Prince Michael of Kent & his racist wife are retiring from public, royal life

Prince Michael of Kent is Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin. He married the daughter of a Nazi, Princess Michael (people forget her real name and it’s not important). Both of them are pieces of work. Princess Michael is a racist B with a long history of saying and doing incredibly offensive sh-t. She was the one who wore the “Blackamoor” brooch to a Christmas luncheon when she knew she would be meeting then-Meghan Markle for the first time. Prince Michael of Kent is the dude who looks and behaves like a Russian asset. He’s spent years exploiting his royal connections and his Russian connections for millions of dollars/rubles. Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Prince Michael was “under pressure” to do more to cut himself off from all of his Russian business interests. There were no follow-ups on any of that. Instead, Prince Michael and his wife were invited to several high-profile events in recent months, which now looks like their last hurrah. They’re both “retiring” from public life.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are set to retire, months after the Prince severed his ties to Russia. The Queen’s first cousin, a fluent Russian speaker with a lineage to Tsar Nicholas II, had strong business links with Russia – but his connections to the Kremlin came under scrutiny after the invasion of Ukraine.

In March, the 79-year-old – who along with the Queen is one of King George V’s nine grandchildren – handed back an Order of Friendship award, one of Russia’s highest honours, as well as stepping down as patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce. However, he is understood to have remained an ambassador and shareholder of RemitRadar, a money transfer firm led by Sergey Markov, an ex-KGB officer.

Now, The Telegraph understands that Prince Michael and his wife, Marie-Christine, 77, are stepping down from public life altogether, with an official announcement expected in the coming days. It is thought the move will coincide with Prince Michael’s 80th birthday on July 4. A spokesman for the couple refused to comment.

According to the official Royal family website, Prince Michael is “involved in around 100 charities and organisations, including being patron for a large number of these”. Although classified as a “non-working” royal, each year he undertakes more than 200 public engagements for the not-for-profit sector – funded by his own household, rather than the taxpayer.

Princess Michael, who is nicknamed “Princess Pushy” in some royal circles, is “actively involved in around 45 different charities and organisations” according to the website, “including animal and wildlife trusts and health and welfare charities”. It adds: “Reflecting her interest in the arts, she is also involved in the work of many cultural institutions in various countries, including being patron of the London Arts Orchestra and of The Budapest Festival Orchestra.”

[From The Telegraph]

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Prince Michael worked this out months ago with the Queen and her advisors. I strongly believe that he’s the Kremlin’s man in the palace, but that being said, Prince Michael is very old school and he and the Queen are legitimately close friends and cousins. They have a deep affection for one another. This absolutely has the feel of a mutual decision, given Prince Michael’s age (79) and his clearly compromised business interests. Instead of making a big, messy fuss, he’ll just retire and so will his wife (who has reportedly been in poor health in recent years). The palace likely agreed to delay everything so that the Kents would have the chance to attend many of the big Jubbly events. Prince Michael and his wife went to the Jubbly church service, the Platinum Party at the Palace, and they also went to Royal Ascot last week. This was all their “swan song” of public life.

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  1. Abby says:

    That brooch. I just cannot get over her wearing that to meet Meghan. WHAT THE HELL.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Racists are as racists do.

    • Amy Bee says:

      And William had the audacity to say that his family is not racist.

      • Blithe says:

        A timely reminder that not all of us define “racist” or experience racism in the same ways. FWIW, William probably genuinely believes this.

    • MeganC says:

      Too much of her racism is attributed to her father being a Nazi. Long story short, he father was kicked out if the Nazi party for failure to buy into its tenets and even went so far as to convert to Catholicism during the war. Her racism belongs to her and her alone.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ That’s correct. She never knew her father. She was born toward the end of WWII, and her father died soon after. Subsequently, her mother left Germany for Austria.

  2. equality says:

    So he is allowed to represent the Queen but can do business and fund himself. But that wasn’t workable for H&M? Will there be articles whining about W&K having to take up the slack of their work?

    • Jan90067 says:

      Pushy wrote novels using her HRH title on the covers, as does Fergie the Freeloader (though she isn’t part of the family anymore. Still, her “Duchess” title is there on the book covers). Anne holds horse trials on her estate. Liz and Anne sell race horses. Charles sells Duchy Originals, Liz sells gin… all with their names blazing.

      This whole “you can’t be a royal and earn your own £££ is pure bullshyte,.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Seriously. So they’re non-working royals, who do charity events, and who finance their work and excursions themselves. But it was a bridge too far for Harry and Meghan to do the same?

  3. Amy Bee says:

    What is Prince Michael retiring from? According to the Royal Family he was not a working royal. The press wants to pretend that Harry got his idea to be half in out of thin air but he was really using the template of Prince Michael’s life.

  4. Sasha says:

    Yuck. Good riddance to them. Hideous people. That brooch – absolutely disgusting.

    • aftershocks says:

      It’s Princess Michael’s racist intent that’s in question. So it’s the motivation behind her wearing the brooch that’s disgusting, not the brooch itself. The brooch is finely made Venetian jewelry, which celebrates the cult of St. Maurice, an ancient African warrior and religious figure who led armies in southern Europe. Africans have always had a strong presence in Europe from ancient times to the present. We simply haven’t been taught the true history of humans, which is a great deal more intricate and complex than our present-day simplistic views.

  5. Blithe says:

    Great. Perhaps I’ll send Marie Christine a BLM brooch — in honor of their service to the Crown.

    It has always troubled me that Meghan’s introduction to her new extended family including Princess Michael’s openly racist efforts to be publicly cruel, while garnering some last gasps of attention for herself. What troubles me even more is that I’ve never heard how —or if — the vaunted royal family-that-she’s-never-had bothered to address Princess Michael’s deliberately racist cruelty, welcoming Meghan into the family. It was more than a hint of much of what followed.

  6. TIFFANY says:


  7. Rapunzel says:

    I really don’t understand the brooch. Like, even if you think the racism of a blackamoor brooch is acceptable, why would you want a blackamoor on a piece of jewelry? Why would you wear it? Like, I don’t get it.

    It’s objectively an unattractive brooch too. It’s too big and tacky looking, with all that grossly overdone gold. There’s no precious jewels on it, it’s not vibrant or colorful, or even interesting to look at. It’s not just racist; it’s a bad piece of jewelry. Not just a blackamoor brooch, but a bad one.

    So, setting aside racism, I don’t get why a blackamoor brooch would be a desired look, especially this gaudy, yet blah, looking one.

    Which proves this was nothing but a power play on Princess of Kent’s part. No other reason to wear this except to lord your whiteness over the mixed race woman you’re meeting.

    Hence, it’s not only racist, it’s petty.

  8. lunchcoma says:

    I’m not sure if I believe that the Queen worked this out. For all that the royals are called The Firm, she doesn’t have any common sense when it comes to people she loves best who need to be fired from it. I think Prince Michael’s long presence in the royal family shows a problem with her both as administrator of The Firm and with her character – it’s not an accident that some of the people who she chooses to make her favorites are absolutely horrid.

    I suspect that this was Charles’ doing. I do think it was delayed so that Prince Michael could attend the events this summer. The next big royal event will probably be the Queen’s funeral, which he will attend because he is her cousin, and then he’ll never be spoken of again.

    • Deering24 says:

      Agreed–it sounds like Charles has begun cleaning house and getting mess straightened out.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Charles is thinning the herd, but it’s getting a little emancipated now. He probably does want Harry and Meghan back to some degree. He probably does actually need them if, either despite or to spite Andy’s wishes, he’s going to refuse to reward/elevate the York sisters to working Royal status for their blood princessing.

  9. Beth says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  10. Brassy Rebel says:

    Philip’s sisters were all married to literal Nazis during WWII. “Princess Michael” is the daughter of one. Really good to know that the RF is so broad minded about Nazis but marrying an American Black woman is totally going too far.

  11. Selene says:

    I think she’s the most disgusting out of the whole Windsor clan, I despise her.

    • Julia K says:

      What? I never heard that she took it off before meeting Meghan. This makes it ten times worse because it shows that she knew exactly what she was doing by wearing the brooch.

  12. Izzy says:

    They’re retiring? Oh noes!


  13. SIde Eye says:

    Princess Karen always be known as the bigot who wore an offensive, racist brooch to meet new family. Adding to the cowardice, she made sure to be photographed outside wearing it, but didn’t have it on inside when face to face with Meghan.

    • Princessk says:

      Princess Michael of Kent is a very interesting character along with her husband, who seem to have had an open marriage for years. Right now the two of them can hardly walk, you should have seen the difficulty they had getting out of the car and leaning heavily on each other whilst trying to climb the steps up to St. Paul’s.
      Her facial beauty is undeniable, especially when she was younger. Jealous members of the RF however found something to pull her down and made fun of her thick legs and ankles which they likened to large table legs. I saw her at Wimbledon once and she made sure everyone could see her there.
      She does have racist tendencies and she has also called out British people for being racist and once said that British people believe that the “w*gs begin at Calais”.
      But the most atrocious thing I heard was that she once had two pigs she named Venus and Serena!

  14. India says:

    She is just a mean old bitch with fat f ankles.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Oh, look, the ACTUAL Princess Pushy!