Gov. Abbott claims the Uvalde police ‘misled’ him: ‘I am livid about what happened’

The Uvalde police and Texas law enforcement haven’t been able to keep their stories straight for even a couple of hours since the massacre at Robb Elementary School. We know that police waited an hour before stopping the murderer, leaving the heavily armed 18-year-old in a school full of children. We know that parents descended upon the school only to be stopped, harassed, thrown to the ground, tasered and handcuffed when they begged the police to enter the building. We know that local police not only refused to enter the school, they discouraged federal agents from entering the school as well. Agents from BORTAC, the Customs and Border Protection tactical unit, and ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations only entered the school thirty minutes after they arrived on the scene and were told to stand down.

We also know that several of those little kids had cell phones, and as their classmates and friends were being slaughtered, those babies called 911, as their parents taught them to do in emergencies. Those children called 911 and begged for help, begged for someone to come and rescue them. The cops still waited outside their classrooms, listening to Salvador Ramos murder children. On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott told the media that he had been “misled” by the police about their actions and inactions.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he is “livid” after being “misled” when told details of the shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 children and two adults.

“Short answer, yes, I was misled,” said Abbott, 64, at a press conference Friday. “I am livid about what happened… I was on this very stage two days ago, and I was telling the public information that had been told to me in a room just a few yards behind where we’re looking at right now. I wrote down hand notes in detail about what everybody in that room told me in sequential order. As everybody has learned, the information that I was given turned out, in part, to be inaccurate. And I’m absolutely livid about that.”

The Republican governor went on to announce the OneStar Foundation “to assist with ongoing challenges that would be faced by the victims of this crime.”

During a press conference on Wednesday captured by several media outlets, Abbott said, “The reality is, as horrible as what happened, it could’ve been worse. The reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. They showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives. It is a fact that because of their quick response, getting on the scene, being able to respond to the gunman, and eliminate the gunman, they were able to save lives. Unfortunately, not enough.”

[From People]

Ah, yes, he’s “livid” that the cops lied to him. End of story, no follow up questions! How about “I’m livid that these cops lied to me and everyone is fired and being charged with manslaughter.” The children were calling 911 as Ramos was in the room, murdering their classmates. While the cops waited outside, handcuffing and tasering their parents. This is not “mistakes were made.” This is “people need to go to jail for their grotesque incompetence AND their attempts to cover up their own crimes.”

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  1. Seraphina says:

    They all have blood on their hands. My heart aches for the parents – to lose their child and then have to hear these men make excuses. They should all lose their asses in court. This is unacceptable in 2022 – he was misinformed???? What a BS answer. The buck stops with him and he is a coward. They all are and they all have children’s blood on their hands.

  2. Kaye says:

    It’s obvious Governor Abbott never learned the first rule about true leadership: the buck stops here.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    And what about his role in this whole thing? He’s a NRA stooge.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      This is how he’ll play it: “The police is obviously horrible, time to arm the teachers.”

      This info about the police doing the wrong thing is his and NRAs and GOPs wet dream (they won’t admit it, of course, but it is).

      This case is getting worse with every piece of news.

  4. cabooklover says:

    SCOTUS ruled that the police do not have a Constitutional Duty to protect someone, so I don’t think anyone can be arrested or charged.

    • SomeChick says:

      if that’s the case then they need to redesign their logos and get their cars repainted. it would only take a small fix – just add the word “Ourselves” at the end of To Protect and to Serve because as it stands now it is false advertising. FTP

  5. cabooklover says:

    SCOTUS rules that the police don’t have a Constitutional Duty to protect someone, so I don’t think anyone can be charged or arrested.

    • Barbiem says:

      I dont have constitutional duty to take care of my people. But If one of my patients stop breathing and I just look at em, I not only lose my job and license. But im charged with some manslaughter criminal neglect thing. I as a human being dont have to help anyone but once I enter certain professions I thought it was legally punishable if I did not. I have no clue. Im gonna look it up now!

  6. mia girl says:

    I’m sorry, but even if they didn’t know the extent of it, they knew very early on the police & law enforcement actions were a mess.

    Abbott was on camera very soon after the mass shouting. Some commentators on CNN and MSNBC were like, “hmmm that’s odd, Governors don’t usually lead press conferences so soon. It is usually the head of the corresponding police force.”

    Abbott and team were trying to obfuscate and gaslight us with a good guy with a gun narrative to cover the mess. IMO he knew there were mistakes, and I think what he was likely “misled” about was the extent of those mistakes. Fuck them all.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      They will all keep their jobs and benefits. They participated in the murders of children by being too cowardice to save them. What good are they if they refuse to protect young children attending school? Their guns are props to make them feel important. Their oaths are lip service.
      Defund them and start a gun registry.
      I carry and I have no problem with that.

      • 809Matriarch says:

        Sounds like a police force full of scary assed Barney Fife deputies. Except it ain’t funny!

    • FHMom says:

      As I said on a previous thread, the time line here was suspicious from the start. One news agency in big headlines reported there were 30 minutes unaccounted for. Another said there was a 60 minute time gap? WTF I knew it was bad because children were dead and nobody could give an honest accounting of the timeline. I hope these people never get a good night’s sleep.

      Also, how is it that 19 policemen were inside the building with bullets flying in a locked classroom and they DID NOTHING? How come nobody felt compelled to act? Nobody stepped up. I guess that only happens in movies. I swear there are not enough tears to cry over this story.

      • Lynne Davis says:

        A total of 78 minutes (78!) lapsed between the time of the first 911 call and when the police finally confronted the shooter. It is absolutely unconscionable that these poor children and their teachers were left to fend for themselves.

      • kimmy says:

        Those poor poor babies. 78 f***ing minutes.

        Every time I read that it gets harder and harder to fathom that THIS is the world we live in. That our police officers just let a gunman have free range on children for over an hour.

    • Ginger says:

      And the fact that he said it could have been much worse. Just wow. Yeah, a hurricane could have occurred while this school shooting happened but thank God it didn’t. What a POS.

    • Jan90067 says:

      What about the cops that ran in AND GOT *THEIR OWN* KIDS OUT, then ran back out and stood around with their thumbs up their asses????? WHAT ABOUT THAT, ABBOTT ???

      • Miranda says:

        ARE YOU F–KING KIDDING ME?! I’d not heard about that. Is it not being being widely reported, or did I just miss it? (The latter is quite possible, I had to take a break from this story after I heard about the parents be assaulted and arrested by the pathetic, cowardly cops.)

  7. Boxy Lady says:

    Why even bother with these empty words dude? Everyone knows that you and your ilk are corporate shills who have been bought and paid for for ages now. Why not live in that truth? Everyone knows that you and your colleagues won’t do anything to stop these shootings which is why so many in our country are feeling such helplessness and despair. Go away and count your NRA money and stop acting like you care about these unfortunate people who were slaughtered under your watch.

  8. Colby says:

    I’m sure he is livid….but only because this blows an AR15 size hole in the argument that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”

  9. Lucy says:

    Sir, with all due respect (which is none), fuck you. You are responsible for this. The buck stops with you, your policies, your attitudes, your greed, your avarice, your blood list. Fuck you.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    Abbott needs to resign

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      He does, but Dan Patrick is equally as heinous.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I really hope Beto wins the election, but that’s probably not going to happen.

      • Dorothy Zbornak says:

        As a lifelong Texas democrat, I can understand this mentality. But I’m sick and tired of this sh-t and I’ve had enough. Please consider getting involved, making a donation, phone banking, block walking, anything you can do to help. Check out Mothers against greg abbott (maga!) and see if that’s a good fit.

  11. Isabel says:

    It makes no sense to me that so many people have bought into this idea that you’re only as safe as you arm yourself to be. We literally did that already! There’s a reason we don’t live like it’s the wild west because that wasn’t very safe!

    A reddit comment said that all this has done is make sure a parent will show up next time, armed, in no mood to listen to police

    • FHMom says:

      On Twitter someone wrote that anyone who says the best way to be safe from a bad person with a gun is to arm good people, is a person with a lot guns to sell. Truth.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Rant coming..
        I own a gun. The private classes I took were for safety and to desensitize myself to firing it. And in the event of needing to use it for self defense or in defense of others. I feel like some innocence about me is gone from those lessons, but it should be that way. You shouldn’t be comfortable with anyone being able to strut in and purchase a lethal weapon seemingly on a whim.
        I get junk mail for the NRA and it’s all fear monger BS.

        I feel the only way any of us should be armed is after taking lessons. Recertification on safety. A registry. And proving we as individuals are capable of acting under pressure within fractions of moments.

        The gun market is unsafe and unregulated no matter what anyone says.
        If this is too much to ask we should all get only rubber ammo or beanbags. The answer is never “more guns.”

      • SomeChick says:

        I love this comment and couldn’t agree more. I have friends who are responsible gun owners and this bullshit makes them sick. Thank you.

    • one of the marys says:

      I agree @isabel
      The police will have to do so much work and crowd control going forward because the public no longer trust them to respond appropriately

      • Chaine says:

        Translation: police will use this as an excuse to brutally beat, gas, tase, and shoot even more innocent civilians.

      • gah says:

        this is going to make every emergency situation from here on out a freaking free for all. no sane parent is going to defer to cops after this.

        they are going to get armed, get trained and take the safety of their kids into their own hands- this is the logical outcome.

        THEN, the cops are going to turn on the armed parents and escalate, leaving the most vulnerable unprotected while they annihilate desperate humans trying to keep their kids from dying.

        what an absolute clusterfuck.

  12. Sumodo1 says:

    Abbott, the worst governor in America, has so much blood on his hands that we should call him “Carrie.” Remember the San Antonio Walmart shooting? Remember how people died in freezing conditions when the electric grid failed? He’s an affront to humanity.

  13. HeyKay says:

    This entire situation is so heartbreaking.
    I can’t read the details anymore.
    The politicians need to stop covering their butts and start cracking down on gun sales.
    No private citizen “needs” a high powered automatic gun.

    • Nlopez says:

      I feel the same Heykay. I wish one of the cops had had the balls to say let’s do this! And then stormed the school along with the parents. I am heart broken. I can’t imagine those children and teachers last moments, and how their families are suffering.

  14. MsIam says:

    Well between this and the winter storm debacle you would hope he would be run out of the state. Good luck to Beto.

    • Winter Day says:

      @MSIAM I can’t begin to tell you what a nightmare that winter storm was. Power was out all over the place and my house flooded the same day Cruz proceeded to take his little tropical vacation in Cancun. The damage was so bad, it took a year and fighting with our insurance company to restore our home. I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Abbott and Cruz has got to go.

    • Anne says:

      And Abbot and repub’s in Texas have refused to expand Medicaid so the state has 4 million without insurance the largest share of uninsured people in the country. Why poor people continue to vote against their own self interest is grotesque.

  15. Dorothy Zbornak says:

    abbott will throw anyone under the bus to benefit himself. He hailed the cops as heroes and now he’s pretending like they had no idea how the cops massively f-ed up and left children to die while they stood outside. It wasn’t until reporters started asking questions and showed videos of parents in handcuffs and begging for help that the narrative suddenly changed.

    Reporters, please FOIA these “handwritten notes” so we can find out what abbott knew and when. F- this motherf-

    • BeanieBean says:

      This is the lamest ‘it’s not my fault!’ I’ve ever heard. What a disgusting excuse for a human being. I hope Beto wins in a tidal wave, but…. It’s Texas, so I don’t know.

  16. MaryContrary says:

    He’s trying to deflect and use the police as a scapegoat instead of what the problem is: GUNS. And that’s he’s a total pos that’s been bought by the NRA.

  17. Julia K says:

    I am waiting for a good investigative journalist to do a deep dive and tell the real story. ( and hopefully get out of Texas alive)

    • Seraphina says:

      Me too, it may take a while due to all the inconsistencies. I recall telling my friend that night what I read online about it and she was like, that’s weird that doesn’t pan out. I now know why.

    • FHMom says:

      Yes a journalist and a documentarian

    • SomeChick says:

      they will need a strong stomach and an iron will. and it absolutely needs to happen. godspeed to any who take this on! it is a massive public service.

  18. Winter Day says:

    Abbott seriously need to STFU. Beto has my vote and I will be the first one at the polls, in November, to vote this son of a bitch out of office.

  19. Mslove says:

    If these politicians had to live as we live, things would be very different on this planet. If these politicians made a regular income, didn’t have offshore accounts, had crappy health insurance, couldn’t afford formula, IF THEIR KIDS GOT SHOT & KILLED AT SCHOOL, life would be much better on planet earth. But our politicians haven’t been working for us for a very long time, greed has taken over.

    • Erin says:

      Exactly, they feel like they can do anything they want and they do because they are not scared that this will happen to them. They aren’t scared of losing health care or getting into massive debt from medical bills, or any unwanted pregnancy not being taken care of, or going without food or heat or childcare etc.

  20. krista says:

    I read a statement from former prosecutor Sara Spector from Uvalde that said, “As an ex prosecutor from Uvalde, I can say based on my past interactions with Uvalde PD, you will never know the truth about what went down in that school until every inch of video tape is released to the press.”

    The inferred implication that the city has covered up things in the past to save their behinds is very interesting when thinking about how this will move forward.

    • Julia K says:

      This is scary if true and I have no reason to believe it’s not.

      • Dorothy Zbornak says:

        Cops always, always lie and cover up for each other. I believe this woman 100%.

    • Robot Dog says:

      Of course they’re lying. Remember the “official story” the cops released about George Floyd before the video came out?

  21. Plums says:

    Because isd police aren’t armed to defend children from a mass shooter; they’re armed to intimidate and bully and arrest defenseless, poor minority children.

    • Twin Falls says:

      +1 research shows that expulsions, suspensions, and harassment of minority and female students increase in schools with SSOs. And mass murders of children still happen. More cops is the wrong solution.

      My two senators are both Dems but I’ve written them both to express my anger and disappointment in the lack of federal gun control legislation.

      Everyone should be as fired up and willing to speak up as Beto. It’s a national crisis.

      The same people who couldn’t draft forced birth legislation fast enough now say laws on gun control won’t work. Pass them and let’s find out ffs.

  22. Giddy says:

    Texan here, with headaches from crying and lack of sleep. Abbott is a fool, an NRA stooge, who would have proudly been on the stage at the NRA convention in Houston if Uvalde hadn’t occurred. He is joined in the idiot hall of fame by Ted Cruz, a true gun loving weasel of a man. So many mistakes were made by the incompetent Keystone Kops of Uvalde. They were cowards who saved their own children and left the others to be killed. I repeat…they entered the school to save their own children and left the other children behind. Abbott, Cruz, the Uvalde cops, all have blood on their hands. I was already a volunteer in Beto O’Rourke’s campaign to beat Abbott, and I will double my commitment now. Jesus wept and I did too.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Just for clarity, it was one off duty Border patrol guy whose wife was a teacher. She called him re active shooter. He was at a barbershop, borrowed the shotgun from his barber, and knowing what wing his wife and child were in, he cleared classrooms until he got to theirs. I don’t know what he did after that ( wasn’t in the report I read) but let’s not shit on him compared to the multiple cops who stood around while tennis ball sized holes were made in children. Children whose parents then had to provide dna to identify their children because of the location of those tennis ball sized holes. Let that sink in.

      I need prozac.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Great detail, thanks. But…it’s such a Texan thing, isn’t it? He’s at the barbershop & borrows the barber’s shotgun. Where else would a barber even have a shotgun in his shop? Makes no sense to me.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        IDK Beanie Bean- maybe he’s been robbed before; maybe he’s just another macho asshole. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Truthiness says:

      Way to go Giddy, this is the right answer. 💕 Throw Abbott out of office.

  23. Well Wisher says:

    💔 for the families. No words. All I can think is scriptural so I send the healing and right energy to the people most affected by this.
    The state of Texas has democratically elected officals, it is now up to the citizens to consent to be govern by the above mentioned governor.

  24. Concern Fae says:

    Dude, the cops have been lying to you about almost everything all along.

  25. K says:

    Let me clear this up for you Greg, you NRA lackey. Actually let the 911 call from a 10 yr old girl clear it up. “We are in trouble. Please send the police “. So, Greg this 10 yr old had the amazing presence of mind to be able to communicate clearly and concisely during a MASSACRE while you have the gall and cowardice to bleat about not knowing how to govern. The only thing you and your fellow assault rifle NRA flunkies now how to do is take money covered in the blood of kids. F#ck you.

  26. Gabby says:

    If Abbott can be fooled by the Uvalde PD, then he is an idiot and needs to step down.

    If Abbott has to pretend he isn’t really speaking at the NRA convention but sends a video message, then he is a coward as well as an idiot and needs to step down.

    If Abbott doesn’t send state police to take over as interim Uvalde PD until the investigation is complete and competent people are in place, then he just doesn’t give a shit as well as being a coward and an idiot, and needs to step down.

    I bet the police would have gone in if whomever called 911 had said an abortion was being performed at the school.

    Why wasn’t the school resource officer on campus at the time? He only showed up after 911 was called. Where was he and what was he doing? Shouldn’t he be on site when school is in session? And then drove right by the suspect who ducked behind a car in the parking lot?

  27. Linney says:

    Once again, the police are lazy/incompetent/corrupt/racist, and then claim they are heros. And if anyone dares question them, the police point a finger at the person and say they are interfering/ignorant/determined to cause trouble/should be arrested. This hideous story just goes on and on in this country. My close relative was a police officer (years ago) and he took his job so seriously. I always had so much respect for the police. That respect is long gone, replaced by disgust. My son said it makes him sick how the argument on the “police” side is we should give them a break because they risk their lives for the community. But, according to my son, when do we ever hear complaints about firefighters? Hardly ever. Why not? Because even though they constantly risk their lives, they can’t arrest people and they don’t feel they are above the law. The main goal of every police officer in a higher up position is to protect their turf and put a wall up. Truth, justice and the public be damned.

    • Guest says:

      Do people often try to kill or harm firefighters when they’re doing their jobs? What do firefighters do when they arrive to a scene where someone might actively try and hurt them? They stage blocks away and wait for police to make it safe. I’m all for comparisons as long as the two are truly comparable.

      This Uvalde situation is beyond disgusting, and I cannot wrap my head around how those cops stood outside and did nothing for those terrified, helpless children. Let’s focus on that rather than shaming an entire profession.

      • Linney says:

        I get your point, and I am the last person to paint an entire group with the same brush. But who was trying to actively hurt the Uvalde police (other than the shooter)? No one. Did the parents throw rocks at the police upon arrival? No. And if the police really behaved appropriately, why were so many lies told afterwards? If I got that much double talk from my teenager, I’d know he’d not behaved correctly. I understand there are many fine people in law enforcement, but I also have personally experienced this terrible behavior followed by self-protection/blaming of others. I hate feeling this way, but my overall opinion is negative. We can agree to disagree.

      • Guest says:

        Linney, responses like yours are the reason I have loved this site for years. This is one of the few online communities where I feel like I’m constantly seeing new perspectives, learning new things, and we can all walk away respectfully agreeing to disagree when necessary.

      • gah says:

        the corruption of police departments- their incompetence, their obfuscation, runs deep.

        I invite you to read transcripts of every PD press conference in history and find one that appropriately 1. takes responsibility if something heinous went down. 2. acknowledges clearly WHO made the mistake and what the mistake was and 3. creates a clear plan to address the shortcomings in the future.

        please let me know if you come across even one.

        across decades and scenarios LE leadership evade responsibility, circle their wagons around their own and double down on their commitment to a dominant culture of racism, misogyny and abuse of power.

        are there some decent LE professionals? yes but to exist and thrive in that truly messed up system, they MUST conform.

        so please don’t come over here and “not all popo” me. I am not buying it and neither should you.

        they’re rotten. to. the. core. the decent ones just less obviously so.

    • Linney says:

      Right back at you! We might disagree, but as you say, I have learned so much from this board. Other people’s viewpoints are fascinating, and the insight of many of the contributors is amazing.

  28. Nibbi says:

    Eh, now he’s just throwing the police department under the bus. He’s fully part of the bullshit dirty-money culture of violence that is why these things happen.

    • Lionel says:

      Seriously. We’ve reached a dark day when the GOP is ready to sacrifice the police for the sake of the NRA.

  29. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Therre is a national organization “March For Our Lives” which is having a protest in WA DC on June 11th. There are protests being organized nationwide. If there isn’t one in your city, you can organize one. I believe they have a form you can fill out.

    Here is the link (I hope you allow this, Kaiser) and go to the middle of the page to check the map to see if there is already a march organized for your city. I saw on twitter a link they sent someone to fill out for a march to organize. You might check there, too.

    If these extremists who call themselves Republicans are voted into office again, I can see non stop protests in my future. There are too many things we need to keep the pressure on.

    I keep wondering if the FBI can investigate this. It definitely seems to me that an outside investigation needs to happen. I mean outside of TEXAS. I don’t trust anyone there in law enforcement to be honest.

  30. AmyB says:

    Each day, this gets worse and worse! I saw the FBI is now investigating exactly what happened with the Uvalde police, and their inactions in this horrific mass shootings. Abbott’s comment “it could have been worse” HOW IS THAT you f**king asshole????

    All of them – the government-elected officials in Texas, have blood on their hands for this! I do hope there is legal repercussions for the school district Chief of Police who decided to do nothing. In addition to the police officers, who didn’t go into the school, but chose to restrain, pepper spray parents INSTEAD!! I have seen reports that some of the officers went in and retrieved THEIR OWN children – has this been confirmed, does anyone know??

  31. Eggbert says:

    💯 Kaiser. People need to be charged with manslaughter for their incompetence and thrown in jail.

  32. Giddy says:

    Commenting again, I just saw this online and it’s perfect in expressing what Republicans can do when they really want to control something.

    “How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants
    to get an abortion – mandatory 48-hr waiting period, parental permission, a note from his
    doctor proving he understands what he’s about to do, a video he has to watch about the effects
    of gun violence, and an ultrasound wand up the ass (just because). Let’s close down all but one
    gun shop in every state and make him travel hundreds of miles, take time off work, and stay
    overnight in a strange town to get a gun. Make him walk through a gauntlet of people holding
    photos of loved ones who were shot to death, people who call him a murderer and beg him not
    to buy a gun. It makes more sense to do this with young men and guns than with women and health care, right? I mean, no woman getting an abortion has killed a room full of people in seconds, right?”

  33. Lionel says:

    Abbott: “I just said what they told me to say.”

    That pretty much sums it up.

  34. Dorothy Zbornak says:

    If anyone sees this, please consider making a donation or joining Mothers Against greg abbott (maga). This will be an uphill fight to unseat him and every other loathsome g*p b*stars and we need all the help we can get.

  35. Miranda says:

    Somebody please explain how Texas went into hysterics over abortion and is now essentially forcing women to give birth, but once those children are born, they make NO EFFORT AT ALL to protect them. Not from poverty, not from food insecurity, not from ill health, not from domestic violence, and not even from a f–king monster who barricaded those babies in a room and picked them off with an assault weapon. Please, enlighten us all, because there is some absolutely epic cognitive f–king dissonance going on here.

    • Lucy says:

      Texas has been in a gd strangle hold by the GOP since Anne Richards died, we are gerrymandered to hell and back, but sure, blame the people who live here. That kind of shit makes it harder for dems to win, because ppl can feel when you think they’re helpless morons. Abbott has been able to count on high rural turnout and dems at the national level putting no money or effort into our elections because they think it’s a waste of their $, sinking us further behind every election cycle. People who aren’t Republican feel helpless. But please tell me how it’s their fault.

      • Isabella says:

        My relatives all vote Republican and it’s not because Dems think they’re helpless morons. That’s just another excuse. But I feel your pain. And thanks for posting. It is good to hear another voice besides Gov. Abbott.

      • Miranda says:

        @Lucy – I apologize that my comment came across as blaming ALL individual Texans. That was not my intention at all, and I should have made it clearer that I was asking for an explanation of your state government’s deranged mindset (and even that was pretty much a rhetorical question, because I don’t think that any explanation could ever be satisfactory). I know so many of you are fighting like hell to get rid of the Republicans who are holding your state hostage, and I’m one of many non-Texans who have donated to Beto’s campaign because I think your battle is America’s battle. I’m not sure what part of my comment lead you to think that I consider Texas a lost cause, or that I believe no one should bother voting, but that’s not the case at all.

  36. Virginfangirl says:

    The bigger conversation is why the hell the Republicans think it’s ok to send the first responder who is often only armed with a pistol to their death with no attempted solution to this problem. I agree it’s the job of police officers to put their lives on the line. But it’s also the job of our politicians to mitigate their risk.

    • SomeChick says:

      the even bigger conversation is why are teenagers allowed to purchase assault rifles? they’re too young to drink but old enough to wield deadly force?! it’s ridiculous.

  37. why says:

    He looks like an undead that needs the blood of the innocent to continue roaming the earth. it is not just his hands that are covered in blood, he is drenched in their blood. We all wish he is haunted by nightmares but nah. People like him sleep easy at night.

  38. Isabella says:

    It’s terrible to think police waited until they were pretty sure all the children were dead. That image keeps me up at night and my baby wasn’t even in that school.

  39. Cj says:

    They’ll never file criminal charges against the cops so the parents should file a class-action civil suit against them for wrongful death. Their inaction is responsible for those kids dying. Let them try and prove otherwise.

  40. Diamond Rottweiler says:

    It’s cheering to see how many politically savvy people comment here. I’ll add absolutely nothing changes for TX unless the fundamental and massive corruption of gerrymandering is addressed. TX is the 5th most gerrymandered state in America (according to Politifact) and that’s only getting worse with the GOP’s sophisticated district models that mathematically pinpoint for “cracking and packing.” Why the DNC doesn’t use any of its resources to educate “lower information” voters around this is a mystery to me. People glaze over when they hear the word “gerrymander” as if it’s too complicated to address (it’s not). And not addressing it meaningfully is one major reason we’re now increasingly ruled by a fascist white supremacist minority.