The Cambridges will be sent to Wales on June 4th, Lilibet’s first birthday

Three weeks ago, we learned that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were being sent to Wales during the Jubbly. It was a hilarious moment. To be fair, William and Kate are not being “sent away” for the entire four-day Jubblyshambles, and to be fair, all of the senior working royals are expected to spend half-days in all of the countries making up the United Kingdom during the Jubbly. Princess Anne, the Wessexes, Prince Charles and Camilla are all being sent away too. It just so happens that William and Kate are being sent to Wales on Lilibet’s first birthday, when the Queen plans to attend a little birthday party for her great-granddaughter at Frogmore Cottage.

William and Kate will visit Cardiff on Saturday as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, while Harry and Meghan are to ‘meet the Queen as they celebrate Lilibet’s first birthday’ more than 130 miles away.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will meet performers and crew involved in a special Platinum Jubilee Celebration Concert taking place within the grounds of Cardiff Castle, Buckingham Palace has confirmed. The couple will view rehearsals and meet some of the acts taking part in the celebrations, including Bonnie Tyler and Owain Wynn Evans. Hosted by Aled Jones and Shan Cothi, the concert will also feature live performances from Wales’ best known singers and entertainers alongside choirs, bands and orchestras.

Meanwhile, though, it is believed the Queen may meet Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet for the first time at the soon-to-be one-year-old’s birthday party the same day. The 96-year-old monarch, who Lilibet is named after, is likely to miss her favourite sporting event, the Derby horse races at Epsom, for the little one’s birthday.

[From The Daily Mail]

Again, this is all being stage-managed behind the scenes down to the minute, except that Harry and Meghan are the wild cards because they haven’t given the palace aides too many details about their movements. Will and Kate are being sent to Wales on Saturday for a reason, and I suspect that reason is “to keep William and Harry apart as much as possible.” That being said, on Friday, we’ll see the Cambridges and Sussexes in the same place, St. Paul’s Cathedral, for the service of thanksgiving for the Queen’s historic reign. It’s more than likely that will be the only time we see the Cambridges and Sussexes in the same place at the same time. And it’s still hilarious to me that the Queen told everyone to go away so she can get some private time with Harry, Meghan and their kids.

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  1. Flower says:

    So they won’t be at the Birthday / Christening party ….?

    • PaulaH says:

      The trip is the excuse as to why Baldy/Mumbles are not in attendance in case any pictures are released.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Articles are already out saying the Cambridges will not attend because of this “prior engagement” which is bs as the queen is backing out of an event for this.

        The Cams need any excuse to not be seen as they are. Petty, insecure, dull and racist. They cancel events at the drop of a hat and have done so for over a decade now.

      • Roo says:

        I think Egg and Khate are being away to ensure that there are no leaks when Gamgam meets her great-grandchildren, and it’s not so much about protecting their delicate constitutions.

        I’m so interested to see how they handle the interactions with H and M at the service. We all know they aren’t very mature, emotionally intelligent or dignified, and that they were criticized (at least overseas) for their childish behavior last time.

    • AnnaKist says:

      They should have been sent to Northern Ireland. It’s farther away, with a sea in-between. Harder for them to race back … 🤭

    • Isabella says:

      Does anybody know where Charles will be? He is the actual grandfather. It is weird that the press is fixated on the great-grandmother role, as if that is the closest tie. It is really strange that Charles has zero relationship with his Sussex grandchildren.

  2. To me this is once again confirmation that is was William who made the disgusting skin color comment. Keep that trash far away from those sweet babies.

    • IForget says:

      Yep, agreed 100%. There were and are so many times that the signs pionted to the fact it’s the Keens who made the comment, and continue to uphold their white supremacist values.

      You can tell Harry wasn’t playing games when it comes to his family’s security. I hope everyone remains safe, and Lilibet sr and Lilibet jr get to have some quality time together.

    • Flower says:

      Agreed 100%

    • Becks1 says:

      Agreed. They don’t want William anywhere near their children.

    • Shawna says:

      It wouldn’t be surprising if H&M are trying to ensure W&K *never* get a glance at Lilibet in person.

      • Babz says:

        This could be one of the items Harry negotiated for the trip – no balcony appearance, requested security procedures in place, and no private contact between his family and the Cambridges. He’s not playing when it comes to Meghan and his babies. It all but screams that Will is the culprit behind questioning Archie’s skin color, and Harry isn’t going to allow him to see the kiddos in person.

      • MY3CENTS says:

        I’m sure this was a request by H&M. Willnot & Khate would have jumped at the opportunity for some photos holding Lilly ,see? very much not a racist family. Everything good here.

    • Christine says:

      I completely agree. They could stamp “It was William” on his forehead and it wouldn’t be more clear.

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    That will be a nice chunk of time they’ll get to spend together without intrusion or the stress of TOBB gritting down their necks.

    • Over it says:

      Absolutely agree with you. The queen was like, be gone. I want peaceful quality time with people who I actually enjoy being around.

  4. ohrhilly says:

    Scarole and Egg are gonna be busy churning out bs. No rest for the wicked.

    • C says:

      LOL @ Scarole and Egg. The new names everyone comes up with are killing me. Someone else called Will and Kate Chopper and Chutney on another post. Hilarious.

  5. taris says:

    does anybody remember how completely unhinged the BM were exactly a year ago when lili was born? and all the nasty stuff they were putting out then literally on a daily basis? i do.
    now i see they’re drooling over the sussexes returning to that island (while also melting down about some “drama” that might happen?) + cooing over the lilibets finally meeting.

    how do these people not lose their damn minds with all this back and forth? (the BM, i mean; they can’t keep their stories straight).
    is this not actually truly exhausting for them?

  6. TheOriginalMia says:

    Oh, no. That’s too bad. I’m sure H&M wanted them there. /sarcasm. No, seriously, damn…Queenie ain’t taking no chances those two will mess up this visit with the Sussexes. I’m thrilled. I was thinking this morning Kate would try to find some way to horn in on Lili’s birthday to cement her Peacekeeper status.

    • The Duchess says:

      There’s no chance of that happening. We all saw how Kate was punished when she made Phil’s funeral all about her. The Scambridges haven’t got a leg to stand on when it comes to the Jubbly. I think they’ve been told to be on their best behaviour and if they dare step out of line, then they’ll be punished more than being sent off to Wales. Good riddance.

      • The Henche says:

        There was a story about that in the press yesterday – specifically that the Cambridges and, the article said, the Sussexes, had been told to be on best behaviour because it was noted that they looked ‘actively hostile’ during the Commonwealth service. Translating the double speak, we know that the Cambridges have obviously had a talking to.

        ETA no idea why my name has gained an ‘e’ but can’t change it now 🤦‍♀️

      • Roo says:

        I wonder if the Queen has been holding off on giving them any new castles until she sees them act right during her Jubbly?

      • Deering24 says:

        Roo—or the Queen told them to split before she dropped a castle _on_ them. 🤣😈😎

      • SomeChick says:

        Hench With an E! I kinda like it. = )
        that is weird tho.

  7. AmelieOriginal says:

    Good, Cambridges begone! I’m assuming William is only too happy to comply and have an excuse about “royal Jubilee duties” but it must chafe at him that the Sussexes are getting special alone time with the Queen haha. Never in a million years when he started leaking stories about Meghan and maintaining his “Meghan and Harry are the worst” narrative did he imagine this would be the result and I think it’s hilarious.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    It couldn’t be more obvious that the Palace is trying to keep the Cambridges away from the Sussexes which leads to believe that the seating arrangements at St Paul’s are not going to follow the order of precedence and will ensure that Harry and Meghan will not seated near Will and Kate. The Palace don’t want a repeat of Commonwealth Day Service when the Cambridges couldn’t behave properly.

    • C says:

      I will laugh my ass off if they are on opposite sides, with people gravitating towards H&M’s light and the others gritting their teeth at the Cambridges’ adult version of the lunch table nobody wants to sit at.

    • Steph says:

      I’m really curious to see the seating arrangements. They’ll have to explain it if it isn’t order of precedence. Order of precedence of working royals? So then will they be with Andrew?

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Steph, I wonder if the article that said they would all be attending as family is the clue for the seating arrangements? Perhaps they won’t be following some protocol and instead be something more like the memorial service for PP. H&M could be with Bea and Edo (and Eugenie & Jack if they’re there).

      • anotherlily says:

        It may be like the memorial service where the Queen’s children took precedence over the grandchildren in seating arrangements. It put the Cambridges behind Princess Anne and her husband.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree with you that its super obvious which is hilarious. Tell us which royal made the racist comment about Archie without telling us, you know?

      I am also curious about the seating arrangements. I think they’re going to go out of their way to separate the Cambridges and the Sussexes.

    • PrincessK says:

      I am not so sure. They may be in Wales in the morning and helicopter back to Windsor by afternoon. I really believe that the Cambridge children and others will be at the birthday party.

      • The Hench says:

        Logistically they absolutely could do that but, I think if they were going to be there, they would have gone for the good press of saying that they would make sure to attend. After all, William has literally just been putting stories out there about Facetiming his brother

      • Christine says:

        That Facetiming story made me LOL. Sure they are.

  9. Call Me Mabel says:

    Better be careful. The way that last Cambridge royal visits went, Wales might be the next one to tell William to shove it.

    • equality says:

      Maybe they will make it clear that after PC, the POW title needs to be not given to another Brit and should be retired or given to someone actually Welsh.

      • KFG says:

        The Welsh took out huge billboards saying no POW and calling out Egg and Chuck. Chuck is hoping the Cambs screw up so these failures go under Betty’s reign and not his.

      • The Hench says:

        Or a demand for reparations? There aren’t many countries in the world that don’t have a case against the English for reparations…..

    • Gabby says:

      Hahahah – Prince William get off our land!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes!!! Get your racist and misogynistic arse OFF of our land!! We don’t like “your kind” of people….

  10. Colby says:

    Two things confirmed here for me:
    1. William and Harry are NOT back to being buddy buddy (not that the story was believable in the first place, but to put a point in it…)
    2. It was William who made the comment about H&Ms kid’s skin tone.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I’m starting to think he said alot more than just concerns about Archie’s skin tone.

      • Becks1 says:

        I mean, just think about what we know. William and Kate were the masterminds of the Great Smear Campaign (no they werent the only ones, but they were definitely the biggest players in it.) The FlyBe stunt. Jason Knauf going to the MoS and giving them his emails and texts to try to help them win their case (clearly with William’s approval or at his direction.)

        Those are three big things off the top of my head without getting into some of the details of the GSC (like Kate crying etc). And that’s just what we know! I can’t imagine what was going on behind the scenes.

      • Southern Fried says:

        Same, same threw a racist hateful tantrum about Meghan, or 5. Both PWilly and Kate probably insulted M right to her face. They are just the worst.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Absolutely @ Amy Bee!! I wouldn’t put anything past that pasty headed egg head to make some vile, racist comments to Meghans face, and more likely to Harry’s. I think it’s safe to assume that all roads of “Great Smear Campaign” leads directly to Bullyiam with his pasty hairless head, and his buck tooth that’s 5 steps ahead of him.

        Imagine your life, a world in which you never have to “need” for anything, to which you will have the opportunity to unite several nations. Your potential to bring and build together a beautiful and prosperous future for everyone. Build upon strengths and eliminate disadvantages for everyone. Bring together everyone and encourage others to provide to lend a helping hand, all for the better for the future. No exclusions, no limitations or excuses, everyone is invited to the table to break bread and to speak to each other and listen. other and listen to the words being spoken and hear the pain and unhappiness.

        Yet, for all of that your future holds, your uncontrollable jealousy and pettiness of your little brother, you have willfully stained your duty and reputation from here on out. What an empty, vile, disgusting existence that Bullyiam is living. That includes his Waity mattress as well, as she is no better.

        For what?

      • Deering24 says:

        BothSidesNow, proof once again that having “everything” means nothing if you aren’t about anything.

      • Haylie says:

        Don’t be surprised if “termination” of pregnancy was one of the conversations.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Haylie, without a doubt. Including a question as to whether Harry was the actual father as well. I wouldn’t put anything past that vile sniveling coward.

  11. Snuffles says:

    “It’s more than likely that will be the only time we see the Cambridges and Sussexes in the same place at the same time. ”

    In public, surrounded by hundreds of others while being live streamed to millions. Where they will be forced to be on their best behavior and making it difficult for them to set any false narratives.

    Making it crystal clear that they will be no where near the Sussex’s in any private capacity so they can’t make up stories about behind the scenes behavior either.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Snuffles: With only a pool reporter and photographer in attendance.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      It’s giving, “S P A C E”.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Snuffles, Harry and W were cordial (or should I say polite?) at the Diana Statue unveiling. I guess W could do that again? It’ll be interesting to see what KHate does.

      • seaflower says:

        K will be manic grins and overly exuberant. She’ll probably have George and Charlotte there to deflect from the Sussex’s.

  12. Jais says:

    Honestly, I kind of think that Harry and Meghan strait up do not want the Cambridges, William or Kate, around their kids for any significant period of time. Makes total sense to me.

    • L84Tea says:

      THIS. I think the vibe from both H&M towards the Cambridges is 100% “stay away from us”.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Absolutely. Really, at this point it’s quite clear that neither side has any desire for their families to get together. It’s truly for the best that the Sussex kids are shielded/protected from interacting with the entire Cambridge branch, for a multitude of reasons.

    • Charm says:

      Absolutely. When H told Hoda Kotb that he “wasnt sure yet” if he & his family would attend the jubbly because there were “security issues AND OTHER THINGS” to be worked out, it occurred to me that the “other things” that needed to be worked out included Sussex stipulations on what they will allow/tolerate and what they wont.

      This is why you hv BP snitches telling the shidtmedia that apart from the thanksgiving service and the no-appearance on the balcony, the Sussexes were keeping their movements and activities frustratingly close to their chest. LMAO

    • Gabby says:

      I love that William is now fully aware that one of Harry’s demands to attend this thing was “Keep W&K away from us”. And that BP and CH were only too happy to comply.

  13. Beach Dreams says:

    I’m sure Dull and Duller have mixed feelings about the whole thing. They’ve always been dismissive about the Sussex children (I will forever point out how they refused to even say a simple “Congratulations! We’re happy for them” when asked about Archie’s birth) so they’ll no doubt be glad for the excuse not to be there. However, on a public front it still looks quite bad that they won’t be present and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll even meet Lilibet (which is for the best of the kids frankly).

    I know some wayward royalists will come crawling to this post squawking about how “they’re NOT being exiled or excluded, they’re the future PPOW, it makes sense for them to go to Wales!!!”, but it just doesn’t look good. In fact, it singles out Will and Kate as the problem, just like the private Sussex visit a month ago while they were vacationing in Switzerland singled them out as the problem. I think they’re actually quite aware of that too, which is why they’ve been scrambling to distract and redirect since that visit (the photo op at Windsor with Louis running around the car, bringing the kids to the Easter service, etc.)

    • L84Tea says:

      That’s what I love about this. The Sussexes don’t have to actually say a word. Their simple actions of when and where tell us everything, and it clearly spells out that W&K are the problem here.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think this is Clarence House and Buckingham Palace’s passive aggressive way of saying that the Cambridges were the problem. They were behind the leaks, the smear campaign and the racist comments.

      Not that Charles and the Queen didn’t play a part, but I think their biggest sin was not reigning the Cambridges in or publicly sticking up for the Sussex’s.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Its long been said that TQ and Chuck are ostrich’s – they stick their head in the sand rather than deal with it. It being William in this instance – there has ALWAYS been behaviour issues with William that even predate the death of his mother.

      • Alice says:

        To go with the commenter below: Charles’s valet wrote a book when Harry was a baby that talked about how horribly behaved Will was.

      • Snuffles says:

        This is how I worked it out in my head.

        I don’t think Charles or the Queen ever wanted Harry and Meghan to leave. I think both of them were smart enough that Meghan would appeal to POC’s within the UK and the Commonwealth. The Cambridges, on the other hand got hella triggered for a wide variety of reasons. Kate because in her mind Meghan stole Harry from her and resented the fact that, unlike Will, Harry was not only head over heals in love with Meghan, was willing to lay down his life to fight for her. William, also feared that Meghan was stealing Harry but saw that she would push back on letting them use Harry as this personal workhorse and scapegoat. And Meghan probably quickly peeped what a scam the Royals Foundation was and made moves to protect her projects and money for her projects. He knew she wouldn’t turn a blind eye to his shenanigans. And, of course, both were brain rattling jealous of their popularity and star power. The very idea that they would have to actually work to keep up with them horrified them.

        So the Cambridges got to work to drive Meghan out of Harry’s life, dead or alive. And actively made moves to destroy her reputation. I think Charles and the Queen were well aware of this but did nothing. Well, they let the Sussex’s move offices so they could do their work on their own terms. But they did nothing to stop the smear campaign. They did not take Harry and Meghan’s pleas for help seriously. Charles just assumed it was par for the course and they should suck it up like he did. The Queen was probably like “la la la, it will go away eventually!” And neither could properly wrap their heads around the racism Meghan was experiencing.

        I wonder if during this “bullying” investigation, that CH and KP finally got the full scope of the active harm that the Cambridges were perpetrating against them.

      • G says:

        I get the sense that TQ didn’t know the full extent of barrage H&M faced while in the UK. Likely that the grey suits kept things from her and CH & KP took advantage of that. She likely expected the normal level of press vitriol like her younger sister or kids have dealt with. Things came out post Oprah and she’s dug in. Now she’s responding her way and they don’t know where to hide! See how silent everyone is on the bullying allegations..

      • L84Tea says:

        @Snuffles, I think you are spot on. I think that’s exactly how it went down. They allowed their fear of dealing with William to cloud their judgement of how to deal with the Sussex popularity bubble. Had Charles gotten William (and Kate) under control in the beginning, things could have been so different. But I’m glad it worked out the way it did. Meghan and Harry are free and William gets to watch them from inside his gold encrusted prison cell.

      • Deering24 says:

        But why were the Queen and Charles so reluctant to drop the hammer on William in the first place? They’ve had plenty of warning he’s awful—and it would be only a matter of time before he did something truly unforgivable. They were in the driver’s seat here.

    • one of the marys says:

      @beach dreams
      I totally agree, this does not look good for the Cambridges. Do they understand the hit their reputation has taken this year? Now the Sussex family is arriving and the Cambridges are being sent out of town. That’s really sobering and sad. Are they motivated at all to redeem themselves??

  14. Mooney says:

    We clearly remember Keens thigh flashing and attention grabbing nasty smirk at Archie’s Christening. And Burger King’s jaw clenching sneer. Yeah, good thing the pests are away. For once, someone in palace is using their brain.

    Methinks it was Harry’s condition for bringing his family. He must have reminded them of their bitchiness in the CW service.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    I’m just imagining Will and Kate constantly bullying and badgering Meghan and Harry when they were at KP. Who can blame them for not wanting to be around the Cambridges?

  16. Digital Unicorn says:

    LOL at Khate in that first photo – the head tilt and facial expression are all stepford fembot ready to blow.

    And yeah i agree with others that they are being kept apart from the Keens – TQ and Chuck want to spend time with the kids without the Keens around to leak about it.

    • Chaine says:

      Haha my thought exactly. She looks like an android that is still learning how to approximate human body language.

    • TeamMeg says:

      That sad, mint green “frock” is inexcusable and irredeemable in 2022. Fug to the mug.

    • booboocita says:

      Honestly, that head tilt is just like my German Shepherd. But he looks cute when he does it.

  17. Steph says:

    Do you think the Cambridge kids will be invited? I know Harry one had a really warm relationship with George and Charlotte (everything fell apart by the time Louis arrived).

    • Jais says:

      No, I don’t think the Cambridge kids will be invited. They weren’t even allowed to interact with baby Archie at a polo match. Also, anything the kids innocently say to the parents will be leaked to the tabloids. Archie was so funny, yelling and running around everywhere(as 3 year olds do), becomes the sussex child doesn’t know how to behave himself.

    • PrincessK says:

      It is very likely that the Cambridge children will be invited. In fact I actually think it will be a family portrait time.

      • Jais says:

        I mean maybe? The Cambridges are going to wales, helicoptering or private planing it back, and then are they going to the concert at night? There is a small window of time in which it could happen. Never say never. Either way, the Sussexes will be very protective of their kids and very wary of anything leaking. Heaven forbid, Archie makes Charlotte cry. Sorry, I don’t think that will actually happen but I don’t put it past someone saying that it happened. Based on past experiences and all. Overall though, there is a very FAFO vibe going on in which the sussexes are clearly saying don’t mess with our kids.

    • Beverley says:

      I certainly hope not. It’s likely that George and Charlotte have already formed their own ideas about their Sussex cousins based on their parents’ narrative. I’ll never believe that the subject of Harry and Meghan is ever discussed in a positive light in the Cambridge household and it’s likely that George and Charlotte already have ingrained negativity towards their Aunt and Uncle. And they’re both old enough to say something horrid to Archie. I hope they’re kept far away from the Sussex children.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Steph, I doubt that Harry had a warm relationship with the Cambridge children. I believe that 1) he was too busy; 2) he wasn’t going to be around KHate any more often than necessary, because of her flirting; 3) just another story out there (from W&K?) that the brothers were so close, etc. I doubt the brothers had been close for years before any children came on the scene.

  18. Over it says:

    Start working on fixing your face kate and Willy, you gon need it . Lol. There goes those Harry and Willy are bff stories right out the window. Lol.

  19. Renae says:

    Side note: Meghan now no longer has to wear flying saucers on her head…..or creations that look like something a child would make out of pipe cleaners, glue, ribbons and construction paper!
    Menawhile, Katy can wear ALL her buttons/mutton sleeves and pretend she’s Mary Poppins!

  20. Lizzie says:

    Oh, I bet the brothers keep Facetiming. jk

  21. Vanessa says:

    I will never understand why some people keep insisting or wanting the Cambridge’s kids to hang out with Lily and Archie . The Cambridge’s Kids are being Raised by two Racist jealous petty cruel bullies who help the press tormented Meghan while she was pregnant with baby Archie Kate famously said and I Quote spring time is such a wonderful time to have babies she wouldn’t not even congratulate Meghan publicity. William famously said I already have a nephew when people ask Him about Archie before he was born kate famously ignored baby Archie and Meghan at polo match wouldn’t not allow her kids to go near Archie or Meghan. Kate and William don’t give a damn about Lilibet or Archie I’m sure their kids already have heard enough negativity about Meghan and Harry and their kids . People need to give up this fantasy of the Cambridge’s kids and the Sussex kids playing together being a normal cousins . The Cambridge’s are two stupid and petty horrible human being who are too stuck in their white supremacy ways to every allow their kids to hang with Harry and Meghan kids .

    • Beach Dreams says:

      He actually said “I’m already an uncle” but yeah, completely agreed.

      • PrincessK says:

        I was incensed and disgusted by that comment.
        However, when William goes low, Harry needs to go high.

      • Roan Inish says:

        @PrincessK I don’t remember the context for that comment. What did he mean by that?

      • C says:

        He doesn’t need to go high. Remember the polo match with baby Archie. The Cambridge kids ignored both him and Meghan (except Louis who was too young to understand) and it’s obviously on instruction of their parents.
        There’s no reason at all why he should put himself out there for his kids to connect to William’s. They can do that themselves if they want but it’s not Harry’s responsibility.
        He said himself “he’s got his kids and I’ve got mine”.

    • Jais says:

      “Springtime is such a wonderful time to have babies”
      That is another detail that I don’t remember!
      Wow, no congratulations but just an airy response. Wow, just wow. Legit question. Has Kate ever actually said Meghan’s name aloud in public? Has William?

      • tamsin says:

        “Springtime is such a wonderful time to have babies.” Yeah, for livestock. The comment is so ridiculous. Who would think that way? Obviously, Kate is incapable of thinking on her feet, or gave no thought to what her response should be to the question, which she must have known would be asked. And rather dehumanizing for Megan, making her to be like a brood mare. Now Kate, if she gets divorced, will have been a brood mare. That’s how they treated Diana, I guess.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t believe that Kate has ever said Meghan’s name publicly. That remains bizarre.

    • windyriver says:

      On top of everything else, the ages are so different. Can’t see George, and likely also Charlotte, being that interested in spending much time with a baby and a three year old. Louis is the only one in the right age range.

  22. Layla says:

    Insert Meghan’s wave from her ‘The Bench’ reading on brightly storytime…


  23. Steph says:

    I can’t with the top picture? They look like confused dogs on their first day of training.

  24. Ace says:

    I still don’t believe anything in the British tablois about any kind of birthday party for Lili because they don’t know shit about the Sussexes plans, neither do BP, CH or KP.

    But it’s really entertaining to think they do and that the Keens have been sent away just in case they try to crash the party. Or maybe send their kids so they can leak something to the Fail.

  25. Margaret says:

    Kate is somewhere getting fillers, updating her wardrobe. I hope the children are photographed on the uk, and harry and meghan are only photographed at the church. Give the haters what they supposedly want.
    Believe you me, they are dying to see the a Sussexes, I mean they have to have material to tear them down with. I say leave them thirsty, and wanting.

  26. dido says:

    As much as I dislike the whole institution, I’m glad the queen is still around to dictate which who goes where and when. Without her, Will and Kate would be all power-trippy and trying to stage events that make them look good. I love the idea of them being exiled to Wales for the day while everyone’s celebrating and cooing over Archie and Lili in London.

  27. J. Ferber says:

    Hell to the yes. Because they are incapable of being nice to a mixed race baby. And their crap acting skills (an asset to every politician, diplomat and teacher) will not allow them to appear friendly to an infant. Total asses.

  28. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    Come on now, surely the people of Northern Ireland have suffered enough?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      PunkPrincessPhD, that was my thought, too. I wonder what Wales is thinking about the two of them being “exiled” there?

  29. Dee Kay says:

    For me the main takeaway from this is separate from H&M. It’s that Charles is willing and able to punish William. By doing more than just leaking to the press and putting him down in backhanded ways, which was all he ever did before. I loathe Charles, he is a crap father and human, but I do think he is waaaay more intelligent than William and have always been surprised he lets William make totally nutjob berzerker maneuvers in his treatment of Kate, his job, and his brother’s family. William has been out of control for a loooooong time. If this is, at last, Charles using his brain and power to outmaneuver William, I applaud it. He needs to do that much much more bc William will wreak havoc every day he is allowed to do things unchecked. However, it’s possible this isn’t Charles having a realization at all, and is just Harry telling his father how it has to be for his own safety and protection and that of his family. Harry having done essentially all the perceiving, assessing, thinking, and planning for his father.

    • Deering24 says:

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Charles’ smartest move would be to preemptively gut William’s power as king/money-suck. And if this is Step One, great.

      • KFG says:

        I think Chuck needed to see how bad it would be without Harry to get all the courtiers on board with reigning Egg in. Egg is really bad at everything and he’s lazy, plus he’s arrogant and entitled to boot, making growth unlikely. I think Chuck is going to remove Eggs money access to funds or if he keeps trying to usurp Chuck, Chuck will let all of the dirt about egg to come out.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    This blows the FaceTime Bromance out of the water. And it looks bad that the Keens won’t see the Sussex kids at all.

  31. Laura D says:

    My twopenneth.
    1. The Cambridge’s disastrous Caribbean tour meant they used up most of their favours when it comes to having a say in how things should be when it comes to royal events. Hence we’ve had few reports on which events the rest of the Middleton clan will be attending.

    2. Harry and Meghan visiting TQ and Charles without any leaks supported any claims Harry may have made to his father and grandmother that a lot of the tabloid nonsense wasn’t coming from him.

    3. The global success of the IGs showed TQ and Charles that Harry really does have his finger on the button when it comes to connecting to the public on a global stage; in a way which isn’t all about what the wife is wearing.

    4. Sadly, William going in Wales confirms to me that the brothers still aren’t speaking and TQ and Charles want to meet Harry, Meghan and the kids without any “drama.”

    5. William and Kate being in Wales when Harry takes his children to meet their great grandmother (and hopefully their grandfather) also supports my belief that it was William and/or Kate who had “concerns” about Archie’s skin colour. The Cambridge’s in Wales saves everyone the embarrassment of either side ignoring the other.

  32. Over it says:

    I am just here to tell Kaiser that I plan to go to all her Cambridge articles she posted today and die of laughter at the pictures she chooses.Take for reference that thumbnail one when they are sitting at the table with her in her vicar shirt and he is looking at her like, did I ever love you? . Then that top one in the Caribbean with the two of them has Kate looking like she is being controlled by a string. Lol

  33. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    It would be so cool and so in everyone’s faces if QE2 decided on having H&M escort her to her seat in church or on the balcony…it won’t happen of course, but can you just IMAGINE????
    They could do a pay per view and I would definitely be in

    • Christine says:

      Wow. That would really get under W&K’s skin and burn the damned British press! I would love it!

  34. Brincalhona says:

    But if Kate isn’t there, how can she melt down if Lili isn’t wearing pantyhose?

  35. AC says:

    There should be no guess anymore about who said “what will your kids look like.” I always felt like it was the two, “ we were not a racist family “ folks. Off topic, where is the black staff member the dug up the day they said that? 🤡

  36. blunt talker says:

    I do believe the queen has gotten more info since the since Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah-things are not always as they seem especially with the Cambridges-so the queen has decided to send the working royals away on Lilli’s birthday-good move queenie-I sense that it is best the Sussex children be kept safe from fork tongues-Harry and Meghan will not ever allow any family member to verbally abuse or mistreat their children-besides the Cambridge children are all older than Archie and Lilli-Archie and Auggie match well as playmates-Sienna and Lilli match well as playmates-we don’t want the Cambridge children to get too close to the Sussex children and the UK media write something ugly about Archie and Lilli-best laid plans for everyone. we all know Willy Boy and Kate will smear them in a minute.

  37. PrincessK says:

    I am pretty sure that we will see Doria at one or two Jubilee events. I wonder if I will be right……

    • kirk says:

      Hmm interesting if Doria showed up, kinda like H-M special talisman and W-K repellent rolled into one.

  38. Cottage Cat says:

    I still wonder how on earth the Middleton family, their razor-sharp elbows notwithstanding, were given clearance by the “men in suits” to get ANYWHERE near Diana’s sons. Watch Uncle Gary. Just watch him…he’s been silenced for now

    • ChattyCath says:

      They were approved out of desperation for William’s FFF reputation. Many Mistresses no wife didn’t work well in the past

  39. sammi says:

    Does anyone know if the Great Grandchildren Carriage ‘Spectacular’ happened or is still planned? We saw the rehersal photos and news’ articles but nothing since.
    They are hoping that Archie and Lily will be invited to join in or watch all their relations and get a good photo op. perhaps.
    The working Royals will only be away for part of the Saturday and can jet back as Kate said in the Cornwall G8 that she could not wait to see Lilibet! This would be a chance for a private tea party in Frogmore Cottage and then outside in the Grounds of Windsor for the Clan.
    Escaping the dreaded street parties in the UK as the weather predicts downpours. California sunshine calls!

    • Tessa says:

      Kate sounded imo fake when she said she would like to meet Lily so what stopped her from flying over to see her
      She ignored Archie when she was a few feet away

      • Beverley says:

        Meghan’s children are nonentities to KKKhate. She’s met Doria. That’s how she views Meghan’s children as beneath her.

  40. Linney says:

    I understand William is furious at Harry. (Gee. William angry. What an unusual situation!) But wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to try and mend fences? There could be apologies and an attempt to improve the situation. They could meet behind closed doors, talk, and William could meet his niece and nephew. Maybe the meeting wouldn’t go well, but William could still try. Either William refuses to be in the same room as his brother or people around him know he could never contain his incandescent rage. Just an awful situation that does not speak well of William, and I put this on William. I do believe Harry would try, but William, the savior of the monarchy, the great leader and embodiment of wonderful behavior, refuses. Wonder what Diana would think of that?

    • Beverley says:

      Nope. Please God! Children should be nowhere near family members who had “concerns” and conversations about their potential skin tone.

      People who feel that way – and I’m convinced it was definitely the Cambridges – should be kept far away from mixed race children. Family members who judge a person’s worth as to how white they may or may not appear to be don’t love them or share basic family affection. Not sure why so many people want the Cambridges to meet the Sussex children.

      As a black woman married to a white man for 31 years, I would’ve NEVER allowed our children anywhere near his family had they made such ignorant, a**hole comments. Never underestimate the emotional harm that racist family members can perpetuate on mixed children.

      • Linney says:

        I totally get your point, and I agree. Why expose children to a racist jerk? My point is that I find it interesting William appears to have no interest in seeing his brother or, people are intentionally keeping them apart because they don’t trust William not to act like an even bigger jerk. The whole situation just makes him look so bad.

      • sammi says:


        So sorry you had that family stuff too. My husband’s father was primed by his daughters to write to him and tell him not to bring his colured/indian girldfriend to Cornwall. I am white with green eyes…my big brother is brown with green eyes and lives in Africa with his african wife and kids and my little brother is in the middle with brown eyes and also escaped to NZ. We are an anglo indian family and all colours and proud of it! Well, he chose me and London to live decades ago and this is a multilingual and multi racial area Still racist stuff but not like some parts of Britain which still live in an empire mentality. Glad Meghan also got a man who supported her and her kids first.

  41. sammi says:

    Whoops,…….Meant G7 in Carbis Bay Cornwall .

  42. ChattyCath says:

    But where are the Middletons sitting? Surely the whole family have invitations?

  43. Rachel Sun says:

    Meghan had no fillers or Botox or injections. She recently turned 40 not 60. She has melanin, a lifetime of taking care of herself taught to her by her mother, the Black woman. She never smoked. I believe she has no need for cosmetic work at this age.

  44. Betsy says:

    That header picture is my absolute favorite of her ever. It’s even better than the one of her grinning manically on the flop tour because she looks so effing pissed, like a malfunctioning fembot.