Teddi Mellencamp on the reaction to her neck lift: ‘everybody went crazy’

Last week we talked about Teddi Mellencamp’s disclosure on getting a neck lift. She had a cosmetic procedure for a genetic ‘flap’ that drove her crazy Whether she needed it or not was not the point, the issue was she documented the whole thing to be transparent. A fan called her out for promoting herself as a fitness coach and then getting plastic surgery to obtain her look. So Teddi asked her fans what they thought: should she keep those kinds of procedures a secret or should she remain transparent?

As I suspected, there was more behind Teddi sharing the disgruntled fans comments. Apparently, Teddi got a lot of push-back over the procedure. Although she claims most of the comments were positive, she told Billy Bush that “everybody went crazy” about it.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Teddi Mellencamp opened up to “Extra’s” Billy Bush about undergoing a neck-lift recently and all the online reaction she’s received.
Teddi told Billy, “Everybody went crazy. I mean, there was way more positive than there was negative, but I kind of wanted to point out the negative because people continuously want to know all the details, but when you give them the details, they are upset about it.”

Teddi said of going under the knife, “If you don’t want to get rid of it, don’t get rid of it, but I think we live in a world of filters,” saying she didn’t want to be that person who credits their changing look to drinking “a bunch of water.”

Billy asked if the neck issue was related to her past weight fluctuations and having kids.

The 40-year-old answered, “It was a multitude of things,” adding, “One, it’s an anatomical position of where your… hyoid bone is located,” saying it affected the “slope” of her neck.

She went on, “Add to years of fluctuating weight, you know, gaining over 80 lbs. and losing it, not even just with kids before kids, since pretty much I was 17 years old, that my body had lost that elasticity.”

Billy added, “Well, most of the comments are positive. There’s always going to be idiots out there. What do you think Amy Schumer got? She just posted her liposuction.”

Teddi replied, “Truthfully, whatever makes you feel beautiful and makes you feel happy, do it. And if for those of us, you know, myself, Amy Schumer, anybody who’s open to share it… Somebody sent me a comment and said, you know, ‘Some of us don’t have sisters and mothers and best friends that give us this information, and so we are still afraid to talk about it, but when you guys open that you also have these insecurities and go through these things and makes it feel all right.’”

[From Extra]

I was on Teddi’s side before. I have no problem with a person who wants plastic surgery and I felt she explained her reasoning. But reading this, I don’t think she gets it. “If you don’t want to get rid of it, don’t get rid of it,” is not the criticism. Many of us can’t get the procedure done, be it money, time or medical condition. So as a fitness/wellness professional, Teddi is now selling an unobtainable goal when she resorts to plastic surgery. I argued that even physical trainers and diet coaches should be able to address their insecurities, but Teddi’s talking about being honest and the honest part is, cosmetic procedures are not something we can all include in our ‘journey.’ That’s why I suggested it could have been a great opportunity to discuss realistic targets with clients and followers. Teddi admitted in this interview that elasticity did play a part in her neck waddle. I know nobody wants to hear “you’re going to work hard and at the end of all of this, you’ll probably have skin sag and stretch marks,” but if a person is pointing to a photo of Halle Berry, it would be nice to set the expectations on realistically what it will take to get there. (Not saying Halle had plastic surgery, but I would need it to get her body.)

I tend to agree with Teddi about having a tweak if it makes you happy. But one of you said in the last post that you were tired of everyone having the same face. Remember I live in Los Angeles where there is a thing called the L.A. Face. Procedures aim to homogenize women here. I’ve not had work done. I doubt I will. I know, never say never. But if I didn’t do it when I was younger, I can’t think what good it would do me now. I’ve decided that what’s going to make me truly happy is to be more forgiving of myself and my imperfections. I’ll work on some things and celebrate others. But they all come with a story and I’ll focus on those instead.

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  1. kgeo says:

    Here’s my thing with all of the plastic surgery. A lot of what I see done on Teddy and others only looks good if you have a full face of makeup. Otherwise, there are all these weird bumps and shadows that you don’t usually see on an untouched face. I don’t mind a few tweaks, to each their own, but for me personally, I can only see the surgeries on her now.

    • Kaykay says:

      And even with just makeup people look weird IRL. It makes sense on Instagram from that exact angle, maybe even with a filter, but when you see them in natural lighting you see all the contouring and heavy foundation that just enhances pores and other stuff making them all look like hot messes.

      But hey … as long as you look good on instagram, right?

  2. Hootenannie says:

    I had to unfollow a fitness coach one I really liked, and whose workouts I used on an app, because she clearly got breast implants and didn’t cop to it like this woman did.

    I felt really upset about it because I, and a lot of my friends and I’m sure many people, struggle with where our bodies naturally deposit fat. So one of the trade offs of losing weight is having our chests get smaller (usually the first thing to go). I’m sure some people have different distribution and don’t have that happen, but it’s common enough that her deception irritates me.

    “You too can be fit and have great boobs in society’s perfect proportion to your toned figure!” Not without surgical intervention, I can’t.

  3. Southern Fried says:

    She got the plastic surgery she wanted that she can afford, is transparent about it so I fail to see what the problem is that has everyone lathered up.

  4. JFerber says:

    Southern Fried, yes, you are right.

  5. PositiveKarma says:

    Framing it as transparency is also misleading considering she’s tagged her doctor in almost every post. Seems less like transparency and more like sponsorship.

    Also as a housewives watcher I’m absolutely shocked that people (including me! Right here!!) are still talking about her. In the words of Taylor Armstrong – ENOUGH!

    • Southern Fried says:

      It’s 2022. Sponsorship is the norm for those who can benefit from it. Transparency is always a good thing.

      • PositiveKarma says:

        Is it 2022? Thanks so much for that update!

        The issue is that there ISN’T transparency for something likely sponsored while waxing poetic about how transparent she is about her surgery.

    • Grant says:

      As a religious housewives fan (I’m not proud) I can’t stand Teddi but I don’t get this. And I don’t get the issue with her tagging her doctor; maybe she’s just happy with the results.

  6. Trillion says:

    “everybody”? Calm down, now. You’re not a Kardashian.

  7. Stan says:

    Mary Betsy did an expose on Teddi’s business. Teddi’s business is to have clients eat 500 calories a day. It’s a scam. Here’s the link.

    (Mary Betsy also recently did a long video recently on Teami and its connections to Scientology.)

  8. Sunday says:

    Her “fitness/wellness” professionalism is hocking a starvation diet to housewives fans. She’s a grifter, and when you see this “transparency” through that lens it’s even more dishonest IMO because she’s getting surgery (and sharing once she’s called out) but marketing it as success from her aforementioned starvation diet.

  9. VespaRed says:

    The whole plastic surgery thing is getting out of control. I don’t mind people getting a few tweets, but there’s a fine line between that and disfigurement. Sometimes the static pictures look ok, but then when you see them in motion without controlling the angles, lighting, etc… I personally was sad when I saw Ashlee Judd last week. And I am also sad that Madonna blew a chance to be a class act, and age with some grace.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Stupid fuckin’ neckerchief.