Brown: The Queen gave Meghan a platform to discuss ‘the question of minorities’

Tina Brown sat down with Washington Post Live this week to discuss her book, The Palace Papers. I’m reading the book now, and I just got through the phone hacking section, which was so painful. The British media is full of crooks, criminals, perverts and scum. If you ask me, I think Brown was rough on all of her royal subjects, even though it’s also clear that for Brown, Meghan is her BEC. Brown’s interviews are a whole other story, as Brown hems and haws about how Meghan and Harry are simply the worst and Kate can do no wrong at all. It’s very strange. Anyway, this WaPo Live transcript was more of that, but there were some interesting moments/lies/misrepresentations:

On Kate landing William: Very few women would have had, frankly, the patience for that, or the strategy for that. And she did…So, I do think that there was a certain amount of strategy… And like Camilla, Kate has never said or leaked an indiscreet word. It required a family that that really erected a Praetorian guard around her.

Kris Jenner of Bucklebury: “They forged this guard around her, particularly Carole Middleton, wonderful strategist, the Kris Jenner of Bucklebury–you know, we’re absolutely focused on her children and making them successful. And you know, it worked. I mean, she was a kind of wonderful home counties tiger mom, and she’s absolutely kept–you know, her children have all done extraordinarily well. So you have that with Kate. So they were hugely important.

Why Harry left the Army: “But he had to leave after 10 years, because, essentially, to move up in the army these days, you have to have much more sort of academic prowess than Harry ever had. You can’t be sort of, you know, in the frontlines of, you know, the military forever. So, there was no way that he could stay.”

William was envious of Harry: “I think that William was really quite envious of the success of Invictus Games, the initiatives that Harry launched very, very successfully to create a kind of Special Olympics for vets, which has just happened. All of these things were kind of bubbling, and you know, and kind of pushing them apart.

The Sussexes missing the palace platform: “I think they both completely underestimated what it was going to be like to be without the–you know, the palace platform. However much they hated–and they really did, I think, at that point–the constraints and this sort of pettiness, essentially, they conceived of the palace, you know, and the advisors, try doing it without the palace and the advisors, right? Because what the palace does, of course, it’s an amazing convening–has amazing convening power. There’s no one who won’t take a phone call if they see Buckingham Palace on the phone, Kensington Palace on the phone. So they’re a huge convening power… All of that’s now gone. And essentially, they have to just hire PRs to do that for him. And their judgment is not necessarily the best judgment they should be listening to, because of course, you know, they’re trying to leverage, whatever they say, the royal brand. And there’s no PR that really knows how to do that better than Buckingham or Kensington Palace, right? So they’re suddenly without this leverage.

Meghan doesn’t have a brand: “Meghan doesn’t really have a brand, is the truth, and she sort of–you feel that she is sort of grasping somewhat at, you know, whatever is the kind of Twitter caring of the moment. You know, it’s, you know, vaccinations, it’s Ukraine, it’s women’s rights, it’s hey, my 40th birthday, let’s have a mentoring scheme. Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan.

The Queen set Meghan up to succeed: “She also made her vice chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation, which given that Meghan had said that she had a huge desire to do sort of global humanitarian work, there’s no better platform, essentially, to be able to talk about women’s education, to talk about, you know, the question of minorities. This was a fantastic platform, really, that needed modernizing and dusting off and repositioning, particularly in the kind of atmosphere right now, the social atmosphere at the moment with Black Lives Matters and all of these things that we’ve seen impacting on the Cambridge tour. But there was nonetheless a big role there, a longstanding role with a lot of longevity for the Sussexes.

Everyone in the royal family knew Harry wanted out: “I really think Harry wanted out himself. And you know, one of the advisors did say to me–and I was kind of shocked by this. A very close in the circle said to me, you know, we always knew that Harry was going to go at some point. He was really unhappy. The queen knew that at some point it was highly likely that Harry would want out. But they didn’t know it would be so fast, and they didn’t see it happening in the way that it did. And I think it’s also, then, fair to say that Meghan gave Harry the tools to leave, you know, I mean, because she was wired in. She understood the world of agents and deals.”

[From WaPo]

Harry didn’t leave the Army because he wasn’t “smart enough.” He left the Army after a decade because he knew he would never see frontline action anymore and he didn’t want to sit at a desk in London for another decade. Plus, William and Kate “needed” Harry to dump his military career and start working full-time for the Firm. They needed to hide behind him and take credit for his work. Thus, Harry was encouraged to retire from the Army after a decade.

Brown reveals so much in her jumbled answer to how the Queen set Meghan up to succeed. “…To be able to talk about women’s education, to talk about, you know, the question of minorities…” The question of minorities!!! As if minorities are, as a group, a giant question mark. Do they exist, Brown wonders. Should they exist, she wonders. But really, Brown is saying the Queen gave Meghan the Commonwealth stuff because she’s Black and many Commonwealth countries are Black and so Meghan can represent that and now the rest of the family doesn’t have to care. And to think, Meghan threw that away!

As for Meghan not having a brand… lol. Yes, she does. Brown just doesn’t like Meghan’s brand. Anyway, Brown keeps revealing herself to be xenophobic, anti-American, racist and full of lies.

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  1. blackfemmebot says:

    Meghan’s brand is literally women’s empowerment i.e.: Smartworks, Forces for Change Vogue issue, 40×40, the archetypes podcast, the Netflix show Pearl, need I say more? At this point I’m beginning to believe I could write a better researched book than TB over here.

    • Kalana says:

      Women can just be empowered by marrying wealthy men. Look at the success stories of Kate and Pippa. Well done, Carole.

      • Couch potato says:

        I was taken back by that comment about the children had done extraordinarily well. How? Non of the three has any careers to boast about. Does she mean because the daughters have married rich guys? Seriously, it’s the year 2022, not 1822.

      • Julie says:

        Well said! CM setting up her daughters with the wealthy aristocracy is Tina’s version of female empowerment.

        On full display. Wow.

      • Becks1 says:

        That was very telling IMO. Carole of course considers Kate her biggest success bc she married the FFK, Pippa is okay too bc she married a moderately wealthy man whose family owns a hotel in St Barts (pesky rape allegations aside of course.) So in Carole’s eyes her daughters have done “extraordinarily well” and it seems that Tina Brown agrees- that “marrying well” is enough to ensure success for a woman in her eyes.

      • Morgs says:

        Absolutely cackling at the idea of James’s failed nazi marshmallow business being considered doing “extraordinarily well”

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Well, Morgs, based on Tina Brown’s racist comments and dismissive attitude/ignorant excuse making for how Meghan was treated, I’m sure TB sees nazi marshmellows as a successful scheme(using scheme on purporse). Wonder if when she read that James sold his company for almost a third of what it was in debt for she thought about texting Barry Diller, been there, done that.

    • Chloe says:

      She’s been advocating for female empowerment since she was 11. It is pretty clear what Meghan’s brand is.

    • Jais says:

      I mean I can believe she did research and then ignored the parts that didn’t support her vision of Meghan, which is one that doesn’t have a brand. Lol for days. Am thinking she wants people to believe this and that’s why she’s saying it. She wants people to be as annoyed by Meghan as she is or maybe she can’t understand that a lot of people just aren’t annoyed by her but like her.

    • Noodle says:

      Don’t forget the “mentoring scheme”. That phrase alone makes my blood boil. As if.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I just read the Benedict Cumberbatch post, and I think the British must use the word scheme differently than we do.

      • Debbie says:

        You’re right, Lucky Charm. When I was in Egypt, our tour guide used the word “scheme” in such unusual ways (like to mean “plan” for example) that it got to be a running joke. However, T. Brown has lived many years in the U.S., and she KNOWS very well how the word “scheme” is used in the States. So, I’m with Noodle on this one. T.B. not only tries to diminish Meg’s accomplishments, but she tries to sweep W&K’s failures under the carpet (note the offhanded way she described their colossal Caribbean disaster tour as “all of these things that were impacting on the Cambridge tour.” Yeah, “these things” like it was a case of bad weather. See how cute she thinks she is?
        Kaiser writes that TB was rough on all the royal subjects, but she was covering for Kate and William. Also, if someone spends more time talking about Meghan in a derogatory manner in a year that Andrew was sued for sexual misconduct and just signed an agreement giving the complainant millions, and his mummy keeps propping him up and showing him off like a new pair of shoes, then that person has shown me who they are.

      • says:

        Brown absolutely knows that ‘scheme’ is interpreted differently in the US than in England/UK. She used that word deliberately for an American audience. Blood boiling. Brown is fully aware of the 40 x 40 INIATIVE. It made headlines and news stories for weeks. Very well known people that Brown knows personally participated and supported it. Salty Brown did NOT get an invite to participate from Meghan.

        It was here on CB that I first learned about ‘scheme’ meaning something different across the pond. I posted something about not seeing how participating in a scheme was a good thing and why make an announcement about a ‘scheme’.lol Sorry for forgetting who the poster was..thank you for explaining it to me back then.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Right, typical to Meghan, she actually thought about how she could uplift and celebrate others as part of her milestone 40th birthday! Who else does that as a regular part of their existence?? Not many humans would think of using their own birthday to give back to others, especially not jealous, racist grifter, TB.

    • Eurydice says:

      What I don’t get is all this discussion about “brand.” – Ok, for the RF, which is basically a millennium-old institution with functions that are filled by whomever happens to be alive at the time – so, yeah, there they have to think about “brand.”

      But Meghan is a person, an individual – she’s a human being who married another human being and got caught in a kerfuffle with his family and their “brand.” She tried to fit in, had to adjust to being married, had to figure out WTF with his family, had to deal with WTF from the BM, did work within the institution the best way she could, had a baby and had to adjust to being an new mother. Then dealing with her husband’s long-term unhappiness with his family and institution, dealing with her own unhappiness, leaving the UK, working with her husband to set up a new life, dealing with a pandemic, having a miscarriage, having another child – Having to heal from all that, plus to come up with ways to help others, to continue her interests, to earn some money for the family.

      Is that a “brand”? Or is that Meghan, a real, live woman who fought through an extraordinary situation, came out of it happy, relatively whole and ready to go into the future with her family?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ That’s right @Eurydice. 💯 Thanks so much for this concise summary which views Meghan in human terms, not as a brand, a symbol, a label, a meme, a fashion plate, a moneymaker, a caricature, a bully, or a victim, etc. She is simply a wife and mother, and an aspirational achiever with a social conscience.

        Meghan is a doer and a believer, but she’s also simply a vulnerable young woman who has traversed unexpected highs, lows, and continued daily attacks on her character for falling in love with and marrying someone the white racist hegemony deemed off-limits to a WOC. No matter the fact that historically, WOCs have been part of the royal bloodline before Meghan.

    • sunny says:

      Her brand is pretty clear and since before she got together with Harry. A girlfriend of mine met her at the UN pre-Harry where they were both there for a summit for UN Women.

      Tina is really making all the effort to frame Meghan in a negative light here. “Mentoring scheme” as if this woman doesn’t know they very real role mentoring can play in women’s economic advancement.

      • Maxine Branch says:

        Almost amusing to me watching these hags trying to erase a life well live by Meghan. In the age of the Internet, there is a documented trail of her accomplishments as well as her focus since a young girl. For a 40 year old she has traveled the globe assisting women and being their voice in many cases. The TBs of the world have been chasing clout their entire lives and their clout chasing has bought them back to Meghan Markle to sustain relevance, the irony.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        And she’s ‘really not going anywhere”? TB sounds insane. Meghan has accomplished so much in her life and in the last few years alone. She’s has had, and has upcoming really impactful, interesting projects. I’m really hating TB for constantly trying to diminish and dehumanize M.

      • tamsin says:

        Brown is also diminishing all the accomplished women who participated in Meghan’s 40 x 40 initiative. The transcript of the interview makes her sound very inarticulate, but it’s hard to sound like you are presenting facts to make your case convincingly when you are misrepresenting, and lying to put down someone. She sound full of resentment and hostility. I can’t believe some of the language she uses in the quotes that I have read.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ There’s a video of this same interview on YouTube, which is where I first saw and heard it. Watching TB squirming around, hemming, hawing, and making things up is puke-worthy. But getting to see her face as she dissembles, makes it clear that TB knows she’s gone whole hog. It’s KP and the royal clown show, or bust!

        Since TB already has a CBE honor, she’s probably hedging her bets for a Dame honorific. TB’s a full-fledged dame already. There’s no need for the royal bestowal, but her desperation to remain relevant is obvious and blatant.

    • FeministYeah says:

      You’re so wrong! Meghan could’ve just held no inner passion about anything in life, waited for (and accepted to marry) a man to cheat on her, and expect global adoration regardless.
      That’s how you get empowered, everybody knows that!

    • Cate says:

      All the stuff about “she doesn’t really have a brand” I felt would read much better if every instance of “Meghan” was replaced with “Kate”. Meghan has multiple causes she works for and she does beneficial work (raising awareness in a way that brings in $$$ being the most obvious, and which apparently is a skill not every famous person has…see the royals). Kate has…what? Being a perfect housewife and mother? Working for 10 years on a 5-question survey? THAT is grasping at straws.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Morgs: I think he married money, too. Or at least a woman with the ability to earn a lot of money.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Blackfemmebot: “the Netflix show Pearl…”

      According to latest entertainment news, Netflix has been having troubles with streaming competition and loss of subscribers. The CEO recently put out a statement that they can “no longer predict their market future with confidence…” In this environment, sadly, Netflix has “quietly canceled” Meghan’s animated series, Pearl, which is still in development.

      I can just see the crazed British tabloid coverage now. The fact is, maybe Netflix isn’t the best venue for an animated series. Pearl may be picked up elsewhere perhaps. Possibly, Disney is a better fit.

  2. HeatherC says:

    She absolutely has a brand, it’s just not a brand that salty old white women and men approve of. And she didn’t need to be given a platform to discuss the question of minorities, she walked in with that, just by being who she is.

    Everything Tina Brown writes should be translated as: I want a damehood. I really really want a damehood. This dirty work I’m doing free of charge should earn that.

    We all know the BRF will try to not get their own hands dirty and instead pass it off to gullible desperate pawns.

  3. Selene says:

    I’ve seen interviews of Harry being a very young chap talking about hating who he is, so that’s why that whole “Megxit” blame game is a lie. Like Meghan herself said, “she brings solutions”. That was the solution her husband had been focused on all his life; she helped him get there, never forgetting the hell they went through, of course.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Harry left the Army because he was basically forced to. Between being compromised (location), and the fact that they wouldn’t let him stay and rise in rank above The Incandescent One. Can’t have Harry in his military gear ranking General, with Billy a lowly Sargent or Capt. or whatever fake rank he “earned” (by drinking, partying, going AWOL, and hijacking helis to fly into his sometimes’ Gf’s front yard).

      • Fascinating Fascinator says:

        Yes this – it’s been sourced multiple times that the family made Harry leave the army because he wasn’t allowed to hold a higher rank than William. And that’s where Harry was happiest (pre-Meghan). It’s just so sad how much abuse he has put up with from his manipulative family.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      It used to be Meghan made Harry leave. Harry was brainwashed by Meghan, she has him wrapped around her finger and now, it’s they all knew Harry would leave because he was so unhappy and Meghan gave him the tools to leave. these commentators are confused

  4. Genevieve says:

    “Special Olympics for vets” – oof.

    • Kalana says:

      She meant Paralympics but I think she really meant Special Olympics.

    • HeatherC says:

      Though I’m sure she meant Special Olympics in a derogatory way, some of the atmosphere is the same. I’m a mom of a Special Olympian (track and field competition this weekend!) and the atmosphere is so supportive and nurturing. Though it’s competitive, it’s not cut throat competitive. Take Kiddo, who runs the 200. He usually comes in 2nd or 3rd in his heats. You’ll see coaches and athletes from other teams cheering on the runners. It’s not unusual, actually it’s pretty standard for once one person crosses the finish line, they go to the sideline and cheer on the rest of the runners.

      So though she meant it in a mean manner, trying to put pictures in reader’s minds of a bunch of developmentally and/or intellectually disabled people as the competitors in Invictus, those that know are flattered and hopes Invictus really does have the supporting, welcoming, warm hug of an atmosphere that Special Olympics does.

      • Chelsea says:

        @Heatherc – congrats to your child! I’m sure it feels great to them to have such a supportive mom and it’s so cool to hear about the supportive atmosphere there.

        Interestingly the head of the Paralympics attended the Invictus Games in the Hague and was with Harry and talked about how they want to work to learn from each other. He said the family aspect in particular was something about IG that he thought could be very helpful for the paralympics. I didn’t realize it until this recent IG, but the Invictus Games Foundation pays for 2 friends/family of a competitor to attend and they supply them along with the competitor with access to counselors after the Games end. It’s a great model that’d be cool to seen applied to the Paralympics. Do they do anything similar with the Special Olympics?

      • HeatherC says:

        They don’t provide counselors, but it’s a different set of athletes. Kiddo and his team’s disabilities aren’t trauma based or trauma adjacent. But SO does encourage family involvement and participation, feedback etc. We’ve loved our SO journey.

        The oath for Special Olympics that is recited at the opening of every tournament is

        “Let me win
        But if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

      • Becks1 says:

        congratulations HeatherC for your child’s involvement/success! A child from my sons’ elementary school is traveling to the Special Olympics and the entire school formed two lines down the hallway and out the front door as he left yesterday, cheering for him and congratulating him. My older kid was so excited to tell me about it when he got home.

      • Kalana says:

        “Let me win
        But if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

        I love this.

        The Special Olympics is an amazing organization. I agree that Tina Brown probably didn’t mean the comparison in a positive way but the Invictus Games seems to strive for the same sense of community and encouragement and I hope they accomplish that.

  5. Bettyrose says:

    I’m like totally guilty of saying like you know too much when I’m nervous. But if I were giving media interviews I would work with a coach to train those verbal ticks out of my speech.

    • Couch potato says:

      It’s so annoying! I wanted to go back and count the “you know”s and see if there’s even one whole sentence without it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I am always suspicious of someone that says “you know” countless times.

        It tells me that they are trying to come up with the next lie. TB is filled with lies!!! As someone who happens to have a good record or being an editor, you would think she would be better prepared.

        This is TB’s delusional take on all matters of Meghan and Harry.

      • says:

        LOL @ Couch potato! After reading what Kaiser posted-I went back and did just that. Didn’t use a tally sheet but I ended up with 14/15-plus or minus 1. Then I looked at the whole transcript and wowza. I believe it’s another thing she did deliberately, not out of nervousness, knowingly spreading misinformation as some kind of truth. It’s often used as a tactic to try to make something sound like a fact-a general consensus and to get the person they’re speaking to/with nodding in agreement. If you have someone who ‘you knows’ you too much. Stop them with, “Well i don’t know that to be true so at the moment I won’t agree.”. I *may* have done this a few times with my MIL. She is a very good speaker and has been interviewed for things she was involved in. When she starts throwing in the ‘you know’ stuff, I’m aware she’s trying to sell an idea.

    • Charm says:

      Its the hallmark of a liar. Thats how they speak.

    • MerryGirl says:

      She can’t say a sentence without “I think” or “you know”, that’s how you know she’s a bullshitter.

    • Bettyrose says:

      LOL! I mean I do it when Im nervous not lying but yeah it’s if I’m called out to answer a question I’m not prepared for and I’m thinking of an answer. I guess that’s a form of lying because I don’t just say I’m not prepared. 🤣

    • D says:

      It was unintelligible. I couldn’t even follow half of it. This woman has edited numerous magazines…and got fired each time for a reason.

  6. Megan says:

    I still believe the Royal Family forced Harry out of the Army because he was eligible for promotion and they couldn’t have him outranking William.

    Also “the question of minorities” is horrible. Like what question? Do they exist? Do they deserve basic human rights and dignity?

    And it’s so weird how Meghan is using her position to highlight issues that are currently pertinent. Eye roll.

    • Chloe says:

      Hmm based on harry’s people cover story (or was it the today show interview) it is clear that harry left the military because he was ready to settle down. He mentioned that he didn’t want to be away getting deployed while having a wife and kids because that is extremely hard on a relationship.

      • lOUISE says:

        I seem to recall it was because his division (or whatever the proper term is in the UK) and location were leaked. And I also recall he was hurt & pissed off about it.

      • Maeve says:

        Harry always looked like a born soldier to me but he gives the impression of being happier with the troops than with the brass, and unfortunately that limits his options after a certain amount of time – it’s “up” to a desk job or out. I’d guess if he stayed in he’d have been organising ceremonial stuff or doing something with veterans but for someone who seems to thrive on spontaneity it would have been pretty stifling – Invictus gives him the military involvement outside of the confines of army hierarchy.

      • Jaded says:

        Harry’s location was leaked by the Australian media and as a result he had a huge target on his back. He had to leave active service in Afghanistan immediately and couldn’t bear the thought of a desk job, he wanted to be with his fellow soldiers. It wasn’t because he wanted to settle down.

    • Ennie says:

      I agree.
      One just knows the British media will never say that, they will try to keep using Harry to prop William up.

    • SarahCS says:

      I keep reading it at ‘questionable minorities’ because of the context and I think TB would absolutely agree with that. That’s her intent and her racism is loudly proclaimed throughout the book – we had the ‘different breed’ comment yesterday.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Of all the comments, I still can’t get over this one. ‘had never encountered this breed’ as if she is a beast out in the wild. I just…I just can’t.

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    It’s so gross. This woman has to be called out on her own gaffes, and any journalist who doesn’t call her out, is filth as well. So minorities, being the big question mark for the Queen, reeks of the United States not knowing what to do with Black people at the end of the Civil War. Which means, the Queen is 165 years behind the times. Maybe it’s why there’s such a rise in nationalism, code for racism, across the globe: the “natives are restless” and the white minorities have to make last ditch efforts to solidify and maintain power, or they will lose it forever. As they should.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      I’m sorry, I must disagree. A gaffe is an unintentional statement. I believe every single one of TB’s atrocious, racist phrases was carefully considered and very deliberate.

      She’s lived in the US, and been around US media for decades. She knows precisely what she is saying.

  8. equality says:

    “Her children have all done extraordinarily well”? Two married well. Is that an accomplishment? What exactly has James succeeded at? I guess, he married well also? People can be in the frontlines of the military as a career and, if PH and the RF had wanted it he could have advanced and this writer knows that. And, no brand? Which RF member has a certain “brand”? They are all over the map with their patronages. I don’t have a certain brand when it comes to interests. Most people do have varied interests.

    • Ennie says:

      Like someone upthread said: women empowerment. That woman is willfully blind. One just needs tonsee her focus during her royal work to see where she is headed. It matches her choices after, including her birthday mentoring proposal. I suspect that if Meghan was just raising her children, she would call her out for that.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Calling Carole a ‘tiger mom’ was something else too. What accomplishments, exactly, do her kids have beyond marrying wealthy/powerful men? That whole part was just mindboggling.

    • Over it says:

      They did oh so well because she pimped them out to rich men .James she pimped to a rich woman
      In Tina eyes Meghan did nothing worthy because horror of horrors she worked for a living and champions women. Tina and Kate and Carole won’t understand thus because to them women are nothing but tools to be used to get ahead .

      • Jaded says:

        Alizée Thevenet isn’t from a super rich family, but upper middle class, her late father was a diplomat. She’s a very smart woman who has worked hard since her teens, got her Master’s degree and now works as a financial analyst. Carole had nothing to do with “pimping” him out to her, it was the daughters she concentrated on.

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        @Jaded The Thevenet family still seems to be SEVERAL steps up from the Middletons as far as the European class system goes.

        The Middletons are sort of lower end of the lower class (Caroles’ coal-mining ancestors)/Lowest rung of the middle class (flight stewardess straddles the line between lower class and middle class and her husbands’ piloting days put him sort of lower middle to middle middle). Diplomats and financial analysts are middle middle at the very lowest, and can even be considered acceptable professions for the uppery-est of upper class. And since it’s a British MAN marrying a French WOMAN the Frenchness isn’t really an issue (if Pippa tried to marry some French bloke there would have been CONCERNS).

        How much actual money is involved doesn’t really enter into it, but the Thevenets probably have a good deal more than the Middletons. Party Pieces is just too shady.

    • The Recluse says:

      Comparing Ma Middleton to Ma Kardashian is not quite the compliment or accomplishment that Brown (or Carole) thinks it is.

      • Truthiness says:

        Tina means this as a slam 100%. Both Carole and Kris Jenner are seen as gauche for their extreme ambitions, to the point of being vulgar. The aristos look down their noses at Carole, she’ll never be invited into their circle and the aristo girls never wanted to be Will’s doormat.

  9. Kalana says:

    Minorities are the “other.” So how do we deal with the question of this “other” because they really are making a nuisance of themselves and getting in the way.

    Tina Brown is part of a very white-centric way of thinking based in what was popular in the 90s. She hasn’t had a successful platform in a long time. She’s like a time capsule from the set of Friends and Ally McBeal.

    • Jilly says:

      I’m always so interested when the ‘media’ makes remarks of Harry’s intelligence (dumb as a box of hair) and using the argument that Megan is the one leading him around. Has any of these people really seen his interviews? (Yes I know they have). His answers are always super thoughtful and always educated. I’m not sure what they’re watching!

      • SueBarbri says:

        I’ve never understood that, either. They run down Harry’s intelligence on at least a weekly basis, but he sparkles in his interviews, with or without Meghan. He’s very quick and smooth and comes across as cool and curious. But none of the other RF members ever seem particularly bright to me. And after watching video of Edward from the Caribbean this week, it’s clear that he’s not sharp at all. He looks empty, confused, and sheltered. Andrew also came across as arrogant and kind of dumb during his big interview about Pizza Express. Charles might be of below average intelligence, but he’s so fusty that it reads as peculiar instead and that might be his saving grace in the end. William and Kate always seem kind of lost, but I think that’s because they’re both so obsessed with their own interpersonal conflicts, they’re not secure enough to pay attention to whatever is happening in front of them.

      • says:

        They’re watching Lost in Space. “Danger Will Windsor, danger! Your younger brother is showing he is a smarter and better human than you. Again. Enact the invisible contract now.”.

  10. Jais says:

    “Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan”
    Wow, what a jealous b-! Saying it does not make it so, Tina Brown. Saying that aloud and personally wanting nothing to go anywhere for Meghan does not make it true, but it does make you look like a bitter old hater. Just wow.

    • SuzieQ says:

      As others noted yesterday, I think Meghan’s super-successful Vogue issue is really sticking in Tina’s craw.
      No wonder she loves Kate. She’s a mean girl, too.
      It also can be difficult for olds in legacy media (like me) to appreciate what H&M are doing in new media. If you don’t understand, just bash it.

  11. C-Shell says:

    Kaiser, THANK YOU for reading this drivel so we don’t have to. People speaking rarely come across in transcripts as articulate (notably, Harry and Meghan, the Obamas, excepted), but the word salad this heifer is tossing is damned near incomprehensible. Could be because she knows she’s lying. If she was truly convinced, she’d be more convincing.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes, C-Shell!! Thank you Kaiser for reading this dreck and giving us the disgusting insights as I know I wouldn’t be able to read it!! I wouldn’t give TB two cents to read her lies and her unhinged conniving theories. My gawd, this woman is just as bad as the BM!!

  12. Kimsan says:

    Carole worked to make her daughters successful and it worked. By attaching them to wealthy men? What a goal.

    • Bettyrose says:

      So far in this book she has (accurately) compared Carole to Kris Jenner, Hyacinth Bucket, and Mrs. Bennet. Those comparisons are as unflattering as they are unoriginal. It’s weird that every time a journo is working with the Middletons they end up semi-shading the family.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Actually, Kris Jenner’s daughters made successes of their OWN business ventures, regardless of who (if anyone) they married. Whereas the Middleton kids were dismal failures at anything connected to business, and have wealth solely through marriage. So I would say it is NOT accurate to equate Kris and Carole, as Kris’s kids have actual business success.

      • bettyrose says:

        @ Mrs.Krabapple – I’m not sure where to begin with that, but I’ll try. First, I would not agree that PMK has encouraged her daughters to be successful in their own business ventures. She began with a reasonably wealthy family from the incomes of her two husbands, and started pushing her older daughters to be sex objects. One of her two oldest daughters was successful in marketing a sex tape with her mother’s help. That sex tape, the family money, and two famous last names launched a reality tv empire. Then, using the money from that empire, each daughter was given her own opportunity to pay people to develop ideas and market products with the respective daughter’s name. How much creative input or marketing savvy any daughter had is debatable, but the products themselves reflected the family brand of “do everything to maximize your appeal to the male gaze.”

        If anything, I’d say that Carole absolutely strove to be the next PMK. She just wasn’t nearly as good at it. All her oldest daughter achieved was marrying William. Pippa at least got a happy marriage (she’s obviously the Kourtney of the family).

      • Nic919 says:

        In terms of setting up their daughters, the original PMK has done a far better job. Even after a divorce her daughters will have their own money and an identity. Kate is nothing without William. She has nothing to lean on if he divorces her and Carole banked on a forever marriage even though 3 of the 4 children of the queen have gotten divorced, with Charles the prince of wales being one of them.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Plus, they are STILL not accepted by the Aristocracy that CarolE has been dying to be a part of. Tells you the Aristos know exactly what type of woman CarolE is and they want nothing to do with her or her lackluster daughter!!

      But please Tina, do tell us how successful CarolE is!

      • MsIam says:

        I’m sure Carole is counting on William giving her and her husband some type of title or honor was he’s king. Then she can be Lady Carole of Buckleberry or whatever. She knows the Aristo set hate her but I doubt she cares. She’s put up with her daughter being publicly humiliated for the sake of her pursuit of status. I think unless you are that greedy and graspy for power, money, etc it’s hard to understand or relate to a person like that.

      • bettyrose says:

        Kate as FFQC is such a long shot right now. Will the monarchy survive Charles? Will their marriage? Good luck and best wishes, Carole! I hope your daughter’s marriage achieves all your dreams.

      • Mia1066 says:

        Carole’s 67. It’s likely to be 20 years before William sees the throne if ever. That’s a very long game

  13. Kits says:

    I know we have all sorts of people who visit Celebitchy. There has to be someone who can write a book or even do a program about what Meghan went through not from the perspective of the British establishment. Partner up with Omid if necessary…but someone please do it.

    This woman is such trash and I literally had no idea who she was until I started following Meghan’s royal life.
    Lots of opinion no actually facts.
    Thank goodness Harry and Meghan’s platform far outweighs her and any of the bile she spews.

    Meghan’s an actress, producer, activist, women’s rights advocate and philanthropist. None of that has changed pre or post royal life. Just the scale of it has plus being a mom and wife.

    • Blujfly says:

      Check out Sean Smith’s book, Meghan misunderstood.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Yes, this was a good read and one of the few titles out there that takes a sympathetic view to what Meghan went through.

  14. truthSF says:

    If this dumb b!tch says “like, you know” one more time!🤦🏾‍♀️😒🥴🥴

    You can just tell she has no idea what to say about Meghan, so every word between “like” and “you know” were utter bs!!

    • Alexi says:

      +100% It was ridiculously infuriating to read.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I mentioned that up thread. The transcript is just cringey. She is clearly not a confident speaker.

      • Katie says:

        That’s super weird because she used to regularly appear on NPR. I also listed to her Longform Podcast interview. In both those contexts she was an unbelievable assured speaker.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I don’t get it either but the comments upthread suggest it’s a vocal tick when someone is lying.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Podcasts are edited before airing.

  15. Blujfly says:

    Tiger Moms raise their children to be independently successful and the best at everything. Neither Kate nor Pippa are like that. Perhaps that’s what Home Counties tiger mom means but the US doesn’t know to make the connection between Home Counties and Darien, CT. And James is not successful at all.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      In addition to the actions that CarolE created for CopyKeen to marry Bitter Brother, her daughters happiness was apparently completely unimportant as we are seeing. CarolE was able to marry her daughter off to a man that is a raging, anger man-child without one ounce of caring about his wife.

      Oh, how happy CarolE must be!!! What an awful and horrendous parent CarolE is!!

  16. Smrtwork says:

    Tina brown is a mess! The jealously just oozing out of her pores. It’s so disgusting.
    But please dont let your anger or outrage help her sell more books.
    I noticed someone wrote something vile about Kamala and everyone was retweeting the awful article, dragging it but still linking the article. When I did a google search of Kamala the awful article was the first thing that popped up because it was being shared so much with people being outraged about it.
    So the awful message just spread. Let’s not help Tina Brown, daily mail, or anyone else spread their awful messages.

  17. A says:

    For a woman whose job is to talk about these people and their ‘accomplishments’ she sure yOu kNoW sucks at it. You know. Special Olympics for vets, my gosh.

    Also, giving Meghan the Commonwealth thing was quite clearly NOT setting her up for success since we can see that a growing number of Commonwealth countries don’t want to be part of the freakin’ Commonwealth. ‘Go browbeat those people of color into staying in a useless, decaying, racist institution, Meghan’ HEY WAIT A SECOND

    • Christine says:

      That’s the part that made me laugh out loud. Meghan was SET UP FOR SUCCESS with the COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION?!?!

      Oh, would that be the same Commonwealth that is disintegrating before our eyes? I think what Tina Brown means is she wishes it was Meghan’s job to show up and get fired by POC, leaving all the lily whites free and clear. This woman has no grip on current events.

      • A says:

        RIGHT? Only a sycophant like Brown could write that and think the royals were right to expect Meghan to be their shield against the consequences of their own actions.

        Also, she’s calling it the ‘question of minorities’ when most Commonwealth countries are majority-POC. It’s all so embarrassingly sloppy and racist and rude.

  18. Eurydice says:

    Wow and Yikes and OMG and How Stupid.

    As for Harry in the military – it’s not a question of intelligence. I don’t know how military advancement in the UK works, but, in the US, the competition for advancement makes it practically mandatory to have an advanced degree – a Masters to get past Major and PhD for Generals.

    • equality says:

      I think that PH liked being normal and part of a troop. I wonder if he really wanted to advance to a more desk type job.

      • Jennifer says:

        From what I recall reading, he specifically didn’t want a desk job, and if he went further in the military he was probably going to have to take one, due to his royal status.

    • says:

      To answer the advancement question-found this:

      “Your personal qualities are regarded as at least as important as your qualifications and promotion is on merit. ; if you join as an officer you will have the same opportunities to develop your career whether you are a graduate or not.”. They do go on to say that the majority of successful candidates have degrees. Harry has shown early on that he has strategic and tactical skills. He escaped KP grounds while playing a game with Wharfe who was supposed to be watching him. Harry and Meghan flew into London and visited the Queen undected. Those are some brilliant skills needed to be in the military.

  19. MsIam says:

    I’ve noticed that among the derangers this is the new way to knock Meghan, to say she has no platform or brand. Meanwhile no one seems to ask “What ever happened to the Five Questions Survey or the Early Buttons Center?” The truth is they are terrified of what Meghan may do next. More work for Keen to copy.

    • Farin says:

      What in the cognitive dissonance is going on with this woman?! “Meghan doesn’t have a brand”!?
      Meghan isn’t grasping at sh*t!! One of her brands is authenticity and Women empowerment! The Hubb Kitchen Cookbook was a success, Smartworks was a success and so much more!! The Queen didn’t set up anything Meghan was already succeeding!

    • Well Wisher says:

      Why would Meghan need a ‘brand’? She has a vision and morals that is part of her life goals and aspirations, not trying to sell newspapers in either hard copy nor online clicks.

      • Debbie says:

        I agree with you entirely, Meg’s not an internet influencer. She has interests and projects which she supports and works with. I think TB says that because they can’t say that Meghan has not accomplished anything with a straight face. Notice how she rattles off a small number of Meghan’s recent projects, while in all the fluffing she’s done of Kate she has never been able to name a successful project or accomplishment of Kate’s. I wish the reporter TB was speaking with had asked her, “Is that why Kate copies Meghan so much?” when she said that Meghan was floundering post-royal life. Is that why Tina Brown spends so much time talking about Meghan?

      • says:

        @Well Wisher, the ‘brand’ tag thing has always bothered me too in regards to the Sussexes. I get they have PR to promote the causes they believe in. If doing good in this world is a ‘brand’, then I see that.

        @Debbie, I don’t know if Brown brings it up in the book, I noticed that Brown wants to separate Meghan from Harry regarding causes. Not true. Even the 40 x 40 Initiative was something he supported. Also notice (maybe she does in the book) that Brown doesn’t mention the Sussexes work/donations to WCK with Jose Andres. Too, is Brown saying that covid vaccinations is simply a social media movement to get behind? F*ckwhit.

        Dear Tina, with your derogatory words and general degradation towards the Duchess of Sussex along with your complete dismissal of her experience as a WOC in the BRF and British Media(which by the way 72 MP’s acknowledged), this interview isn’t aging well. How did you manage not saying ‘you know’ a thousand times?

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah its the new talking point – Meghan doesn’t have a brand, Meghan is floundering in the post royal world, etc.

      Remember a time a few months ago when we had 3 or 4 people in the course of two days ask about the 40×40 – it was obvious they were trolling bc their wording was almost the exact same about it. Very wide eyed and innocent and “but was it even successful? I didnt even hear about it after her bday!” It was so blatant they had talking points from somewhere.

    • N. says:

      I have this vague memory of the saltines previously saying Meghan was the worst because she was all about her brand and having a brand and having a brand was so American, *pearl-clutch*. Does anyone else remember that?

    • Sarah says:

      I’m going to play the other side for a second and say that when you think of Harry you think of the Invictus Games, it’s something that he’s started and known for but when you think of Meghan what do you think of, what is her concrete contribution that is associated with her that is the equivalent? Now if you say Global Humanitarianism with an emphasis on Women’s rights and equality, you would be correct but what concrete item has she created since leaving the Royal family; Archwell is their combined brand, but what is her brand. This is what they mean when they say that she has no platform or brand. Tina is definitely not seeing the big picture, but what she means is when you say Meghan’s name what company or association instantly pops up for her.

      Folks with common sense that have paid attention to her know that Meghan works behind the scenes, she doesn’t provide you with fanfare until she is ready to roll. She is also a mother of two kids under the age of four AND we are in the middle of a pandemic so she should be allowed to take all of the time in the world before she hits center stage solo. This is something that Kate hasn’t and wouldn’t have been criticized for considering she took years watching her children and doing the least before talking to us about a platform and we haven’t seen concrete results from that. I think the only reason Tina is saying something like this is because NOW she can associate something with Kate whereas had this been like a year or two ago what could have been said (oh yeah she likes working with children which is what the normal commentary for Kate).

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s a stretch to say kate has a brand other than laziness. Only the British media pretends the early years stuff matters. Anyone outside of that knows her as the one who married William. It’s all she will ever be known as.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Hmmmm…doing nothing and being embiggened for doing nothing is Kate’s ‘brand’. My bad, she also has the status quo of being the future of the monarchy while being a Stepford wife. If Tina is trying to make something of Kate’s early years stuff or make it seem like Kate is doing something..that’s just sad and destroys TB’s supposed Women in Power Summit. Giving tools to babies to raise their babies isn’t the talk Women in Power say.

  20. Lia says:

    The famed Royal advisors who managed to organise two disastrous tours in row and still can’t grasp the basics of PR? Harry and Meghan are definitely better off without those.

    • WHAT says:

      Everyone is glossing over the fact that there’s a little truth coming out of these Royal books. She clearly states William is jealous of Harry because his Invictus is successful. So what I would do is set up a crisis meeting and make sure Earth 💩 is successful when it’s time to come to America cause you already see it’ll be compared to Invictus. Also key thought Invictus is set-up for Germany and Canada. So you can have success in Europe if you do the work instead of rolling 😉 up your sleeves pretending. Also it was overlooked that kate was jealous of Meg. They’ll bash California all day long to get clicks and attention but look at the small stuff that they’re now saying about the Cambridges-even though everyone knew it. It’s finally being confirmed in print

    • says:

      I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Brown is repeating Jobson’s words from a week or two ago of it’s really too bad they don’t have the BRF machinery anymore to help them out. /s

  21. Amanda says:

    So many commas and “you knows”… that was hard to read!

  22. Grace Yancy says:


    • MsIam says:

      Well evidently, only some royal women are allowed to take 10 years to figure out which end is up. And I don’t think Meghan has put anything aside, she’s been working non stop. Tina is trying to sell Keen’s photo ops as “work” I guess. Meghan is not about that life, she’s aiming for actual results.

      • equality says:

        Really. Book published, podcast coming out, Netflix series coming out, VaxLive, partnerships with charities and quite likely things in the works that haven’t been announced yet.

  23. ABritGuest says:

    It’s interesting talking about this great convening power that the royal family has. It sort of brings home how ineffective the institution is. Part of that is to do with the BRF being apolitical but seems like very few of them have actually made a real mark outside of things like the DoE awards, Philip’s setting up civic engineering societies, Diana’s work leading to landmine treaty, helping with AIDS stigma, the Princes Trust & Invictus.

    Not her actually saying Meghan had a platform to talk about minorities. Yikes. I think people like Tina resent that the firm no longer has the ‘diversity hire’ to prop up the firm’s PR especially in the wake of the high profile Caribbean tour flops. For that alone I’m so grateful for the person who said no to half in, half out.

    Anyway bad timing talking about how they’ve lost convening power when there were NATO & EU reps at Invictus. Also guess she’s conveniently forgetting the meeting they had at the UN in NYC. It’s so funny how Tina just repeats the royal rota’s talking points. I’m actually embarrassed for her. I mean everyone has been vocal about Ukraine. And the causes Meghan has been supporting have been linked to her long term interests.

    I saw on SM that Tina describes racist incidents in the palace & how it’s not diverse at all but then blames Meghan for taking issue with the skin tone concerns because apparently she should have been more patient & they are just unlearning their racism. She’s gone full bigot. Weird that this part hasn’t been mentioned in the book reviews.

    • Eurydice says:

      I’ve seen many reviews where it seems the reviewers didn’t actually read the book, or they skimmed it or just picked out blurbs from other reviews.

      But it’s interesting to me what you say about the RF’s convening power. As it seems now, that power isn’t much more meaningful and/or impactful than an invitation to tea – people show up, say a few things, then go on their way and nothing has changed.

  24. Jan says:

    Tina running with the Harry is dumb trope.
    They’ve proved they don’t need to say BP, KP or CH to get things done, Proctor & Gamble, Boeing etc.
    She can’t deny that the Invictus Games are successful, Sentebale is doing a great work.
    Google is going to use Travelyst for data, and if the Pandemic ever ends, Travelyst will continue to grow.
    Betty gave them the Commonwealth patronage and petty Betty took it back, and look what happen when she sent the chosen clowns to the Caribbean.

  25. Enis says:

    The “question of minorities” makes my skin crawl. It’s such a white nationalist phrase.

  26. Zut Alors says:

    I’ll take the Sussexes advisors any day over the “gold standard” Palace operatives who planned the disastrous out of touch, tone deaf Caribbean tours.
    I wish Tina would do an interview with someone who would push back against her terrible answers.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That was truly delicious wasn’t it? The same advisors that Cain and Unable had for their Cat 5 Caribbean Charmless Tour!

      The Monarchy’s PR is in constant free-fall from their ineptitudes, but Harry and Meghan NEED to have the link of Buckingham Palace on the caller ID. NO they don’t Tina, as we have seen in the last 2 years, they are perfectly capable of conducting and accomplishing several initiatives WITHOUT the ineptitudes of the BRF PR’s machine! They are doing quite well thank you!!!!

  27. Well Wisher says:

    It is clear whom is the main source of this book, it is full of disproved stories and facts.
    If I may add to the core assertions of this item,
    No matter how many times the courtship of Kate and William is mentioned it fails to be seen as an accomplishment.

    The rehearsed details remains dull, uninteresting but troubling for William at the time inexperienced young man.

    It is obvious why it was important for Carole for her children to marry up as she did – status anxiety with emphasis on anxiety.
    Jamaica Kincaid made an astute observation of Tina Brown when she was an editor of the New Yorker, it is so evident in this book. It resonates in Tina’s framing of race and explains her alliance with Kate.
    It explains her unease when confronted with a brainy person who removes the illusion placed on the Other by refusing to adhere to the majority assumptions.

    The only salient point is that in all of the gaslighting, blame shifting and projection repeated in a loop, have exposed the Cambridges’ and Carole’s jealousies and insecurities.
    It exposed their unsophistication and ordinariness in a bad light, unlike the simple and esteemed Sussexes.
    The reality is that this is about Harry’s refusal to feel guilty enough to continue to be a part of his brother’s unacceptable behaviour towards him and his family.
    It shows William’s sense of entitlement that despite his shame surrounding his horrible behaviour, he wants to continue to be abusive.
    Is this compulsion towards abuse an indication of mental illness?
    This is not about the family, the Yorks, Tindalls? and Peter Philips have refused to take sides.
    This book of rants with its stale and unproven assertions by the obvious source is another attempt to get his side out. It is singing to the choir.
    No matter what it’s success in regards to sales, it will eventually sink to the bottom despite being on ‘brand’. There will be another to take its place as per the impermanence of the marketplace.
    Brands have to trend…….

    • Emma says:

      Wow — I did not know Jamaica Kincaid had gone through all that — pretty telling that Tina fired a great Black woman writer like her over a minor disagreement about Roseanne being on the cover. “Bully” indeed.

      I LOVE Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” and used to share it with my students all the time.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        This discussion makes me want to revisit Jamaica Kincaid’s writings. Agree with above points on Brown. I get the frustration of people upset by this book potentially giving it publicity, but it’s so annoying that there are so many holes and racist tropes in Browns writing, and no one with real literary chops has called her out, especially when it’s so easy to with this book.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yeah @L4frimaire. No one is yet truly calling TB out. CBS This Morning also did a soft-pedal feature/ interview, with the well-worn trivial simpering and sycophancy toward the monarchy and lightly playing down this so-called ‘family drama,’ with coded language and attitudes directed toward ‘that actress, Meghan Markle.’

        None of the media really want to fully face up to the seriousness of what’s going on here. Not even after we all know something about what happened to Diana. This is very similar misogyny, but with the race, class, and colonialism twist. Plus, there’s the kicker fact that the son who embodies Diana’s spirit and personality said ‘Effing no! This is my woman, and my son. Sorry, but not sorry Granny. I’m out for real this time. Good-bye!’

        The media in general isn’t going to push back heavily on TB’s lies, nor delve in too deeply. They are swallowing wholesale the fiction that ‘it’s M&H’s fault’ for giving the Oprah interview. TB wishes she was Oprah scoring such an interview. M&H agreed to the interview to clear the air, tell their truths, and to send a message to the rota and to the royal firm. The interview will stand the test of time.

    • aftershocks says:

      @Well Wisher: “This is not about the family. The Yorks, Tindalls?, Peter Phillips have refused to take sides.”

      I agree with your post and the points you’ve made, yet it seems the Tindalls have leaned hard toward siding with Will. Eugenie is clearly supportive of Harry & Meg. Also, both Bea &Eugenie put their names to a push back quote supporting Harry, when one of the tabloids tried to claim last summer that “even the York Princesses don’t like that Harry is writing a memoir.” In their pushback quote both Bea & Eugenie said: “We support Harry writing a book. He has the right to express himself. When he was a senior royal, no one listened to him.”

      @Well Wisher: “Brands have to trend…”

      Indeed! 😆😎 And as we all know (even TB knows), Meghan is a brand unto herself. She trends even when she’s sitting peacefully under a tree minding her own business. LOL 😂

  28. Over it says:

    Meghan and Harry might nit have Kp and bp making phone calls on their behalf which in my opinion is a damm good thing because it means that they don’t take tone deaf tours and dress like slave owners and greet black people behind chain fences.
    Also Tina has really lost her mind, Meghan and Harry can get anyone to answer their calls. Vax live concert proves it. Invictus success proves it. All the other things they have managed to achieve since leaving the dying institution of the uk monarchy proves it. Look at world center kitchen. Getting Procter and gamble. Harry better up. The naacp .Tell me what Kate and William have accomplished in all the years and all the people that they have to make phone calls for them? Because I see nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    • Jan90067@ says:

      M&H have done more since leaving than W&K have done in their 10 yrs of marriage (and basically William, in his whole life!). While Harry founded Invictus and Sentebale, William was getting drunk at friends’ weddings (knocking out his tooth), night clubs, and groping girls on table tops, yelling, “I’M FREE!”.

  29. sunny says:

    The “question of minorities” is just WHEW. As a black woman from a Commonwealth nation, whose family spans another 4 Commonwealth nations, including a majority of my family being British, gotta love Tina questioning my right to occupy space. We pesky minorities need to be managed!

    These people are dumb but also laughably racist. Tina probably has no clue how deeply racist this makes the Crown as well as her look.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ +1,000 @Sunny! Exactly! TB is laughably racist in her attitudes and utterances, as well as schizophrenic in her clout-chasing desires to remain relevant.

  30. Harper says:

    Tina Brown would pee her pants if she got a phone call from Meghan Markle. She would pick it up so fast. She would think she had won the journalistic lottery. She would dine out on it forever. She would write an even bigger book than TPP bragging about it.

    • Eurydice says:

      Lol, this 1000%.

    • MsIam says:

      Seeing Harry giving interviews to Hoda and to People has got to be killing her. He wouldn’t give Tina 5 minutes, lol. But she did get to talk with Sir Thomas of Mexico! She’s so bitter she’s got to be choking on it. And then Harry’s own book is coming out too? Maybe she and Carole Jenner can commiserate over tea.

  31. Amy Bee says:

    I agree with everything Kaiser has said here. And if I’m not mistaken Harry was under a lot of pressure to resign from the Army because the Royal Family wanted to him devote his time to royal duties only. Tina is lying to herself about Harry and Meghan’s brand and the power of the Royal Family. You would think given the year the family has had so far that she would adjust her viewpoint to suit the times we live in but she still believes that the Royal Family is a worthwhile institution. It’s interesting she can still think this way after the last two years and having lived in NY for so long.

  32. Polo says:

    I really can’t wait for Harry’s book so we can put to rest all the different versions of his experience in the military.
    Time moves so fast that even I forgot all the things Harry and Meghan have done since leaving. And to think she’s been pregnant a majority of the time as well. I always said we wouldn’t see her as much especially early on because of just having kids but also because a lot of what they do now is producing content. A lot more behind the scenes than in front of the cameras.
    Also almost all celebrities have their hands in so many things. You don’t need to be in a niche. Meghan is the brand!!!

    I would love to see her do something with singing. She has such a great voice.
    I honestly also want them to be greedy and take all the deals..commercials etc and make all the money but I don’t think that’s important to them.

    • Charm says:

      LOL you and me both (plus a whole bunch of other folks from all over the world!)

      Srsly, sometimes I wish the publishers would bring forward the publication date…..perhaps launch it on H’s birthday? (Sept 15). One can dream.

      So I just console myself that J. R. Moehringer did an excellent job with Andre Agassi and his memoir so I’m reeeeeeeeeally looking forward to see H’s.

  33. Tessa says:

    Yet the Queen said nothing when Meghan was criticized heavily by the media and baby Archie was likened to a chimp. She was proactive about Andrew but stayed quiet about Harry and Meghan.

  34. GuestWho says:

    “But he had to leave after 10 years, because, essentially, to move up in the army these days, you have to have much more sort of academic prowess than Harry ever had. You can’t be sort of, you know, in the frontlines of, you know, the military forever. So, there was no way that he could stay.”

    A-holes. All of them. He gave up a career he loved for his “granny” and this is the crap they publish.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Did Brown not listen to Harry on the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard? He described how he hated school but once he joined the military, he ended up taking a series of exams to move up., and was joking about it. You can’t just charm your way into being an Apache helicopter pilot. Everyone decide that Harry was “dim” because he liked to party in his 20s and wasn’t a great student at Eton. The insight of this woman 🙄. She really is being incredibly selective or has huge gaps in her research. Brown may have been an editor but she really isn’t much of a journalist if she’s resorting to lazy stereotypes, taking nasty swipes and not digging below the surface at all. These people are still shook up by the Sussexes leaving.

      • GuestWho says:

        Harry is dyslexic. His parents knew but Charles didn’t want to treat it because he didn’t want it widely known. Once he was in the Army, it was dealt with and he learned how to learn. They left that child twisting in the wind in so many different ways. Terrible father.

      • Jan says:

        Replying to Guesswho, the only person who said Harry was Dyslexic was Jeremy Clarkson.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ @GuestWho is accurate. Harry’s dyslexia was always kept on the down low. Royals don’t like to admit to imperfections, even when their entire family history is so messy and imperfect. LOL!

        Harry’s dyslexia was kept quiet when he was at Sandhurst too. Beatrice has actually spoken out about her dyslexia. There was a reference Harry made to it years ago in a throwaway article during his time in the military. He clearly did not want to make a big deal out of it.

  35. Ohcomeon says:

    Why is there a question

  36. Merricat says:

    Midtown Tina Brown tries to use modern language to describe an antiquated ideal of womanhood. We in the 21st century see through that bull excrement.

  37. acb says:

    HeatherC, good luck to your Special Olympian this weekend!

  38. Nyro says:

    Did she just call Carole a “tiger mom”?! Please. Tiger mom’s raise their kids to be doctors, lawyers, and bankers. Carole raised her kids to be brides for aristocrats. Which is why her son is still floundering at nearly 40 because she had no idea what to do with him since he doesn’t have a womb to produce cute heirs.

  39. L4Frimaire says:

    The thing that stands out the most in Browns constant critiques and attacks on Meghan is the utter lack of empathy and understanding whatsoever. She acts like what Meghan experienced at the hands of the press, royal family and her family is like stubbing a toe, no big deal. Some in Sussex squad describe the royals attitude toward Meghan as a runaway slave and this whole narrative enforces it. They attacked her child, published her private letters, helped facilitate the break from her father and resented everything she did even though it increased the global interest in the Royal family. They knowingly contributed to her mental distress. Meghan doesn’t have to do anything for anyone other than her chosen family and those who support her. All this stuff about “ branding” while just dismissing everything she’s done before, during, and post royal life is just ignorant. She’s saying Meghan is floundering, but she’s still being copied, still building her organization, working on her productions, building her family. Meghan has said she is a very patient person and she isn’t on Browns schedule. Maybe Brown wanted her to be a more visible celebrity, going to award shows and the Met Gala, or whatever. Like a lot of people, she is making the assumption that the Sussexes are replicating the royal structure outside it, while selectively forgetting that Meghan was only under that yoke for 2 years and has worked way longer in other ways. Also they assuming they are flying blind, with no advice, when Meghan herself was on Deal Book with one of her mentors. Brown is using a lot of dated and problematic, even racist, language when writing about Meghan. “ The minority question”? Is Brown a eugenicist? I think Meghan isn’t losing much sleep ignoring Browns bitter advice full of bad intentions.

    • Gee says:

      Yeah my sentiments exactly. TB is just total trash.

    • kirk says:

      L4Frimaire – re: “the utter lack of empathy and understanding whatsoever.” According to Newsweek report of Karen Swisher’s Sway podcast, CBE Tina B said, “”I think in England, where they hate Meghan—they think that I’ve been way too empathetic to Meghan.” There you have it.

      • L4Frimaire says:

        “Where they hate her” . Made sure she got that in. Brown is confusing empathy with explanation, and it is way off. If the British, “ who hate her “, consider this nastiness empathy, she really will never be safe in that country. Btw, based on the mutual love between Meghan and Team UK at InvictusGames, there’s always a few dissidents.

  40. MerryGirl says:

    Minority question? Tina Browne is a dangerous woman. She has sacrificed her reputation on the alter of Meghan hating. Good luck with your future career in America Tina.

  41. ConcernFae says:

    I think it can both be true that Harry was forced out because he didn’t have the educational background needed for higher ranks AND that the royal family didn’t push to find a way for that not to be an issue.

    Having spent a fair amount of my life around (US) military families, there is a huge “wash out” at about the level Harry reached. There is an up or out mechanism. You can only stay for so many years at a particular rank without being promoted to a higher one. People who make it further (at least in the US) do have at least a bachelors’ degree and usually at least one higher degree. My recollection is that Captain to Major is often where you would be sent to get a Master’s degree. Colonels often have PhDs. Otherwise, you would need real, continuous, combat experience, and show success on the battlefield. Harry wasn’t going to go back to get his degree at this point, so he didn’t have the educational background, nor was he going to be able to take the field of glory route.

    That said, if the palace, and in particular his father, had fought for it, I’m sure some way for him to be able to continue a military career could have been found. But would he have wanted to become a teacher/trainer or work in Veteran’s Affairs on the military side of it rather than taking the route he did, of being outside the military and creating the Invictus Games.

    Also, it is interesting that Tina ignores the real reason behind the lie that Harry is “dumb.” He has dyslexia, which had Eton been doing their job at all, would have been caught when he was young, and adaptations and support would have been found which would have made it possible for him to get a university degree. We have all seen how hard a worker he is. I have zero doubts that with proper coaching he would have been able to do well enough in school that it wouldn’t have hindered his military career prospects. Very curious if there has been any sort of reflection at Eton on how they failed this prince.

    • Alice says:

      I’m here to trash Eton, but Harry also went to a junior boarding prior to Eton and attended a fancy day school in London. I know it was the 1980s/1990s but it’s staggering that none of these schools caught it. One of the York girls is dyslexic, got help, and did better than William on her exams.

      Like how f’d is Charles as a father (and Diana also shares in the blame) that Fergie and r*pist Andy were far better parents?

      • Tessa says:

        Andrew is flawed and associated with 2 criminals. Not good role model.I think diana would have been attentive to harry and if he had dyslexia would have consulted experts about this
        Charles was the single parent since August 1997

      • aftershocks says:

        @^^ @Tessa, it’s still true that comparatively Fergie and Andrew were much better parents to their girls than Charles was to his sons. Not saying the Yorks were perfect parents, but at the very least, they were more protective and supportive of their girls than Charles ever was toward Will and Harry.

        In addition, Bea & Eugenie grew up knowing their parents like each other and get along well together despite their divorce, their grifting flaws, and their narcissistic behavior patterns. Andrew’s scandalous, criminal behavior had been swept under the rug until recent years, and we don’t really know how Bea & Eug are reconciling and coming to terms with that.

        We don’t know when Harry’s dyslexia was recognized. Someone said upthread that Charles did not want it to become public knowledge. For all we know, Harry’s diagnosis might not have been pinpointed until just before or after Diana’s death. If that’s the case, she was not around to intervene and to provide support for Harry, which surely she would have done.

      • Blithe says:

        Diana also described herself at least once, by saying “I’m thick as a plank.” She further said that her family disparaged her as “the stupid one”. For me, this raises the possibility that Diana, too, might have been failed by the institutions that were responsible for her education.

        I, too, imagine that Diana would have been a supportive parent if Harry had been diagnosed with learning disabilities. I’ll add that if this had happened, it might have provided opportunities to shed some light on Diana’s own academic challenges, as well as her truly stellar strengths.

    • kirk says:

      I’ve been super impressed with PH capabilities after watching him at Invictus 2022. Was watching old Invictus 2016 film when George W Bush was 2016 chair, and it was repeat of PH on podcast pointing out that PTSD is misnomer since disorder implied there was no recovery, but “injury” implied getting better is possible. GWB said PH was great guy, impressed by his dedication, then talked about PTS, noting “we dropped the D” because you can’t recover from a disorder.

      Kinda got the impression that higher education wasn’t high priority for royals based on QEII and immediate family. But that could be due to transition from private tutors to formal schools.

    • Christine says:

      “Having spent a fair amount of my life around (US) military families, there is a huge “wash out” at about the level Harry reached.”

      You need to read what you wrote, and think about it.

    • Ennie says:

      Does Andrew have higher education? I recall that he was an admiral now, so I’m not sure if the difference was the navy vs the army or why couldn’t Harry be promoted.
      I think William got married and the couple wanted to go away and be practically on vacation for a few years, hence, come Harry to fulfill some duties no one wanted to do. He had to leave the military.

      Harry wanted out, but I believe this who say that his granny asked him to come and be a working royal, and he did. HE stopped liking the job after the treatment his wife and child got. He probably would have bailed before that.

      • equality says:

        Andrew is a vice-admiral, a purely honorary promotion. He was supposed to get an honorary promotion to admiral for his 60th birthday but things happened. He wasn’t stripped of that honorary title like PH was stripped of ALL of his.

    • tamsin says:

      I keep reading that Harry is dyslexic, in the last while. Is that a fact though? Beatrice was diagnosed with dyslexia and her parents got her help? Dyslexia seems to have become an all purpose diagnosis for any kind of academic abilities when a person appears more capable than their academic results.

      • Tessa says:

        Not confirmed there was some talk of the possibility that he had it.

      • says:

        Yes-not confirmed. A BM talking point. The stories started coming out in ’97. To me, it seems like a an easier excuse for any difficulties he had at school instead of attributing it to the funky family dynamics that were going on. When Harry says he’s dylsexic I’ll believe HIM.

      • aftershocks says:

        There’s a 2005 article in the Daily Fail discussing Harry’s acceptance to Sandhurst despite his academic problems at Eton. Truthfully, Harry’s skillset matches the rigors of making it in the military. His tenure at Sandhurst was successful, and he got help for whatever learning issues he suffers from, whether or not it’s dyslexia.

        The DF was bloviating, in 2005, about how Harry wouldn’t do well at Sandhurst, due to “learning difficulties” that had been discussed with Charles prior to Harry’s 1998 start at Eton. Wrong. Harry excelled at Sandhurst. Clearly, Eton was not the right fit for Harry. A different school should have been found. But this occurred in the difficult period after Diana’s death, so she wasn’t there to help navigate for Harry’s best interests. For sure, going through unresolved grief at that time was not conducive to great academic outcomes.

  42. Yo says:

    MY GAWD the question of minorities MY GAWD conflating BLM with the Caribbean common wealths move towards independence. The fact that these kind of people consider themselves “not the least bit” racist is th problem. And every single family member that continues to sit down with them during the holidays and make excuses for their abhorrent beliefs. Holidays alone is better than with racists. I speak from experience. Be the change.

  43. Carolind says:

    I read years ago that Harry left the Army because he did not get on with his commanding officer. I also think him leaving it was the stupidest thing he ever did. There, he did have a life and a role. He was still there for the important royal engagements but he was not like William’s spare which was what he became when they were both full-time royals. I worked with “non-fighting” military for a number of years. They all adored the Queen who a lot had met. I don’t remember them being so keen on W and H. They were incredibly bitchy men though so that had to be taken with a pinch of salt. They did like the late Duke of Westminster who was head of the TA. He was meant to have been an incredibly nice, caring man. His wife is a Godmother of William and their son is a Godfather of George. The Cambridges have borrowed their private jet and it was the marriage of their oldest daughter which precipitated the marriage of Charles and Camilla. Camilla was not seated with Charles but several rows behind and was furious.

    • MsIam says:

      I think Harry would have left anyway because he said he wanted a wife and family to settle down with. And the Unroyals needed (wanted) him to do all the traveling and stuff that William didn’t want to do. I think it was Lacy in his book about the brothers who said the family was worried that William didn’t seem to be able to relate to people like Harry could. Lacy claimed that William has gotten much better due to Kate’s (dubious) influence but that’s a hard argument to make.

    • Jan says:

      His location was leaked, he could not stay on active duty and put his team at risk.
      Asked anyone he served with not men sitting at desk and the answer would be different.
      Your opinion, it matters.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Which Commanding Officer are you talking about @Carolind? I haven’t read anything like that with the two names I’m aware of.

  44. Katie says:

    I think TB is a contrarian more than anything else. She doesn’t care that much about logical consistency or basic facts than colorful prose and a pugnacious approach to subjects.

  45. Carolind says:

    Harry could have stayed in the army and had another post. Admittedly he would not have been fighting but more to it than that. Did he really find it preferable doing his later job of royal duties to being with like minded people? Remember, too, what none of the younger generation of royals have taken on board is that it is not just about the glamour duties or “special.projects” but the stuff that Anne and Camilla do like humdrum duties. As for how Harry got on in the Army, remember I did work with soldiers who had previously served their country, who were personal friends of some of the military who personally worked with the Queen, who had done Guard duty at Balmoral, danced with the Queen at Balmoral. My understanding was that they thought William and Harry had it easy. As I said they could have been bitchy but my observations are based on genuine knowledge

    • equality says:

      Harry seems to have done the physical training such that he is still in good shape. And how “easy” could you have it in a combat zone?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Carolind, it sounds like you talked to people who were in Balmoral, but you didn’t say they served with him or at the same base. The little that his fellow service members have said, he was much like the rest of them. I’m not sure that someone elsewhere would know enough to be able to form an opinion. He has respect in the military community–I doubt that’s because they were “easy” on him.

      I read that his location was leaked on his first deployment. That’s when he changed course and became an Apache pilot. I didn’t know that his second deployment location was leaked. I seem to remember reading that TQ was instrumental in his decision to be full time with the Firm. He wasn’t particularly happy with the royal life, but I think he promised the Queen he would do his duty. That could be why he was trying to go half in and half out, so that he could keep that promise.

    • Christine says:

      “Remember, too, what none of the younger generation of royals have taken on board is that it is not just about the glamour duties or “special.projects” but the stuff that Anne and Camilla do like humdrum duties.”

      Please tell me more about about being special or humdrum.

      Oh, look, there’s Harry and Meghan.

      You have to get that the only reason why anyone believes showing up and cutting ribbons is an important duty to country is because the royal family told people for generations that it was important, right?

    • says:

      Genuine knowledge from whom @Carolind? I find it quite cute when people want to lump Harry’s military experience as being similar to Will’s “military experience”. Checkers vs Chess.
      Don’t take my word for it though. Maybe challenge Harry’s Commanding Officer in Afghanistan. Major General Andrew Mackay.

      This article isn’t about Harry. It’s not an easy read.It’s not a gossip piece.Painful truths. Mackay brings up Harry 2/3rds? of the way down. Below We.Are.Comng.To.Get.You.

      “Somewhere out there was Prince Harry as well, but at no point did we even consider his safety above and beyond the other 4,500 or so individuals deployed into the desert.”.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      I’m not sure i would believe with people who work with the queen. They were awfully leaking made up stories about the royals.
      If i hear any news about harry and meghan then it must be false.

  46. blunt talker says:

    Meghan had a strong sense of women empowerment when she- was about 11 or 12 years old-the commercial she was which thought was not fair to women and wrote the company to lodge a complaint about their bias advertising-someone in the library of congress says this letter is among their files-Brown is a hack not worth my time of day-if she really wanted to show she’s fair this would have included and explained to her readers-but she is not fair-minded or a good writer-she acting like a harpie-a white woman telling a woman of color what she is and is not-her journalism skills is sorely lacking

  47. Wiglet Watcher says:

    She really wrote out that Harry was too stupid to continue in the military. That he could never move up. This B!?*h

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Wiglet Watcher, so we’re to take from this that Apache helicopter pilots are dim? She’s really trying to sell that?

  48. tamsin says:

    The ones in the military who actually served with Harry, and were in combat with him, speak well of him, and generally said he never took advantage of the fact that he was a prince. He wanted to be one of the guys and apparently acted as such. Also, I’ve read that his commanding officers have said Harry was a good officer. Considering what Harry has done with the Invictus Games, Harry’s time in the military has certainly been a good investement for Britain and the royal family. Sometimes, I think, people are pre-disposed to think negatively and accept negative comments about Harry, even though they did not serve with him or were in theatre with him, because of the reputation that was pervasive that Harry was dim intellectually. It appears Harry did not do well academically in his formal schooling for whatever reason, he is certainly not dim if you look at his body of humanitarian work so far. I bought the Harry is dim narrative until I made a point of following his work for the monarchy and for his charities.

    • Tessa says:

      There was some talk of his having dyslexia.

      • Christine says:

        And? Dyslexia is not like being blind or deaf, there are therapies that have effectively been helping people diagnosed with dyslexia for a few decades, at this point.

  49. Likeyoucare says:

    If by having dyslexia made harry stupid,
    Then what is their excuse for william incompitance?