Nick Cannon on parenting: ‘There’s no reason to be strict because I live a free lifestyle’

Somehow it was lost on me that Nick Cannon is doing a bunch of interviews because he is releasing a mixtape. I didn’t realize he was still trying to do music and or that he ever really did music aside from his great (seriously) contribution to the Love Don’t Cost a Thing soundtrack. Anyway, he is releasing a mixtape with a NSFW cover called “Raw & B.” LOL that title is a little on the nose. Nick talked to People about his kids and his parenting style or lack thereof since that is his main talking point. He’s not strict, he’s the fun dad.

Nick Cannon is opening up about his life as a father.

During his mixtape Raw & B listening event, the TV personality spoke to PEOPLE about fatherhood and the arrival of his new baby. In January, Cannon, 41, announced that he is expecting his eighth child later this year with model Bre Tiesi.

“I’m so excited about all my kids,” he says. “Constantly, from every aspect of it. From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade to the birth of the new ones.”

“Every day I just wake up excited as a father,” he adds.

However, Cannon admits that he still gets anxious about welcoming his new little bundle of joy with Tiesi.

“You get nervous every time,” he shares. “Every single time… because it’s a miracle, it’s God working.”

He continues, “You just stay in prayer, you stay in agreement with your partner to just make sure everything is a blessing and operates in the proper way. So just stay prayed up.”

When it comes to his parenting style, Cannon says he doesn’t see himself as a “strict” parent but more of “the disciplinarian in the family.”

“Because I’m the fun parent as well,” he says. “I’m the dad that is a big kid, but I also respect morals, values are high on my list. And you know, we established that as early as infancy.”

“So then there’s no reason to be strict because clearly I live a fun, open, free lifestyle, and I want my kids to be able to be happy and be that as well,” he explains. “But long as it’s rooted in respect and love. And that’s the lines where we try not to break or try not to cross.”

[From People]

Of course he’s the fun parent because he won’t actually be there for the day-to-day of parenting. Nick is literally contradicting himself in the same sentence. He is not a strict parent, but he is the disciplinarian in the family. That seems like it doesn’t make sense, but I actually get what he is saying. Basically, he is the fun dad who pops in and out of his children’s daily lives as he pleases. However, when he does decide to pop in, he will be respected and he will be obeyed. Because everything revolves around him. Nick is picking and choosing which aspects of parenting he wants to participate in. It’s a bit sad because he probably is a fun parent and is a “big kid” and his kids probably have a lot of fun with him when he does decide to come around. But it’s impossible to make time for that many young children in general, especially when they live in separate households. I imagine his kids will enjoy his company, but I’m not sure how much they will respect him as they get older and can understand the circumstances for themselves.

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  1. EnormousCoat says:

    This is great advice, so glad he chimed in. It does seem like it would be easy to be a parent when you just pop in from time to time. And what a demand to be respected when you clearly have no respect for your children’s emotional needs. Life sure is easy when it is all on your terms.
    I used to watch documentaries (I will use that loosely) on Mormon sects that broke off and were practicing polygamy. The men always acted like it was some big sacrifice for them, but like, they were never even around. They occasionally had to listen to a woman talk about her emotional and financial needs and wants. I guess that’s tyranny for some men, having to consider others.

    • Sapphire.Topaz says:

      He is a toxic disneyland dad. And full of his own bs. He gets off on controlling the money but his lack of consistency is completely damaging his kids.

  2. Wiglet Watcher says:

    This boy… not a man. Barely a dad. Those poor kids.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Omg, how annoying. Imagine running a household, day to day, making all the decisions, and once every couple of months daddy breezes in to correct your parenting.

  4. Petra says:

    My ex does exactly this – hilarious 🙄

  5. J. Ferber says:

    His kids with Mariah are absolutely gorgeous. I wonder how much time he spends with them? I’d assume they have a custody arrangement. And of course, Mariah is mega-rich and doesn’t need Nick’s financial support for herself. Different from the other moms. They depend on him totally for finances, housing, money for the kids, etc. He is definitely in control. I don’t doubt that all this financial support from him is totally voluntary on his part and not hammered out in court. The mothers damn well better like whatever he does or they can be unceremoniously cut off.

  6. Christine says:

    This man… So basically he’s saying the mothers raise and discipline their kids and he comes in and ruins their developmental progress because “I’m the fun dad lolz!!” But it’s ok because he has morals… what a loser.

    Do these women get much in financial support from him? What does he actually do??

  7. Luna17 says:

    I’m so curious if he buys his kids moms homes and cars and gives them an allowance or how this all works. Most of them are Instagram “models” which doesn’t seem like that would earn enough to support children and the affluent lifestyle they are clearly after. I’m curious how all this will be in a few years. He doesn’t seem great with money and I see lawsuits in his future .