who he chooses to interview him, starting with Oprah. It must burn the BM’s butts to be deliberately shut out.

  11. Miranda says:

    Every time I see Harry interviewed, it reminds me just how absurd it is that he was, and to some extent still is, treated like the Fredo of the family, as though he’s simple, weak-minded, and susceptible to being manipulated. He always handles himself incredibly well, chooses his words very carefully, and has been totally consistent in presenting his case that the problem is with the RF and the RR, not with him or Meghan. He’s never taken the bait and gotten defensive or thrown a tantrum, which his brother would almost certainly have done a million times by now, had he been put in Harry’s position.

    • booboocita says:

      I read “Fredo” as “Frodo,” and it’s apt. Frodo/Harry is on an important quest of his own, accompanied by his dearly beloved and loyal friend, Sam/Meghan. And everyone in pleasant but somewhat stuffy Hobbiton disapproves of questing or adventuring, and wonders where that odd Frodo/Harry went — but not enough to follow him.

  12. booboocita says:

    I honestly think that ChuckyBoy and Bulliam are conflicted about Harry mentioning them in interviews, and that’s why the RR’s coverage of Harry is split. On the one hand, they don’t want Harry criticizing them in the media. On the other hand, they want the coverage and attention. They want to ride the coattails of Harry’s global good press and international reputation, but they want him shamed and disgraced in that same international media. Both Chucky and Bitter Brother would be so much happier if they could just pursue their own paths and let Harry follow his.

  13. C-Shell says:

    Hoda did a long summation on NBC about the interview and was pretty fair, candid and positive about Harry and his responses. She gushed, of course (who wouldn’t?!), but she also gushed over the IG and the athletes. She also confirmed what Kaiser said in this post — Harry knew that personal questions would be asked and was both prepared and deft in turning his responses back to the IG, the reason he’s doing the interviews after all. If Meghan had been there, Kotb might not have been so effusive; she barely mentioned her, in passing. LOL, she’s just another fangurl for Harry.

    • Eurydice says:

      I noticed that – the couple of times she mentioned Meghan, it wasn’t by name – just “his wife.” And then only because “his wife” had left for California before the interview.

    • Jaded says:

      Maybe Harry requested that Meghan not be brought up as it might have drawn attention away from the IG? Or Meghan may have asked Harry to make sure she was left out of the interview for said reason? She knows she has star power but throughout the games she wasn’t front and centre all that much. Harry was the true star along with the athletes.

  14. equality says:

    “To enhance his credibility in America and for Netflix he needs to pretend that he has a special relationship with the Queen.” This guy may think he knows about royals but he really knows nothing about the US. Netflix hired him after he quit royal “work” so obviously they weren’t worried about the Queen. And, if PH does NOT have a “special relationship” with the Queen, his actual grandmother, that makes the RF look toxic; it doesn’t make Harry look bad. I don’t think the balcony is a concern for any of the extended family. It will likely be the Queen, PC, PW and PG. Charlotte and Louis might be considered important enough to be on it. If others are allowed center stage, it raises the question of PA.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Harry does have a special relationship with the Queen as she is his grandmother. That quote about Harry pretending to have a special relationship with the Queen is just idiotic.

    • Gabby says:

      This American is much more impressed by his connection to Diana than by his connection to the queen.

  15. Jay says:

    I’m both delighting in the rota’s cluelessness and cringing with secondhand embarrassment. They want their punching bags back so badly, and the projection is approaching satire level. As if Harry needs the “approval” of the queen to enhance his credibility in America!

    I would venture that these particular commentators know almost as much about American audiences as they do about its basic geography.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol, right? We fought a war so we wouldn’t have to care who sits on the British throne. That Harry escaped the royal family is one of the reasons Americans love him.

      • Liz Version 700 says:

        Merricatt absolutely 💯. Watching the Monarchy treat Harry like a 4 year-old was very illuminating and made me see even more clearly why so much of their tea ended up in the Boston Harbor!

  16. Jan says:

    Cain is still SPACE for Harry, papa dearest is in the frozen zone.
    Harry is funny as heck, he feels Diana’s presence more in last two years, than his living pa and backstabbing bro.

  17. Ginger says:

    Harry is very deliberate when choosing his words. He was like that in the Oprah interview and this one. He knew what he was saying and he stands by it:

  18. Bren says:

    The royal family and tabloids only want Harry and Meghan to attend the Jubbly is so they can be humbled and put in their place publicly. Harry and Meghan’s independence and success outside of the royal bubble really chafes them.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup, this is exactly what they want. For H&M to attend the jubbly but for it to somehow be made clear that they are “lesser than” W&K. so they don’t get to be on the balcony but they’ll let them attend a service or something.

      H&M aren’t playing that game.

  19. Suzanne Marie Hurley says:

    I agree – Harry knows exactly what he’s saying. I loved that he made that ‘protection’ comment about the Queen and also stated that she tells him things that she tells no one else. This will keep ‘them’ guessing and also it shows he’s ‘aware’ that his grandmother has not always had the greatest people around her. Also, I love that his words gave their hatred for Meghan a break. Now they’re focusing more on Harry, not how much Meghan’s clothes cost. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    • windyriver says:

      I also noticed that comment re watching the interview, Harry saying TQ talks to him about things she can’t talk about with anyone else, and wondered why that wasn’t picked up anywhere. Apparently it has been; the front page photo on TQ’s birthday photo post shows Rebecca English talks about it in the article underneath. She phrases it as, TQ tells Harry things she keeps from everyone else though which sounds much more ominous. I assume she tells him things like, Kate really is a waste of space, isn’t she. But who knows…

      • Suzanne Marie Hurley says:

        Oh – windyriver – you made me laugh picturing the Queen saying, “Kate really is a waste of space, isn’t she.” LOL. I do believe Harry and Meghan are really close to the Queen and she’s probably thrilled at how well they are doing.

  20. Macheath says:

    All I got from this latest round of breathless BM coverage is that Bower is insane. Like certifiably insane. He lives in a state of delusion and mindless rambling. Next he’ll tell us Jesus told him that Harry is demanding to stand centre stage on The Dreaded Balcony.

    • ILady Digby says:

      Eamon Holmes on little watched GB news has been reported to Of com about stating live on air that both H and M should be thrown off the balcony. Omid has called him out for this on Twitter. It only underlined H’s need for full security for his family!

  21. SunnyW says:

    You guys, what if this is a dig to Angela Kelly??? Lolol. After what she put Meghan through for her wedding tiara, and her recent book about how TQ drives her to drink, I would be an annoyed grandchild too. And wasn’t AK at Sandringham Summit?
    It’s probably bigger than Angela Kelly, but I like to think she is very much included in Harry’s message/warning that he’s watching them.

  22. Nic919 says:

    When you get to the point where some commentators are saying Harry needs to be tossed from the balcony, you have a situation that’s out of control over there. Especially in light of the more moderated responses to Andrew, who committed an actual crime against a minor. The media culture in the UK is diseased.

    • Over it says:

      Along with his wife. These people are vile and disgusting and should be locked away not given a public platform to continue their unhinged behavior towards a woman and man who have done nothing to them

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s disgusting.

      And part of it is, these commentators don’t realize that the more they screech about Harry and threaten him etc, the more “outsiders” realize….oh no wonder Harry left. Oh that’s what Harry meant by “invisible contract.” Oh that’s why Harry is worried about who is around his grandmother. etc.

      Their actions just keep proving Harry and Meghan right over and over again and they’re too….dumb? too much tunnel vision? too blinded by hatred?….to realize it.

      • Merricat says:

        Exactly, the commentators prove the case against themselves. It just becomes more apparent as time goes on, and now the global audience are seeing it in real time. It is stunning that the nation once considered the most civilized in the world has shown its leaders to be racist gutter rats not fit to fold a napkin.

      • Suzanne Marie Hurley says:

        Hey Becks – I agree. To outsiders, and I’m one of them, the British press appears insane and it does prove Harry and Meghan right in everything they say. I think the Oprah interview was carefully planned out and a strategic move. It was as if Harry and Meghan were saying, “We’re on to you and if it keeps up, we’ll spill ALL the beans.” I’m glad that the Royal family know that Harry and Meghan will ‘talk’ if need be. Good for them.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    I’m enjoying the British media freak out. I don’t think Harry’s interested in the Jubbly he just wants to be able to see his grandmother.

  24. Over it says:

    I love how Harry uses his time in the media to get more attention to the games for the veterans. While salty isle media is having a meltdown. They are making more people pay attention to the invitus games. I saw camel toe tomley, Katie I know absolutely nothing Nichols so far on two shows practically shitting cows and lying their asses off while doing it. Lmao. Meanwhile, how good, happy and unbothered does Harry look.
    I love Harry,

  25. Cinders says:

    The media coverage here (UK) is absolutely deranged. Eamonn Holmes (well known broadcaster) actually said on TV that they should throw Harry and Meghan off the balcony. That is the level of swivel-eyed lunacy we’re at now.
    At least our Defence Secretary visited the Invictus Games though. I suppose that’s something.

  26. kskpamuk says:

    Hoda was cringy in this interview, like girl roll up your tongue you’re tripping on it.

  27. MsIam says:

    I know I’m a Harry fan but I read the comment as him wanting to check on his grandmother to make sure she’s ok. He hasn’t seen her in several months and that’s assuming her saw her while he was there for the statue unveiling The queen has been looking terribly frail and we know how devastating having COVID can be. The Queen herself commented on how bad the effects have been. And it was a two second comment. The UK media is disgusting indeed.

    • Nic919 says:

      It came off as an off the cuff comment to me as well but the British media was parsing everything because they wanted to make this another Oprah interview.

      People pre disposed to dislike Harry are prepared to add motives to his comment, although it wouldn’t be wrong to question who is around the queen. She got Covid ffs. Someone did not do their job. Look at the precautions being used around head of state Joe Biden. They don’t mess around. And he’s living a way more active lifestyle. So why did they slip with a 95 year old head of state who already was living a more restricted lifestyle? It’s not like the queen was going to footie games or pubs.
      And that one photo with her coat all crooked. Is this Angela Kelly messing up? We never saw the queen look sloppy in her 70 years of reign so what is going on.

      • windyriver says:

        That photo with the crooked coat bothered me when it first came out. As you say, we’ve never seen TQ look sloppy. But also, did it mean there wasn’t someone close by looking out for her? This is a 95 (now 96) year old woman, who no longer goes out in public much, and who has a significant enough balance issue to relatively recently need use of a cane. There should have been someone nearby making sure she was okay, didn’t trip over anything – hopefully there was. But if so, why didn’t they help with the coat? And why not ask the photographer to wait a moment til it was sorted before taking a picture?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Nic919, and isn’t it interesting that Philip got covid and now TQ. Both quite elderly and both should have been protected. Harry is right to be concerned. Someone needs to start protecting her. I also love the fact that US media gets to frame this interview. Harry was really smart with the choices he made. The BBC, where one of his buddies–IG buddies–works, the Kid correspondents in The Netherlands, and a US morning show. The UK media ends up looking completely unhinged to the rest of the world when compared to how the US media is addressing his interview.

      • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

        @Nic919 agreed. When I have visited elders making sure they have the right people around is often about getting them to accept help – not a put down of who is around in general. But, his off the cut comment was just that, like you said. Also, ditto to all the UK tabloid media is so disgusting.

      • kirk says:

        My mother had kind of sloppy looking clothing in the shoulder area after she’d broken collar bone, scapula and three ribs in car accident. She had long hair that I braided and pinned up every day. As a belligerent, ungrateful 13-yr old, I should have done more for her. There are several reasons Harry made comments about his granny:
        1. He’s only seen her on video calls for the last two years, barring two FTF visits in April & July last year. You get more information FTF than on video calls limited to head & shoulders.
        2. He’s sussing out who of the gray suits is trustworthy & not, so he can keep on d/l with granny.
        3. Girl got COVID from someone in immediate vicinity. Why? How? Who? Where? Public hasn’t been told.
        4. She had emergency trip to hospital followed by period with multiple news stories that she was heroically stoic followed by cancellation of events. What happened? Who’s responsible if not accident?
        5. He loves her and cares about her.
        6. He has special relationship with her and is able to have discussions with her that even other family members can’t rival.
        7. Angela Kelly is profiting off the ‘royal’ brand? Hmm.

  28. Chelsea says:

    Tbh i think he didn’t answer the question about his father and brother because he doesn’t care anymore but on an Invcitus note: I’m really taken aback by how active Harry has been during this trip. It seemed like he was literally everywhere yesterday and it looks like he’s already attended some type of reception this morning and is now at a powerlifting event. Outside of Monday when he was doing closed door press it seems he attended events every morning, afternoon, and evening since Friday. When he told Hoda his goal is to give 120% to making sure these competitors and their families were having the best times of their lives he really seems to have meant it.

    Also even though she can be messy at times shout out to Hoda for doing not only a great interview with Harry but also for her interviews with invictus competitors. I mean honestly all coverage of IG not by the rota has been very well done especially the stuff from JJ at the BBC and the coverage from Dutch outlets.

  29. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Every single time I hear him speak I like him more and more.

  30. L4Frimaire says:

    The UK press really can’t help themselves with their hate convulsions. However, there will be more scrutiny of the Queen and what form she’s in after this, if only to contradict Harry. I watched clips of the Today interview and honestly looked like the reporter Hoda seemed surprised how well it went, and she wasn’t prepared to like Harry or be that impressed with the games, but she seemed genuinely impressed. Also, she gets to say she set the UK press establishment on fire. Harry is going to close out the games, go back to Montecito, and the UK press will just continue to seethe and heave, while the royals will grimace their way through one grim event after the other.

  31. Badrockandroll says:

    New poll in Canada indicates that the majority of Canadians would like to severe ties with the monarchy. Putting aside the fact that this will be a constitutional nightmare, I am not sure whether this change in sentiment has occurred because we have finally grown up, because of our changing ethnicity (even though Commonwealth countries are still a big source for immigration) or the whole soap opera that is the British Royal Family. Doesn’t matter really, but it will make Chuck’s visit here next month rather interesting – he scored very low in this poll.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Badrockandroll, could it be all of the reasons you mentioned, plus the fact that Jamaica said it out loud? I don’t think anyone expected that, but if Jamaica can say it on camera, could it have opened a door for other countries?

      • Jay says:

        I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but many of the “pro-royal” Canadians I know are actually just not anti-queen – they’re used to seeing her on our money and our maps, it’s easier in many ways to just let that be the norm. They don’t have this feeling about Charles or William.

        Now that QE’s time seems to be coming to a close, perhaps people are faced with the possibility of change either way, so why not take the opportunity to make it a permanent change?

        And let’s not forget the reckoning we’re seeing in terms of residential schools and institutional racism in Canada, often perpetuated through the crown and the church. This has been the most common reason people give me for wanting the monarchy removed. Charles’ upcoming visit coincides with the anniversary of finding the unmarked graves near Kamloops.

        When I see members of the royal family cosplaying plantation owners and assuming everyone in their former colonies want to celebrate that colonization, it reminds me of how unfit they are to do anything, let alone be heads of state.

    • Jaded says:

      @Badrockandroll — I think since Diana died the BRF has been put under a microscope. The fact that TQ had to be convinced by Tony Blair to fly the Buck Palace flag at half-mast and give her a royal funeral was a big black mark on the family. Since then social media has grown more and more sophisticated and ubiquitous in covering the royal family. Along with your valid points, the BRF can’t hide its skeletons in a royal closet anymore. Their missteps, cockups and actual crimes have been revealed and us Canadians have come to realize that being a member of the Commonwealth is meaningless, and the BRF has merely enriched itself while doing nothing substantive for the member countries other than plunder them.

  32. Liz Version 700 says:

    Harry is an amazing advocate for his causes. He truly has his mother’s heart. Harry is also like a fantastic advocate for the mental health community just by his and Meghan’s wonderful example of how to survive toxic relationships and thrive once you are taught how to enact and reinforce boundaries and advocate for yourself. All of the tantrums and threats are from toxic abusive family members/Royal Rota/creepy grey men and the like. The very people who have been used to manipulating and bullying H&M. This interview a masterclass on boundaries. IG I will talk for an hour … my father and brother….”SPACE……the final frontier…these the voyages of H&M who do whatever they want now.” Next topic please…

  33. Matthew says:

    How much they all obsess over that fucking balcony is so embarrassing

    • Tessa says:

      Yes that and the memorial service

      • Alexandria says:

        These rats can’t help themselves. Previously it was the funeral, then the memorial, now the damn money wasting Jubilee. Next it would be her funeral and then Chuck’s money wasting coronation. They’re so desperate.

    • Christine says:

      I am right there with you. When were you last on the balcony, royal family? Does that define your life, in the years since you have been on a balcony? Are you failing at life by not being on a balcony?

      The clear answer, as Harry has proven, again and again and again, is no.

      The British media and rr will never try to understand Harry, because being at the beck and call of the “royals” is apparently the be all and end all.

  34. aquarius64 says:

    The BM is mad is the US media will not bring over their talking points and openly side with its narrative of the Sussexes for the most part. The RRs are mad they can’t get one on one sit downs with H and M. US media doesn’t go out of its way to harass someone to compel an interview.

    • Charm says:

      Harry did say in the Oprah interview that the BM are afraid of losing control of the narrative. Because if they do, “then the truth will come out.”

      He said that from his very own mouth and we’re now getting a glimpse of what that means.

  35. Eggbert says:

    I kind of wonder if Harry’s comments about the queen having good people around her indicates she’s having some cognitive decline.

  36. Tessa says:

    Comments on dm. Super offensive

  37. Boo says:

    Can you please stop referring to it as the ‘Jubbly’? It makes my teeth itch.
    Pretty please.

    • lanne says:

      It’s because the Chinese firm making the trinkets for the Jubilee misspelled Jubilee as “Jubbly”. Which is hilarious. Jubbly it will remain, until the ned of time. Jubbly reflects all the silliness and fatuous nonsense associated with this fakakta event.

  38. Deeanna says:

    I was shocked to see how much hair Harry has lost. I wish he would get hair implants.

    • Jan says:

      There is a picture of Harry holding a guy’s long blond hair and joking about his own hair.
      In another interview with I think a Dutch interviewer he said his hair was doomed.
      So just maybe he has accepted his baldness and it’s his head.

  39. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Well, at least Harry didn’t snap “What else!?” when asked about Charles and William! As far as not appearing on the balcony, I would think Harry doesn’t want to be photographed standing next to a rapist.

    When I think about it, the other British royals really don’t have any class, do they? Despite their (real or otherwise) posh accents, self-congratulatory ribbons, and ostentatious jewels. Those are just ways of putting lipstick on a pig.

  40. Dillesca says:

    I love this interview. Harry is so natural and open, he’s not just a good interviewee as a royal but as any celebrity. I agree that he was deliberate about what he said and did not say.

  41. westcoastgal says:

    Harry is right to be concerned about the vultures circling the queen, picking away at her before she dies. Charles got his queen consort, Andrew was brought back into the family fold and we hear the Cambridges are making noises about moving to Windsor Palace. The scavengers are already making their moves. The BM and BP are having conniptions because Harry is his own man and can say and do whatever the F he wants. They can print whatever they want, it justs rolls off Meg and Harry’s backs, they simply don’t care anymore and have long moved past the Brits obsession with the manufactured soap opera. They are all fighting hard to keep their jobs because Harry and Meghan have just proved the royals and the institution are not relevant or even necessary in 2022. You can be a royal success without being propped up by all the pomp and BS that is the BP and the RF.

  42. aquarius64 says:

    Hit dogs are hollering. The BM needs to shut up. The two day temper tantrum only raises suspicion that Harry has cause for concern.

  43. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Ask President Holness what about the Jubbly. Lol He’ll tell you to shove it.

  44. blunt talker says:

    The poster Athena put it into context beautifully-if they believe they are suprieor to every one on this planet-that goes for people of color-that’s why the royal insiders had trouble taking suggestions or instructions from a person who is suppose to be less than them-Meghan-she had more education than most of the people working for the palaces but her race upset them because being suprieor over all people and over all races gave them headaches-I stand behind this train of thought all damn day.

  45. [insert_catchy_name] says:

    There is a beautifully on-point opinion article about this very subject in The Guardian today.

    “More than two years after he stepped back from royal duties to become yet another boring Californian, seemingly every utterance of Harry’s induces proper steam-out-of-the-ears stuff in a whole demographic of British people who insist they never want to hear another word from him – yet absolutely refuse to simply stop reading about him.” LOOOOOOOLLL