Scott Disick can’t handle seeing Kourtney so happy, he ‘isn’t taking this well’

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Portofino wedding was a buffet of tackiness. Kourtney’s family came out for it – all of her siblings were there, minus Rob Kardashian. Rob said he was invited but chose not to go because he knew it would be a circus and he doesn’t want the attention. Kourtney didn’t invite Caitlyn Jenner though – Caitlyn’s people told TMZ that she “never got an invitation” but Cait “has no hard feelings” about it, or hard feelings towards Kourtney. Sources told TMZ that Kourtney and Caitlyn don’t have much of a relationship these days and Kourtney “didn’t feel the need to invite her.” Kourtney apparently did not extend an invitation to Scott Disick, the father of her three children. Scott is still in his feelings about all of this.

Scott Disick hasn’t had the easiest time bearing witness to ex Kourtney Kardashian’s extravagant wedding to Travis Barker from afar. On Sunday, the Poosh founder and Blink-182 drummer tied the knot in Portofino, Italy. It was one of three ceremonies in which the couple participated, following a “practice wedding” at a Las Vegas chapel on April 4 and a legal marriage ceremony at a courthouse in Santa Barbara on May 15.

“Scott isn’t taking this well. He’s spending time with friends … to keep his mind off of it,” a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It’s been hard for him to process and digest even though he knew it was coming.”

The source continues of Disick, 38: “He was always accepted by the family, even at his absolute lows, and now he can’t even come to one of the biggest events of the family. He’s not handling it well.”

In lieu of attending the star-studded gathering, Disick embarked on a quick getaway ahead of his 39th birthday on Thursday. The Talentless designer posted a photo of an airplane window, later indicating that he was heading to “the beach.” He also posted a photo of himself preparing to eat an assortment of food while enjoying a low-key movie night. He was also photographed out in New York City having lunch with friends.

[From People]

Wait, was he invited and he declined, or did Kourtney not even invite him? Either is fine – I would completely understand if Kourtney was tired of all of Scott’s drama and she didn’t want him at her wedding. I would also understand if Scott was invited but wanted to avoid it. In any case, I find Scott’s mopey behavior kind of performative? He’s basically mad that Kourtney isn’t his doormat anymore and he’s mad that she’s genuinely happy with Travis. Every story we’ve gotten from Scott in the past year is “he’s really upset that his ex has moved on.” How many versions of that story are we going to get?

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  1. Lucy says:

    It’s actually disturbing to me, all these stories about how he isn’t “taking it well”. They aren’t together, and his children are safe while he dates barely legal teenagers. Sit DOWN, Scott.

    • Heat says:

      To be fair, Kourtney (and the whole family) really did string him along. At one point, they had even made a ‘deal’ that they would get married if neither of them were with anyone else by the time they were 40. Kourtney and Scott went on vacations together (albeit with the kids) and they even slept together (like, actually slept). They were free to come and go in each others homes whenever they wanted.
      Even without a romantic relationship, her marriage to Travis would still feel like a kind of “break up”.

    • DuchessL says:

      Scott will get over it. She did when he went out with Sophia etc, so let the new married couple be happy. He should be grateful that he is still so much part of that family. Kourtney and Travis will do what makes them happy and not live their lives according to Scott’s feelings.

  2. Harla says:

    Good lord these people are infantile and exhausting. With all the genuine tragedy going on around the world, the “feelings” of a petulant man-child doesn’t crack the top 100 of things that I care about.

  3. Molly says:

    It sounds like he’s most upset that he’s not included in the big family event. Sorry, man. Being a crap partner has consequences. She gets to move on and she doesn’t have to take you with her.

  4. K says:

    I wish him well as he completes his journey to becoming Jared Leto

  5. Borgqueen says:

    I bet he isnt happy. He cheated on her left and right, goin on drug binges and embarrassed her every chance he got. Not only has Kourt moved on; she got a great guy. Travis is down to earth, all about family. Look at he still takes care of his former stepdaughter when her own mom doesnt even bother. I am no fan of Kourt but she is finally truly happy and in love. Yeah for love.

  6. emmi says:

    This family is ridiculous so he fits right in. I always thought they were a good match because neither is particularly bright or ambitious, both turn bitchy quickly in fights, and in general they seem like pretty empty people. But he screwed it up and now he’s dating teenagers and whines. Who invites their ex to their wedding if said ex is clearly not over it? He would’ve just been a d*ck the entire time. And yes, I’ve been watching the new show to distract myself from the world.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t get this, they’re been broken up for years.

  8. Lens says:

    Who invites exes to their wedding? Even Gwyneth “he’s like my brother now”Paltrow didn’t invite Chris. He’s clinging to this narrative because it keeps him on the TV show and being on the Kardashians is the only real job he’s had and he’s nearly 40.

  9. Robert says:

    I’m sorry I don’t watch either of the shows. The on Kardashian things I get are on things like this. But what exactly does Scott do besides be Kourtney’s ex? Could he just be mad his meal ticket is gone now?

    • ME says:

      She wasn’t his meal ticket. When they met, Scott was the rich one. He’s got money. He came from a wealthy family. He’s an only child and inherited it all when both his parents died. They use Scott for the show, that’s why he’s still on the show. Otherwise why do they continue to employ him? He serves them a purpose. He gets money and publicity. A win-win for both.

      • Evie says:

        It’s all relative. Yes, it’s true Scott’s parents were wealthy — when they died Scott inherited about $3 million. But compared to the Kardashian’s current wealth, that’s spare change. Even Kourtney who is the least ambitious of her sisters, is easily worth a few hundred million these days. Scott benefits greatly from his Kardashian connections and appearing on their shows. By contrast, his Flip it Like Disick show only lasted one season. Without his Kardashian connection, does anyone really care what Scott is doing?

  10. Lionel says:

    How is Kourtney’s red “dress” even staying up? It’s defying gravity.

  11. Lusaka mummy says:

    He should get over it. He never wants to grow. And I didn’t understand, they said he went downhill when his parents died. So in the entire universe, he only had his parents, no paternal or maternal cousins, uncles? They Said when his parents died the Kardashians were there for him and he relied on them and became his family. How come he doesn’t have blood relatives of his own?

  12. February Pisces says:

    They broke up nearly 7 years ago, not last week. Seriously is kourtney supposed to be stuck to him forever. He didn’t waste anytime getting into a relationship with Sofia Richie. Nor did he waste any time hooking up with teenagers after he and kourtney broke up.

    I think Scott’s problem is that he’s co-dependant on kourtney and the Kardashian’s, but he has no real reason for be around them, (other than for their tv show), Plus once the kids get older they won’t need to be in as much contact as co-parents.

    I think he really needs a stable relationship with someone who isn’t a 19 year old influencer model.

  13. Call Me Mabel says:

    How many girlfriends has Scott had since he and Kourtney broke up?

    Why do men act like it’s the greatest betrayal when an ex moves on, no matter how many new partners they themselves have had?

    Why do men?

    Why, men?

    Why men?

  14. Ariel says:

    It is as if he is doing the slow build for his eventual relapse and catastrophe with huge accident or overdose wherein he will expect her to drop her husband (or at least drop his priority level to raise Scott) and rush to care for him.
    A woman wants a real, grown up relationship where she can be happy.
    She has been alone as a single mom, casually dating a few times while he has had “serious” relationships with teen after teen. He is not husband material.
    No matter your opinion of the kardashian-jenner culture- a woman deserves a real relationship and real happiness. And i hope she has found that.

  15. ME says:

    This is just a storyline for their show. Kourtney has Travis for her storyline now so they had to do something with Scott. They obviously like him and keep him on the show. No other ex-bf has gottten that priviledge lol. Don’t believe a word this family says or anything they do. It’s all calculated.

  16. Serena says:

    Dear god, he’s so self-centered and insufferable. So maybe your ex didn’t want you at her wedding because you keep whining about how bad their relationship makes you feel? Shocking.

  17. Lusaka mummy says:

    I went on Scott Disick archives, all the captions are all about him whining about Kourtney since she hooked up with Travis. Dear Lord! Maybe as some people have said it is all a storyline for their show.