Jan Moir: Prince William & Kate need to stop overexposing their children

One of the few major, international headlines from the Jubbly was Prince Louis’s tantrum at Sunday’s Jubbly parade. The videos and clips went viral instantly, and the specific clip of Louis putting his hand over his mother’s mouth has gotten millions of views. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know that the conversation around Louis’s behavior (and Kate’s lack of early years expertise in handling Louis) has been everywhere this week. Which is why Kensington Palace keeps trying to do damage control. Dare I say it, they’re complaining and explaining. Enter Jan Moir, the Daily Mail columnist who has endlessly nasty things to say about the Sussexes almost always. Moir’s Jubbly takeaway is that… um, William and Kate need to stop putting their kids front and center. Yikes. When even Jan Moir is saying that…

It’s time to put some of the royals into cold storage: No, not the dusty old dukes bent double under their racks of dubious medals, nor the disgraced Yorks, nor indeed the Hollywood runaways. I’m talking about Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis; the next generation of front-line Windsors.

The Cambridge kids are too young for this: Watching them on Jubilee duty recently has made me think: aren’t they too young for all this? Are the little royals simply too little for the responsibility of public expectation and interest now heaped upon their tot-sized shoulders? Not even the Queen herself was asked to do so much, so young. And barely anything was seen or heard of fledgling Charles, practically until his investiture as Prince of Wales in 1969, when he was 20 years old.

An uncomfortable spectacle: It is to the detriment of both adults and children that kids are always the centre of attention. It’s just not healthy! It is clear to see why the Cambridges in particular — and the monarchy in general — could certainly use the positive bounce in the polls supplied by a stream of feel-good images of their super-cute kiddies.Yet for me, the participation of junior Cambridges in royal events both major and minor has become an increasingly uncomfortable spectacle.

Louis’s tantrum: It was not just four-year-old Prince Louis’s sugar-fuelled antics on Saturday night, although that didn’t help. Many found it charming and amusing, but others — like me — didn’t find it sweet or funny at all. He was just a tired, bored little boy who needed his bed. And a part of the problem is that, in the past, his tantrums would have been confined to a few yellowing images in newspapers or a seldom-seen clip aired in a news item or documentary. Now, anyone can summon up the footage with the click of a button on a smartphone. And you can guarantee that it is going to follow Prince Louis around for ever; a crimson shadow of embarrassment throughout his teenage years and beyond. Is it fair to inflict such a fate on an under-five?

George is uncomfortable too: Prince George, who turns nine next month, often seems uncomfortable with the attention — and sometimes even looks troubled. And when one considers the meticulously orchestrated future that awaits him, no wonder. Children are like little sponges, they absorb the feelings and anxieties in the atmosphere around them; somewhere in the royal ether must lurk the awareness that the monarchy is now destined to dilute and weaken with every passing generation. Once the Queen has gone, the glamour and eminence will surely begin to fritter away, like glitter down a golden drain.

This passage is shocking: So no surprise that the three children were front and centre of the Jubilee celebrations; this trio of midget emissaries, always immaculately dressed in heritage outfits as if they were mini-adults at an upscale garden party circa 1952. Ankle socks, smocking, sports jackets, sailor outfits, sensible leather shoes with mother-of-pearl buttons — who under the age of 60 even dresses like this any more? Only them.

Well well: No wonder that William and Kate seemingly oscillate with anxiety when they are around the children in public; no doubt terrified of the eruption of some tiny rage or volcanic sulk that no amount of love or careful parenting can insure against. How they must envy the carefully curated privacy of the Sussexes, whose children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, are kept out of the public spotlight save for the odd sighting of an arty toe or back of a head or a tasteful Christmas or birthday card portrait — an option simply not available to the Cambridges.

A hard watch: In the age of the internet and myriad social platforms, I can’t help but feel it is too indelible, too much, too young. Has the time come to retire the royal children from high-profile royal duties until they are old enough to know better? Or maybe they should just soak up the privileges and suffer in silence, like the rest of the star-crossed crew? Either way, it is a hard watch.

[From The Daily Mail]

I wouldn’t have thought Moir could go this hard. Usually when I read Moir’s pieces, they’re steeped in casual racism, lies and bullsh-t. But she’s actually taking it to William and Kate with some subtlety here. She sounds horrified by William and Kate shoving their kids out so much. She’s right – George seems very uncomfortable in general, and Louis should never be expected to sit through that dull parade at his age. All three kids are simply way too young for all of the sh-t they’re doing publicly. What’s fascinating though is that Moir couches her criticism in sugary sympathy for William and Kate. As in, they can’t help being so boring, of course they feel the need to bring out their children, and of course they’re specifically overexposing their kids to the public for their own PR.

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  1. Tessa says:

    I agree will and Kate started trotting out the children a few years ago there were images of an uncomfortable looking George in a suit taken to rugby matches it was not good to have them sit through several jubilee events

    • taris says:

      the cambridges push the “happy family” thing waaay too hard. it’s a bit nauseating at this point.
      i get that w+k have to keep trotting the kids out to make up for their lack of personality and interestingness, but give it a rest, the kids have the rest of their adult lives to be seen.

      also, yes those images of louis’ tantrum *will* follow him forever. it’s just cruel to do that to a kid.

      • taris says:

        “this trio of midget emissaries, always immaculately dressed in heritage outfits as if they were mini-adults at an upscale garden party circa 1952. Ankle socks, smocking, sports jackets, sailor outfits, sensible leather shoes with mother-of-pearl buttons — who under the age of 60 even dresses like this any more? Only them.”
        – not inaccurate, but they might one day read this shit, not to mention the shit on social media

      • @Taris. ITA. It will also follow Kate for the rest of her life for being disrespected by her 4-year old son in front of the whole world. That she came across as having no authority over her children. That she’s actually not an expert in early years. That her son must’ve taken this kind of rude behavior from an adult at home and was just copying that adult in his treatment of Kate. That her son is irritated and annoyed by her constant fussing over him at every second (whispering to him, talking to him, bothering him for mundane things) and wants her to leave him alone please. That her son knows how to stop her from talking, That she’s too concerned about posing for the cameras which backfired on her this time.

      • Nyro says:

        @Marivic Thank you! She was playing up for the cameras and it backfired on her phony ass because Louis was not having it. The boy was actually sitting there watching the show and then she gets in his face because she was trying to pose for the cameras so they could get some “good attentive mommy” photos and videos. Charlotte and George are probably used to her putting on for the cameras like that but clearly Louis had no idea that he was supposed to play along. She brought it on herself. The boy was annoyed and decided to “handle” her the same way he’s likely seen his father do it. Cover her mouth, get in her face, shout at her, etc.

    • MeganC says:

      I remember when people were commenting about how the Cambridge children were never seen in public and William and Kate needed to be more like the Swedish royals to prepare their kids for public life.

      • Suze says:

        @MeganC – I think the older two should start getting used to events, but not like this. They don’t need to be put on display for an hours-long parade or an ultra-loud flyover. They could go with Kate to a food bank to volunteer, or a story hour at a children’s charity. Little things without the huge crowds and flashing cameras. Big events like these are stressful and setting them up for failure.

      • Becks1 says:

        The problem is they’re not doing what the Swedish royals or other royal families do. those kids went from living pretty much completely private lives to being trotted out for PR on a regular basis.

        Like i’ve been saying on here a lot lately – its a fine line, for sure. George especially needs to learn how to handle public events and to be used to large crowds and walkabouts and all that. and I’m not sure the best way to approach that. but if I were Kate, I would look at other royal families that seem to be nailing that fine line and following their leads – instead, they obsessively protected their kids privacy right up until they needed their kids to distract from their own issues.

      • Fredegunda says:

        I’m one of those people and I stand by my words. The Scandi royals ease their kids into public life with low-key joint engagements that begin at very young ages (Estelle and Christian did their first at 2, Ingrid Alexandra at 5). They choose age-appropriate and child-friendly venues. A nationally-televised parade in which the spectators are expected to sit still for 4 hours does not fit either of those categories.

      • First comment says:

        I agree. I believe the swedish royals prepare well their children for a public life by exposing them in small children friendly events and appropriate activities or dressing, therefore the photos show them happy and comfortable (we can’t be really sure of how they feel). The Cambridges, after years of refusal to expose their children, are now urgently pressured to bring them in public considering their lack of work and empathy as they (the children) are their main, if not their only, attraction. They seem uncomfortable because their passage to the public eye is done abruptly without any gradual preparation (like in the case of swedishroyals) “always immaculately dressed in heritage outfits as if they were mini-adults …. (dressed with) ankle socks, smocking, sports jackets, sailor outfits” etc. That’s the real problem: they expect them to act as perfect adults (thus Georges’ costumes) not as children so that everyone can admire them and their parents can take the credit for bringing up in such an immaculate and flawless way. Thus, we have three really uncomfortable and unhappy children in most of the photos

      • windyriver says:

        Will and Kate are so bad and poorly prepared themselves when it comes to engagements it’s not a surprise they’re falling down on the job when it comes to readying their children for the future in a reasonable and thoughtful way.

        It’s hard to say what Will’s attitude is, or the amount of his involvement with his kids on a regular basis, but with Kate it’s hard to escape the sense of how much they’re accessories to her for PR and photo ops, like everything else – and the way they’re dressed goes along with that. I look at that balcony picture above – Louis is definitely bothered (this is likely when the first planes flew by), Charlotte is about to cover her ears, George’s face is screwed up, even Will looks uncomfortable – and Kate just stands there posed for the cameras with her usual open mouthed grin.

      • Sid says:

        The Clownbridges are nothing like Victoria and Daniel of Sweden. They very slowly and wisely introduced Estelle to low key events from the time she was a toddler so she got comfortable meeting new people and learning how to behave. Same thing with their son Oscar. And now both kids are generally good at doing appropriate events. They did not throw their kids into the deep end as the Clownbridges did, especially with Louis who before this past Jubbly weekend was barely ever seen. Almost every other royal and princely family seems to be doing a good job with their kids in public. The Clownbridges are the outliers. As usual.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I particularly liked the shade about how Charles and Anne weren’t seen much in public until they were out of school. AKA HMTQ did her work, did it well, didn’t need to parade the children out to pad her resume. “Hey, all I really needed to do was reproduce! Here’s proof I did, now leave me alone.”

      W&K are really setting it up for these kids to be Bolters like Uncle Harry.

    • Rice says:

      True. But there’s another side to this. Willnot and Waity need their kids as buffers. Most observers would turn their attention to the kids and not focus so much on how Baldy barely interacts with Keen. His disdain for her is so obvious, and maybe The Firm has ordered them to trot out the kids because the whispers are getting louder.

  2. Noki says:

    Well what needs to happen is their aides need to ask William to not be such a cold ,distant down right rude individual when he does events with Kate. The kids cant be used as buffers everywhere.
    Old pics of Charles doing the same were heartbreaking , William is getting worse might even surpass his fathers dismissive ways towards Diana.

    • XOXO says:

      Harry is no longer available as buffer, (one of the reasons they’re so angry at him) so the children are the substitutes. Poor things.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Exactly my concern centre around children aware of tension and dad’s dismissive attitude towards mummy at home then being trotted out as buffers in public is wrong and unfair on everyone. On another thread a poster said 12 years ago a work colleague vouched for PW as polite, pleasant and unassuming. PW private life is none of my business but as a UK tax payer at work events I expect him to behave pleasantly to everybody present. Sulking with her wife and and undermining her with frowns is unprofessional and unacceptable causing discomfort and embarrassment to her and anybody else who witnesses his arrogant treatment of his own wife. They are 40 year old adults who are representing their brand and quite frankly his behaviour needs to be addressed by both of them privately rather than using their own young children as a deflection shield!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Lady Digby, I have no doubt that these kids are confused about their parents. I can’t imagine the fights they have to listen to with both parents shouting. I think that W&K should do separate public events with one child to get them used to being in the public eye, and make sure it’s a kid friendly event. I’m not suggesting that George is with W only–they should switch up so that Charlotte and George are with different parents. Obviously, W is much more relaxed when K isn’t around. I can’t see W&K keeping the kids private at this point, but they can certainly make sure that they’re a lot more comfortable for the public appearances by sheltering them.

  3. C-Shell says:

    👀 Unreal. Moir actually lays out the early childhood development (in a gilded fishbowl) issues in a clear, straightforward manner. Even her predictable shade for the Sussexes is tempered here. What’s happening?!

    • Polo says:

      Maybe they are realizing their constant drivel spewed at Harry and Meghan didn’t work considering they were well received and they crushed it. Now there’s no other event to force them back so they are stuck with Will and Kate. Can’t constantly complain about Netflix, woke this or that with Harry and Meghan…most people are tired of it.
      The fact that even Sarah Vine and some of these evil people are starting to talk about the Cambridge’s like this….it’s about time…I keep saying the rest of the year will be interesting for this family….can’t serve up Harry and Meghan on a platter anymore…they are becoming the main course….. 👀👀

      • Jan90067 says:

        Even more so is this compliment about the Sussexes’ exposing their children: “…or in a *tasteful* Christmas or birthday card portrait…” WHEN has a RR/BM EVER said anything *good* about the Sussexes? There were screams heard across the pond when they didn’t release pics of Archie full face, or Lilli!

    • Over it says:

      The saddest part of all of this for me is that even after will and Kate saw how their children reacted after Thursday’s trooping, they still willingly dragged them back out on Saturday and Sunday. It’s like these children well-being and happiness doesn’t matter at all to their parents as long as they can use them to gain interest and deflect from the state of their marriage. I find this behavior so selfish and unforgiving. Your children happiness and protection should be your number one priority. How can kate and William be so utterly selfish and uncaring about their own children?

      • Harper says:

        I honestly laughed out loud when I saw that George and Charlotte were dragged to Wales last Saturday. It was so obvious after the way social media chewed up the Lamebridges’ cold-shouldering of each other at St. Paul’s the day before. Call in the buffers! All their positioning, either on the balcony or when seated, has Kate on one end and the Burger King a safe covid-sneeze distance away from her and the three little spacers doing their job in-between them.

      • MeganC says:

        The Jubilee was a once in a lifetime event to honor their great grandmother. I think it was appropriate for the children to be present. Even Eugenie brought her son who is just a baby.

      • Tessa says:

        George had to dress up in a lookalike outfit that his father wore. Which was IMO making things even worse.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I disagree. The kids attended the carriage ride and the balcony. Let them rest from that. It’s a lot! They didn’t want to be in wales or at the show it seems. All in a row any parent would see it was too much.
        They should have done as much as the Sussex. Still in attendance, still respectful to their great grandmother and queen. And since they’re not working royals nothing more was required of them.

      • Sid says:

        IIRC Eugenie brought her son to one event which included child-friendly things like that parade float with the Teletubbies and Peppa Pig. The Trooping the Colour carriage ride and the balcony appearances should have been all that the Cambridges kids had to do. Instead their parents dragged the oldest two to Wales for no good reason other than to distract from their flop relationship, and then made all of them sit through a long concert that didn’t appear to have even one child-friendly act. Clowns.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      This reads as a warning. That the tantrum and how Kate handled it was so bad even the DM has to say something. So, they’re telling the cams to put your kids away because it’s bad for your brand and your children.

      • Swaz says:

        Kate and William have lost the plot🤢they are too focused on competing with the Sussexes.

  4. PaulaH says:

    I have NO sympathy for them. This is the course that William and Kate wanted so NOW they must live with that decision. The kids I have much sympathy for them because they had NO say in the matter but will pay for it with their lives.

    • Chloe says:

      It is troubling for william and kate though that they feel like trotting out the kids (and doing so often) is the only way they can maximize their pr points.

    • Mooney says:

      Agreed Paulah. Find me having sympathy for them when a deranger shows sympathy for Archie and Lili.

      • Shoesaholic says:

        It was obvious to me that to expect young children to behave perfectly during four days of adult-centric events was a hard push. However, where I grew up, you do not aggressively put your hands on peoples’ faces and other parts of their bodies, slap, kick, and bite. The Windsors and the Tyndalls have a lot of work to do.

    • Aida says:

      I have sympathy for the kids. I hear people saying things like Charlotte is so mature she should be next in line. She is 7!

      What is wrong with these people. The effect of this kind of pressure will not start showing up until years later.

      They never learn. From Margaret, Diana, H and M. But the British public thinks the royals owe them images of their kids.

      But this is what you get when you go to bed with the devil. They men in grey suits are so busy trying to one up the Sussexes that they are missing the diaster the potential disaster brewing under their noses.

      These people are a glass house waiting to happen.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        The kids are sheltered from the press and because of their uncle blazing the trail, they now have an Out.
        I don’t see a need to pity the kids. They had a few engagements that they aren’t used to and it isn’t consistent.
        This is not how their life must be. They can escape.

      • Tessa says:

        And Poor Charlotte is said by some in the media she’s exactly like Queen Elizabeth II in looks and attitude. Quite a burden for a 7 year old. Even Princess Anne did not have that sort of PR. Charlotte looks like herself and should be her own person. IMO.

  5. Couch potato says:

    Other royal children in other countries have been at official engagements at their age too. I think the big differences is 1) the types of arrangements, 2) the parents have arranged for them to go out of public sight when they get bored and 3) their relationship with their parents and other family members are much closer so it feels more like family time.

    • ShazBot says:

      I think other royal families bring the kids to smaller, low stakes events to warm them up, they don’t just thrust them onto a huge stage for big events.
      The problem is, Will and Kate don’t do enough of the small, low stakes things and they themselves aren’t even comfortable doing them, so how are they going to teach their kids?

      • Couch potato says:

        Exactely! Low kea, informal events and/or about topics that interests the children, with the opportunity to retract if wanted. Like opening a new attraction jn Legoland, voluntary work like picking garbage on the beach as a family alongside other families etc.

    • The Hench says:

      Agreed. One of the biggest problems the Cambridge children may well be dealing with, unlike other royal tots, is navigating the difficulties between their parents. As we have often said here, if Will cannot contain his disdain towards Kate or even be physically close to her in public, how bad might it be in private? If the Cambridges are effectively separated then these children are only together with both parents when the eyes of the world are upon them, which has to be a pretty strained situation.

      So yes. I find myself agreeing with bloody Jan Moir. Put the children away.

      • Couch potato says:

        Yes, the parents relationship is a big problem and children pick up these things easily. Another thing is their relationship with their grandparents. You can tell some of the other royal children have a much closer bond with grandparents, aunts and uncles. Some of the other royal families are simply spending much more time together, without the stiff formality the British RF has.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah other royal families seem to interact as families first, royals second, even in public. I don’t know if that’s how they are behind closed scenes, but they put on a good show for the public. I remember one time – think it was summer 2020 – Felipe of Spain was giving a speech and afterwards he did not put his mask back on, and Leonor (I think it was Leonor) gestured to him to remind him so he put it back on and then you could see him lean towards her and just say “gracias.” It was a very simple interaction but it stuck with me bc I thought it was such a typical parent-child interaction. Just something about it was different to me than what we see from the Cambridges in public, IDK.

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        This is it right here: this is why Jan Moir wrote this piece. Not because she truly believes these children are too young for these events (I think it was appropriate to bring the kids to Jubbly events) but that the children’s behavior underscores just how bad Will and Kate’s marriage is, what a failure it is, and what fools the Men in Grey are for pinning the future of the monarchy on the doomed Cambridge union.

        The children were uncomfortable because their parents cannot stand each other. Louis’s behavior gave us an opportunity to see that Will is a disengaged father; he ignored his child’s discomfort, offered no support to Kate and was shown up by Prince Charles. Louis’s behavior was so aggressive people are wondering where he learned how to disrespect his mother so.

        Jan Moir wants the children put away because how can you not conclude after seeing the excruciatingly high number of photos of the Cambridge 5 frowning, grimacing that this is a family in turmoil?

    • Swaz says:

      Other Royals don’t have 1000 watt bulb hovering over them watching their every move.

      • Dee says:

        While that’s true, they also bring their own photographers. Many of the Louis photos went out with the watermark of Chris Jackson, Kate’s go to photographer. She’s seen staring straight into the lens as well. He’s also the one she arranged to take the Dynasty-esque photos for Phillip’s funeral. Nobody else had a whole photoshoot for the funeral.

  6. Over it says:

    Who needs a protected childhood when you can be your parents good PR robots.

  7. Chloe says:

    I am shocked because… this article actually made sense? And she was spot on. I get the idea of getting the kids used to the spotlight and doing public duties but they were too young. Especially louis. No 4 year old would sit through an hour long parade quietly

    And quite frankly: as cute as they are, i am a bit tired of seeing the Cambridge kids

    • Lemons says:

      @Chloe, I also get the sense that the rota is tired of seeing the kids. They don’t care about antics or bad parenting on display. And when a child is so visibly uncomfortable in the situation, you don’t particularly want to keep watching.

      Jan is saying what we’re all thinking: If the Cambridge adults cannot step it up and act like diplomats and dignitaries, please do not force your kids to do so on your behalf.

  8. Becks1 says:

    This line!

    “It is clear to see why the Cambridges in particular — and the monarchy in general — could certainly use the positive bounce in the polls supplied by a stream of feel-good images of their super-cute kiddies”

    Why do the Cambridges in particular need the positive bounce in PR from their kids? I mean they’re boring and dull but for Jan Moir to come out and say they, in particular, need the PR bounce…..is she just saying they’re so boring they need all the help they can get, or is she admitting that they’re lazy and there are other real problems there?

    As for the rest – many of us on here have been saying this for a while now. The kids are overexposed, and whats more, they dont look HAPPY doing these events. if one of them was super extroverted and bubbly (as seen at these events) and seemed to be having a great time (I know some kids who would LOVE to walk a red carpet and greet their public, but those kids are super extroverted performers anyway) – that would be one thing. But even Charlotte, who everyone says is spunky and spirited etc, seems uncomfortable at some of these events. they’re young. And it is a fine line bc they do need to learn how to handle events like these, but I just feel like there’s a better way to do it than to keep trotting them out for PR like this.

    • Chloe says:

      She could be referring to the latest polls which show that overall support for the monarchy is dwindling, and so for william and kate as well. Kate has an approval rating of about 55%. About 9 points down from the latest poll.

      And that support is the lowest among the youth.

    • Sofia says:

      I think a way would be to “ease” them into it. Take the kids out on an engagement visiting a school with kids their age but instead of bringing the whole rota, bring like one camera person and that’s it. Do enough so that the kids feel comfortable enough. Then add the rota. Again, do enough till the kids feel comfortable and then graduate them into events with the wider public like walkabouts and trooping.

      Now it could be that the kids never become *comfortable* but perhaps with practice, they can tolerate them and learn to put on a good game face.

      • Barb Mill says:

        They could also just bring one at a time so that the kids get spread out. I feel bad for all 3 kids. It’s seems they have all been tagged with a certain personality and it will follow them. I don’t know how many times I read that Louis is the next Harry. Charlotte is a force to be reckoned with, and poor George is very uncomfortable and he is probably just a shy little boy.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, agreed. There are things they could do with the kids in public that aren’t “here you are on display for millions to see.” Kate is the patron of scouting in the UK, why doesn’t she take one of them on some of her scouting engagements? (or better yet put one of them in scouts?) I know she only does one a year, every two years, but even that would be something. Those events are usually outdoors and they’re a lot more low key than some of her other events (casual dress, usually fewer photographers, etc.)

      • windyriver says:

        I think in theory the Wales trip is the kind that makes sense for George and Charlotte, if it was infrequent, stand alone and not yet another part of a very long weekend. The visit was short (someone here estimated about an hour, once travel time was subtracted); there were some fun events (conducting, cake baking the day before). Of course a lot depends on how well they were prepared before hand. But I bet the kids would be more relaxed if they were able to wear more kid friendly clothes instead of stuffy, formal looks. Thankfully, George wasn’t forced to wear a tie. But does he need to be in a suit jacket all the time?

    • Nyro says:

      Charlotte’s always been as uncomfortable and shy looking as George. They labeled her “spunky” solely because she’s the heir and that’s the role she’s supposed to play in the BRF reality show. It was never because of any actual behavior she displayed. But it’s all riding on Louis at this point because he actually did put on a show fitting for his part on the show as second spare. So they’re really going to be zeroing in on the baby boy now. And William and Kate will be fine with it. I could even see them encouraging him to act out in public now. They love that he went viral.

      • justwastingtime says:

        I think Charlotte also sometimes looks uncomfortable in the family photos Kate takes. A contributing factor could be that she is frequently wearing fussy starched dresses. Poor kid.

      • Chaine says:

        Yes, in some of the video clips of Louis acting up, you can see that Charlotte kept scratching and fussing at her left armpit. Later on, it was visible that under the coat, she had on a dress with short, puffed sleeves which were obviously itching her.

  9. Mary Tosti says:

    They use their kids as a distraction from the publics view of their marriage. “Look at our perfect little family.” It’s unfair for the kids and does not work. The two don’t touch or hardly look at each other. They aren’t fooling anyone by trotting their kids out to these boring events. Leave them home to play and do kid things.

  10. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    She went in HARD. She’s right tho. I am of the generation who didn’t even know who Prince Charles was until the televised investiture (ok to be honest I had zip for knowing there was even a royal family.)

    Was that a COMPLIMENT to H&M about the parenting of Archie and Lili? I call bullshit that W&K could not keep their kids out of the spotlight. (As so many have said here trotting them out is the due owed to the devil when you sell your soul)

    One more thing.
    George sure looks like Charles Spencer in that pic with Charlotte.

  11. Snuffles says:

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with this bitch but, yes, those kids need to go back behind the scenes and just be kids. It’s so screamingly obvious how uncomfortable they all were. They should be able to lay low until they’re 18. Or at the very least don’t shove them in front of large crowds. And for the love of God don’t use them as a buffer or a shield.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s so obvious that they’re being used as buffers because they did not use to do this. We would get one or two pictures a year (birthday and holidays) , they said they didn’t even want to share the first day of school pics every year. And now they’re being trotted out on a semi-regular basis. One could argue that the difference is the age – George is almost 9 – but Charlotte is only 7, Louis only 4. And even 9 is freaking young for this!

      It’s a mix of it not being fair to the kids AND that its not the trump card it used to be….now that we are seeing more of the kids, they don’t really register for the public anymore. Louis got coverage bc he was acting out and because we haven’t seen him as much. But if they keep this up, in a year that won’t be the case anymore and none of the kids will be able to serve as PR distractions.

  12. Merricat says:

    This is interesting–Jan Moir has made a number of points that many of us here at CB have made regarding the Cambridges and their children. I am surprised by how far Moir was willing to go, but it IS horrifying to think of the absolute pressure those little ones have been expected to shoulder.
    It’s sort of heartbreaking, and absolutely avoidable.

    • Polly says:

      It’s extremely sad and I worry for their future mental health. Can you imagine how much therapy they’re going to need? The Cambridges might think they’re acclimatising them but actually they’re just traumatising them.

      • Mrs. Smith says:

        I also wonder how the pandemic affected them, too? They are all under 10 years old and the last 3 years everyone has been isolating, no crowds, no gatherings and then bam! They shove the kids out in public with a zillion people screaming in the streets. It would be overwhelming anytime, but I think doubly so for the Camb kids. They’ve had essentially zero exposure to huge crowds and then in one day, they’re expected to act like little adults and take it all in stride. I honestly think that kind of radical change will damage them. I wonder what the early childhood dev experts would say about this?

  13. CuriousCole says:

    The earth has clearly slipped off its axis, inverting the invisible contract in the process, for the rota to be penning a sensible take on the Cambridges! Jan isn’t the only one writing along these lines now. I’d love to see Peen and Keen’s reactions.

  14. mia girl says:

    OMG Moir’s shade on how Kate & William dress their children 💀

    • damejudi says:

      Has she been reading Kaiser’s posts?

    • SAS says:

      !!! Like, is Jan Moir reading celebitchy?!

    • The Hench says:

      “This trio of midget emissaries” will be in my head every time they are trotted out now.

    • FHMom says:

      It borders on mean.

    • Matilda says:

      Finally someone came out and said it! The way she dresses her kids is so inauthentic and phony, trying to always cosplays being the “perfect family”. Other royal families dress their children like present day children not mini adults. Can’t believe Jan Moir and I are in agreement with these ridiculous, uncomfortable, adult costumes the children are forced to wear.

    • WallOfFire says:

      It’s so weird how people just seemingly ignore the fact that they dress their kids like Victorian Ghost Children.

  15. Ginger says:

    These kids are being brought out so much to try and hide how terrible the marriage is. They are a buffer, plain and simple. I don’t think the kids were meant to go to Wales but they needed a buffer. They needed a buffer at the concert and the pageant. William saw how Louis was acting and did nothing. Didn’t Charles and Diana bring out the kids when their marriage was doomed?

    • Tessa says:

      Diana and Charles bought william to Australia but had very few photo ops with him will had much private time.

  16. JMoney says:

    I always thought the Cambridges dress their children in vintage inspired clothing b/c it really is the only way to show they are “royal” otherwise they would look exactly like every other kid and then the “magic” of “royalty” would wane. What’s interesting is if you see photos of the Queen, Charles, Anne, etc they didn’t wear “vintage” growing up or if they did they were hand me downs and wore clothing that were fashionable in the 60s,70s and even 80s (well maybe not Charles but he looks like he was born in a suit).
    I do think the kids are too young to do royal events but to me there’s no big difference between what they’re doing (bringing out the royals for views/praise) and influencers who do the same thing with their kids.
    However I dunno is it such a bad thing for the Cambridge kids to be doing royal engagements? I don’t think they should do them often but it may help them esp if they’re shy. Look at Princesses Leonor and Sofia of Spain. Those two are now in their teens doing engagements on their own and are comfortable giving speeches as well far outstripping Kate Middleton who is in her 40s and still can’t form complete sentences in public.

    • Harper says:

      They need to burn that navy Peter Pan collar coat that Charlotte has been appearing in for the past four years. Kate must have bought four versions of it at one time because Charlotte is always wearing it.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      I’m of the opinion that it’s fine for the Cambridge kids to be doing events and the earlier the better. But Will and Kate are bad parents (yeah I said it!) so I highly doubt they thought beyond their own self-interest (hide mutual disdain) to work together to make their children comfortable.

  17. ML says:

    In Holland the royal family brought out the daughters for a photo op during their ski vacations in Austria and activities centered around King’s Day. They also had to sit through their father’s coronation. Otherwise, they were mostly kept out of the spotlight.
    I had to agree with her, but I find that Jan Moir is essentially right. These kids could have made less/ shorter/ next to no appearances and that would have been much better. This was kind of like child labor.

  18. BuzzKell says:

    Well, they needed the children to buffer them, that’s one. Yes, their PR needs help after the Tragic Colonial Firing Tour and they are constantly needing to one up the Sussexes for life, so out come the three little grifters to remind the world of what’s up next. And they have just secured George’s position as the older, more subdued Kingly brother by releasing the video of him shaking his head at poor Louis the fall boy, the scapegoat and overall not being the king of the siblings. Cambridges are terrible at this and this has set up a huge narrative for all to discuss forever.

  19. SH says:

    Once upon a time William and Harry were on the same page regarding their children and the media. William was restricting media to getting just a photo op on the first day of school and then birthday photos being released. The children were exposed so little William and Kate could let them be photographed and it would solve any media issue. Then William got caught in the rose bush.among other things and in addition to selling out Harry had to sell out his children to the media. William started regular photo ops of his children, which probably pissed Harry off more because it broke their agreement of how their children would be protected from the media and set a new precedent the media would use against Harry and Meghan over access to Archie.

    The problem with William and Kate doing that is there are diminishing returns, especially now that they way overexposed the children for the jubby. Photos of the children no longer cover up PR issues.

    • Red Weather Tiger says:

      Not only do the kids not cover up PR issues—they have now become yet another PR liability for the Keens. They must be wondering how it all went so wrong, when all they have to do is look in the mirror and be honest with themselves.

      As an aside, I am so glad she called out the kids’ dumb wardrobes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Lou plotted revenge after his mother nade him wear that stupid babyish sailor suit to Trooping. Kate got what she deserved. Try treating them like human beings with actual feelings and preferences and not little extensions of her own vision of what royal kids should look like. They are trying to play it both ways: Lou is BOTH a normal, tired little “cheeky monkey “😬 AND a very special, royal, above-the-fray golden child of golden parents. Nope.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        If Louis has sensory issues, which may well be the case if he was so bothered by the plane noise, dressing in uncomfortable clothes would be an issue for him (soft cottons would be so much better). Just one more reason not to do it.

  20. Jais says:

    “An increasingly uncomfortable spectacle” is spot on. Appreciate how she mentioned that George also looks uncomfortable and troubled in the public eye. It really is hard to see the majority of the pictures from the outing in wales. Not to mention the images of Louis and Kate. I’m just glad someone is saying this, even if it is Jan Moir.

  21. Maddie says:

    I do think that George always looks pained to be out at these events. He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I can’t help but feel sad when I look at him

    • Roaa says:

      Yes, He always looks miserable and sad. British people should worry about their miserable little heir and leave Harry and his family alone.

    • Chaine says:

      He seems incredibly uncomfortable and unhappy most of the time. He is starting to be old enough to catch on to what the internet and social media have to say about him and his family. The realization must also be growing on him that this, the excruciating public display in front of crowds of strangers, sometimes shaking hands and repeating meaningless platitudes and performing in empty ceremonies, is his fate for the rest of his life, that he’ll never be able to aspire to anything else.

  22. Nat says:

    Kids can always pull a Harry in the future and that thrown will be empty and there’ll be no head to carry the Crown!
    **wishful thinking I guess**

  23. jferber says:

    “Hollywood runaways” irks me. Why can’t the English understand that California is HUGE, our biggest state and Hollywood is only one small part of it? And the Sussexes don’t live in Hollywood. Also, the Jubbly production was far more grand and costly than any Hollywood production in recent times, maybe ever.

    • MsIam says:

      Yeah, that Stonehenge stunt was straight out of some tacky movie, lol. Soooo tasteful! Lol!

  24. Nem says:

    Louis ‘tantrum can’ t be supported by the Cambridge supporters who praise their supposed superior behaviour in public, as there is no way to sell this humiliating moment positively to a conservative order prone audience.
    Moir’s must despise deeply them BTS.
    Her advice about retiring the children from public life until they ready is so sensible, as both their parents fail them hard.
    She should keep Sussexes from her writings, as she and her complicit rota friend have made their family a big White supremacist prey.
    As a lot have already said here the right comparison is other royal households in Europe and beyond, Who have no problem introducing very young children to royal events and duty (this could be extended to will and kate in their own roles)

  25. Lusaka mummy says:

    Well hell froze over a bit for a mili second. She actually complimented the Sussexes. I like the bit about ‘a tasteful Christmas card.’ Lmaooo

    • Swaz says:

      They all know that the Sussexes are on top of their game, that’s exactly why we have 100 articles a day saying William and Kate are not in their shadow.

  26. Roaa says:

    They should stop comparing Archie and Lili to the Shamebridges children. Archie and Lili will NOT be unemployed, dependent as parasites and living on the taxpayers money. Unlike the Shamebridges children who expect others to worship them only because they were born into that dysfunctional family.

  27. Ann says:

    When Louis was understandably fidgeting like crazy at the parade, I saw Kate “shame” him by pointing to the camera and saying something like, “Look, the camera’s watching you.” He looked where she was pointing and then suddenly hid his face in her neck and hugged her. He was afraid. Will and Kate use their children as props and throw them to the wolves. Your children’s Early Years matter too, Kate.

    • Lady D says:

      I saw her once at an airport getting on a plane with the kids. I think they were on their way back from Australia(don’t quote me) and standing at the bottom of the steps. Charlotte started to act up and stomped a foot with her little hands in fists. Kate bent down, said something to her, Charlotte turned and looked at the cameras, and that was the end of her little temper tantrum. She was barely two at the time. Kate’s been scaring her kids with cameras for a long long time. No wonder little George looks so miserable out in public. He’s going to hate the cameras as much as his dad and uncle do.

      • Blujfly says:

        How awful. One of the reasons William and Harry were so aware of the photographers was that the limitations of photography at the time meant the photographers had to use huge flashes and be closer. That is not the case anymore and the Cambridge kids are not facing a huge bank of photographers all the time. That truly is nothing but a PR exercise for Kate. How horrible.

    • Tessa says:

      She did the same thing with George when she and will took him to rugby games playing to the cameras printing and explaining the game George was polite but looked bored

  28. Case says:

    I totally agree with the sentiment that they’re overexposed. I understand they’ll have royal responsibility when they’re older, but there’s no reason to exhaust them going to all these big events when they’re still so young. Perhaps as teens, but not when they’re 4, 7 and 8. They’re not old enough to even understand what all this exposure means and that makes me uncomfortable.

  29. Noor says:

    I must say, wrong strategy during the Carribean tour and now wrong strategy in over – using young children, no matter how adorable, for the jubilee

  30. Bren says:

    I’m actually a little surprised Jan Moir didn’t directly blame the Sussexes for why the Cambridge kids were front and center.

    Everyone knows they are using their kids as a distraction to hide their marital issues. British columnists continue to dance around that fact without really saying it.

    • MsIam says:

      “I’m actually a little surprised Jan Moir didn’t directly blame the Sussexes for why the Cambridge kids were front and center.”

      Oh don’t worry, I’m sure that will be next week’s column. Calls are probably being made from Kensington Palace right now, making plans to blame everything on Harry and Meghan leaving, including the marital problems. If only the Sussexes were here I’m sure William would stop screwing around and be able to stand being near his wife. Don’t cha know?

  31. Brit says:

    This seems like a slight yanking of the chain because they couldn’t leak any details about the Sussexes jubilee visit for their newspaper friends. There are going to be more criticisms of the Cambridge’s especially now in the press since they can’t get access to who they really want. William and Kate are going to regret this “contract” with the press because since the Sussexes left and it will probably be years before they return publicly, that media is going to get angrier and turn more attention on to them. The press have the Cambridges right where they want them. Truly trapped. They got access to the kids and can tug on the Cambridge’s chain whenever they want. No wonder they’re bitter and look unhappy all the time.

    • molly says:

      Yep. Now that KP can’t offer up dirt on the Sussexes anymore, the only currency they have is the kids. The press demands content. Constant content. Harry and Meghan gave them so little last weekend, that the Cambridge kids were all they had.

      I understand why William made the deal and plays the game, but it’s such a recipe for broken kids and estranged adults.

  32. Beach Dreams says:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. There was absolutely no need for the kids to be dragged out for hours on end for multiple days. It’s almost like they’ve been unofficially launched as working royals. I’m sure Will and Kate aren’t taking this criticism well, not least because they know they’re not going to stop trotting out the kids. It’s a bad sign for them that people are openly calling this tendency out. Even a few months ago, the general response would’ve been focused on praising the children.

    • Nyro says:

      They are indeed putting those kids to work earlier than any royals before them. And little Louis’ viral moment, that disrespectful display towards his mother, just sealed their fate. We’re 100% going to be seeing them even more frequently. In some of the clips I saw from the coverage, British commentators were actually saying the kids have filled the gap left by Harry and Meghan. So the awful and disgusting Jan Moir, is likely very much alone in her opinion on this imo. The Cantbridges are going to put those kids out there as working royals and they will get almost zero pushback fro the royal rota. In fact, they’ll only be encouraged in their exploitation of their children.

  33. Jay says:

    Even ardent royalists aren’t into the children being dressed in Victorian cosplay. And praising the Sussexes for being able to keep their children relatively protected? Well, well.

    If I were the Cambridges, I’d just quietly have the children do only a few events that they are well prepared for, something fun where they could play with other kids. That’s a much better photo anyway, who wants to see three dressed up kids bored out of their skulls? Especially if they are clearly overwhelmed by the crowds and the loud sounds.

    But this approach also means their parents won’t be able to hide behind them.

  34. Blujfly says:

    I think the papers are befuddled that the carefully choreographed things like first days of school and photo shoots before skiing, with preapproved questions and answers, have been scrapped by the Cambridges as overly prying, yet unfettered public access to the children like at a Christmas walkabout are perfectly okay. And they have a point, it makes no sense.

  35. Izzy says:

    And now the seediest part of that invisible contract is laid bare for all to see. They had to constantly feed the beast, and when they could no longer do that with Harry and Meghan, they had to start using their kids. Now the beast is bored with the flavor.

    They made this bed, they’re going to have to lie in it no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Zero sympathy for Incandescent Bill and Katie Keen.

  36. Julia K says:

    “Glitter down a golden drain”. That nails the monarchy after Elizabeth.

  37. jferber says:

    The top photo of Kate and Louis, “The Silencing,” will haunt the Cambridges’ PR for life.

  38. Brassy Rebel says:

    She avoids mentioning the classism of how they are dressed and presented. Even the boys’ high maintenance hairstyles which must require constant trimming to keep neat shows the obsession with class. Shorter haircuts which would be easier to maintain and more comfortable would appear too “working class”. I once read that the royals always take baths because the working class take showers.

  39. rawiya says:

    Yes, the children are too young, but it’s also the way the children are being raised. They’re always being brought out for publicity (see the eating lunch at the restaurant photos) but this was the first time they had to be out for more than a few minutes.

    In Bhutan, the crown prince did his first solo engagement last week. He’s six years old. He did an engagement without his parents, and, judging by the photos, he did a great job. Why? How? Well, probably because his parents have been bringing him to events, introducing him to people since he was a baby. The Luxembourg baby is only two and he’s been doing visits to senior centres for more than a year. He’s so comfortable around people.

    The DoLittles had a big plan to keep their kids away from the spotlight, but did away with it when they realized they needed positive press. But the kids don’t know who to be in the spotlight. An that’s all on the parents.

  40. Amy Bee says:

    Harry and Meghan’s presence was supposed to protect William and Kate’s children from public exposure. It’s no coincidence that the children were brought out the year Harry and Meghan decided to spend Christmas abroad. It’s part of the reason that William and Kate are so angry with Harry and Meghan. With the Sussexes out of the picture, the pressure to bring out the Cambridge children is bigger. Camilla Tominey wrote that they would be brought for the Jubilee to counter Harry and Meghan’s presence. So I have no sympathy for William and Kate, they brought this on themselves by smearing Harry and Meghan and forcing them out of the country.

  41. Vanessa says:

    Only The Cambridge’s stans Though Louis Behavior was cute and funny I found his behavior to be really disrespectful. I don’t like Kate at all I can’t stand her but Louis cover her mouth and getting fresh with her was way out line she his mother . The excuse of sugar to me doesn’t seem right at all Louis and his cousin behavior went beyond sugar high they both got down right physically with their parents

  42. Mooney says:

    I knew some of you have sympathy for them kids but have they faced ANYTHING close to what Archie and Lili did? Were there conspiracy theories about their birth or parentage? Are their calls to strip them of their titles, privileges and funding? Did anyone make racist remarks or death threats before or after they were born? Did the media hound them?

    Louise’s behaviour proved that he’s never scolded at home for misbehaving. They prefer their spares to be like Andrew and Eddie, not Harry.

    • Merricat says:

      The children are not to blame for any of this.

    • AnneL says:

      Which is why it’s great that Harry and Meghan got their children out of there. All of the kids deserve some privacy and to be given the space to be kids free of scrutiny and abuse from the press and public.

  43. AnneL says:

    I’m glad she made a point about the way the kids are dressed. They are always wearing the same kind of outfits my siblings and I had to wear to church on Easter back in the day. I remember I would enjoy my pretty dress for about an hour, then I couldn’t wait to get it, the tights and the Mary Janes off and put on my comfy weekend play clothes.

    Granted, there is plenty of archaic fashion to be seen among the adults during Royal events. To my eye, the medals, fascinators and Amish hemlines look a little ridiculous. But the Cambridge kids seem to be in dated Easter Church clothes almost all the time, no matter the event. It is possible for them to be appropriately dressed without looking like they stepped out of a 1940s picture book.

    Let the kids be kids.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Annel, please see my comment on classism above. They look like “mini-adults from a 1952 garden party”, as the writer put it, because of the need to uphold aristocratic values and traditions that support the monarchy. Everyone must know that these kids are “special”. Even though they’re clearly not.

  44. Rapunzel says:

    The Jubbly was a terrible idea, period.
    And I don’t disagree the children are overexposed. There was no need for them to be there.

    But I’m not giving Jan Moir any cookies for this. She’s not really concerned about the children’s mental health. She’s just concerned the overexposure hurts the clicks and makes the pics of the kids less profitable.

    I’d also point out that the exposure isn’t the problem for the children as much as it is their parents. Those kids are most likely uncomfortable and traumatized not as much because of the exposure but more so because they can feel the strain of their parents’ crumbling marriage. They can feel the strain of being buffers, and of feeling the pressure of never putting a foot wrong. Of being used for photo ops (in clothes they don’t normally wear) and having to be a perfect photo. Add in the entitlement, arrogance, and you’ve got issues. The kids have also likely gotten a disdain for work and for the general public from their parents as well. It’s bad all around.

    This is about how they’re being treated outside these events more than the events themselves. I’m wondering if the RR is starting to worry about hoe obvious that is becoming.

  45. anotherlily says:

    If the daily mail is publishing something like this from someone like Jan Moir then all is not well at the Palace. I think the Queen and/or Charles are not happy.

    It seems to me the Wales visit was a hastily arranged excuse for the children missing Lilibet’s party. George and Charlotte are too young to sit through a three hour event until after 10.30 pm. Especially when they had already spent the afternoon in Wales. They looked unprepared and ill at ease during the Wales visit. They looked tired at the evening event. They were then filmed the next morning baking cakes for a street party before yet another public outing to the Jubilee parade and a final appearance on the balcony. Charlotte is just turned 7. She must have been sleep- deprived.

  46. Julia K says:

    After witnessing the Louis Show I believe he’s the canary in the coal mine, ” warning danger ahead”. Is this unintentionally showing us what he is exposed to in the home? Children mirror their environment.

  47. Gubbinal says:

    I remember the scandal when Prince Charles, then circa 14 years old, wandered into a pub (as part of a school outing) and was asked what he wanted. The only thing he could think of was “cherry brandy.” Somebody got his picture at the pub and it was published in the American papers. His look of bewilderment and embarrassment made me feel that he was just a kid like me who was always feeling awkward and unsophisticated.

    That was almost 60 years ago and when I recall it, I can feel his mortification. Her Madge did not expose her children in public much. I don’t think I ever saw Princess Anne until her wedding.

    • Tessa says:

      Before and after her first wedding, Anne was involved in equestrian sports and she was in the news because of that. She and Charles had a High Profile visit to the White House (during the Nixon administration). So they were seen more as teens and young adults. Anne would have words with paparazzi when they ventured to take her picture.

  48. A says:

    In general I think if an event is longer then a Disney movie than a child under 5 doesn’t need to be there. I’ve thought these kids were being over exposed ever since the dumb cartoon staring Prince George came out. Also, for what it’s worth I actually think Princess Diana (as much as it pains me to say it) overexposed her children to some extent as well. Harry himself has gone on the record saying the first time he’s ever felt helpless was when he was in the back of a car his mom was driving and getting chased by photographers. No child regardless of who there parents are should be made to feel like that, and the adults in that child’s life as well the perpetrators should be responsible enough not to let it happen.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      A, I think Harry talking about being in the back of the car with his Mom driving was after the divorce. I don’t think Diana had a moments piece once she was no longer part of the royal family. I do remember she would take them with her to different places because she wanted them to understand the privilege they have and how many others did not. That seems to have made an impression on Harry, but not so much with W. I also think that by doing this she was getting them prepared for their roles in the Monarchy. There was no social media then, so I think the circumstances are different.

      I commented above that W&K need to make separate public engagements with one child each and switch which child they are with. Make sure the event is age appropriate and something that whichever child they are with would finding interesting or fun. How else do they get a bit comfortable with their futures?

  49. NoFilter says:

    A hater making sense for once, who would have thought that? And she’s right, the kids were overexposed during the Jubbly. I understand taking them to trooping and the Pageant but there was no need to bring them to Wales and the concert that no other kids attended, with songs from the 80s. The problem with William and Kate is that they have not been consistent with their children. They used to protect them a lot and now are parading them everywhere. I wonder what changed?

    Anyway, Jan Moir is not worry about the children but that they might embarrass their parents more and ruin the image of the early years expert.

  50. Tessa says:

    Diana and Charles would bring William and Harry to polo matches and have annual family cards with them and their sons but they were not expected to sit through tedious events for hours and hours. Polo matches were places they could have fun and were free to move around.

  51. usavgjoe says:

    I know Kate and William, especially Kate… wants to hide her and William’s problemed interactions or lack thereof, by making the children the centerpiece –William just wants out… that’s why he doesn’t try to hide his lack of love, or consideration for Kate in public. He’s DONE.
    When it is officially made public.. the RF spin doctors with the help of the RR and the BP… it will ALL be Kate’s fault that the marriage failed. Even though William threw her to the curb, long ago. I give it a year or less to emerge to the surface. William has no patience, he’s incandescent with rage. That will be when the RR carts the receipts out and will tell the public without provocation, how much Kate’s clothes REALLY costs the British taxpayers since she first married into the RF.

  52. Tessa says:

    Diana and Charles were very judicious in photo ops for their sons. They did have one situation with William who was page at Sarah and Andrew’s wedding. He acted up there which apparently annoyed Her Majesty. Those pictures of William are still on the Internet. But I don’t recall their ever pushing those children even half as much as Will and Kate do. I remember William did his first “walkabout” when he was older than George. George seems to have to do these at an earlier age and be seen. And William was never seen as “more special” and sat at a match in a lookalike suit that Charles wore.

  53. Normades says:

    So the Keens trot out their children for good PR and it totally backfired on them. Lol they are so bad at this. The Jubbly was a Cambridge fiasco.

  54. Cinders says:

    I do think the Pageant was far too long an event for Louis – and probably a bit boring for most of the kids, too. It was 3.5 hours of TV coverage. They clearly enjoyed the Paddington bit but it was all downhill after that. I don’t know why they didn’t take Louis out after the first hour or so – I don’t think anyone would have questioned it.
    Unfortunately, Louis’ tantrum was pretty ugly. Not just the slapping at his mother’s face, but also kicking his sister and pulling his cousin’s hair. That does need nipping in the bud, especially as I assume he’ll soon be at nursery school and socialising with other kids, where getting physical when you’re angry will not be indulged. I know it’s not his fault, he’s very young and was clearly over-tired or over-stimulated, but there’s no way this was cute. And this was just a moment in time, but will follow him forever because it was played out in public.
    And finally, let them wear normal clothes! Enough of the stiff suits and Little Lord Fauntleroy outfits. Be smart for serious stuff like church, but a concert or a pageant should be casual and fun.

  55. Cerys says:

    While I agree with Jan Moir’s article, the Cambridge children are members of the royal family and will have to become accustomed to being in the public eye. The European royal families all seem to handle this much better and perhaps the Cambridges should be looking at how they do things.

  56. Alexandria says:

    Ok I’m shocked the Fail wrote this? The problem is Willy and Ctrl C need the goodwill from the children because their PR is either bad or lacklustre. Too bad, so sad. Continue the symbiotic relationship with the rats and this cycle continues for the next gen to handle. Also Louis appeared far from the perfect and right ingredients that they themselves demanded from the Lamebridges. And they keep harping on never putting a foot wrong in a bid to undermine Harry’s family. So all of these…as usual are self inflicted. Nobody’s demanding perfection from the royals, they want relatable royals who have empathy and common sense to read the room.

  57. Linney says:

    I think the kids are absolutely adorable, but I completely agree that their Jubilee appearances were just too much. Too many long events, too many people, etc. I think the carriage ride would have been enough, and I was shocked they took the two eldest to Wales and had Louis sit through that long parade. In the beginning, William and Kate made such a point about keeping a low profile, no pictures of their kids, etc. I took this to mean they were protective of their children, and, more importantly, used the “low profile” theme to pretend they (William and Kate) were so busy behind the scenes. Why bring the kids out so much all of a sudden? Something about it strikes me as so odd, and I agree it’s to deflect from their own useless lives and a grasp for popularity. They know the kids will usually get a positive reaction, but this time, it went too far. And while I sympathize with any mother who has a tantrum throwing kid in public (and I’ve been there), this hitting and clamping a hand over Kate’s mouth and making threatening gestures at her face was really bizarre for a four year old. I know some people have said that’s normal four year old behavior, but I thought it was extreme in the physical sense. I also doubt that despite the day’s insanity and overstimulation, this is the first time Louis has done that. Even the best behaved four year old can be a total brat, but the physical, threatening nature of his actions was disturbing to me. I can only imagine if Harry and Meghan were there with Archie and he behaved this way. Yes, I know he is a bit younger, but can you imagine the scathing articles? Archie is uncontrollable. A brat. Meghan and Harry are horrible parents. There would have been headlines galore with, I believe, an undercurrent of racism. I mean, after all, a white mother would never allow her child to behave so. Again, the hypocrisy is insane. And there is no way the Cambridges were not mortified; otherwise they would not have attempted so much damage control.

  58. L4Frimaire says:

    Moir is very nasty about the Sussexes in general but she came for Will and Kate over the Caribbean colonial cosplay tour as well. She hates the Sussexes but hates it more when her so-called proper perfect royals, future king and kween , messes up so blatantly that it can’t be excused. It’s all good when the Sussexes the human shields to make the Cambridges look good. However, they were barely there to provide fodder for the Jubbly, and we barely see theee kids. Those Cambridge kids are overexposed, to the point where it looks like they have no home training and are certainly too young. I’m not ever impressed by this kid display or Louis’ aggressive tantrums, but those kids were treated like props to gild the parents and they shouldn’t have been put to work like that. It’s not fair to them.