Duchess Kate ‘implants ideas in William’ & he ‘carries them out’ in his way

Between Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, which one is smarter? I’ve come around to the idea that both William and Kate are pretty dumb, but I kind of think William could be technically a bit smarter than his wife? Like, we’ve seen Kate interact with people and try to have conversations. You can see it on people’s faces, the dawning realization that she has no idea what she’s saying or doing half the time. When people speak to William, they don’t seem to be put off by his intellect (or lack thereof) – it’s his manner and his boredom which come across in public. I bring this up because Ingrid Seward claims that Kate is the “power behind the throne” and everything William does is somehow Kate’s brainchild.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for over a decade. Speaking on the couple’s marriage, it has been suggested by royal expert Ingrid Seward that Kate is the “power” behind William and that the Duchess plays an incredibly supportive and active role in William’s life. Ms Seward discussed Kate’s role with host Kate Thornton on the Royal Beat.

Ms Seward said: “She [Kate] is the power behind William, I feel like.

Referring to one of the guests talking about Heads Together, a campaign set up by the couple and Prince Harry, the royal expert said: “It was Catherine’s idea”.

The royal expert added: “She’s so clever that she implants ideas in William and lets him carry them out in his own way. [But] she doesn’t take the credit, which is quite remarkable. She has been the credit for a lot of things.”

Ms Seward praised the Duchess by stating that she “encourages” him and “pushes” him, before adding that Kate just “stands back”.

[From The Daily Express]

I think this is the Middleton version of William and Kate’s dynamic, but it’s not the reality whatsoever. Maybe it was at some point, but I even doubt that. Now, if we replaced “Kate” with “Carole,” that was definitely the case for years. Carole definitely took it upon herself to implant ideas in William’s head and act as the power behind both William and Kate. I would argue that Carole is the entire reason William and Kate’s marriage survived for the first six or seven years. But something shifted significantly in recent years and Carole Middleton’s power over William has subsided (or perhaps been eliminated entirely). Currently, William is being carefully groomed by Tory political operatives and the Queen’s old-guard aides to be the kind of arch-conservative king they want. I think many people would genuinely be shocked by how little influence Kate actually has over William. His PR has emphasized that a lot in the past year too, that William thinks of Kate fondly as the mother of his children and nothing more.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instar.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Kate has imo no original ideas at all

    • duchessL says:

      William only feels smarter because he knows how to banter & chitchat with humor. There was a time where Kate used to be like that too, but she was shut down because she would naturally insult and embarrass William by saying things like “William has no more hair” or something like that. LOL that was years ago. So since being told to shut up and not answer questions, it feels like Katie is a total nut. I feel like TeamKate is starting to take credit with mouthpieces like this. Credit for what great initiatives – I have no idea. Kate has been made to feel stupid over the years, maybe she’ll show us how Keen and smart she really is. OMG that will NOT happen. lol

  2. equality says:

    But she doesn’t take the credit? Isn’t she literally taking the credit here?

    • Christine says:

      THIS! This is HILARIOUS, one of them would have to have an accomplishment to their name for the other to take credit for it. In that regard, Kitty is the more accomplished, because she gave birth to three more royals who can try to convince people any of this matters to the current planet we live on.

  3. Woke says:

    What they lack of is emotional intelligence, the it factor and in general they’re not in touch with the people of their generation. Kate is so dumb for never having curated a persona of herself outside of William, so that makes this narrative hard to sell. What other things beside being a royal has she displayed this so called power/intelligence ?

    • SussexWatcher says:

      They also lack IQ/book learning intelligence since neither appear to be able to have any sort of coherent conversation with others (and K was known to blatantly cheat off of others during uni). Kkkeen’s stupidity is legendary (“can you test the smell by smelling it”) and TOB has bragged about thinking he’s smarter than his advisors and not reading his briefings for events. They’re both incurious dullards who think they’re the smartest, most clever person in the room.

      • Lady Digby says:

        Here’s a definition of Dunning Kruger.. very common in narcissists?
        The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain type of a task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge.

      • bettyrose says:

        It seems so unfair to me that people who lack “book smarts” were able to attend and excel at the top schools (I say “excel” in that however it was accomplished, but were accepted to a prestigious university and graduated with a top degree). So many brilliant students never have that opportunity, being tamped down in overcrowded classrooms.

      • goofpuff says:

        @bettyrose. Many of them have personal assistants that do their work for them. And the parents pay off the schools with huge donations for their child to get accepted and to pass.

        It’s why i always side eye super rich people so proud of their prestigious degree because it was bought rather than earned so much of the time.

      • bettyrose says:

        @goofpuff – I figured as much, and I’ve always side-eyed that level of privilege, but a few years ago I found myself on a work team with a third generation Ivy League grad (he was in fact a “the third” of his name) and no way did he have the intellect for an academically rigorous program. Moreover, he had zero work ethic. I’m sure people in the corporate world deal with nepotism brats all the time, but I don’t in public education and it was a real eye opener. The unearned confidence of mediocre nepotism brats is unreal. (note, he hadn’t gotten the job through nepotism, just his education, but that degree opened every door for him.) No one expects the royals to be great minds, I suppose, but it irks me they took up spots at a respected uni.

    • SugarHere says:

      It seems to me Catherine failed to implant the idea of a fourth child in W. I believe she silently suffers from Bully denying her another pregnancy. With her lanky body, I’m not sure about her potential for femme fatale, but she proved definitely unable to slap us with her femme fetal manifest destiny. Charisma is rarely gained by screaming over the rooftops that one is charismatic.

      Do you know what makes the Duchess of Sussex effortlessly charismatic? Her natural compassion. Charisma is empathy. I can regrettably say that Kate swiftly removing her hands from the Afro Jamaican lady’s motherly invitation to do whatever, was a nasty hurtful stance of racial superiority.

      Let’s take a moment to appreciate how Meghan kissed the hand of a little South African girl to symbolically pass down black empowerment to her: that is charisma. https://madamenoire.com/1103334/it-was-incredible-young-girl-shares-her-thoughts-after-beautiful-moment-with-meghan-markle/amp/
      That is infusing the world with beauty and respect. That is implanting the notion that human dignity must be restored for those who have been robbed of it. Meghan’s kindness is worth every egotistical self-aggrandizing scheme and every bogus self-serving imaginary early-years expertise.

      • Duch says:

        @Sugarhere, thanks so much for that link! I had never seen that clip before and it was incredible. What a heart-touching moment, and her accent was adorable. “The world is her family”

    • Nadia says:

      I absolutely agree with you. Both are out of touch and out of their league speaking to others.

    • Myra says:

      I think her persona was stripped out of her by the institution. It was all done intentionally so that any person (white woman, I imagine) could project onto her whatever personality they wanted. The outcome is that she became a cardboard of a person, with no real personality of her own. She might have wanted that, too, at first – to be the anti-Diana, but then Meghan came along!

      • C says:

        Kate has never had a persona or interests beyond William. There was nothing to strip away. Even before marriage people near him said how boring and self-centered she was. And her own cousin said Kate finds it difficult to be interested in anything besides herself.

  4. Aurora says:

    Kate is really overplaying her hand trying to embiggen herself. She’s the Keen Peacemaker and now she’s painting herself as the mastermind behind Willy’s hair-brained schemes?

    Keep digging that hole girl.

    • Selene says:

      She wants to be a femme fatale a la Wallis Simpson, she’s such a poser.

      • KFG says:

        No she wants to be seen as important. That’s it. She wants the public to think 🥚 can’t get on without her and secure her place. I think she’s really out. CarolE lost all control and now she’s trying to push a fake “kkkate is smart and powerful ” narrative in order to try to remain relevant. Sad.

  5. Aephra says:

    I think Kate wants to be seen as intellectual (hence her Buttons early years centre) but William believes he is intelligent just by virtue of being in line to the throne. But both are so so so desperately incurious and lazy that any depth or rigour of thought is beyond them.

    Anyone remember the bespoke Cambridge agriculture course that was created for Willnot? It was only a weeklong but he didn’t even bother completing it, choosing instead to go hunting.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      The course where he also had a private residence that Kate was not allowed to visit and William never took a break to see her and his newborn son George. He Also used that course to claim he needed this education to prepare for his role as POW.

      • Christine says:

        I love it when you succinctly remind me of all of the things that I have forgotten, Wiglet Watcher. You have to have the memory of an elephant, you should go on Jeopardy!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        And I annoy my husband endlessly with this memory😆

      • Christine says:


        I recognize how an elephant brain might piss him off, as your spouse, often, but he is really grateful to you every time he needs a pertinent detail, even if he doesn’t say it.

    • Jais says:

      Wait, that course was really only a week long? I’d assumed it was at least a few on the or something.

  6. Jan says:

    For the love of 🤬, all of Harry’s work that he let his brother piggyback on is now Unable’s, she came up with the name, not the idea, maybe someone was being kind to let her claim the name.
    It took this woman 10 years to come up with 5 questions an eighth grader would ask.
    One of liars had a story about how the Government gave her 3 million for early education.

    • Cairidh says:

      It’s a clever name. I don’t think she came up with it.
      She may have had the idea to lump all their mental health charity work together under an umbrella of mental health, so they could work with them all at once which = less work.

    • Christine says:

      Yeah, it’s obvious Heads Together was Harry’s idea. Point of fact, the crickets about anything Heads Together since he left England. If this was Kitty’s brain child, wouldn’t it still be a thriving thing?

      ETA: Or what Becks said, two lanes down.

    • Kathleen Williams says:

      I remember that. It was Harry’s idea and they credited Kate with naming the project. William and Kate also stole Harry’s project he developed with the MOD and tried to trademark it.

  7. Merricat says:

    Lol, this doesn’t work the way they want it to; essentially, they’re saying that Kate is the Puppet Master. So Kate is responsible for the Flop Tour, the smearing of Meghan, and etc? Kate’s out of her league with this one. I hope Carole and her Mini Me are sacked from the royal team sooner than later; William doesn’t need this kind of “help.” Lol

    • Betsy says:

      Reading through the article and then the first comments I thought, gosh, this is a dumb Middleton PR point. But when you frame it that way, it almost seems like it’s William’s PR people setting Kate up to take a fall or twelve.

      • Jasper says:

        Honestly, I’m thinking the same as well. He could easily start implying that a lot of the actions he took were under the advisement of his wife and that she betrayed his trust.
        It’s a possibility.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s been a working theory of mine (and a few others on here) for a while now. There are so many stories out there about how dependent William is on Kate and the Middletons, it would not be hard for him/the Windsors to spin that as “Kate is responsible for X, William had nothing to do with it.” and I think X is most likely to be Sussexit.

      • SomeChick says:

        it doesn’t make William look good either tho, to be so easily led. this is Coach Carole’s actual MO, so I think it points back to her. who does Ingrid usually rep?

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s too funny how both Will and Harry are being portrayed as weaklings who are led around by their wives. I love this list of Kate’s “accomplishments” – like building up an evidence file for termination.

  8. Becks1 says:

    First, wasn’t Heads Together Harry’s idea, and Kate just came up with the name?

    Second, what things has William carried out “in his own way” that Kate could possibly take credit for? Like what has the FFK ever actually done? What projects has he been a part of, what initiatives has he championed, etc? as far as I can tell the most successful project William has worked on (unfortunately) was the campaign to drive his SIL out of the country, it was so successful his brother left too. Is Ingrid saying that Kate was behind that, putting the idea in William’s head?

    Third, does anyone think that William is going to like an article talking about all his ideas come from Kate?

    Finally, I don’t know which one is “smarter,” but I do think William is better at the small talk at events. I mean that’s not saying a lot, and he puts his foot in his mouth a lot and sounds privileged and entitled, but he does come off as more intelligent than Kate in some of the things he says.

    • Veda says:

      Exactly. Does she mean to say that Keenshot was Kate’s idea? We know William has a huuuuge ego. How would he take these Kate the Keen articles? Kate’s camp is desperate to hold on to the perception that Kate has any influence over William.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        All these articles from Middleton camp make it sound like William needs Kate and Carole to tie his shoes for him because he’s so pathetic and incompetent. He never really strikes back at these narratives so I’m thinking he’s too dumb to realize it or it’s flat out true.

    • L84Tea says:

      I agree. Neither one of them is very smart, but William is a bit better at faking it and carrying on a conversation. Kate’s problem is she’s both stupid and can’t even handle small talk.

      • @L84tea. This is so true about Kate. Whenever she meets people she pretends to say something stupid and then she keeps bobbing her head all around to indicate that she understands the conversation. So whenever I see her doing this I couldn’t help myself but laugh at silly Kate.

    • Nic919 says:

      And for some reason Heads Together stopped once Harry moved away, so it’s pretty obvious kate did nothing other than possible coming up with the name.

      Kate is the dumber of the couple. She’s shown for over a decade that she knows very little about most things. William can at least seem more knowledgeable if he puts some effort into it, which he rarely does. Unless kate simply never prepares for anything ever, she has shown especially with her early years stuff, that she has no idea what she is doing and only repeats the written talking points given to her.

      Also kate just can’t hold a conversation. She’s called mumbles for a reason because there is no substance to her words. There is no secret genius because that kind of thing doesn’t stay hidden for over a decade.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think its why she talks about her kids so much. She doesnt have anything else to talk about, she doesnt know anything about the visit or topic, etc.

      • Lux says:

        Kate’s brain can’t seem to capacitate any coherent thought when she’s constantly thinking about herself and whether she’s messing up the queen’s accent. She’s so painfully self conscious (and yet so preoccupied with the camera lens) at any event that her presence simply isn’t conducive to meaningful conversation. You know that friend who pretends to have a conversation at brunch but is really just trying to see in the corner of her eye who’s checking her out? That’s her. I’m sure whatever knowledge of art history she obtained at university was lost in the hangovers of her to-trap-a-prince nights. Hence why they never give her any meaningful art patronages; she must feel so out of her depth when interacting with someone like Rose Hanbury, who actually has genuine interest in/knows a great deal about art.

        William has been trained to pepper his meaningless conversations with quips and “witty” asides, and it takes so little to send those who are Royal-struck into titters, so I presume there are those who overlook his incompetence and consider him charming in person. Both are dullards but of the two, Bully is probably better at paraphrasing the things he’s learned (rather than repeating them verbatim a la Keen).

  9. Noki says:

    William can play smarter than Kate. Anyways I cant believe the story that the male members of the CoE dont wear wedding bands, it just shows you that William never wanted to because it hasn’t stopped Harry.

    • Becks1 says:

      I didn’t see that story, but Charles also wears a wedding band.

      • Noki says:

        Its not a new story at all, i think Charles didnt wear one with Diana or wore it on his pinky. William has never bothered but Harry the one who actually fell in love with his wife prior to marriage wears it proudly.

      • C says:

        I think it was around the time of the wedding, there were a bunch of stories explaining why William didn’t wear a wedding band and a bunch of nonsense about how “royal men don’t wear them” despite several royal men indeed wearing them. Then there were other stories that he just didn’t wear one because he didn’t want to. Nobody could stick to a story, lol.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah Charles wears it on his pinky now, I’m not sure what the reasoning is for that, and Harry obviously wears his proudly on his ring finger. William doesn’t wear one at all. Which I’m sure means nothing……

      • L84Tea says:

        @Becks1, he probably wears it on his pinky for comfort. His fingers have turned into bratwursts!

      • notasugarhere says:

        It has nothing to do with Charles’s fingers. Philip, Charles, Andrew, Edward all wear/wore their wedding rings on their pinky fingers (with their signet rings) from the start. Becks1 William never even had a wedding ring made.

    • M says:

      If you don’t wear a wedding ring, you can’t accidentally leave it at your side piece’s house.

  10. MaryContrary says:

    Lololololol. Oh sure-she’s a total intellect and passes on her wonderful ideas to him but so subtly he doesn’t realize it. There is no part of this story that isn’t funny.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Snort, right, total intellect! And she’s so modern! Just whispers in his ear her brilliant ideas, but stands back & lets him take all the credit. Barf.

  11. JMoney says:

    Why the sudden Carole PR repeats of being the peacemaker and William’s advisor? Kate already got her marriage in name only protected by that big piece by Roya Nikkah for Billy’s birthday. Before anyone says, they are divorcing – officially no they are not. Billy is purposely lazy and the only effort he is willing to make is to stay legally married to the mother of his kids. Yes divorce is common but not among the younger generation of working royals (millennials and younger) both UK and European.
    This is all literally Billy boy has and he has something Charles never had which was a spouse and his in laws who are more than happy to go along with whatever he wants, why would he give that up? Plus he is significantly less good looking and as much as he despises Keen he does trust her to keep the silence. Note, no leaks about his dalliances which I’m sure there have been. Plus to “start over” with someone new is too much effort for Billy. It’s much better to be an aristocrat, better yet an aristo with money who has an affair with the FFK. Your “child(ren)” would get privacy, the respect among the aristo circles and be free to do what they want with their lives in direct contrast to Billy’s legitimate children.

    • Merricat says:

      Kate increasingly proves she is not an asset. If William had a brain, he would dump her and her grasping mother.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        They won’t divorce anytime soon. But before he becomes POW they will. Kate will absorb all the blame and William will work the angle of being a single dad to avoid work.

      • JMoney says:

        They won’t officially divorce. Bold of any of you to assume he’s ever been in love and would leave Keen for some side piece when Kate is willing to continue the sham marriage publicly.
        The single dad angle would not play well especially if the kids are older. Plus do you really think a side piece would want to be queen esp if her kid isn’t in direct line? What would be the benefit? Also which side piece will stick around after his first work outburst when she inevitably stole the spotlight from him? No one interesting, just another Kate would do that role and he already has that so why blow it up?

      • equality says:

        What would be the benefit? Ask Cam. You are describing her life.

      • C says:

        He already plays the single dad role. KP didn’t acknowledge Kate for Mother’s day OR their wedding anniversary and his Father’s day pics left her out entirely.

      • SURE says:

        @JMONEY The single dad angle would give him an excuse to work less often than he does currently. I see it as a win for him.

      • Green girl says:

        I used to think they would get divorced, but after seeing that huge portrait of them, I don’t think so. Also: why would William want to divorce? He can stay married to Kate as cover and then see his side piece. When he gets tired of his girlfriend he can dump her and see someone else, without a risky divorce.

    • HoneyBear says:

      Kate is doing things the way the palace wants them done. She serves the crown. Her popularity right now with people as a good mother & wife is high and that what the Firm wants. Kate and William getting divorced will never happen. It would end the monarchy. If they can’t keep a stable family in tact as leaders then who needs them? William having a side piece would be a PR disaster. The firm doesn’t want another Charles and Diana, Camilla situation. And Kate wasn’t in his Father’s Day pictures because she took them.

      • C says:

        Look, I have no idea if they’ll divorce and I wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed together but the idea that if they do it’ll end the monarchy just doesn’t hold water. The royal family is filled with divorces. People don’t care. Diana had a level of popularity that only comes once in a lifetime so people were invested in her life. Nobody is that invested in either William or Kate. If Charles can get Camilla to be accepted enough to be Queen Consort, anything could happen.

        Correct me if I am wrong but I believe William held the copyright to the photo – when Kate takes them she does. So I’m skeptical of that.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate is not doing what the crown wants because they have been pushing her to do more work for years. The queen snubbing her at the end of the choo choo tour makes it obvious that Kate isn’t in the good books like Sophie.

        The queen is elderly and still works more than Kate. It’s pathetic and there is no scenario where there the wife of the heir to the heir was expected to work so little.

      • Becks1 says:

        No, she did not take the Father’s Day pictures. If she had, KP’s IG would have credited her as the photographer. It did not.

        I go back and forth on whether a divorce will happen. Some days I think its more likely, some days I think its not that likely. (separate lives though are already happening.)

        But the notion that they CANNOT divorce bc it will be the end of the monarchy is just ludicrous. If Charles and Diana’s divorce did not end the monarchy, William divorcing Kate won’t end it. People don’t really care about Kate. Sure, they may like her, may think she’s a good mother and has nice hair or whatever, but when push comes to shove, I think most people will shrug and move on if there’s a Cambridge divorce.

        ETA also William has already had at least one side piece, maybe more during the course of his marriage, and while he scrambled like hell to cover it up, its still out there and yet the monarchy still stands.

      • Jais says:

        The monarchy will fall because the Cambridges divorce? Nah, that’s just silly. The monarchy should fall for a lot of reasons but their divorce will not be the downfall. William is a Tory prop and part of a patriarchal and classist system. He and the monarchy will survive a divorce. Get some bad press sure but eventually the press will pile up against Kate. We’re talking about the misogynistic British tabloids. Please.
        And as nic919 says, the queen doesn’t like Kate and if William wants a divorce, sources are gonna come out of the woodwork with all the reasons the queen didn’t find Kate suitable.

      • equality says:

        @C I thought it was interesting that the copyright was only to Will and not to both or KP. The pictures were part of a series that were taken by their photographer in Jordan. They released one at Christmas that Kate was in.

    • Christine says:

      The Millennial royals haven’t been married as long as the generation before them, where only Sophie and Edward remain on their first marriages.

      The GenX royal is now divorced. It is bizarre to suggest his younger cousins are enamored of the institution of marriage more than previous generations of royals.

      Right now, evidence suggests each generation of royals has one who believes in not divorcing, no matter how performative the marriage. Who will be the lucky couple for the current crop, the world waits with bated breath.

  12. ABritGuest says:

    Funny a few years ago after Meghan did speeches in the Oceana tour & killed it, royal ‘experts’ were saying Kate needed to speak more, Ingrid Seward said Kate didn’t need to & all she needed was to look pretty & wear nice dresses. So it’s interesting this turnaround to make Kate this top CEO & baby brains/data expert.

    I think Kate is more strategic & alert on her PR than William eg her Sarah Everard stunt after the Oprah interview was received more positively than William’s “we are very much not a racist family” comment.

    Robert Lacey said that Kate was wary of Meghan from the start. You could see that through the Middleton’s fake no ring no bring stunt which was possibly the first sign in the press of hostility towards Meghan in those circles. So I can see her being initially more alert to ‘threat’ Meghan played in terms of attention etc, signalling that to William & then him doing the dirty work of meeting editors to start the smear campaign in earnest.

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate may be cunning, but she’s not smart in the way Seward tried to pretend she is. And Kate’s cunning relates to protecting her position as top dog for the royal ladies. I’m sure Camilla will end up doing something, but Kate has only ever worked on being William’s girl and the privileges she’s thinks comes with it. Anything of substance is beyond her ability.

    • Lady D says:

      That was when Kate’s mother released her snippy “it takes more to be a royal than giving speeches.”

  13. Mslove says:

    I can’t help but think, if they were happily married, you wouldn’t need to “implant ideas” in your spouse’s head. A happily married couple would openly talk about these things.

  14. Laura D says:

    In other words “Kate loads the gun, and William fires!” Which is why I’ve always thought the “concerns” about Archie came from her as well as William.

  15. jo73c says:

    Hang on, one of the reasons people here (in the UK) don’t like Meghan is because she has supposedly given Harry all his wild ideas and ‘made’ him (blah blah, I’m not going into all that here)
    But of course if Kate does it, it’s heroic.

  16. Abby says:

    I would be horrified if someone wrote this kind of story about me and my husband. It’s very unflattering to both of them, and it doesn’t make Kate look good like maybe they think it does.

    What a weird story. Really its the kind of story that Carole would plant, for sure.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Abby, these PR peacemaker stories are all planted by CarolE by the orders of CopyKeen, as well as CarolE going rouge. CarolE is feeling the push back from Baldemort which is why these ridiculous articles are coming out, not to long after the fakata Jubbly. The more there is push back, the more desperate these declarations will become.

      Yet, this public push is likely is placing their entire plan into greater jeopardy than they realize. To come out and declare that the future King of England isn’t AS capable of creating his own ideas/initiatives is not the type of message you want out there, for your own survival.

    • WiththeAmerican says:

      What I got from it was look, this is the ideal marriage as “we” conservative royal boot lickers see it. The woman takes no credit, let’s husband walk all over her, pretends she’s not smart because he can’t handle it.

      It’s absolutely archaic and pathetic. And probably everything everyone else has said too in terms of desperate PR or maybe bus tossing.

  17. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    In a way I can believe this. If Kate was feeling so intimidated by Meghan, it would be possible that she said some things to William, like Meghan made me cry among other things and then sat back and let him destroy his relationship with his brother.

    • JT says:

      This is what I’ve always believed. A lot of the bad press around Meghan came from the Middletons. The “no ring, no bring” issue that someone mentioned above, the “Kate being wary from the start”, and most importantly Crygate, that even Meg stated was a game changer. I think the crying story is how she really got Will on board. Kate is still the only one who benefits from H&M leaving.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I believe after the queen passes receipts will be used if they dare mention these stories again like the crying tale.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Agreed. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the smear campaign was sparked by her jealousy and hatred of Meghan. The Tatler story kept framing William as someone who was foolish and easily led around by the Middletons. In the video everyone’s currently talking about, you can here Kate egging on William too with her comments and making him angrier. So I definitely believe Kate implants ideas in William, but not in the way Seward is claiming.

  18. Feeshalori says:

    This sounds like shades of the Manchurian Candidate. I wonder what object Kate uses to implant her ideas into William and triggers him to follow her command. A specially designed button?

    • Jais says:

      @feeshalori- love how you’re always plotting the sci-fi version. Implantation and pod people.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Thanks, Jais, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is next on the list! These scenarios are pretty much out there.

  19. Cee says:

    Carole will never rest until her daughter’s future as Queen Consort is secure. She will have to outlive the Queen Mother then because not even the title of Princess of Wales brings that security anymore. If Diana was shoved to the side, what chances does Kate have?

  20. Harper says:

    I agree that something did change in the power dynamic where CarolE is concerned. It probably coincides with William’s continual blanking of Kate at outings–no eye contact, no shared guffawing. Someone has usurped CarolE in the influence department, and it’s probably his new squeeze. Burger King can’t officially give his new squeeze his public support, but he does support her by ignoring Kate in public and icing out CarolE in private.

    No Diana statue appearance, no pics at the Middleton wedding, no 11th wedding anniversary post. None of this would sit well with CarolE. But, now that the keys to Adelaide Cottage are in hand, and Kate’s future is set for now, CarolE is back leaking the embiggening stories.

  21. Amy Bee says:

    I’m sorry, I saw implants and thought the headline was talking about Kate’s implants. My bad. I think Ingrid really believes what she says about William and Kate but I don’t think it’s true.

    • Dee says:

      Me, too. Implants? What kind of implants has Kate gotten now? Shady stuff, indeed.

      • JaneBee says:

        The implants recently gifted her by the painter of their first royal portrait as a duo?! That’s all I’ve got.

        And we have it on the record from Uncle Gary that TOB likes small bosoms, so can’t see them being added to K’s plastic surgery list anytime soon….

  22. February Pisces says:

    I think they’re both pretty dumb, but Kate at least knows she’s stupid. Willie on the other hand probably thinks he’s a genius due to the fact he’s never been corrected ever. He just speaks with more conviction due to his own arrogance.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate probably thinks she is smart and is enabled by the media if she had any humility she would never try to pass herself off as an expert on early childhood

  23. MsIam says:

    Eh, Kate’s been pushed out of Kensington Palace and buttonholed in Windsor to be near Mummy. Pretty soon all the kids will be off to boarding school. How influential will she be? They’ve already primed the pump for the public to expect fewer joint appearances, all that needs to be done is announce the separation.

  24. kelleybelle says:

    All I can see is Kate copying Meghan’s hair AND her white suit. Lame. Very lame. Waity has never come up with an original idea in her life and she won’t be starting anytime soon. Too dim, just too dim. Stop trying to make her into something she is not and will never be. Please. It’s painful.

  25. Babs says:

    All I read was “Duchess Kate Got Implants”

  26. Likeyoucare says:

    How weak of willie the future future king that his wife is controlling his thought and decision like a puppet that being pull by strings.
    This is the king of england everyone. Come and see this useless man.

    • Cairidh says:

      I read that Narcissistic Mothers control the Golden Child like a puppet, and when the GC grows up they tend to treat their romantic partner the way their mother treated them, controlling them like a puppet. I was the scapegoat of a mother with NPD and Carole is definitely a textbook case, but I was an only child, so there wasn’t a Golden child, so I only know what I’ve read about that dynamic.

      There was an article in the past that said Kate sees herself as a puppet master controlling William and is proud of herself for the way she manipulates him.
      She does have a history of manipulating him, although It’s unlikely that extends to manipulating him into working….. because she doesn’t want to work.

  27. Amy T says:

    OMG. Dim & Dimmer, LTD.

  28. Jaded says:

    Kate is not only unintelligent, she is uninterested and incurious about anything but kids, shopping, working out and staying as thin as possible without blowing away in a stiff breeze. In fact I’m sure she can hear the wind whistling through her ears. This is a dangerous combination and she is really teetering on the thin edge of a wedge because Egghead will push her over the minute he feels the right time is nigh. These never-ending “Kate is William’s Biggest Asset” articles are making this pretty obvious — thinly veiled shade dressed as compliments.

  29. Brassy Rebel says:

    I doubt it’s true in this case and probably never was. But this “she’s the power behind the throne” narrative is one of the most common sexist tropes in literature and history. It’s meant to gaslight married women into thinking they have actual power even when they clearly don’t. Ingrid Seward must think Kate needs reassurance, perhaps indicating that Kate may be growing increasingly uncomfortable with her treatment.

  30. Honey says:

    Smarter in than William in that Kate has learned that William’s ego and status won’t allow him to hear or accept ideas or feedback from others unless it’s couched in deference or some sort of self-debasement. She knows that about him and has debased herself enough in the service of his needs that she can feed him ideas that he will accept.

  31. Anna says:

    I try to see the good in people, I really do. And she’s not the current prime minister so I doubt she does much harm. For the good she could/should do the poor woman is out of her depth. For me the A-HA moment came when after visiting Taj Mahal she saiid that she was amazed, surprised, I don’t remember the exact word, but anyway it came a surprise to her that the monument was build by a king for his dead wife. She studied arts history for 3 years and graduated. What did you learn in school woman during all this time? I don’t really care about anything else, as I said above I think she has 0 influence, but this lack of intellectual curiosity was the last straw for me. I avoid info about her as much as I can now.

    • Well Wisher says:

      I concur with your assessment and would add that while it may be impossible to have a full knowledge of all the array of things, people etc that Kate would be exposed to at least do your homework, read the briefings provided be the staff.
      The late Peter Jennings was often invited to the graduations of immigrant women in New York City, he would often go and greeted each graduate by name having memorized their individual bio, and he had a full time job.
      I do not expect that level of commitment, but some would do.
      Instead, one is left with the unbearable lightness of being.
      This vacuousness.

    • JaneBee says:

      @Anna Incurious? How dare you! 😆 Khate studied French AND German, and her private tutor Kevin McWhatsit will happily confirm this and give some nice, Middleton approved, on the record quotes about it.

  32. tuille says:

    Kate would need a syringe to implant anything in Willy’s head.

  33. kelleybelle says:

    Still writing copious amounts of bullshit for a living I see. They’re trying to make Kate appear wise or something? For the 284,123,567th time?

  34. Well Wisher says:

    I come into agreement with @Anna and may add that while it is impossible to know all there is in the vast array of people and events Kate would come into contact based on her status.
    It should behoove her to take advantage of the briefings from her staff and do some light preparation ahead of her scheduled meetings/events.
    The late Peter Jennings formerly of ABC news would often attended the graduations of immigrant women. He used to greet each graduate by name and added something from their personal biography, he did this while he was employed with a full time job.
    While Kate is her own person, 25% of Peter’s dedication can go a far way to alleviate her unbearable lightness of being .
    Her vacuousness.

  35. Priti says:

    I think it is very rude of them to invite only Harry and not Meghan to things like birthday parties. Imagine if they invited William without Kate? Unthinkable. I also think there’s a Carole Middleton push to sideline Charles so she can see Kate as Queen Consort in her lifetime.

  36. Digital Unicorn says:

    I think this is true but not in the way they want it to be – Khate and Carol(e) has always been able to trigger him and I have said on here before that it was those 2 that set the ball rolling with Cain and his campaign of terror against the Sussex’s. They were massively threatened by Meghan from the get go and nothing will convince me otherwise.

  37. kelleybelle says:

    You can practically see a giant icicle between them. Zero warmth.

  38. TeamMeg says:

    What—Kate got implants?


  39. Shawna says:

    This is literally Victorian gender politics. Women’s suffrage and equality movements were suppressed by claims that women would have more power by influencing their husbands than having their own political power. Even Queen Victoria was against women voting. So Victorian.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    I think we agree that there was definitely a change approximately a year ago in how W started to blank K when they are in public. Was that about the time the Jason submitted his declaration with his doctored texts with Meghan? Does anyone think that this was K rather than W that gave Jason the go ahead? Or, was this K’s idea that W did? I would really like to know what happened resulted in W’s attitude toward her.

    I have to give it to Ma Med. She has now set her daughter up to take responsibility for the copying TQ’s tour so many decades ago. K is responsible for the engagement they did for the Hubb (?) kitchen, which was clearly performative and designed so that W&K had a photo op with brown and black people. I don’t think I need to keep going. I’ve said before that K cannot think past her nose. She may have Adelaide Cottage, but the Firm can make her VERY uncomfortable there. She also needs to start worrying about how W is going to retaliate for all of the numerous articles that have come out over the years how W can’t do anything without her. She’s damaging his image. At some point, he’s going to recognize that.

  41. Doublesteff says:

    Well if she ever wanted to cosplay Williams mom, this is the most “Does he ever shut up?” Bored of his shit look I’ve seen since Diana and Charles were together so… there’s that?

  42. HeatherC says:

    That picture…..

    Kate is practically huddled in the corner of that couch to get away from him, looking off into the distance to nothing in particular, just bored and shut down

    He looks very amused by something he just said, just knowing the others who have been graced by his presence also are enlightened by whatever wisdom he just shared. He’s also looking somewhere specific, opposite direction of Kate

    The distance between the two of them….you can drive a mac truck through.

    If Kate is implanting thoughts into William’s head, she’s doing it through telepathy from miles away.

  43. Stacy Dresden says:

    How perfectly old timey. Gross

  44. jazzbaby1 says:

    Waity has ideas?

  45. How can Kate implant ideas when she doesn’t have ideas ?