Tom Cruise & Hayley Atwell have reportedly broken up for the second time

Tom Cruise spent what felt like a year and a half filming the latest Misson Impossible sequel/s. The production started before the pandemic, and they filmed throughout the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, with shutdowns and Covid protocols and more. I don’t even want to know how much they spent on it. Throughout it all, all of that stress, Tom Cruise was reportedly dating his costar Hayley Atwell. They were frequently photographed together on and off-set, and they went to Wimbledon together last year (with another costar). Reportedly, Hayley and Tom broke up last September. But then people thought they got back together, because Hayley joined him at at least one of his Top Gun promotional appearances. Now there are even more claims of a second breakup:

Tom Cruise has split from Mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell for the second time. The pair, who began dating in 2020 after meeting on set, went their separate ways last September, but went on to rekindle the romance. Hayley was alongside Tom at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in May, with insiders saying she was there “purely to support” the actor. But sources last night told how the on/off pair have now split again.

One said: “Tom and Hayley’s relationship was genuine. In spite of some rumours to the contrary, it was never just for the cameras. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for them. They get on really well, and have fantastic chemistry, which is why they decided to quietly give the relationship another try earlier this year. But what was working behind closed doors didn’t work out so well when it was made public, and the fanfare around them as a couple exploded again. They have now decided they are better as friends.”

[From The Sun]

Yeah… I thought it was for the cameras. No, I’ll say it this way – I think Hayley and Tom were and are genuinely friends and they enjoy working together. I think Tom and Hayley both probably enjoyed the fact that they were getting fun gossip stories written about their “relationship.” They both had their reasons for wanting that to be the story, in my opinion. I just don’t see them as super-serious romantically though. Maybe they were. One thing is for sure though: I bet they “get back together” in time to promote this fakakta Mission Impossible movie when it comes out next year.

Speaking of…

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  1. Izzy says:

    Oh. I didn’t realize we were supposed to take those relationship stories seriously.

    • Mia4s says:

      THANK YOU! I was so confused, I thought it was just the Daily Fail being the Daily Fail but….they actually wanted us to take this seriously?!


      Yeah OK Tommy, sure thing. Haley, be better than this, good lord.

  2. Jessamine says:

    There goes my dream TC could atone for his sins by sinking all his crazy scientology /MI/Top Gun money into an indefinite run for Agent Carter…

  3. Mic says:

    Does his movies make money in US or mostly international? I haven’t seen one in 10 years and it just seems like he lives and works outside the US

    • whatWHAT? says:

      well, Top Gun 2 did…because apparently people are perfectly willing to put their feelings about $cientology on hold for some nostalgia mixed into a “blockbuster”.

      I’m shocked at the number of people who were like “He’s AWFUL.
      I’ll never put another dollar in his pocket because it goes to an abusive cult!!!” and are now like “but…but…but…it’s Top Gun 2!”

      • Call Me Mabel says:

        They are certainly box office hits and sell lots of tickets. I do wonder though, with expensive stunts and high insurance and tons of promotion internationally,how much they actually *profit*. But that’s all Hollywood math.

  4. C-Shell says:

    They were dating? 🤣

  5. Esmerelda says:

    “the fanfare around them as a couple exploded again”

    But did it, really? I wasn’t aware of any fanfare.
    It think some aging Hollywood stars behave like they’re still in their heydays and everyone cares about their romances – but we don’t.
    Does Tom realize the 90s are over and he’s not walking that red carpet with Nicole Kidman on his arm, I wonder?

    • Kebbie says:

      Lol seriously what fanfare? Nobody believes his “relationships” are real anymore. His people really don’t understand how normal, non-scientology people see him. He’s not the movie star he used to be, even if people will still go watch his movies.

    • Kirsten says:

      Yeah same. I’d never even heard they were dating until this story.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s straight from his PR team to make him still seem young and romantically interesting, and the response to that has been “Really? I didn’t know they were supposed to be dating” pretty much everywhere.

  6. ML says:

    I didn’t believe that they were actually dating and thought that they were “together” to promote the movie. That said, yesterday there was an interesting article in The Guardian referring to something Simon Pegg said about Tom Cruise. SP seemed to admire that TC never ever admits or apologizes for any mistakes he makes. Interestingly, SP then had to “walk back” that comment, which he did by essentially saying he never said it… IF, HA was actually dating TC, and that is a huge if!, then this might be one of the reasons why they didn’t work out.

    • SarahCS says:

      There’s the obvious Hollywood ego but isn’t this also Scientology stuff, he’s in so deep that he now genuinely believes he’s some kind of different being or something?

      I don’t think he’s capable of having a genuine loving relationship with anyone at this point.

      • North of Boston says:

        Sarah I think you’ve got a great point … he in his head thinks he’s ascended to some higher level plus S folks don’t admit imperfections, they pay $$ to have that stuff audited out of them or cut off people who are polluting them.

        The thing about Pegg having to walk ish back is amusing to me… I think he’s got a comedic talent, but he seems like a stealth jerk who ‘hides’ his mean streak as ‘humor’ He comes across as a mean girl-nasty guy who punches down when he can under the guise of “it was a joke/a bit/British snark” … but this time he overstepped and punched up, and got himself slapped back into line by the TC/MI machine.

    • snappyfish says:

      She isn’t a scientologist so I’m guessing it would never work. I know they can’t survive if he leaves and they were scared when he was with Nicole. Katie was more malleable, or so they thought, and her stealth move out of their clutches was masterful. Burner phones and we all got to see that TC’s private email was “macdaddy@something or other. I laughed so hard when I read that. anyhoo…No more non compliant women for Tommie as long as David Miscaviage is alive (funny note: my autocorrect changed that to miscarriage, hmmm maybe my computer has become aware) I don’t see TC movies anymore as I won’t fund his crazy “church”. Cheers

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “I don’t see TC movies anymore as I won’t fund his crazy “church”.”

        nor do I, and I’m extremely disappointed in how many people threw their principles out the window for a little nostalgia and special effects.

  7. K says:

    Lolz at that pic, Kaiser.Naughty 😊

  8. LightPurple says:

    Run, Hayley, run!

  9. Noki says:

    I doubt he organicly meets and dates anymore,he just decides who he wants. His last couple of relationships feel forced and arranged.

    • Fredegunda says:

      Google Nazanin Boniadi. His team “chose” her for him and groomed her to be his girlfriend, possibly even spouse. In the end, she ended up being deemed “unsuitable” so he married Katie Holmes instead.

      • Ariel says:

        This. I read that account- and he was AWFUL to her. and the scientology cult team erased him from her life- including stealing photos and any “evidence” once she didn’t make the cut.
        Whenever i see news about him and a “relationship”- Nazanin Boniadi is all i think about.

  10. Roo says:

    SarahCS, I completely agree with you. I think, IF there ever were a real relationship, it wouldn’t go far with the Scientology stuff looming in the background. How could anyone be serious with him after so much has come out about the awful practices of Scientology in the past few years?

  11. jferber says:

    She’s a very pretty woman and looks-wise/height-wise, she matches him very well. How old is she? Because she looks about 25 years younger than he is.

    • North of Boston says:

      He’s 20 years older than her.
      Plus he’s got dead eyes, so that aged him even more.

      I can help thinking- yes she is objectively great on her own – but I wonder if part of him didn’t see her in the Avengers films and think that he wanted the woman Captain America got – like he’s a super human dude HE Tom Cruise deserves a superhero’s woman.

  12. jferber says:

    She does not look 38.

  13. KC says:

    Ever since Agent Carter I’ve loved her! I wish they’d gotten one more season.😔 She with him makes me think less of her, maybe she was lonely and he’s her rebound.😑

    Anyway, I really want to know what happens in the movie after he rides his motorcycle over the cliff. That was a long drop. Do y’all think a parachute eventually opened? Something was scheduled to “catch” him at the bottom? I hope I don’t have to sit through the entire movie to find out.🥴

    • JSteel says:

      I could agree more (Her with him) Not sure what she would see in him other than acting in action movies and getting paid well.

  14. LizzieB says:

    I know we’re all meant to crap on Tom but I have an absolute love of these films lol. Hayley Atwell is ludicrously hot but hoooo boy I’m glad this is not happening for real cos that’s not a good life to get into. Run girl!

  15. ChillinginDC says:

    He’s in a cult. I mean I do love how HW en masse ignores the fact that Katie Holmes had to plan an escape from the guy and he hasn’t seen their kid in like a decade.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      but…but…but…TOP GUN 2!!! Nostalgia! Special Effects!

      /s (in case that wasn’t clear)

      Right there with you. Thankfully Leah Remini is not letting up and released a statement to that effect. “have we all forgotten?…”

  16. lunchcoma says:

    Add me to the list of people who never thought this was the real deal.

    She’s a 40-year-old actress who has yet to break into the A list. I’m sure she welcomed the publicity. I don’t think she’s desperate enough to actually get involved with him, though.

    As for him, I think that he has relationships with women, but I think they’re all with fellow Scientologists at this point and that none of them have had the star power he thinks befits a public partner.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Slightly off topic, but if even Tom Cruise can find someone who’s willing to pretend to date him for awhile, what the hell is going on with Brad Pitt that he can’t find someone to fill a similar role? I know Pitt is toxic, but there’s no way he’s quite as toxic as Cruise is.

      • Call Me Mabel says:

        Brad Pitt certainly *tried*, with the whole Neri Oxman thing, and that married Insta model. I think he or his team or whoever are holding out for an Aniston reunion.

  17. chumsley says:

    Is it just me or does his face look strange in the first picture at the top of this post? Maybe it’s just the angle but he looks really different to me, especially after seeing the ones in the post about Simon Pegg.

  18. Dee Kay says:

    I think Tom Cruise comes off as asexual. I’m not saying he is but it would not surprise me if he is celibate and all if these dating/romance stories are a myth. I think since Katie Holmes he has decided he’s above human things like romantic connection, I don’t know the Scientology term for it but like he’s ascended to another level, above the needs of the body. I also think he thinks that’s why he can do all of these ridiculous stunts at 60 years old — bc he’s basically like a god in his religion.

  19. Wrin says:

    Whatever Tom is doing/has done to his face needs to quit…immediately!

  20. Mslove says:

    This cult was able to infiltrate the us government back in the 70’s, why wasn’t it shut down back then?

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Wink wink.