Will Duchess Meghan ‘need’ to provide dirt on the royals for her Netflix contract?

The British tabloids are still in a tizzy about Netflix dropping the Duchess of Sussex’s animated series, Pearl. Most of the tabloids are still cautiously avoiding the news that Netflix has dropped many projects, including a huge slate of animated shows (which were already in production, unlike Pearl). The British narrative is that Meghan is being solely punished, that Netflix is in deep trouble, and that to justify their Netflix payday, the Sussexes are going to have to “tell all” about the royal family to Netflix.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could face pressure from Netflix bosses to ‘deliver more original damnation of the Royal Family’ to justify their deal after her animated TV series was axed, royal experts claimed today. Meghan had teamed up with Sir Elton John’s husband David Furnish to create the show, titled Pearl, about a ’12-year-old heroine who finds inspiration in influential women from history’. It was due to be released as part of the Sussexes’ lucrative agreement with the US streaming giant, said to be worth up to $100million (£80million).

Royal author Tom Bower told MailOnline today that the Duke and Duchess could now come under more pressure to produce further original content related to the Royal Family in an effort to rebuild Netflix’s subscriber numbers, with the firm already predicting that it will lose another two million accounts between now and June.

He said: ‘Brand Markle is struggling after Netflix’s decision. The celebrity Duchess has shown limited talent for original entertainment. Her children’s book On the Bench flopped and her voiceover for a Disney film was mocked. It was hard to imagine what she offered Netflix in the Pearl film. All she can offer is her ‘fame’ but her critics would say it’s her notoriety. Now, to meet her financial needs, she’ll be under pressure from Netflix to deliver more original damnation of the Royal Family. Victimhood is still lucrative but it’s a short term fix for her and Harry. They’ll both run out of steam and credibility soon and further cancellations by Netflix and others will follow.’

[From The Daily Mail]

For the love of God. The Bench didn’t flop and her Disney voiceover was only “mocked” by British commentator dumbasses. Dan Wootton’s Daily Mail column is devoted to this issue too, but I’m not even going to excerpt anything from his mess. I genuinely believe that every time Wootton spits out the word “woke” as a pejorative, he’s using it to mean “Black.”

You know what I keep thinking about? During Meghan and Harry’s New York trip last year, they reportedly brought a camera crew with them, and there were photos of their mic packs at some events too. I actually do wonder if they’ll announce a documentary or docu-series about Archewell’s work, “Inside Archewell” or something, and Netflix knows it will be huge whenever it comes out. My point is that I think Harry and Meghan already have a project underway which is more focused on them and their lives in America. And whenever that Netflix project gets announced, these same a–holes will convince themselves that “people only care about the Sussexes because of their royal connections!”

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  1. C says:

    The very definition of her living rent-free in their heads at all time.

  2. Martha says:

    Tom Bower is a such hater. He sounds crazy

  3. Snuffles says:

    “My point is that I think Harry and Meghan already have a project underway which is more focused on them and their lives in America.”

    I absolutely do think something is in the works. A documentary on the Sussex’s setting up Archewell and establishing themselves in California. It would be a fascinating subject. They will probably let Netflix into their home and show some of it because they largely work from home. Maybe brief glimpses of Archie and Lili. I only say this because by the we time it airs Archie and Lili will look so different.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Hmm…I’m not sure about Lili and Archie making an appearance but I do think they’re working on a documentary about their charity work.

    • ArtMaven says:

      Sorry, I don’t think a project about themselves is going to be interesting to the general audience or move them forward in their post royal lives. I think the idea that Netflix wants some inside dirt is ridiculous as is the British press’ obsessions with the idea.

      I do wish them good luck and think they’ll eventually find their niche.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @ArtMaven: So we’ll count you out of the viewing party for their documentary but there are others who will be interested. And they’ve found their niche already they work in media and the charity sector.

      • Em says:

        There’s others things they can do without filming themselves you know? There’s book adaptations and documentaries on other subjects. Ppl need to stop thinking they know their plans and let them work first.

      • SaraTor says:

        My guess is that this doc would have a broader theme, maybe on global vaccine or health inequity, if the NY trip is in it, or maybe on digital health and combatting bullying.
        Any Archewell doc would have to wait several years until some of the projects they’ve funded come to fruition, like the World Kitchen project, right? People would be interested in the final product more than “we started and now are still working out out the details.”
        Speaking of World Kitchen, I’d love to see Meghan present a documentary on the central role food and cuisine can play in bringing communities together and empowering them…like the Hub Kitchen for Grenfell Tower victims, World Kitchen centres around the world, some of the LA projects she’s worked on. She’d really shine doing that, and wouldn’t need to wait for Archewell project timelines.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      That sounds boring honestly. I wouldn’t want to watch a documentary about how they set up Archwell. And honestly that would open them up to criticism. I don’t see them doing it. But hey, maybe I am wrong.

      • ArtMaven says:

        @Amy Bee. I’m not antagonistic to them. I just think they need to move on and make their bones in their next projects. I agree with Em, speculation on their projects is just that.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @ChillinginDC: Ok

      • Amy Bee says:

        @ArtMaven: But they have moved on. People who haven’t are the British and the Royal Family

      • Petra says:

        @ChillinginDC, I enjoy documentaries about work processes and how companies operate. I want the inside baseball on their current work-life and their decision-making process of picking what organization to affiliate with Archewell. If people criticize Prince Hary and Duchess Meghan for showing their work, then the criticism has zero to do with said work …wink, wink.

  4. C-Shell says:

    ‘Brand Markle is struggling after Netflix’s decision. The celebrity Duchess has shown limited talent for original entertainment. Her children’s book On the Bench flopped and her voiceover for a Disney film was mocked. It was hard to imagine what she offered Netflix in the Pearl film. All she can offer is her ‘fame’ but her critics would say it’s her notoriety.‘

    Opposite Day, yet again. Brand SUSSEX is killing it, this cancellation notwithstanding. I believe some other outlet will pick up Pearl because it’s a timely idea that could make good financial sense. I hope so; I’d love to watch it.

    • HeatherC says:

      “Brand Markle” is struggling. Bad Dad and PsychoSis aren’t experiencing the access and money they thought they would. Which leaves the royal rats in a big of a tizzy.

      Brand Sussex is doing fine.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        As soon as the Sussexes deals were announced the BM/RR’s were saying dishing on the BRF was expected.lol Nothing new now. Right @ Heather C, ‘Brand Markle’ is struggling. Psychosis’s lawyer dumped her and Bad Dad was on with Wootton’s show about him showing up at the Jubbly and doing a meet & greet with Charles & the Queen & the balcony. That went over like the leadest of balloons. The BRF do not want to meet with the Duke of Mexico, Baron of KFC,

    • Concern Fae says:

      It really says something about the BRF that 40 years after Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson married into the royal family, they haven’t seen fit to update the handling of titles for wives so that they won’t be continuously referred to in the press by their maiden names. It is just so weird. The kids go by Wales or York as an unofficial last name, why not the wives? She should at least be Megan Mountbatten-Windsor. Of if she’s keeping her maiden name, announce it officially. You know Kate would choose Kate Mountbatten-Windsor. It also shows why the Queen shouldn’t have agreed to add Philip’s name. It just makes it so unwieldy for the whole family. It was made up anyway and should have stayed that way.

      • kirk says:

        BRF “haven’t seen fit to update the handling of titles for wives so that they won’t be continuously referred to in the press by their maiden names. It is just so weird.” Yes it is! Maybe that’s the ‘timeless’ appeal of the royals? One of the biggest objections I’ve seen to Meghan voicing opinions, etc. in good ole 🇺🇸 is her using ‘Duchess of Sussex.’ Have pointed out to folks that’s just her married name. She can’t adopt husband’s last name or even become hyphenated because he just has a string of first names. Likewise they can’t be ‘Mr & Mrs X’ in social situations. Mountbatten-Windsor is a distraction anyway to obscure the German heritage of the so-called Windsors.

  5. Ginger says:

    Dan really thinks The Bench flopped? It was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for 3 weeks. That’s not a flop lol. How are the rating for GB News? Now THAT’S a flop.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah whatever. The British need to stop worrying about what Harry and Meghan are doing and pay attention to the fact the Queen is incapacitated and may miss her own Jubilee.

  7. JRenee says:

    Good grief, she lives and breathes inside of their heads because the negativity sells. Truly pathetic!

  8. Connie says:

    The Sussex don’t need to exploit that dysfunctional family. The British press and monarchy are doing a great job exposing their Victorian way of life. They only care about the firm. I don’t see these 🤡 doing touring any time soon. Their so out of touch, disrespectful and dumb as rocks. Charles tour to Canada to meet the natives I don’t think it’s gonna go well. British press never covered the Kamloop massive gravesite of 100s of indigenous orphan children. QE/QV statues was toppled and the MP was chased out of Kamloop. The queen and PP have a dirty secret when it’s comes to Kamloop!

  9. Canadian says:

    The Sussex’s are certainly smart enough to have ensured any contract excluded programming that required them to disclose personal info about their families. This is just more tabloid clickbait from Royal “experts” with no actual info or access.

  10. Dee(2) says:

    These people just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that no one cares about the royals like that in the US, so why would any company make that something that they required as payment? If people really cared about the going ons of the H of W, then the Lacey,Jobson, Colin Camp, etc. books would’ve sold like mid 2000s Dan Brown. No one cares enough to spend money, or subscribe to services to hear about them.

  11. Becks1 says:

    First, it was “The Bench”, not “on the bench” and it did not flop. Second, her Disney voiceover was well received IIRC. Third, the “markle” brand is the Sussex brand now, and its fine, more than fine, and that’s the real issue, right?

  12. Merricat says:

    Nastiness is a trait the rota regularly projects onto the Sussexes, who simply aren’t nasty people. Because the rota has no bottom, they accuse M & H of terrible actions, but the fact is, the Sussexes win through positivity, both in how they work for a better world and in how they work to live better lives themselves.

    • Merricat says:

      Also, lol, that’s not how business works. I’d love to see the “in case of emergency, trash royals” clause in that contract.

      • Christine says:

        This is the part that I can’t stop laughing at. Are these people for real? Have they ever seen a real contract, not the pretend one they have with the royal family?

  13. Louise177 says:

    It’s amazing the BM thinks the Royal family is so important. They also keep claiming Harry and Meghan wants to film the Jubilee.

  14. MsIam says:

    Isn’t On The Bench that other book that the haters were claiming Meghan “plagiarized” because the titles were similar? Well trash from a trash heap stinks I guess, so what can you expect from the Daily Fail and the carnival of so-called experts?

  15. B says:

    It sad how much the British Press wished they mattered to Duchess Meghan.

  16. Cessily says:

    These people actually make a living trying to guess what the Sussex’s “might possibly do” and “what could happen” then they fill in the blanks with biased lies to fit whatever agenda they are told to that day. They are no better than a carnival psychic, it is Pathetic that they have the nerve to refer to themselves as journalists.
    Anything to deflect from IG success or the latest Royal scandal or Royal incompetence.

  17. Eurydice says:

    Netflix would always want dirt on the royal family, as would any news/entertainment organization. But, they wouldn’t wait until now and like this – “We axed our whole animated department and programming, now you owe us all the scandal on the royals.” How stupid is that?

    But I think we’re kidding ourselves to say that people aren’t interested in H&M because of their royal connections – they absolutely are. People have been following Harry because he’s a prince. Not many people knew anything about Meghan’s work outside of acting until she married a prince. And even now, with all the positive work they’re doing, the public wouldn’t be paying as much attention to them if they were just a regular couple, or even just your garden variety celebrity. Of course, the same is true of W&K – outside of the royal connections, they would be two utterly random people.

    • Lurker8 says:

      Harry is Diana’s son and her legacy. The first thing I thought regarding Harry was he’s so much like his mother. I’ve never paid attention to the brf. If royal connections we’re the main thing, the queen’s children would be better known. Most people don’t know who Edward is.

      Meghan’s charity work was documented before Harry. It’s weird to me to see theses comments downplaying her work. She had more followers than kp. The podcasts covering the brf came after she and Harry were found to be dating and later engaged.

      I’d say Harry and Meghan dating and later getting married and leaving the royal ‘work’ for the brf has moved them both to a greater global platform.

      • equality says:

        @Lurker8 Exactly. Well put. I paid scant attention to the RF before Meghan married in.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’m not trying to downplay her work or to say it wasn’t documented, but there’s no way Meghan was more famous than Harry before they got engaged. And Harry was famous for being Diana’s son. Even for those who didn’t follow the RF before, they started following it because Meghan married a royal. If she had married a random dude, we wouldn’t be following every move of his random family. It’s a wonderful bonus that H&M are caring, compassionate people who want to help others, but there are millions more who are also the same – they’re not world famous because they’re not connected to the royal family.

    • Wew says:

      I’m not from the UK or the US and I couldn’t give a damn about Harry’s royal connections. Harry is popular bc he is charismatic, just like Meghan. This isn’t a popularity contest between the couple. The fact is, they are highly marketable regardless of which background they came from – this is also echoed by a billionaire on shark tank. Even if Harry was more “well-known”, that “well-known” status of his did not fully come from public appreciation but from the trashloids that hounded him since he was a child. So, no. I disagree with what you are saying. It’s their values and what they represent that makes me attracted to them and their work.

  18. ChillinginDC says:


    None of this is true and I am shocked he didn’t get push back. But lovely way to make it seem like she’s separate from Harry. Good grief.

    Also, there’s no way they are doing a documentary about their lives. It would be a self enforced error and honestly neither of them appears to want to be in the spotlight like that. Ten bucks it will be part of Invictus because some of the meetings was related to getting funding for that and possibly about something going on regarding the Global Vaccination mission they support.

  19. L4Frimaire says:

    Everything coming out from this book, which really is about the Sussexes with the others thrown in as filler, shows that the obsession and resentment of the Sussexes is as strong as it ever was over there. They’re going around trashing the Australia tour, from 4 years ago. They go on about the KP staff, who leaked and complained, who they stopped working under in mid2019. Notice we don’t hear anything about staff issues once they set up their own shop under BP. We hear revisionism about her Vogue issue, disparagement about their current work in California and this need to dismiss everything Meghan has done. They are still very threatened by the Sussexes and still feel overshadowed by them. Meanwhile, there is this palpable fear of them what Harry will put in his memoir, what they may say in interviews, podcasts, media, and them returning to England unless it’s under royal control. They really have not moved on while trying to blame the Sussexes for everything. It’s both disturbing and farcical.

  20. aquarius64 says:

    The BM is mad its great scheme backfired and their only hope is the Sussexes’ international humiliation at the Jubbly.

  21. Elvie says:

    “On June 9, the book reached number three on Amazon’s American bestseller list and was number one in the Children’s Emotions books category. On June 17, the book reached number one on the children’s picture books category of The New York Times Best Seller list.”

    BUT SURE TOM, IT FLOPPED. God, these people are delusional.

    • Jais says:

      Am really confused as to how he’s says it flopped. According to who other than himself?

      • Wew says:

        According to their deranged minds and their hidden agendas to recreate an echo chamber that distorts the truth. They think if they say it ‘flopped’ enough times – when it didn’t – it will come true. Well, I have bad news for them, it ain’t happening. Jokes on them!!

  22. Rita says:

    The Bech was released even here in Italy but sure Tom, it flopped

  23. Over it says:

    Tom and Dan should worry about their own brand and not about the Sussex because if they can’t talk about Harry and Meghan, who will they talk about? They should also worry about why they keep paying taxes for will and Kate and will and not Kate don’t work.
    Harry and Meghan will be just fine . I have complete faith in them and their brand.

  24. Liz Version 700 says:

    They don’t get it. Meghan and Harry don’t operate like the Windsors. They don’t bargain the happiness of their children for good PR and they don’t make contracts based on trashing their relatives. I truly think the RR are so used to their system they can’t fathom that M&H don’t operate like that. Nor do the American press for that matter. I mean it is t perfect, but the press in the US is nothing like the Rota and Netflix has plenty of diet already with the Crown …diet with no liability cause it is “interpretive.”

  25. equality says:

    The ONLY interview Meghan did which mentioned the RF was NOT on Netflix. How does he explain that?

  26. Original penguin says:

    I am going to make a really shallow comment here and say I love her in that red suit she wore in New York, that’s in the thumbnails. Total fangirl moment

  27. Jay says:

    Well, lucky for Harry’s family that as soon as they met his biracial American fiancee, they welcomed her in with open arms and hearts, so she’ll have absolutely nothing to say to Netflix if they ever ask for dirt on the Windsors, right? Right? “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

    Truthfully, if I were going to demand gossip tidbits from Meghan, between Oprah, Serena Williams, and her other high profile connections, the royal family would be pretty low priority.

  28. Well Wisher says:

    Remember the TIG. For me it was Meghan’s interests that were fascinating. Her interests range from cooking, books , haiku and photography.

    Netflix does not employ Paul Darce, and Meghan is not Carole, so the answer is a resounding NO.

    What is left to gossip?

    It is plausible that the employer(s) need to know what Harry would be discreet about and not mention in upcoming book.
    They, like the wife in question, are aware of his triggers. Of note, Christmas 2021 concert that was aired on ITV due to the documentary.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Tom and Dan – one trick ponies.
      Anti Duchess of Sussex.

      Netflix is worth $ 125 billion dollars, their bank is solid.

  29. Merricat says:

    People aren’t interested in the Sussexes because of their connection to the royal family. People are interested in them because they LEFT.

  30. Lilpeppa40 says:

    See, I always find the argument about the root/cause of their fame somewhat ridiculous. There are several immutable facts:
    -Harry was pretty well known and had a reputation as the “bad boy”, those are always more popular
    -Meghan was on a successful, quite popular show. Was it “Friends” level? No but it clearly had a solid audience since it went on for 8 seasons. Idk where these ppl are from but studios don’t hesitate to cancel shows if they’re not doing well, they don’t give them 8 seasons. She also had her blog which was clearly working well enough for her.
    -Absolutely, interest rose when two seemingly disparate backgrounds came together. People who weren’t paying attention to suits learned about Meghan; ppl who didn’t follow the royal family started to remember they existed.

    If Meghan had married some ordinary rich man, no it wouldn’t have made the news the same way and her platform wouldn’t have expanded as widely as quickly, but let’s not pretend she was a complete and utter unknown independent of the Royals (unlike Kate and I don’t even mean that as a diss, it’s just fact). However, I actually believe that if the British media hadn’t been as unhinged, from dating to engagement to marriage, the interest would have died down a bit and it wouldn’t have reached the fever pitch it is. Would Meghan and Harry still have been doing good? I believe so, they seem to be decent people as far as I can tell but the media caused this to my mind. Ppl looking on with negligible interest became involved in defending her against the onslaught. Which led to more piling on which led to more interest and defending etc etc.

    All I know is, we are where we are. They’re certainly not irrelevant because I’ve never seen irrelevant ppl discussed this much and they’re making their own way which brought more interest. I confess I was one of those who thought they’d never leave the firm and I was proven very wrong.

    One other thing (though this is a pretty jumbled comment lol) people say Meghan became more famous because of Harry/the Royals as if Meghan has ever disputed that. I’m fairly certain on a couple occasions she mentioned the larger platform (For one, the one and only “Fab four” conference that I can’t recall the name of). She hasn’t said she became famous all because of herself and now we’ll never know if the interest would have gone down had the press treated her fairly.

  31. Tessa says:

    A lot of “misinformation” was on social media and on comments sections that Harry and Meghan “produced” the Crown simply because they decided to produce their own films for Netflix. The Crown has its own producers and directors and Harry and Meghan have nothing to do with them.

    • Wew says:

      It’s the way they think they can trick others into believing the bullshit that H&M *need* the monarchy to survive. Like bitch please, they are doing just fine on their own. Go worry about the other royals that they pay for.

  32. Christine says:

    This should read:

    Cannot and Willnot could face pressure from the royal rota to ‘deliver more damnation of the Sussexes to justify their continued fleecing of taxpayers, royal experts claimed today.

    But will they? No, of course not, because it is not the way of these people to be remotely factual. For fuck’s sake, I’m convinced the rota spends 15 minutes a day, max, banging out this crap, and the rest of the day braiding unicorn tails.

  33. Robin Samuels says:

    Meghan unplugged her husband’s family, and she will treat them accordingly. The gullible and money-starved tabloid media, faux journalists, biographers, etc will reveal all the skeletons in time. Stay tuned.

  34. blunt talker says:

    My interest in the Sussexes began when I found out they were dating and then watching them progress to marriage-I was listening for dog whistles which the UK press did in spades with shade-I was hoping the royal family would be more helpful towards the couple in dealing with the media-I was profoundly disappointed and hurt by the actions of the press and the lack of action by the royal family-when you call a newborn a chimp in the press that I will never forgive the royal family for not speaking out-when they did not speak up about it I knew things were going to get very ugly for the Sussex family-the royal ties may help them get attention-I really admired and liked his mother Diana very much-watching them pick up and leave an institution of this magnitude was very sad and awe inspiring-Harry has shown more guts and steel spine than any royal in my lifetime-Supporting them through this journey makes me a better person for knowing they are doing a very good job of working with charities and sustaining their mental health and their children-I have nothing but the upmost respect for them. God bless and keep the Sussex family in the heart of people who like prefer kindness and goodwill to all people.

  35. Wew says:

    These RR rats are sickening. I’m going out to put it straight that the Sussexes will NEVER let others film them and children on a reality show. For god sake, this is not just wishful thinking, but downright delusional and not consistent with what they have been doing thus far. H&M know how sickening the online world is, which is why they aren’t even on social media. For self-preservation.

    And regarding the Pearl being dropped from Netflix, so what? They axed their whole animation division too and dropped many animation projects bc of cost-cutting measures which I believe is necessary to their company. But more drastic strategic actions need to be taken with regard to their business model though. People need to get used to the fact that there is always a chance that productions may be axed by companies. This is not the first and won’t be the last. It happens. But this one ‘setback’ is in no way an indicator that the Sussexes are ‘in trouble’ or need to resort to the bullshit narrative the British media is trying to spin. Please, you all really think too highly of your monarchy. They are still highly marketable and they have been doing great work with their foundation.

    The only ones bitching about it are the haters or those with hidden agendas in the media that believe that they can distort the truth and downplay their successes by creating an echo chamber of misinformation and hate. I believe that the Sussexes will do just fine with the way they are going despite this (there are other streaming services/networks to turn to irregardless) and wish them nothing but the best going forward.