Duchess Kate worries that all three of her children will have to be working royals

Honestly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been reeling since the Caribbean Flop Tour in March. They’re still talking about it and still pushing stories about how they – William and Kate – now believe that they need to modernize the monarchy and make everything less formal and fussy. Ever since they started pushing those stories, I have genuinely noticed a change in how British outlets write about them too. As in, so many people are just back to calling her “Kate Middleton.” That wasn’t what they meant though! William still wants people to call her Catherine. And Catherine still wants people to call her HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. She didn’t waity all those years to hear people call her Buttons or Wiglet or Waity Katie. Anyway, that’s just a sidenote. The real story is that Kate/Buttons is suddenly very worried that her children will have to work for the firm because everyone else will be too old to cover for them.

Kate Middleton faces a “painful dilemma” as her kids will carry the burden of ensuring the monarchy’s future, a royal expert has claimed. George, Charlotte and Louis will be under “intense pressure” to fulfil duties as they get older thanks to dwindling numbers in the Firm, according to Daniela Elser.

The royal commentator reckons the three youngsters won’t be given the same freedoms as Harry and Meghan, and therefore their children Archie and Lilibet – despite the aging workforce. And when George one day becomes king, demand on Charlotte and Louis will really ramp up.

Writing in the New Zealand Herald, Elser questioned how Kate must be feeling as mother when faced with such an uncertain future. She said: “The pressure on them is going to be intense to help ensure the survival of the British monarchy, an institution which can be easily traced back to the ninth century. Imagine having the weight of more than 1,200 hundred years of history constantly on your shoulders. It must be painful for Kate to know that while other kids look at the future with goggle-eyed wonder, her children’s paths look set in Portland stone.”

Elser added: “One thing that has never been speculated about or reported on in any of the approximately 8,774,573,498 stories about Megxit are any concerns they might have had leaving the Royal family short-staffed. There is no way that I can see that, at this stage, Charlotte and Louis will have anywhere near the latitude and freedom to ever make a similar choice. The only possible candidates to step in and help [George] carry the burden here are his siblings, meaning that like it or not, all three of the Cambridge children could very well be dragooned into working royal life whether they fancy the gig or not. That simple joy of imagining what you might be when you grow up is a privilege George, and very possibly Charlotte and Louis, will never really get.”

[From The Sun]

Yeah, no one feels sorry for Kate in this specific regard. She and William did the most to ensure Harry and Meghan’s exile and they spearheaded the smear campaign. They did it because they were short-sighted, bitter and jealous, and they wanted all of the attention, all of the glory, all of the embiggening. Now they’ve got it and there’s nowhere to hide for them or their kids. When everything begins shifting around, that white hot spotlight is going to hit Will and Kate like never before. They won’t even be able to use their children as human shields.

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  1. Andrew's_Nemesis says:

    If they take after mother, they won’t be.

    • Danbury says:

      Right? Must be nice to call that work

    • Seraphina says:

      Right, if the apples fall close to either tree, that is not a worry that should keep Kate up at night. What should worry Kate is if George inherits his nasty character, temper and/or personality and unleashes on his siblings.
      BUT, is that not how Karma usually works? That’s her real worry – not weather they have to “work”.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Seraphina, yes!!! KKKhate, she should be shielding George from his father as his personality traits are not healthy in the slightest. In addition, shield Charlotte from CopyKeen. They are both shining examples of who not to grow up and emulate.

        These children were doomed once she birthed all three of them.

      • NA says:

        Talk about the definition of FAFO.
        Couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair than those two

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        It’s not as simple as saying William will be the cause of a potential bad temper in George. It’s the whole system. How the institution raises the heir. They can do no wrong and will never know consequences. Their siblings exist to fall on their swords for the heir. And the ego of the heir from not being told no… well. That’s William. That might be George. Time will tell.

      • Seraphina says:

        @WW, yes, of course other factors come into play as well. I simply have focused on the two parents. But we have seen how George is treated differently. The Middleton family will also add to the equation and what they help foster – both good and bad.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Absolutely agree with you.
        And yes, the Middletons make it a point to be in George’s favor. Like he will be the one to carry them through generations.

      • Carolind says:

        Ha ha. Why should it be George who has the nasty personality? Only time will tell.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      So the penny has finally dropped has it? Won’t and Can’t played themselves. Not that what they do can be called work anyway. Plus they are getting ahead of themselves. Let’s hope the monarchy even lasts that long.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Nah, let’s not hope. I hope it doesn’t. I abhor this shallow woman more and more every day in her ridiculously expensive and (many of them hideous) outfits. Which, if you notice, are designed to give her more “bulk” than is actually there. Puffed sleeves and this particular dress to make her appear “wider” than she is. All bones underneath. Zero substance to her, absolutely nothing. Give her a couple of cheeseburgers and put the wench to some real work.

      • Dk says:

        Exactly! Do they really think they can drum up sympathy for themselves – and no one will see their hypocrisy?! – by saying, “We’re so mad at H&M for leaving because their leaving means…now Charlotte & Louis won’t be allowed to leave just like H&M!”?!

        Also…if doing the work of actually being the monarch is so hard and unpleasant, as they are portraying it, AND they will have the extra work of needing to even justify having a monarchy at all, as they are also portraying it….they are kind of making their own argument to discontinue the monarchy.

        And it’s quite clear most of the Commonwealth agrees.

      • DCLite says:

        Also, nobody GAVE Harry and Megan the freedom to choose their own lives. It was just that, a choice. If any of the children choose another path that is 100% up to them and it’s also their choice if they decide to stay stuck. If they all decide the fate of the monarchy shouldn’t land on their shoulders without their consent and they all run off to become scuba instructors nobody can stop them.

      • Kathleen Williams says:

        George and Charlotte are looking increasingly glum in recent pictures. I hope the royal lifestyle does not suck the joy out of their childhoods.

    • Becks1 says:

      Honestly I think this is part of the issue. W&K are allowed to be so lazy in large part because the work of the other royals provides a cover for them. The Gloucester and Kents do the bread and butter engagements, Sophie and Edward do a lot of the overseas trips (not “tours,” the trips for specific events), and then Charles and Anne obviously do a lot of the heavy lifting (such as it is) for the royal workload.

      I think W&K sort of envisioned the same for their children. They would be “working royals” but they would have Harry and Meghan and their kids to provide cover and make it look like the royal family as a whole is busy. And then obviously Archie and Lili were supposed to be the scapegoats for the Cambridge children.

      So no, Kate really didn’t think her kids would actually have to be working royals. She thought they would be able to follow her and William’s path – delaying being a FT royal as long as possible (but with full time perks, obviously) and even then put in less than the bare minimum while other family members do the work.

      She never thought it through because even if Harry had stayed, and even if the Sussex kids were working royals (which was probably never going to happen), the Firm would STILL be short staffed and the Cambridge kids would STILL have to start cutting ribbons earlier than William did.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        William and Kate for years have been trying to do less and make that the new normal.
        And as usual Becks you’re correct. The Sussex kids were supposed to be scapegoats for the Cambridge kids. Now those 3 kids are it and they will be picked apart as heir and scapegoat spares.

        What boggles my mind is how you don’t understand the risk of having children within the “Firm.” It’s a structured business run by fools and a whole media that wants to profit off your every private move unless you give them a sacrificial goat.

      • Over it says:

        Everything you said ladies, now this should solve the Kate is broody around babies problem because she doesn’t want to worry about putting another child to work obviously.

      • LoveGossip says:

        At some point they will have to pay for the deal they brokered with the invisible contract…did they not know that the deal was Meghan/Harry now for George/Charlotte and Louis later. The DailyFail will be collecting soon..very soon. Meanwhile, I hope Archie and Lilibet enjoy the American Dream (if we can keep MAGA in check)

      • swirlmamad says:

        “What boggles my mind is how you don’t understand the risk of having children within the “Firm.” It’s a structured business run by fools and a whole media that wants to profit off your every private move unless you give them a sacrificial goat.”

        This is a whole word. Unfortunately, no one realizes this until it’s far too late.

      • equality says:

        @Over It Or this is her attempt to justify having a fourth so there will be more to do the “work”.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Becks1, well said!!! Once the older members die off what will Willie and Kate do then?? They have no one to fall back on. Anne does the work of Willis and Kate in one year? They are both in for a rude awakening once the elder BRF start to die off, which isn’t too far from the future.

        Willie and Kate will have to start stepping up and actually work.

      • Over it says:

        Equality, she would have to get Willis to stay in the same house let alone the same bed as her first

      • Gabby says:

        If and when William finally becomes king, the Kents, Gloucesters, Charles and Betty will be dead. Anne may be dead and cannot be counted upon. The Wessexes and Yorks will have been sidelined during Charles’ reign so as to be of no consequence.

        With Charles having been the last one who cared about the fate of the monarchy, William will answer to no one. He will retreat into the country to hide, drink, aldulterate and travel. He will purposely let the monarchy crumble because he just doesn’t care, but cannot express that until all the others are gone.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Let’s not forget, they already said they are going to DRASTICALLY CUT the number of engagements/patronages to “just a few” that they are very interested in. This means pretty much ALL of the “bread and butter” visits are going to be a thing of the past. You will see very little of them.

        Perhaps Egg will do an Aston Villa game, McButtons will do a movie premier… and that might be it. They will be “listening and “learning”” the rest of the time. From afar. Same with the kids. You’ll see them on the balcony, ‘cos they sure aren’t going to get a work ethic from their parents!

      • The Recluse says:

        So, does this article imply that Kate was hoping her children could be idle freeloaders while being supported by the Crown and the public? We should brace ourselves for when these kids grow up. Based on their parents’ conduct, they’re going to feckless and wild for partying.
        I’m hoping more and more for the end of this monarchy.

    • Rena says:

      They will be hard pressed to get Charlotte to do anything she doesn’t want to do. You can see that from her public appearances

      • Green girl says:

        Just wait about 10-15 years. The Cambridge kids will start asking why they have to do all of these appearances and why the Sussex kids can’t help. I wouldn’t be surprised if Charlotte and/or Louis take a page out of Harry’s book and leave the Firm.

  2. Snuffles says:

    “Oh woah is us! The scapegoat family has escaped and now we and our children will have to take full responsibility for our future actions and, gulp, actually WORK!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. How dare they have freedom!!”

  3. Susanna says:

    I’m so happy for Archie and Lilibet. They’re free and will not be thrown under the bus to elevate the Cambridges kids in the future.

    • Seaflower says:

      Yes, but has K realised Charlotte and Louis will get the Harry treatment by the media? I’m not sure shes worked that out yet.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Give her time. It will come. I have a sneaky feeling the spares might follow suit and seek refuge with their uncle in America.

      • The Duchess says:

        I have a feeling that William won’t let them go. These kids will be chained to the monarchy forever and it will be all down to their parents bitter racism.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Elizabeth Regina, I don’t think KKKhate has ever thought that far ahead except when it comes to being crowned QC, otherwise it’s all empty upstairs. Just cobwebs and some bits of extensions and bits of buttons.

      • LoveGossip says:

        I doubt Kate has worked out what it will be like as Princess of Wales or Queen Consort. She has ZERO idea how much will be asked of her. I doubt she understands that at some point the British media will STOP protecting her and she will have to stand on her own accord. I believe she is ignorant enough to believe that Meghan will be her fall girl FOREVER..

      • Nikki (Toronto) says:

        @TheDuchess I think that’s the beauty of Kensington’s folly. In not managing Harry’s exit, Louis and Charlotte can now do the same. If they marry someone of means or with a career, they can just leave the UK and fend for themselves. Or go abroad for university and not come back. Will and Kate screwed George, because I don’t think there will be a monarchy, and I doubt they’re preparing this boy for real life.

        It was important for Harry to fail as Edward and Andrew did before him. All bets are off now.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Seaflower, I too am thrilled that Archie and Lili will forever be free from the clutches of the Lambrdges!! They are thousands of miles apart, away from the unhinged RR’s and the courtiers. They are free to lives their lives free from the shackles of The Firm.

        @ LoveGossip, that’s an excellent analogy that you have presented. KKKhate has and will be forever using Meghan as her as her scapegoat. But any some time, in the not too far future, the peasants will tire of her laziness and call her our for what she use, useless. Future generations will not be so kind or look the other way and accept to incompetence too much longer.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kate won’t care how CC is treated by the media so long as the media treats Kate well. She already throws her kids under the bus for her own PR, that will only increase in the future.

      • seaflower says:

        @LoveGossip Yes, she saw the glamour and praise and never thought of the expectations and *gasp* negative headlines.

    • SarahLee says:

      These people seem to not get the fact that Charlotte and Louis – and hell, even George – actually do have freedom. They don’t need the Sovereign Grant to survive. George, at least, will have the Duchy of Cornwall one day. And seriously – they act like they HAVE to do this. They don’t. Truly, they don’t. I think ultimately, Will and Kate would be pleased if the monarchy folded after the Queen dies. They could still serve a ceremonial purpose like the Swedish and Spanish royals, but not have to actually work.

  4. Seaflower says:

    I still cant get over all the smiling from K at the service. She really has no sense of time, place or decorum.

    • SURE says:

      That hat and the white feathery stuff on it should have no time or place either.

      • Seaflower says:


      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        What I love about all this, is that even if, say, the monarchy collapses and Britons come to their senses and abolish it altogether, the British MEDIA will never leave Willnot and Cannot alone. They will salivate as they hound them about their divorce; Khate’s multiple trips to the gym each day; Bulliam’s undignified nights out draped across every breathing woman like a silk scarf on a plastic hanger; hounding them to give back all that their craven family has stolen from the rest of the world; “Yes, but what do [they] do?!” will be a banner headline; they’ll publish the resumes of these simpletons, highlighting that the only thing listed under qualifications is: “uh, former king that got the boot.” It’s all just, *chef’s kiss.*

      • Geegee says:

        Kate looked like Joan Collins from dynasty. I couldn’t stop laughing

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      How dare you? She is regal, class, beautiful don’t you know. I was actually shocked to see her parade herself like this on such a solemn occasion. Plus she was the only one not to adhere to what seemed like a dress code.

      • kirk says:

        Dress code?
        We don’t need no stinkin’ dress code.
        If she’s a style icon, it means we should all be wearing large broad brimmed sunhats into churches when attending respectful, solemn affairs.

    • esline mills says:


    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Every time I look at those, I seriously wonder if she was so upset over the Caribbean Tour O’Disaster that she had to be medicated for this event. The smiling was over the top and just not normal for the occasion. It was odd even for her.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        I feel like part of it was her wanting to put on an unbothered, happy face after the disaster tour, and the other part was wanting to put on that same facade because Rose was also present.

  5. Noki says:

    This actually sounds like a good idea. Let the children of the future monarch do the work and the fact that they are three,there wont be an unfair treatment of the spare. If George ever acts up atleast Lottie and Louis have each other.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I like her kids. George seems gentle with a sweet disposition, Charlotte seems to have Anne’s character and fearlessness and Louis has the loveliest smile. I hope that institution lets them be kids for a while longer.

    • Becks1 says:

      The problem with that is that you are kind of right back where you started in another generation. Harry has set the precedent that only the heir to the throne should be the working royal, and the Cambridges should follow suit. So George is the working royal, Charlotte and Louis do their own things. If they are all three working royals bc they are the “children of the future monarch,” then you have this same situation in 30 years, where Charlotte and Louis have kids who aren’t working royals but they are but their older brother is trying to phase them out bc now he has his own kids who are more important etc.

    • LoveGossip says:

      psst..psst….The current Queen has 4 children..your point is moot. George is being raised the same way William was as Charles before him. All that Diana did to make a difference with William DID NOT WORK. Kate is doing everything in her power to raise her children as if they are in the 1800s. Seriously these poor kids are going to have a tough row to hoe.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m very disappointed that Diana’s influence did nothing in the end to save William from turning into a Windsor pill.

  6. IForget says:

    Erm…prince Harry was a working royal?? So why would it be a shock for Charlotte and Louis to be working royals?

    Also if that’s such a concern, there’s an easy way out folks! Just abolish the monarchy!!

    What if George is gay, trans, nonbinary? What if he wants to be an electrician or a chef? Condemning children to a preset life, no matter how luxurious, is not okay to me.

    • Snuffles says:

      It’s almost as if they’re TRAPPED. No, no, no…that can’t be right. Being royal is an HONOR that everyone would kill to be a part of, right? RIGHT!?

      • IForget says:

        Oh we’re not trapped, we just don’t have autonomy. That’s all 🙃

        Prince Harry was showing so much compassion when speaking about them being trapped and they’re STILL salty about that comment!! Ugh. I feel sorry for the Cambridge children, but not the duke & duchess.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        I think it’s just dawning on them that this is the point of winning the va jay jay lottery.

      • Amy Too says:

        But also like… for people who probably want the monarchy to continue to maybe they shouldn’t be writing articles about how their poor children are going to be “dragooned” into this soulless royal work. If it’s so horrible that future queens are kept up at night worrying that their children will be a part of the monarchy, why keep the monarchy!? They’re always giving out reasons why this institution needs to go. All the people in it apparently hate being in it and only struggle through due to some warped sense of duty when they all really hate it, is the constant message coming from the BRF.

    • MeganC says:

      If Charles lives as long as his mother, the Cambridge kids will all be adults before their father takes the throne and will have long decided their own fate.

      • LoveGossip says:

        But do they really decide their own fate? Look at Harry/Meghan for example. It seems like an entire country and it’s media attack them daily Hyperbole). If Charlotte and Louis are not set up mentally and financially like Harry/Meghan they will have to stay and endure the daily belittling of them to up lift George. Like it or not that’s how it done. Harry escaped and wasn’t easy but he had Meghan and the USA backing him (another hyperbole)…what will Charlotte and Louis have???

      • Steph says:

        Harry also had about $30m in inheritance from his rich mother. None of the Cambridge kids have that and will be at the mercy of William for the rest of their lives.

      • Blithe says:

        Well, none of the Cambridge kids have that YET. It’s possible that QE and PC will take steps to give at least the younger Cambridge kids the financial wherewithal to allow them some flexibility with their life choices.

      • MeganC says:

        The Cambridge kids don’t need $30 million to be independent. They can get jobs like all the rest of us.

      • Becks1 says:

        Also, Diana’s money came from her divorce settlement. I don’t think Kate will get anywhere near what Diana got, but I would not be surprised if part of the current negotiations involve setting the younger kids up with trust funds or something.

      • liz says:

        Harry’s money did come from Diana’s divorce settlement. But he got access it because she died when he was 12 and that was the way her will was written. If Diana had survived, Harry wouldn’t have had access to that kind of cash – it would the money that Diana would still be using to pay her bills.

        Kate will not get as large a settlement as Diana did. It’s also unlikely she will have the leverage to negotiate for separate trust funds for the younger kids. The royal family learned lessons from that divorce – don’t let anyone become “that” independent. They will be dependent on their grandfather and father well into adulthood, they way Anne’s and XXXX’s kids are still largely (if not entirely) dependent on their grandmother. It’s the way the RF keeps control.

      • teecee says:

        I don’t think I agree with this. Because of who their parents and grandparents are, they will have to deal with an unbearable level of media and public intrusion for most of the rest of their lives. Even if they choose to be plumbers, if they live in the UK, they won’t be left alone until they’re in their 60s, and if they have good-looking kids, not even then. That’s where big money comes in handy. If the Sussexes couldn’t afford their expensive lawyers, imagine how much worse the barrage would be.

        It’s probably smarter to set George, Charlotte, and Louis up in the typical aristo fake cushy jobs and have them transition into minor celebrities, and then THEIR children will have a shot at normalcy. Harry and Meghan had star power, Diana’s $30 million, and their own personal network to help them escape. These children will not have that armor.

        I do feel sorry for them. They didn’t choose this.

    • Jennifer says:

      They were all going to have to be workimg royals anyway. Why is this a shocking new surprise?

      I seriously wonder what happens if George is gay..

  7. girl_ninja says:

    What a life. Worrying that your children will HAVE to be working Royals. Kate Middleton is gross and so is her trash husband.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I know…how revolting and utterly disgusting to be at such pains that you are concerned with the fact that your children will have to “work”, which is a paradigm that ALL parents face but this bitch thinks that her children should NOT have to work. My gawd, she’s dummer than I thought she was!!

      And this ridiculous quote, “having the weight of more than 1,200 hundred years of history constantly on your shoulders.” is utterly unacceptable.

      What did she think her kids were going to grow up and do? Nothing, like HER obviously. KKKhate has lost any semblance of reality that there is, no two ways about it.

  8. Harla says:

    But here’s the thing, Charlotte, Louis and even George Do have a choice even if everyone around them says they don’t.

    • LaraK says:

      These people will always insist that they had a role in “letting” Harry and Meg leave. They don’t want to believe that if Charlotte wants to leave (or any of them), they will just leave. And frankly their uncle will probably help.

    • Becks1 says:

      Exactly. i think actually pushing the narrative that they have no choice is part of the problem. If George wants to walk away, he can. So can Charlotte. Telling them they dont have a choice just enforces the idea that they’re trapped, as Harry said.

      • LoveGossip says:

        @Becks1: I’m surprised you have taken this position. You know they are being raised to believe they have no other choice. The monarchy doesn’t survive if they believe the world outside of them is better. They must believe that they are better and everyone else is beneath them. This is why the RF and the British media are attacking Harry/Meghan. They don’t want future Royals to believe they can leave and thrive/be successful.

      • Becks1 says:


        that’s exactly my point. They are being raised to think they have no other choice which is very damaging because they do have a choice. But they must be raised to think they don’t have one. Thats why @Harla said they “do have a choice even if everyone around them says they don’t.”

        The media and the entire institution insisting there are no other options and this is the way it has to be doesnt mean, in fact, that that’s the truth. But they need the Cambridge kids to think it is.

      • Julia K says:

        Have come back to read your post several times and strongly agree. George, especially, seems a serious, sensitive and wary child. The look of worry and concern on his sweet little face is sad. If anyone needs to know he has a choice, it is this little guy. He didn’t ask to be the first born. If he should choose to step aside in favor of Charlotte, he needs to know that he has his families love and support. ( Assuming that Charlotte will accept).

    • LightPurple says:

      It is as if they don’t know or won’t acknowledge family history. They wouldn’t be in this predicament at all if David had had no choice.

      • Moneypenny424 says:

        Exactly, and David was king, so certainly the other spares have a choice. They hoped H&M would’ve followed David’s example and not thrive like they are.

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        Well, David DID have no choice, that’s why he was ousted. Can’t have a head of state actively sending sensitive government information to an enemy during wartime, after all.

        It was quite lucky for them that Wallis Simpson was there to give them the polite fiction of him leaving his throne for love, can’t really stand the King of England up against a wall and shoot him for treason. That might have riled up the (majority Pro-Nazi) aristos enough for them to stage a coup and give the UK to Hitler on a silver platter.

    • C says:

      Exactly. These articles are the beginning of a pre-emptive royal and media guilt trip on these three kids to make sure they are too scared to EVER find freedom of choice for themselves.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Their jealousy and shortedness has forced them to bring out George and Charlotte into the public much earlier than they wanted. There was no doubt that if Harry and Meghan had spent Christmas 2019 in the UK, the children would not have been taken to church. I don’t have any sympathy for Kate either.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I don’t have one iota of sympathy for her either. After what she did to Meghan for 3-4 years on a daily basis, which is still going on, she has NO ONE to blame but herself. She can cry to the heavens and back but she made her bed.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I lost the tiniest smidgen of indifference I had left for her the moment she allowed the kate cuties calendar.

  10. Scorpion says:

    If we British republicans have our way, none of those kids will ever have to do such ‘work’.

  11. C-Shell says:

    Well, I do feel sorry for the Cambridge kids because they didn’t create the situation their parents have forced them into. The truth is they’re already working royals, again, thanks to their parents using them for PR purposes. I doubt they’ll have to worry too much about the “intense pressure” to help poor George be king because I doubt the monarchy will survive that long. Harry and Meghan not only saved each other, they saved their children from a lifetime of being their cousins’ whipping boy/girl.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Agreed @ C-Shell!!! The Sussex children will always be fair game for the Lambridges, with regards to Willie and Kate, yet they are thousands of miles away for this cesspool of vipers.

    • LoveGossip says:

      @C-Shell: FACTS, FACTS and more FACTS

  12. Seraphina says:

    I don’t think any one of us here have a shoulder for Kate to cry on. She knew full well what she was getting herself into. History repeats itself and the chance her kids will have turmoil in their relationships with one another are high. The only saving grace is that the second born is a girl and can escape this and well, Louis is already being treated like an outsider.

  13. harpervalleypta says:

    I find it funny that they assume that all three Cambridge kids will *have* to grow up to do royal life and they won’t have a choice… in an article that also mentions Harry, someone else who didn’t “have a choice” about royal life but is currently living his best life in CA. (And says that H&M were “given” freedoms to be in the US. HA!)

    Harry “broke the seal” and is thriving, so now every younger royal knows that they can escape the royal leash. They may not be as successful as H&M (since Meghan has played a huge part in their success), but if Charlotte or Louis get to be 19, 20, and say, “Screw this, I’m out!”, Uncle Harry is going to have a very comfy couch for them to crash on until they figure out what to do.

    And Uncle Harry is certainly not going to be the one who says, “Oh you HAVE to go back and be a royal.”

    • Snuffles says:

      Wouldn’t that be rich if Charlotte or Louis ran away to live with Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan!?

      • Deering24 says:

        I hope to God they do, because there is only misery if they let the Firm dictate their fate.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I will be crying tears of happiness for them. Harry and Meghan would open their hearts and their home to them. My, that would cause Baldimort to have a stroke for certain!!

      • BeanieBean says:

        UC Santa Barbara wouldn’t be a bad place to go to school.

    • Zappy says:

      Those kids are raised by kate and will. So, i think just super small possibility they have courage to leave their previleged life. You need A LOT OF WORK TO DO THAT
      And no, not any royal can life outside their royal world easily and successfull like H & M. Not any Royal can do what H & M do. H&M is special case

    • Irene says:

      This is why I will always firmly believe that Will and Kate never thought in a million years that the Sussexes would leave. Never for a moment thought they would leave behind the palaces, pomp and circumstance, the legacy, the sycophants, etc. Sure they may have been toying with the thought of exiling them to the African continent but they would still be under their thumb and available as shields for themselves and later their children.

    • Lusaka mummy says:

      I don’t think they will have any contact with their uncle Harry. They will be brain washed, tell them Harry is evil or something. Anything to put a distance between them. Those kids are trapped, if their parents where not so evil, racist and jealousy, maybe I could have mustered some sympathy for them. But they will just be another set of rich kids riding on helicopters from palace to palace.

  14. Mina_Esq says:

    The kids can still pick the path that their royal work follows. They can pick causes that reflect their interests. They’ll just have the luxury of not worrying about salaries, benefits, etc. Kate still hasn’t figured out that royal work can actually involve…work.

    As an aside, they didn’t refer to her “slender” shoulders in this article. Just shoulders. Maybe the media IS turning in them lol

    • Charm says:

      Youre ignoring the fact tht “royal work” is performative. They do this performance/pretend-work/pretend-interest in order to keep the rabid britshidtmedia onside so tht they dont turn on them.

      So its soul-destroying.

      Even tho Harry rebelled against this entrapment throughout his youth and found his passion & tried to develop it outside the system, he still had to perform for the baying royalists.

      But now he is free – even tho he said he was told, up to the 11th hour, that he couldnt leave.

  15. Lizzie says:

    Keen didn’t waity all those years so her children could be accountants and lawyers. She’s living a life of endless vacations with every luxury imaginable while angling on getting her third mansion. I’m sure she plans for her children to live the same lifestyle.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      You have hit the nail on the head. This narrative that Kate’s poor children will “carry the burden” of preserving the monarchy is pure propaganda. Her real concern is that the monarchy will be long gone by the time her kids are adults and they will have to get actual jobs like everyone else.

    • blujfly says:

      Lolol thank you @lizzie. Charlotte and Louis could go into any number of low profile professions that don’t require sales. It reminds me of a Guardian piece on Pippa Middleton back in the day skewering her for complaining about press intrusion while solely seeking jobs that required the press.

    • PaulaH says:

      Lets be real, The Royals are richer than Croesus. Remember The Queen has a Coutts ATM in the basement. Kate is only angry that she must pretend to work and must lick the backside of the press and Brits to spend all of that old as dirt money

  16. Miranda says:

    FFS, has there ever been a better example of the anachronism of a monarchy? The vast majority of parents would be far more worried about their kids being as utterly useless and incurious as the Cambridges themselves.

  17. Eurydice says:

    I’m so loving this spotlight. Harry wasn’t “given” the freedom to leave – he took it. Who did W&K think was going to pick up the slack once they drove out H&M? And why would W&K’s children have it any differently than Elizabeth’s children – they all have or have had royal duties. What has Kate been doing all this time of studying to be the Savior of The Monarchy that she just noticed it’s an ancient institution. Her kids are all going to have be working royals if the monarchy is going to continue.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Eurydice: The thing is they never believed that Harry would leave and they still think that if Meghan is out of the picture that he will come back into the fold.

      • Eurydice says:

        Oh, but the story now is that everyone always knew that Harry was unhappy and would leave one day.

  18. Mos1066 says:

    I’m stuck on Meghan and Harry were ‘given’ freedoms. What? Given? OK then.

  19. Becks1 says:

    Oh well, should have thought about that before you orchestrated a racist, toxic, abusive smear campaign against your BIL and his wife.

    Also, the Firm was always going to be short staffed when William becomes king. Archie and Lili were never going to be working royals, the same way none of Charles’ nieces and nephews are working royals, so even if Harry and Meghan had stayed in the Firm, there would always be an issue in terms of manpower when William becomes king, the Gloucester and Kent titles have passed to distant cousins, and Edward and Anne are either dead or just too old to work anymore.

    The only solution here is for the BRF to redesign themselves like other European royal houses and actually “slim down” but there is such an obvious reluctance to slim down the money and privileges that I don’t see that happening in any meaningful way.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, that’s the thing. Assuming a monarchy is necessary, how much of this “work” is essential and how much is just an excuse to pad the Sovereign Grant? Another thing is that there are royals who could be brought in, various cousins etc., but that would mean sharing the wealth and the spotlight.

      • equality says:

        But maybe those cousins are wising up after seeing how PH was treated. Many probably wouldn’t want to work for PC or PW. And PC was supposedly going to slim down the “working” royals anyway.

      • LoveGossip says:

        “Slimming down” was something that worked in theory for a King Charles. But for a Lazy King William it’s going to be HELL!

    • First comment says:

      You’re right. If the monarchy couldn’t be abolished, then it should be slimmed down. Do they really have so much to do that they need all the cambridge’s children for the “royal duties”? I can understand that they need them to attract more interest but they could adopt the model of other Europeans royals. The article is probably their way to ensure their children’s future so that all of them will be working royals by insisting on their necessity for the crown.

  20. SarahCS says:

    Sounds like we may have three more recruits for the #abolishthemonarchy party. Then they can do what they like, problem solved.

  21. Aurora says:

    So much for a slimmed down monarchy.

    The way things are going there may not be a monarchy to work for. Once all the commonwealth nations leave along with Scotland, what will all these royals be needed for? It’s painfully obvious that royal tours are outdated and unnecessary. They will be running around what’s left of the UK cutting ribbons at every grocery store opening.

  22. Cj says:

    1200 years of white colonial history. 1100 of which contains overt racism and 100 of whispered systemic racism.

    But no, they aren’t a racist family.

    • CEMB says:

      Fully agree with you here and scoffed when I read “Imagine having the weight of more than 1,200 hundred years of history constantly on your shoulders.”

      Please, these folks cling to their ancient titles, crumbing palaces, and cultural supremacy—even to the exclusion of members of their own family (H&M). If the legacy is too much to bear than make some changes, but don’t be racist and run off the people trying to modernize then complain about shouldering the burden. These folks are tone deaf and out of touch.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Right? One of your multiple homes wouldn’t be a palace were it not for those 1200 years of history.

  23. Loretta says:

    Charlotte and Louis are the spares so their future is to be thrown under the bus to praise George and his family

  24. Digital Unicorn says:

    By all account Carol(e) is heavily involved in raising the children so very likely they will grow up to be carbon copies of Kate and her siblings – lazy, shallow and entitled with a love of spending other peoples money.

    But then maybe karma will strike and all 3 kids turn out to be like H&M.

  25. ABritGuest says:

    I thought they said “slimmed down monarchy was always the plan” after Oprah interview so what’s the concern? Also isn’t being a working royal amazing & didn’t they tell us there is no sense they are trapped in a system? so again why this concern?

    If the royal family didn’t want to be short staffed they could have a) supported Harry& Meghan & not fed them to the press b) agreed a half in, half out plan. The current situation is a mess entirely of their own making.

  26. Dee says:

    She chose to marry the man and have the children. Was she living in a parallel universe where none of this was a possibility when she made all those choices? What about when she ran off the only other “working” royals of similar ages? Was she thinking of the weight of 1200 years then?

  27. Cessily says:

    First thing that came to my mind after reading the headline for this was…

    Only one will be a working Royal, George, the other two will be tabloid collateral damage until their brother, George, decides they need to be exiled to Africa or California as per Royal protocol set by their father. He is the architect of the future for his children.

    • Cessily says:

      After reading this

      This is Charles’ slimmed down Monarchy. There are plenty of cousins to use for events if needed, if they truly have an issue with this then there are alternatives so it is all 🐂💩 page filler. The subjects of Britain pay an obscene amount to appease this families greed, they can at least have the good grace to not complain about the situation they created and pushed for.

  28. janey says:

    Well given her expertise in early childhood I’m sure she’s prepared all three of them

  29. equality says:

    “Imagine having the weight of more than 1,200 hundred years of history constantly on your shoulders.” Like being handed your walking papers in Jamaica, getting letters about slavery, or being booed in Liverpool? Funny how they want that royal heritage when they think they can spin it for the positive but deny responsibility when it’s negative. And how dare H&M not think about leaving their abusers short-handed. Looks like letting somebody who puts in the work be part-time like many other royals may have been a good idea.

  30. Deering24 says:

    Yeesh. This is some seriously vicious mess. Guess it’s never too early to _really_ start pitting the Cambridge kids vs. the Sussex children, eh? 🤮🤮Not only does this drivel try to yank tears for Kate, it gives her a nice rationale to provide her kids when their lives don’t turn out like they “should.” “It’s all that lazy Meghan and Harry’s fault–and your cousins for not coming back and doing their duty.”

    • katherine says:

      Honestly, at the rate of toxicity (and irrelevancy) the British Royal Family’s trajectory, I can totally see10 years from now, KKKate will start pitting George against Charlotte and Louis, to ensure George’s crown. Just like how William cast out Harry and Meghan aside when they starting outshining him. There’s nothing stopping the exact same heir vs spare fight to continue.

      Reminds me of Bridgerton, “Tell me, dear brother, once you marry, will your duty finally be fulfilled so you can stop reminding everyone of it?”

      Will the crown stop reminding everyone of the “burden” the crown is? They should just abolish the monarchy if it’s so much of a burden to them and since they’re useless to the public.

  31. Lusaka mummy says:

    I read an article, I can’t remember well whether it was before/ after Archie was born. However, it was an astrologer predicting that Archie would be a court jester for Prince George. This article was upsetting for me coz the only role they thought benefiting Harry and Meghan’s child was to be a clown for his cousins. Wow! I am happy Harry and Meghan left, at least now their kids have freedom and can choose to be who ever they want to be by the grace of God.

    • SAS says:

      How sickening. I’m so happy they’re free.

      • Lusaka mummy says:

        Sickening is the right word. They Said he will be bowing to all the Cambridge kids but he won’t take it to heart. He will be full of jokes making his cousins happy especially George.

        They also said Archie will be close to Harry and not Meghan coz she will be tough on him. He will run to his daddy for safety and love. In those days, it was hard to find positive news about Meghan.

        The British media is the devil himself. I am glad they left.

  32. Colby says:

    Hopefully the monarchy won’t be around by the time George grows up.

  33. The Duchess says:

    Well if this isn’t the consequences of her own actions…

  34. Tessa says:

    George has been already treated as more special especially with the dynasty photos

  35. C says:

    It would have been even worse for them if William’s sending out Jason Knauf during the Mail trial had worked – another precedent for him and his family to be stalked. But he hates Meghan so much, he’s too stupid to see.

    They deserve everything they get. The children don’t, but that’s their parents’ fault.

  36. Maeve says:

    I mean, doing the maths I can see why they’d be worried – HM has been able to rely on her Gloucester and Kent cousins (Prince and Princess Michael excepted) for stalwart support over the years but none of their children will be royals. Neither of Princess Margaret’s are. None of the Phillips/Tindall gang. The York girls aren’t going to be acceptable. The Wessex kids have been brought up with a non-Royal future planned.

    Burning bridges with Harry and Meghan means that by the time William becomes king his might be the only active branch of the family except maybe Edward and Sophie. That’s a huge drop. It was mind blowing that they didn’t do more to keep Harry in the fold, especially given William won’t be a young king. His workload will ramp up exponentially at a time when he’s likely to be starting to feel his age. His kids aren’t going to be able to faff about with helicopters – they’ll have to step up to the plate probably in their 20s.

    • Kalana says:

      The Queen also gave them enormous grace and favor homes, and a Civil List allowance, and the space to conduct their own private work. She didn’t compete with them or throw them under the bust

      William clearly doesn’t understand how to work with people. He doesn’t know what to do if he can’t aggressively control people and be placated by them.

      He needed a Louis Mountbatten figure or Queen Mother figure or even a Philip-type figure to mentor him. Charles certainly wasn’t going to do it and Diana wasn’t there.

  37. matthew says:

    Just like Vladimir Putin, Will and Kate started to believe their OWN propaganda and now that it’s starting to fall apart they’re totally exposed. Massively over-leveraged in the media.

  38. Over it says:

    Kate and Willy want their children to have the life they have always had, none of the work but all the jewel encrusted perks.
    As for kids having to do the royals work which isn’t work to begin with and not lead and dream of normal life like other children, well there is a solution for this. Step down and abolish the damm thing .already. Do it soon so that these children can go off to university or grow up and follow a career path they will pay the bills. Of course they won’t ever have to worry about money, but I think to ensure a real life experience, all the stolen property should e returned. Welcome to the real world.

  39. Over it says:

    Plus Kate must have known when she stalked Willy for years that this was going to be her children future. So nope, I have no sympathy to spare because they are children in this world who actually have real life suffering.

  40. s808 says:

    Should’ve read celebitchy, we told them running H&M out was dumb and short sighted. Now they’ll have little to no other working royals to rely on when william ascends the throne. Oh well.

  41. jazzbaby1 says:

    “Duchess Kate fears her children will have to work”

    • Lady Digby says:

      Call me Catherine is also supposed to be a FT working Royal but did NOTHING to prepare herself for the role despite dating Wandering Willy for a decade. How is Dolittle going to prepare her own children , certainly NOT by example of hard work, solid determination and true grit! I just hope we get an elected head of state and the children get to be civilians who get to choose their own careers and life partners without The Royal version of The Truman Show!

  42. swirlmamad says:

    Too bad, so sad. Insert DJ Khaled “Congratulations, you played yourself” gif here.

    These two really screwed themselves. They were so blinded by their jealousy and bigotry that they not only effed themselves in the long run but ALL their children as well. Charlotte and Louis are essentially just as trapped as George at this point. If they want to ensure the continuity of a white supremacist institution, then they all better gets to steppin’. Will and Kate got what they asked for and I do not feel sorry for either of them in the slightest. I do feel for the kids somewhat because they never asked for this — it was their trifling parents who made a horrific choice that will impact their lives and there’s no real way out (esp for George).

  43. Harper says:

    Oh no! Fewer working royals? Who will help George hand out football trophies and go to movie premieres? Who will stick around and smile and wave at his side when George throws annual parades for himself? Will there be enough royal people to enter the church/building/park before George so we will know that he is the best one? I wonder Kate doesn’t buckle under the pressure of all of it.

    • MsIam says:

      Its all just so, so exhausting, isn’t it? *eyeroll* Personally, I don’t see the Cambridge kids just dutifully following along after their parents. They won’t be raised at home in a royal bubble like the queen’s generation, plus not even counting Archie and Lilibet, they will have cousins in the UK and school friends with more freedom to show them that “royal duties” aint all that. I see them busting out of this joint with a quickness.

      • PaulaH says:

        Trust me: George already believes he is special. I’m 100% certain he is called “Your/His Royal Highness” by everyone at KP/CH/BP. What everyone must understand is the FK, FFK and FFFK are told daily they are better than everyone else and was born to rule. William may not like to work but he wants to be King because that’s what he was told since forever, the same with Charles and now the same with George. This is why William is so incandescent with rage when it comes to Harry. He knows that Harry is free to live a life with his wife and children. He knows that his life is planned out until the day he dies. Seriously, the look on his face at the opening of Parliament pretty much said it all….I’m f’ed for the rest of my life.

  44. FancyPants says:

    Charlotte and Louis are not the only options. If the UK wants to keep a royal family, there are plenty of other Windsors. And if the UK wants to cut the royal welfare strings, well that’s an option too.

  45. Yo says:

    Wow. It almost sounds like they feel trapped. Should we start calling them woke and disrespectful now?! Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  46. Kalana says:

    This sounds like laying the groundwork for the Wessex kids to become working royals.

    And of course throwing the Sussexes under the bus for not staying. They didn’t even want Meghan to work.

    Beatrice and Eugenie are right there. I think Beatrice would love to be a working royal. But how do you reconcile the half-in/half-out hypocrisy?

  47. Beach Dreams says:

    How sad for them. That’s what happens when you refuse to even do the bare minimum AND sabotage and chase out the people who were actually willing and happy to do the work. It’s about time these two morons started facing the consequences of their shitty actions.

    On a side note…I kinda wish people would stop pushing this idea/fantasy that Charlotte and Louis will get to run off to their uncle and his family sometime in the distant future. That’s simply not realistic. Will and Kate have made it clear in a thousand ways that they have no tolerance or acceptance regarding the Sussex family. These are the same people that couldn’t even utter a congratulations when they were asked about Archie’s birth. The same people (at least Kate) who refused to ever say Meghan’s name in public. What on earth makes anyone think that those Cambridge kids aren’t already being exposed to whatever vile things their parents and extended family members are saying about the Sussexes behind closed doors?

    Even if the kids don’t turn out like their parents (and sorry but that’s a small chance between the Middletons and the Windsors raising them), why would Harry and his family be an option in the first place? They’re going to be strangers as they grow up. Their parents made sure of this through their actions against the Sussexes. Harry already knows this too; “he’s got his kids and I’ve got mine” was a very telling comment in that Hoda interview imo. He and Meghan have their own family to focus on. Those two have no obligation to the Cambridge kids, not least because their racist parents ensured there wouldn’t be a chance to form any connections with the Sussex children.

    • C says:

      All of this. George and Charlotte made sure to stay away from Meghan and Archie at that polo match, Louis was too little to understand, because William and Kate are already poisoning their minds about them.
      They may be able to figure out what really happened later, but they’re never going to be able to have any kind of access to a relationship with them, William will make sure of it.

      Harry and Meghan will do whatever it takes to protect their children. Why would they put themselves on the line for William’s kids?

      • C2 says:

        My nieces and nephews were the ages of George and Charlotte when I had babies. They could not keep their hands off the little ones! And had so many questions for me too. I find it sad that the kids had no interest in their baby cousin, and I’m sure the parents’ attitudes played a big part in that.

    • MsIam says:

      I don’t know, sometimes when parents keep insisting that something is “bad, stay away” that stokes curiosity in kids. They may decide they want to find out if Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan are really the terrors of the family. Especially when they start to feel the media’s foot on their necks. Who knows?

      • C says:

        William is going to put too many obstacles in their path to find out.

        Harry’s departure blindsided him. He won’t make that mistake again and will make sure his children can’t.

      • Cara says:

        Bingo. I know I just said it was a mistake to ostracize the Sussexes but this could show Charlotte and Louis that there’s another way. Maybe George will learn from his father’s mistakes.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Sure, they can be curious all they want if they reach that point. That doesn’t mean Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan are obliged to indulge their curiosity, because Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan have their own kids to protect and focus on. I just don’t believe the Sussexes will be too fussed or interested in indulging a Cambridge kid’s curiosity/interest because it’s not their responsibility to do so. Their own kids will always be their priority and if they feel like their kids will be better off shielded from ALL Cambridges as they grow up, that’s completely understandable.

      • Harper says:

        When Charlotte elopes with someone from her band and ends up doing a tour in L.A. she could meet Archie and Lili, who might come to check out her music and introduce themselves when the set is over. I’m totally writing fiction here, but I think there is going to have to have been a heck of a lot of rebellion already gone down for any one of the Cambridge kids to independently meet up with H&M or Archie and Lili in the future, based on current conditions.

    • Gabby says:

      Exactly. I am fully against burdening the Sussexes with the Cambridge children and their issues. H&M have more important things to do.

  48. Cara says:

    It was a huge mistake for them to treat the Sussexes the way they did. If their egos hadn’t gotten in the way, they could have truly modernized the monarchy and given their children some cover. Instead they’ve created a system that may create the same friction between the Cambridge kids as between Harry and William.

  49. BelleBoo says:

    This feels like someone’s making a case for more children.

  50. Cerys says:

    If the Cambridge children take after their parents, work is something they will never feel the need to do. If Kate doesn’t like the idea of her children doing royal duties, maybe she, Whiny and the kids could all resign from the firm and ride off into the wilds of Berkshire 🤣

  51. lunchcoma says:

    I mean, yes, farsighted parents might have noted that any precedents set by Harry might very well be relevant for their children in a couple decades. Ones who had some talent with maths would have also noticed that they three children and will have to deal with two younger siblings carving out a place in the monarchy as adults rather than just one. I suspect allowing some options for part time royal duty would have made life easier for Charlotte and Louis.

    But Kate’s not farsighted. That’s her mother, and her mother already has what she wants. And I think William is just fine with playing media games with his kids and briefing against them, so long as none of them actually outshines him.

  52. Likeyoucare says:

    Dear kate, just copy the spanish royal family on how to treat your children.
    Their future queen leonor can already give speach since she was 13. She was always looking happy when she did her job.
    You and your husband baldy can really follow her footsteps.

  53. Ms. says:

    They can always leave.

    If the monarchy even survives. I doubt we will ever see Cambridge progeny become sovereign; I’ve got my doubts about Will and maybe even Charles.

  54. AmelieOriginal says:

    Kate didn’t think of any of this BEFORE she had kids with one of the world’s most famous princes? No, it only occurs to her once Harry and Meghan are gone and there’s no other young royals to pick up the slack. I do feel sorry for the Cambridge kids, they didn’t ask to be the heirs to a dysfunctional system or to be working royals. I dread the evolution of the Cambridge sibling dynamic and poor George’s fate. I wonder if Charlotte and Louis will be too scared to do what Harry and Meghan did when they are older. They will probably grow up hearing William rage about their aunt and uncle’s “betrayal” and that might either make them too scared to strike out on their own or it might encourage them to bounce as soon as they’re able.

    But for Kate to now realize she just now has a “painful dilemma,” that’s her own fault for bringing kids into the world who would have to live within such a toxic system.

    • Becks1 says:

      to your comments and to what BeachDreams was saying above – I think the Cambridge kids are going to look at H&M the way the queen looked at her uncle David. They’re going to be seen as “abandoning their duty” and “burdening” the Cambridges and its bc H&M were just so selfish and they left that Daddy is always in a bad mood and he and Mommy live in separate houses etc. Everything will be blamed on them, and they will constantly be held up as the example of what NOT to do.

      I don’t think those kids are fleeing to Montecito.

      • Beverley says:


      • PaulaH says:

        I think that is the hope of William/Kate. Ultimately, I believe that Cambridge kids will be very curious about the family that their parents hate so much. Poor Louis will probably run (not walk) to Monticeto once he becomes the sacrificial lamb for George and Charlotte.

    • Vanessa says:

      Kate Thought since William Had Harry as his Scapegoat his whole life that her kids would have Harry and his family to used as a scapegoat too. The Cambridge’s kids were supposed to live the good life and have good press while using Harry and Meghan kids as the sacrifices to the press .

  55. Siobhan says:

    None of it even matters – does anyone think the monarchy will last long enough to see a King George? I have my doubts we’ll even see a King William. Even William and Kate must be cognizant of this, and it’s possible that it would be a relief to them (both for William and/or George to skip being king and just be aristos). Of all the things to worry about at the moment – the Game of Thrones type power shuffling that is already going on and more to come when the Queen dies, Harry and Meghan situation, marital issues etc. I don’t believe for a second that Kate is worried about Charlotte or Louis potential future workload at the moment. It’s just a filler article.

  56. Klaw says:

    It’s very strange to complain that your children need to work more and it’s unfair because their cousins (who are 3 yrs old and 1) won’t? So bizarre! Who said the Sussex kids won’t be working harder than anyone else? We only care if it’s “work” for the monarchy? Also – hello, that’s what you signed up for when you married the future king! Now you’re worried about the strain on your children? Because they will have obligations and actually have something to answer to rather than coasting through life without any responsibilities?

    I cannot fathom blaming my sisters children for the fact that my own kids won’t be propped up by their cousins some day. It’s bonkers.

    Besides being academic because I can’t see that institute being around when those kids are old enough to take responsibility. Whatever that means.

  57. JFerber says:

    This bitch. Her kids may not (hopefully not) have the same value of Mama that being a layabout is a good, good thing. They may actually WANT to contribute to society, gain real knowledge, and actually be a CREDIT to the monarchy, instead of being a sponger, which is Kate’s end-all and be-all. Oh, at least one will be a do-nothing while pretending-to-do something (you’re not as slick in your shill as you think you are, Kate), but hopefully the others will have integrity and a real work ethic (but don’t be ashamed of that, Kate, because other people really respect that).

  58. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Please, they knew what the future looks like for their kids. I don’t think they thought that George would have Archie to hide behind, because they were determined to drive out Meghan and Archie. They didn’t anticipate that Harry would be the one to pull the plug and take his family away. So, they would have still had Harry–and possibly a new wife and kids. He would still have been the scapegoat. If they’re looking for sympathy for themselves because of their childrens’ futures, forget about it. That’s how this article reads to me. My hope is that these three children understand that their education may be their best path. Get a Masters or Ph.D and be passionate about something OUTSIDE of the Firm. It also gives them an out, perhaps, if they chose to take it.

  59. Athena says:

    If and when George becomes king he will probably by only king of England, so there may not be a need to have a number of working Royals.
    These kids have an uphill battle at being decent human beings, look at the people raising them, what is incandescent and mean girl going to teach them? William and Harry had Diana and still she wasn’t able to save William, these kids don’t even have someone like Diana in their lives.

  60. tamsin says:

    What happened to the slimmed down monarchy starting with Charles? William won’t need a working family the size of his grandmother’s which was a bit excessive. Like other European royals, they should pare themselves down to an appropriate size, and there should really be no need for more working royals than the sovereign and his/her spouse. They should really exist just to fulfill their constitutional role and not be the characters in a soap opera to keep the press fed and the nation either amused or disgusted. I don’t see the British monarchy going away any time soon, but they should stop this nonsense about the need for a “royal family”.

  61. BeanieBean says:

    This is beyond preposterous & hateful. So now it’s all Megan’s fault that K&Ws kids will have these ribbon-cutting tasks to do? Seriously? Isn’t it really Charles’ fault for having only two kids instead of four? This guy is really reaching. Probably strained his shoulder.

  62. Michele says:

    Work??!!? Showing up for half an hour is, in my opinion, no one’s idea of work.

  63. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    The should get rid of the monarchy. However, IF they feel a “need” to keep a symbol of what made Britain great and white in the past, they can keep the monarch as a figure head and just pay him/her a yearly salary as head of state. Nobody else in the family has a “job,” so nobody else should have titles or money. Let them fend for themselves in the real world like everyone else.

  64. Kathryn says:

    I’m sure this has been voiced in the above comments somewhere but the subtext of that text is Kate the “commoner” (and her mom) saw a way to elevate themselves and devised this whole plan to snag William. At that time, I’m sure the monarchy falling out of favor was never a thought in their minds. After the flop tour, and the booing, I’ll bet Kate is panicking that she hitched herself to the wrong wagon and it won’t be as glamorous and easy as maybe she thought it would be. A lot of young British people are anti-monarchy–I think once QE2 who carries a lot of respect–patience will go away and the calls to abolish will grow louder.

  65. Rea says:

    The story is a fluff piece. W& K knew well enough their children are the future of the monarchy
    They want to ensure they get the spotlight & not M& H or their children.

  66. JFerber says:

    Rea, for a fluff piece, the “spotlight” on Kate and Wills has thrown a very harsh and unflattering light on them. And they have no idea.

  67. etso says:

    ” other kids look at the future with goggle-eyed wonder ”

    She means the kids she ran off to another country? Hindsight is 20/20.

  68. Alice says:

    So ever since I first read about the Way Ahead committee and Charles’s desire for a slimmed-down monarchy I’ve always wondered like…how far did Charles look ahead?

    Look, it’s batty that the Dukes of Gloucesters and Kents, their wives (sort of), and the Princess of Kent all undertook royal duties since the eldest were babies when their grandfather the king died…in 1935, and the DoG wasn’t even born yet. But they did it, according to everything I read, because Elizabeth needed the help. There were too many requests for royal visits to be filled by her remaining uncles, their wives, her mother, she and Philip, and Margaret.

    Elizabeth had four kids. That’s more hands to feed the royal maw. In theory, some of those cousins step up (not Anne’s kids, just like the Princess Royale (Mary) before her the distaff side never counts) and take the places of the exiting cousins. But Charles doesn’t want that.

    Okay. But already he only has half the kids his mother did. It feels like his whole plan was predicated on the idea that his two sons and their wives would work the way he and Anne did. AKA, they had their special projects (the Trust for him and Save the Children for Anne), but they also were going to do a WHOLE LOT of bread and butter visits.

    Instead, he’s participated and allowed his younger son and his wife (the two seemingly interested in working) to be run out of the family. His remaining son and daughter-in-law are lazy. They don’t work like Charles and Anne did and do. Their signature projects are laughable disasters. They don’t like bread and butter visits.

    So like…what’s the plan now? Someone mentioned the Swedish and Spanish royal families as doing less, but they seem to do more than the Cambridges and it’s more interesting.

    Now we are at the point where Philip is dead. The Queen doesn’t have long. The Gloucesters, Kents, and Princess Alexandra are retiring. Andrew is a criminal and can’t be allowed in public.

    What does Charles do now? I doubt Camilla, whose parents died earlier than his and who has smoked her whole life, will have the DoE or the Queen’s fortitude. Will Anne work until the end?

    What do you do if you slim down the monarchy but the heir refuses to pull his weight?

    • Siobhan says:

      Excellent question and analysis Alice but I’m curious your thoughts on whether there will be the same level of demand for royal visits, even bread and butter ones, once the Queen dies? And farther into the future (I think the slimming down will be somewhat gradual by Charles correct – in that Anne, Edward, Sophie stay on as long as they can?) – once all those players are too old to work, I just wonder how large the appetite for royal visits will be? You’re right though, if the appetite remained there aren’t enough current players.

      • Alice says:

        I think if the demand drops that low I think that’s it. Game over. Public support support has eroded past the point where the British Royal family continues.

  69. TEALIEF says:

    This Sun article is disgusting on multiple levels. Whether she actually worries about this, or, as can be definitively seen, another flack commentor and paper was sourced for this, it’s rubbish. If she believes her children will be “dragooned” she is woefully ignorant. The original commentor in the NZ paper, regurgitated and amplified by the Sun reporter, should be ashamed. Outside of the Royal beat, child labour is a real and pressing, especially in underdeveloped countries. From cotton picking in Kazakhstan to diamond mining in the Central African Republic, child labour is used for domestic work to factory work and everything in between. It is cyclical and pernicious. It fuels exploitation, poverty, illiteracy, early marriages, etc.  So, while I sympathise with the Royal children’s possible plight, I’ll save my outrage and give actual dollar aid to the actual victims of the blight that is child labour.

    These people drove a diamond bedazzled crown in a Rolls Royce. Marcus Rushford, and the UN fed, and continue to feed their subjects’ – not citizens – hungry children. I like a Royal wedding, and outing as much as the next person, but it must be weighted against the responsibility they have to the actual needs of the people that pay and have paid for it domestically and overseas.

  70. Chichi says:

    She’s still young enough to have another baby or two and lighten the burden on the other three. Isn’t that the job she signed up for? Sad and awful, but fundamentally that’s the gig.

    • Tessa says:

      I notice the criticism even in the DM comments about more children being supported by taxpayers. I don’t think it will go over well. William clearly does not want another.

  71. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    “That simple joy of imagining what you might be when you grow up is a privilege George, and very possibly Charlotte and Louis, will never really get.”

    Are the Cambridges really trying to play the sympathy card? THIS (continuing to be “royal” and sucking at the public teat) is exactly what William and Kate WANT for themselves, and for their kids. Why are they trying to paint “being a royal freeloader” as some kind of *sacrifice* on their part!? And who’s dumb enough to believe it? This reminds me of the excuses the royals make for not paying taxes (“the queen can’t vote! Not paying taxes is such a small compensation for the HUGE SACRIFICE that she made!”)

  72. kirk says:

    Boo Hoo. 😢 Daniela Elser trots out her white chick chops feeling sorry for poor Katy who was woefully abandoned by villainous Sussexes: “There was no lower lip-jutting interview in which the Duke lambasted his family for emotionally stunting him by never playing hide-and-seek with him as a child. Or Meghan deciding to issue some grammatically challenged press release announcing her support for free reiki for underprivileged children.”

    Poor, poor Katy & kids with the weight of “1200 hundred years of history constantly on [their] shoulders.” Yikes! Were British people even a thing “1200 hundred years” ago? Ok, cutting Daniela Elser some slack with this mistake since she obviously meant 1200 years, not 1200 hundred! Continuing on – everybody knows those 1200 years were completely static and unchanging for the BRF!! Tradition!!! Sure, let’s skip over 1689 English Bill of Rights and various Civil List / Sovereign Grant adjustments since.

    The larger point Daniela Elser is making with this waste of ink and electrical bits is that the BRF is popular! And they’re running out! In order for BRF to survive they need to get out more with the people, for which they need more royal people! To prove how popular they are Daniela states “They were out in cheery force and being greeted by shockingly large crowds on Thursday.”
    * Prince Charles met by “hundreds” of locals in south London.
    * Enthusiasm for PC in London, “God bless!” “How’s Your Mum?”
    * 8000 chuffed guests at BP garden party in the rain!
    * W&K at U. Glasgow tore hundreds of students away from…

    Shockingly large crowds: “hundreds” in south London, city of 9M; “8000” garden party guests at BP in London, a city of 9M; and “hundreds” of students at U. of Glasgow with 26.6K enrollment. Hard to argue with those numbers, but Daniela persists by telling us the about the intensity and enthusiasm of those crowds.

    So Daniela is no whiz with numbers. But she keeps trying, esp to get American readers with “8,774,573,498 stories about Megxit.”

  73. JFerber says:

    Daniela Elser is a racist bitch 10 times over for daring to say Meghan released a “grammatically challenged” piece. It’s just too much! If I were Meghan, I would NEVER step foot in that ghastly place EVER again. She is a saint to do it for Harry.

    • kirk says:

      Daniela Elser also has problems with grammatical challenges. Does she even spell check?

      Anybody who thinks BRF actually has “1200 hundred years of history” raise your hand. 😂😂😂

    • kirk says:

      Daniela Elser’s original story referenced the British monarchy with “1200 hundred years of history,” whereas the Sun’s copy of the NZ piece added a comma: “1,200 hundred years of history.” They’re both wrong.

      Daniela Elser states the British monarchy is “an institution which can be easily traced back to the ninth century.”

      According to UK Natural History Museum: “For thousands of years the presence of modern humans in Britain remained brief and sporadic. It has only been continuous since about 12,000 years ago.”

      Talk about grammatical, factual and mathematical challenges.

  74. notasugarhere says:

    One of W&K’s biggest fears is that their children will NOT be working royals. The UK will wise up and throw them out, or only keep their eldest on a very strict budget. No palaces and lifelong taxpayer funded security for all of their kids, only the eldest IF the monarchy survives. The youngest two will have to earn their own livings.

  75. Twinkle says:

    Cry me a river. Hello! That’s the whole point being a royal woman…to reproduce. What was she thinking when she married Wills? She knew her whole raison d’être is to make the next heir and keep the royal blood flowing. What an idiot!

  76. Christine says:

    Dear Kitty,

    The world is waiting for your immediate family to produce one working royal, shall it be you or Willnot? Nice feint, it’s still on you and Wills.

  77. phlyfiremama says:

    Whatever. LOL The BRF will be INCREDIBLY lucky to still exist after THE QUEEN dies. I think all the other lazy members have been riding on her goodwill so long, they haven’t even bothered to build their own. So out of touch: literally whinging about the horrors of being Royal! Oh noes, the humanity! 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Ellie says:

    ‘Duchess learns how hereditary monarchy works shock’